Regular Council - 07 Feb 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: Delegation Request: Heritage Week, February 20-26, 2023
5.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (37707 Second Avenue) No. 2922, 2022
7.A: Staff Recommendation:
7.A.i: Regular Business Meeting: January 17, 2023
7.A.ii: Committee of the Whole: January 24, 2023
7.A.iii: Special Business Meeting: January 24, 2023
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7.B.i: 0102 L. Pacey, Program Officer, Re 2019 Indigenous Cultural Safety and Cultural Humility Training
7.B.ii: 0123 J. Nicholas, University of Cambridge, Re Squamish Risk Perception Study (Council)
7.B.iii: 0123 Squamish Community Foundation, Re Have Your Voice Heard
7.B.iv: 0125 Honourable P. Weiler, Re Participate in North Shore Pre-Budget Consultations 2023
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7.C.i: Financial Plan Amendments in 2023
9.A.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (38029-38045 Third Avenue) No. 2879, 2022
9.A.ii: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (38028-38062 Third Avenue) No. 2884, 2022
9.B.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (37707 Second Avenue) No. 2922, 2022
9.C.i: District of Squamish Additional Hotel Room Tax Levy Bylaw No. 2580, 2017, Amendment Bylaw 2954, 2023
10.A.i: Appointment of Animal Control Officer and Bylaw Enforcement Officer
16.i: Advisory Design Panel: February 17, 2022
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16.iii: Advisory Design Panel: September 15, 2022
Introduction & Proclamation Request: Heritage Week - February 20-26, 2023
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At the District of Squamish business meeting on Tuesday February 7th, Betty Adamson requested a proclamation from Mayor Herford and counselors to recognize Heritage Week, which takes place across Canada in February. The Squamish Historical Society is promoting awareness of local history through their new website and are in the process of planning a program to present Squamish history to the community, but are hindered by not having a consistent place to have meetings. Councilor Pettingell's motion was unanimously passed, thanking everyone for their work to capture the history of the area and providing context for their work. There were no public comments.

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Armand Hurford
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thank you and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday February 7th and welcome to the true the Squamish Nation traditional territory can I have someone move adoption of the agenda please counselor moved by councilor French second by councilor Hamilton all in favor any opposed I think you're in favor of that hey counselor Anderson just we won't start off that sharp okay thank you very much the first order of business we have a delegation um Proclamation request and are they physically here or presenting oh hi come on up to the to the podium and you've got five minutes to address Council welcome

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thank you for coming thank you my name is Betty Adamson I live in Scottish and I have a cell for 31 years and I'm here to request a proclamation mayor Herford and counselors I would like to request a proclamation for Heritage week which takes place across Canada Feb every year and this year it's February the 20th to the 26th each year the province of BC recognizes the importance of oh if I know I forgot something stumbled with it okay recognizes the importance of a Heritage to the province's diverse communities with an official Proclamation we are asking you to consider the influence Heritage and history has on our community and to officially recognize the Heritage week with the proclamation Heritage week is important for Squamish Historical Society because it's a chance for us to highlight the value and the importance of the Heritage places in the history of our community this year the theme of Heritage week is always in all ways always and always invites residents in BC to explore Heritage in all the ways that excite them Heritage is a deeply personal thing consisting of the individual familial community and cultural experiences both tangible and intangible that a person Encounters in their life Heritage can be a family recipe a and a historical streetscape or a craft it can be formally learned or passed down orally from generation to generation this Heritage week encourages everyone to explore all the ways new and old of understanding the heritage in their communities that being our Squamish we thank you for your consideration and recognizing the importance of our heritage yeah that concludes my comments your worship

Armand Hurford
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thank you very much council do you have any questions or comments at this time Mrs Adamson oh go ahead counselor French sorry

John French
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thanks mayor I'm just wondering if the society has any special events planned or anything worth noting over the week that you could share with us

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no this basically is to promote it an awareness to the community Squamish Historical Society is sort of behind a rock and a hard place we've got all our stuff in storage we just don't have a place to present we're working on something we do have a new website out and that of course will be saturated with what's going on and The Heritage week itself and our new head new website which is just in the process of being upgraded and some of it is already but we do send out pictures on a daily basis of history and if anyone's interested in going to the site there are so many areas that we've covered and information that's available as a matter of fact you can begin with when the local evolved eight ten thousand years ago there's a story there for you to start with what started all the all of the landscape around

John French
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thank you again go ahead yeah I follow the Instagram account so a very interesting great content and I often found find myself learning new and different things that even as a lifelong resident I had no idea about the history of Squamish so just one more question like most organizations around town I'm sure you're looking to grow your volunteer numbers could you maybe talk a little bit about that

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in at the moment our president has moved to North Van but still is President and we're in the process of planning a whole new program on how to present Squamish historical to this to the community and to round up members and but because we haven't got a home and a consistent place to have meetings we've sort of let that not evolve but we haven't been able to keep it consistent which is not good for an organization so we've found sort of shelved that part of it until our plan can come together and we can get permanent and Solid Ground sin with hope there's a group that Advisory Group that's going to bring stuff forward that we will obviously be part of because we are I am part of The Advisory Group so we're connected so wait in the future we will have something to bring forth great thanks mayor

Armand Hurford
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thank you Council any further questions go ahead counselor pettingell I was going to test a motion if that's sweet please do I think we're ready for that so

Chris Pettingill
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I would move that the District of Squamish proclaimed February 20th to 26 2023 is Heritage week

Armand Hurford
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seconded by counselor French redicted to speak to her any comments

Chris Pettingill
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yeah I think um you know I appreciate and very much understand the importance of understanding the context and the history of the place we live and hopefully this will help bring some attention to it and um maybe result in some new volunteers and people willing to help and so thank you for your efforts and for coming to present to us and asking us for this Proclamation I'm happy to put it forward thank you

Armand Hurford
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any other comments Professor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
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can I just ask for clarification on what the proclamation is it simply a statement the proclamation of the week or Does it include the proclamation materials from

Armand Hurford
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the motion is that we're considering is just as count as stated by councilor pettingell great thank you very much I'll speak to this briefly thank you so much for coming tonight and for all the work thank you that you do to um to sort of capture the history of the area I've I also enjoy the posts and it's sometimes disorienting when you see an image and it looks so different um where we are now and but yeah it's very important work that we have that context as we sit in this room and do our work and as the rest of the community moves about the town doing theirs so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much for coming

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thank you very much I just want to leave you with one a thing I just read was if we let our heritage and history go you strip it of its DNA

Public Hearing - 37707 Second Ave
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At a council meeting, a public hearing was held to discuss proposed rezoning of a 6000 sq ft lot on Second Ave in the Downtown South neighborhood, which would change the current I1 light industrial zoning to CD-104. The proposed development is a 3-story commercial/employment building with 10,000 sq ft of employment space and 3,500 sq ft outdoor amenity, with a maximum FAR of 1. 7, building height of 15. 6 meters, and 11 parking stalls. The public hearing also discussed the legality of existing homes on i1 Lots, the architectural feature of the roof, the rooftop patio, a project involving 100 commercial units in the Garibaldi Highlands neighborhood, the proposed CD Zone, a letter to Squamish Council, parking related issues, if a restaurant can be located in the building, and how to evaluate a proposed zoning change. During the meeting, instructions for how to participate were displayed, and speakers were given up to five minutes to address Council. The meeting concluded with the consent agenda being approved, a recess for 10 minutes, and bylaw readings for 3rd Avenue being presented by staff. The public hearing was declared closed and no further submissions or communication regarding the bylaws can be received until a decision is made.

Armand Hurford
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thank you for that closing thought okay Council next item on the agenda is consideration of unscheduled public attendance so if this is if anyone has a matter that they would like to be heard by Council that can't that that's urgent of Nature and can't wait this is a time to to bring that forward seeing none we'll move on to item five which is public hearing so I have a lot of information to convey here and it comes with a bit of a script so bear with me the public hearing is being held pursuant to the Local Government Act requirements to allow the public to present and provide submissions to council respecting the proposed bylaw the bylaw we're discussing today is District of Squamish zoning bylaw number 2022 2011 Amendment bylaw for 37707 Second Avenue number 29 22 20 22. everybody present will be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard or provide a written submission we want to ensure that no one is discouraged or prevented from making their views known whether speaking in favor or against the proposed zoning Amendment please ensure that your remarks are relevant to the matters contained in the proposed bylaw please note that the public hearing is not an opportunity for members of the public to have their questions answered by staff or by Council any questions or points of clarification can be directed to staff by contacting the planning department members of council may ask clarifying questions following presentations council is here to listen and will not debate the merits of the proposed bylaw with the public or each other during the public hearing please note that this public hearing is being recorded and web streamed live the recording will be posted on the district website media are often present at public hearings and the public should feel free to advise the media if they don't want their picture taken up to and as part of this hearing the public has had the opportunity to make submissions to council if any submissions were received they are available for review and comment and have been included as part of staff's report any submissions received after the agenda was published have been added to the electronic agenda and to the elect and to the electronic public hearing package available on the district website any submissions made during the hearing can be reviewed during the hearing by viewing the electronic agenda submissions will be uploaded by staff as they are received we're trying to make this hearing a safe space for everybody to voice their opinion without interference from others therefore I ask that members of the public maintain order and quiet during the hearing please do not applaud or interrupt any speech or action of members of counsel or of any other person addressing counsel I'll now ask the planning department to outline what the bylaw is proposing over to you

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good evening mayor and Council my name is Rish prahlad planner with the community planning department tonight I will be presenting a rezoning application at 37707 Second Ave for a public hearing at the December 6 2022 regular council meeting Council passed the following motions that Amendment bylaw number 2922 be given first and second reading and that a public hearing reschedule for this evening the subject property is a flat 6000 square foot lot located in the southern end of Second Avenue in the downtown in the downtown South neighborhood and is in an undeveloped parcel the downtown South neighborhood is intended to maintain an Eclectic and funky character and creative building forms the property is zoned i1 light industrial and the ocp land use designation is mixed employment which is intended for a creative complementary and flexible mix of employment generating uses in transitional employment and light industrial areas neighboring properties are also zoned i1 light industrial with a handful of parcels comprehensive development zones this application seeks to rezone the subject property from an i1 light industrial to a comprehensive development Zone 104. to facilitate the development of a three-story commercial and employment building the cd-104 zone is based off the existing mud 2 Zone found in the downtown South neighborhood The Zone allows for a mix of employment uses no residential uses are proposed the development includes 10 000 square feet of employment space spread over three floors with 30 with a 3 500 square foot outdoor amenity space on the on the rooftop patio the following table highlights the proposed zoning metrics the proposed Zone allows for a mix of office and high-tech employment uses no residential uses are proposed restaurant is a permitted use under the under the neighborhood commercial use the proposed Building height in the CD in the cd-104 zone is 15.6 meters which is consistent with the building Heights in the downtown South neighborhood as the mud 2 Zone allows for a height of 15.6 meters Council should note that the building meets the maximum far of 1.7 and the additional height is to allow for an architectural feature for the rooftop patio the proposed parking plan is compliant with the District of Squamish zoning bylaw the parking will be accessed off the lane between 2nd and 3rd Avenue parking stalls is broken down into eight small car stalls two accessible stalls and two motorcycle stalls which counts as one parking stall for a total for a total of 11 stalls tandem parking is allowed downtown with the understanding that the 10 when spaces will be given to the same employer so that they can work out a parking agreement between its employees the proponent has committed to providing two level two Chargers that can deliver a minimum of 3.3 kilowatts of power the applicant has updated their bicycle parking plan by providing a bike room for all the class A stalls on the first floor eliminating the need for bicycles to be transported in the elevator proponent will also be providing the full cache and Lou fees of two hundred and forty thousand dollars there are two red saplings and one non-native deciduous tree in the district's right-of-way since these trees are in the district are on District property Public Works will have the final say on whether the trees can be removed or not it is important to highlight the difficulties that single lot development such as this one have in meeting the zoning bylaw requirements while remaining while remaining financially viable this project is not proposing any residential uses which is why the planning department wants to be flexible as possible with the commercial uses the project was posted to the district's development showcase and a development sign was installed on the property no requests for public information meeting was received and no public information meeting was held public hearing notices was have been sent to Residents within 100 meters of the property today two comments have been received for the project expressing concerns about the parking drainage Frontage improvements and the large tree at the front of the property staff recommend that the zoning bylaw Amendment 2922 be given third reading and that prior to adoption of the zoning bylaw amendment number 2922 the following items would be commit be completed the registration of a flood Covenant and the registration of a covenant tour to ensure all class a bike parking be located on the first floor and a provision of the rooftop patio alternatively council could recommend that the amendment bylaw 2922 be referred back to staff for further review thank you at this time I welcome any comments or questions

Armand Hurford
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thank you Council any questions on the presentation go ahead counselor pentigil

Chris Pettingill
0:18:06 (0:00:20)

yeah thanks just a question so this is right now I won at light industrial which does not permit residential so the residential in the area would be legal non-conforming

0:18:26 (0:00:13)

currently there is no residential being proposed but a lot of the lots a lot of the parcels in the area do get rezoned to Mud too which do allow for residential uses however we have limited those uses

Chris Pettingill
0:18:40 (0:00:09)

and sorry I'm thinking of what's there now there are residences as I understand in that area

0:18:49 (0:00:12)

through the mayor correct that is correct but those Parcels that do have residential uses they have already been rezoned to allow for those residential uses that the i-1 Zone doesn't allow for residential

Chris Pettingill
0:19:02 (0:00:40)

okay so maybe I misunderstood so as I as I looked at the map and read the report I got the impression that in the in those i1 there's still i1 properties in that area and some of them currently have homes and I'm assuming those are legal non-conforming at the moment because their residence is on i1 Lots is that is correct okay and just is was that i1 designation a recent thing or I have a sense that I won where it is quite old and so we're looking to update that according to the ocp but do we have a sense like is that a i one is a decade old or 20 years old do we

0:19:42 (0:00:20)

know through Humira the i1 zoning is at least a decade old I'm not sure it was off the top of my head it was before my time and yes the official community plan designation is to evolve that to a broader mix of uses

0:20:03 (0:00:12)

through the Merit so the ocp land use statement designation for that area is mixed employment which allows for employment as well as residential uses

Armand Hurford
0:20:15 (0:00:31)

Council are there other questions before we open the floor up to the public I have I have won the actually a couple I was wondering about the gas Covenant wasn't something that was mentioned there but is that something that's been addressed in the in the process so far with this site or I just I expected to see it and it I'm just not hearing it but it doesn't mean it's not there is it is it elsewhere

0:20:47 (0:00:08)

through the mayor yeah so that is correct like there also will need to be a no gas coming in place on the property

Armand Hurford
0:20:55 (0:00:17)

okay and do we need to does that need to be part of what we have here or has staff captured that elsewhere in the in the zone I just it just wasn't one of the stipulations so I just want to make sure that I that it's included elsewhere or understand if we need to add that particular piece

0:21:12 (0:00:05)

so come here we would need to add it

Armand Hurford
0:21:17 (0:00:45)

okay thank you and then the architectural feature for the roof is it just along the street front or does it have some screening to the sides of the properties like how does what does that look like I've only I can only visualize the one the one perspective and I don't recall if they're so on the sides to the adjacent properties we had some communication around sort of looking down into the adjacent properties given that it's a zero setback area and I was just wondering if that continued around or if that's an open or if that issue has it been addressed in the design already or is it something that we need to consider as we go about our work tonight

0:22:03 (0:00:12)

through the mayor so that architectural feature wraps around the entire rooftop patio but that privacy issue will be addressed at the DP stage

Armand Hurford
0:22:15 (0:00:24)

okay thank you and the rooftop deck is an amenity with a restaurant as a use is there a risk that the that rooftop patio gets used as partial of the restaurant and not as a amenity for the folks working in the building otherwise

0:22:40 (0:00:13)

through the mirror at this time we the proposed uses like we don't know what's going to be going into the building right now so that could be a possibility

Armand Hurford
0:22:53 (0:00:37)

so but the rooftop the rooftop patio is spoken about as a rooftop amenity space so I'm just trying to understand is it amenity space for the folks in the building to have somebody go have lunch and you know that sort of that sort of thing or is it to be activated as part of one of the businesses in the building and thus have a busy patio on the roof that's I think those are two distinctly different uses and I just want to make sure that we're have a common understanding of what that is or isn't or could or could not be can you provide some clarity in that regard

0:23:31 (0:00:29)

yes so the rooftop patio is doesn't have any restrictions on it at the moment and Rish said we don't know what the uses are going to be there may be a restaurant or maybe not if there is a restaurant um there would you know there is a possibility that it could be accommodating guests on the rooftop as well which is not that uncommon for restaurants

Armand Hurford
0:24:01 (0:00:13)

but you'll have to ponder that I don't have a strong feeling either way I just want to make sure we had a common understanding of what that of what that was so that's helpful okay Council any further questions before I open up to oh yeah go ahead counselor green

Lauren Greenlaw
0:24:15 (0:00:26)

law through the chair I just wanted to make sure I'm reading it all correctly my understanding is that there will be no setback from the front of the lot and therefore no sidewalk

0:24:41 (0:00:12)

through the mayor So currently there is in the bylaw there is a zero meter front setback but the building is recessed several meters and there will be a sidewalk provided

Lauren Greenlaw
0:24:54 (0:00:03)

okay thank you

Armand Hurford
0:24:58 (0:02:01)

okay seeing no further questions I'll now ask the applicant or their representative to comment on the proposed zoning after which anyone else will be given an opportunity to speak or make their submission I have a list of names here and I will call those individuals to the podium first after these speakers I will call in any other interested parties to speak and then you simply need to raise your hand and wait to be recognized for all speakers please approach the podium and start your remarks by clearly stating your name and neighborhood please note that speakers will be given up to five minutes to address Council in order that everyone has an opportunity to speak to counsel details to participate via telephone or WebEx are displayed on the screen for those who have logged in from your computer or are watching the live stream of the meeting instructions are also included on the district's website to get on the speakers list if you are on the telephone please raise your hand raise your hand by dialing star 3 or via WebEx on computer or cell phone app by opening the participant panel and by clicking on the hand icon please note there will be a moderator who will communicate with speakers when it's your turn to speak you will receive a voice prompt via telephone or a dialog box via WebEx please remember to put your hand down after you have finished speaking star 3 on the telephone or by clicking on the hand icon via WebEx if you've already spoken then wish to speak again to provide more or new comments please raise your hand again or add your name to the speakers list once I've indicated speakers once I've indicated that speakers will be offered additional speaking opportunities so with that is there anyone from with the proponents I'd like to address this in any way oh go ahead yep come on up are you gonna um approach the podium and start with your name and neighborhood and you have five minutes to dress Council

0:26:59 (0:02:54)

neighborhood is Garibaldi Highlands and the architect on the project with Hunter office thank you for your time I've been involved in small lot development downtown Squamish for the past 10 years trying to advocate for the importance it was great to hear the speech and request for Heritage and a recognition of that because I think the small box in Squamish are a part of that um the urban grain of Cleveland especially and downtown South are really unique we have individual landowners we have 25 and 50 foot lots for the most part I counted upwards of 60 individual Lots in downtown South 44 of those are 50 feet or less so trying to support and facilitate Redevelopment in downtown South I think is incredibly important I think the ocp that got revamped is that four years ago Jonas or three really speaks to what our community wants to see in this neighborhood which is maintaining the kind of quirkiness artistic vibrancy development that supports Arts culture and mixed use so the frustration I've had through this process is we've worked with planning who I have a good relationship with who voiced their concerns about our first proposal which was for smaller housing units that we were not even close to being able to accommodate the amount of parking for and we pivoted to 100 Commercial because at the time the priority permitting process supported 100 Commercial 100 rental or Net Zero projects so um we move forward with this proposal a year and a half later we are still talking about issues that I think are going to be addressed in development permit what we have presented for this project I think is really unique to downtown Squamish it's 100 employment I do not know of any other project that is willing to take the risk of a development of this scale without condos involved our client is a big proponent of active transportation of maintaining this building for their family well into the future so rental for I think a variety of uses so a lot of the questions coming out about what uses are going to be allowed on the lot I hope there's going to be dozens of different tenants throughout the lifetime of this building which should be well over 100 years not let's Design This in Covenant you know one after the other for one use to the next we have to allow flexibility and that's the most sustainable thing I think you as council members can do is allow and encourage diversity flexibility and support these small Lots because they are insanely difficult financially to develop thank you

Armand Hurford
0:29:54 (0:00:19)

thank you I'm now going to our speakers list and we have well Spencer fitchen you're top to the list come on up and you will have five minutes to address cancel floor is yours

0:30:13 (0:01:30)

well I don't need that Spencer fiction Garibaldi Highlands is my area I like the idea of the whole concept of you know it was originally fairly heavy Industrial I'm going to mixed employment I think is a great idea for a building not having the need for residential in within the building I think is good the only thing that leaves me a little bit cautious about the proposal is there's very little that you can't do Under the CD proposed CD Zone it allows for manufacturing and allows for restaurants it allows for Cinemas and Civics and restaurants and virtually anything that you want to do is proposed to be allowed and I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with that having a having a zoning proposal or a zoning type that is maybe a little bit narrower in scope and it actually is more attuned to the neighborhood I don't think this quite covers it this allows light industrial this allows you know all sorts of things that I just think it's a little too broad and that would be my concern beyond the parking which I think is light anyway thank you

Armand Hurford
0:31:43 (0:00:18)

thank you very much next on our list we have sorry Caroline Miller and following Caroline we're gonna we'll do a scan to see if we have everyone anyone online

0:32:02 (0:04:53)

my name is Caroline Miller and my neighborhood is downtown South and I am the neighbor of 37707. I'm just going to read a letter that I wrote to the council earlier in the month to Mayor her for Squamish Council vrish Pro house squamous Town planner and the owner and developer of lot 37707. my name is Caroline Miller I'm the owner of the neighboring residential house in lot 37701 Second Avenue my family has resided at this address since 2016. I've been a Squamish resident for 17 years and have had my working Studio on the same Second Avenue block for the past 16 years this is a letter in regards to the neighboring 37707 second heaven development project firstly I'd like to speak to the general downtown plan and how this neighborhood fits within the plan secondly I have some specific requests regarding the development on the neighboring lot as it will directly affect my home and family I understand that this is a commercial building which is what the community needs within that I'd like to clarify and understand the types of businesses that are allowed along with the projected number of clients and the traffic it will see this directly relates to concerns such as parking pedestrian and bike friendly access in consideration to the district of squamishes downtown plan this block of Second Avenue is a unique and eclectic section of Squamish that is habited with creative businesses and artist Studios and many people use this area in an urban park-like manner accessing the Estuary Trails or walking their pets it would be Prudential and within the best interests of current residents future residents and local tourists alike for the district to encourage and preserve this unique environment for the future of arts and culture within Squamish it's a major attraction to both locals and tourists to have a curated colorful and artistic green area of town which showcases local arts and culture an example of such a destination would be like Granville Island I understand that the Mandate for downtown Squamish is higher density with this in mind along with careful consideration to details such as architecture and intelligent use of materials which consider the surrounding environment The Nest the essence of the neighborhood can be preserved a difference can be made through Aesthetics and public amenities like sidewalks boulevards public green spaces Landscaping public artwork sufficient vehicle parking pedestrian traffic and ample covered bike parking urban areas that support low carbon impact and creative businesses are what make a vibrant and dynamic Community if the area exists it will inspire like-minded people to populate and do business within the neighborhood directly addressing the neighboring development as the neighboring property owner this project will be directly be affecting my family home these concerns must be addressed before the project commences I understand that this is a commercial building however I am unclear what this entails what type of business is within the Zoning for example a restaurant how many clients will be visiting parking I realize that the plan is for Park tandem parking however I question the functionality of this design considering six of the spaces are for small vehicles and many people drive trucks in large vehicles and Squamish there's been has there been any studies on the realities of this style of parking considering this what is the product projected use of the building is this the client parking as well within the development design the loaning Bay is at the rear is there enough space at the back to back in and out there are no available there's no available street parking on Second Avenue or in the alley the street fills up at Peak periods accessible ample covered bike parking should not be overlooked and included in the design an elevator or Upper Floor bike parking is a non-user-friendly option and an unreasonable solution in regards to building access will there be an internal public passageway through the building for people to access the front businesses from the parking on the rear drainage with the three-story concrete wall I want to ensure that my property and Billings are not affected by water runoff any surface water running off the project needs to be managed by the project the ditch out front is the major water collector it feels to overflowing when there's heavy rainfall snowfall and large tides in the winter months the drainage

Armand Hurford
0:36:55 (0:00:01)

needs you've got 30 seconds

0:36:57 (0:00:21)

Frontage improvements how as well and Landscaping contribution the rooftop deck I request that there's barriers on the sides screens or setback and that's about it and the rest I think is in the second stage

Armand Hurford
0:37:18 (0:00:09)

thank you were we will we'll come after we go through everyone that hasn't spoken if you if you feel that you'd like to that I write that you got pinched at the end too much you're welcome to come back up

0:37:28 (0:00:05)

the rest of the points come in the development part of the okay

Armand Hurford
0:37:33 (0:00:12)

thank you very much for your submission I see your hand I'm going to go to the folks online just to see if we have anyone there and then and then we'll go to the audience in Chambers

Jenna Stoner
0:37:46 (0:00:03)

foreign there's no one online mayor Hereford

Armand Hurford
0:37:50 (0:00:13)

thank you and I believe it was Chris Hunter you spoke already on the list just make sure that we covered that already okay yeah come on come on up

0:38:04 (0:02:43)

hello my name is Tim landrill Mr Mayor fellow counselors I live at 37759 2nd Avenue and have lived there for almost 20 years obviously we've seen a lot of change down in this part of the neighborhood and there's development is coming and you know a lot of them I'm for it but there's a lot of questions that need to be asked and I feel this particular development there's a lot of questions that still need to be addressed at least once a week where I live I have to walk over to the cidery and find the person who's parked in front of my driveway it's a clearly marked driveway but it happens at least once a week where some people just park their car because when you look down the street there's absolutely no parking available so my concerns for the development at three seven zero seven is parking related the street in itself has ditches on both sides that aren't covered so all the parking on the street is encroaching on the driving area and it's also a dead end so for instance if you had to drive a semi truck to drop something off at the building there's no way to turn it around or it's almost it's almost near impossible when it's busy to turn a car around so I feel that the parking spaces in lieu of like even three would be a stretch there is absolutely no extra parking at that end of the street it's a dead end that particular development is there's one Caroline's house and then it's a dead end so to propose I believe it's nine spaces in lieu of like I don't know where you would put the cars and I think in the given and the design as it is right now won't satisfy this you know what I mean I don't know what you would do if they would have to put more underground parking but right now there's just absolutely no extra parking on that street and as I say I I'm living in the middle of it I see it when the dispensary was down there and if there's a big night on the side or even when the when the martial arts gym is active it's completely like people just dump their car everywhere and so I think this is something that needs to be addressed I mean I would look to see if there's an actual study that's been done that counts the cars you know so that you guys have some real concrete numbers to look at because if you don't go down there you know you don't see it but if you walk down there on a Saturday at like 6 p.m or just stroll down there you'll see like it's there's ditches on both sides the amenities were put in 80 years ago you know you know like so and it hasn't changed it hasn't changed so you know I'm definitely for development I work in construction but I think in this current design that is just it's not going to work it needs some tweaking to prevent Mayhem on the street with parking thank you

Armand Hurford
0:40:47 (0:00:16)

thank you Council before we go too much further into the speaker's list would anyone like to ask any questions that were sort of triggered by what they've heard so far counselor French thanks

John French
0:41:03 (0:01:01)

mayor so I've heard the word restaurant a number of times tonight and I'm looking to staff for some clarification on whether or not there is even the possibility of a restaurant existing in this building the permitted uses in the list are alcoholic beverage manufacturing Artisan arts and culture Business and Professional major Business and Professional minor Business Service establishment Cinema Civic electric vehicle charging station high technology light industrial neighborhood commercial personal service establishments research and development small scale manufacturing and then accessory uses including accessory retail sales in that list nothing indicates to me a restaurant would be permitted here so staff could you clarify can a restaurant be located in this building under this zoning

0:42:04 (0:00:10)

through the mayor under the in the zoning bylaw for neighborhood commercial if you look at the definition it includes restaurants as one of the uses

John French
0:42:15 (0:00:04)

thank you

Armand Hurford
0:42:19 (0:00:02)

counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:42:21 (0:00:10)

thank you through the chair just a question on parking it is my understanding that it the proposal as it is meets our current parking standards is that correct

0:42:31 (0:00:01)

through the mayor that is correct

Jenna Stoner
0:42:33 (0:00:21)

and then can staff provide a brief update on the broader parking utilization study that we're doing downtown and when we might see that just to try and give some context as to like where these pinch parts are being seen across downtown so I'm just curious where that work is at and where we might see that come forward to council

0:42:54 (0:00:45)

through email so that work is ongoing and it's a current project um unfortunately the staff member is not here today Mr Mero is working on that project but it is something that we are keenly aware and parking is not an issue you know Downtown parking is not something that we will be able to address on individual properties when it comes to commercial uses particularly on small Lots because it just doesn't make development viable in those cases so that is something that's going to have to be part of districts overall parking priorities downtown is solving this issue holistically

Armand Hurford
0:43:40 (0:00:01)

yes Council penngill

Chris Pettingill
0:43:41 (0:00:26)

yeah thanks so as I read the current i1 zoning which this lot already has you can do a restaurant up to 50 seats today with no rezoning the sort of restaurant under neighborhood commercial that you're speaking to does that have a seat limit or is there sort of is it basically the same thing or could it allow for a much larger restaurant than what's permitted today

0:44:07 (0:00:14)

through you mayor there would be no like a seat limit herb personal limit on the restaurant

Armand Hurford
0:44:22 (0:00:00)


Chris Pettingill
0:44:23 (0:00:13)

you have a follow-up yeah go ahead so sorry if this is coming in under neighborhood commercial then neighborhood commercial doesn't sort of imply that sort of it's a something scaled to the neighborhood

0:44:36 (0:00:30)

that's correct it's fairly open it's any services that are needed to service a neighborhood like retail personal service establishments restaurants we haven't seen an issue yet where you know the uses under that neighborhood commercial umbrella have exceeded the neighborhood capacity so there just hasn't been a rush now to kind of Reign it in

Armand Hurford
0:45:07 (0:00:47)

okay see no other hands at the council table I'll take a stab at a couple questions here there's along the frontage we've heard from some of the speakers around the challenges that the ditches cause for parking at the front of the building the architectural drawings it says driveway and I was just curious how that fits into or does it fit into any parking calculations is that a loading zone does it increase the parking efficiency in the area it just it's not very well I didn't see if it is articulated extremely well somewhere I didn't I didn't see it can you speak to the frontage of the building and just how that interacts with the street and if it represents any change from what's from what's there currently

0:45:55 (0:00:22)

through you mayor currently they're there is a winner proposal for Second Avenue but they're right now it those are kind of preliminary discussions um so right now engineering is asking for cash and move for a sidewalk improvements

Armand Hurford
0:46:18 (0:00:36)

no I think maybe I wasn't clearing with my with my question when I look at the architectural drawing the front of the front of the building it says driveway but all the parking's in the back that's accounted for I'm just curious what that pieces at the front and if is it does it is it a change from what's there now Whispering proposed or is it what's there now is what's staying there and then the development happens back I'm just trying to understand that the impact to the parking on the street is where I'm trying to get to but it says driveway at the front and all the parkings in the back so

0:46:54 (0:00:11)

through the mayor there's currently an existing driveway in the front but that won't be there once the development is approved through the DP stage

Armand Hurford
0:47:06 (0:00:15)

so they'll be covering the ditch to provide street parking or there'll be a ditch and you'll have to access the edge like sorry that piece I just don't quite get and or when will we and how that will be addressed at the DP phase if that's the appropriate spot for

0:47:22 (0:00:34)

it free mirror that is correct it's DP level design one part of it is engineering department is quite busy and you know we try to sort of at this stage it's all what does the land use make sense in this location and then once we get to the answer yes it is then engineering gets much more involved and the applicants are able to put more money into design the frontage improvements

Armand Hurford
0:47:56 (0:00:37)

okay I think it I think there's could be some opportunity there to have a net Improvement of how the street functions to be addressed at the DP stage so I'll just sort of lob that out there and we can that can be a future Point any other questions from Council seeing none I'll go back to our Gallery is there anyone that hasn't spoken that would like to speak and then I'll go first I'll go for the second round I see some hands that have already spoken that's fine yes please approach the protium the podium and state your name and your neighborhood you have five minutes to address Council

0:48:33 (0:02:32)

hi there my name is Beverly hence and I live at the end of Second Avenue dear members of council thank you for this opportunity I have a comment regarding this rezoning and it is about the proposal to significantly reduce the parking requirement for the proposed development my neighbors and I were surprised to read this news the parking on the end on the south end of Second Avenue is already a nightmare we simply do not have the capacity for more street parking why it was built as a quiet residential street 80 or 90 years ago when very few people in squamshad cars times are far different now but no Road upgrades have taken place much of the street still has open ditches on both sides we've talked about that there's no curb and gutter there are no sidewalks it's inadequate Street lighting we've had to actually come to the district to try and get some Street lighting because it's very dangerous with the gym that is in our neighborhood there with all the children coming and going it's a very dangerous there sometimes it is a dead end street with no cul-de-sac and there is no place to turn around cars and pickup trucks are parked on the street they stick out onto the traveled portion of Road both the martial arts school and the cidery attract a large number of patrons who can't find parking spaces so many do try to do so on private property or sometimes just in the middle of the street so it's a it's a nightmare Council and you have to be there to believe it sometimes and allowing this Enterprise to drastically reduce the parking we'll just invite Mayhem it's really short-sighted and it won't work and I ask you to remove that parking exemption I do have some photos of the ditches and this is just a quiet morning and you can already see there's loads of cars here already exposed ditches cars parked on

Armand Hurford
0:51:05 (0:00:39)

the side if you could pass those to um to Terry's cut her hand out and she'll get them to us and they'll be added to the to the record as a submission as well so thank you thank you for that of visual aids always helpful sir was there anyone before you run away Terry to do that is there any I just wanted to check that if we had anyone online no one online so is there anyone that hasn't spoken yet that would like to speak and then I'll go back to the folks that have spoken that would like to add to their comments oh yes sir approach the podium and state your name and neighborhood and you have five minutes to dress Council

0:51:44 (0:02:53)

hello my name is William Wallace and I live or occupy or whatever I have a lot directly behind the space so that would of course be blocking my view of the chief and I have no problems with that I don't mind the development at all I actually applaud the commercial use of the space because the problem is it's a mixed use area an artist I want to try and build things there if I ever get my building permit approved please for God's sake maybe look at that but anyway the there's a real problem with the parking which is a real issue I can see it from my space they're constantly putting out cones and trying to like save their parking spaces and I love the martial arts doing their key eyes and working out there but like it just that place alone just dominates the parking unfortunately it's not only is it a dead end street but the alleyway on the other side that where the parking officially is and behind is also a dead-end alley one end Street and it's just one lane and it's like so many times I've tried like in loading things in and out trying to just park my trailer there and it's like next to Impossible the van and the trailer to back it up and people are coming and going that's long before this proposal everything has to go to that back Alleyway now like supposedly I'm supposed to load if I ever get my building approved I'm supposed to load in through the back Alleyway and we'll have to have the ludicrously angled ramp to get up to my huge foundation and you forced me to build anyway I digress the main thing is that I like this I like the building I like the looks of it I have some concerns about the use of the restaurant on the roof that seems kind of bizarre I mean obviously a coffee shop a record shop you know all different sort of Arts Artisan uses even a recording studio anything that makes noise or people are doing creative productive things that would be great I'm a little concerned it'd be like an auto repair shop or something more industrial wouldn't really quite work because there is a lot of residential pact around there and the restaurant on top that does not sound good at all I'm thinking of parties like three times a week but a restaurant would be like non-stop there's no noise barrier on the roof for us if it was in one of the other floors you wouldn't hear the conversations or anything like that because I've anyway so um yeah a little bit concerned about the wide use of well I don't know what light industrial is but the wide use of uses there and I don't know why I love this commercial but there's no way you're gonna get the parking in there it's like it's with two dead end streets that are already overflowed I don't know how to make that work I don't have so other than perhaps actually covering over all the open drainage ditches and actually putting in sidewalks in neighborhood it could take the hundreds of thousands of dollars you've taken from me and just put it into fixing the sidewalks and maybe put in some parking you know each individual space they could choose like to maybe have angled parking or just regular Park like if it got you could actually pack in a little bit more parking there if you actually fixed up the lighting and the and the open drainage ditches and downtown Squamish but anyway but I have no problems with the project at all I applaud it I'm sorry to bring up the parking issue but I had to reinforce what my neighbors are saying because it really is an issue thank you

Armand Hurford
0:54:38 (0:00:16)

thank you very much is there anyone else that has an address Council yet that would like to speak to this issue yes sir come on up you you have five minutes should if you if you choose to use them that's

0:54:55 (0:00:05)

up to you thank you mayor no just to point out that what you were talking about with the frontage

Armand Hurford
0:55:00 (0:00:06)

sorry name a neighborhood and then continue on

0:55:07 (0:01:04)

2nd Avenue um just to point out what you were talking about with the frontage of the building by putting an entrance out there we've just lost two or three more spaces because we're parking along there's a vacant lot there currently although there is a dirt entrance to the gate nobody goes in there very much so we are currently parking along there the martial arts studio when it opened they don't even have parking for staff never mind the people that show up and there are sometimes small buses that bull in with children they're running around in the dark to get to their parents after it's crazy I can hardly get home sometimes because the road is so narrow in my van and then I get to my driveway and it's already full of people I have to leave the van walk around to different places and say who's in my driveway and then they get mad at me and say well where am I supposed to park it's very frustrating please don't take any more parking away that's all I have to say

Armand Hurford
0:56:11 (0:00:21)

thank you very much okay I'll ask again if there's anyone that hasn't spoken to this that would like to they would like to speak and before we go back to the folks have spoken already I'll just check in with Council any questions on from triggered from what we've heard here so far well go ahead counselor Anderson

Eric Andersen
0:56:32 (0:00:24)

yes mayor Hereford staff have mentioned that there is a concept or proposal for a wunorf at some point on at this part of Second Avenue I wonder if there might be some clarification as to in what connection that proposal would be coming forward what kind what is the status of that project please for this Precinct

0:56:57 (0:00:10)

through the mayor that proposal is still in the very early stages it probably won't be coming to council for a few months here

Eric Andersen
0:57:07 (0:00:11)

and if I could ask further who would be the sponsor of this is a District Active Transportation planning initiative not in connection with any particular development then

0:57:19 (0:00:06)

through the mayor that is correct

Armand Hurford
0:57:25 (0:00:00)


Chris Pettingill
0:57:26 (0:00:24)

I'm just wondering if staff could clarify just because it's been brought up and the questions about parking what exactly a Warner generally entails I don't want to get into specifics of you know some proposal we haven't seen But when you say Werner What In general are you speaking about

0:57:50 (0:00:22)

I can only speak to the definition so a wonderful is a living Street where both pedestrians and cars are kind of one in the same they both take up the space and it's a it's a slow down street so that pedestrians feel safe walking up and down the street with cars going up and down as well

Armand Hurford
0:58:13 (0:00:34)

okay any other questions Council before we go back to those that have spoken already okay is there anyone that seeing no new speakers I'll happily Circle back to anyone that would like to submit some new information that's already spoken but that's the key we did I see did I see a hand or two hands here we'll go in the same order that we did previously just for consistency and it's Carolyn Miller oh sorry

0:58:47 (0:02:07)

okay I'm just gonna list off a couple of the things that I didn't get to mention last time I was talking so in regards to the frontage improvements currently there is a sidewalk and then the ditch I'm not interested in seeing the ditches in the sideswalk paved over to provide extra angle parking for the development since they're choosing to buy out the sufficient amount of parking I don't want to be the Overflow parking lot for them that's not it's not really the look that it's not really fair as far as also it's in the second stage probably but as far as the Landscaping contribution it's not apparent I don't know if everything is just is up on the deck but at this point it's just one completely Stark concrete block building the rooftop deck I don't think a restaurant is appropriate for the roof for noise and also regardless of the business that's up there a request that an Overlook or a barrier or a setback be put so that because there's zero setbacks between the building and my property line I'm not interested in people leaning over right and it's quite close to the house as well as well in speaking to the on the front they mentioned at the beginning there's a large deciduous tree and it's on the district property and it borders my lot and 37707 that tree I request that it remains it's a landmark on the street it's a beautiful deciduous tree lots of neighbors and passer buyers enjoy it and I request that it remains as it will only embellish the starkness of the proposed concrete block building that's it

Armand Hurford
1:00:54 (0:00:12)

thank you very much I said we'd attempt to go on the order that we did but Mr fitchen you started us off but

1:01:06 (0:00:01)

I'll be even briefer

Armand Hurford
1:01:07 (0:00:00)


1:01:08 (0:01:05)

it's just an elaboration when I read the proposed bylaw it lays out a bunch of uses but a bunch of the other uses that we think about are actually buried in the definitions of the words that are used in the bylaw itself light industrial for example blade Industrial Automotive oriented commercial building supply Outlet fitness center heavy equipment sales industrial fuel installation the light industrial using the term light industrial within the definition of light industrial is interesting motor vehicle repair shop service shop Nursery restaurant trade contractor facilities including logging contractors and storage facilities accessory uses and a caretaker dwelling these are all buried in another definition so these would all be permitted uses under this proposal again I'm thinking that's possibly a bit Broad

Armand Hurford
1:02:13 (0:00:04)

thank you Council counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
1:02:17 (0:00:09)

I'm just wondering if I can see clarification from the speaker on where that definition that you're reading from came from because it's different than what I have in my zoning by law

Armand Hurford
1:02:27 (0:00:03)

sorry you'll have to come to the mic I know it's a bit awkward but

1:02:31 (0:00:14)

I'm looking at section 33 of the ocp and light Industrial i1 and what it basically the intent of this zone is to provide for light industrial use and okay if within this I

Armand Hurford
1:02:45 (0:00:08)

think I think just clarifying where you're coming from is what is what we needed there and I think we've got enough for our staff to chime in okay

1:02:54 (0:00:01)

so light industrial okay

Armand Hurford
1:02:55 (0:00:06)

yeah let's just let's just check in yes could you add some clarity please

1:03:02 (0:00:13)

yes so that is section 33 of the zoning bylaw is light industrial Zone i1 which is the existing zoning on the property it's not what the applicants are applying for

Armand Hurford
1:03:15 (0:00:32)

so the definition of light Industrial in the use of the new Zone could you read that definition I think I think I understand where we are I just want to make sure that we that we all do

1:03:48 (0:00:34)

okay light industrial means a youth providing for processing fabric painting assembling leasing warehouse and transporting Distributing wholesaling testing servicing or pairing of goods or materials we're the primary activity of such use is carried out with an exterior to a building within or exterior to the building which maybe service with a railway spark includes cannabis production indoor food production and Artisan uses so it's a fairly flexible use and that's the case across any parcel that allows live industrial use in the district

Armand Hurford
1:04:22 (0:00:27)

thank you I can see the sort of the Clash of a Zone that's called light industrial and the light industrial use which is separate okay thank you for that for that clarity and anyone else I think Tim did you have a did you want to speak yep come on up

1:04:49 (0:00:47)

I bring up one point earlier on in the submissions they mentioned that parking was parking satisfied requirements and I understand what that means in theory but if that means we can't we can't accommodate the existing parking so we're going to pay in lieu of I think that can work in certain situations but unless you're planning on building a parking lot down at the End of the Street the cash in lieu of here is going to create a major problem and I think you should really think about that for this area that the in lieu of situation and the finite space for parking is this is not a situation where and as I say unless you're planning on building up a raised lot at the End of the Street this is this is not going to help in this area that's all thank you thank

Armand Hurford
1:05:37 (0:00:17)

you very much anyone else in Chambers that would like to speak to this that either has or hasn't spoken yet we're in that phase and is there anyone is there anyone online just checking yes go ahead

1:05:54 (0:02:03)

hi Chris Hunter again Garibaldi Highlands just a brief comment on parking I mean it comes up on every project rather big projects you know six eight stories in the C4 zoning or these small lots and I think the reality is the challenge with parking in Downtown Squamish cannot be solved one parcel at a time it has to be a neighborhood solution and I think our client came into this with really honest intentions as a landowner with a vacant lot wanting to facilitate some use out of their property with good intention they look to the Planning and Building and Engineering departments for guidance and they put together a proposal with professionals that complies with the parking bylaw so I think to Tim's point as a landowner you have to be able to work within guidelines rules and bylaws and the cash and lieu is not a gesture as a scapegoat we physically cannot fit more parking stalls than we could on this property and the cash only was meant to go towards the district to then do something as a whole to downtown whether that's active Transportation or Parkade that's a bigger discussion and as far as uses I just really encourage everyone to think about how quickly uses change look in the past three years what the workforce or employment or how we use commercial space has changed in three years in a time this proposal has been in it's been flipped on its head so if we go in to develop a parcel with an intended use albeit restaurant dental medical office employment that could totally change in five years and that's the good thing about this neighborhood it's eclectic it changes look at you know great dense cities like Tokyo or small towns like Boise or Hood River they're eclectic they're gritty they have lots of different uses next to each other and I think that's what this neighborhood is trying to achieve as it redevelops there will be challenges without them thank you thank you

Armand Hurford
1:07:57 (0:00:05)

for that okay council do you have a customer go ahead

Chris Pettingill
1:08:03 (0:01:15)

yeah and coming back to my first question some of the comments we've heard I guess what I'm trying to wrap my head around is this has been an i1 area for quite a while there are Residential Properties but they're non-conforming and so we've heard concerns about the impacts of this change in zoning on residences but the actual Zoning for all those places is i1 and so I'm just wondering if there's sort of a best practice or normal practice in terms of how a council sort of does it do you evaluate against how you know the existing properties how they're being used now or the existing zoning which has been in place a long time so you know for example restaurants allowed now all sorts of light industrial is allowed now in that whole area so do I sort of evaluate this new proposal in that context or do I think more about well I don't care what the existing zoning is there's homes there and I have to evaluate it in terms of those existing homes and does it matter how long that I won existing i1 zoning has been there or not in my deliberations

1:09:18 (0:01:13)

through email from a staff perspective we always evaluate applications under our guiding document is the official community plan because that tells us where this neighborhood is going in the next 20 40 60 years we have to bear in mind what's happening in the neighborhood today and how much alignment with the future State can the neighborhood handle today um lots of neighborhoods in Squamish have issues and their growth issues and they're going to have to be solved I think by the district to a large extent especially in these small lot situations parking is one and we know it's an issue in this area and we're gonna have to solve it it's there's different ways to solve it and probably a combination is going to be needed it's not just parking provision somewhere it's probably also parking regulation on street because it's an issue already but for us it's the official community plan and kind of gauging how much capacity there is to accept the change

Armand Hurford
1:10:32 (0:00:07)

okay is that a hand okay councilor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
1:10:39 (0:00:18)

thank you mayor Hereford so through the chair I I'd like to just have an idea of how much parking is being mounted available on this lot compared to parking that's available in other Lots

1:10:58 (0:00:00)


Andrew Hamilton
1:10:58 (0:00:15)

the neighborhood is there more parking going I see what 10 spots available on this lot is that typically more or less parking than is available on the surrounding

1:11:13 (0:00:29)

Lots I would think because the neighborhood has small lots and just you know having visited a neighborhood generally it's probably slightly more than what the typical developments that are there now providing but it's not significantly more yeah

Armand Hurford
1:11:43 (0:03:25)

thank you see another hands council is there anyone either online say no or in Chambers that would like to provide additional submission okay seeing none I have a bit of a script to read at the end of this says as well I'm on it okay so no further speakers I would ask Council if there's any further information that the planning department might provide in response to any comments or questions raised by members of the public and cover that now that I've heard from everyone on the speakers list it is a requirement that I ask three times if there is anyone else who wishes to speak before we can close the public hearing for the first time is there anyone else that wants to speak or make a submission for a second time is there anyone that wants to speak or make a submission for a third and final time is there anyone else who wants to speak or make a submission please note council members are not permitted to receive any further submissions or hear either a proponent or an opponent to the application once the public hearing has been concluded this means we can't speak to you out in the community or receive emails or phone calls on any of the bylaws until a decision on the biologist has been made any and all communication from this point must be channeled to staff if there are no further speakers I declare the hearing closed thank you very much for your submissions and with that concludes item five on our list which is the public hearing Council I think we'll go to let's do the consent agenda and then so consent agenda is there anything anyone would like to pull from the consent agenda seeing none could someone have could someone move consent agenda move by councilor French second by counselor Hamilton all in favor motion carries thank you next up we have actually moving into our bylaw readings for Third Avenue so maybe this would be a good time to take a quick a quick break Council and we'll come back to we'll get staff get ready to present to us so we'll recess for let's make that let's make it 10 minutes so we'll come back at 7 30. thank you and we're back from Recess moving on now to item nine bylaws section A one is District of Squamish zoning bylaw number 2200 2011 Amendment bylaw for 38029 and 38045 3rd Avenue and are you presenting jointly with the next item it's kind of one two items on our list so for the both sides of the street okay so that's also for three eight zero two eight two three eight zero six two Third Avenue I will turn over to stuff if you can introduce yourself and the topic the floor is yours

Consent Agenda
1:13:20 (0:01:13)

At the council meeting, a presentation was made about the proposed development of a new park in the city. The park would include a walking path, a playground, and a picnic area. The estimated cost of the project was $500,000 and the timeline for completion was estimated to be 18 months. Several members of the public commented, expressing their support for the project and their enthusiasm for the potential benefits it would bring to the community.

At the council meeting, a presentation was made about the proposed development of a new park in the city. The park would include a walking path, a playground, and a picnic area, with an estimated cost of $500,000 and a timeline of 18 months. The public expressed their support for the project and its potential benefits to the community.

Bylaws - Second Reading: 38029-38045 Third Ave & 38028-38062 Third Ave
1:14:33 (0:18:52)

At the council meeting, two rezoning applications for consideration of second reading for Third Avenue block were presented. The West side building would feature a 6-story mixed commercial/residential building, 20 employment spaces, 45 residential units, 11 commercial spaces, roof overhang for outdoor amenity space, and a mid-block cut-through. The East side building would feature a 6-story mixed commercial/residential building, 20 employment spaces, 78 residential units, 12 commercial spaces, roof overhang for outdoor amenity space, mid-block cut-through, and broken up building massing. Critical Amenities Cash and Low rate of 21 dollars per sq ft of new for sale residential GFA, as well as 5% of new for sale residential GFA to be provided as fee simple residential floor area to local non-profit housing provider would be included, as well as extended Frontage Improvements including stormwater management and paving at rear lane. The entire West and East Side buildings would be powered by electricity. Public Hearing was scheduled for March 7th. Councillors raised concerns about the massing of the East Building, and how the evolution of the downtown commercial land use designation and the extension of Third Avenue should be considered when envisioning the downtown area's development. A motion to donate a percentage of space to a local nonprofit, mid-block cut-throughs to create a pedestrian-friendly environment, and frontage improvements offered as amenities to the community was presented. Public hearing was proposed to consider the motion, as well as consideration of third reading of 37707 Second Avenue.

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great thank you good evening mayor and Council my name is Jesse Abraham and I'm a planning consultant presenting on behalf of the community planning department today I'll be presenting two rezoning applications for consideration of second reading the first application is 438029 to 38045 Third Avenue and includes three lots on the west side of the block the second application is for 38028-38062 Third Avenue and consists of five Lots on the east side of the block directly opposite from the three lot rezoning both applications are seeking to rezone from residential 2 to comprehensive development zoning so as mentioned the West Side rezoning you can see here three lots on the west side five Lots on the east side of Third Avenue block both sites are outlined on the aerial photo so the current zoning of all of the Lots is rs2 except for one lot which is zoned C4 the ocp land use designation for all the subject properties is downtown commercial center which applies to the central business area of downtown and is meant to be the primary commercial area for Squamish the sites also fall within the development permit areas three performing character and five for commercial center on September 20th Council gave first reading to the proposed bylaw amendments and provided the following comments summarized here and directed staff to work with the applicant to resolve comments provided by Council prior to consideration of second reading key Council suggestions were to break up the massing of the Eastern Building incorporate covered outdoor amenity spaces on both rooftops and activate mid-block cut-throughs at each project I'll now run through the proposals and the changes that have been made to each following the September 20th council meeting so let's look at the west side first proposes a six-story mixed commercial residential building with commercial space at grade a second level Parkade and four stories of residential above 20