Regular Council - 16 Jan 2024

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
5.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (40279 Government Rd) No. 3004, 2023
7.A: Staff Recommendation:
7.A.i: Special Business Meeting: December 19, 2023
7.A.ii: Regular Business Meeting: December 19, 2023
7.A.iii: Special Business Meeting: January 9, 2024
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7.B.i: 1211 Lower Mainland Local Government Association Re: Resolutions Notice - Request for Submissions
7.B.ii: 1212 MP Patrick Weiler Re: Organizational Capacity Building (OCB) component of the Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Program
7.B.iii: 1215 Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness Re: Emergency Management Resources for Communities
7.B.iv: 1220 MP Patrick Weiler Re: 2024 Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) funding application launch
7: CORRESPONDENCE - Referred to Staff
7: Staff Recommendation:
7.C: STAFF UPDATES - For Information
7.C.i: Housing Statutes Memo
9.A.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (40279 Government Rd) No. 3004, 2023
12.i: Correspondence Regarding FortisBC's Effluent Discharge Permit Application
12.ii: 0115 Capilano University Re Letter of Support for Cap U's IRCC Proposal
18.i: Motions from the closed portion of the January 9, 2024 Special Business Meeting
1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
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Armand Hurford
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thank you hello and welcome to the regular business meeting for the Squamish for Tuesday January 16th as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional and unseated territory of the Squamish Nation please be advised that this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the District of sish website following the meeting if you have concerns please notify the corporate officer present at the meeting

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Armand Hurford
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we have an amended agenda before us can I have someone move adoption of the amended agenda please moveed by councelor Stoner second by councelor French all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you we don't have any delegations or petitions or Proclamation requests for this meeting

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Armand Hurford
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so on to next consideration of unscheduled public attendance this is where if anyone has a matter that they would like to that they feel is too urgent to wait till the next regular business meeting this will be the opportunity to bring that matter forward seeing none we'll move on to

District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (40279 Government Rd) No. 3004, 2023
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Brian Daly, a planner with development, presented a rezoning application for a property at 4279 Government Road. The property, which was previously developed with a single unit dwelling that was destroyed by fire, is a hooked parcel with two sections separated by a CN rail line. The rezoning application seeks to rezone the parcel on the east side of the rail line from RS2 to RM2 to facilitate the development of 26 townhomes. No changes are proposed for the parcel west of the rail line, which the applicant proposes to dedicate to the district. The proposed development meets the requirements of the RM2 zone and includes a number of amenities, such as a toddler play area and adventure play area. The applicant also proposes a no-gas covenant, meaning all units will be powered by electricity.

During the discussion, Councilor John French declared a conflict of interest and removed himself from the hearing. Council members asked questions about the parcel on the west side of the tracks, the referral to Squamish Nation, and the environmental sensitivities on the property. The council also discussed access to the west parcel and its potential use. The representative of the ownership group, Gary Doall, thanked the council and staff for their time and offered to answer any questions. After the public hearing, no further comments or requests for public information meetings were received. The staff recommended that bylaw 304 be given a third reading, subject to certain conditions. The hearing was then declared closed by Mayor Armand Hurford.

Armand Hurford
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our first item which is our public hearing and I'll turn it over to Mr Dy to oh sorry yes councelor French

John French
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mayor I'm declaring conflict of interest on this matter one of the people connected to the ownership of the property we're about to discuss made a financial contribution to my election campaign and to avoid the perception of conflict of interest I'll remove myself from this public

Armand Hurford
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hearing thank you very much councelor French we will we'll give councelor French some time to clear and we'll reach out when following the public hearing so you can rejoin us for the rest of the meeting okay over to you

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thank you mayor Herford good evening mayor and Council my name is Brian Daly planner with development I'm here tonight to present a rezoning application at 4279 government Road for a public hearing at the November 21st 2023 regular council meeting Council gave bylaw 3004 first and second reading and scheduled a public hearing for this evening the subject property is a vacant lot located at 4279 government Road it was formerly developed with a single unit dwelling that was destroyed by fire the property is unique in that it is a hooked parcel with 1.4 49 hectare lot on the west side of the CN rail line and a 58 hectare parcel fronting government road on the east side the parcel on the west side of the rail line is zoned rural residential 2 and is in the agricultural land Reserve ctin Reserve is north of the subject property adjacent properties to the South are zoned rs2 and developed with duplexes mem Elementary School is a cross government road to the east this resoning application seeks to reone the parcel on the east side of the CN rail line fronting government Road from rs2 to rm2 to facilitate the development of 26 Town Homes no development or changes to the existing zoning are proposed for the parcel west of the rail line the applicant is proposing to dedicate this parcel to the district the property is located in a conditional densification area and the applicant has completed flood modeling to confirm that the proposed development footprint and grading plan will not have an adverse impact on flood conveyance there are two environmentally sensitive areas located on the portion of the property that is subject to the resoning as such they trigger the requirements for development permit area one for protection of the environment the applicant has prepared a report establishing setbacks from these areas that meet the dpa1 guidelines a development permit for protection of environment will be processed should this application move forward to adoption the applicant is proposing to maintain a number of existing mature trees on site the application meets the requirements of the rm2 Zone the proposed lot coverage is 38% building height is 9.91 M and the gross floor area of all the buildings is 3,111 M or a floor area ratio of 0.55 these metrics are based on the lot area of the parcel to the east of the rail line where the development is proposed 21 units will have three bedrooms and five will have two bedrooms plus a den units range in size from 111 Square met to 140 M the development is accessed off government Road none of the units provide side-by-side parking within a garage the remaining units provide one stall within a garage and a second surface parking stall in front of the garage seven visitor parking stalls are provided for a total of 59 parking stalls which meets the requirements of the zoning bylaw a shared W stream is provided as required 143 square meters of common open space is provided including a covered commun communal amenity space toddler play area and adventure play area 1,80 meters of private open space total is proposed is provided in the form of ground level yard and Patio space for each unit this application triggers the previous Community amenity contribution policy the applicant has proposed the following offer which meets the policy for multif family residential or mixed use resoning application that proposes less than 50 dwelling units the offer includes $52,000 $52 380 cash in lie of critical amenities and for the act of transportation and Parks contribution subdivision and dedic a of the 1.5 hectare parcel on the west side of the CN rail line to the district in addition to those CAC contributions the applicants are also proposing to enter into a no gas Covenant so that all units will be powered by electricity including hot water tanks and that no natural gas connections will be provided or permitted on the property to inform the community per policy the project was posted to the district's development showcase and a development sign has been posted at the site public hearing notif ification was advertised in the January 4th and 11 editions of the Squamish Chief public hearing notices were delivered to adjacent properties within 100 meters no comments or requests for public information meetings have been received to date so staff recommend that following the public hearing bylaw 304 be given third reading subject to the conditions noted on the slide which in which are entering into a Land Development agreement to secure the cash and Lou amenities the commitment to subdivide and dedic ate the 1.5 hect parcel and entering into a no gas cabinet that concludes my presentation I'm happy to take questions at this

Armand Hurford
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time thank you for the presentation council do before we proceed to public comment do you have any questions about anything we've heard or anything that was in included in the materials councelor Anderson

Eric Andersen
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yes I I've forgotten this detail but is the parcel on the west side of the tracks within the agricultural land

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Reserve through the mayor that's correct yes it is thank you

Armand Hurford
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councelor stoner

Jenna Stoner
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thank you through the chair the staff report for public hearing this evening says that there was a referral to Squamish Nation but I'm just curious if we've heard anything back

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through the mayor yes staff leased with the referral through the referral process with the squamation they outlined their concerns and the majority of them they would like to be kept in the loop on the remaining development approvals should this move past rezoning they would like further information regarding storm water management and other things like that once those plans are

Jenna Stoner
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prepared so all the issues that were raised were things that we typically deal with at DP is that correct

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that's correct they were comfortable with the application moving forward and would just like further referral should it continue through the development

Armand Hurford
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process thank you councelor green

Lauren Greenlaw
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law you made mention that environmental sensitivities on the property and I was just wondering if you could expand upon

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that there are let me pull up a site plan here

Armand Hurford
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sorry my apologies for the delay so there are two environmentally sensitive areas located on the parcel that is subject to the development if you can see my cursor here they generally follow this sort of hatched area the applicants have provided a report prepared by a qualified environmental professional that recommend setbacks from these areas that is consistent with our development per area 1 guidelines and the provincial rapper requirements so the environmental department has accepted this proposal as it meets the guideline both the districts and the provincial

Lauren Greenlaw
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guidelines sorry but what specifically is this is the

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sensitivity they are water courses that connect to fish bearing water

Lauren Greenlaw
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courses thanks

Chris Pettingill
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ccor penil I'm just wondering if staff can refresh my recollection I believe we asked about access to the West parcel and that practically speaking it would be landlocked and that was considered in our in staff's assessment of the value of that parcel is that correct or am I making things

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up who the chair that is correct another note on the western parcel is that a lot of that area is environmentally sensitive so Staff feel that its use would be best to be preserved in its existing

Armand Hurford
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state okay I don't see any other questions at this time so we'll proceed to the public portion of this now I have a bit of a script to read so bear with me as we go as we go through go through this so this public hearing is being held pursuant to the Local Government Act requirements to allow the public to present and to provide submissions to council respecting the proposed bylaw this is District of Squamish zoning bylaw number 220021 Amendment for 4279 government Road number 304 2023 everyone present will be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard or provide a written submission we want to ensure that no one is discouraged or prevented from making their views known whether speaking in favor or against the proposed zoning Amendment please ensure that your remarks are relevant to the matters contained in the proposed bylaw please note that the public hearing is not an opportunity for members of the public to have their questions answered by staff or councel any questions or points of clarification can be directed to staff by contacting the planning department members of council may ask clarifying questions following presentations Council is here to listen and will not debate the merits of the proposed Bao with the public or each other during the public hearing please note that this public hearing is being recorded and webst streamed live and the recording will be posted on District's website media are often present at public hearings and public should feel free to advise the media if they don't want their picture taken up to and as part of this public hearing the public has had opportunity to make submissions to council if any submissions were received they are available for review and comment and have been included as part of staff's report any submissions received after the agenda was published have been added to the electonic agenda and to the electronic public hearing package available on the district website any submissions made during the hearing can be reviewed during the hearing by viewing that electronic agenda submissions will be uploaded by staff as they are received we're trying to make this hearing a safe space for everyone to voice their opinion without interference from others therefore I ask that members of the public maintain order and quiet during the hearing please do not applaud or interrupt any speech or action of members of council or any other person addressing Council we've received a presentation from the planning department already and at this point I'll now ask the applicant or the representative to comment on the proposed zoning after which everyone else will be given opportunity to speak or make the submission I'll call for any interested parties to speak following the and I'll come up with and I'll have the instructions following the presentation from the proponent if there is one is there someone oh perfect hello and welcome you the Michael just turn on for you you're good there can you start by with your full name and which neighborhood you're from and you'll have five minutes to address councel

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I'm U my name is Gary doall I'm from valleycliffe I'm the representative of the ownership group I just want to thank mayor and Council for their time and as well as staff for their time with our application we don't have anything to add at this time but we're here to answer any questions or provide clarification our architect Stephan looy will also be joining by video for any technical

Armand Hurford
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questions thank you okay so now I will call for any interested parties to speak for all speakers please approach the podium and start your remarks by clearly stating your name and neighborhood please not the speakers will be given up to five minutes to address Council in order that everyone has opportunity to speak to council details to participate via telephone or webx are displayed on the screen for those who have logged in from your computer or are watching the live stream of the meeting instructions are also included on the district's website to get on the speakers list if you are on the telephone please raise your hand by dialing star3 or via WebEx on computer or cell phone by opening the participant panel and clicking on the hand icon please note there will be a moderator who will communicate with speakers when it's your turn to speak you'll receive a voice prompt via telephone or dialog box via WebEx please remember to put your hand down after you finished speaking which is star three on the telephone or clicking on the hand icon via WebEx lots of instructions there do we have anyone in attendance that would like to make a submission to this public hearing I'll look to our moderator to see if there's anyone online to make a

Andrew Hamilton
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submission no mayor there's nobody online except for the applicants

Armand Hurford
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representative okay thank you I will ask again if there's anyone that wishes to speak on this matter before I go into the closing statement which is shorter than the opening statement but is still quite procedural okay if there are no further speakers I would ask Council if there any further information that the planning department might provide at this time seeing no hands now I've heard from everyone on the speaker list it is a requirement that I asked three times if there's anyone else who wishes to speak before we can close the public hearing for the first time is there anyone else who wants to speak or make a submission for the second time is there anyone else who wants to speak or make a submission and for a third and final time is there anyone else who wants to speak or make a submission seeing none please note that council members are not permitted to receive any fir any further submissions or hear either a proponent or opponent to the application once the public hearing has been concluded this means we can't speak to you out in the community or receive emails or phone calls on any of these or on any bylaw we've considered until a decision on the bylaws has been made any and all communication from this point must be challenged to staff as there are no further speakers I declare the hearing closed thank you very much for your submissions okay Council

District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (40279 Government Rd) No. 3004, 2023
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Mayor Armand Hurford proposed to suspend the order of the agenda to deal with item 9A, which was the consideration of a third reading. The item was about a staff recommendation for a development proposal, which had been previously presented and discussed. The proposal was moved by Councillor Eric Andersen and seconded by Councillor Jenna Stoner. Andersen spoke about the proposal, highlighting its alignment with the council's housing objectives. He also addressed the land to be dedicated to the district on the west side of the SE and tracks, which is in the agricultural land reserve. He noted the provision in provincial legislation for lands in the agricultural land reserves that would not be cultivated for environmental reasons to be exempt from property tax.

During the discussion, Andersen also pointed out the unique location of the land, its proximity to Indian reserve number 17, and its past agricultural use. He suggested that the land could be used for agricultural purposes in the future, given its history. Councillor Jenna Stoner expressed her support for the motion, noting that the proposal was in line with the council's existing policy and that it was a good area for densification. She raised concerns about traffic management, especially in the school zone, and suggested that these issues could be addressed at the DP stage. Mayor Hurford also spoke in favor of the motion, praising the proposal as an excellent use of the area and expressing interest in the future use of the land to be dedicated to the district. The motion was carried unanimously.

Armand Hurford
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I think it would be I'd like to move that we suspend the order of the agenda so we can deal with item 9A which is consideration of third reading at this time so then we can have councelor French rejoin if appropriate seconded by Council Hamilton so all in favor motion carries thank you so now we're on to consideration of third reading we just had the presentation is there any addition there's nothing else that there's no additional presentation so we have the recommendation before us for third reading on this would someone like to move the staff recommendation councelor Anderson seconded by councelor Stoner would you like to speak to it councel Anderson

Eric Andersen
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yes I we've discussed this proposal in the past and reviewed various elements of it and I think that it responds to where we're at in our objectives with respect to housing and features of this development I wish however to address in particular the land is to be dedicated to the district on the west side of the SE and tracks that's in the agricultural land Reserve two comments there is provision and these are kind of policy considerations not least for the district in future in similar circumstances which may come up but there's provision in provincial legislation for lands that are in the agricultural land reserves that would not be cultivated for environmental reasons such as for example in the Fraser Valley repairing areas that Farms have to have no tax so they will be exempt from property tax I believe the legislation ref to these properties these situations say waste so property tax is not applied there something to keep in mind we may have a variety of circumstances come forward like this in Squamish Valley the second point I would make is that the location is unique immediately in proximity to Indian reserve number 17 ctin it there has been past agricultural use of this area like within the next store and cotan Reserve it's well documented livestock growing potatoes and orchards in fact the inventories they goes they go goes back quite some years but it's quite impressive the agricultural activity on the ctin reserve so this is we have an objective in our Squamish Valley agricultural plan to encourage collaboration and participation on the part of the Squamish Nation community and given the immediate proximity it's something that may perhaps come up and might be welcome of course the property or this parcel to be dedicated to the districts does have its environmental constraints but there is a history of Agriculture use here maybe there's a future as well I just thought I'd put that forward this is not a unique land type in our Valley and these types of things may come up again otherwise in favor speaking in favor of the recommendation thank

Armand Hurford
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you thank you councelor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:28:56 (0:01:25)

thank you through the chair I to will be supporting the motion on the floor I think that this is a good proposal that came forward in an area that we know is good for densification close to many amenities and to some of our Core Transit Network and I think that it falls in line so it's a change in zoning but it's still the same land use destination in the ocp in terms of residential neighborhood and it falls right in line with our M rm2 Zone there are no variants is requested within the existing zoning envelope that's being requested I think the cash or sorry the community amenity contribution is in line with our existing policy which is great which makes this a fairly easy application to review and to support I think some of the considerations that I still have are things that are best dealt with at DP in particular traffic Management in and out of that corner directly in the school zone I think is one of the biggest concerns for this particular parcel and just make sure how we ensure that there's safe access for pedestrians bikes as well as cars that need to egress and in and go into this particular property but also happy to hear that staff have connected with Folks at the Squamish nation and we'll hopefully bring forward some of the opportunities that may be presented with the dedication of the one and a half acres or hectares on the west side of the tracks so with that I will support the motion thank

Armand Hurford
0:30:21 (0:02:03)

you thank you any other comments I'm speaking in favor of the motion I think I think this is a an excellent use of this area I've had the pleasure of living nearby at the Viking at the Viking Ridge Complex in the past and this is a an area that is Central to services and I think makes a lot of sense for a development such as this I think I'm quite happy to see the that par the parcel to the west of the tracks being dedicated to the district and I'm curious to see what the best what happens with that going forward given the constraints on the site and leaving it as is makes a lot of sense but perhaps there's perhaps there's something creative that can happen in the future there so I'm quite happy with this I do think that the traffic concerns will need to be addressed at DP and I hope that and I trust that all the referrals to the nation will continue and that this development not just in its finished form but in its construction phase will be a good neighbor to our friends at the at the skish nation as well with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much yeah welcome back councelor French

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Armand Hurford
0:32:24 (0:00:09)

we're on now to the consent agenda and I'm going to start us off by pulling correspondence so

1211 Lower Mainland Local Government Association Re: Resolutions Notice - Request for Submissions
0:32:33 (0:00:13)

Armand Hurford
0:32:33 (0:00:12)

7b1 which is the LA man local government Association letter is there anyone that would like to pull anything else before we consider the consent agenda yeah go ahead councelor Anderson

Housing Statutes Memo
0:32:46 (0:01:14)

Armand Hurford
0:32:46 (0:00:00)


Eric Andersen
0:32:46 (0:00:09)

I'd like to pull number item number c staff update for information one housing statutes memo please okay thank

Armand Hurford
0:32:56 (0:00:32)

you yeah just with that particular piece councelor Anderson we'll look at it we can have a quick comment on it or something if we have to if there's any more thing more in depth with it my recommendation would be that it may need to be referred to a future committee the whole but for now I just want to put that out there we'll deal with that the particulars of that when we get when we get to that item after okay

Eric Andersen
0:33:28 (0:00:03)

very good mayor Herford that's in alignment with my thinking as well okay

Armand Hurford
0:33:32 (0:00:27)

thank you so with that I'm looking for moover the consent agenda move by councelor French second by councelor Hamilton all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you so we we've already dealt with matter 9 A1 so we're going down to

0:34:00 (0:00:07)

Armand Hurford
0:34:00 (0:00:06)

item 12 correspondence action requested so we're on

Correspondence Regarding FortisBC's Effluent Discharge Permit Application
0:34:07 (0:21:14)

Armand Hurford, the Mayor, introduced a correspondence regarding Foris BC's effluent discharge permit application for the council's consideration. Chris Pettingill, a council member, initiated the discussion by expressing his hope that the council would provide some comment on the application. He highlighted the recurring theme of missing cumulative analysis in the correspondence received from the community and the biosphere. Pettingill also pointed out significant mathematical errors in Foris's assessments, underreporting the amount of effluent they project will be discharged. He raised concerns about missing affluent handling system designs and the lack of surge ponds and redundancy in Foris's plans.

The discussion continued with a resolution proposed by an unnamed speaker, suggesting that the Mayor communicate with the BC energy regulator that the District of Squamish cannot support Foris BC's effluent permit request until certain issues are addressed. These issues included the cumulative impact analysis, concerns raised by the House Sound Biosphere, and the community, particularly scientists who have provided comments on the permit application. The resolution also proposed that the Mayor share the district's feedback with relevant parties. However, some council members, including Jenna Stoner and Eric Andersen, expressed concerns about the broadness of the resolution and proposed amendments. After a lengthy discussion and several amendments, the motion was carried with councilors French and Anderson opposing.

Armand Hurford
0:34:07 (0:00:32)

to 121 which is a correspondence regarding foris BC's effent discharge permit application for our consideration there's not a presentation with this is for our discussion sorry I'm just pulling it up on my screen here is why I'm talking so give me a quick second councelor

Chris Pettingill
0:34:39 (0:00:39)

penil yeah I'll just start off I think you know I would hope that we would provide some comment we did ask for an extension to the public feedback and I think we should take advantage of that we've had a lot of correspondents from our community on this project I think looking through and we also got some updated correspondents from the biosphere there's a recurring theme around missing cumulative analysis and I think that's something that we have pointed out ourselves in the past and another few things jumped out at me is the significant

Armand Hurford
0:35:19 (0:00:05)

coun can you put the microphone closer to I just think might not be I want to make sure we don't lose you on the recording thank you

Chris Pettingill
0:35:24 (0:01:06)

yeah I didn't bring my glasses so I'm looking distance away at the screen here I think the error margin of error in some of forse's assessments on their by orders of magnitude the amount of effluent they project will go out I guess they had some significant mathematical errors there so they're under reporting what they will actually their numbers don't line up by a significant amount and for me there's some other things about affluent handling system designs being missing someone who's worked on a number of these projects one of the experts that provided some feedback said this sort of design at this stage would be expected and none of that's there which is a concern for me and then the whole issue of surge ponds and redundancy a lack thereof we know Forest is expected to do their own treatment so those are things that sort of jumped out at me I think the cumulative assessments and lack thereof was the main one that stuck out to

Armand Hurford
0:36:31 (0:00:10)

me thank you other comments on this on this matter and perhaps a path forward councelor

Lauren Greenlaw
0:36:42 (0:00:08)

Greenlaw I might put forward a motion if that's of interest and I'll speak to it if

Armand Hurford
0:36:50 (0:00:02)

seconded okay go

Lauren Greenlaw
0:36:52 (0:00:46)

ahead okay be it resolved that the mayor commun Comm unicate with the BC energy regulator that the District of Squamish cannot support the forest BC's effluent permit request until the following are meaningfully addressed the cumulative impact analysis and corresponding mitigations considering the multiple wood fiber LNG and Forest BC effluent plans and additional concerns raised by the house sound biosphere and the community in particular scientists that have provided comments on the permanent application and resolve that the mayor share the district's feedback with the relevant parties as per prior District resolutions on wood fiber lg/ forus BC effluent permit

Armand Hurford
0:37:39 (0:00:05)

applications thank you to the minute taker did you get that or do you have it

Lauren Greenlaw
0:37:44 (0:00:00)

send that

Armand Hurford
0:37:44 (0:01:15)

to you could you send it okay is there a seconder for this motion counc penel okay just i al want to make sure that we have it and we understand that was a was lengthy which is great and was what required here I just want to make sure that we know exactly what it what it is have you sent it over to the minut okay and perhaps on to council so we can see it in front of us would be wonderful okay thank you okay councelor would like just would you like to speak to

Lauren Greenlaw
0:38:59 (0:01:29)

it sure I mean I've had ongoing concerns about the entire process of these permits and the approval of these permits and it is deeply disturbing to me that there is not room for a conversation rooted in science about the impacts of these projects to counselor pettingill's Point the underestimate that they gave for their effluence they estimated 150 cubic meters per day over a 10-hour period would be that's what that's what the analysis that they presented showed was 150 cubic meters per day for over 10 hour period but it's actually what they're going to do is over 500 cubic meters per day over a 24-hour period and that is a misrepresentation of what they're going to be doing and leads to a poor assessment of the impact so there is just consistent inconsistencies in their applications and I feel that we need to take any steps that we can to hold these people accountable to ensure that these are safe projects that are being approved and that they will not impact our fishery our fish stock the livelihood of our Rivers an ocean it's

Armand Hurford
0:40:29 (0:01:16)

terrible thank you question to the Mover the second bullet point additional concerns raised by the kpum house sound biosphere and the community and in particular scientists that have provided comments on the permit application I'm wondering if we should be it feels quite open and I wondered if your thoughts on maybe more focused with that particular piece whether it refers to a document just as I think about actioning this both from a perspective of writing a letter but also if we're asking specifics of the regulator if perhaps it's attaching a report I don't quite have a I just see that as challenging for this for this motion not for your intent I'll go around for other comments but that's just a something that I'm thinking about with this and I'll see if I can come up with a perhaps an amendment but I'll go down the speakers list councel

Jenna Stoner
0:41:45 (0:00:34)

Stoner thank you and thanks to my Council colleague for bringing forward a draft motion I do have some challenges with the second bullet point just because it's fairly broad so I'd like to propose an amendment that the second bullet point gets struck and we add the following two bullet points Clarity on the discharge effluent volumes and the third bullet point would read clarification on monitoring plans particularly with respect to cumulative impacts and how sound if that seconded I'll speak to

Armand Hurford
0:42:19 (0:00:03)

it seconded by councelor Hamilton go

Jenna Stoner
0:42:23 (0:00:59)

ahead thank you through the chair I think one of the challenges here is trying to find the balance of going through the information that we've received from some parties I also had the opportunity to go through the actual application and the details that were presented by the proponents scientists in terms of their monitoring plans which were really bare and so for me those were the three elements that continue to jump out for me in terms of this application as not being fome enough to feel confident with the way forward and things that I would like Clarity on before an eff permit were to be approved by the BC energy regulator I will say that I have limited confidence that those things will go forward given the fact that they already have a temporary license but I do think that they're things that we should be asking for and our community has requested clarification on so I'm happy to support

Armand Hurford
0:43:22 (0:00:34)

that thank you on any other comments on the amendment seeing none I'll call the question on the amendment all in favor any opposed councelor French councel Anderson oppos motion carries so now we're on to the main motion as amended it would have you said what you're that was part of that was part of that any other comments on this councelor

Chris Pettingill
0:43:57 (0:02:03)

Penning yeah and I guess you know I the one thing I liked about the original version was and that I'm struggling with now at this point well while I appreciate I do actually appreciate the extra specificity on which things we have concerned about for me there are additional things that really jumped out at me which I would like to highlight and the one benefit of just sort of favoring science and biosphere feat back in general is sort of you know arguably captures a balance I guess I don't know I mean I guess it's to me to pose a resolution for me one of the big things though that really sticks out that's still missing is the lack of real planning or you know approving these without a much better understanding of how they're actually going to handle the processing the redundancy the level of surge we've seen you know extreme weather extreme flooding and it is very concerning to me to hear from people who work in the sector who work in mining and so on to say there isn't sufficient planning here and we need a way to handle sort of flooding and unforeseen levels of it's totally foreseeable that we will see these unexpected conditions and the fact that planning is not there in particular is a real concern and I feel that that's high enough level that I can sort of draw a reasonable level of agreement there I don't need to know the specifics of the science to know that that's offside and so that that's a piece that I would hope we could capture but I'll maybe just leave that load out there for a second to see if that resonates for anyone else

Armand Hurford
0:46:00 (0:00:02)

was that your hand yeah go ahead coun Henderson

Eric Andersen
0:46:02 (0:03:49)

yes if it's the my timing is Right mayor Herford I'd like to I will not be supporting the motion and I'd like to just explain a few comments why that is I do support that there are questions to be asked of the project proponents wood fiber LNG and foris and for the Regulatory Agencies and but however I'm confident that they're here in these questions and I do hope that they will be pressed and there'll be response to them however I think what is missing in the papers that have been presented to us and from local advocacy interests is missing contexts there's I'll pull out a couple of examples I do appreciate that the highlighting of the municipal Wastewater treat treatment plant and we have had some unfortunate experience with our wastewater treatment system over the past year not noted in the report but we did have some mishaps unfortunate and did involve some additional effluent in the into the L Squamish River we have other areas of the community where they're hydrocarbons issues notably the ocean front and it's probably far more serious on the Northerly part of the oceanfront Peninsula than it is on the BC rail site it has not been completely remediated that's work to be done by the property owners formerly the district there is other mention of storm water runoff and its implications and I appreciate that the consultant has done a thorough job as per instruction however the terms of reference for the consultant's work is Li are limited and so I'm I'd like to just register my concern that we do consider this broader context in addition there's reference to vessel movements at wood fiber there will never again be vessel movements at wood fiber as there have in the past I used to work there I worked in the Marine sector in Northern Hound there could be as many as 20 vessel movements in a day at wood Fiber pul mill that will we will never see that again underwater noise pollution well the district itself will be undertaking projects that will involve underwater noise and are we prepared to be scrutinized and let's be prepared so that's also part of the context we have a our own wastewater treatment plant we're going to be doing our own projects on the waterfront with our dying program that are going to involve us doing pile driving with marine mammals in proximity in the bigger picture I think we should also consider I know it's not the job of the Consultants it's not the job of myy the sky but there has been somewhere in the neighborhood of between 14 and $20 million invested in environmental remediation on the wood fiber site over the past 10 years and I think that that's noteworthy it is also noted in the report that remediation has taken place at brtan mind site however that remediation was entirely taxpayer funded wood fiber lngg has paid the full shot for the remediation undertaken at its site and I won't to elaborate further on the kinds of remediation ratory activities there but they do involve the land fill create so pilings Etc and it is ongoing so I think that's for me part of the bigger picture to consider but I do think it's important that we note that there are questions asked some of them are quite good and we I I'm confident however that the proponents and the agencies regulatory AG involved are hearing them and I hope they'll respond thank

Armand Hurford
0:49:52 (0:00:05)

you thank you other comments ments this time councelor penel

Chris Pettingill
0:49:58 (0:00:14)

yeah I'll test Amendment and I just add one more add more one more bullet which is if supported detailed affluent processing plans and

Armand Hurford
0:50:13 (0:00:03)

redundancy sorry one more time with the last bullet

Chris Pettingill
0:50:16 (0:00:06)

detailed affluent processing plans and

Armand Hurford
0:50:22 (0:00:02)

redundancy yep go ahead want a clarification

Jenna Stoner
0:50:25 (0:00:02)

what does that

Chris Pettingill
0:50:27 (0:01:08)

mean that sort of in response to a lot what I saw in the analysis which is that there is no not provide as part of the permanent application a standard or normal level or even a basic level of how they actually plan to be able to achieve the level of processing as required and that they have the redundancy to deal with any sort of failure or mitigation because if anything goes wrong if there's a flood we're just kind of there's no there's apparently no plan there and we're kind of hooped they've from what I understand wood fiber or sorry foris is planning to be able to continuously drill and so to me it seems that corresponding plans to be able to process continuously in any sort of eventuality flooding or whatever a machine failure should be part of the

Armand Hurford
0:51:35 (0:01:25)

permit so sorry we've made it we've had an amendment and was it seconded moved by councelor penil did I see a seconder for the for the amendment seconded by councelor Green C would you like to make any additional comments that was a answer to the clarity piece anyone want to speak to the this amendment okay I I'm struggling with this with this one as we get more and more specific with this as we don't have the it's some of this work I agree should happen I have a hard time requesting it as this body we don't have the expertise to review it or to understand what that thresholds been met when I'm thinking about just as you know as presented I wonder I'm going to mul on that I think as we add more bullet points it gets more and more challenging to yeah to sort of really articulate the desired the desired outcome in a cohesive way

Chris Pettingill
0:53:01 (0:01:25)

penel yeah just in response to that I would say you know again when I read this the issues of redundancy and so on were clear enough and high level enough that didn't find I need a PhD to see the importance of that and I would suggest that if the plans were sufficiently detailed that would answer the question itself and the fact that there aren't any plans there leaves it open to question and sort of suggest that piece is a key piece that is missing I think it's I would say somewhat self-evident that you should have redundancy in a in a system that needs to be continuous and so there are a number of things that I would love to specifically have addressed in here I tried to really restrict myself to the really top key high level ones and personally I feel this is out of you know the one thing that we may want to specifically address if we're not going to list all of them or you know just fully endorse these the scientist letters that we received this is one that I think does raise to that level of Worth to include again I think if it was clear that this was unnecessary that would be those plans would say that it would that information would be there clearly in the permit and it's not and so I think it's reasonable to ask that we're just asking that these issues be meaningfully addressed and so I think that's

Armand Hurford
0:54:27 (0:00:53)

reasonable okay thank you any other comments on this amendment to our amended motion just to keep track of all this okay seeing none I'll call the question all in favor any opposed councelor French Anderson French and Anderson oppos motion carries now we're back to our main motion as twice amended and I think I don't think that this has changed foundationally what we're trying to accomplish so I'm going to I think going to move to calling the question on the motion as amended all in favor any opposed C French and Anderson oppose motion carries thank you

0115 Capilano University Re Letter of Support for Cap U's IRCC Proposal
0:55:21 (0:02:09)

Mayor Armand Hurford introduced item 122, which was a request for a letter of support for Capilano University's IRCC proposal. The proposal was for the continuation of a program that provides valuable services to newcomers in the Sea of Sky Corridor, particularly in Squamish. Councillor Jenna Stoner expressed her gratitude to Andrea for reaching out and to the staff for including this item in the late amended agenda. She emphasized the importance of the program and its benefits to the community, expressing her support for the letter as presented.

During the discussion, Mayor Hurford echoed Stoner's sentiments, highlighting the importance of the program and the positive impact of having a thriving post-secondary education institution in the community. He expressed his support for the proposal and his anticipation for more collaborative work with Capilano University. The council then voted on the matter, with the motion carrying. The meeting was briefly paused to wait for Councillor Hamilton to rejoin.

Armand Hurford
0:55:21 (0:00:18)

we're on to item sorry 122 which is the kepon University letter request for letter support for cap you's ircc proposal for Council consideration

Andrew Hamilton
0:55:39 (0:00:05)

oh yes thank you I'll declare conflict of interest as an employee of capano

Armand Hurford
0:55:44 (0:00:18)

University thank you okay Council we've got a request before us yeah go ahead

Jenna Stoner
0:56:03 (0:00:05)

I'd like to propose that the mayor write a letter of support for Cap's ircc

Armand Hurford
0:56:09 (0:00:05)

proposal Thank You seconded by councelor French any comments on this one

Jenna Stoner
0:56:14 (0:00:27)

just really briefly I wanted to thank Andrea for reaching out and for staff for getting this on the late amended agenda but I do think this is a really critical program they provide such valuable service to newcomers throughout the Sea of Sky Corridor especially here in Squamish and it would be really beneficial I know to all of our communities to have them retained and funded for the next five years so happy to support the letter as presented

Armand Hurford
0:56:42 (0:00:48)

thank you any other comments I think this unto itself is important but it's also I'm really happy to see start to feel the effects in our community of capu and these are the types of initiatives that having a soon to be thriving post-secondary education institution in our community will continue to advance so I'm happy to support to support this and look forward to more good work together with the folks at capano University that'll call a question all in favor any opposed motion carries I'll wait for councelor Hamilton to rejoin us before we move on

0:57:30 (0:11:59)

Mayor Armand Hurford brought up a notice about the Local Government Association resolution, indicating that the council would be spending more time on it in the following week. He encouraged council members to start refining their resolutions in advance of the upcoming discussion. He also mentioned the council's past success with resolutions through the Local Government Association and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities. Councilor Chris Pettingill asked if a list of flagged items for discussion would be provided as part of the agenda, to which Mayor Hurford agreed to work with staff to ensure the most current information is provided.

Councilor Eric Andersen raised a question about the interpretation of Bill 46 Provisions for Squamish, specifically regarding amenity cost charges and a new tool proposed by the province. He questioned how the council might interpret and apply the legislation in a community-wide context, as opposed to a neighborhood or subdivision context. Mayor Hurford acknowledged the complexity of the issue and asked staff about their plans for addressing it. The Director of Community Development, Yishis, explained that staff were actively working on compiling information and adapting work plans to accommodate the recent housing legislation changes. Councilor Jenna Stoner mentioned an upcoming housing summit organized by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, while Councilor Chris Pettingill emphasized the need for a comprehensive communication strategy to help the public understand the changes. Mayor Hurford moved to receive the memo, acknowledging that there would be many in-depth discussions to come on its content. The motion was seconded by Councilor Stoner and carried unanimously.

Armand Hurford
0:57:31 (0:01:10)

okay we had correspondents referred from the consent agenda which was oh that was me on the lur man local government Association resolution notice I just wanted to speak to this briefly we're going to spend some more time on this on this next week but this is that a few days more of a of a heads up that this will be coming to us next week so I know that some of you and some of us think about these resol these things that we could bring forward on resolution throughout the year but we be looking to sort of to start honing in on that next week so in advance of that agenda hitting your inbox just yeah start advancing your or refining your resolutions in advance of that and we had I think we collectively had a lot of success last year through LM LGA and onto ubcm with resolutions that came from this room so I hope we can have similar success this year so that's it so I'll move oh yeah go

Chris Pettingill
0:58:41 (0:00:12)

ahead and will we get because I know we usually flag things as oh we should bring that to ubcm throughout the year or L mlga will that list come to us as part of our agenda just as a refresher

Armand Hurford
0:58:53 (0:00:41)

excellent question work I'll work with staff to ensure that we get the most the most current information that we can with that any other questions on this I'll move receipt then if there's a second by counselor French all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you and then I suppose this is where the seems to be the best place to deal with the memo that was that was pulled so councelor Anderson I keep in mind my previous

Eric Andersen
0:59:35 (0:03:19)

recommendation C certainly mayor Herford what I intend to do is to raise a question that perhaps staff might consider and it's a matter of how to interpret Bill 46 Provisions for Squamish on in a particular area and that is a amenity cost charges and a new tool proposed by The Province and I'll just reite from the definitions for amenity first of all in the legislation amenity means a facility or feature that provides social cultural heritage recreational or environmental benefits to a community including without limitation a community youth or Senior Center a recreation or athle facility a library and there are a couple of others as well including daycare the question I have is that elsewhere in the province's discussion and introduction of this legislation there is a an emphasis on neighborhood planning and neighborhood context or that's what we might interpret for example in the province's press release local governments will need to identify areas where more housing Supply is planned in connection with utilizing this new tool what amenities are needed to support that supply and the aac's the amenity contribution amenity cost charges would apply to new development in those areas so my question is what about CommunityWide the CommunityWide context for various amenities how might we be able to take these into account are we going to be restricted or how can we stick handle for example a library we're not going to put a library in every neighborhood we're not going to put a library in connection with every new Housing Development so that my question is the CommunityWide context for our need for facilities and we have a number of needs and they are recreational Community Center and so on so how might we interpret and are we going to be in alignment with the legislation and the province's intention because we do not at this time have a planning process for identifying those CommunityWide needs it has been proposed a Parks and Recreation Master Plan update the Arts and Cultural Rec Heritage strategy proposes in the future or for the future a planning exercise for CommunityWide cultural facility needs but we haven't got one yet so that's where it's going to come up but in the meantime as we get rolling in implementing this presumably in the near future I feel I feel that there is this interpretive question of CommunityWide versus neighborhood or subdivision sub area plan context for applying this and identifying amenity needs I'll leave it at that I see our director of planning is here and I just wanted to note that question I have with respect to how we might apply and interpret this legislation thank you

Armand Hurford
1:02:55 (0:00:38)

thank you councelor Anderson there's so many questions with nearly every piece of this that this memo is very the high level sort of to-do list with some timelines but perhaps just as we're considering what we should do with this memo I'm going to put the question to staff various pieces of this what do you what sort of touch points do you think Council will have as you go through and do this and do this work and has that started to sort of crystallize in your in your

1:03:34 (0:01:12)

workplans U thank you for the question my name is yishis director of Community Development so staff are actively working on compiling all this information and adapting our work plans for this year and for next year because the changes are going to come into the next two years so some changes happening this year some changes we have to do next year with all of these recent housing legislation changes and also layering in the potential for the CMC Grant if we're successful so it's kind of you know it's all related essentially it's all around housing but we are planning to have a touch point with Council very soon in a committee meeting I can't give you the date yet but we're certainly going to be coming to council before we press go on all of these on our work plan essentially we're going to have to adapt our work plan for the next three years to where we were expecting to be working

Armand Hurford
1:04:46 (0:00:03)

on thank you go ahead councelor Stoner

Jenna Stoner
1:04:50 (0:00:58)

just related to this I was going to bring it up in the council announcements but ubcm is currently working on pulling together in the short term another housing Summit similar to what they did last year in response to some of the legislation that we've seen come forward in the province will likely be held M mid-February so a really short turnaround but in part to help connect municipalities local governments to better understand the implications of the legislation how different municipalities and local governments are managing and what their plans are and so that the stes are still to be confirmed but just to give folks a little bit of a heads up it's going to be a quick turnaround probably within the next month here ubcm will pull something together that will hopefully help inform I know staff are already working across jurisdictions and the province has been holding some webinars but I think this is very much still in the works so just trying to give folks another

Armand Hurford
1:05:48 (0:00:04)

update yeah thank you for that C Penning

Chris Pettingill
1:05:52 (0:00:30)

yeah and just one small observ and maybe it's sort of assumed and that will be taken care of this but when I look through the memo it's very much focused on the planning changes and process changes we have to make but it doesn't articulate how the heck do we get our public to understand what all this means and where we do and don't have discretion and so I think there's also going to need to be a giant Communications piece that we're going to have to wrap our heads around and engagement around of all this and I don't know how we do that but that's probably going to need to be part of our discussions too it

Armand Hurford
1:06:23 (0:01:19)

seems okay so I know that there's a lot of interest in this both in this room and in the in the community and our staff have outlined sort of the to-do list but we'll be back so when appropriate for the touch points and where there is decisions or discretion for us to and the community to weigh in on so I I'm curious to see where that you know what comes out of that and where those decision points are I will go and speculate that next year's llga and ubcm resolution sessions might be about refining many of these new regulations that come out as far as the sort of some process perspective but on this particular document I'm going to move receip for this knowing that there's not just a in-depth conversation to come but many in-depth conversations to come on its content so I don't think that we need to take any different action with this item are you seconding or you question

Andrew Hamilton
1:07:42 (0:00:23)

yep I think I know the answer to this but in Bill 44 it speaks to frequent bus service is do we have an understanding of what frequent means and the core of that is does Squamish have or will Squamish soon have frequent bus service according to Bill 44 it just helps me frame what matters and what doesn't when I read this

1:08:06 (0:00:13)

material through the mayor that's a great question we currently do not have that but we're working towards it and it's kind of in our short-term

Armand Hurford
1:08:20 (0:01:09)

plans just for some I can't resist the opportunity for some commentary on this one I think that it depends on the provincial support of our Transit future plan so they're connected anyways we'll leave it at that so I moved receipt is there a second or second by Council Stoner more to come with this very important work and we've just heard from our staff is going to really be something that is front and center for the next three four years and Beyond as it gets as it likely gets refined so we'll have lots of future touch points that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so we had no minutes referred no business arising for minutes no committee minutes and reports any notice of motion seeing none we'll move on

Motions from the closed portion of the January 9, 2024 Special Business Meeting
1:09:29 (0:00:15)

Armand Hurford
1:09:29 (0:00:15)

we do have a council staff in camera announcement around gfl contract on the agenda for those interested and then item 19 we had no unscheduled public attendance

1:09:44 (0:00:18)

Armand Hurford
1:09:44 (0:00:17)

any we're now on to open question period is there anyone in the gallery that has a question of clarification about anything that they've on the agenda today NOP okay we'll move on

1:10:02 (0:10:48)

Speaker_05, who is likely Councillor Lauren Greenlaw, shared her excitement about winning the circular economy contest for Council. She thanked staff members Shannon White and Laura Witten Zeller for their hard work in promoting the importance of rethinking resource use and reducing waste. She also thanked Councillor Jenna Stoner for suggesting the contest and local businesses for providing refillable prizes. She also mentioned attending the Ocean Watch Action Committee meeting, where concerns about marine debris cleanup resources and the quantity of marine debris were discussed. Lastly, she announced that she has started hosting weekly gatherings at Sweet Threads on Thursdays for public engagement and discussion of community issues.

Councillor Eric Andersen reported on a tour of the new Tantalus Road Fire Hall Number Two facility, which is currently under construction. He praised the facilities and construction planning team and the Squamish Fire Department for their competency and standards in constructing the new facility. Mayor Armand Hurford also expressed his excitement about the new public safety infrastructure. He then provided an update on the Youth Council meeting and their ongoing projects, including the Cubs Den and Bears Den initiatives. He also mentioned an upcoming event called the "Coldest Night of the Year" to support Helping Hands and encouraged council members to participate. He also shared his experience meeting with the SE caucus of the federal Liberal Party and the local Sikh community. Lastly, he announced a community discussion about housing happening at the Howe Sound Brew Pub, with special guest MP Patrick Weir.

Armand Hurford
1:10:02 (0:00:06)

Council or staff announcements anybody councilor

Lauren Greenlaw
1:10:08 (0:02:43)

green yeah I have a c couple things in our last meeting last week I won the circular economy contest for Council I got to mention that again and I'm sorry to say I gave a terrible acceptance speech I was just so excited but I wanted to give a shout out to our amazing staff and in this case I'm referring to the wonderful sh Miss Shannon White and Miss Laura Witten Zeller for working so hard to get the word out about the importance of rethinking how we use our resources and one of the reasons why I get so excited about circular economics is that as a species we consume way too much and we produce way too much waste and we need to learn how to get by with less because our planet simply cannot sustain this existence so circular economics ask us asks us to consider taking less and to look at our things in a new light and use some Crea creativity to bring new life to them circular economics asks us to change our mindset when it comes to consumerism to slow down and seek value in something that may have otherwise be thrown in a landfill it's fun it's economical it's creative and it's important so thank you to our lovely staff for keeping this conversation going thank you to councelor Stone who suggested this contest as one of her seemingly endless good ideas and thanks for all of the refillable local business supportting goodies that I won as prizes and then I have another update I attended the ocean watch action committee last week meeting last week and there was a lot of discussion about concerns around Marine debris cleanup resources and also just concerns around the quantity of marine debris we we're seeing and also some communication about an upcoming coming information night for the wood fiber and force projects at totem Hall and some strong encouragement that people present at this meeting push the proponents to answer some of the outstanding concerns that many members specifically Sciences scientists in our community have voiced about these projects some of the outlying concerns that we have thus far had difficulty getting answers to like for instance the cumulative impacts of waste disposal permits that are currently under review or have recently undergone approval and thirdly as people around this table note we do not have a standing office space that we can use to invite the public in for conversations and engagement and as such I have begun having weekly Gatherings at Sweet threads on Thursdays from 12:00 to 2 so if there are members in the community who have issues they'd like to discuss or they want FaceTime with a counselor or people who just want to meet up in an inclusive M maker space to discuss social and Community issues you can find me there every Thursday from 12 to 2

Armand Hurford
1:12:52 (0:00:09)

thanks thank you any other anyone else with an update councelor

Eric Andersen
1:13:02 (0:01:24)

Anderson Council was hosted by our facilities and construction planning team and the Squamish fire department for a tour of the new tentless Road fire hall number two facility under construction I very much welcome the opportunity we have in our facilities District facilities planning we're in a new generation of Competency in approaching these facilities and their construction their budgets and all of their puzzles and the standards that we are setting for the broader construction industry in these facilities and so it's great to have that these presentations over the last few years and this new standard of operation that we're that we have and talent we have working for us to complement that with a site visit while the facility is still under construction I hope that we'll be invited back again for an opening day perhaps where we can see and learn more based on what we saw and learned during our visit was it last week at any rate there was snow on the ground and we all had hard to steel toed boots and but we were very well received and all of our questions very well looked after thank you very much for the those who hosted us on that

Armand Hurford
1:14:26 (0:06:23)

day thank you councelor Anderson that was yeah great opportunity to see the really the construction of what's going to be a beautiful new building and part of our Public Safety infrastructure is really exciting to see that advancing seeing no other hands I'll go into my update on the I think it was the 10th we had a youth council meeting for January this group's been advancing work with a project called Cubs Den which has sort of smaller projects if the community or people in the room remember Bears Den last year it was pushing towards one big project and this year there was also a commitment to take on bearen so you'll hear more about that going forward but they ran a smaller event called Cubs Den for smaller projects that the youth are leading so work continues on those and I'm quite excited to see these really leaders of the future taking on projects to posibly impact the community so that was really exciting and more to come from that we also have a yeah so that's coming you'll hear some more on the on the on the Bears Den piece and it' be great if you could help spread the word when that when it's when it's time for that as well as attend the evening it was a it's it was great last year it's only going to be better be better this year Council there's a there's a upcoming event called the cold coldest night of the year and it's a an event to support Helping Hands they're and it's you'll hear more about it but it's a an evening walk through the community and I will pass along the formal when it's when it's crystallized the whole the whole piece but i' I'd like to see us as many of us as possible participate we have opport it's a team event so we have opportunity to put together a team that is Council although I think that individually I think we can put together our own teams and really and really show the show the support for this for this initiative so there'll be we'll hear some more about this in the next in the next week or so but I'd like to see us show up for sort of on mass for that initiative so as that advances you'll hear some more about it over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting with the SE caucus of the federal Liberal Party were here in Squamish at the gwara there was 12 members of the seek caucus and including and as well as Patrick fer and myself it was great to spend some time with both with our local seek community and with our seek MPS and it's not often that we have an MP in our community although Patrick is around often but to have an outside MP here is a big deal but to have 12 of them all at the same time was really was really a great OPP opportunity and it was I love showing as I'm sure all of you in the room and everyone in the community loves showing off squ but just to see some people standing there saying things like I've never been here before and just watching it sort of wash over them and the beauty of our of the place that we call home so that was that was great and I'll also often at these I seem to be talking about things that happened and I'm going to talk about something that's going to happen so tomorrow we're I'm trying something different with the May's drop in which happens monthly and it started with a conversation with Patrick Wier around whether he would attend one just to as a as a special guest and it's turned into a discussion about housing with the community so it's tomorrow from 3: till 5: if I have my timing right at the house on Brew Pub we will have MP Wier will be there myself Mr vus from our planning department I believe will be attending we have folks from the Housing Society coming as well I have a tentative from there's a complicated day for our MLA but he he's going to try to be there as well so it'll be a great opportunity to talk about what's happening and all these changes that we've that we've we touched on we touched on earlier as well as the community's you know challenges and opportunities for us to positively impact that the housing situation in Squamish so I'm looking forward to that and invite if anyone from Council wants to attend please do and I going forward maybe not at every U mer drop in but I think this sort of having a special guest to help Focus the conversation is something that we'll be looking at going forward so stay tuned to some changes and Mars drop in but if you can make it that would be great it's also supposed to be a snowstorm so be safe as you go about doing everything including getting to the mayor's drop in tomorrow and I think that's it for my for my update this time around so now I'd be

1:20:50 (0:00:15)

Armand Hurford
1:20:50 (0:00:16)

looking for a motion to terminate goes to C councelor penal thank you and SE seconded by councelor French all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you very much