Regular Council - 21 Mar 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: Proclamation Request: Sexual Assault Awareness Month - April 2023
3.ii: Proclamation Request: Lyme Disease Awareness Month - May 2023
7.A: Staff Recommendation:
7.A.i: Special Business Meeting: March 7, 2023
7.A.ii: Regular Business Meeting: March 7, 2023
7.A.iii: Committee of the Whole: March 14, 2023
7.A.iv: Special Business Meeting: March 14, 2023
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7.B.i: 0106 Mayor Hurford to Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, Re WLNG Decision
7.B.ii: 0306 R. Simons, President, Howe Sound Biosphere Region Initiative Society, Re Howe Sound Community Forum Letter
7.B.iii: 0309 Councillor Cole-Hamilton, City of Courtenay, Re Letter to Mayor and Council
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8.i: Recommendations from the Committee of the Whole: March 14, 2023
9.A.i: District of Squamish Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 2012, 2007, Amendment Bylaw (Short-term Rentals Update) No. 2958, 2023
9.A.ii: District of Squamish 2023-2027 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 2941, 2022 Amendment (Carry Forward) Bylaw No. 2961, 2023
10.A.i: Union of British Columbia Municipalities Community Emergency Preparedness Fund Grant Applications
11.i: Lower Mainland Local Government Association Resolution Discussion
- Welcome, Proclamation Requests: Sexual Assault Awareness Month - April 2023, Lyme Disease Awareness Month - May 2023
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[4338] The District of Squamish held a regular business meeting where the agenda was adopted and a proclamation request for Sexual Assault Awareness Month was discussed. [4339] The Women's Center requested April to be proclaimed as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and shared that their Traverse project serves all genders throughout the corridor 24/7. [4342] They received historical calls during the pandemic, have an amazing team of sexual assault nurse examiners, and provide support after an assault through education and posters in bars and events. They are also applying for new funding. [4345] The Women's Center is planning events and projects for Sexual Assault Awareness Month with a focus on consent. [4355] A proclamation request for Lyme disease awareness month in May 2023 was unanimously carried, but lighting up facilities green as requested was not possible. [4356] The recommendation was made to proclaim the main awareness day for Lyme disease on May 3rd, citing the efforts of Dr. Kindry and its impact on the Squamish community.

Armand Hurford
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thank you and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish today is Tuesday March 21st 2023 and as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional unseated territory of the Squamish Nation I have a new Council I have a new step in the Pro in the process here so here we go please be advised that this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the district Squamish website following the meeting if you have any concerns please notify please notify the corporate officer present at the meeting just so everyone knows they're on they're on camera could I have someone move adoption of the agenda please counselor French and a counselor Greenlaw all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you very much our first order of business under delegations is a proclamation request regarding Sexual Assault Awareness Month and we have someone to present to us so please come on up and you have five minutes to address accounts please start by introducing yourself on your topic and you have five minutes to dress code great thank you

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good evening mayor and Council I'm Susie soman and I've come to you tonight from the women's center and also one of the Project Lead for our Traverse project which is a sexual assault response program we are asking that you Proclaim April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month as we feel that this is a really important topic to get out to our community and April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month throughout Canada and it was really great that we got to have our first Proclamation with Squamish last year so as we're preparing for this year we're doing it again and actually throughout the corridor of course sexual assault response to something and prevention is really hard to talk about but it's very important we're a growing Community sexual assault happens in all places in all areas and Traverse is a project that support all genders throughout the corridor 24 7 actually there's a team of five of us that support throughout the corridor and we make sure that if somebody calls us we're there to help I don't know I don't know if you have any questions I could go on forever about this but also I'm being recorded and suddenly feel a little nervous that's my voice also I'm not asking for money which is a really great thing because I've presented to council many times for that and that makes you way more nervous really we just want your support and I'll put it to you

Armand Hurford
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thank you very much for your comments and um I I understand being nervous on camera it does take some getting used to I have to say and thank you for the work that you do counselors questions I see some from counselor French

John French
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thanks mayor you you mentioned Traverse project you spoke a little bit about it I'd never heard of it until I saw the application to appear so I did a little bit of checking into it I wonder if you might take a few seconds to tell us a little bit about just what the Traverse project is

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but so as I said we work throughout the corridor we do have a participants 24 7 number that can call and we may get a call from the emergency department the RCMP or the Survivor themselves depending on what that situation is then puts us in motion um and we you know can present with somebody in the hospital we have an amazing team of sexual assault nurse examiners that work throughout the corridor so they may call us as well but typically we're there before they are we the RCMP and Whistler call can call I got a call July long weekend and the RCMP said you know what this girl just really needs a mom I hope you're a mom and I was like I am and she's in luck and I'll be there in 45 minutes so those are the kind of things we get she was a newcomer to Whistler she was out of town mom was in Nova Scotia we were able to connect them on the phone before we were at the hospital so just some you know we have snacks we really just kind of surround them with support and do what we can after an assault of course one of the other things is education so we were at the constellation Festival last year we were we have posters in the bars often they get taken down but we put them back up Squamish is really starting to have an Entertainment District if we want to call it that but there are definitely bars open later since covet so we respond on to that also the project started in 2020 which was right in the pandemic and at that time we were getting a lot of people were by themselves they had lots of time to think we got a lot of historical calls around historical abuse and how they might deal with that so we were able to provide connect them with Services sometimes far away sometimes close but we really just pivot and turn to whatever that person may need we did just have to apply for new funding fingers crossed but you know that's how it works we had really great Federal funding for three years that funding's now being spent we've just have applied for provincial funding and we should be hearing about that in the next couple months

Armand Hurford
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thank you very much Council any other questions go ahead counselor

Jenna Stoner
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yeah thank you through the chair thanks for your presentation for being here this evening and all your work on this really important topic thank you I'm curious it outlines a few weekly themes in your application to appear before Council and weekly social media posts is there anything that we can do to help amplify some of the communications that will come out during sexual awareness

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well we absolutely share those posts if you see them if you don't follow the Women's Center on Facebook already I do know that week two are prevention of violence against people will be our clothesline projects so there'll be a presentation at pearls in Pearl's windows and actually businesses throughout we will be hosting a decorate your own t-shirt to hang for the clothesline project so that can be done you can you know talk about that importance with your kids your family with anyone that may violence May touch our theme for Sexual Assault Awareness Month is consent is Sexy and I should have brought you all stickers tonight but you can now come to the Women's Center and we'll give you a sticker or a bag and we know that's a really provocative title but we believe that consent is key and the more that we can talk about that the better it is for all of our people

Armand Hurford
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thank you so much thank you any other questions councilor stoner

Jenna Stoner
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I was going to move the staff recommendation that April 2023 be proclaimed as Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the district of Squamish

Armand Hurford
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thank you are you seconding that counselor Hamilton would you like to speak to it

Jenna Stoner
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just briefly again thanks for being here and for all the really hard work that you do but it's extremely important and valuable there's one stat that you shared that sexual assault is the only violent crime in Canada that is not decreasing with time and I think one of the main ways that we can start to address this is really to bring awareness to it and to start talking about it and so I'm happy to be able to support this motion to Proclaim April as a month for awareness on sexual assault thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you Council any other comments on this go ahead counselor Pena yeah

Chris Pettingill
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I just want to thank the Women's Center for the just incredible and important work you do throughout the whole Corridor it's a lot of really important events and the I've been to a number of events just welcoming new people and the Declaration there is I believe it's in December about remembering Montreal is that and so just seeing the community and the support for everyone that comes together the center is fantastic so thank you and happy to support this great

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that's so great take care

Armand Hurford
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thank you so much and with that um I I will also add my voice of thanks to all the work that um that the Women's Center does it's very important work in our community I'm happy to support this Proclamation and as well as doing what we can to support the other endeavors of the organization so thank you so much with that I'll call the question all in favor

0:09:34 (0:00:01)

thank you

Armand Hurford
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very honest it carries unanimously thank you so much and thank you for coming and spending some time with us this evening yeah and next we have another Proclamation request although we don't have anyone speaking to it this is around Lyme disease Awareness Month for May 2023. there was a request just worth noting there was a request to light up I believe it was purple was the was the color however green sorry green and we don't have the ability to do that at our facilities at this point but we can still make the proclamation that go ahead counselor Anderson

Eric Andersen
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yes mayor Hereford I'd like to move this request and I'll speak to it if there's a second here okay I'll set I'll second it go ahead Council thank you there is in fact an important squamous chapter in the ongoing efforts to raise awareness around Lyme disease I'm going to quote from a 2009 press release titled Dr Laverne kindry of Squamish invested it as a member of the Order of Canada and a paragraph in that press release goes as follows independently Dr kindri conducted field work that led the provincial government to declare Lyme disease endemic to this region this region being British Columbia this resulted in many people being diagnosed and treated after years of suffering his efforts helped to Spur the creation of the Canadian Lyme disease Foundation well to quote for Mandy Shepard our correspondent from and volunteer BC lime non-profit Society it is directly impacting people in our community indeed it is so I'm happy to recommend this Proclamation the main Awareness Day according to the letters on May 3rd and I do hope that here at the District of Squamish will participate in this awareness campaign thank

- Consent Agenda, Consideration of Council Committee Recommendations
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[4363] The council discussed and passed various motions. [4364] One speaker suggested investigating the use of explicit dates on signs for development variance permits and development permits. There was some uncertainty about the public's ability to request public hearings and changes to the requirements for such hearings. [4375] Another speaker proposed a new motion requiring clear communication through physical signage regarding public requests for a public hearing. [4390] The meeting achieved a successful vote on an amendment and the main motion regarding district fees and charges bylaw amendment and short-term rental update, with a discussion on the importance of paying attention to signage in communicating regulatory changes.

Armand Hurford
0:11:30 (0:00:39)

you thank you for that context okay see no other no other hands I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously next up we have a consideration of unscheduled public attendance if anyone has an issue that they feel is urgent in nature and can't wait until the next council meeting seeing none moving on we have no public hearings we have no sort of scheduled timed items today we're on to the consent agenda it also this will be a time if you want to um well any minutes or correspondence counselor pinnago

Chris Pettingill
0:12:09 (0:00:13)

I wanted to pull letter 7b3 from Courtney

Armand Hurford
0:12:22 (0:00:06)

okay and anyone else have anything to pull from the consent agenda

Jenna Stoner
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Armand Hurford
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with that could I have someone move the consent agenda please Council Hamilton and counselor French all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you next we're on to item eight consideration of council committee recommendations and these were recommendations from committee the whole from March 14th and do I need to just quickly confirm a stuff do I need to read these individually or can or do we just oh

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there's three separate talks and there's this one if you wanted to do those together okay

Armand Hurford
0:13:05 (0:01:08)

so we'll do these by topic so the first one was our Squamish motion counselor Stoner moves all second all in favor motion carries thank you next we have the Tran the emotions around transit in general so there's all five of them we'll move them as a as a block counselor French and counselor Stoner all in favor motion carries unanimously and next we have the motion around the delegation of Authority for minor development variance permits and removing default requirements for public hearings for zoning bylaw amendments if someone like to move that one customer Hamilton if you if it's if you're making this sorry if you're moving this then we need to be seconded for discussion then you can speak to it okay so councilor Anderson seconds go ahead counselor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:14:13 (0:01:18)

thanks very much so yes indeed I was very I'm supportive of the development variance permits and removing default requirements for public hearings and Zoning bylaw amendments I would just like to upon reflection following the committee of the whole meeting I recognize that there's a there's a connection between something that a member of the public noticed in a public hearing and I've seen that I'd like to see if we can try to resolve and it's regarding our Land Development procedures by law in section five dictates what we put on the signs of our development variance permits and our development permits and I'd like to investigate the possibility of having the dates written explicitly on those signs and when I say the date I mean the deadline for public requests for public hearings having that date explicitly written so I'd like to understand where I might be able to either I don't know if that's an amendment to this motion or if there's any feedback that council could have on that

Armand Hurford
0:15:32 (0:00:46)

okay Miss Glendale would you like to chime in on this one in the middle we have a motion on the floor but we have a comment that has a question which has informed an amendment yet but I'm just wondering where to me this would be a amend the motion to include maybe in investigating that part further or something to your to along those I just want to make sure that we're that we're not being too we're being specific enough to provide Direction but not overly specific as to what the outcome is so but I'll if you feel that you've got that crafted then go ahead yeah so you want

Andrew Hamilton
0:16:18 (0:00:36)

me to the amendment and I can send it as well by email so it would be that and that staff consider amendments to section five of the Land Development procedures by law sign and posting notifications section to require that the deadline for public requests of a public hearing be written on the information sign required in section 5.1 if no public hearing is required for the application then the sign must communicate that no public hearing will be

Armand Hurford
0:16:55 (0:00:25)

held I'll I guess do we need the emotion seconded to be able to speak to it so while looking for a second or for this for this motion counselor Greenlaw okay is there any additional context you want to provide before we go to the group for comments on the amendment

Andrew Hamilton
0:17:20 (0:00:29)

at this point I think it's in my reason for bringing this motion forward is I think it's really important that we are very clear with the public and transparent with the public when we can receive information when they can give us feedback and I think that having our the date the deadline for that posted on our signs when folks walk by is a valuable piece of transparency

Armand Hurford
0:17:50 (0:00:07)

okay cancel any other comments on this before I Venture mine go ahead Counselor Center

Jenna Stoner
0:17:57 (0:00:29)

yeah I will support the amendment and the motion as amended I think it makes good sense the original motion was to direct staff to prepare Land Development procedure by law amendments more generally so my guess is that there probably would have been opportunity for that to come back but I think this makes it explicit and clear to consider that section of the procedures by law for consideration

Armand Hurford
0:18:27 (0:00:02)

thank you councilor French

John French
0:18:29 (0:00:14)

thanks mayor and speaking in support of bringing the amendment I think that this type of clarity to our signage has the potential to be a great thing good thing and productive so I will be supporting the

Armand Hurford
0:18:44 (0:00:04)


Chris Pettingill
0:18:49 (0:00:45)

yeah so I guess the one thing I'm not sure right now you can request a public information meeting but not a public hearing I think we had discussion about changing the requirement for a public hearing I don't know how deep we got into whether or not the public could request a public hearing like they can in public information I think there's a touch on that a little bit this seems to assume we had gone in that direction I'm not sure if we landed on an expectation that in some cases are all cases where public hearing was no longer required this public could still request it and so then how would this fall into that I'm sort of wondering

Armand Hurford
0:19:34 (0:01:43)

thank you the motion as I as I read it you're right does say sign to require that a deadline for public requests for a public hearing be written on the information sign I think currently the policy would be around public information meetings so I I'm going to propose a friendly Amendment from the hip here that the policy so Council directs after repair Land Development procedures bylaw that whole piece and I think it would be more um that specific attention be given to communicating through the physical science I don't want to be prescriptive as to what that is so I think at this point we should defeat the amendment and we'll go for a more General one because I think we're being a little bit too prescriptive but I think we can get there in the in the end and I think that I don't think the wording quite Nails where we are and we're and sort of foreshadows where we may get to so I think that whatever the policy that should be clearly communicated through the signage so I support that but I don't think this motion is nails that and then when staff brings it forward we'll the Amendments to the to the bylaw then we know that we'll be looking specifically at the signage to make sure that it addresses our concerns about clearly communicating what the steps are so or you could withdraw the motion is the other way to do that we could I would be voting against this one for those reasons and have another one or it could be withdrawn and we could Venture a different motion that may get us there it's up to the Mover

Andrew Hamilton
0:21:18 (0:00:03)

all right so I'll give a second go you could or

Armand Hurford
0:21:22 (0:00:10)

you could you could retract it and withdraw my motion do you have a okay would you have an additional

Chris Pettingill
0:21:32 (0:00:03)

sorry I think it's been seconded so

Armand Hurford
0:21:35 (0:00:13)

was it seconded it was seconded so does the secondary sorry this is yeah is it just the Mover or the secondary as well

Lauren Greenlaw
0:21:49 (0:00:05)

yes I do

Andrew Hamilton
0:21:54 (0:00:41)

that staff consider amendments to section five of the Land Development procedures by law to require that the deadline for public for receiving public information for no for receiving any public requests regarding the development be written on the information sign required by section five one it's the date of any Pub the dates that we will accept any public requests or information that's what is important to be on that sign

Armand Hurford
0:22:36 (0:00:17)

okay I think is there a second or for this new motion we will go to the minute taker Justice to see what we are what we're understanding here and then we can double check with the Mover that is what we're discussing sure did you get

0:22:54 (0:00:22)

I'm probably going to need some help with this but pursuant to section five of the Land Development procedures by large required that the deadline for receiving any public requests be written on the sign required by section 5.

Armand Hurford
0:23:16 (0:00:22)

is there a second here for the motion okay seeing none we're back to the main to the main motion and I'm going to venture one myself that I think will get or counselor green

Lauren Greenlaw
0:23:38 (0:00:07)

my I guess my sticking point was any public request I felt like there was supposed to be a little bit more flushing out there

Armand Hurford
0:23:45 (0:00:56)

yeah I I'll try and I'm open to others and I'm open to other suggestions I think we can I think we can get there though I would say that the staff that staff in their review consider changes to the Land Development procedures by law regarding signposting and notification to ensure that form of communication is as effective as possible in communicating the status of the project counselor stoner I'm seeing none for that attempt okay was listen you're gonna try okay we're trying go ahead

Jenna Stoner
0:24:42 (0:00:30)

fourth time's a charm that staff consider amendments to section five of the Land Development procedures bylaw signposting and notification in line with other changes proposing to be made and considering deadlines for public requests of information yeah

Armand Hurford
0:25:12 (0:00:04)

I'll second would you take to speak to it

Jenna Stoner
0:25:17 (0:00:17)

I hope it gets everybody's comments into one motion that is clear enough for staff to action given that I think that this is coming out of Committee of the whole and there will be opportunity for further refinement when the actual amendments the bylaw come forward

Armand Hurford
0:25:34 (0:01:25)

foreign thank you I think this gets us where we need to be I think it's important that particularly anytime a regulation changes that we pay particular attention to how it's being communicated as it may be a change for the public so I think it's important to pay particular attention to the signage as it is sort of one of the first things that folks notice when a sign goes up in their neighborhood so I think this is important I'll be looking forward to seeing how that's Incorporated when this comes back to us so this is the vote now just on the amendment if there's no further comments on the Amendments all in favor motion carries thank you and then on the back to the main motion any comments no I will call the question all in favor motion carries as amended thank you for coming on that Journey with us next bylaws for first three readings we have District fees and charges by law amendment by law for short-term rentals update so I will pass it over to our staff to introduce themselves and the topic over to you

- Bylaws: First Three Readings (Short Term Rental Updates)
0:26:47 (0:15:05)

In the council meeting, Brian Daly presented an update on the fees and charges bylaw pertaining to short-term rentals [4391]. The main concern of the licensee regarding the high licensing fees and utility charges was addressed through proposed amendments, which included prorating business license application fees and eliminating utility fees for STR accommodations [4391]. One speaker discussed their plan to lower barriers for entry and increase enforcement efforts through amendments to temporary use permits [4394]. Several speakers questioned the high business licensing fees compared to those of other businesses, and the $3000 non-principal residence fee was found to be designed to encourage the use of secondary suites into the rental market [4403][4404]. While the need for further enforcement efforts and understanding of the file was acknowledged, the changes made were found to be responsive to community feedback [4410][4412][4414]. The council hopes to remove barriers for program participation through the refinement of fees and charges and will introduce a finance team amendment to the Five-Year financial plan [4417].

0:27:00 (0:03:28)

thank you mayor Hereford good evening mayor council my name is Brian Daly I'm a planner with Community planning I'm here tonight to present a fees and charges by law update related to short-term rentals at the February 14th Committee of the whole meeting Council directed staff to initiate fees and charges by a law Amendment for short-term rentals during the year 2 Str program review the main licensee concern was that Str licensing fees and utility charges are unreasonably high and were noted as a barrier to licensing compliance in particular principal residence license holders noted utility fees are especially high with some comparing them the fees amount to a double charge given that the dwelling unit is being used for Str while the principal residents are away licensing fees were set in 2020 to achieve cost recovery for program Administration monitoring and enforcement in 2022 cost recovery was achieved but higher inflation costs for service and are expected in the future and reducing business license fees could IMPACT Program Administration cost recovery currently the recommendation is to maintain the existing Str business license fee structure and rates for both the principal and non-principal Str licenses however the following three recommendations recommended changes are expected to support new and existing Str operators as well as tup renewals pursuant to the amendments in the interim tep policy the first proposed amendment is to prorate business license application fees for new annual short-term rental accommodations where business has not been operating previously and adjust the date for prorating for sgr specific businesses from August 1st to May 1st to better align with the seasonal rental periods this table on the slide presents the proposed prorated annual licensing fees by Str license types and just staff wanted to clarify that strtp license per Pro rating would be available for new tup applicants received in April 2023 that would be issued in May 2023 following this fees and charges by law Amendment second proposed amendment is to establish a reduced Str specific tep renewal fee of 500 previously the tup renewal fee was set at 75 percent of the original application fee which amounted to 900 dollars the third proposed amendment is removing utility fees for short-term rental accommodations including bed and breakfasts and principal residences utility fees for SDR accommodations permitted under an issued tup will have the same utility fees apply as a secondary Suite accessory dwelling unit or multi-unit flux unit the utility fee Str surcharge removal amounts to Total reduction for principal residence Str operators of 1665 dollars per year for non-principal Resident tup short-term rental operators the utility fee surcharge for Str use will no longer apply however the base rate for the suite accessory dwelling unit or Flex unit will still apply for the unit usage which is 880 per unit this simplifies the utility charge billing and administration during the tep period considerably and the difference of ninety dollars between the utility rate scenarios is viewed as negligible so staff are recommending that bylaw 2958 be given first three readings and that concludes my presentation I'm happy to take questions

Armand Hurford
0:30:29 (0:00:09)

thank you for that synopsis Council questions go ahead counselor penigal

Chris Pettingill
0:30:38 (0:00:32)

um I think we had some public feedback and I thought some Council commentary about interest in enforcement and so on a heavier portion of that burden being carried through fines as opposed to the sort of license fees and so did we decide to go in a different direction or is that would that come in a fees and charges by the update separately I'm just wondering or if we if someone can speak to where we landed on that

0:31:11 (0:00:54)

topic that's a great question this is something that we might have to do as a second step so I think the enforcement charges are laid out in is often in different buyers like the municipal ticket enforcement bylaw this first step was to kind of lower the barriers for entry and at the same time we will be stepping up our existing enforcement efforts on those that are not in compliance we were a bit time sensitive because we have this renewal period right now with temporary use permits so we wanted to bring this amendment in now so that people can benefit from it that are in deciding whether to renew their applications or not

Armand Hurford
0:32:05 (0:00:03)

thank you counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:32:09 (0:00:34)

thank you through the chair a few questions is it at all possible to prorate the fees by month so we've now we've prorated from the year to the May but given that this tour season doesn't actually start tonight there's very little incentive for me to start in January and so is there any way that we can actually just prorate it so if you come in November you get prorated for that one month like you just charge the fees for the two months of that year and then you start again in January

0:32:43 (0:00:28)

through the chair I believe we explored prorating the monthly fee but it's quite it's quite challenging to do and it requires more Administration so we spoke with business license Clerk and as well as the finance department when we were drafting these fees and we decided against doing that we thought that for rating the annual business license was the most straightforward and also created the least amount of potential loopholes for people to exploit

Jenna Stoner
0:33:11 (0:00:15)

okay and then I was just taking clarification on the advertising fees for the renewal of the tup so previously it was 900 not including the 500 advertising fee and now it's five hundred dollars I was just confused on that line

0:33:26 (0:00:09)

through the chair it was 900 including the 500 advertising fee so it was 75 of the original the combined cost was nine hundred dollars

Jenna Stoner
0:33:35 (0:00:02)

and now the combined cost is five hundred dollars

0:33:37 (0:00:04)

that's correct

Armand Hurford
0:33:42 (0:00:00)

okay councilor

Andrew Hamilton
0:33:43 (0:01:14)

Hamilton I'd like to understand a little bit more about the business licensing how we arrive at the three thousand dollars for the tup application and to get a better understanding of this I looked at some of the other business licensing costs and it the business licensing for a marina with 1 000 leased spaces is four hundred dollars a mobile home park with 500 spaces is six hundred dollars a warehouse of a hundred and fifty thousand square feet is 850 a year well if somebody wants to operate an Str it's three thousand dollars for that tup that seems out of line to me with our other business licensing fees do we have any goal to have the other business licensing fees catch up or do we have a plan to moderate this fee that seems out of line with our other business licensing fees

0:34:58 (0:01:23)

through your chair so there was a lot of discussion about the fee setting when we it brought in the program initially and this three thousand dollar fee is only for non-principal residences the whole program was designed in a way that we were trying to achieve recouping our costs for providing the service and a lot of that is enforcement and so a lot of our enforcement was going in and still is going into non-principal resonances and that's why those fees were set quite High compared to everything else but it was because we were expecting to be putting a lot of effort in it which is not the case with other businesses um so that was the reason for initial fee and also we you know it was there is an intention to kind of keep the entry cost High because we want people to put their secondary Suites into the rental market rather than the SDR and so the fees were set high so that the people that do apply are serious and are going to have to run the short-term rentals you know to recoup that fee so they're on they're taking away the rental stock but we want to make sure that it's then well utilized

Armand Hurford
0:36:22 (0:00:29)

sorry I have my own on that point on the cost recovery point in the in the report that preceded this work there was an analysis and I just can't I don't want to shoot for my head but do you have where we stood on the cost on cost recovery of administering the program while through the first of it of it running to further might be an additional point of context would be important for the question that counselor Hamilton had

0:36:51 (0:00:25)

yes so through you chair we did achieve cost recovery the last two years from the business license fee applications 50 of the chair of the charges in 2022 were from strttp licenses and then 50 were from all other Str licenses so those license fees account for a substantial amount of the license fees collected

Armand Hurford
0:37:16 (0:00:08)

okay thank you so not a profit Center a cost recovery mission correct okay thank you counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:37:25 (0:00:27)

yeah thank you also just reflecting on that I think it's important to note that short-term rentals are also still then taxed as residential and not commercial which is a substantial differentiation between other hotels and so it's a tax fairness issue as well where we don't have an ability to reclassify them because they're temporary use permits so they're not rezoned but they aren't taxed similar to other commercial Ventures

Armand Hurford
0:37:52 (0:00:19)

okay any other questions or additional questions you're good okay Council say no other questions I'll be looking for a mover for the staff recommendation moved by kelser Stoner second by councilor French would you like to speak to it go ahead

Jenna Stoner
0:38:12 (0:00:35)

yeah thank you thanks to staff for your quick work on this we are on a on a deadline here with the tup renewals and I think that this will go a long way this is definitely a program that we are working through and in an iterative process and we have heard from the community that we didn't quite hit the nail on the head with the fee structure and so I think this is us being responsive to that we may have some further work to do I think in particular on the enforcement side and better understanding the I the pull and push in this file but think that this is a good step and thanks to staff for the work

Armand Hurford
0:38:47 (0:00:02)

thank you I have counselor French

John French
0:38:50 (0:00:44)

thanks mayor and speaking in favor of this Motion in addition to thanking staff for their great work on this file I also want to extend a thank you to the short-term rental operators who have provided us with constructive feedback not just on what they felt needed to be improved but also what they felt was working we've had some good dialogue with folks who are in this business and I appreciate that because it is a new program we're trying to figure out how it works and how to make it work best and with that constructive feedback we've landed on this that is I think a fees and charges by law that moves us forward

Armand Hurford
0:39:35 (0:00:02)

thank you I've got counselor pettingo

Chris Pettingill
0:39:37 (0:00:47)

yeah thanks and I misspoke in terms of which bylaw does what but um I appreciate that we will be sort of taking a look at some of that other feedback around where the enforcement piece of the cost or you know where that balance happens and um so appreciate that as work still ongoing but I also I appreciate seeing a lot of the feedback we received reflected in the changes here and so hopefully this goes a decent way to addressing some of the concerns we that came to us and some of the feedback I think it does and like some of my colleagues have said this is an iterative process and expect to see it to improve each year and so thank you to staff for this work

Armand Hurford
0:40:25 (0:00:04)

thank you seeing Oh counselor Hamilton go ahead

Andrew Hamilton
0:40:29 (0:00:37)

yeah I'll be speaking in support of the motion I'm absolutely thankful for the staff to for all their work on this file and I absolutely believe and agree that short-term rentals should be regulated I hope that we can move to a point where we can Monitor and manage short-term rental accommodation versus long-term rental through setting number of licenses available perhaps or some other mechanism other than a monetary benefit or deficit thanks

Armand Hurford
0:41:07 (0:02:05)

thank you I'll be I'm speaking in favor of the motion I appreciate the work to refine these fees and charges as and really sometimes when you work in a particular area you just discover that some of the things just don't quite make as much sense as they as they could and aren't having the desired impact so I appreciate the work to take that on and sort of untangle that piece here and I hope that this is can be removing some barriers to folks participating in the program and yeah so thank you so much for that work and I'm happy to support so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much and next we have our finance team here for a amendment to The Five-Year financial plan or carry forward so I'll pass you over to staff to introduce yourself on the topic

- Bylaws: First Three Readings (District of Squamish 2023-2027 Five Year Financial Plan - Carry Forward)
0:41:52 (0:23:50)

In [4418], the council meeting discussed the proposed carry forward budget amounts for the 2022 process, where Heather Boxer and budget managers presented the budget. There were different categories of projects and projects discussed included mental health initiatives and community strengthening grants. Delayed progress and external factors can cause projects to be carried forward. In [4421], a speaker asks if the deadline for completing the budget can be moved. The carry forward report in [4422] will not be available until early March due to year-end accounting requirements. In [4429], the auditors suggested separating carry forwards and amendments to the budget. The budget for Community Education will include a carry forward amendment based on [4430]. The council discusses budget issues and transparency in [4434] and [4438]. Finally, in [4441], they unanimously agree to move on to discuss the Union of ubcm community emergency preparedness fund Grant in the next agenda item.

0:43:12 (0:01:13)

thank you good evening Marion Council and members of the community who have joined us today my name is Heather boxer general manager of financial services and my pronouns are she and her so I may be addressed accordingly I'm joined here today with Mr Russell Roland Russell a senior financial analyst who will walk us through some of the key highlights of the 2022 carry forward process as well we have some budget managers online and in the room today to answer any specific questions you may have on their Kerry Ford projects in terms of process as discussed last week the process is a little different this year in that we have split the Q4 project status report and the carry forward reports to be presented over two weeks last week's report highlighted the project status at your end and provided opportunity for Council to dig into the details of the projects and ask some questions whereas this week this week we present the proposed carry forward budget amounts associated with those same projects and is a bit more administrative in nature and so with that I will hand it over to Mr Russell

0:44:25 (0:12:04)

good evening mayor members Council on the public we have a fairly straightforward aganda today we are going to be talking about capital projects operating projects and then we will open it for discussion with respect to projects we want to speak again about project categorization and to note that at year end we show a new different project categorization than we do throughout the year where we're using single projects annual projects multi-phase projects and externally dependent projects so those will be referred to again today in our presentation is this is the basis for summarization of the reports before you so I'd like to show the first slide which is dollars and sense amounts with respect to capital projects and you know needless to say because capital projects contain a lot more money to begin with to carry forward amounts can be significantly larger it should be noted that the annual amounts carry forward projects is relatively low in comparison to the other projects and that is because in general we don't carry forward annual projects because the project is ongoing continues to do the same type of work year after year in this specific instance we had a peculiar circumstance whereby a specific phase of the project was coming to an end in 20 23 and so we allowed that project to be carried over from 22 to 23 so that it could be completed we'll note that the largest portion is for multi-year projects and multi-year projects in general what you will see is the carry forwards are related to delays or timing changes within the project is generally not a result of a change of project scope or changing the nature of the project it's more that we throughout the year our progress wasn't as quick as we might have anticipated when we first set the budget and so therefore there's more work to be completed in future years and therefore we're carrying that work forward you'll also note that there's a significant amounts associated with externally driven projects and that also is to be to be expected to some degree because with respect to an externally driven project those are not projects that are that are driven solely according to the timeline and schedule of the district there are projects that also involve timelines for Grant receipts timelines for developers doing the work on our behalf and also in some specific instances depending on the nature of the project things kind of other external items aligning in such a way that it allows us to go forward as you will see shortly now some of the notes here we've listed some of the major projects by these categories and I think rather than have me and there is some notation within the report I think rather than have me rattle through this list I'll let you look at it and make your own mental notes if there are any specific questions that you would like to raise around these or any other projects we will be happy to answer when the time comes now with respect to single operating projects we have a similar slide where as you can see there's a much smaller number because special operating projects is a much smaller pool and in this specific instance I probably will speak a little bit more to the individual projects because there's fewer of them that have been noted with respect to the multi-year projects we'd like to remind Council or and the public are mentioned to them we received the covert restart Grant back in 2020 it is now three years on so a lot of the things that were originally designed to spend the funds on have been accomplished we have approximately a hundred thousand dollars left and at the direction of counsel that amount is going to be carried into or is being carried into 2023 and has been redirected towards mental health initiatives and that will be managed by the recreation department environmental assessment office support is a project under our planning department and we have struck an agreement with a third-party external funders to provide additional funding to the district to allow us to take on building purpose sorry not building Planning and Development permitting processes associated with a large plant that is wanting to set up in our area and they are prepared to fund this on their behalf so they've given us some money in 2022 which we will now be redirecting to assist us to fund our efforts in 2023 just a more a timing thing around when the money arrived and when we will be able to spend it and with respect to the landfill expansion pre-designed permitting process this is a multi-year multi-phase project to design the review and design the next phase of the landfill currently we anticipate that the landfill will be filled up by the end of this decade and that may sound a little alarming but the fact that it's now looking at 2030 is actually a good news story because just a few years ago it was looking at 2027 so our efforts to divert waste I've been somewhat successful our efforts to better manage and the operations of the solid waste facility the landfill have also been somewhat successful so each year over the last couple of years we've managed to add a year to our to our targeted opening or targeted closing date I guess of the existing landfill that being said the process to design and build a new landfill is a lengthy process with a lot of Permitting required and so we've started to undertake that process and it is an ongoing process and as we progress we will be carrying money from year to year until we complete with respect to the single year projects we highlight this one not because this is the specific highlightable project but because this project has presented its own unique challenges over the past couple years as we've tried to progress and move it forward and so it's still with us after a couple years and obviously if you have questions I'll sure that we have people in the room we'd be happy to answer them and lastly we have a significant externally dependent project that you excuse me ubcm Community strengthening Grant which provides support to Helping Hands to assist with vulnerable communities this is a two-year Grant now it appears to be a three-year Grant where we've received approximately 450 000 and we got the first half and we've applied that in our work with Helping Hands and they've given us a spending program and outline as to how they would like to spend the remaining amounts of money and they intend to do that in 2023 and they've requested that the grant funding be extended into next year so that would allow them to accomplish that task so that's a fairly significant project and we're appreciative of the Grant and we're also appreciative of Our Community Partners for stepping forward to assist us with this with that those are what I believe are the more significant special operating projects that are being carried forward from year to year lastly we're going to move into the discussion in question component I simply wanted to make this General component with respect to carry Forge and the carry forward process with the changes that we've brought forward with the our financial planning cycle moving up to be approved in December a carry forward Amendment will now become a standard function or a standard part of our of our financial planning process when you approve the budget in December you replace your existing approvals with new approvals so those projects that are still in progress because they have authorization we're able to keep them moving but unless they also happen to occur in the following year either a multi-year project or something along those lines they don't appear in the financial plan so it appears though they are not appropriately the excuse me appropriately authorized they are and so this financial plan Amendment it's its purpose is to add those projects to the following year to ensure that they are appropriately authorized and included in the financial plan so that they can be completed in a timely manner it's more of an administrative requirement that is that we now have to do separately because we were approving the budget in December in the past when the budget was approved in March or April these amounts were included in the financial plan approval so there was only one step but now that we're approving the remainder of the financial plan in December it becomes a two-step process so I just like to point that out that this is truly pretty much an administrative process but obviously if there are questions that you would like us to address we would be happy to with that I will turn it back to you mayor and open it for questions

Armand Hurford
0:56:30 (0:00:05)

thank you so much council do we have questions on this councilor pettingell yeah

Chris Pettingill
0:56:35 (0:00:32)

just curious on that last point so we one of the reasons to complete the budget in December was so that we are sort of ahead of the game and I believe we've seen success in this in terms of rfps and contracts and so on but given your last Point like if we moved it to say as long as we were done the budget by January 5th would we be able to do this administrative process kind of all at once and like we did before but still early enough to catch all those rfps and all the contracts and stuff we want to catch

0:57:08 (0:00:56)

unfortunately no and the reason is we can't actually finalize the carry forward amount until we have done In fairness a significant chunk of the year-end accounting requirements we need to ensure that we've appropriately calculated how much they've spent if a manager wishes to carry forward the remaining budget we need to know how much that is and so those numbers aren't available until end of January mid-February before we can we can feel fairly confident in those valuations and so as a result it's probably going to be an early March kind of time frame for this report to be brought to council

Armand Hurford
0:58:04 (0:00:05)

thank you I've very good counselor Anderson followed by stoner thank

Eric Andersen
0:58:10 (0:00:32)

you I wonder whether staff may be able to give an update on one of the more significant projects in terms of dollar amounts namely the honiac park C Dyke project I believe Mr Olson gave us an update a little while back and I'm just wondering what our timelines our projected timelines might be for undertaking the construction and if you like including the follow-up doc construction as well there's always Community interest and use of our Waterfront there thank you

0:58:42 (0:00:31)

through the mirror we are currently working through our permitting process and so we're targeting to begin Construction in August of this year and so that would be in Waterworks and construction of the Dyke which would precede construction of the dock so we're likely looking at if everything goes well to be constructing the dock and having that commissioned and ready for likely summer of 2024.

0:59:14 (0:00:01)

thank you

Armand Hurford
0:59:15 (0:00:03)

thank you counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:59:19 (0:00:12)

yeah thank you through the chair two questions the first building on counselor pettingills so any reason why we wouldn't fold this into the overall spring Amendment for the budget so instead of doing it in two parts just do it in

0:59:31 (0:01:02)

one we did do that last year you'll note that there was a single Amendment part of the reason is we're getting a little bit of yeah okay I'm gonna try to word this appropriately and please understand that our CFO May step in right after um I think we're getting a little we're getting some direction from our Auditors let's say to suggest that the carry forwards were appropriate to be included in our original financial plan and the financial plan on which they would we would do the financial statements but they considered amendments to the budget to be outside of that process and so they wanted us to separate the two when would that be

1:00:34 (0:00:40)

through the chair I'll just add to that and yes that is a reasonable statement Mr Russell just further to it just for the Community Education um is that an amendment isn't typically added into the financial statement as a budget comparison but a carry forward is appropriate to do so in the past so last year's spring Amendment it was very immaterial so it was not a problem however this year knowing ahead that we've got some significant cost escalations and therefore the budget amendment would be significantly higher we have had to separate that and we did speak to the Auditors and got that advice as well

Jenna Stoner
1:01:15 (0:00:20)

you know there was a good reason I didn't think you wanted to come to us twice with a different budget my other question is just around the special operating projects do you have a total amount so what was the total budget and what percentage is being carried forward do we have that number

1:01:36 (0:00:23)

I just jotted looked down on my page and that number isn't on there but I do know that the total the total special project budget is approximately 4.2 million and we're carrying 1.2 million forwards so around 25 maybe a little a little higher

Jenna Stoner
1:01:59 (0:00:05)

and generally does that seem in line with year-over-year carry forwards

1:02:04 (0:00:51)

I think it is because when you look at our carry forwards this year we had two what I would classify as Grant dependent projects that between the two of them were 400 of that 1.2 million so almost a third was related to the EO eoa support and the community strengthening Grant between those two projects alone so I think that we're doing a pretty good job and our numbers look good on both those instances they're somewhat not okay let me rephrase that maybe a little more than somewhat outside of our control with respect to the timing so I think if you take those out we're probably around 20 that seems pretty reasonable

Armand Hurford
1:02:55 (0:00:19)

thank you Council any other any other questions okay it's seeing none we do have a staff recommendation councilor Hamilton new moving staff recommendation as their second year counselor Stoner seconds would you like to speak to it councilman

Andrew Hamilton
1:03:14 (0:00:07)

thank you for doing so much really hard work

Armand Hurford
1:03:22 (0:00:06)

okay any other that's a tough hack to follow but I will Hazard my own actually no sorry counselor Stoner first go ahead

Jenna Stoner
1:03:28 (0:00:51)

yeah just briefly Echo counselor Hamilton's comments and also appreciate actually breaking this out into two different components I think it helps just keep it neat and tidy and clean Carry forwards are always an interesting one it's money that we've taxed for and it's just reflecting on I think that the way that we've broken it out this year in terms of the multi-year projects the special projects the annual projects really helps clarify what is driving delays and often those are not within our control some of them are sometimes we take on more than we can chew but I think for the most part this really helps provide some transparency and Clarity to our community where some of the sticking points are and where we're still doing a lot of hard work to make sure the ball is still rolling so thanks for that

Armand Hurford
1:04:19 (0:00:02)

Kelsey Anderson

Eric Andersen
1:04:21 (0:00:30)

yeah I think I just wanted to assure staff that these reports are read in detail I'm sure by all of us but including the project reports and what I notice and really appreciate is that they're up to date it's not so long ago we received a report on all of these projects but I just noticed in the details there's lots of new detail and I really appreciated that updating as we go and I think the reporting is only getting better thank you yeah

Armand Hurford
1:04:52 (0:01:11)

seeing other hands I'll Venture my own comments yes and thank you so much for this for this work our as um you know you work in the in that Financial realm all the time and we get to touch it a few times but it is a very much nothing happens without this piece without this piece of work and the carry forward is an important part of that so I appreciate the more detailed reporting and Clarity there I think it for the for us as individuals around the around the table as well as for the for the community that of if they venture out to make sense of all these moving pieces that we deal with so thank you so much for that and with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much okay Council we're on to next up is Staff reports so we have a update coming on the Union of ubcm community emergency preparedness fund Grant applications and I will turn it over to stuff

- Staff Reports: Union of British Columbia Municipalities Community Emergency Preparedness Fund Grant Applications, Late Agenda Item: Lower Mainland Local Government Association Resolution Discussion, Termination
1:05:42 (0:36:03)

During a council meeting in Squamish, several issues relating to emergency preparedness were discussed. The speaker proposed that the district apply for two grants under the UBCM Community Emergency Preparedness Fund, totaling up to $60,000 to provide training, buy essential equipment for emergency responses, and purchase additional supplies for the disaster supply hub. The mayor expressed support for building a reserve of emergency supplies and the meeting discussed advancements in emergency supply technology. Members expressed gratitude for the work done in the area and hoped for continued investment in the emergency operation center. Moreover, there was a discussion about accepting fossil fuel sponsorship at LMLGA, with some speakers challenging the advertisement and lobbying by fossil fuel companies. Other items discussed include regulating emissions, upcoming events, an effluent permit, and reports on library and community music festival.

1:06:04 (0:00:23)

thank you good evening mayor and Council my name is Megan Latimer I'm the general manager of Public Safety my pronouns are she and her and you may address me accordingly I have with me tonight our emergency program manager Ryan Donahue this is his first time addressing our Council here and so I will be handing it over to him to introduce the business at hand

Armand Hurford
1:06:28 (0:00:09)

so I you have to push the button on the mic when it's and only so many can be on at one time so when you after you're done speaking goes off and then it goes back around anyways thank you

1:06:37 (0:05:32)

good evening mayor and Council so I'm here tonight to seek support for this resolution that the district apply for these two grants under the ubcm Community emergency preparedness fund these grants the two funding streams are as follows the emergency Support Services as well as the Emergency Operations Center grants these two grants will contribute 100 of costs for eligible expenses up to a maximum of thirty thousand dollars each just to give you a bit of an overview these grants they've been around for a few years now we've applied for them almost every year the emergency Support Services Grant is designed to help us build capacity to assist people who've been evacuated from their homes due to some sort of disaster whether it be a fire flood earthquake whatnot and it does that through allowing us to build a cache of supplies as well as providing training for our volunteers and for our staff to be able to assist these people in their times of need the Emergency Operations Center Grant is similar in the sense that it provides us with the capacity to conduct training for staff as well as also provide us with the ability to purchase essential equipment that we would use during an emergency response under an Emergency Operations Center activation so this year we are proposing to do two things for the Emergency Support Services Grant we are proposing to conduct an exercise a multi-jurisdictional exercise with our neighboring communities to help build capacity and resiliency as well as identify any gaps and resources that we might have over the past few years we've seen a lot of communities that have needed assistance from their neighboring communities so this exercise would be kind of addressing those situations that we've come to see more and more of since the 2017 wildfires in addition to the training we'd be purchasing additional supplies most relevant of those supplies would be for the disaster Supply Hub that we now have behind Brennan Park and that would just build capacity for us to be able to help people in a mass sort of evacuation or a mass kind of casualty event the EOC Grant it's building on a training functional training exercise that we did in the fall of 2022 from some of the lessons learned from that in our after Action Report we've decided to conduct a further functional exercise that will help address some of those gaps that we identified and provide further training and support for staff so that there'll be more prepared and the community will be a bit more resilient when it comes to that emergency response in addition to that we're looking to purchase some equipment to provide some redundancies on our Communications as well in the EOC as most of you are probably aware our facility is brand new fire hall number one we moved in October I guess it was so we've already had two activations through the EOC during that time it's important for us to continue to kind of build this capacity and kind of create this resiliency and continue to provide this training for staff the complexity of the incidents that we're starting to see now require that we do regular training and we stay on top of kind of the latest and greatest in terms of technology and what we can do to effectively and efficiently mitigate a response so I guess the sum total of it is that with these two grants they play kind of an integral role in our operations from year to year and we've come to rely on them ubcm has added additional grants as the years have gone on and we continue to pursue those grants as well these two here with the ESS and the EOC are our staple core grants and the other grants that we do apply for as needed so these two grants that I'm presenting to you today are really kind of an essential asset for us as the district to be able to you know increase that capacity and resiliency in our emergency responses thank you

Armand Hurford
1:12:10 (0:00:07)

thank you very much Kelso you have questions counselor French is that your yeah go ahead counselor French thanks

John French
1:12:17 (0:00:50)

mayor so in the report I took note of the um building a reserve of emergency supplies water and food I totally support that and then I heard tonight something that um if I'd heard before it didn't stick with me a storage bunker at a district location where we keep these things I wonder if you could tell us a little bit more about how that Reserve works and I'll give you context I have it in my head that we'd get this thirty thousand dollars and then we would throw out thirty thousand dollars worth of expired spam and bottled water I'm sure that doesn't happen so maybe you could just walk us through a little bit of how that system works to ensure we're not being wasteful in the like

1:13:08 (0:00:56)

sure um through the chair um there's been quite a few advancements in what's available out there in terms of emergency supplies in the past that would be the case now um there's been quite a few advancements in terms of food and water that has a much longer shelf life so now we're looking to MRE so meals kind of ready to eat that can have a shelf life of 15 to 20 years as well as canned water that has a 50-year shelf life so um it's not really the same playing field out there anymore along with the advancements in kind of Technology they've kind of kept up to advancements in file to overcome some of those challenges of wasting things every five years

John French
1:14:04 (0:00:03)

perfect I'll sleep better tonight knowing that thanks

Armand Hurford
1:14:08 (0:00:12)

thank you Council any other questions seeing done we have a very moving staff recommendation counselor Stoner removed staff recommendation councilor Hamilton seconds would you speak to it

Jenna Stoner
1:14:21 (0:00:32)

yeah thanks for being council chambers and for presenting the applications for both these really critical grants we have been successful in getting them in the past and they have been really core to our emergency program and so happy to see that we are putting in for another round and hopefully we are successful I feel like emergency preparedness is one of those things that you can put so much time and energy into and you just really hope you never have to use it but I'm so grateful that we put in so much time and energy into the planning so thanks for all your work

Armand Hurford
1:14:53 (0:00:02)

thank you counselor Stoner counselor penango

Chris Pettingill
1:14:56 (0:00:50)

yeah just like to add my thanks as well and it was I can't remember if it was pre-covered or post covered or during covet but counselor star and I got to participate in a I guess an exercise down in a helicopter to North Vancouver and one of the things that stood out to me was you know there are so many agencies and groups that have to work together that have maybe not worked or seen each other in person before and just all these people working together and it just struck me the importance of actually trying that out and practicing because you know we weren't dealing with any fires or earthquakes or anything and it was already sort of chaotic enough and you can imagine if there was a real emergency on top of it you know how important that training becomes so thanks staff for staying on top of this and pursuing these grants

Armand Hurford
1:15:46 (0:01:20)

seeing another hands I'll Venture my comments and my thanks for your work in this in this area in general and on these specific applications to keep this work moving forward I hope that we'll be successful and we can see those um that continued investment in the in the EOC which is a beautiful a beautiful space and a very important space for a community particularly heaven forbid that we actually need it for a major for a major event although every time it's activated it's for very good reason so um and I'll leave it there thank you so much for the presentation and I'll call the question all those in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much hey Council we're on to item 11 which is late agenda items and earlier this year we not that far back about a month ago I think we had some conversation around the Lower Mainland local government Association resolutions and this due to process this piece is with us today we'll just leave it that way counselor pettingell you've been working on this would you speak to this briefly and to kick off the discussion

Chris Pettingill
1:17:06 (0:02:21)

yeah so I'm hoping to have my colleagues support to bring this to the lmlga delegation for consideration for those that haven't been to lmlga it has been an ongoing discussion on whether or not it makes sense to accept fossil sponsorship Fortis has been a key sponsor for a number of years and it is made I would say a significant number of people uncomfortable and so I think it's worthwhile having a discussion with the membership if this is where we want to go just speaking personally I found it very challenging I think it was at last year we had Mayors from Abbotsford and a couple of communities up north talking about the disasters and you would see these slideshows of the absolute flooding and Devastation in their communities on these two Billboards behind them and then we flash a big Fortis logo or Trans Mountain pipeline logo you know the exact companies causing these things and you're seeing these Mayors in tears or near tears as they're talking about the devastation in their communities and for me that was one of the things that just made me think like we really need to you to think about this you know I don't know which way the membership's going to go there's a diverse range of opinions on this but I think it's a worthwhile discussion to have just as a side note I read through some of the ipcc report the one from last year and it talks quite significantly about the impact that advertising lobbying of fossil companies how it is significantly slowing down progress on climate action and so I think there is a strong well-identified relationship between sponsorship and advertising and the sort of climate action the membership is demanding the membership has demanded as talks about in this resolution the signing of a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty so no more expansion it's talked about divestment we actually successfully put forward a motion in a previous year asking the province to support a transition away from fossil fuels so there's a lot of from my perspective pretty direct membership resolutions already in a I guess a supportive or aligned Direction I would say and so I'm hoping can have your support to at least have this discussion with the broader lmlj membership in May

Armand Hurford
1:19:28 (0:00:37)

thank you cancel any questions or feedback on this proposed resolution and yeah and I'll just add one bit of context and then and I think it's important to note that the that this resolution is for the lmlga board directed at the and other resolutions that we dealt with were to be directed to the lmlga conference and then if approved flow through to the to ubcm so the formatting is a little different and so on but that's just a piece of context for this sorry go ahead counselor Anderson thank

Eric Andersen
1:20:06 (0:00:42)

you I'm supportive of this initiative in that as an initiative to promote discussion and um in that discussion it might be noted however that Fortis BC would consider itself an energy Distribution Company and one of the largest actors in this part of the world in renewable natural gas in stimulating renewable natural gas providers and facilities and with very ambitious plans to and directed by federal influential initiatives to increase the availability of renewable natural gas from Agriculture and Forestry throughout western Canada in fact thank you

Armand Hurford
1:20:48 (0:00:05)

thank you Council Anderson cancer stoner

Jenna Stoner
1:20:53 (0:00:06)

I realize there isn't actually a motion on the floor so maybe I'll hold my comments until there

Armand Hurford
1:21:00 (0:00:20)

okay in that in that case if there's no questions there sorry counselor pettingell is going to move the motion is there a seconder Council Hamilton seconds do you have anything else to add to that counselor pentagonal as it's your motion or open it up to other comments

Chris Pettingill
1:21:21 (0:00:04)

no I maybe said too much out of the gate but to say

Armand Hurford
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