Regular Council - 06 Feb 2024

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
7.A: THAT Council approve the following minutes:
7.A.i: Special Business Meeting: January 16, 2024
7.A.ii: Regular Business Meeting: January 16, 2024
7.A.iii: Committee of the Whole Meeting: January 23, 2024
7.A.iv: Special Business Meeting: January 30, 2024
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7.B: THAT Council receive the following correspondence for information:
7.B.i: 0109 MP T. Doherty Re: 988 Suicide Prevention
7.B.ii: 0116 UBCM President Re: BC Hydro Resolution
7.B.iii: 0117 Minister of Housing Re: Housing Supply Act Community Amenity Contributions and Short Term Rentals
7.B.iv: 0119 Regional District of Nanaimo Re: Legislative Reform Initiative Update
7.B.v: 0131 MP P. Weiler Re: January 2024 MP Newsletter
7: CORRESPONDENCE - Referred to Staff
7.C: STAFF UPDATES - For Information
9.A.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (37794 & 37780 Second Avenue) No. 2947, 2022
9.A.ii: District of Squamish Solid Waste Utility and Regulation Bylaw No. 2870, 2021 Amendment Bylaw No. 3029, 2024
10.A.i: Development Permit No. DP000608 – 1055 Raven Drive AP2
1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
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Armand Hurford
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hello and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday February 6th 2024 and as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional and unseated territory of the sish nation please be advised this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the district Squamish website following the meeting if you have concerns please notify the corporate officer present at the meeting

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Armand Hurford
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could I have someone move adoption of the agenda please move by councelor French seconded by councelor penel all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you we have no delegations petitions or proclamations this evening

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Sarah Stewart, representing a group of concerned neighbors, presented to the council about the growing encampment behind Under One Roof. She expressed that the situation was deteriorating rapidly, with new tents being added weekly, and that the safety of both the encampment residents and the broader public was a major concern. Stewart also mentioned a petition, which had garnered almost 200 signatures in a week, indicating that the concern was not limited to those living in condos facing the property. She requested the council to urgently discuss the issue and consider the solutions her group had come up with.

The council members had a mixed response to Stewart's request. Councillors John French, Lauren Greenlaw, and SPEAKER_12 supported the motion to discuss the issue urgently, acknowledging the community's growing frustration and the need to hear their concerns. However, Councillor Jenna Stoner opposed the motion, suggesting that the issue required ongoing dialogue and more time to understand and approach effectively. Mayor Armand Hurford and Councillor Chris Pettingill expressed mixed feelings, acknowledging the complexity of the issue and the need for more comprehensive information before making decisions. Despite some opposition, the motion was carried, allowing for the discussion to take place. Additionally, Amanda Graves, a concerned resident, was also granted permission to speak later in the meeting, providing a counterpoint to the delegation.

Armand Hurford
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section four is consideration of unscheduled public attendance And to clarify this is where if anyone has a an issue that's Arisen since the agenda closed and which must in council's opinion be dealt with prior to the next regular scheduled meeting you're El eligible to be recognized during this portion of the

Chris Pettingill
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meeting yes

Armand Hurford
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go ahead you so for this you can approach the podium and you'll have two minutes to address Council and just to be clear in the process for everybody I think I know that you had a conversation a little bit earlier yes this is your opportunity to make a case for why Council should later in the in the agenda hear your submission so we're talking to we're speaking to the urgency of why it should be something that is addressed at the meeting here and you have two minutes to address Council and I know it's hard but that's the Box

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Armand Hurford
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trying to we're trying to go through thank you thank you

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hello everybody thanks for having us here today my name is Sarah Stewart and I'm here with many of my neighbors we're here to discuss the encampment that has been growing behind Under One Roof currently the reason we think that this is appropriate to be discussed urgently today is because the situation is deteriorating quite rapidly we have new tents joining the other tents every week and the safety of the people in the encampment as well as the broader public is our number one con concern we currently have a petition circling just to make it obvious that it's not just nimes living in condos facing the property that are concerned about this we have almost 200 signatures and it has only been circulating for a week so we would like to present that to you as well as some personal experiences and some solution that we have come to as a

Armand Hurford
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group okay thank you Council councilor

John French
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French mayor I'd like to move that we hear from the delegation under section 19 of our agenda

Armand Hurford
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tonight thank you counc and are you seconding the motion okay thank you Jake to speak to it Council French

John French
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yes I I'll speak briefly I agree that there is some amount of urgency to this matter and I think that it's important for us to hear the concerns of the people who feel they've been directly impacted by the situation behind Under One

Armand Hurford
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Roof thank you other comments counc

Jenna Stoner
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ston thank you through the chair I won't be supporting the motion that's on the floor in terms of urgency of the unscheduled public attendance this evening I appreciate that there are concerns and that there are issues to be raised I don't think that the solution is to have that heard here this evening I think that there's ongoing dialogue with staff with council members with the community with Under One Roof and that these Solutions take time and appreciate the patience but I also think that we have a process for delegation and that is to apply for a delegation that can be heard within two weeks so I don't think there's anything immediate that can happen in the next two weeks I think we'd be better off to have a discussion in two weeks time when we have a better understanding of what is going on and how we might be able to approach this in a more fome

Armand Hurford
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way thank you other comments go ahead councelor green law

Lauren Greenlaw
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yeah I'll be speaking in support of the motion I just think that there's a lot of frustration building in the community and I think it would be of great benefit to have that heard as soon as possible

Armand Hurford
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thanks thank you is that a is that a hand Council Hamilton yep go ahead

Andrew Hamilton
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yeah I'd like to thank my Council colleagues for thoughtful responses here and I think that it's really important for the for the folks coming and having requesting a consideration of unscheduled public attendance I think we balance here the need like Council wants to hear from the community we do hear from the community we also need to be realistic about time scales that we can that we can un fully understand wholesomely understand problems and act on Active Solutions so in the balance of listening to the community and hearing the community I will be speaking in support of the motion but I it's important to understand that solutions for these challenging problems don't happen

Armand Hurford
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overnight thank you I'm a two minds of this which is one is procedurally I don't think that this is that this meets that threshold of something that's you know that just happened since the closing of our of our agenda for this meeting which happened on Thursday this isn't a since Thursday this has happened which is generally the mechanism here but I do but on the other hand again it's being a venue to listen so on balance I I'll support the motion and we can have the discussion but I will caution that you know these issues in general are so complex and are being grappled with across the country and the province that we're it's certainly not something we're going to be able to resolve at this evening's at this evening's meeting but be happy to have the have a discussion sry councelor

Chris Pettingill
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penal yeah I'm t as well I think generally I do prefer like my colleagues I agree this is a complex issue and a lot of work has been ongoing on this issue and will continue to happen do want to hear from the community but I also appreciate when there is some time and when you know there are complex solutions that require a lot of input and thought to have some information to go along with the presentation where it's not just a five minute presentation and we're sort of being asked to make decisions based on that and I think that's when it goes through staff to get a sort of a more sort of a normal delegation There's an opportunity for some of that information sharing and the you know the reporting and so on to come to council so I am you know a bit hesitant here I'm leaning towards because we have the group here to hearing from the group but I'm to be honest I'm not sure it's the most effective way but maybe it's a way we can sort of hear a bit more and then figure out how to move forward in a way that is generally more effective hopefully so yeah thank

Armand Hurford
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you thank you with that I'll call the question all in favor any oppose councelor Stoner opposes motion carries thank you so that'll oh sorry

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Rober thank you mayor Herford Robin Arthur's general manager of corporate services there is somebody online who is also asking to speak as an unscheduled

Armand Hurford
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delegation oh thank you go do we have a do we have a name at this point or just I'll turn over to the online speaker I suppose

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her name is Amanda and I I'm just checking with her to see if she still would like to be un scheduled she's not

Armand Hurford
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answering let's give Amanda a second Amanda we're waiting to hear from you if you can hear us and as we wait there the unscheduled public attendance does happen under item 19 on our on our agenda

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are you able to hear me okay

Armand Hurford
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yes we can go ahead you have two minutes to address Council if you could start with your full name that would be a great start and then the floor is yours

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yeah so hello my name is Amanda Graves I am a resident of Squamish I don't represent any organization I'm just here as a concerned member of the public I'm here today to express some deep concern about the dialogue that's happening in our community regarding unhoused individuals I watched the recent council meeting which was attended by the executive director of Squamish helping hand Society during which some very troubling remarks were made including you know referring to individuals struggling with mental health and substance use as having the intellect of an 8-year-old who's addicted to meth and equating somebody's inability to follow rules in a high stress congregate setting to being a safety threat to the greater Community unsurprisingly these remarks have served as fuel for a petition that has showed up on social media advocating for the removal of an encampment behind Under One Roof

Armand Hurford
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so I'll just sorry thank you for your for your submission so far I just wanted to clarify that proced procedurally we're looking for why we should consider your unscheduled public attendance and I'm going to go ahead and summarize that as a rebuttal to which is one of the mechanisms that we have in our in our in our bylaw so we'll save the detail your detail submission to unless you have this is about Ur about urgency at this point and then later if Council votes to support then that would be what the time to make your full your full case but I think I think I think it's clear to the to the group does the group have enough information to

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consider I would sorry I would say partially a rebuttal but also my request is to ask that discussions around the removal of an encampment happen with the individuals that is impacting and that is my request of council I don't think it's appropriate to discuss decisions that affect very real people without them being present or at least having the opportunity to be

Armand Hurford
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present thank you for your submission Council would someone would we like to hear from Amanda as part of our unscheduled public attendance later in the meeting go ahead councelor Stoner

Jenna Stoner
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sorry I'm just wondering if we can clarify from Amanda if she would like to speak this evening we've already council's already approved the previous request for unscheduled public attendance from a group of residents who are concerned about the encampment and so I just want to clarify with Amanda that whether she would like to speak later this evening because I heard the request that we just don't address it at this time without the respective voices in the

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room I would be happy I'm going to leave that up to the discretion of council I would be happy to speak later on if that's possible I will keep it brief I know that it's part of a much larger discussion so I'll leave it at

Armand Hurford
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that thank you go ahead

Jenna Stoner
0:20:44 (0:00:05)

I'll move that we allow Amanda Graves to also speak under unscheduled public

Armand Hurford
0:20:50 (0:00:06)

attendance thank you counc P you seconding okay any discussion on this on this point go

Chris Pettingill
0:20:56 (0:00:51)

ahead yeah I think I really appreciate Amanda's call I think it was part of my concern and my waffling on which way to go on the first motion I think you know this is a you know something that requires more than a delegation speaking for five minutes at the end of a meeting and there are a lot of perspectives and things to consider I am not looking to have a debate tonight but I think we have offered a group with a some valid concerns a chance to speak and another person around the same topic with a different perspective that would be useful to hear that and then I think I would hope we would take that away and bring that into some of the our ongoing work on this topic and for that reason I will support hearing from

Armand Hurford
0:21:48 (0:00:21)

Amanda yeah I'm in support of this of the motion I think this fits directly with our unscheduled public attendance in our procedure bylaw around speaking as a essentially Counterpoint to a delegation so I'm happy to provide that mechanism seeing Oh councelor green La

Lauren Greenlaw
0:22:10 (0:00:18)

yeah I just wanted to speak in support of it as well I agree with Sorry Miss Amanda I can't remember your last name sorry and I think that this is just a topic on which we have to have a community level conversation so I'm happy to hear different perspectives

Armand Hurford
0:22:29 (0:00:25)

thanks thank you seeing no other hands I call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you any other unscheduled public attendance we have seeing none we'll move we'll move along so our first our first

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Armand Hurford
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order business is consent agenda is there anything in the consent agenda anyone would like to pull coun

John French
0:23:02 (0:00:16)

fet thanks mayor I'd like to pull the regular business meeting minutes of January 16th from a to and also under B correspondence item number one from MPT

Armand Hurford
0:23:18 (0:00:23)

DH thank you anything else Council okay so with those with those items removed and they'll appear in the appropriate spot later in the agenda could I have some move the consent agenda mooved by councelor French second by councelor Hamilton all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you

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Armand Hurford
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now we're on to bylaws so n 9A consideration of first three readings and

District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (37794 & 37780 Second Avenue) No. 2947, 2022
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Philip Gibbons, a planner with the Community Development Department, presented a rezoning proposal for 37794 and 37780 2nd Avenue in the downtown South area. The proposal is to rezone the two parcels from light industrial to creative mixed-use district zone to facilitate a four-story mixed-use development. The development includes 397 square meters of high ceiling employment space on the ground floor, 15 apartments above, and a 312 square meter roof deck. The proposal meets all the requirements of the MUD 2 Zone and is consistent with the inclusive housing policy and the accessible housing policy of the OCP. The project intends to take advantage of the residential density bonus within the MUD 2 Zone, which allows for 70% residential use where 20% of the residential gross floor area is secured as market rental. As a result, three of the apartments will be secured as such through a housing agreement.

During the discussion, council members asked questions about the sidewalk infrastructure, the destination of the proposed cash and lo payment for active transportation, and the discrepancy in the community amenity contribution payment schedule. Gibbons clarified that the finalization of sidewalk infrastructure will be done through the servicing agreement stage, the cash and lo payment goes into the general CIC fund, and the discrepancy in the CAC payment schedule is due to the timing of the negotiations between staff and the applicant. Council members also asked about the expectations around the amount of adaptable units and the three units secured as market rental. Gibbons confirmed that the proposal is for three two-bedroom units. The council members expressed their support for the proposal, noting that it is consistent with their policies, and the motion to give the District of Squamish stoning bylaw amendment number 2947 first, second, and third readings was carried unanimously.

Armand Hurford
0:23:50 (0:00:45)

I will turn it over to our staff to introduce themselves in the topic we'll be looking at a zoning bylaw Amendment for 37794 and 37780 2 Avenue floor is yours when you're readying

0:24:36 (0:09:07)

good evening mayor and Council Philip Gibbons planner with the Community Development Department and today I'll be presenting a resoning proposal on Second Avenue in the downtown South area for first second and third readings so something new tonight so new provincial housing legislation requires that a public hearing not be held for a rezoning application which is primarily for residential use and consistent with the official community plan this application before you tonight meets his threshold and therefore a public hearing cannot be held for this rezoning the legislation requires that notice of bylaw readings be provided prior to First reading of the bylaw this notice requirement is the same as what would be provided for a public hearing if it were to be held that being a mail out to nearby residents and a notice in the newspaper for two consecutive weeks opportunities for comments from the public are available through regular channels such as development showcase writing to the planning department or letters to council these can be received at any time as there's no public hearing requirement due to no public hearing requirement staff are proposing three readings of the bylaw be given due to the low generally lower complexity of this resoning proposal and alignment with Council policy the site is located at 3778 0 and 37794 2 Avenue in the downtown South neighborhood on the Southeast corner of second Aven and Vancouver Street the combin the two Parcels make 1,116 Square met and to the north across Vancouver street is residential use with the house and Brew Pub to the Northeast to the east and west is currently residential with proposed mixed use developments and to the South is an existing mixed use development the applicable regulations are outlined on this slide along with the zoning map and the ocp land use designation is mixed employment which provides for a flexible mix of employment and residential use the current zoning is light industrial and the site is within development permit areas one 2 3 7 and 11 development permanent area one relates to Environmental Protection DPA 2 is related to flood Hazard while areas three and seven regulate form and character and DPA 11 is for Wildfire protection moving on the proposal is to rezone the two Parcels from light industrial to create creative mixed use District zone to facilitate a four-story mixed use development which includes 397 Square met of high ceiling employment space on the ground floor and 15 apartments above and a 300 and 12 M Square met roof deck and the proposal meets all the requirements of the mud 2 Zone the development includes a mix of one two and three bedroom apartment and is consistent with the inclusive housing policy the accessible housing policy of the ocp this provides for three bedroom and adaptable units within the development the project intends to take advantage of the residential density bonus within the mud 2 Zone which allows for 70% residential use where 20% of the residential gross floor area is secured as Market rental and as a result three of the apartments will be secured as such through a housing agreement and additionally the applicant has committed to a no gas Covenant being registered on title the entire development and parking will be provided consistent with the zoning bylaw requirements the community amenity contribution has been calculated in this instant at a rate of $15 per square foot rather than the $16 per square foot in the current policy this proposal was submitted under the old cic policy and was scheduled to be brought forward earlier than this meeting and was negotiated with staff prior to the implementation of the current cic policy for this reason staff support the reduced CAC amount and the total amount proposed is $138,000 Cash in L to be secured prior to adoption of the bylaw and staff also at the time supported the waving the cash and L requirement for the mark rental portion which is in line with the current policy in accordance with Council policy the following items on the slide will be secured as part of the Land Development agreement no gas will be permitted for cooking and heating including hot water coun planning uses a standard no gas Covenant which has been designed to meet Council objectives three units to be secured as Market rental housing in perpetuity two the units must be adaptable and at least three units must be three bedroom the proposed development aligns with official community plan policy by aligning with the land use designation provides infill of un underutilized land with compact high density provides a diversity of apartment types provides a mixed use residential commercial in the downtown area and provides additional Market rental units close to Core Transit shops and services so this proposal advances strategic plan objectives by providing A diversity of housing form and tenure types and providing additional employment space in the district engagement and information site sign was placed on site and posted on the development showcase no request for public information meeting or comments from the public have been received to date and a notice of byw me B readings was mailed out to nearby residents and placed in two consecutive weeks of the chief newspaper if given three readings staff will work with the applicant to satisfy the conditions of adoption and schedule the bylaw for adoption once complete if the proposed zoning is adopted subsequent permits would then be required these include development permit for foring character flooding an environment and a servicing agreement and building permit would be required as well as other permits if needed so finally the recommendation is that District of Squamish stoning bylaw Amendment number 2947 be given first second and third readings and that prior to adoption of the aforementioned zoning bylaw Amendment a voluntary Community amenity contribution of 138,000 600 be paid and a Land Development agreement must be executed and registered on title including the following requirements no gas will be permitted for cooking and heating including water three units to be secured as Market rental housing in perpetuity two units must be adaptable and at least three units must be three bedroom thank

Armand Hurford
0:33:43 (0:00:11)

you thank you for the presentation Council questions councelor

Eric Andersen
0:33:54 (0:00:43)

Anderson Mr Gibbons V couver street is a truck route and clearly identified as such in the ocp schedule F1 major transportation routes in looking at the ocp sidewalk network schedule F3 and the active Transportation plan there is literally no indication of sidewalk priority as a priority for Vancouver street we have in the past addressed it through individual developments my question to you is can you confirm the sidewalk infrastructure that will be installed with this development on the vancer street

0:34:38 (0:00:17)

face through the chair the finalization of sidewalk infrastructure will be done through the servicing agreement State as it moves through the process that has not been finalized at this stage at

Eric Andersen
0:34:55 (0:00:26)

resoning thank you a follow-up question the there is $8,400 is the amount under proposed cash and lo payment for actor Transportation can you clarify which fund that amount goes to what is the destination of that those

0:35:22 (0:00:27)

monies through the chat it all goes into the general cic fund there is potential for that to be drawn down for use to look at upgrades for active Transportation or frontages so there is some proposal to look at that end of Second Avenue in more detail in the future

Eric Andersen
0:35:49 (0:00:00)

thank you very much

Armand Hurford
0:35:50 (0:00:03)

thank you chair thank you councelor

Jenna Stoner
0:35:53 (0:00:31)

stoner thank you through the chair in the staff report there's a description of the community manity contribution payment schedule and it compares the proposed cash andl payment to the current CAC policy there's a discrepancy there of just Shia $10,000 does the new or the current CAC policy not apply simply because of when the rezoning application came in or is there another reason why they're not adhering to the current

0:36:25 (0:00:26)

policy the timing of the negotiations between staff and the applicant were prior to the adoption of the new C policy and the delay in this file being brought forward to council means that it doesn't align with the new policy and so it sort of Falls in a gap in the middle

Jenna Stoner
0:36:52 (0:00:04)

thank you for the clarification

Armand Hurford
0:36:57 (0:00:04)

Council other questions councelor penil

Chris Pettingill
0:37:01 (0:00:23)

yeah can staff just remind me where our expectations around the amount of adaptable units lives in which policy that

0:37:25 (0:00:13)

is through the chair believe that's section 12.4 day of the

Armand Hurford
0:37:39 (0:00:18)

SCP you good concer I was wondering the three units secured is Market rental is it just any three units those could all be one bedrooms or are there is there a mix there as well I just want to make sure I'm have this clear in my

0:37:57 (0:00:14)

mind through the chair The Proposal is for three two-bedroom units in this case that are they're identified in the schedule on the drawings

Armand Hurford
0:38:12 (0:00:12)

thank you okay Council any further questions on this proposal we have a recommended motion go ahead Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:38:24 (0:00:03)

I'll move the staff recommendation first three readings are

Armand Hurford
0:38:27 (0:00:03)

you seconding that councelor soner okay would you like to speak to

Andrew Hamilton
0:38:30 (0:00:17)

it I think this is a is a fairly clear-cut application it's good to see things coming through the new reg new regulations being able to come to us quickly so decisions can be made in an efficient manner thanks very

Armand Hurford
0:38:48 (0:00:03)

much thank you councelor Anderson yes

Eric Andersen
0:38:51 (0:01:04)

returning to the theme of the adjacent truck route staff have outlined the general context of this development but I honestly feel that any developments and applications in future on Vancouver Street should identify the truck route as part of the context to be considered we do have more multi-unit residential development anticipated on Vancouver Street and including also commercial and restaurant this will increase pedestrian traffic there and the issue of safety on Vancouver Street trucks pedestrian interface has been raised by Squamish terminals in the past among others finally in with respect to public engagement while I respect that our policies have been followed here in terms of Outreach I am inclined to suggest that Squamish terminals being the key stakeholder in the truck route might be contacted directly in a case like this although it has of course been advertised in the newspaper those are just general observations regarding the bank Street truck route thank you

Armand Hurford
0:39:56 (0:00:01)

thank you councelor penal

Chris Pettingill
0:39:58 (0:00:32)

yeah thanks it does seem that this application is consistent with our policies as I understand them glad to see they are signing a no gas Covenant given the climate crisis we're in it does remind me that we need to update our policy around adaptable units and I know we'll have that opportunity soon with all the provincial legislative changes so it's a mental note to myself to make sure that doesn't get forgotten but this does seem consistent with our policy so I will be supporting thank

Armand Hurford
0:40:31 (0:00:03)

you thank you go ahead councelor French

John French
0:40:35 (0:00:21)

thanks mayor I'm speaking in favor of the motion and in doing so I just wanted to point out that I'm excited that this is falling under our new reality through provincial regulations and we can expect more projects like this to move a little quicker through our processes

Armand Hurford
0:40:57 (0:00:02)

thank you councelor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:40:59 (0:00:36)

yeah thank you I will be supporting the motion on the floor I believe that this proposed resoning does meet within the ocp land designation as well as the fully adheres to the proposed new zone of the mixed use development Zone to appreciate the proponent efforts to use our density bonus system in terms of allowing additional Market rental and that there's a variety of housing bed or bedroom units within the Housing Development I think that'll be well served in our community as well as the no gas Covenant is very welcome so happy to support the motion on the

Armand Hurford
0:41:35 (0:00:57)

floor thank you I'm speaking support of the motion I think I think this is a an interesting development I and ticks the boxes in all the of all the of all the policies which is exactly what the policies are there to do is to guide to guide development so I'm happy to support and I do think that the frontage improvements and truck route considerations and so on are important and I know that are will come later in the later in the process as far as what those improvements act look like but for this point in the process I'm happy to support and I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much and next

District of Squamish Solid Waste Utility and Regulation Bylaw No. 2870, 2021 Amendment Bylaw No. 3029, 2024
0:42:32 (0:10:01)

Carrie Lur, the Director of Corporate Administration, presented the proposed amendments to the District of Squamish Solid Waste Utility and Regulation Bylaw 2870 2021. The amendments include revising the definition of "occupier" to clarify that the requirement for waste diversion and three-stream separation applies to temporary uses of land, including construction, deconstruction, demolition, and similar activities. The amendments also propose changing the deadline for requesting a change to a collection container size from the end of the year to October 31, aligning the penalty dates with the dates specified in the sewer and water rates bylaw, and making general housekeeping amendments such as grammar revisions, revised staff titles, and referencing the district's new Wildlife Attractant Bylaw.

During the discussion, Councillor Eric Andersen asked about the three-stream separation in the context of a construction site, which was clarified by Laura Witten, the Outreach Sustainability Coordinator. Councillor Andersen also asked if a bylaw amendment would be necessary to implement a recommendation from a report on reducing embodied emissions in the built environment, to which Witten responded affirmatively. Councillor Jenna Stoner expressed her support for the amendments, appreciating the clarity they would bring for both staff and the community. Councillor Andrew Hamilton also supported the motion, emphasizing the importance of housekeeping in bylaws and expressing anticipation for progress on the demolition waste bylaw. Mayor Armand Hurford thanked the team for the clarity the amendments would bring and called for a vote, which resulted in unanimous approval of the amendments.

Armand Hurford
0:42:33 (0:01:15)

up next up we have District of scalish solid waste utility and regulation bylaw number 2870 2021 Amendment bylaw number 329 2024 I read the whole title to give you some time to get set up misss we'll get you some technical help there the floor is yours

0:43:49 (0:02:03)

thank you mayor good evening mayor and Council my name is Carrie lur I'm the director of corporate Administration and I go by the pronounce she and her tonight I am presenting the proposed amendments to the solid waste bylaw o sorry it technically challenged so the solid waste utility and regulation bylaw currently in effect is bylaw 2870 2021 adopted December 2021 amendments to dates and definitions and minor housekeeping revisions are currently needed and these recommended amendments including include revising the definition of occupier to clarify that the requirement for Waste diversion and three steam separation applies to Temporary uses of land including construction deconstruction Demolition and similar activities so the construction deconstruction Demolition and similar activities requires clarification in the bylaw as it's a bit confusing for Builders at this time whether these this bylaw applies to them it also includes changing the deadline for requesting a change to a collection container size from prior to the end of the year to BU October 31 to allow time for these changes to be in effect for January 1st of the following year it also includes aligning the penalty dates with the dates specified in the sewer and water rates bylaw to follow the same schedule and penalty strategy and some general housekeeping amendments such as grammar rev revised staff titles and referencing the district's new Wildlife attractant bylaw so the staff recommendation is that the District of Squamish Solid Waste utility and regulation bylaw 2870 2021 Amendment bylaw number 3029 2024 be given first three

Armand Hurford
0:45:53 (0:00:09)

readings thank you council do we have any questions for Steph good councelor Hamilton and then

Andrew Hamilton
0:46:02 (0:00:28)

Anderson yeah thanks very much through the maror what does it how does this so three Ste three streams is from a residential perspective that's the garbage stream the blue bin stream and the compost stream yeah what is it in the context of a construction site is it the same three streams that we apply or is it different in the context of a construction or deconstruction

0:46:30 (0:00:12)

I'm going to refer and hopefully they're online to either Mr pickets or M witel hard name to pronounce toh answer that

0:46:42 (0:00:41)

question hi thank you through the chair Laura Witten zelner Outreach sustainability coordinator on the sustainability team and happy to take the question yes basically the requirements are the same we're asking and have asked active construction sites for some time to also separate their waste in recyclables Organics and landfill waste residual waste and the intent of this clarification is to make it easier for the industry to understand that these regulations apply to them as

Armand Hurford
0:47:24 (0:00:17)

well actually before you asked your question is it possible to bring this down so we can see the could you take the presentation down just so we can see everyone on screen and we don't just have disembodied voices there we go thank you thank you so much okay go ahead councilor

Andrew Hamilton
0:47:42 (0:00:15)

Hamilton yeah thanks so wood waste for example it's not a typical part of a residential organic stream where would it fall in the construction or deconstruction

0:47:57 (0:00:53)

stream thank you through the chair basically on construction sites we don't 100% regulate what containers active construction site needs to have we just ask you need to have Organics recyclables and residual waste and wood waste can be brought to the squish landfill and Recycling Depot where it can be comp like where it can be returned to be composted so Organics in construction sites 99% is wood waste or it is the I would say the food waste that is that is produced at the at the temporary offices on the sites yeah

Armand Hurford
0:48:51 (0:00:05)

thanks very much thank you councelor Anderson thank

Eric Andersen
0:48:57 (0:01:07)

you m Wells I wonder whether you or other staff present may be able to answer this question in December 2022 a report local government guide policies programs and incentives to reduce embodied emissions in the built environment was published and our District staff participated in the production of that report and I'd like to site one of its recommendations and this is a situation that has come up within the District of squad over the last couple of years with a few construction sites that is to create public facing information about homes or buildings slated for demolition at the building permit application stage which will allow house relocation and material salvaging companies to contact homeowners for potential moving or salvaging opportunities unquote my question is would a bylaw Amendment be pursued or be necessary in order for us to implement this recommendation from that report

0:50:05 (0:00:04)

cited again I will refer to miss Wht

0:50:09 (0:00:35)

Celler thank you through the chair to apply this yes I believe a BW Amendment would be necessary or would be best procedure like the demolition waste diversion bylaw that we have in place would be the most suitable regulation that we have on the municipal level to implement something like this we are currently reviewing that bylaw and we will likely propose some amendments later this year

Eric Andersen
0:50:45 (0:00:01)

thank you very

Armand Hurford
0:50:47 (0:00:07)

much thank you any other comments on this okay go ahead

Jenna Stoner
0:50:54 (0:00:02)

I'd like to move the staff recommendation

Armand Hurford
0:50:57 (0:00:04)

thank you second by counselor French okay any

Jenna Stoner
0:51:01 (0:00:22)

comments yeah just briefly thanks to staff for the housekeeping on this bylaw and I think the amendment the dates as well as the definitions that have been amended will help to clarify both for staff and for our community the solid sorry the solid waste utility and regulation by law so thanks for the work that's gone into it and happy to support the

Armand Hurford
0:51:23 (0:00:02)

motion thank you councelor

Andrew Hamilton
0:51:26 (0:00:31)

Hamilton yeah thanks very much happy to support the motion I think house cleaning house cleaning is very important in our bylaws so thank you very much for finding all the quirks I look forward to hearing more about progress on our waste on our demolition waste bylaw coming this year I think that's where we can make a more significant impact on the wood waste and deconstruction waste coming from our construction sites thanks

Armand Hurford
0:51:58 (0:00:35)

thank you just briefly speaking support of the motion thank you for cleaning for sort of cleaning this up and making it make more sense to the folks that engage with it and I appreciate that Clarity and lots more work to happen on solid on solid waste so but I'm happy to see this procedural piece cleaned up with that I'll call a question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you

Development Permit No. DP000608 – 1055 Raven Drive AP2
0:52:33 (0:13:37)

Brian Daly, a planner with Community Planning, presented a development permit application for 1055 Raven Drive. The property was rezoned from residential to comprehensive development Zone 101 to facilitate the development of four apartment buildings, 18 townhomes, and 20 duplexes. The proposed development includes a 41-unit apartment building, with two units to be donated to the Squamish Community Housing System Society and a childcare space. The building meets the CD 101 zoning requirements, including parking and bicycle storage. The design includes an above-grade parade that doubles as a platform for multiple art installation screens, designed by local artists. The landscape design uses native plantings to soften the walls and edges of the slope site. The development permit was presented at the August 17th, 2023 ADP meeting and received sufficient and consistent responses to the comments.

During the discussion, Councillor Chris Pettingill asked about the steepness of the accessibility ramp and the heating and cooling system of the building. Daly clarified that the steep accessibility ramp was removed due to conflicts with providing space for a turnaround for garbage trucks and fire trucks. He also clarified that the building in question is for sale, not rental, and therefore has different heating and cooling requirements. Councillor Jenna Stoner asked about the circulation for pickup and drop-off at the childcare facility, the garbage collection process, and the landscaping proposed for the west side of the Western Trail. Daly provided explanations for each query. The council members, including John French and Eric Andersen, expressed their support for the development, highlighting the inclusion of childcare space and units for the Housing Society. The motion to approve the development permit was carried unanimously.

Armand Hurford
0:52:33 (0:00:26)

so now we're on to item 10A Community planning and sustainability this is for development permit number 68 for 1055 Raven Drive and I'll will pass it over to our staff to introduce themselves and the topic

0:53:00 (0:04:49)

thank you mayor Herford good evening mayor and Council my name is Brian Daly planner with Community planning and I'm here tonight to present a development permit application at 1055 Raven Drive at the July 12th 2022 regular council meeting Council adopted bylaw number 2811 2021 this reson the subject property from residential one to comprehensive development Zone 101 to facilitate the development of four apartment buildings 18 town homes and 20 duplexes the subject property is located at 1055 Raven Drive in the loggers East neighborhood the 2.4 hectare property is relatively flat on the western side of the property before Rising steeply sorry on the western side of the property before Rising very steeply to the east where the new extension of Finch Drive is located an environmentally sensitive ditch runs along the portion of the western property line the proposed apartment building is located on the southern portion of the site is accessed off Finch oh my apologies a second apartment proposed apartment building is accessed on the southern portion of the site off of Finch Drive and in this building includes 44 rental apartment units which was previously approved by council at the November 7th 2023 regular council meeting this DP application seeks to establish the form and character of a 41 unit apartment building including two units that will be donated to the Squamish community housing system society as well as a child care space the unit mix consists of 22 one-bedroom 13 two-bedroom and six 3bedroom units one two bedroom and one three bedroom unit in the building will be donated to the Housing Society The Proposal meets the CD 101 zoning the building height is 22.5 M parking meets the requirements of the CD 101 Zone which requires 61 stalls twoa parking stalls for the daycare space as well as seven visitor parking stalls are provided within the parade adjacent to the child care space a shared wave stream is provided adjacent to the entrance to the parade off Raven Drive the shared bike rooms in the parcade provide 41 of the required class a bicycle parking stalls the remaining 41 stalls are provided within the residential units there are two additional daycare and visitor drop off spots located off Raven Drive past the entrance to the Parkade additional storage space is provided in each unit a turnaround at the end of Raven Drive is proposed which will allow for fire trucks or garbage trucks to turn around in absence of A cuac Accessible access to the building is provided through a door adjacent to the Parkade entrance and visitor parking which provides access to the elevators within the Parkade located south of Raven Drive and adjacent to the Western Trail connection the re the rectangular building showcases and above grade parade that doubles as a platform for multiple art installation screens these are perforated metal screens with a pattern to be designed by local artists mirroring the surrounding area and promote an idea of drawing inspiration from the patterns and textures found in the forest and Rocky environment parcade Podium also doubles as a landscape community area accessible from the first level of the unit of first level units a medium warm gray fiber cement facade articulated with balconies wrapped in Wood tone metal given an effect of the form being carved out breaking down the overall massing the top floor steps back giving relief to the apparent height and is clad in a lighter tone to help the building appear lighter and blend into the rocky area behind in integrated in the Wetland ecology the landscape design makes use of native plantings to soften the walls and edges of the slope site connections to Trail experiences are planted W with larger screen plantings providing a multi- sensory frame inviting users to explore the public rway low plantings combined with raise canopy of the site trees are designed to Pro provide a safe and inviting transition between public and private spaces this development permit was presented at the August 17th 2023 ADP meeting ADP re reviewed the project and provided the recommendations shown on the slide staff believe the applicants response to the comments are sufficient and consistent with the DPA 3 guidelines to inform the community per policy the project was posted to the district's development showcase and a development sign has been posted at the site no comments or requests for public information meeting have been received to date so given that this proposal meets the DPA 3 guidelines in the CD 101 Zone staff recommend approval of DP 608 subject to the conditions noted on the slide which is the finalization of the design of the turnaround at the end of Raven Drive to the satisfaction of the engineering and environmental departments that concludes my presentation I'm happy to take questions at this

Armand Hurford
0:57:50 (0:00:06)

time thank you Council questions Mr

Chris Pettingill
0:57:56 (0:00:34)

pill yeah in looking at some of the ADP notes and responses I GA there's sort of the two buildings so I'm not sure that it's not completely clear to me that the comments and the responses were applicable to this building but the one the two things I saw was some what I interpret as concern from the ADP about the steepness of the accessibility ramp and I'm just wondering if staff can speak to it wasn't clear to me seem the developer had offered some sol Solutions but it's not clear to me if anything had been implemented or is this are these notes about the other

0:58:31 (0:00:33)

building through the mirror so previously there was quite a steep accessibility ramp proposed the developer opted to remove this and provide access at grade off of Raven Drive because there was some conflicts with providing space for a turnaround for garbage trucks and fire trucks as well as some potential conflicts with the water M that goes along is underneath that Western Trail on the western property line so the solution proposed was to provide a second entrance acrade off of Raven Drive and remove this large

Chris Pettingill
0:59:05 (0:00:34)

ramp okay thank you and then my second question similar vein my understanding is that the other building will have some Heating and Cooling or Cooling and heat pumps this one for affordability reasons will simply rely on baseboards and windows so again is am I confusing the two buildings and if not is there a reasonable option to retrofit this building for heat pumps obviously there would be the cost of the heat pumps but is this do we have a sense that this would be a major cost to retrofit in the future

0:59:39 (0:00:18)

or through the Merit that is likely confusing the two buildings this one is market for sale the other one is affordable rental and Market rental units so the building access off of Finch Drive is a 100% rental building this is 100% for

Armand Hurford
0:59:58 (0:00:02)

sale go ahead councelor

Jenna Stoner
1:00:00 (0:00:04)

Stoner except for the two units that'll be donated to the Housing Society

1:00:04 (0:00:07)

correct that is correct though those are fee those are interests without restrictions on them for the Housing

Jenna Stoner
1:00:12 (0:00:20)

Society yeah okay thanks for clarifying a few questions so just to clarify if I was somebody with Mobility AIDS approaching from the north So Raven Drive I'd have to go in at the ra at the entrance on Raven Drive to get up to the next

1:00:33 (0:00:12)

floor through the mayor that's correct you enter through a door that has kind of a your typical buzzer for an apartment building and you could get buzzed in and then access the elevator which would provide access to any of the floors in the

Jenna Stoner
1:00:45 (0:00:06)

building but to confirm I can access the Western Trail from Raven Drive no problem

1:00:51 (0:00:00)


Jenna Stoner
1:00:52 (0:00:10)

correct thank you for that clarification Can staff also just clarify the proposed circulation for pickup and drop off at the child care

1:01:03 (0:00:27)

facility through the mayor it has not totally been finalized they will have an option there will be an option for folks using the daycare to enter the Parkade part of the rationale for providing those two drop off spots on Raven Drive was to facilitate drop off as well but the site is tight and adjacent to a wetland so the options for providing a more fome culdesac at the end of Raven Drive are extremely

Jenna Stoner
1:01:30 (0:00:06)

limited okay and is there any ability to support access from bench

1:01:36 (0:00:14)

Drive through the mayor there will be Public Access on that on that roadway that while it's a strata road because there is Municipal infrastructure in there and it provides access to a park so should folks wish to use that as a drop off space that could be an option as well

Jenna Stoner
1:01:51 (0:00:19)

okay might be something to consider with the developer my other question was this is a bit detailed but in the staff assessment against DPA 3 guideline 36.7 e the staff assessment notes that the garbage bins will be rolled out for collection can you just clarify how that's intended to work for an apartment

1:02:11 (0:00:15)

building through the mer it would be similar to any kind of apartment building downtown where there would be a large garage door the folks collecting the waste would have to roll out the bins so then they are emptied into the truck outside and then rolled back

Jenna Stoner
1:02:27 (0:00:34)

all right thank you for that and then one last question was just around the Landscaping proposed for the west side of the Western Trail so in this DP application we're securing Landscaping costs for what I understand is on the east side of the Western Trail many of the pictures have a fair bit of Landscaping on the western side of the trail but that hasn't been included in the cost estimate so I'm just wondering where we secure the landscaping for the Western portion of the Western Trail

1:03:01 (0:00:18)

through the mayor that was secured through the sitewide development permit for Environmental Protection because it includes a ditch that is connected to fish bearing Waters so that required planting native plantings and things like that to install those Works adjacent to that environmentally sensitive

Armand Hurford
1:03:20 (0:00:13)

ditch thank you any other questions Council we do have a recommendation before us moving staff recommendation moved by Council French second by councel Hamilton to speak to

John French
1:03:33 (0:00:13)

it sure briefly this is one component of a larger project and a component that is going to be delivering some much needed housing for our

Armand Hurford
1:03:46 (0:00:02)

community thank you any other comments councelor

Jenna Stoner
1:03:49 (0:00:39)

Stoner yeah happy to support the motion on the floor and this development permit as councelor French mentioned this is the second phase I think we're seeing come forward for DP out of a much larger development and just want to reiterate my thanks to staff and counsil at the time and the developer to frontend some of the community amenities so we've seen the 44 Market rental units come forward in the first apartment phase the second apartment phase has the two units that are being donated to the Housing Society as well as the child care facility so I think these are important things to see built first and appreciate that they're coming forward at such a quick

Armand Hurford
1:04:28 (0:00:05)

rate thank you any other comments councelor

Eric Andersen
1:04:34 (0:01:00)

Anderson I'll be supporting the staff recommendation just like to offer some general comments with respect to DPA 3 guidelines under 3612 building materials and colors building form and character elements should in my view be assessed for themselves and not as a matter of policy in relation to the color pallets of the N surrounding natural environment or Hillside looking ahead to a review of DPA 3 guidelines I believe that we shouldn't be advising Architects to hide buildings but instead free The Architects to explore facade elements and colors without necessary or obligatory reference to quote from the DPA guidelines Maritime or temperate rainforest environments General comment looking ahead to Future review of those tp3 guidelines thank

Armand Hurford
1:05:35 (0:00:34)

you thank you any other comments I'm just H happy to see this piece move forward through the development Pro earlier steps of the development process I I'm happy with where with where we've landed Child Care space here I think is great and I'm really happy to see the units going to the Housing Society I think that's a great piece as well so I'm happy to see this continue to move forward and I'm happy to support with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you

1:06:10 (0:06:04)

Councillor John French presented a piece of correspondence regarding the 9881 Crisis Line initiative, a national project aimed at providing mental health and crisis response resources. He proposed a motion for the District of Squamish to endorse the initiative and for staff to share the 988 information with the community, along with provincial and local mental health resources, as deemed appropriate. Councillor French noted the timeliness and relevance of the initiative, given the current mental health crisis affecting communities across British Columbia and Canada.

The council members engaged in a discussion about the motion. Councillors Jenna Stoner and Chris Pettingill expressed their support, with Stoner highlighting the importance of suicide prevention and Pettingill emphasizing the nonpartisan nature of the issue. Mayor Armand Hurford also spoke in favor of the motion, stressing the importance of letting people in crisis know they are not alone and that support is available. The motion was unanimously approved. Additionally, Councillor French requested a correction to the minutes from the regular business meeting of January 16th, noting that they failed to indicate his return to the meeting after declaring a conflict of interest. The correction was acknowledged and approved.

Armand Hurford
1:06:10 (0:00:16)

okay so now we're on to correspondence referred from the consent agenda and counselor French you pulled item B1 which for Council that's on page 23 and 24 of your agenda would you like to speak to it councelor French

John French
1:06:26 (0:01:00)

yes thank you mayor so this is a piece of Correspondence that refers to the 9881 Crisis Line initiative it's a national project that's relatively new and there's a spe a specific ask inside that piece of correspondence with a sample motion so I took the sample motion shared it around a bit for some feedback and councelor Stoner provided some really valuable thoughts on what our motion could look like and I have come up with a motion that I'd like to put before Council and the motion is that the District of Squish endorse the 988 Crisis Line initiative and that staff be directed to share with the community the 988 information along with provincial and local mental health and crisis response resources as staff deems appropriate and if it's seconded

Armand Hurford
1:07:27 (0:00:05)

coun has seconded as you looking towards me so go ahead you can speak to it Council French yeah

John French
1:07:32 (0:00:26)

thanks so I when I first saw this come into our package just felt that it was very timely and an initiative and a project that fits well with the current reality not just in our community but many across British Columbia and Canada so I'm happy to put this motion forward and help to spread the word about the resources that are available for people who need it

Armand Hurford
1:07:59 (0:00:01)

thank you very much councelor

Jenna Stoner
1:08:00 (0:00:43)

Stoner yeah thank you happy to support this motion I appreciate my colleague bringing it Forward it's estimated that 12 people die by suicide in Canada every day and that's 12 people far too many so appreciate the federal government taking this step to bring a national 988 three-digit Suicide Prevention number online and happy to endorse that and provide some visibility to it to our community as well as the existing resources within the province and here in the SE to Sky Corridor yeah any live loss is too many especially those who are taken far too early in by Suicide so thanks to councelor French for bringing the motion

Armand Hurford
1:08:44 (0:00:03)

forward thank you c

Chris Pettingill
1:08:48 (0:00:49)

pel yeah I want to thank my colleague for putting forward the resolution this new line is really important it's a critical topic I was a little bit frustrated by the letter to be honest I'm glad to see my colleague bring this positive action out of it I think I really value our nonpartisan nonpartisanship here in this room and this is an issue that should not be at all partisan and I believe actually MPS are not supposed to mention party affiliation in their Communications but that has been done here which I think undermines the importance and the sort of global nature of this message which should be supported by everyone and not just one party and I think I hope and I assume everyone in this room will support this because this is such a valuable initiative so thank you to my

Armand Hurford
1:09:38 (0:01:00)

colleague thank you any other comments I'm speaking in favor of the motion for all the reasons that we've just heard this isn't a very important topic and it's important for folks that are in crisis to know that they're not alone and there's resources there for them and it's important also for them to know that folks in rooms like this making decisions all over the country have them in mind and are doing the things we the things we can to offer them support and to connect them with the support that does that does exist in their in their time of need so thank you for bringing this forward and finding a path through this that was supportable with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you and then councelor French again you pulled the minutes from the regular business meeting of January 16th which is Page 7even to page 12 for those following along go ahead

John French
1:10:39 (0:00:32)

yes pulled this in light of the fact that the minutes indicate correctly that I declared a conflict of interest on the first item or one of the early items on the agenda and left the meeting at 6:03 there's nothing indicating that I returned and I did in fact return at about 6:15 so I would just ask that the minutes be approved as corrected with me returning to the

Armand Hurford
1:11:12 (0:00:17)

meeting we actually have the minutes sorry just being passed here that show councilor French returned to the meeting at 6:25 okay at the end of that piece so I believe that's been has been an address

John French
1:11:29 (0:00:07)

I guess I somehow missed that so thank you means then I would just move to receive the minutes

Armand Hurford
1:11:36 (0:00:37)

okay I'll second that and thank you I think the minutes and scrutiny the minutes is something that is incredibly important so I'm happy to take a take a second look and have all our eyeballs on it but I'll call the question all in favor motion carries I second all right all right and now any business arising from the minutes seeing none we have no committee minutes and reports Council any notice of motion seeing none we'll move on we have no staff or in camera announcements

1:12:14 (0:26:59)

Sarah Stewart, representing a group of concerned neighbors, addressed the council about the escalating issues surrounding the Under One Roof facility. She described a deteriorating situation in the forest behind the facility, marked by violence, profanity, and disruptive disturbances, including incidents requiring 911 calls. Stewart expressed concern about the growing tent city and the accumulation of garbage in the area, which she said was negatively impacting the community and property values. She also raised concerns about the impact on local wildlife and the Squamish Estuary, an internationally significant bird habitat. Stewart questioned why local bylaws were not being upheld and suggested that penalizing BC Housing, the organization leasing the land, might compel them to find better use of resources.

The council members thanked Stewart for her submission and acknowledged the complexity of the issue. Mayor Armand Hurford moved to receive the submission, which was seconded by Councilor John French. Councilor Jenna Stoner asked staff for an update on the work being done to address the issue, and Megan Lar, the general manager of Public Safety, provided an overview of the district's efforts, including multiple daily patrols, weekly cleanups, and ongoing work with BC Housing and Helping Hands to find long-term solutions. Councilor Lauren Greenlaw emphasized the importance of involving all impacted parties in the conversation. The council unanimously carried the motion to receive the submission. Amanda Graves, a concerned community member, also spoke, urging the council to respect the dignity and rights of all community members, particularly the most vulnerable.

Armand Hurford
1:12:14 (0:00:43)

and now we're on to item 19 unscheduled public attendance thank you for your for your patience and so you can yeah say so similar to last time I'll just give you the quick the quick briefing similar to last time you'll have five minutes to address Council and I understand and if you have any if you like if you have any like if you the petition or if you have any doc or in the general sense there's any documents you'd like us to have this would be the time to submit to submit those as well so I will turn it over to you and you have five minutes to address Council

1:12:58 (0:05:08)

thank you we do have an electronic version of the of the petition that we can send to any council member that is interested in seeing it and I first just want to say thank you very much for making time for me and us today again my name is Sarah Stewart and these are my neighbors we come before you today as concerned neighbors of Under One Roof we are reaching a point of desperation over the deteriorating situation in the forest behind the facility over the past three years we have shown patience kindness and empathy dealing with the escalating issues that have negatively impacted our quality of life the degradation of the situation has been marked by violence profanity and disruptive disturbances including incidents requiring 911 calls to address threats of harm despite our attempts to remain understanding the current State of Affairs demands immediate attention the tent city has been growing over the past few months and the associated garbage accumulating in the area is having a deep impact on our community a single glance out of our Windows reveals what appears to be a garbage dump causing deep concern about the impact on property values and the life savings we have invested into our homes we acknowledge our privilege which has allowed us to handle previous challenges calmly but the situation has reached a Tipping Point and it is no longer safe or acceptable for the inhabitants of the encampment nor the community at large I think it per at this point it pertinent to give you an idea of who we are so that it's more difficult to dismiss us as privileged nimes as I know it is easy to do we are firsttime parents retirees immigrants entrepreneurs and many of us have personal experiences with addiction and mental health issues the thing that binds us all together is that we love our community we have all helped to build our little corner of Squamish is one of the most densely populated in the entire district and we have come together to express our concern and challenge the status quo the establishment of this Tent City brings forth a series of challenges that have a profound impact on the broader Community Public Safety is a Paramount concern but both for the individuals residing in the encampment and for the residents of the surrounding areas Helping Hands executive director Lori Payne has identifi the occupants of this Camp as unable to be inside the Under One Roof facility because they pose a risk to the safety of the community within our numerous calls to Under One Roof the RCMP and bylaw enforcement have resulted in a frustrating cycle of passing the buck this bureaucratic runaround leaves us as residents feeling helpless and unheard meanwhile the impact on local Wildlife particularly bears at risk of euthanasia due to the attractants found in the encampment adds an environmental concern to the growing list of issues this encampment is located on the banks of a small pond that feeds directly into the estuaries marine environment the Squamish Estuary is recognized as an internationally significant bird habitat and represents a key environmental reason that how sound has been recognized as a UNESCO biosphere it is clear that the response to the situation evolving behind Under One Roof contradicts the District of Squamish governing principles of transparency advocacy and financial and environmental stewardship luckily the District of Squamish has several bylaws in place to help combat many of the issues I've outlined here the District of Squamish Wildlife attractant bylaw the Squamish unsightliness bylaw and the squ Squamish camping byla to name a few our question to council is why are these B laws not being upheld how much of our tax dollars that have been spent tidying the encampment could be recouped by following through on the penalties for bylaw non-compliance would penalizing BC housing the organization leasing this piece of District land compel them to find a better use of resources the district has spent thousands of dollars to date employing staff to clean up and dispose of litter drug paraphernalia and other human waste surely the money and resources being used for the bi-weekly cleanup could be used to find a more permanent solution to support the individuals who cannot find housing in the current climate during covid we saw Portables being used for this purpose walking past these Portables that were placed along the blind Channel I saw Community happening that is not what I see when I look out my window today our shared commitment to building a sustainable resilient and inclusive community as outlined in the district of squish's Miss statement and core values calls for a proactive collaboration let us work together to find a resolution that addresses the immediate concerns of both our neighbors at Under One Roof and the broader Community thank you for your

Armand Hurford
1:18:08 (0:00:26)

time thank you very much for your for your submission and exactly at five minutes which is not easy to do with such a complicated piece thank you did you said we had the electronic and I think we can circulate the electronic petition around so we have it but is there anything physical that you'd like to submit we accept electronic submission at any time which is something I wanted to make clear

1:18:34 (0:00:02)

yes we don't have anything physical with us

Armand Hurford
1:18:37 (0:01:08)

no thank you thank you very much Council any questions or I think at this point it's best to I would move receipt of the of the submission which will and then we can hear from our next from our next speaker seconded by Council French thank you thank you very much I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your of your submission and recognizing the complexity of the chall of the challenges I think that this is a very important and very complex challenge that we're all facing together so I appreciate you coming forward to have your have your voice heard in as we deal with this and I know it's not I know it's not easy and this room isn't set up and these spaces aren't always set up to be the most they can be intimidating so thank you so much for taking the leap and coming forward councelor

John French
1:19:46 (0:01:25)

French thanks mayor I just do want to share a few thoughts I'm supporting the motion to receive the petition despite the fact that I don't really like the title of it I don't consider this to be a tent city and I'm mincing words I know it's nothing close to a city I think an encampment is a better term for it but that aside I'm happy that we've had the opportunity to hear the concerns and I hope that this experience tonight allows those that are in gallery and those who live in the neighborhood that aren't necessarily here tonight but maybe we'll be watching via video our feeling that they have been heard I know myself personally have received a number of telephone calls text messages and email messages from people who live in this area that aren't in the gallery tonight who are just as concerned as those that are in attendance about what's happening not just at this particular encampment location but also generally in the neighborhood the concerns are real and I'm confident that our staff is doing what they are capable of doing in conjunction with the other agencies that are involved in dealing with this situation

Armand Hurford
1:21:11 (0:00:13)

thank you any other comments on this sing none I'll call a question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much next we had Miss Graves is she still on the on the

1:21:24 (0:00:02)

line I'm here y

Armand Hurford
1:21:27 (0:00:09)

thank you and thank you and you have five minutes to address Council so the floor is yours

1:21:37 (0:03:33)

thank you I will I'll keep it brief I gave a little bit of an introduction my name is Amanda Graves I live in Squamish my background is actually primarily working with folks who are unhoused but I work in a different field at this point so I'm just speaking as a concerned member of the community so I touched on the recent council meeting and you know was disheartened but not surprised by the petition and like councelor French mentioned you know I understand it's missing words but it really isn't a tent city I mean I've worked in the downtown east side I think encampment is a more appropriate term and I'd also like to acknowledge the complexity of the discussion you know I understand that everybody in the community is being impacted here and I think it's important to focus on Solutions but particularly solutions that respect the dignity and the rights of all community members particularly the most vulnerable and I'd also really like to highlight that while we are incredibly lucky to hop Under One Roof as a resource in our community they don't carry the responsibility of every unhoused individual in the district and nor are they able to offer the very low barrier services that many of these folks need in order to serve as many people as possible which I think they try very hard to do and I believe there's some really incredible people working in that building who are doing their best so I would also encourage anybody taking part in these discussions to do some reflection on the things that make us uncomfortable and remind them that it is important to remember that just because something makes us uncomfortable it does not inherently make us unsafe and that these are very real people that we are talking about tonight these are individuals who belong in our community just as much as you and I in fact many of them have been here for longer than most of us present at this meeting and I want to challenge any of the harmful rhetoric surrounding unhoused individuals and stress that dehumanizing language only serves to deepen divides and hinder potential Solutions and empathy and respect should guide public discourse especially when discussing human lives I'm not just speaking to tonight I'm speaking to previous discussions that have happened in our community as well and I hope that Council will keep this as a focus of discussions in the future so most importantly I believe excluding individuals who are unhoused from conversations about potential Solutions is unlikely to lead to any effective or Humane resolution before any action is taken to dismantle encampments there needs to be a robust discussion about the district's commitment to providing accessible and adequate Housing Solutions housing is a fundamental human right and should be at the Forefront and you know I know that there are folks who have started petitions and voice concerns I'd encourage anybody to find ways to become a part of the solution there are peer advocacy meetings you can advocate for more accessible in low barrier Housing Solutions a low barrier shelter and most importantly I hope that members of Council in our community will remember a saying that I like to keep at the top of mind when thinking about issues such as these and that is nothing about us without us in order for us to achieve Solutions and provide support to individuals who may be struggling we need to ensure that they are offered a seat at the table and that their voices are uplifted and heard the same way as you and I thank

Armand Hurford
1:25:10 (0:00:19)

you thank you very much for your submission and your perspective it's an important one and further highlights the complexity of the challenges that we're that we are working collectively on addressing in a meaningful way councelor

Jenna Stoner
1:25:30 (0:00:32)

Stoner yeah thank you I have a question through to staff through the mayor if that's if that's possible I'm just wondering if staff can provide a bit of an update in terms of the work that is ongoing on this particular topic and the collaboration that is happening with the housing providers with the province in order to address the concerns that we've heard tonight from both sides of this

Armand Hurford
1:26:02 (0:00:02)

debate yeah Miss

1:26:05 (0:02:24)

ler thank you for the question through the mayor and just to introduce myself my name is Megan lar I'm the general manager of Public Safety here at the district so just to give a little bit of an overview of what District staff have been doing to try to address this situation and I will just acknowledge as we've heard from both of the proponents tonight that it is an incredibly complex situation So currently right now District bylaw staff are conducting multiple patrols of the area daily at different times to try to seek voluntary compliance from the occupants regarding the daytime shelter restrictions and cleanups in accordance with