Regular Council - 05 Dec 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
5.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011 Amendment Bylaw (CD-38 – Falcon Crescent Child Care Expansion) No. 3012, 2023
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7.C.i: Mamquam Ring Road Failures Update
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9.B.i: District of Squamish Land Development Procedures Bylaw No. 2632, 2018, Amendment Bylaw No. 2959, 2023
9.C.i: District of Squamish Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 2012, 2007 Amendment Bylaw (2024 Utility Rates) No. 3026, 2023
9.C.ii: District of Squamish Rehabilitation and Replacement Reserve – Sewer Bylaw No. 2348, 2014, Amendment Bylaw 3022, 2023
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9.C.iv: District of Squamish Rehabilitation and Replacement Reserve – General Bylaw No. 2346, 2014, Amendment Bylaw No. 3024, 2023
9.D.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011 Amendment Bylaw (CD-38 – Falcon Crescent Child Care Expansion) No. 3012, 2023
9.E.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (2595 Mamquam Rd) No. 2982, 2023
9.E.ii: District of Squamish Building Bylaw No. 1822, 2004 Amendment (Step Code 3 Option) Bylaw No. 3020, 2023
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18.iv: Motions from the closed portion of the November 28, 2023 Special Business Meeting
1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
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Armand Hurford
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hello everybody and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday December 5th as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional unseated territory of the schoolish nation please be advised that this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the District of squish's website following the meeting if you have any concerns please notify the corporate officer present at the meeting which in this case would be Miss Arthur

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Armand Hurford
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could I have someone move adoption of the agenda please moved by councilor French second by councelor Hamilton all in favor any opposed a motion carries thank you we have nothing under item three on

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Mariam Mangi, a resident of downtown Squamish, addressed the council regarding an urgent matter concerning the ongoing conflict in Gaza. She urged the council members to sign an open letter calling on the federal government to demand a permanent ceasefire. Mangi expressed concern over the increasing number of civilian casualties, including women and children, due to the ongoing bombing and shelling. She also highlighted the rising hate and hostility towards those speaking out against the conflict, and the potential impact on people's livelihoods. Mangi argued that the issue was urgent and needed immediate attention, as delaying the discussion would only lead to an increase in casualties.

The council members discussed whether to address the issue immediately or at the next regular meeting. Councillor Chris Pettingill and Jenna Stoner supported the motion to discuss the issue immediately, citing the urgency of the situation and the increasing number of casualties. However, Councillor John French opposed the motion, arguing that the issue was not within the mandate of the local government. Mayor Armand Hurford supported the motion, stating that while he preferred the issue to be on an agenda, he recognized its importance to the community. The motion to discuss the issue immediately was carried, with Councillors Andrew Hamilton, Jenna Stoner, and Eric Andersen opposing. However, the council decided to maintain the order of the agenda, with the public hearing scheduled for the evening to proceed before the discussion on the Gaza conflict.

Armand Hurford
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item four we have consideration of unscheduled public attendance this is where if a member of the public had a matter that couldn't wait until the Urgent in nature that couldn't wait until the next regular business meeting this would be an opportunity to have it considered hello good afternoon so before you get under underway I'll just a couple procedural things that I'll let I'll let you know you can so this would be an opportunity to address Council on the point right now unscheduled public attendance happens we have a spot for it later on the agenda so the decision that Council has at this point is whether that your matter is urgent enough in nature to be considered tonight and not at the next regular business meeting which would be which is coming up so that's the that's the point and then actually speaking to the bulk of your issue is would come would come after it's nuanced but that's what it is I just want to check with everyone that we're that we're okay with this as far as obscuring the view of the gallery like I understand the point being made but okay we're okay with from a camera perspective do

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you guys yeah all right thank you so

Armand Hurford
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if you could start just by sor sorry stating your name in your neighborhood and you'll have five minutes to address councel

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all right my name is Mariam mangi I'm a resident in downtown here in Squamish I think it might not be a surprise as to why we're here we have a lot of people here who are hoping to see that our Council and Council well essentially there is a an open letter to call on local government leaders so that's all of you in the room to sign on to urge the federal government to call for a permanent ceasefire I know that several of you in this room have done so but I know that there are others who haven't and as a city we believe that this is a that this is an incredibly urgent matter because this is we are reaching 60 days of bombing and shelling so if we do see this and talk about this at a later date that number is just increasing the number of children and women and innocent civilians in Gaza who are dying just keeps increasing as we delay we're hoping to be on the agenda this week because we submitted an application to appear about three weeks ago and we're just seeing that there's a little bit too long of a delay many people in this room have emailed city council many of us haven't heard anything and those who have haven't been many people haven't been particularly satisfied with the resp responses and so feel it's really important that we're talking about it here today when we're all present and here we do feel like the city needs to take action we're seeing other cities taking action and so there clearly is a role for the municipality we are also seeing that the current situation and current political environment around this issue is making it so that many people are concerned to actually speak out and to talk about what is happening and to be upfront on the side of justice and to talk about the genocide that's happening in Gaza and as people as the environment remains hostile because many politicians haven't taken the leadership position that they can this just means that more people are losing their jobs for calling out for justice or being in toxic work environments being in toxic situations again that can impact people's livelihoods because so many politicians are not speaking out and so that is another reason why we're here and think it's so urgent that we talk about this issue today because we do need more people who are comfortable talking about it and I think that our elected officials talking about it can really make that situation significantly better and significantly less hostile for people we know that there's also Rising hate all over the country and all over really the world because of this issue and having leadership call for a ceasefire and an end to the bombing and the shelling and the ground attacks then this can again only be a good move and as well not just a ceasefire but a releasing of all hostages including the thousands of Palestinian hostages many of whom are constantly forgotten in this conversation these are Palestinians who are being kept without reason without charges in Israeli prisons and every week as we see in especially the US and Canada we are hearing more and more pushes for policies and legislation that are silencing critiques of Israel and what they are doing and as we see municipalities provincial leaders and federal leaders not speak out on the issue we are seeing that there's just more open space for more of such policies and more legislation to be pushed through and so this has already been happening for decades in Canada and US policy but we are seeing it even increase now as so many people are trying to speak out about Justice and freedom for Palestinians we are seeing more and more that Lobby groups are trying to enshrine into law that there should not be any criticism of the Israel of Israel and the attacks and their ground assault of Goda even today Israel announced that its ground operations are at its most intense day and so if we if we delay this until we are on the agenda formally which may or may not be coming then we are just going to be seeing an increasing escalation because I think there's many people in the room who are not just who saying that this is the most intense day it's not the first time that they have heard that every day we're hearing something new and a new tactic that is coming from the Israeli attack on people in Gaza and the West Bank thank you and also because so many of people are here today we are requesting that we get the floor

Armand Hurford
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earlier okay thank you for the presentation Council we have we have a request to be heard this evening we as an up as an update on the delegation request is to be confirmed tomorrow at Agenda planning but it' be in the next it's scheduled to come at the next regular meeting which is the was it the 11 12th that's what it is the 12th thank you so the question at hand right now is whether we address this at the at the 12th or whether we'd like to have the entertain this discussion in this in this meeting councelor

Chris Pettingill
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penil just point of clarification I think the 12th is a special meeting the regular would be the 19th I

Armand Hurford
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believe sorry 19th the next regular 19th thank you councelor

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Greenlaw my preference would be for hearing it

Armand Hurford
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today okay I'd welcome a motion to that effect or to hear from and to hear from my Council colleagues or counselor green is that your is that or should we consider that a motion or do you want to rephrase that as a

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motion yes well I mean yes I would like to make a motion that we hear the topic this

Armand Hurford
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evening okay thank you do we have a seconder for the motion counc penal great would anyone like to council would anyone like to speak to this motion Council

John French
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French thanks mayor I won't be supporting the motion to hear the delegation tonight and in doing so I want to point out that I join many other local elected officials in BC by signing the online open letter to the Canadian government calling for a ceasefire now in Gaza Council has received many email messages from people expressing concerns over what's happening in Gaza and most if not all local residents indicating they're from Squamish and I suspect that we'd hear from this delegation tonight similar messaging to what we've received in our email inboxes and what I heard in the five-minute present presentation I suspect is the bulk of what we would hear in the presentation so also speaking against this motion I believe this is not a matter for local government and I wouldn't expect that this Council would write a letter to our prime minister or anyone else for that matter because this is not in our mandate as a group of local elected officials and if we take some kind of action in this Direction regarding this conflict then what about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine what do we do about that and what about all the other conflicts around the world and when does it stop and do we pick and choose what international events we decide to speak up about I won't

Armand Hurford
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be supporting the motion mayor thank you councilor French ccor

Chris Pettingill
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penil yeah I think the urgency is given where we've seen with the count of casualties how quickly it's increasing I think there is some urgency there I think we have been asked to hear and to make a decision and I think if we are going to hear and make a decision it does make sense to make that decision sooner rather than later I think with respect to my colleague you know there may be some Nuance in what we are asking to make a decision on are picking a side or are we making a sort of a statement about not wanting to see civilian casualties regardless of aside and so I think there is maybe a bit of Nuance around what sort of thing we would want to consider possibly and so I think this is a topic with significant Community interest people are looking for leadership and that is one of the things we provide it's not just sewer and water I think I think there is an important leadership aspect to that and I've seen from other events there's a lot of community concern and sensitivity around this it is not an easy topic so I hope we will handle it delicately I presume mayor you will instruct people about Applause and so I know people want to be supportive and encouraging but we also want this to be a safe place but with those sort of constraints I would like to hear a little bit about this topic

Armand Hurford
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tonight thank you councelor penil councelor Stoner

Jenna Stoner
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thank you I will support the motion on the floor I am of the mind that this is also urgent there are lives at stake and not going into debate about the merits of the request in front of us or trying to presume what we'll hear from the delegation when they do have time to speak more broadly I am challenged by what our jurisdiction and Authority is as a local government on this topic I believe in people making a difference but I'm not sure this is a place where municipal government is poised to Wade in or have policy direction to Wade In from our community and so that's my hesitation for folks in the audience to consider before you come back and discuss this later this

Armand Hurford
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evening thank you any other comments before I Venture my own on this on this topic my preference would be to have this appear on an agenda so the ask that we're being considered that we're being asked is something that Council can really spend time spend time with and dig their teeth into as it is a very nuanced topic and but I can see that it's important to the you know sometimes this isn't an ideal sit ideal situation so I I'll support the motion on the on the floor and to hear about this evening and yeah and I welcome the opportunity and thank you to everyone for coming out and raising the importance of this to well to our to our community so with that I'll call the question all in favor this is appearing this evening and pose councelor French opposes motion carries thank you we have we did have a suggestion around suspending the order of the of the agenda which does happen from time to time however we do have a public hearing scheduled this evening and we have some obligations around that around that process to adhere to so I'm going to I'm going to proceed through the item five which is the public hearing and then sorry one second I'm getting some information go ahead Miss Arthur

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it's not out of order to suspend the order of the agenda for the timed items if Council wishes we just can't start the public hearing before six o'clock we right so it's at six o'clock just can't be before so it's C it's council's decision entirely of which order to go in but you do have the option

Armand Hurford
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okay so it's not just the time it's we're okay if we didn't want to suspend that from a legislative perspective

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we are we are okay procedurally to set suspend the order of the

Armand Hurford
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agenda okay Council then I would suggest that we suspend the order of the agenda to have our unscheduled public attendance happen now and not at where is it way later in the item 19 oh yeah the next page yeah rather than item 19 which is at the end of the at the end of the meeting yes go

Andrew Hamilton
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ahead counselor s may I ask the reasoning for your

Armand Hurford
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suggestion the as not to have the these folks spend their entire evening with us till we get to their till we get to their item seems like good customer service from our P our perspective so with that I'll invite speaker to back to the podium yep

Jenna Stoner
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sorry does that require a motion or can you do that as

Armand Hurford
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chair all right I will move that we suspend the order to the agenda to move item 19 as our next item of Business seconded by councelor French I think I've said my piece go ahead councelor son

Jenna Stoner
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I won't be supporting the motion on the floor well I do appreciate everybody who is here I do think process is important and the way that we schedule our agendas are important and we do have timed items we have other folks who have been choosing to participate in this meeting and so I would like to maintain the order of the agenda thank you

Armand Hurford
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Thank You

Andrew Hamilton
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coun Hamilton I will also not be supporting the motion I like my Council colleague councelor Stoner I do believe in the process it's been clearly the process is Cle clearly delineated on our agenda and that there are instances where the order of our agenda has had different impacts that we have not accommodated so I do believe that we should keep the procedural order of the

Armand Hurford
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agenda okay thank you councilor penil

Chris Pettingill
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just a question to my colleagues is the concern about the timing of the public hearing because I have some sympathy that has been advertised and there's going to be there's a public expectation of engagement at that time so my preference would be to keep the public hearing but to slot this in after that and I'm wondering if that's would be sufficient to alleviate my colleagues

Armand Hurford
0:29:22 (0:00:05)

concerns does anyone have a reply to

Andrew Hamilton
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I think that we have a procedure in my opinion we have a procedure for unscheduled public attendance and the urgency of this matter it is it is I identify the urgency of the matter but it's not an urgency on the order of hours and so I think that waiting and staying within our procedures is warranted in this

Armand Hurford
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case Okay any other comments on this I'll just remind the audience to we need to as much as it's tempting to wait in and offer encouragement or otherwise we need to maintain some silence please so we can get through this councelor penil

Chris Pettingill
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yeah I would note you know again like I said I think it does make sense to hold the public hearing first because that was advertised and the public are expecting to participate in that but in general with the unscheduled public attendance we have been fairly flexible and scheduled Things Early to try and accommodate people so for me there is a middle ground of doing the public hearing and then moving to this topic so I would for now do we have a motion we have a motion on the floor

Armand Hurford
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yeah we have a motion to suspend the order to have item 19 next considered next so I

Chris Pettingill
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will support this but would also support an amendment to do this after the public hearing I would not prefer to see this at theend end of the agenda

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Armand Hurford
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you thank you oh councelor green law thank

0:31:05 (0:00:24)

you I'll also support the motion on the floor so it would be nice to have a captive audience for our entire meeting but I'm also in agreement with councelor Pettingill I'm fine with if we want to keep the public hearing first and then this but I am I am in favor of amending the order thanks

Armand Hurford
0:31:29 (0:00:18)

thank you so with that I'll call the question all in favor and oppos so we've got councelor Hamilton Stoner and Anderson oppose motion carries thank you

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Speaker_11 addressed the council regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza, drawing parallels with Canada's response when Russia invaded Ukraine. They criticized the lack of similar action and sanctions in response to the current situation in Gaza, where they reported escalating attacks on innocent civilians, including children, by Israel. They expressed disappointment that only three city councillors had signed an open letter calling for a ceasefire, despite presentations at previous council meetings and emails from residents. They argued that silence from the council was tantamount to complicity in the violence and urged them to speak out against the genocide, join the growing number of people paying attention to the plight of Palestinians, and call for a permanent ceasefire.

The council members discussed the presentation and a motion was proposed by Councillor Greenlaw for the District of Squamish to write a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling for a ceasefire, the release of all hostages, and a flow of humanitarian aid in Gaza. However, several council members, including Jenna Stoner and Andrew Hamilton, expressed their belief that this issue was beyond the jurisdiction of the local council and that they were not sufficiently informed to make a decision on such a complex international issue. Councillor Chris Pettingill supported the motion, arguing that while the conflict was complex, the council could at least stand against civilian casualties. The motion was ultimately not passed, with Mayor Armand Hurford and Councillors Anderson, French, Hamilton, and Stoner opposing it.

Armand Hurford
0:31:48 (0:00:28)

so now we're on to item 19 on scheduled public attendance so if you would like to again approach and speak to your item you do have five you do have five minutes and if you have any one of the things yeah and if you do have any documentation to distribute this would be your opportunity to do that as

0:32:17 (0:05:15)

well okay thank you for inviting all of us to me with all of these lovely people to speak I do want to address this isn't exactly like other conflicts when Russia invaded Ukraine Canada opened its border to ukrainians Canada made numerous sanctions against Russia and we're not seeing that same response local governments have spoken out and the fact that they are doing this is a clear argument in favor of continuing to do so and the city also has a role in many issues and so this is only a stepping stone to even really getting to getting to all the other ways that it can be involved today as I mentioned earlier Israel announced that its ground operations are at its most intense day we should no longer be surprised because for the past two months every day is a new announcement about Israel's escalating attack on innocent civilians in Gaza a new number of children who have lost their lives new information about which refugee camp hospital or medical clinic that has been bombed or repeated the ongoing International laws that Israel is violating we are also in disbelief that with all of this happening only three of our city counselors have signed on to the open letter to call for a ceasefire this is despite emails from residents and presentations at previous Council meetings officials say the death toll in Gaza has surpassed 15,900 and people in Gazza are being told to leave the South even though there's nowhere to go 1.9 million are internally displaced forced to live in increasingly inhospitable refugee camps and in an even smaller area than before homes have been turned into rubble and fuel electricity and fresh water are hard to come by children hear bombs dropping around them and we see the footage of four-year-olds running away from one of the most equipped sophisticated and well-funded Military this is no longer an issue of two sides but a David and Goliath issue in which so many are afraid to criticize Goliath this is not a war this is a murder ethnic cleansing and a genocide prior to October 7th people in Gaza already lived under Israeli military control the IDF controls people's movement in Gaza the amount of Aid that goes in and out of Gaza and how many calories can even go in and out of Gaza even in the West Bank where Hamas does not even operate hundreds of people have been taken into military custody or killed by the Israeli military since October 7th there are more tanks and more people being displaced because of a so-called war against Hamas from The River To The Sea Palestinians do not experience Freedom while this may have been something city council may have once been able to be silent about silence is no longer an option I think by now we have all heard the famous quote by Desmond Tutu if you are neutral in situations of Injustice you are taking the side of the oppressor but in this situation silence is not even seen as neutrality silence means that you're okay with the bombing and shelling to continue by not calling for a permanent ceasefire by not signing the municipal letter that has been circulating then we are hearing that most Squamish City councilors are okay with the loss of life that actually all lives don't matter that counselors are okay with children running for their lives even when they have nowhere they can run if this is not true why is Council not speaking up while cities may have little control in what happens internationally speaking out against this genocide is something that your citizens have called on you to do speaking out means joining the growing number of people in this world who are paying attention to what Palestinians are showing us and not simply believing what Israel the US and Western media is telling us silence is not an option at least 70% of can Canadians want the government to call for a ceasefire but Trudeau and Canadian representatives to the UN are clearly out of step with what Canadians are thinking all of you in this room have a voice and you are our Representatives you may not be using your voice to call out this Injustice but your silence is loud politicians at the federal level are speaking out and shaming Justin Trudeau for avoiding calling for a ceasefire especially because not doing so means that he is supporting genocide our very own MP Patrick wheer was one of the first MPS to speak against party lines and to call for a ceasefire where is Squamish city council the leader of the NDP J Meek sing has called for a permanent ceasefire and an end to the arms trade we could even say that even Israel the country carrying out this destruction was able to call for a ceasefire albeit temporarily before most of you have letters urging you to sign on to an open letter specifically for local governments

Armand Hurford
0:37:32 (0:00:04)

all of you you're at you're at five minutes we'll give you another 30 seconds to or so wrap it up call on

0:37:36 (0:00:42)

Trudeau to call for a permanent ceasefire and the release of all hostages you have the opportunity stand up bernabe was the first city to put a motion to call on the federal government to call for a ceasefire and we know that people have called on Squamish to do the same I'm just trying to figure this out and we know that in 10 years from now when people look back at the massacre that is happening you will also be disappointed that you didn't speak out to stop it and say that you disagree with the bombing and the ethnic cleansing thank

Armand Hurford
0:38:19 (0:01:19)

you thank you for the presentation and it's lovely to have I was commenting earlier that it's lovely have the future in the room as we have well frankly all of our discussions here but particularly this one hello what do you have ah it's a scoop thank you so thank you for the presentation you spoke to the letter to the letter and I just want to make sure that Council understands which letter we're referring to do we have do we understand what we're being we're being asked to sign as a as a body this document has everybody seen what it is that we're talking about yeah is that okay so Council where do we want to go here we've heard the urgency we've heard the presentation councelor

0:39:39 (0:00:21)

greenlot yeah I'd like to propose a motion that the District of Squamish write a letter to prime minister Justin Trudeau to call for a ceasefire the release of all hostages and a flow of humanitarian Aid in Gaza and I'll speak to it if seconded

Armand Hurford
0:40:00 (0:00:18)

did everybody get sorry there was we need we do need to have silence in the in the room and that's one of the reasons why is I think we just cut off the last bit of what councelor green was saying so councelor green can you run us through that motion one more time just to make sure that we're we have all of our all of our ducks in a row as it

0:40:19 (0:00:16)

were yeah I said I'd like to propose a mo a motion that the District of Squamish write a letter to prime minister Justin Trudeau to call for a ceasefire the release of all hostages and a flow of humanitarian Aid in Gaza and I will speak to it if

Armand Hurford
0:40:35 (0:00:13)

seconded okay thank you council is there a seconder for the motion councelor pill are you seconding the motion y go ahead councelor

0:40:49 (0:00:50)

greenl okay although I agree that we don't have much jurisdiction in this circumstance as I sit in this position as an elected official I reflect regularly on how difficult it is for people to feel and be heard by our various levels of government and I think that we are morally obligated as representatives of these people before us today and others in our community to amplify their voices to our higher levels of government it is a relatively small ask to write a letter to Prime Min to the Prime Minister requesting the support of a ceasefire I disagree that it is outside of our mandate as Municipal governance I believe that we are here to uplift and amplify our people and I disagree with violence in almost every situation and I believe it is our responsibility to speak out against it

Armand Hurford
0:41:39 (0:00:07)

thanks thank you councelor greenl comments go ahead councelor Son

Jenna Stoner
0:41:46 (0:01:48)

thank you through the chair I won't be supporting the motion on the floor and I do appreciate everybody is here everybody who is using their voices to speak power to truth I just fundamentally believe that this is the wrong body to be advocating to the war between Israel and Gaza is difficult to watch especially given the disconcerning increase in civil civilian casualties the reality that women and children are dying the fact that hospitals schools that refugee camps are no longer safe places are things that I can't personally wrap my head around I can demn the violence that we are seeing yes and I commend all of you for your advocacy and I appreciate how difficult it is to watch what's going on the other side of the world and try and find where we have agency to make change but to me that's not the people around this table as elected officials for local government I was elected within the jurisdiction Authority and responsibility of water Wastewater Solid Waste local emergency protection Ive Services land use planning not to take a position on Foreign Affairs and international relations that is so beyond my scope in this seat that I hold personally I have values on this and I will participate in democracy in the way that I see fit as an individual but I think it's overstepping my jurisdiction and my boundary and my authority as a locally elected leader without the policy in place to take a position on this and to ask this District to respond to that and to ask another level of government for something that is beyond what our knowledge is I think the growing tensions

Armand Hurford
0:43:35 (0:00:22)

sorry I I'd like to remind the audience we need to be quiet while Council makes their and respectful as Council makes their statements and frankly anyone makes their statements in this in this space so please refan from future oh first and I would like to proceed without having to remind the group the audience again of this

Jenna Stoner
0:43:57 (0:00:50)

I think it's important to recognize that the growing tensions between both sides of this war are having very real Ripple effects on Jewish and Islamic communities here in Squamish in BC across the country and around the world the rise of anti-Semitism and islamophobia here at home are concerning and I believe that as a local government we are better suited to ensure that we are doing all we can to support Community Connection understanding and compassion that this is a safe place where we can have difficult conversations with our neighbors and taking a stance as a local government on an topic of really Federal jurisdiction in terms of foreign policy I think makes that more difficult for me to be able to have those conversations across community and so I will not support the motion on the floor but I still thank you all for your

Armand Hurford
0:44:47 (0:00:07)

work thank you councelor stoner councelor

Andrew Hamilton
0:44:54 (0:00:44)

Hamilton all I will also not be supporting the motion on the floor as an elected official I take the responsibility to make informed decisions to Heart it is very important that when we make decisions we are well informed about all the aspects of a decision that we're making this conflict is complicated it is ple

Armand Hurford
0:45:38 (0:00:12)

please I don't want to I don't want to have to remove anyone from the gallery or clear this space this needs to be a space where we where we can discuss big issues such as this one in a safe way go ahead counc

Andrew Hamilton
0:45:51 (0:01:08)

I condemn the loss or the harm to Human life of anyone by anyone but within our government structures within the structures upon which we make decisions as a community and as a society we have delegated responsibility within each jurisdiction in order to overstep that jurisdiction we need to be absolutely sure that we are extraordinarily well informed about the issues we are talking about the amount the number of Minds who have come together to attempt to solve this conflict over centuries is phenomenal I do not feel I am well informed enough or able to be well informed enough to make a meaningful and compet decision on this

Armand Hurford
0:47:00 (0:00:08)

issue thank you councelor Hamilton other comments councelor Pettingill and then councel Anderson do I have you on the

Chris Pettingill
0:47:08 (0:02:21)

list yeah thanks I will be supporting the resolution I think you know it's an intimidating topic there's a long and very complicated history of conflict in the region that I don't fully understand I can't wrap my head around and I think especially you know as a local politician with the resources available to me trying to weigh into the conflict who is right who is wrong in general and what a good resolution to the conflict is I don't think that's something I feel able to do I don't think that's though what we are being asked to do when I read through the open letter and it's why I supported it and when I heard my colleagues resolution the ask is for a ceasefire a release of hostages and humanitarian Aid which just speaks to making sure that however conflicts get resolved and people smarter than us will have to figure that out but human civilian casualty is not acceptable and we need to stop the human casualty and I think that is something saying stopping the civilian casualty is something we should be able to get behind I think it is important I feel that people in our community see don't always feel like they are heard or represented and see themselves in some of the people being killed and to say that those civilian again deaths are not acceptable that is something that we should be able to do and I do want to recognize I've been to some other events and I understand people are feeling very scared Ed angry and hurt and that it's a very difficult place to have a topic to have a conversation about there's many reasons for this but I think that can't stand in our way to say yeah there's really complicated things we have to work through many deep discussions we need to have but civilian deaths can't be part of what we're willing to accept while we do all that hard work and so that is why again I am comfortable supporting this and I would encourage my colleagues to do the same thank

Armand Hurford
0:49:29 (0:00:12)

you again this I know it's it sounds supportive when it's but we need to hold on that please councelor Anderson thank

Eric Andersen
0:49:42 (0:01:05)

you I will also not be supporting the resolution like many here today I consume information and news about the wars in Gaza and in Ukraine more than daily and they're disturbing I do have definite personal views about each we consider a wide variety of proclamation requests here at the District of scholor council and sometimes it may appear that they have little limited relevance to our mandate but in fact they almost always do if we consider that they're relevance to other local community organization and programming Partners in this matter of Foreign Affairs we don't have local Partners in the same way as we might consider for some of these other miscellaneous Proclamation requests to the idea that silence is not an option I think that that's not so easy to consider for local government it simply isn't our mandate and sometimes silence is not an option well sometimes the issues can be quite complex I'll leave it at that

Armand Hurford
0:50:47 (0:00:04)

thank you thank you councelor Anderson councelor

John French
0:50:52 (0:01:01)

French thanks mayor and I think I made my thoughts pretty clear my first time around but I do want to take this opportunity to let Council know that I won't be supporting the motion and in doing so hope that my four Council colleagues who have not signed the open letter might leave tonight and consider taking that on and in doing so knowing that you're not having an arbitrary voice through the rest of council so I really see this as an individual local elected choice and if there are members of this Council who don't wish to participate in the open letter then those council members who don't wish to do that have that exact right and I don't wish to impose anything on anybody despite my own signing of the open

Armand Hurford
0:51:54 (0:02:26)

letter thank you councilor French I believe that well many things and loss of life for any reason just simply isn't Justified and the impacts of this these actions happening right now in Gaza we know we're having very real impacts in throughout the world and Squamish is no is no exception I do think that the when it comes to the matter of jurisdiction and where we can have our impact as a as an organization I find it really challenging I don't know that anyone in Gaza is listening to what Canada's opinion is or what British Columbia's opinion is or what squish's opinion is however I do think it's important to stand up for human life I do think that the appropriate place for this is in the individual as councelor French stated I think the I appreciate the mover's motion and I won't be I won't be supporting it because this is a very challenging situation and every word every comma of that letter that I'm being T that the mayor would be tasked with writing if this if this resolution was to succeed deserves scrutiny so that the voter the folks around this table can get behind exactly what is said and how so I don't think this is the appropriate action but I also believe that it is important that we that we stand up in the community against hate speech against violence all the all those things and so I won't be supporting the motion on the floor but that does not mean that myself or this council's silent on this or related issues councelor

Jenna Stoner
0:54:21 (0:00:42)

Stoner yeah before you call a question I'd also just like to let folks know if anybody's interested after the fact I do have the names phone numbers and email addresses for prime minister Justin trudo the Deputy Prime Minister chrisa Freeland Minister of Foreign Affairs melan ji minister of International Development ahed Hussein and our MP as our speaker spoke to from the ca Sky MP Patrick Wier who is very supportive in this space and I think that efforts directed in those areas would be would be would be most appropriate Direction and so I'm happy to share that contact information for anybody who does not yet have it thank you

Armand Hurford
0:55:03 (0:09:51)

thank you councelor stoner so I'll call the question all in favor and opposed councelor Anderson French Hamilton Stoner and mayor herfords opposed motion fails thank you we're going to take a quick we're going to take a 10-minute recess to reset for our next order business which is the upcoming public hearing item five okay welcome back to the regular business meeting for district

1:04:55 (0:01:00)

Armand Hurford
1:04:55 (0:01:02)

Squamish we're on item agenda item five which is public hearing so I will pass it over to our staff to introduce themselves and the topic

District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011 Amendment Bylaw (CD-38 – Falcon Crescent Child Care Expansion) No. 3012, 2023
1:05:55 (0:26:55)

Jesse Fletcher, a planner with Community Planning and Sustainability, presented a district rezoning proposal to the council. The rezoning was initiated to support the district's Official Community Plan (OCP) Child Care Action Plan and Child Care Needs Assessment and Strategy. The rezoning pertains to a property located at 39319 Falcon Crescent, which was previously a residential home but was rezoned to a commercial Child Care Facility in 2020. The proposed change would remove the limit on the number of children in the child care facility, allowing up to an additional eight children if the daycare wished to pursue it. The rezoning would continue to regulate the density and use of the site. Fletcher also mentioned that the council had requested staff to investigate renegotiating the Covenant with the child care owner to expand the priority placement in the child care facility, but the owner was not in favor of renegotiating the Covenant.

During the discussion, Councilor Andrew Hamilton asked if there had been any reports of children being injured or near misses of injury due to the child care facility. Mayor Armand Hurford clarified that the public hearing was not an opportunity for members of the public to have their questions answered by staff or by Council. Councilor Chris Pettingill asked about the target number of Child Care operations or spaces for Squamish, to which Sarah MC Janet, the childcare liaison, responded that they have a target access rate of 30% and are currently at about 20. 8%. Councilor John French asked about the impact of the daycare on property values in the surrounding areas. After the discussion, Mayor Hurford concluded the public hearing, noting that council members are not permitted to receive any further submissions or hear either a proponent or opponent to an application once the public hearing has been concluded.

1:05:57 (0:04:54)

good evening mayor and Council my name is Jesse Fletcher planner with Community planning and sustainability with me this evening is Jonas fiskus senior director of Community Development and in the audience we have Sarah mcjannet senior planner tonight I'm here to present a district Le rezoning for information prior to the public hearing this resoning was initiated in support of meeting the direction of the district's ocp child care action plan and child care needs assessment and strategy this information is for this presentation is for information prior to the public hearing as a recap staff presented two items as part of the 2023 Child Care update at the November 21st council meeting Council gave two readings to byla number 32 2023 District Le resoning Amendment for the property located at 39319 Falcon Crescent which would remove the limit of to the number of children in the child care facility Council also endorsed a change to the priority development application review policy to prioritize Standalone Child Care development applications this resoning is for a former residential home that was rezoned to a commercial Child Care Facility in 2020 the rezoning of this meant that the building underwent significant renovations to meet higher fire separation ratings accessibility requirements and occupant safety requirements to function as a commercial Child Care Facility staff completes several site visits to child care facilities each year when opportunities arise to learn about what is working and what isn't working as it relates to regulations upon visit to this facility it appeared as though a large section of floor area was unused through further research it became evident that a narrow interpretation of the BC building code had been applied and led to conditions of use within the Zone which limited the use of the area and therefore led to a cap on the size of the child care facility in the zoning given policy to reduce regulatory hurdles in the child care action plan staff suggest removing this condition of use and allowing the number of children in a child care facility to be regulated by the BC building code and the child care and Licensing regulations exclusively this would allow up to an additional eight children if the daycare wished to pursue it the zoning B would continue to regulate the density and the use of the site this slide highlights the proposed change that would remove this regulation from the cd38 zone at the previous council meeting Council requested that staff investigate renegotiating the Covenant with the child care owner to expand the priority placement in the child care facility the previous agreement gave preference to Children living within 500 meters of the child care facility wherever possible as noted in the slide the owner is not in favor of renegotiating the Covenant as the effort and expense of getting the mortgage holder to sign off on the original C Covenant was laborious uncertain and costly given that planning best practices note that walkability is typically considered within 500 met of a location staff do not recommend pursuing and expens expansion of the Covenant as a condition of adoption two other rezonings in the area include access to child care facilities 101 Finch and sentennial way staff suggest supporting more neighborhood dayc carees as a preferable option rather than putting the onus on one child care facility to serve an entire neighborhood in terms of public engagement the Child Care Project page was updated to reflect these proposed changes in October of 2023 for the resoning staff began by reviewing the 2020 public information meeting and public hearing feedback given that this is a district l rezoning no public information meeting was required and none was held given how recent the previous one was staff compared concerns from the pin with B complaints in the subsequent period only one B complaint could be traced back potentially to the operation of the child care facility staff research ways in which negative externalities including sound and traffic could be attributable to an increase of eight children but found no policy guidance or methods staff then sent a mail out to Residents within 100 meters of the facility asking for feedback to gauge whether significant issues that could not be traced back to bot existed in terms of the rezoning public hearing notification procedures were followed as legislated staff are aware of 13 comments received in total three received as part of the initial engagement and 10 received as part of the public hearing process 10 letters were supportive noting no issues with the facility and noting the positive impact of the child care facility in the neighborhood three letters were opposed noting an increase in parking traffic violations and fear of traffic accidents staff attended the site and found that best practices for signage and parking were implemented and did not see any opportunities for further interventions staff recommend that following the public hearing Council consider third reading of the bylaw and prior to adoption and this is not on the slide that Ministry of Transportation and infrastructure approval is

Armand Hurford
1:10:52 (0:00:14)

required thank you thank you very much council do you have any questions before we get underway with the public portion of our public hearing tonight C Hamilton go

Andrew Hamilton
1:11:06 (0:00:40)

ahead thanks very much in your report in your presentation you mentioned that there's been no there was one bylaw complaint related to the childcare facility and one of the concerns raised opposing the change of zoning was the concern over the parking and the danger to the children in the facility due to the parking have there been any reports of children being injured or near misses of injury of children in the area due to the child care

1:11:46 (0:00:06)

facility through the mayor none that I'm aware of beyond what was expressed in the

Armand Hurford
1:11:52 (0:04:22)

comments thank you sorry just want to make sure councelor Greenlaw do you have any oh there you are sorry C do you have any questions before no okay all right I have a opening statement to read as we get underway with the with the public hearing this public hearing has being held personent to Local Government Act requirements to allow the public to present and to provide submissions to council respecting the proposed bylaw this is this is District of SC zoning bylaw number 2200 2011 Amendment bylaw number 3012 2023 everyone present will be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard or provide a written submission we want to ensure that no one is discouraged or preventing from making their views known whether speaking in favor or against the proposed zoning Amendment please ensure that your remarks are relevant to the matters contained in the proposed bylaw please note the public hearing is not an opportunity for members of the public to have their questions answered by staff or by Council any questions or points of clarification can be directed to staff by contacting the planning department members of council may ask clarifying questions following presentations council is here to listen and will not debate the merits of the proposed blo with the public or each other during the public hearing please note this public hearing is being recorded and web streamed live and the recording will be posted to the district's website media are often present at public hearings and the public should feel free to advise the media if they don't want their picture taken up to and as part of this hearing the public has had the opportunity to make submissions to council if any submissions were received they are available for review and comment and have been included as part of staff's report any submissions received after the agenda was published have been added to electronic agenda package and to the electronic public hearing package available on the district's website any submissions made during the hearing can be reviewed during the hearing by viewing the electronic agenda sub submissions will be uploaded by staff as they are received we're trying to make this hearing a safe space for everyone to voice their opinion without interference from others therefore I ask that members of the public maintain order and quiet during the hearing please do not applaud or interrupt any speech or action of members of council or any other person addressing Council I'll now ask the applicant or their representative to comment on the proposed zoning after which anyone else will be given opportunity speak or make their submission I don't yet have a list of names sorry I'm skipping over some irrelevant pieces if you wish to speak simply raise your hand and wait to be recognized for all speakers please approach the podium and start your remarks by clearly stating your name and neighborhood please note that speakers will be given up to five minutes to address Council in order that everyone has an opportunity to speak to council before I go into how to participate electronically we'll go we'll just see if the if the applicant would wishes to speak to this okay so details to participate via telephone or webx are displayed on the screen for those who have logged in from your computer or are watching the live stream of the meeting instructions are also included on the district's website to get on the speakers list if you are on the telephone please raise your hand by D in Star 3 or via WebEx on computer or cell phone app by opening the participant panel and clicking on the hand icon please note that there will be a moderator who will communicate with speakers when it's your turn to speak you'll receive a voice prompt via telephone or a dialogue box via WebEx please remember to put your hand down after you've finished speaking which is star three on the telephone or by clicking on the hand icon on WebEx if you've already spoken and wish to speak again to provide more or new comments please raise your hand again or add your name to the speakers list once I've indicated that speakers will be offered an additional speaking opportunity so with that is there anyone that wishes to speak to this I'm looking on online we do have

1:16:15 (0:00:32)

someone yes mayor Herford there is somebody online I'm just making him available okay Brian you can go ahead and speak please state your name and your neighborhood for the record go ahead

Armand Hurford
1:16:47 (0:00:04)

Brian if you're trying to speak Brian we're not hearing you

1:16:52 (0:00:06)

he's muted you're on mute Brian oh he's unmuted he's unmuted go ahead Brian

Armand Hurford
1:16:58 (0:00:01)

go ahead

1:16:59 (0:00:05)

Brian I'm

Armand Hurford
1:17:04 (0:00:58)

Brian yep we could we could hear you take it away we want to maybe Circle back to Brian we had you for a second Brian but we can't hear you at this point don't worry it's not going against your five minutes we we'll figure out how our Technologies so you're unmuted on our end you should be good to go do you want to try again before we move on and we'll attempt to Circle back if needed but do we have any other speakers online does anyone present wish to speak to this to buy Brian some time if nothing else councelor penal hi how can you hear

1:18:02 (0:00:23)

me now oh I can hear you Brian great okay thank you I took the headphones off and that seems to work better so okay so I'm a I'm a local resident three doors away from Project play when the previous zoning was put in place it was an increase from eight

Armand Hurford
1:18:26 (0:00:07)

to sorry just one second prank can we get your sorry get your full name before you make your submission just so we have it for the record

1:18:33 (0:00:08)

sure I've said it about three times but okay yeah so it is Brian mcon that's MCG EO w

Armand Hurford
1:18:41 (0:00:05)

n thank you very much take it away the floor is ours you have five minutes to address Council

1:18:46 (0:03:45)

great thank you very much so when the previous resoning was made it was we were instructed by the planning staff that it was just going to 24 there were a number of people opposed that from moving it from eight previously we lot of concerns about traffic and issues and now it appears that somebody at the planning department misread the regulations and therefore now you want to change it to 32 our concerns about near misses haven't gone away the question about you know have they been reported where do you report near misses to I don't think anybody in scor Mish would know exactly where to do that but we see it on a regular basis and the parking that is proposed for project play is offsite street parking so it's not dedicated to them and it shouldn't be because it is a local neighborhood on a regular basis that area is already full with at least four to five different Vehicles so this extra increase of another 33% of children coming into this commercial space now is a real concern for us and particularly when you live Just Three Doors Down you see it on a regular basis if I don't say something I will never live myself once a child gets knocked over can I see that as a real possibility those that don't know the location it is on a Bend you know it was never designed to be a commercial Child Care Facility there are eight other developments happening within 700 meters of this location that all could have some Child Care built into that planning stage and it seems like the District staff are trying to hit a number on child care and lump it into our local neighborhood where it was never designed to have a commercial Child Care area I have do have another question for the staff which I understand they can't answer at the moment but they raised it on their slide they said there was an element on their last slide that wasn't there and said something about they would have to refer to the Ministry of Transport it' be interesting to know what does that mean and entail because that would obviously suggest that there are some concerns so in summary opposed to this due to the danger that would can cause in the neighborhood with vehicle movement and that's not only residents but also obviously with the Revolution with delivery drivers coming backwards and forwards it's say it more likely to happen in the future than less likely so the risk to me is too great and I oppose this zoning application go up to 32 and my second item I'd like to question for the staff the plan staff is what's stopping you coming back in a couple more years time and saying oh they would like to expand the envelope of the building and take 40 more people children and so those are two questions I have open for the plan staff that obviously I will send as an email to seek their answers back to those are my items thank

Armand Hurford
1:22:31 (0:00:22)

you thank you very much for your submission do we have anyone out do we have anyone present that would like to make a submission I'm looking to oh yep go ahead you approach the podium yeah and then State your name and your neighborhood and you'll have five minutes to make a submission yeah

1:22:54 (0:00:09)

I'll just keep this pretty quick I actually live four doors away in Ravenswood from project play my son does attend there and we're very grateful for the opportunity to be there

Armand Hurford
1:23:03 (0:00:03)

sorry we need to sir we need your full name before you start and then take

1:23:07 (0:01:05)

it away my apologies it's James Elder I am a resident of RA Ravenswood I live within viewing distance of project play and I know the corner that was noted very well I will say since construction has decreased in the neighborhood as development is wrapped up the flow of traffic has decreased dramatically the speed of vehicles that do come through the neighborhood has dropped dramatically since the construction process has decreased and I would like to encourage the growth of project play so that the child care problem I'll consider as a problem because chalk here is very hard to come by in this town and in a corridor or that having more spaces available to families to send their kids through it would be beneficial to the local businesses in terms of Staffing people being able to go to work pay their bills afford to live here and support a local community so I think this is a good thing from there thank

Armand Hurford
1:24:12 (0:00:33)

you thank you very much for your submission before I go back to check online is there anyone else in Chambers to that would like to make a comments going back online we see no virtual hands so if you are on online and would like to speak to it please raise your hand and so Council we've heard a couple submissions do you have any points of clarity to seek with staff go ahead councelor Stoner

Jenna Stoner
1:24:46 (0:00:04)

thank you the chair I'm just wondering if staff can speak to why we would refer this to

1:24:51 (0:00:14)

MTI through the mayor all applications for rezoning within 800 meters of a controlled access Highway are legislatively required to be approved by the Ministry of Transportation and infrastructure prior to bylaw

Armand Hurford
1:25:05 (0:00:13)

approval just for further Clarity there's nothing particular to this one that to this application that triggers that it's a standard procedure within 800 meters of the or the did you say 800 of the

1:25:19 (0:00:05)

highway through the mayor that is correct 800 meters of a controlled access to a

Armand Hurford
1:25:24 (0:00:14)

highway okay thank you councelor

Chris Pettingill
1:25:39 (0:00:18)

penel thank you couple questions I Heard a comment about a number of child care spaces or questions of it that I'm wondering if staff can clarify do we have a target number of Child Care operations or spaces for

1:25:57 (0:00:20)

Squamish through the mayor I can confirm that we do have a Target access rate of 30% currently we're about 20.8% of spaces I'm not sure if my colleague Sarah MC Janet who's in the audience has the exact number that we're targeting to hit but I'll invite her up to answer that

1:26:18 (0:00:24)

question thank you so much through the mayor to council my name is Sarah MC Janet and childcare leison in terms of the 30% access rate target that's a reach Target over the to achieve over the next 10 years and that equates to over 86 spaces new spaces licensed per year over 10 years and it's even higher in the next

Chris Pettingill
1:26:43 (0:00:16)

five okay and do we have any preference or thoughts about where we would like to see those spaces be created like in terms of do we want them all in commercial Centers do we want them sprinkled in neighborhoods is there a mix can staff speak to

1:26:59 (0:00:42)

that thank you through to ol Council through the child care action planning that we've done the strategy speaks to increasing Child Care access in all neighborhoods throughout the community certainly we are looking at child care or child population where those populations of kids age 0 to 12 are highest and we're looking at that neighborhood level as well to increase the number of spaces in terms of residential and Commercial Child Care spaces we are looking for a diversity just like we're looking for a diversity of housing we're looking for a diversity of child care options that are affordable and accessible throughout the

Chris Pettingill
1:27:42 (0:00:21)

town and I believe my colleague asked this at a prior discussion but I can't remember can you speak to the current speed limit in that neighborhood and just at a very high level where we are in our considerations of I'll say speed calming in

1:28:03 (0:00:28)

neighborhoods through the mayor currently there is a project that is looking at traffic calming through the district through reducing the speed limit I believe that is coming towards Council for in 2024 the current speed limit in the neighborhood I believe is 50 and 30 in some areas if neighborhood residents were interested in traffic calming they can always email engineering Squamish doca and they do take

Armand Hurford
1:28:32 (0:00:02)

requests thank you go ahead councelor

John French
1:28:34 (0:00:39)

French thanks mayor we had a letter from a resident who asked what is to stop more businesses from being allowed into this neighborhood in the future so wondering if staff will address the unique nature of the dayare business and the special set of circumstances that have us encouraging this type of business you kind of already touched on it but if you could take it a step further not just in this neighborhood but throughout the community and how this type of business gets priority treatment over say a small neighborhood coffee shop a personal services business like hair salon or a

1:29:13 (0:01:13)

restaurant thank you for the question and through to council in terms of the Ravenswood neighborhood it was initially zoned as a small lot residential subdivision and it did not have a neighborhood node that was pre-designated within the neighborhood so when the original project play rezoning occurred it was a and the whole neighborhood is a CD comprehensive development Zone we added res in addition to the residential use we added child care facility which is the commercial Child Care categorization to this specific lot within the CD zone so was essentially like a spot zone for this neighborhood in our policy and when we look at neighborhood nodes increasingly within the community plan we're looking at increased locally based uses and diversity of use to help support complete neighborhoods and increase walkability so certainly that's the policy direction is to encourage child care and other sort of neighborhood specific uses Within neighborhood nodes and so that is the overall

John French
1:30:27 (0:00:23)

direction thank you and I have one more in more than one piece of Correspondence there's a claim that this daycare is negatively impacting property values in the surrounding areas and I'm wondering if staff could address is that claim true is there any evidence or data to suggest that's

1:30:50 (0:00:07)

correct through the mayor the staff were not able to confirm that

Armand Hurford
1:30:58 (0:01:51)

claim okay see another hands from Council we'll go back to I'm G to go back to our online moderator no and is there anyone in council chambers okay so I do have some a shorter statement than the opening statement to make around the so bear with me here if there's no further speakers and there's no and Council has had their all their concerns addressed is there anything that the planning department would like to has to add to the at this point no now that I've heard from everyone on the speakers list it's my requirement that I asked three times if there is anyone else who wishes to speak before we can close the public hearing for the first time is there anyone else who wants to speak or make a submission for the second time is there anyone else that wants to speak or make a submission and for a third and final time is there anyone else that wants to speak or make a submission all right that concludes our public hearing so please note that council members are not permitted to receive any further submissions or hear either a proponent or opponent to an application once the public hearing has been concluded this means we can't speak to you out in the community or rece or receive emails or phone calls on any of these bylaws until a decision on the bylaws has been made any and all communication from this point must be channeled to staff thank you very much for everyone that participated today yeah go ahead councelor Stoner

District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011 Amendment Bylaw (CD-38 – Falcon Crescent Child Care Expansion) No. 3012, 2023
1:32:50 (0:13:35)

Councillor John French presented a motion for the third reading of a proposal to expand a local daycare facility. He highlighted the urgent need for more daycare spots in the community, citing a waiting list of almost 200 children. French argued that having a daycare in a neighborhood not only provides a social center but also potentially increases property values as young families are attracted to homes within walking distance of such facilities. He dismissed concerns that the daycare was negatively impacting property values, stating there was no data to support this claim. French concluded by expressing his support for the proposal and his hope for more daycare operations like this one in the future.

The council members engaged in a discussion about the proposal, with all expressing their support. Councillors Jenna Stoner, Chris Pettingill, and Andrew Hamilton echoed French's sentiments about the urgent need for more daycare facilities and the benefits they bring to the community. Stoner highlighted the societal, economic, and affordability issues caused by the lack of childcare, particularly for women trying to re-enter the workforce. Pettingill noted the change in community needs and the importance of walkable communities. Hamilton discussed the jurisdictional matter, stating that the number of childcare spaces should be regulated by the Child Care Regulation (CCR) and the BC Building Code rather than zoning. However, some council members also expressed concerns about traffic safety and the need for additional measures to ensure the safety of children in the area. Despite these concerns, the motion was unanimously carried by the council.

Armand Hurford
1:32:50 (0:00:00)


Jenna Stoner
1:32:50 (0:00:11)

would just like to consider an further suspension of the order of the agenda to consider third reading given that there's folks in the audience who have participated in the public

Armand Hurford
1:33:02 (0:00:43)

hearing Thank You seconded by councelor French any comments on this I'll call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries so that would be sorry I'm just trying to 91 oh there we go thank you so we're on to we're now dealing with 9 D D1 which is third reading councelor fent yeah I'll move the staff recommendation and councelor Stoner seconds would you like to speak to it yes

John French
1:33:45 (0:01:54)

please and I'm putting this motion forward tonight for third reading for many reasons number one our community desperately needs every new daycare spot that we can create this daycare as I understand has a waiting list of almost 200 children I'm getting nods maybe as of today it is 200 so let's just let that sink in 200 kids and their parents hoping a space will open up for them so Talent members of our Workforce who want to go back to work can't because they don't have child care have a daycare in a neighborhood like this one gives the neighborhood a social Center as we've heard within walking distance of the homes that it serves ideally I'd like to see this daycare attended by children who live within a 10-minute walk completely eliminating the need for vehicle drop offs I.E nobody outside of walking distance is using this facility probably currently unrealistic and I know that as the reality of climate change though continues to impact us it becomes a more realistic dream with every passing Day so a few people have expressed fear that the daycare is dragging down the property values of nearby homes I've seen no data backing up that claim and I think the exact opposite is likely true young families are looking for homes within walking distance of a daycare with the solid reputation that this business has daycare facilities like this one are good for property values because these businesses are good for neighborhoods and that ultimately means good for the whole Community we need more daycare operations like this one and if a proposal like this one was planned next to my house I'd enthusiastically support it takes a village I support the

Armand Hurford
1:35:39 (0:00:04)

motion thank you councelor French go ahead councel Stoner

Jenna Stoner
1:35:43 (0:01:30)

thank you I too will be supporting the motion on the floor we know that child care is a crisis in our community and well across the province it's an issue that phras at our communities from a societal economic and affordability issue and in particularly for women who are trying to re-enter the workforce I want to read a few quotes from our child care action study which still resonate today with many folks I know who are in this situation so I've been on a weight list in Squamish since pregnancy it was shocking to me that nothing opened up before I went back to work my son is now in full-time care in west Vancouver and the commute is a challenge the other one is where is it I've had to scale back to part-time work now I'm not getting a sign that project management roles and interesting projects I get excited about and I'm worried about the impact it's having on my career my peers who aren't in this situation are moving ahead of me and that doesn't even speak to the really important play or the really important role that child care centers and those who provide child care play in the early childhood education and development of those young people in our community we know how important this is for their mental health for their learning and their ability to have access to good quality daycare I do appreciate that there are challenges and that folks did expect to be moving into a residential only neighborhood and this has changed over time but the reality is the needs in our community have changed over time and we need to be able to support those who continue to live work play here and are trying to make Squamish a home in a community and so I support third reading thank you

Armand Hurford
1:37:14 (0:00:02)

thank you aler penil

Chris Pettingill
1:37:16 (0:01:54)

yeah I'll be supporting this as well I think it's interesting to me that compared to the first time we supported this change I guess last term and by this change I mean supporting the operations here there was from my perspective a lot more hesitation and concern and I'm not seeing the same level I and maybe it's a misread but I'm reading that as people sort of discovering this has actually