Special Business Meeting - 10 Jan 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: District of Squamish Municipal Airport - Don Patrick Field Regulations Bylaw No. 2953, 2023
3.ii: District of Squamish Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 2012, 2007 Amendment (Airport) Bylaw No. 2952, 2023
3.iii: District of Squamish Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 2418, 2015 Amendment (Airport) Bylaw No. 2949, 2023
3.iv: District of Squamish Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw No. 1832, 2004 Amendment (Airport) Bylaw No. 2950, 2023
4.i: District of Squamish Housing Agreement (1940 Centennial Way – Phase 1 Non-Market Rental) Bylaw No. 2945, 2022
5.i: District of Squamish Building Bylaw No. 1822, 2004 Amendment Bylaw (Construction Values) No. 2937, 2022
Introduction & Bylaws - First Three Readings (Airport)
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At the council meeting, the proposed bylaw amendments to the Squamish Municipal Airport Don Patrick Field regulations were presented. These amendments include regulations around user conduct, limits on length of stay for visiting aircraft, and amendments to existing bylaws for fees and charges. There were public comments regarding the possibility of underwing camping, an indentation in the northeast corner of the airport, joining an organization of Municipal airports, and combining resources with the Small Boat Harbor. The motions to pass the bylaws were unanimously passed, and discussion of a third reading for District College housing agreement was also discussed.

Armand Hurford
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hello and welcome to this special business meeting for the District of Squamish today is Tuesday January 10 2023 which I'll eventually get used to seeing welcome to the Squamish Nation traditional territory and can I have some move adoption of the agenda please move by counselor Stoner second by counselor French all in favor any opposed motion carries first order of business is District of Squamish municipal airport Don Patrick field regulations bylaw we have staff to present I will turn it over to you if you could introduce yourself on the topic please

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hi my name is Chantal Milan I'm the real estate coordinator with the real estate services department and I'm joined by my colleague nav Triplett we are here today to bring forward the Squamish municipal airport Don Patrick field regulations by law and supporting bylaw amendments so we're here to propose a new airport bylaw and supporting bylaw amendments that include amendments to the fees and charges Municipal ticket information and notice enforcement bylaws for the Squamish Municipal Airport these are to establish more formalized regulations and procedures at the airport the new bylaw will help clarify expectations around user conduct including itinerant or visitor aircraft it also is going to update fees and Implement a penalties and offenses for non-compliance to the regulations that we are bringing forward the interim recommendations report was adopted by Council in June of 2022 and it was adopted as the first step in the Strategic plan to prioritize items that could be implemented in 2022 and 2023 as quick wins to immediately improve the airport operations prior to bring a final airport strategic plan forward out of the interim recommendations report there were several recommendations which we have been implementing since the adoption in June and part of these interim recommendations what was recommended to us was the establishment of proper airport regulations um and these are to enhance the safety and operations on the lands at the airport by clearing clarifying our expectations regarding user conduct including visitor or otherwise known as itinerant aircraft parking access to airside lands fees for visitor uses and cleanliness part of this was also to implementate an airport bylaw and the bylaw is to support the enforcement of these airport regulations for both existing tenants and visitors it will establish Provisions for offenses and penalties for non-compliance to the regulations it is important to note that the current regulations at the airport are only existing through the tenants the leases for the tenants that do require further enhancement so bringing forward the Newport or the new airport bylaw as mentioned before these are going to address the manner in which both tenants and itinerary aircraft operators use the ground side lands of the airport it is also here to support the apron management plan so part of the recommendations from the interim report was to do an airport apron management plan so this is also to support that we delineated three fix wing and one rotary parking spots this is also going to put limits on the length of stay for visiting aircrafts which we have established in the bylaw as you may have read for 72 consecutive hours for a total of 80 hours total in a 14-day consecutive period as mentioned too it is also going to regulate the safe access to airsight area for non-aeronautical visitation so it is important to focus here that the airport bylaw and the amendments to the supporting bylaws focus on only non-aeronautical activities it is very important that none of these are going to touch any kind of aircraft movement or anything like that this is strictly to deal with the ground side activities on the airport lands so with that implementation of a proposed new airport bylaw there were amendments to the existing District of Squamish bylaws that are in place one of those is the fees and chart is bylaw so what we have done is we have removed the current fees that were in place for monthly and yearly for tie down fees and this is for visiting aircraft we have changed this to be a strict single day fee we have also increased the fee from seven to ten dollars a day just for ease of payment and also to align with other tie-down fees that we've seen across other comparable airports as well we do need to do amendments to both our notice enforcement bylaw and Municipal ticket information by law as these allow us to our align Provisions for offenses and penalties for non-compliance so we have established the air probiot in these two bylaws we have also noted that in the notice enforcement bylaw we are doing a 500 Mac which is the max fee for any violations to the regulations in the bylaw as well as adding the bylaw into the municipal ticket information bylaw and placing that Max fee at a thousand dollars as well and this just allows legal Authority for staff to issue tickets and enforce not compliance with those regulations that are in the new Squamish airport by law you will have in front of you um this was appendix one in attached to the Squamish Municipal regulations bylaw and we have made a very slight Amendment it was brought to our attention that the um blue area which includes the air side and the leasehold Lots um there is a tiny section kind of to the north of this image that little tiny extra blue section by the parking lot one I think it is in the image it was accidentally included as a parking lot and that is actually part of Glacier Air's lease area so we did have to make just a slight amendment that we'd like to bring forward to that map in appendix one that you all have in front of you and with that we would like to present the recommendations forward and give the New Squamish Municipal regulations by law and supporting amendments first three readings I will open it up to questions

Armand Hurford
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thank you and Council when we get there each of these will need to be done individually just for reference so when we get to that part we won't we won't be able to Bunch them all together does that a is that a hand counselor French yes we'll start with you take

John French
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it away I was not looking to buy the Lamborghini in the auction I've had some feedback from a current leaseholder at the airport indicating the 72-hour parking restriction Will May occasionally be a bit of a nuisance for employees at the airport so there could be occasions when airport employees would be flying out on a work assignment and be gone for 72 Plus hours so I'm just wondering do you have any thoughts on a potential airport employee work around or work around once this bylaw is in place for this scenario

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to the chair so that is something that we are going to look at we did hear from other tents as well that could be problematic so we can kind of work out like a decal system or something like that similar to what we do at Muni Hall and in the Atlanta parking lot so that's definitely something that we're going to discuss with them before we just start enforcing so that's top of mind for us and we will look into it

John French
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okay and there's a reference to abandoning or leaving unclaimed Goods or possessions at the airport so much like we've seen with Marine vessels I understand there have been issues at other small airports with abandoned aircraft so abandoned aircraft isn't specifically mentioned or addressed in the bylaw and I think it doesn't need to be included in the bylaw but this though has me wondering though has abandoned aircraft being identified as an issue potentially requiring future policy work or wording in the future or maybe we should consider a bylaw Amendment at some point in the future to address abandoned aircraft if it becomes an issue in our area

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pull through the chair so we did check in with Transport Canada on that on all the rules and regulations and they did mention that we can't include aircraft in our rules and regulations as it goes into Federal jurisdiction so if by chance we haven't had this before but if there was an abandoned aircraft we would discuss with Transport Canada and our legal counsel to move forward with that

John French
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okay and also had some feedback shared with me about camping at the airport that looks to me like the bylaw fairly clearly prohibits overnight accommodation in any form at the airport so this would appear to rule out a caretaker being allowed to stay at the airport and one of the reasons that I'm bringing this up is because it I learned so much every time we do something new at the airport apparently there are other airports in our Province where they actively support what they call underwing camping and it's part of their tourism strategy so just wondering about future considerations for potentially a caretaker Suite or sweets and the possibility of underwing camping as it relates to what this work on the bylaw

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so through the chair that was mentioned by some other tenants as well and that's something that we'd prefer to look at through the long-term lease negotiations as there's components to it like the camping ballot that we'll look at and the zoning and the chikai fan and weather overnight accommodation is allowed so there's a lot more analysis that we have to do so at this point we'd like to leave at no camping and then we could reassess and amend the bylaw or include Clauses in the leases as we go

John French
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perfect happy to hear it's on the radar of Staff thanks chair

Armand Hurford
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thank you I'm counselor Anderson

Eric Andersen
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thank you staff you have made offered a correction to one of the maps in our package appendix one I have a question regarding another map and that's appendix 3 and I hadn't noticed this before but on the northeast corner near the northeast corner of the airport municipal airport Don Patrick field delineation here there is an indentation which I hadn't noted in previous maps and I wonder if you might offer an explanation of this is this not part of the airport Grant or Arrangement the original one with the province I'm curious about that piece that's not within the delineated boundary

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so through the chair that land is actually Crown Land and it was not included in the sponsor congrat for land for the airport that's something that we can look at in the future and acquiring but at this point it is still crownland

Eric Andersen
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thank you that's of interest because there are some there have been and maybe some potential uses that might be considered further along in our strategy and the status of that may come up again I have another question regarding administration of the bylaw in the section organizational Impact Staff point out that this is not going to be a challenge the resources involved in administrating this proposed bylaw are within the work plan of the Real Estate Services the report also refers to four other airports that have been consulted and they are Campbell River Nelson and you may Pemberton and Qualicum Beach I'm wondering whether there is a provincial organization of Municipal airports some kind of at least an ad hoc body that compares notes and if so should we belong to one

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through the chair that is a great question I'm not aware as such just for specific airports in general we are um a recent member of the BC Council for Aviation that's doing work for kind of Aviation purposes and things like that um so we have become a member with them so that there might be something that comes from that I know many of the airports that our Consultants have worked with and that have mentioned as examples are part of that so we have yet to kind of see what comes from that but we are kind of making steps towards that so but we'll certainly take a look at if there's any other committees or associations out there that we could

Eric Andersen
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thank you evidently we're not alone in facing some of these administrative burdens in follow-up from this about six years ago tourism Squamish invited the Harbor Master for Anacortes Washington small boat harbor for a presentation here and one of the highlights of that gentleman's presentation was the fact that they also administer the Anacortes airport joint Administration for a cheaper administrative keeping the minister of costs down for the ratepayers in fact Washington state has a ports Association of about 70 members and a majority are combined Small Boat Harbor Airport authorities again for joint Administration my question to you is there an opportunity perhaps later on in the airport strategy as it unfolds to examine the prospect for combining Resources with or attention to our small board Harbor because we have identified future administrative scenarios down there and not dissimilar from the airport in terms of enforcement and collecting fees

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through the chair that's something to our consultant through the long-term strategy and see if there's any synergies

Eric Andersen
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Armand Hurford
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you thank you Council Anderson I have counselor Stoner followed by counselor pettinghill

Jenna Stoner
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thank you two quick questions back to the parking do any of the leases currently have like parking spots allocated to them or parking areas I'm just curious because I don't think it's just necessarily staff parking for employee parking that's an issue I can also Envision folks who are going off on a longer trip and they get dropped off by helicopter somewhere so I'm just curious how we tease that apart if it's allocated to specific leases or if it's just more broadly

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through the chair so some of the tenants have their own parking on-site like black test for example in blackcomb and then see Sky air and Glacier has a bit of parking but yes I think it's mainly just use good air and flying club that use the general parking lots and so maybe we can get them to give customers decals as well or sort out some kind of solution like that with them

Jenna Stoner
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okay great and then this is just more broadly a question I asked a lot to start I a last term and think it's useful to have a reminder so the fines and it may not be for you it may be for Miss Arthur's the fines for the notice and enforcement bylaw are half of what we charge for the municipal ticket information by law I'm just wondering if you can speak to why there's that variability

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okay so um there is a difference between notice enforcement opportunities under the legislation and MTI under the legislation music will ticket information so notice enforcement is capped there's a legislative cap on what we can charge whereas it's a much greater opportunity under the MTI which helps us having that higher opportunity this is sort of on a broader explanation not specific to the airport but when we have things such as tree offenses so we can charge per tree that higher offense it's a bigger hammer in preventing people from not offending and or from offending and the other thing when it comes to notice enforcement is it's a it's a much better enforcement perspective tool from the that you don't have to have personal service on the person who's offending in the moment whereas MTI you have to catch them in the act and then you have to serve the ticket on the person who's offending so for example well and so there we and there's also with um the notice enforcement it's the adjudication process which is a good opportunity for the person receiving the ticket to um have their day in court and their have their say if they're not in agreement with receipt of the ticket so it's not just about the fine amounts but there's each one offers its own strengths and that's why we use both tools does that make sense and it may be Frank wants to add to that but that's generally why we always do a parallel process

Armand Hurford
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thank you counselor pettingell

Chris Pettingill
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actually counselor stoner's question got it some of what I was wanting to understand so I'm good thank you thank

Armand Hurford
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you see no other hands I'll take I'll ask my question I was curious in the report under budget there's only really it says there's no budget required essentially and where the fines will go but when I look at the mapping it seems to be that we need to delineate some spots and potentially add some signage around these new regulations both at for the aircraft parking as well as the regulations around the vehicle parking and I just wondered how we we're going to do that without budget or is there a budget ask coming in next year's budget or like where does that where does that stick so it doesn't quite make sense quite yet to me

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through the chair so we don't anticipate too many expenses and I feel like we can cover it in the operating budget that we have for the airport so it's like things like Signs and two of the signs we applied for a grant for and so if we get the grant we could use that towards the big rules and reg signed by the apron kind of thing but we don't anticipate any huge expenses that we can't cover Through the operating budget

Armand Hurford
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okay thank you oh yes please go

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ahead all right through the chair just to add as well we have as part of the recommendations to work on the apron management plan we did do um delineation line painting at the airport which was completed in the fall-ish summer time so it does denote the emergency parking area it does um it does also note each itinerant fixed wing and the itinerant rotor ring spot so that is all been completed thus far

Armand Hurford
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thank you and maybe this is just a point of curiosity for me which I'll indulge myself right now but the rotary Wing parking seemed really close and I understand we've got our consultant working on this but just given that it's gravel around and so on is was that was there any discussion in it being further from the fixed Wing parking or am I just adding a problem that's not there

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through the chair so that was something we looked at and it is like the way that the helicopter has a maneuver in there like it's not ideal but it's fine in a situation where you don't have as much land and the longer term solution will look at separating fixed wing and rotary but in the meantime that's the only solution that could work and it is safe we have barriers in between and there's a certain maneuvering method that the helicopter would have to take to prevent getting close to the fixed Wing or crap

Armand Hurford
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okay thank you any other questions Council before we entertain a motion all right seeing none I finished someone like to counselor French yeah

John French
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I'll move the stuff the staff recommendation number one

Armand Hurford
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thank you is there a secondary councilor Anderson seconds any comments no with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously that was sorry that yeah number one which was actually number bylaw number 29 53 2023 he was one that we just moved as I said and voted on thank you Council French so now I'm looking for a mover for number two on our list which is better known as bylaw number 2952-2023 which is the fees and charges portion moved by counselor pettingell second by counselor Stoner any comments sing none all in favor motion carries unanimously moving down our list number three this will be the bylon notice enforcement sorry the noise enforcement bylaw number 2418 2015 Amendment for the airport bylaw number 2949 2023 which is a very catchy handle would someone like to move that one counselor Hamilton moves and counselor Stoner seconds any comments all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you and moving down our list the municipal ticket information bylaw amendment by law number 2950 2023 could I have a mover counselor pettinggill second by councilor Anderson continue the trend of no comments all in favor motion carries unanimously and that was it for this topic I believe thank you so much for your work on this and being with us today thank you so next on our agenda is consideration of third reading for district College housing agreement for 1940 Centennial Way phase one non-market rental and we'll give our staff just a second to switch over here and we'll get to that topic oh do you need a minute to get a presentation together or is there a presentation I don't there is okay all right well when you're when you're ready the floor is yours

Bylaws - Third Reading (District of Squamish Housing Agreement)
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At the council meeting, Planning Consultant Jesse Abraham presented the Non-Market Housing Agreement Bylaw Number 2945-41940 Centennial Way for consideration of third reading. This would provide 22 affordable rental apartments, a mix of one, two, and three bedroom units, with the agreement lasting in perpetuity. Two amendments were included, allowing the district to select a waitlist manager for the affordable rental units, and ensuring that at least one of the one-bedroom units is secured at a single person household rent rate. Public comments included questions about whether the affordable housing agreements were linked to a perpetual affordable housing policy, and if any changes need to be made if the housing values rise too much. Staff, Miss Abraham, and the developer worked together to address the concerns raised in December and have successfully moved the project along, resulting in a much better position than before. Despite the challenges of aligning units to income and jobs, the group is making progress in bringing on new supply to support those in need.

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all right good afternoon mayor and Council my name is Jesse Abraham and I am a planning consultant presenting on behalf of the community planning department and today I'm presenting the non-market housing agreement bylaw number 2945-41940 Centennial Way for consideration of third reading as per the Land Development agreement executed in June 2021 the developer agreed to enter into a housing agreement with the district for 22 affordable rental apartments to be delivered in phase one of the project the units are a mix of one two and three bedroom apartments and the term of the affordable housing agreement will last in perpetuity on December 20th the housing agreement was given first and second reading in which Council passed a motion to include two amendments so the First Amendment speaks to the district's ability to select a waitlist manager for the affordable rental units the purpose of this is to distinguish a waitlist managers a different role from a property manager the developer agreed to this text revision as shown on the slide here council's motion included a second amendment to secure at least one of the one-bedroom units at a single person household rent rate the developer agreed to revise the rent rate structure as shown in the table here so one bedroom will now be secured for a single person household based on the low end 80 percent of median household income the rent is calculated based on an annual income of thirty five thousand four hundred and eighty eight dollars this means the rent rate will be secured at 857 dollars per month as per the most recent household income data Schedule C of the bylaw provides further detail on the methodology for calculating permitted rents of note the district's Perpetual affordable housing policy does not currently Define affordable rents based on the unit type such as one two or three bedroom it provides rents by household size only so staff are planning to address the permitted rent rates by unit type in the next update of the perpetually affordable housing policy the formal staff recommendation is that the District of Squamish housing agreement bylaw number 2945 2022 be given third reading and that concludes my presentation thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you council do you have questions okay see none I'm going to ask I'll ask I'll ask one question I'll limit myself to that thank you I appreciate the work on the I'm on this file I think happy to see it move forward I'm curious around committing to these to these agreements in the general in the general sense I'm curious as the housing values overall rise the people that can afford them in our entire Community whether that's to purchase them outright or otherwise it changes so the medium income seems to be to be creeping up does this the do the rates here are they linked to Perpetual affordable housing policy where we can you know contemplate any changes that might need to happen there if they if things get too far out of out of line or is this does it get tied specifically to each housing agreement it itself so I know the eventually affordable housing policy sort of speaks to this but is it severed at this point and we're committing here with this or in the general sense to each one of these

0:28:47 (0:00:25)

individually um thank you for the question what we're what we have to do with these housing agreements is we follow the housing agreement or the perpetually affordable housing policy of today when we draft them but certainly once they're approved and the buyer is adopted any changes to our perpetually affordable housing policy would affect new agreements but not the existing ones

Armand Hurford
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okay thank you for that Clarity it was a more of a curiosity here than it and certainly not a deal breaker with this one so counselor Stoner moves staff recommendation do I have a seconder I'll second that would you speak to it thank you

Jenna Stoner
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yeah I would just like to speak to it briefly thanks to staff Miss Abraham and the pl and the developer for addressing the concerns that I raised last time that this came forward at the end of December I know some of my colleagues had significant concerns around the delay that this might cause and I think we go to show that um when we want things to be done quickly but we want to make sure that they are also done accurately and we're making sure that we're getting the rents that we know our community needs and here we are three weeks later with a fairly extensive holiday break Stuck in the Middle there and we are still moving this project along so I know that was a heavy lift on your part and on the part of the developer but it means that we were focused on getting the right solution for our community so thank you for the work I think this puts us in a much better position than we were three weeks ago so I'm happy to support third reading

Armand Hurford
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thank you councilor panigale

Chris Pettingill
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yeah I think this is a significant improvement from what we have or had and worth the extra couple weeks I do think it quite clearly doesn't meet or come anywhere close to meeting all of our affordable or just non-market housing needs just through this discussion you know we realize the challenges in trying to align units to income and jobs because your income can change significantly several times throughout the year and your relationship status and all of these things and yet we still have you know we need and want to support the people who need the help the most and that's pretty challenging with the tools we have I think we are doing being very aggressive and doing what we can clearly again as I said there there's still much more to go and ultimately it comes down to just building more and more non-market and ideally affordable Supply so just want to acknowledge the some of the challenges and tensions we're facing on making sure that the right units are available for the right people at the right time is just really tough when we can only sort of reevaluate once a year and again people's circumstances change maybe your income goes up so you no longer qualify and then three weeks later it could fall back but now you've lost the unit and so there's really difficult things for us to deal with when Supply is so short and so I'm glad though that we are making progress and aggressively bringing on what new Supply we can and for that reason I will be supporting this thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you I'm speaking also speaking in support of third reading I think I was really happy to see the not only the quick turnaround but the desired outcome being achieved in that in that in that short time so thank you um to everyone involved in that both our staff here and the developer to respond to our to the Staples asks so with that sorry yeah go ahead

Jenna Stoner
0:32:31 (0:00:19)

I just want to reflect on one of my Council colleagues comments just clarify that if your income changes month to month you won't lose your housing it's based on your annual income so I just want to make sure that we're clear that people are not going to lose their housing if their income changes over three weeks thank you

Bylaw - Third Reading as Amended (Construction Values)
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At the council meeting, Charlene Pollock presented an amended bylaw with a corrected bylaw number and citation due to an administrative error, with the bylaw otherwise unchanged from December 20th. The motion to rescind third reading was unanimously approved, and the motion to close was also unanimously approved, after which the council took a brief recess. There were no public comments.

Armand Hurford
0:32:50 (0:00:50)

thank you for that for that Clarity with that I'll call the question all in favor emotion carries unanimously thank you so much and now we're on to item five one third reading as amended of the district building bylaw number 1820 1822 2004 Amendment bylaw construction values number 29 37 2022. I said the whole thing to buy you enough time hopefully to get set up there you don't is no president presentation at this point okay I'll let you maybe speak to it briefly and then we

0:33:41 (0:01:05)

good afternoon Council my name is Charlene Pollock I'm the manager of legislative services and I'm here this afternoon regarding the building bylaw amendment that was given first three readings on December 20th due to an administrative error the wrong bylaw number was issued to the building department so the process to correct that error is to have third reading of the bylaw rescinded and an amended third reading given to the bylog with the correct bylaw number and bylaw citation which is on the corrected by law and I just want to note other than those amendments the bylaw is exactly as presented on December 20th by the building department staff and blue copies of the bylaw were handed out there was just a small Amendment just at the very top of the bylaw where it states a bylaw to amend District of Squamish building bylaw 1822-2004. so just some wording removed there

Armand Hurford
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thank you Kelsey any questions on this with that I'll entertain would someone like to move the first motion which would be to rescind third reading move by counselor pettingell second by counselor Hamilton all in favor motion carries and now we're looking for the third reading as amended moved by councilor French second by councilor Hamilton all those in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much and can I have a motion to close please counselor Stoner counselor Greenlaw all in favor motion carries thank you we'll take a brief recess and we'll reconvene at 20 after thank you