Regular Council - 21 Feb 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: Proclamation Request: PURPLE DAY for Epilepsy Awareness - March 26, 2023
3.ii: Proclamation Request: Public Works Week - May 21-27, 2023
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7.A.i: Special Business Meeting: February 7, 2023
7.A.ii: Regular Business Meeting: February 7, 2023
7.A.iii: Committee of the Whole: February 14, 2023
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7.B.i: 0105 Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Re Congratulatory Letter
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7.C.i: Emergency Expenditure - Brennan Park Arena Ice Resurfacer Hot Water Boiler
8.i: Recommendations from the Committee of the Whole: February 14, 2023
9.A.i: District of Squamish Advisory Design Panel Bylaw No. 2264, 2013 Amendment Bylaw No. 2955, 2023
10.A.i: Removal of Commercial Users from Residential Curbside Collection
10.A.ii: Squamish-Lillooet Regional District - Service Establishment Amendment Bylaws to Adjust the Maximum Tax Requisition for the Regional Invasive Species Control Services
Welcome, Proclamation Requests: Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness - March 26, Public Works Week - May 21-27
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At the council meeting, Sam Sonite presented a proclamation designating March 26, 2023 as International Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness in the District of Squamish, with the goal of raising awareness of the condition in the community. Epilepsy is a condition that causes recurring seizures, and there are different types of seizures including generalized, absence, tonic-clonic, atonic, myoclonic, and focal. Seizure first aid includes staying calm, timing the seizure, moving away harmful objects, guiding away from hazards, turning onto side, and being reassuring. Additionally, council discussed Public Works Week, and looked for ways to be involved in the celebrations this year. The operators and staff take great pride in showcasing their equipment to the public, and they hope that it will inspire some of the younger generations to pursue a career in public works. Counselor Stoner proposed a motion, which was seconded by Counselor Hamilton and passed unanimously, and there were no public hearings scheduled for the evening.

Armand Hurford
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hello and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish today is Tuesday February 21st 2023. and as always we're gathered to do our work on the traditional territory of the Squamish Nation can I have someone move adoption of the agenda please moved by councilor Hamilton second by counselor French all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you our first order of business under delegations or petitions proclamations is a proclamation request purple day for epilepsy awareness is proposed to be March 26 2023 do we have a delegation attending either physically or online

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hello my name is Sonia

Armand Hurford
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hello well I will thank you very much for joining us I will turn it over to

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you my name is Sam sonite and I'm honored today to accept a proclamation designating March 26 2023 as International purple day for epilepsy awareness in the district of Squamish epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions yet it has the least recognition in society one in ten people will experience a seizure at some point in their life and one in 100 people will develop epilepsy at some point in their life epilepsy awareness month is coming soon and will be held in March culminating in international purple day for epilepsy Awareness on March 26th we hope that everyone in the district of Columbus will wear purple on this day and help us raise awareness of epilepsy in the community thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you very much council do you have any questions for our presenter here or if anyone would like to have a motion cancer French

John French
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thanks chair I do have a quick question and I'll share that I am prone to fainting and as a young person doctor suspected that I might be epileptic thankfully that diagnosis didn't pan out so I wonder Sonia if you might give us a very quick and high level explanation of what epilepsy is

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oh for sure so epilepsy is a magical condition that causes recurring seizures and there are many different types of seizures so some seizures can happen all over the brain and those are called generalized seizures and the seizure types can be options seizures which can look like someone is daydreaming so it's just a lapse of concentration or awareness then you have ton of chronic seizures and that used to be called grand mal seizures so that's probably what comes to mind when most people think about the words epilepsy or seizures and that's when somebody has convulsions and all falls to the ground and has rhythmic jerking of their body and then you have atonic seizures which are also known as drop seizures which can look like someone has fainted um you have tonic seizures which is a sudden increase in muscle tone and then myoclonic seizures where the person has a brief jerking of a muscle or group of muscles and then there are also seizures that happen in one area of the brain and that is known as focal seizures and so these seizures can be vocal aware seizures where the person has full Consciousness during the seizure um and that can happen in different areas of the brain so it can involve you know somebody seeing kind of an auditory hallucinations or seeing things or you know picking at their clothes and that kind of symptom and then you have focal impaired awareness seizures where the person has no consciousness they're not aware of what they're doing and they can wander around it can kind of it can look like they might be using substances because they're wandering around and picking at their clothes and they're not aware of the situation and then with seizures it's important to have knowledge of seizure first aid so our organization actually provides that for free for schools workplaces organizations Community groups across the province and just some things for seizure first aid you want to stay calm time the seizure so for that it would be the active seizure so for a ton of cloud exclusion you would start the timer when the person is having the seizure and then when the active seizure stops and you would stop the timer and this is important because if a seizure lasts for longer than five minutes then lengthy would want to call an ambulance um you would want to um move harmful objects away from them that they might bang up against or if they have the seizure type that is makes them wander around you want to gently guide them away from hazards so if they're at the foot of this at the top of the stairs you want to guide them away from the stairs so they don't fall down but then let them move freely in a safe environment without of restraining them and then also you don't want to restrain someone having a ton of chronic seizure and then you want to turn them onto their side as soon as it's safe to do so that um they're in the recovery position and then that way they can allow a drool to fall out of their mouth instead of pulling down at the back of their throat and then you want to just be reassuring and comforting to the person until their awareness is fully regained and then you tell can them that they've had a seizure that everything's going to be okay and that you're there for them until fully they're recovered

John French
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fabulous thank you for that that's all I had mayor so if there's no other questions I'll move the staff recommendation

Armand Hurford
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I see no other questions so counselor French moves the recommendation which is that March 26 2023 be proclaimed as purple day in the district of Squamish to promote epilepsy awareness as our secondary counselor Stoner seconds any comments on this or no seeing none call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much for coming to present to us today and for all your

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work thank you so much thank you for

Armand Hurford
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thank you thank you so the next item is a proclamation request for Public Works week and do we have presenters online or in person for this

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anything else on your worship

Armand Hurford
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oh there we go okay Mr story and is there a presentation or you're going to speak or would you like to speak to it briefly

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through the chair yeah I'll just give a brief overview but there's no presentation is basically something that is celebrated across North America and Canada by local governments the intent is to inform and educate the public about the role of Public Works to invite people in and show them what it is we do and answer some of their questions um and reach out to some of the local elementary schools to show the kids what a potential career could be like in public works and how valuable it is to the community and so this is just our request to Proclaim this week and hold some activities to do that

Armand Hurford
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okay thank you Council any questions or go ahead counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
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thank you through that story and I see Miss Mori is in the audience as well Public Works day in the past has been an amazing celebration that our public works department has put on it was waylaid by covid for a few years and appreciate the comeback that it made last year in the form of the parade I think personally one of the downsides is it was harder for Council to participate because we used to come and so I'm curious if there is any way that you would like Council to be involved in this coming year for Public Work celebrations

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Senator chair yes we were talking about we that and would like Council to be involved and we were also one of the things we were considering is possibly taking Counsel on some others on a tour of our water supply system

Armand Hurford
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all right there's lots of nods around the table here if you can see that Mr story so look forward to that counselor French

John French
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thanks mayor so for most people I think Public Works doesn't necessarily immediately bring fun and excitement to mind this annual event though turns that theory upside down I've seen kids get pretty excited about looking at and being around some of the cool Machinery that the Public Works fleet has so I just with that framing I'm wondering will you talk a little bit about what our Public Works staff members get out of putting on the annual celebration I'm sure there's something there

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yeah through the chairs you know to a large extent it's a sense of pride in our operators and our staff to show what they do to Showcase like you said the equipment that we have and there are staff are passionate about it and so when they get to talk about it and show you know the public and their children what it is we do there's a lot of pride in that and they take great pleasure in doing that um especially when you can see the you know invite an elementary school student into a piece of equipment and show them how it works you know they also hope that maybe this is setting some of them up for the future that they might consider a career in public works or as an operator

John French
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I have seen that Pride for sure thanks mayor

Armand Hurford
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thank you any further questions are you moving the recommendation great so counselor Stoner moves and I'm looking for and counselor Hamilton seconds seeing no hands for comments I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously I'm looking forward to that event in May and subsequent tours or whatever you have in store for us so thank you very much for bringing this forward moving on our next order business is consideration of unscheduled public attendance I don't see anyone we only have staff in the auditorium here so I think we're okay there we have no public hearings tonight nothing under item six or scheduled timed items we have the consent agenda and now would be a time to pull anything yep go ahead counselor Stoner

Consent Agenda, Consideration of Council Committee Recommendations
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At the council meeting, the council discussed the Fortis BC proposed construction yard and the council committee recommendations, deciding that the motions need to be done independently. Council received reports for Fortis BC's proposed construction yard and workforce lodge temporary use permits, provided feedback, and directed staff to work with the applicant to resolve any issues prior to consideration by Council and The Province. There was public support for the motion to use the temporary use permit to build the Workforce Lodge to house pipeline workers to protect the tourism industry and prevent potential exploitation of local tenants. Councilor expressed concerns about the signals Squamish sends to potential investors and cautioned against creating new delays by suggesting alternatives such as a flotel. The organization's intention is not to create delays, and the timeline chosen by the proponents is the cause of the delays, not the organization. The council also discussed motions related to updating the official community plan, receiving the 40480 Tanless Road rezoning report, receiving the Short-Term Rental Regulation Year Two Program Review Report, and directing staff to proceed with the review of temporary use permit and short-term rental renewal applications. They also presented item nine A bylaws first three readings.

Jenna Stoner
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I'd like to pull correspondence B2 please

Armand Hurford
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okay B2 case yes counselor Anderson

Eric Andersen
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mayor Hereford I wish to pull item number B1 Canadian Federation of Independent Business correspondence thank you okay and

Armand Hurford
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we'll deal with those in the appropriate spot later in the agenda so I will entertain a motion to receive the consent agenda counselor Stoner and councilor Anderson seconds all those in favor motion carries unanimously thank you now we have some consideration of council committee recommendations so this goes back to our work last week and these all do need to be done independently so item one is the temporary use temporary use permit associated with the Fortis BC proposed construction yard and just looking to staff do I need to read the entire motions out as we go through each one or can I just go through them as they're listed on the agenda I'm assuming there's no way I can group them

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no you can't group them because people might have different considerations or conflict of interest and it is typical that you would read them out

Armand Hurford
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okay so this is for temporary use permit Tu 74 for the Fortis BC proposed construction yard the motion reads that Council received the Fortis BC construction yard temporary use permit report for information and provide feedback as discussed at this February 14 2023 committee the whole meeting and that Council direct staff to work with the applicant to resolve any comments prior to consideration of the temporary use permit kelser Stoner moves counselor pettingell seconds any discussion on this seeing none we did discuss it at length all of these at length last week so I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously next is temporary use permit 73 the Fortis BC proposed Workforce Lodge the council received the Fortis BC Workforce launch temporary use permit report for information and provides feedback as discussed at this February 14 2023 committee the whole meeting and that Council direct staff to work with the applicant to resolve all issues outlined and that a decision is made by the and the decision is made by The Province on fortis's environmental assessment Amendment prior to council consideration of the temporary use permit moved by councilor French second by councilor green law and you'd like to speak to a council French

John French
0:13:57 (0:01:25)

thanks mayor so I've spent this past week reflecting on our discussion of the temporary use permit from last Tuesday and I want to take a moment to share some thoughts on my support for the motion our staff time and energy is valuable and putting time and energy into a project that the environmental assessment office could potentially reject isn't smart also not smart is forcing pipeline workers to live in hotel rooms and potentially scarce rental Suites in our community if the proposed Workforce Lodge is rejected I support our tourism industry and I don't want tourists competing for hotel rooms with pipeline workers the best and highest use in my opinion of our hotel stock is for tourists with our rental vacancy rate as low as it is I worry that some landlords might look out onto the Horizon and contemplate evicting current service industry tenants to do very minor Renovations then advertise the units for rent again at potentially substantially higher rates which might seem quite reasonable to a well-paid out of town pipeline worker so I'm supporting this motion because I think it's the appropriate thing to do at this point and my support of this motion is an expression of support for the workforce lodge because I believe it's the best option for housing the pipeline workers who will be coming to our town

Armand Hurford
0:15:22 (0:00:07)

any other comments on this before I call the question found out counselor Anderson

Eric Andersen
0:15:30 (0:01:34)

oh sorry I did not support this resolution on the last occasion and I will be registering the same vote this time and my primary concern is the signals that we send as a community I share the concerns and that Council French has just articulated but during our discussion of this resolution there was Notions put forward by some of my colleagues that there may be other Alternatives a flotel was even mentioned and I think we should be very cautious about putting forward scenarios like that in the in that context there only is or may only be new dilemmas to resolve so it's my primary concern is the signals we send out we have some companies local companies and companies from outside of town wanting to invest in Squamish they have discussions is about our culture here in this town our receptivity to investment how we address private sector companies and what they bring forward so this is my concern as I registered no last time and I'm otherwise share the general concerns of council but just which is wish to register that we shouldn't be seen to be in the place of creating new delays and at this time at this juncture thank you

Armand Hurford
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I'll recognize that we've got counselor pettingell and then counselor Stoner we did discuss this at length last meeting but I'm happy to provide the space here so counselor Pettingill followed by stoner

Chris Pettingill
0:17:18 (0:00:24)

yeah and my understanding is that our discussion and decision was to you know we identified a number of challenges we had more information we wanted to find but we're not at a point where we're ready to make a decision and that you know weighing in on whether we think this is a good or a bad idea in general something that would happen after we have the information that we've asked for at the committee of the whole meeting

Armand Hurford
0:17:42 (0:00:02)

thank you counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:17:45 (0:00:34)

thank you through the chair I just want to respond to one of my colleagues comments that we can't be seen as creating new delays and I just want to be very clear that I don't think the intention around this table and definitely not my intention is to create delays we have had conversations with this proponent for many years and they didn't choose to bring forward a temporary use permit until recently and so I think it's unfair to suggest that in any way we would be seen as creating delays when this has not come from this table or this organization but rather the timeline that the proponents have chosen to put forward my thoughts thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you with that I'll call the question all in favor any opposed counselor Anderson opposes motion carries thank you the next piece is the downtown East-West cycling connector to Victoria Bridge topic so that and the motion is that the district update the official community plan related to the routing for the proposed protected bike Lanes from Main Street to Victoria Street as proposed in option two of the report from Community planning and sustainability dated February 14 2023. I will move that if there's a secondary counselor French seconds any comments call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you next we've got 40480 tanless Road mixed use development proposal and the motion is that Council receive the 4048 zero tanless road rezoning report from Community planning sustainability and incorporate feedback as provided during the February 14 2023 Committee of the whole meeting the end that prior to consideration of first reading a public information meeting be held and staff be directed to work with the applicant to resolve any comments provided by Council moved by counselor Stoner second by counselor French any comments on this one seeing now call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you next we have the two-year review of the short-term rental regulatory program and the motion is that Council received the short-term rental regulation year two program review report from Community planning dated February 14 2023 for information and that Council endorsed the revised short-term rental interim temporary use permit policy attached to the February 14 2023 Community planning report and direct staff to proceed with the review of temporary use permit and short temporary use permit short-term rental renewal applications as received and that staff be directed to initiate a fees and charges by law Amendment for short-term rentals let's move counselor French was at a second by counselor Stoner any comments all those in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you and next we have item nine a so bylaws first three readings and do we have a presentation for this we do or a verbal update yep okay the floor is yours please introduce yourself and the topic

Bylaws: First Three Readings - Advisory Design Panel Bylaw
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At the council meeting, Jonas proposed a hybrid meeting protocol and a requirement that applicants attend in person to the Advisory Design Panel By-Law in order to improve quorum and reduce technological challenges. This provision requires project applicants to attend in person, unless they are unable to do so due to extenuating circumstances, and with the approval of the director of community planning, rather than the chair of the advisory design panel. Speaker 12 highlighted the importance of considering climate adaptation when making changes, and suggested that further discussion is needed to address this issue in the strategic planning process. In the end, the motion to modernize the governing policies of the entity was unanimously approved, allowing for easier work that is important and valuable to the community.

0:21:25 (0:01:22)

thank you Council my name is Jonas the director of community planning and today I'm just bringing or presenting on behalf of Melissa an amendment to The Advisory design panel by law it's more of a housekeeping Amendment what we're proposing to do is establish a hybrid meeting protocol in the bylaw so that ADP members can attend either in person or virtually some have expressed interest attending in person but we do have ADP members that don't live in Squamish that represent different organizations and so they've seen this ability to attend electronically as a significant benefit and improves our Quorum at the meetings and the Second Amendment is to require the applicants to attend in person and this is just from experience seeing the technological challenges of applicants trying to put up their presentations in the meetings sometimes could cost you know 20 minutes or 15 minutes at the start of the meeting so it saves everyone time if the applicants are here where we can control the technology and that's it

Armand Hurford
0:22:48 (0:00:20)

okay thank you for that Council questions on this seeing none I'd be happy to entertain a motion moved by counselor Hamilton's second by counselor Stoner any comments do you want to speak to okay I'll go to counselor Anderson and then putting Gill

Eric Andersen
0:23:08 (0:00:37)

thank you mayor I just wanted to observe that the new provision or the um reaffirmed provision that I'll quote from it in person for development to the beginning project applicants must attend in person unless they are unable to do so due to extenuating circumstances and at the approval of the director of community planning I think this is very appropriate I also think it's appropriate that decision be made by the director of planning rather than the chair of the advisory design panel it's very important I think that the that these presenters be there in person thank you

Armand Hurford
0:23:46 (0:00:01)

thank you counselor pettingell

Chris Pettingill
0:23:47 (0:00:36)

yeah I think these changes make sense one thing and it's a tangent which was why you know not suggesting that we change this but it speaks to the things that the panel will consider I think that may need some review and I'm not sure if that's something we touched on our strategic planning or where that would happen in the process but I did note for example there's some attention to climate mitigation but not climate adaptation which seems fairly important for this role in terms of heat domes and so on and making sure that as structures go forward and so again it doesn't belong here in this discussion I think but I wanted to just flag that for a future discussion

Armand Hurford
0:24:24 (0:01:17)

thank you for that noted and we'll find a spot to discuss that in future I'm sure I'm seeing no other Hands-On comments I'll Venture mine I was happy to see this come forward and I think is a totally appropriate sort of modernization of the of the governing policies of this of this entity and I think that I hope that continues to sort of help with attracting retaining members of that of that group as well just make it easy to do that work that is quite important and valuable to our community so thank you for bringing this forward with that I'll call the question all those in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you very much next we're on to staff reports from Community planning and sustainability and I will turn it over to our staff please introduce yourself and the topic the floor is yours

Staff Reports, Council or Staff Announcements, Termination
0:25:14 (0:38:18)

At the council meeting, the District of Squamish discussed the curbside collection program for single-family homes, duplexes, and townhome complexes, which is no longer available to commercial and industrial properties. District staff will be sending letters with 9 weeks and 1 month notice of removal of services, and the District is moving towards combining different databases in IT software to ensure fairness across all businesses. The District also discussed an Amendment bylaw to adjust the maximum tax requisition for the Regional Invasive Species Control Services, and the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses' first annual Municipal Business Report. Lastly, they discussed the Squamish Cricket Club's request to be incorporated into the Brennan Park Fields and Lands Master Plan, the Squamish Community Foundation's Community Conversation Number Two, and the Local Government Learning Academy. Public comments supported the motion and recognized the importance of the Code of Conduct.

0:25:41 (0:03:35)

apologies I can't do technology and talk at the same time so thank you for your patience there we go all right good evening my name is Shannon White I'm integrated Solid Waste specialist at the District of Squamish and I'm here to present on the removal of commercial users on our residential curbside collection so the resolution that's in front of council is that Squamish the District of Squamish received for information the report dated February 21st 2023 from Community planning and infrastructure on the removal of commercial users from residential curbside collection so I wanted to provide a brief overview of our curbside collection and what that entails so for those who aren't familiar the curbside collection program in the district of Squamish is three stream Organics Recycling and garbage it's serviced by a five-year contract which is currently held by gfl which is green for life and IT services single-family homes and most of the duplex and townhome complexes within Squamish and it is financed by the solid waste utility fee which is paid on an annual basis by those who receive the service with regards to Commercial and Industrial and kind of the multi-family properties that are not captured by our current system so often that's apartment buildings for example they are required to contract directly with a private hauler by our Solid Waste utility bylaw we do not provide service we do not provide a hauling service for those this type of property so they are not part of our residential curbside collection system they often but not always have a centralized waste room so that's how you might identify them so why we're here today is that some commercial properties as per the BC assessment were originally serviced by our curbside collection when the program originated and have continually been part of our system we're never identified and thereby we are working towards removing them as we've just become aware of this and as per the Community Charter the district does have to remove these properties because we are not allowed to provide subsidization or assistance to one business over another and so District staff upon council's acceptance of the resolution or moving the resolution we will be mailing a letter to the property owners as well as hand delivering a letter to the tenants because there's not always direct communication between property owners and tenants we also be and they have two months or nine weeks notice and will also be delivering mailing another letter with one month notice as a kind of a warning or heads up that this is changing and gfl will be removing services at the end of April and with that I have the resolution again on the screen and I just want to say that on March 14th District of school staff will be coming forward with a full system overview of our Solid Waste Management zero waste circular economy so I'm happy to kind of provide a more robust discussion and information at that time just to have that on your radar so with that thank you

Armand Hurford
0:29:16 (0:00:06)

thank you very much council do we have any questions counselor French then Hamilton

John French
0:29:23 (0:00:20)

thanks mayor I saw no indication that in 2024 and years beyond that the solid waste fee won't be charged to the properties involved so will staff just confirm the property owners won't be charged the fee in future years

0:29:44 (0:00:13)

yes thank you through the mayor the yes once they are removed from our Solid Waste utility system they will no longer receive the annual fee charged to on their utility bills

John French
0:29:57 (0:00:34)

okay and I also saw no indication in any of the documentation of the offsetting costs for the district so is my conclusion correct there that there are offsetting costs here it's and so for context the amount of money brought in is about equal to the cost to empty the totes so meaning the amount of money that the district would be paying to gfl to empty those totes is about equivalent to the amount of money that the district would collect from the property owners in solid waste fees

0:30:32 (0:00:25)

thanks through the chair yes great question this is a cost neutral and revenue neutral initiative so the amount that we charge through our Solid Waste utility fee is sorry yes so the like the District of Squamish will not be paying more once we remove them from the solid waste utility

John French
0:30:57 (0:00:03)

great thanks mayor

Armand Hurford
0:31:00 (0:00:04)

thank you I have counselor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:31:04 (0:00:59)

thanks very much mayor Hereford I have a question about the timeline you said the totes be removed by the end of April and I'm wondering when I read the report it seemed to me like there was a very a reasonably compressed timeline for businesses to react and I imagine there are some that would be able to react within the timeline but perhaps some that might struggle to find the solution if the notice gets out to them two weeks late or something and then they happen to have their totes collected on April 17th it's going to be a short time period is there any scope for extending that time period considering they've been on this they've been unnoticed on our under on the radar for probably a few decades is there a harm in giving a little bit more leeway to these businesses who might need to spend a couple more weeks reacting to this

0:32:04 (0:00:54)

thank you through the chair so there was considerable discussion around the timeline at this point in time it was determined that two months was adequate the property owners but also the tenants in relationship with them will need to they do need to move their waste off their property they can self-hall to our landfill or they can contract with a private hauler and there are a couple of options now in town actually this is the timing is also linked with when our utility bills are distributed so they go out in may I want to say which is why the April 30th was we had to have a real start kind of cut off so there is that kind of link to the finance side of it

Armand Hurford
0:32:58 (0:00:04)

again okay counselor Greenland

Lauren Greenlaw
0:33:03 (0:00:13)

thanks the chair I was just wondering the district is going to be offering any guidance to these to these commercial users for how to move forward having their waste removed thanks

0:33:16 (0:00:48)

great thanks go through the chair great question so in the letter that is also there's an attachment in the resolution we do we did try to provide as much guidance as we can while we can't say You must contract or call so and so we're unable to do that we can kind of give them a couple of options and so it does say you know you can bring it to the landfill or find a hauler and here are all the other like the pieces of the Bible that you need to meet so you have to move the garbage off your property you can't just keep it forever on your property and there's a couple other stipulations in there as well as we provided contact information for any anyone who has follow-up questions staff are more than happy to talk to anyone that's been impacted by this thank you

Lauren Greenlaw
0:34:05 (0:00:02)

thanks yeah of course

Armand Hurford
0:34:07 (0:00:02)

thank you counselor

Chris Pettingill
0:34:09 (0:00:13)

Pena and just for contacts we're talking with commercial properties but with residential sized large bins as opposed to containers or something is that correct

0:34:23 (0:00:29)

thank you through the chair yes so these are businesses so they're we're being very black and white on who is impacted so these are properties who are classified as business Light Industry by the BC assessment who are currently have those three bins that I showed in the first image and our truck is going to people's houses and then stopping by their property and servicing as well

Armand Hurford
0:34:53 (0:00:31)

okay thank you any question just how this about how this came to light in the in the um in the report it says these properties have not been flagged before as utility information is in a different database in the BC assessment classification to require significant resources to manually assess and then it says in late spring 2023 the two systems will be combined so was this was preparation work for that combination is where these came to the surface it just I just didn't quite link those two concepts for me

0:35:24 (0:01:15)

great thanks through the mirror this was that's an excellent question this was an interesting thing that came to light so it actually came to light through conversations with our current contractor through gfl so as it says in the report to council our Utility Billing lives in one database and then um the BC assessment and all the property other sorry there's an actual name for this I don't work in finance apologies Finance team so the other database is kind of separate so to combine them and cross assess who's in both categories if that makes sense just take staff time and capacity which we've never dedicated to this six this action so that being said the District of Squamish is moving towards again combining different databases in It software and someone can speak to that more than I can but what will happen is that we will be able to see that same information in the same database probably I think April May is when we're looking at so

Armand Hurford
0:36:39 (0:00:11)

apologies if I butchered that's okay I see I see Miss Bachman pop up on our screen to I think you did great though but let's see do you have anything to add to that Miss Boxford

0:36:51 (0:00:19)

yeah through the chair thank you and Shannon did a fantastic job at wrangling all that so the taxes and utilities are implementing The Tempest system which will combine both of those databases so that will be worth coming in the next few months

Armand Hurford
0:37:10 (0:00:20)

okay and then the list of people that were that are being removed or and business entities that are being removed we arrived at that just in partnership with gfl rather than having done this assessment and them being combined is what prevents it from happening again is that is that what's happening here just to be clear

0:37:30 (0:00:52)

kind of so what's going to happen so through working with JFL once it became identified by gfl in conversations because we're it's in a contract we're actively managing because it provides such a service to the community we started to build out the list of who could be on who could be affected and then we dedicated staff resources to cross vetting that initial list so there were some properties for example that we in the initial kind of conversation list that we took off because they're classified as residential so that being said is that no businesses have been added recently at least probably in the last 10 years at least to the system so it's being done manually right now

Armand Hurford
0:38:23 (0:00:02)

okay thank you very much counselor

Andrew Hamilton
0:38:25 (0:00:29)

Hamilton have there been any has there been any communication yet with those businesses that will be impacted perhaps there's something in our databases that isn't somehow captured have they been asked or consulted at all I don't mean I don't mean ask for permission have they been informed yet

0:38:55 (0:00:34)

for the chair thank you also great Community question Communications extremely important to everyone at the District of Squamish including the Solid Waste Department and at this point in time no they have not they haven't received any communication we wanted to have this meeting first have it discussed here make sure we've identified the right channels and process and then we're going to be moving forward tomorrow letters are being put in the mail and hand delivered tomorrow morning so they're scheduled I should say to happen tomorrow morning

Armand Hurford
0:39:29 (0:00:03)

thank you yeah go ahead counselor

Jenna Stoner
0:39:33 (0:00:16)

thank you through the chair other than like age of business when they came became part of our system is there anything that's like unifying between these businesses are they home-based businesses or is it really just like a spattering of businesses across the district

0:39:49 (0:00:16)

thank you through the chair the businesses on the list to my knowledge none of them are actually home-based businesses they are all businesses within the community

Armand Hurford
0:40:05 (0:00:03)

thank you Council French

John French
0:40:09 (0:00:26)

mayor I'm just looking at the letter that's scheduled to go out and might want to have one last look at it before it goes in the paragraph that's titled last day of service it reads gfl will remove your all your totes I think there's an extra Yore in there that might want to come out before we hit send on that

Armand Hurford
0:40:36 (0:00:11)

okay fair enough so counselor Stoner is going to move the staff recommendation and I think councilor Hamilton seconds any further comments counselor Stoner than Hamilton yeah

Jenna Stoner
0:40:47 (0:00:45)

just briefly thanks to staff for their work on this and working with gfl to identify the challenge I think communication is key as you mentioned Miss White and I think nine weeks lead up is good and I appreciate the falsomeness that you've brought to your report in terms of due diligence of connecting with both the owners and the tenants of those buildings we do know that sometimes that's a disconnect I suspect we will hear about this I think one of the biggest pieces that is pertinent to me is fairness across all of the businesses in the community and legally we are not allowed to provide assistance to business and I think that's the right that we're trying to wrong here and recognizing that is the most important piece of this work so thanks for figuring it out and finding a good path forward

Armand Hurford
0:41:33 (0:00:02)

thank you councilor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:41:36 (0:00:50)

yeah thanks very much for bringing this forward I mean I'm sure that's amazing amount of data that we have and finding a handful of businesses that are on residential curbside collection seems like a needle in a Haystack to say the least I just yeah I'm so I'm completely supportive of the transition these commercial properties should be treated as commercial properties I just like to I hope that we do treat there may be some businesses in a particular situation and I have not being able to for some reason transition and I hope we can take we can acknowledge that we've had this service going for so long and this may be an unexpected change for them that hopefully we can assist them in accommodating thanks

Armand Hurford
0:42:26 (0:00:03)

thank you any oh sorry Council French

John French
0:42:30 (0:00:48)

thanks mayor I too am speaking in favor of the motion and counselor stoner's question about who's involved here had me thinking about some of the businesses that have enjoyed this service and some of the places and the one street that jumps out at me in particular is Industrial Way and on collection day there just should not be trucks on that street collecting those totes it creates a bit of a traffic not quite a nightmare but it's just not an appropriate Street to have totes so in some ways this is going to ease some traffic concerns in a few different areas so I'm speaking in favor of the motion

Armand Hurford
0:43:19 (0:01:29)

thank you any other comments before I Venture my own okay thank you staff for bringing this forward I'm speaking in favor of the motion I think it's not only appropriate that we do this but we it's necessary that we do this for the reasons outlined and assisting business so I'm happy to see these changes and I'm losing my voice and really I was right at the end as a short comment but no I'm very happy to see this move forward and I this will be a change for some folks in our community and they have enjoyed the benefits of this but they've enjoyed it for decades in some cases many decades according to the report so I'm comfortable with the amount of time that we've allowed for that to happen and how that aligns with the rest of our processes so thank you very much for that and with that I'll call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you so much and next up item 10a2 Squamish littlewood Regional District service establishment Amendment bylaws to adjust the maximum tax requisition for the regional invasive species control services do we have someone speaking to this or but is it just the just the report unto itself counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:44:48 (0:01:05)

thank you as one of the Squamish directors to the squamous Regional District I am happy to answer any questions that our Council colleagues may have about this um but this is really an administrative process from the squamous Regional District their budget works on a service area by service area which is slightly different than municipalities but every five years we have the opportunity to increase the maximum requisition that we can ask for under a select service area this is an administrative process as I mentioned it doesn't actually mean that the budget is going to increase to this amount it just allows the regional district to secure that much money if they so needed to but the regional district still hasn't gone through their budgeting process this just provides us the opportunity and for the specific cost center that we're talking about this evening is for the regional invasive species work which is the service area allows us to address invasive species at a regional level with area d as well as the District of Squamish

Armand Hurford
0:45:54 (0:00:01)

thank you for that context councilor

Lauren Greenlaw
0:45:56 (0:00:09)

Greenlaw counselor Stoner do you know if this includes marine species

Jenna Stoner
0:46:06 (0:00:15)

to my knowledge in the three years that I've sat in that seat we have not addressed marine species at this point it's directly on terrestrial invasive species

Armand Hurford
0:46:21 (0:01:00)

any other questions okay see none I'll look for entertain a motion councilor Hamilton moves and I will second any comments no with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you Council there is no late agenda items and no correspondence action requested however we do have two items of Correspondence referred from the consent agenda so we'll do them in the order that they appeared in the consent agenda just to create some order here so I believe it was counselor Anderson you pulled Item B so that's seven b one the Canadian Federation of Independent Business letter would you like to speak to

Eric Andersen
0:47:21 (0:03:03)

it yes thank you mayor Herford the letter concerns well it draws attention to the upcoming release of the Canadian Federation of Independent businesses first annual Municipal Business Report and it's a report that surveys findings from examination of eight cities across western Canada the smallest one being Kelowna but I'll come back to that and these cities are examined for their kind of in a report card format if you'd like but there's some recommendations that come from the report and they'll in three categories revenues and expenditures of course we do hear from small business Community around budget time and we do in my in my experience over the last two councils we do make the considerations that the cfib are calling for and perhaps we do better than some of those on the list here the another category is red tape reducing red tape one of the recommendations is Target timelines for processing times for licensing and permitting processing and I think that we do not a bad job here we have discussed this several times over the last couple of years and received fulsome reports from our director of planning and we are aware that our planning department does track these things and is able to provide kind of reporting and measurement on these yard six and the third category is small business friendliness and the one I'll draw attention here to is municipality should increase the excessive ability of their budget consultation process to accommodate small business owners and I feel here again we do a pretty good job we're pretty careful about considering our Communications program during budget time I'd like to come back however to the red tape category where there's extensive discussion in the report on business licensing and I feel that it is interesting enough such that I would like to recommend that we refer the report to our to staff and that staff's discretion perhaps directly to the economic development and planning departments who are involved in business licensing and in this section of the report smaller communities are referred to and their experience such as Langford on Vancouver Island there's a number of different approaches in business licensing permanent business licenses and Regional business licenses mobile business licenses all of which we have discussed here in council chambers over the last several years it's come up as a topic in presentations from Economic Development there may be some fresh ideas here at any rate inspiration for ongoing discussion on the topic of business licensing so for this reason because of the interest of that topic I feel I'd like to recommend and I'll put forward a motion that this letter and the cfib report be referred to staff and in that I am considering planning and economic development and if there's a secondary thank

Armand Hurford
0:50:25 (0:00:09)

you just to clarify your motion would it be to refer to staff for information or for a subsequent direct action from

Eric Andersen
0:50:34 (0:00:04)

your my intention mayor Hereford is simply for information okay

Armand Hurford
0:50:38 (0:00:30)

for their awareness thank you for that Clarity and with that is our secondary councilor French seconds any comments on this seeing Nano call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you very much and then now we're on to the letter that was originally lived in 7b2 which was from the Squamish Cricket Club and I think it was counselor Stoner pulled that one thank you

Jenna Stoner
0:51:09 (0:00:44)

yeah thank you who the chair I just wanted to highlight the correspondence that we received from Mr McCarthy and the Squamish Cricket club's request the Squamish Cricket Club didn't incorporate until after the Brennan Park fields and lands master plan came to be and so I think we kind of knew that might be the case when we did adopt the Brennan park fields and lands master plan that we were engaging with current users and there is a reality that there might be future users that would also need to be accommodated and so um I think this is one really prime example of that my hope this evening is that we could refer this correspondence to staff for a response as well as 2024 budget consideration and I will speak to it if it's seconded

Armand Hurford
0:51:54 (0:00:03)

consider French seconds go ahead Council Stone

Jenna Stoner
0:51:57 (0:00:54)

yeah just on the budget consideration front there is a budget ask in the proposal and my intent is not necessarily that budget amount goes to our 2024 budget I did have a chance to speak with Mr McCarthy and I think generally speaking our intent has always been that there is at least some level of matching funding when we talk about Recreation infrastructure and we know that there are a lot of stresses at Brennan Park and a lot of requests and so the Squamish Cricket Club is really interested in trying to do some fundraising for this and so we did have a similar example with the equestrian Society recently where they were able to get some Assurance from our staff that would allow them to pursue of funding opportunities through grants and I think something similar may be able to happen here but I would just like that to be considered as part of staff's response in 2024 budget considerations

Armand Hurford
0:52:51 (0:00:05)

thank you any other comments on this one go ahead counselor pettinghill

Chris Pettingill
0:52:57 (0:00:36)

I can support this I guess where we are now I actually hope to ask a question just under to understand where we are in the fields Master planning process and how we're incorporating new feedback I had a similar meeting with Mr McCarthy and you know it does sound like they are very eager and could bring some funds and I as I recall from our Fields discussion there was mention of cricket fields and so on so I'm not sure what's actually already in play and I wanted to kind of understand just where we are and how sort of going forward how we incorporate these sorts of things

Armand Hurford
0:53:33 (0:02:37)

thank you um I'm speaking in support of the motion I think this is um a good course of action as far as the matching fundings and so on I like the general concept I look forward to those discussions as we roll into our budget process I want to make sure that we sort of employ all the expertise on our staff to avoid a pickleball situation here and I think this motion sort of leads us in that in the correct direction so with that in mind I'll be supporting the motion so do you have another comment before or Council Hamilton okay with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much Council and that takes us through correspondence referred from the consent agenda we have no minutes referred from the consent agenda with any business arising for minutes none committee minutes and reports none any notice of motion seeing none now we're moving on to item 18 which is Council staff in-camera announcements we have one that didn't appear in our agenda package so I'll read I'll read it out so this is an in-camera announcement that the motion is that the District of Squamish execute a restrictive covenant at honeak Park and adjacent water Lots stating that the district will not sell land without registering a statutory right away for dike maintenance purposes based on terms and conditions attached to the report from Engineering Services dated February 21 2023 and the mayor and corporate officer be authorized to execute the restrictive covenant substantially in the form attached with that said this motion was a was around um the ongoing work to execute the diking project at honeak Park and that no that is the motion that we're Rising reporting on we don't need to vote on that that's done so that's moving on now to unscheduled public attendance we had none open question period open question period do you have any questions for us was you okay thank you and no one online Council or staff announcements go ahead cancer

John French
0:56:11 (0:00:38)

French thanks mayor I just wanted to share that the Squamish multi-faith organization hosted a multicultural day and it was held on Saturday the 11th at totem Hall the annual event like most events the last few years was on Hiatus until now the event was very well attended and all the faith groups or many of the faith groups in Squamish were represented at the event I wasn't there for long but the time that I was there certainly was it was great

Armand Hurford
0:56:49 (0:00:12)

all right thank you any other announcements okay I'll are you going for it I see you reaching for the mic but no hand okay counselor Anderson go ahead

Eric Andersen
0:57:02 (0:01:55)

thank you I had the pleasure of attending the vital signs event it's Community conversation number two organized by the Squamish Community Foundation and I'm aware that some of my colleagues had already participated in community conversation number one a couple of years or a couple of months ago this is the third Vital Signs exercise that the community has engaged in LED This Time by squamous Community Foundation but by other agencies earlier and I think it only gets better as far as the exercise of bringing community members together and engaging in a number of exchange of ideas around a number of topics is the best session that I've attended in among the last three and I have to reflect that the mood was rather pessimistic there was a lot of younger people there A lot of younger people including working for some of the local Social Services agencies with in particular housing issues and how will they manage to stay in Squamish the community that they've been in for a while come to love and so that was a major theme housing issues but it wasn't the only theme and I said and I pass on this observation about it was a as a little bit of a pessimistic mood is that when we have announcements that we are in Canada's number one this and that we should keep in mind that there's other perspectives and other measures for how we're doing so it was a reminder that there's there are a lot of challenges for people in the community and the vital signs it was it only gets better as a an opportunity to reflect on these and chart a new course in a number of areas thank you

Armand Hurford
0:58:57 (0:00:01)

thank you counselor pettingo

Chris Pettingill
0:58:59 (0:01:33)

yeah a few of us I guess it was two weeks ago now attended lgla local government Learning Academy I think is that acronym Leadership Academy we did a lot of learning or at least I did so that's where the they all came in for me I guess but it is basically a lot a lot of sessions on the legal Frameworks and the sort of role and powers of being a municipal counselor I think some of us had gone before but it is you know recognizing that a lot of people come onto council with no experience on being a counselor it's a really great place to learn about and to refresh your knowledge of your duties and your powers and so on and also to Network and hear what other communities are doing and I just want to highlight that mayor Herford and our CIO Linda glende were on a panel featured on the panel about District of squamishes code of conduct I think we've said it before but many municipalities are struggling with this and Squamish is a real leader in the space so it was good to hear that talk and my other colleague counselor Stoner who's the co-chair of the BC social procurement initiative which again Squamish has done some excellent work there and continues to there's a short little introduction to the delegates there on that so it's always great to see Squamish punching well above its weight and having us there and learning as well so thank you to all my colleagues who to put forward those efforts there

Armand Hurford
1:00:33 (0:02:54)

thank you any other comments I've got a couple like Council penngill just stole the my thunder for the lgla conference which is totally fine it was great to attend and not a lot of people do this work so it's really good to connect with folks working on all sorts of interesting things as well as well as some newly elected people that um are trying to find trying to find their way it was a pleasure to be able to present on the panel with Miss glende on the code of conduct work and you know that triggered a lot of conversations sort of around the conference after for me they came with all sorts of stories about why particular municipalities would benefit from a strength and code of conduct so I'm happy to have been part both last term and this term of councils that are functioning at a at a high level and can have respectful debates so it was a great to sort of give pause and consider that and I then was actually looking through my calendar to see it was noteworthy and if it's been a lot a lot of sort of just general meetings but I think something that really stood out for me is on Thursday it was the 16th of February I was able to attend the poet next door event this is their seventh edition I don't know if anyone in this room's been yet I highly encourage you to go to go to the next event it does happen monthly and it was at Zephyr and just local people getting up and performing their poetry and the people presenting and the audience were just so open to the experience and everyone was so open and really vulnerable in what they shared there was very it was a great event and I really encourage you to go to go and check it out and as it comes forward and just congratulations to the organizers there and really creating a amazing Community very supportive and giving a platform themselves for people to bring their and their perspectives forward in our community and it's I'd never witnessed that before in Squamish it was really remarkable and yeah and with that and you see no other updates we'll move on to we have we don't have a motion to close tonight so termination counselor stoner and counselor Greenlaw seconds all those in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much everybody