Special Business Meeting - 28 Feb 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.A.i: Festivals, Fairs and Events Recovery Fund
4.i: Recommendations from the Committee of the Whole: February 28, 2023
Special Business Meeting - February 28, 2023
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At the special business meeting, the council discussed the importance of providing formal letter of support for both not-for-profits and for-profit entities, and unanimously passed a motion to ratify the proposed lmlga resolutions for the upcoming conference. The council also discussed the need to enable electrification through Community climate action plans and Municipal energy and Emissions plans, and the lack of funding/incentives to support electrification in existing residential/commercial/institutional building retrofits. They requested coordination with the Province, BC Utilities Commission and BC Hydro to understand readiness to meet electrification requirements. There was also discussion around a motion to increase accountability of property tax dollars from places of worship and make local government more hands-on, and a request for the Province to require robust and detailed Workforce housing plans as part of approval process for large infrastructure projects. Finally, they requested provincial regulation of temporary workforce accommodation to be expanded beyond basic servicing environmental requirements, and for monitoring, evaluation and accountability to be expanded for specific recommended mitigation measures. Public comments were in favor of the motion.

Armand Hurford
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experience well okay welcome to the special business meeting which looks a lot like the committee of the whole and we are back from Recess so what we'll do is we'll actually start with the we've already adopted the agenda so we'll start with this the staff reports so community services around the festivals fairs and events Recovery Fund is there someone to presenters speak on this or is it just to the where we're just going to move the motion is that okay it's moved by Kelsey Stoner and seconded by councilor French would you like to speak to it Sarah is online if we did if we have any at this point if there's any clarifications around the comments but do you want to go ahead counselor summer

Jenna Stoner
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no I was just gonna say I am excited to see that some of our community events and organizations will be taking advantage of applying for the BC fairs and festivals and events fund to hopefully help support their recovery and escalating costs for the coming year

Armand Hurford
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sorry I'm not having yet switched from Camino Hall I raise my hand for myself but I'm chairing this meeting I'm also I'm supportive of this I think this fund is great and getting this letter of support formalized enough that we can provide it to our not just our not-for-profits but our for-profit entities that operate in this space I think is important so I will be supporting thank you and without a call any other comments so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you for joining us Miss Morris whoever she's okay now we've got two recommendations from the committee the whole from February 28th so the meeting we just finished look and I'm just going to staff we have we did some work around the lmlga resolutions there was also the is do we want to at this time as well do anything do we have to do anything with the three summits piece it was a tup in there nope that that'll come to us at a regular in Future Okay so the piece to be ratified is our proposed lmlga resolutions for the up for the upcoming conference and with that we're going to do each one separately um and so I'll just sort of run through the list I'm just going to check with a corporate officer did I just do the titles or should I run through the whole the whereas is and the therefore with

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it technically you should read each one of them individually but you do need to put the that beginning part first and it's that Council supports submitting the following resolutions to the Lower Mainland government Association for considering at the annual general meeting to be held May 3rd 2023 and then you would and then you've got each of the

Armand Hurford
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okay I'll just look at her to our minute ticker you've got that wording okay so that we're gonna move these we're gonna recommend that we move these to the to the lmlga conference as but with the specific wording that's captured by our minute taker so with that I'll move through these and I will read them I'll read them out into individually all the way through with whereas Clauses just so that we there's Clarity for those watching at home that don't have the documentation in front of them so the proposed resolution number one is titled understanding BC hydro's electrification capacity so whereas BC municipalities are moving quickly to enable electrification through Community climate action plans and Municipal energy and Emissions plans and whereas there is currently a lack of funding or incentives to support electrification in existing residential commercial and institutional building retrofits and a lack of certainty that the electrical Grid in British Columbia has the capacity to accommodate the anticipated electrical demand that will result from future retrofits therefore be it resolved that the lmlga and ubcm coordinate with the province BC Utilities Commission and BC Hydro regarding the needs the need for communities to understand BC hydro's Readiness to meet the electrification requirements and to support electrification in retrofits in order for communities to meet climate action goals would okay are you moving that so counselor pettingell moves seconded by councilor French I think we've discussed this I don't see any other comments so all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you and Mrs were you saying that am I going too far with the drink it okay sorry I just I was getting some mixed messages out there so all right the next up is permissive tax exemptions for religious organizations is the title I'll read it out whereas stature statutory tax exemptions are automatically granted and applied to recipients while municipalities are given the choice of whether or not to apply a permissive tax exemption as well as set other parameters and limitations around permissive exemptions such as size duration percentage of budget and establish applicate establish applications processed and benefit tests to maximize the public benefit derived from permissive tax exemptions and whereas municipalities lack the ability to control the size and allocation of statutory tax exemptions which can constitute a significant portion of Municipal budgets a statutory tax and statutory tax exemptions for places of worship are granted in perpetuity therefore be it resolved that lmlga and ubcm Lobby the provincial government to amend the Community Charter to move the tax exemption granted to places of public worship under the statutory section 220 1H to the permissive section 224 2. I'll move that and I'll speak to it if it's second it moved to counselor French second by counselor Hamilton go ahead Council

John French
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French thanks and just further to my comments earlier one of the biggest aspects for me of this Motion in this move is accountability with our property tax dollars this if it happens makes a local government more Hands-On with property taxation that comes from places of worship and I think that is good for everybody and I also want to point out that from here this will be a very long process so if there's anybody that's listening to this and has fears about this moving forward I want to point out that this is very early in this process and if there is anybody that has feedback on this motion I'm happy to hear that feedback and I'm sure everybody at this table would be open to hearing any feedback on moving this to LM LGA thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you any other comments on this seeing none I'll call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you we're halfway there team the next the next one is titled large infrastructure projects impacts on housing crisis and it reads whereas the province has acknowledged that there is a housing crisis affecting communities across all of British Columbia and has chosen to take unprecedented actions to address this challenge by looking for opportunities and taking action to deliver long-term housing Supply and whereas large infrastructure projects mandated or approved by the province put immense pressure on available housing rental and ownership stock in community as well as tourism infrastructure by requiring significant number of temporary workers without appropriate Workforce housing plans as a requirement of project approval therefore be it resolved that the lmlga and ubcm request the province require robust and detailed Workforce housing plans integral to the to the approval process for large infrastructure projects to address and minimize the cumulative impacts of temporary Workforce housing on communities and deliver a positive housing Legacy I will move that if there's a sector counselor Anderson I'll be brief we've we have we've discussed these before I think this is the missing piece and we're seeing the we're currently dealing with the sort of the consequence of not having a policy such as this in place I think there's an opportunity for these large infrastructure projects to leave a positive housing Legacy in the in their wake instead of a community that is that's just had a sort of been run over by unaffordable unaffordability challenges but to have the proponents and these projects address this in a meaningful way it needs to live somewhere where it can be mandated and part of the approval process so I think this is thank you in advance for your support of this I look forward to the discussion at lmlg and hopefully ubcm any other comments counselor penango

Chris Pettingill
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just very quickly in my comments apply to this and the next one I think I appreciate these resolutions I think they're critical for me just to be clear though this does not from my perspective alleviate the need to deal with our current situation this is not an alternative to what we're facing we need to do this Lobby for this and find a better resolution to the challenges we're currently facing in our community

Armand Hurford
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thank you for that and I agree with that sentiment so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you and our fourth and fun our fourth piece here is the large infrastructure project impacts on public safety and it reads whereas in 2019 BC enacted the Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples Act and the national inquiry to missing and murdered indigenous women and girls found that indigenous women and girls experienced violence as a result of industrial work camps in proximity to their communities and whereas large infrastructure projects mandated or approved by the province are in the planning construction operation and closure phases across BC significant number numbers of temporary workers are required to reside in or near communities to execute these projects and the provincial government has committed to addressing the public safety concerns of British Columbians therefore be it resolved that the lmlga and ubcm request the provincial regulation of temporary Workforce accommodation be expanded Beyond basic servicing environmental requirements and at the monitor the monitoring evaluation and accountability be expanded for specific recommended mitigation measures to minimize impacts on local communities including but not limited to gender-based violence moved by counselor Pettingill I'll second I think to me this speaks for itself and I'm happy to support it so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you and Council we discussed in committee the whole the um the motion around the epr for a newspaper so I'll go through the same process here and because we didn't formally make a recommendation in that in that Avenue we can vote on or do we have if I see nausea on table I can move to just not do this part of we're just not gonna I wasn't gonna actually go I wasn't gonna put this forward I believe our discussion led to a to stepping back from this one I'm seeing nods around the table so we just want to entertain that one in this in this process and is that a question Council Stone no motion determining by Counselor Center second bike Council Hamilton all in favor motion carries thank you so much everyone for your work today