Regular Council - 04 Apr 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: Proclamation Request: National Volunteer Week - April 16-22, 2023
3.ii: Proclamation Request: International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia - May 17, 2023
7.A: Staff Recommendation:
7.A.i: Special Business Meeting: March 20, 2023
7.A.ii: Special Business Meeting: March 21, 2023
7.A.iii: Regular Business Meeting: March 21, 2023
7.A.iv: Committee of the Whole: March 28, 2023
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7.B.i: 0315 L. Pacey, Program Officer UBCM, Re 2021 CEPF Emergency Operations Centres & Training
7: CORRESPONDENCE - Referred to Staff
7: Staff Recommendation:
7.C: STAFF UPDATES - For Information
7.C.i: Budget Public Engagement Timing Memo
7.C.ii: Emergency Expenditure - Brennan Pool Deck Air Unit Memo
9.A.i: District of Squamish Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 2012, 2007, Amendment Bylaw (Short-term Rentals Update 2023) No. 2958, 2023
9.A.ii: District of Squamish 2023-2027 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 2941, 2022 Amendment (Carry Forward) Bylaw No. 2961, 2023
10.i: District of Squamish Code of Conduct Bylaw No. 2919, 2022 Review
- Welcome, Proclamation Requests: National Volunteer Week - April 16-22, 2023, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia - May 17, 2023, Consent Agenda
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[4551] The District of Squamish held a council meeting on April 4th, 2023, which included the approval of the agenda and a delegation discussing a proclamation request for National volunteer week. [4552] Diana and Michelle are organizing a Squamish volunteer celebration event at Junction Park and osayam Pavilion on April 21st, which is supported by non-profits and community organizations. This event will feature tables, music, and food, and is open to all. They asked the mayor and council to proclaim April 16th to the 22nd as National volunteer week and to support their non-profit efforts and community organizations. [4554] The speaker proposed a motion to recognize April 16th to 22nd as National Volunteer Week to support community organizations struggling with creating a network of volunteers. [4555] The council unanimously passed a proclamation supporting volunteerism and will attend the associated event, while also discussing the next Proclamation request for International Day against homophobia and transphobia. [4556] The speaker appreciated the mayor's proclamations that reinforce the importance of celebrating differences, and promote the idea that everyone, regardless of their unique identifier, is human. [4557] The motion was unanimously supported, and there was a mention of ongoing work to defend and advance the topic, followed by a question from Counselor Hamilton regarding the consent agenda.

Armand Hurford
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foreign for the District of Squamish for Tuesday April 4th 2023 we are gathered here to do this work on the Squamish Nation traditional territory and please be advised that this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the district Squamish website following the meeting if you have concerns please notice notify the corporate officer present at the meeting could I have someone move adoption of the agenda please move by councilor French second by councilor Greenlaw all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you first order of business is a delegation we've got a proclamation request for National volunteer week and we have some folks here to speak to it so it's Diana gunstone and Michelle balk Balch thank you so much for being here tonight and the floor is yours

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wonderful and I'll try and keep within the five minutes what I'd like to do is just give a little bit of a background and then ask for the read the proclamation so my name is Diana this is Michelle and the two of us have been working with an amazing subset of our non-profits an organizing team of representing squamous shelving hands the food bank The Welcome Center our Squamish and see the sky Hospice Society and we are hosting we are organizing as a subset the a an event for to celebrate volunteers during National volunteer week and we are hosting a Squamish volunteer celebration for 2023 thanks to a community enhancement grant that was received for this event from the squamous Community Foundation so this is part of a nationwide National volunteer week event which takes place during April 16th to 22 and the theme of the national volunteer week is volunteering weaves us together so our Squamish volunteer celebration will be held at Junction Park and osayam Pavilion on April 21st and that's the Friday of the national week and we will be hosting an evening between 5 and 7 P.M where local non-profits committee groups service organizations will host their individual tables there will be various activities and the event is intended to celebrate all the volunteers in our community and bring in Awareness we hope to the volunteer culture and grow that culture in Squamish it's an opportunity for organizations to show their appreciation for their individual volunteers for volunteers at large and to share more about the work that they're doing in community and it's open for all there will be music and food from Peak Provisions in our Squamish and the music will be through performances of Cam Sally's school what does it call it campselli's brackendale school of fun art so young performers as well everyone in the community is invited to join this free celebration and it's a great opportunity to learn more about all the work of the organizations and Volunteers in our town and there's no tickets or registration it's not too late Michelle's been coordinating all of the non-profits who want to or volunteer groups who want to have a table and they can register there's information available for that so tonight we would like to ask your consideration to proclaim the week National volunteer week April 16th to the 22nd and whereas 24 million Canadians give their time through formal or informal types of volunteering contributing close to 5 billion volunteer hours per year and whereas Volunteers in Squamish Mentor our children they support those feeling isolated they beautify ours green spaces Lobby for food security the environmental crisis fundraise for other charitable organizations whereas Volunteers in Squamish have stepped up during the covid-19 pandemic to support families friends neighbors and strangers and people standing up to so systemic racism people sharing insights how to create a more just and Equitable Society whereas Squamish volunteers are individuals they're families they're workers their retirees their youth their children of all ages and all backgrounds in all cultures and whereas the collective result of the work done by our local volunteers create some more desirable place to live and I believe a more compassionate place where is Squamish sorry organizations in Squamish rely on volunteers such as fundamental Community organizations as cetus guy Community Services Squamish Helping Hands Society the Squamish Food Bank Under One Roof Street reach better at home our Squamish welcome centers Cedar Sky Hospice Society the environment squamous environment Society squamous Trail Society Circa Squamish cans Squamish rotary Squamish multi-faith Association the Lions Club Squamish search and rescue and many sports clubs see the sky Nordic squamous soccer Hockey baseball and many more valuable organizations and clubs and so I therefore ask you mayor Herford and Council to Proclaim April 16th to the 22nd 2023 as National volunteer week and I urge our fellow community members to recognize the crucial role played by Volunteers in our community and to support us Squamish non-profit efforts Community organizations and clubs on Friday April 21st between 5 and 7 pm at Junction Park and ocm Pavilion to celebrate our dedicated community volunteers so we do have a an invitation that I will send out if that's okay to I believe Jenny and I corresponded I would love to send a copy of a press release and I would hope that you'll accept that Proclamation and I invite all of you to come out and participate and see what's going on the 21st we're grateful for the use of the park and we hope that perhaps you might even consider putting our poster in your e-news Communications out to the community okay thank

Armand Hurford
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you thank you very much and you did an excellent job of maximizing your five minutes there's a lot there was a lot in there council do we have any questions for our guests or I'm happy to entertain the motion if general questions seeing no questions when someone like to move the proclamation move by counselor Stoner was that seconded by counselor green law would you like to speak to it go ahead

Jenna Stoner
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I would be honored to speak to this motion thank you so much for being here tonight for all the work that you bring to supporting the volunteerism in our community and highlighting all the opportunities amongst our non-profits and our societies the list that you had was long and I think the words that you shared in terms of the impact that volunteerism has really in creating that desirable and compassionate Community really is it really creates the fabric of what it is that we call Community and so um I am so happy to put this motion forward to recognize April 28 April 16th to 22nd is National volunteer week I know many of our community organizations really do struggle to try and create that network of volunteers to help support them throughout the years and so whatever we can do to elevate that interest in volunteerism is so critical and it sounds like it'll be a phenomenal program that you have set up in the 21st and so welcome for our community I am very sad to say that I won't be here in town that day but I will be there in spirit to celebrate and thanks for all the work that you and now all the volunteers in our community do

Armand Hurford
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thank you any other comments to see none I'll Venture my own thank you so much for the for the work that you do and for bringing this Proclamation forward I'm happy to happy to support that um I'm going to do my best to be at the at the event and really just to build on counselor Stoners where it's around what volunteerism means to the community I don't think we have Community without volunteering to help you to help each other out and so this is a very crucial piece of what makes Squamish so such a wonderful place to be is all the hard work that you and the folks associated with all our volunteer organizations do so thank you so much for bringing this forward so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much and as to the pieces of communication stuff you're welcome to leave that with one of our staff or you can pass it over to us electronically and we'll make sure it gets to the right place so here preference if someone wants to put their hand up to there you go okay thank you foreign thank you so much hey so moving on we have another Proclamation request for International Day against homophobia and transphobia and we don't have a delegation for this one so moved by counselor French and I'll second that would you like to speak to it Council French go ahead

John French
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thanks mayor its proclamations like this one that I think are particularly important for me and for people in our community who are currently being impacted by homophobia or transphobia or could in the future experience homophobia or transphobia and its proclamations like this one that highlight what we have in common male female dark-skinned light-skinned tall short brown eyed blue-eyed doesn't really matter because at the end of the day what we all have in common is that we're all human and proclamations like this one celebrate our differences and reinforce one important thing that we share and that's that we're all human as a parent who is learning every day how to support a transgender family member it's important to make it clear for members of our community who are intolerant or violence prone or closed-minded that we all are human and on Wednesday May 17th we have an opportunity to consciously take a moment to reflect on what it is to be human whatever our gender whatever our skin color no matter our height our country of origin our religion our eye color or any other unique identifier and become grounded in the fact that we can celebrate those differences while being present to our own Humanity thanks mayor

Armand Hurford
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thank you I'm happy to support this motion I think when I reflect on news coming out of the United States right now it just makes me incredibly sad and I'm happy to be in a in a place where this Proclamation um feels like a no-brainer around this around this table and but it does take ongoing work to mean to not only defend where we are but advance these topics so I'm happy to take that work on and I'll be supporting the motion so I thought I'll be I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much consideration of unscheduled public attendance if anyone has a matter that they feel can't wait to the next regular scheduled meeting this would be the time to raise your hand seeing none we'll move on we have we have no public hearings this evening our sort of regular scheduled items there's nothing there so under consent agenda is there anyone would like to pull anything from the consent agenda oh counselor Hamilton yep

Andrew Hamilton
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I'd like to pull item 7c1 staff update budget public engagement timing memo

Armand Hurford
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okay we can do that any anything else okay French yeah

John French
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pull I'd like to the emergency expenditure Brennan pool deck error unit memo please

- Bylaws: Short Term Rental Update, 2023-2027 Five Year Financial Plan (Carry Over)
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[4561] During the council meeting, several topics were discussed and approved, including the fees and charges related to short-term rental, an amendment to the five-year financial plan, and the implementation of a code of conduct by-law for the District of Squamish.

Armand Hurford
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okay and then we will deal with both of those under item 13. so a little circle bit back to those a little later so with both of those pulled because someone would someone counselor Stoner moves the consent agenda seconded by counselor French all in favor motion carries thank you moving on now we're on to adoption we've got the fees and charges by law as it relates to the short-term rental update and do we have it's just adoption we don't have yeah okay thank you I just had staff names noted on mine so I wanted to make sure that so removing that counselor Stoner seconded by counselor French any comments nope with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you next is the five-year financial plan bylaw Amendment so this is to deal with carry forwards and moved by counselor Stoner I'll second that all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so next we have 110 one is District of Squamish code of conduct by law and we'll give Miss paulica section to get from she's going to be multitasking here to run us through this okay over to you sorry we microphone sure there you go

- Staff Reports: District of Squamish Code of Conduct Bylaw, Correspondence Referred from Consent Agenda
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During the council meeting, the Code of Conduct bylaw was presented to council for review [4562]. The bylaw was approved in 2016 and applies to council and committee members [4562]. The document acts as a deterrent to prevent ethical misconduct and mistrust between officials and stakeholders [4568]. Suggestions were made to revise the bylaw yearly, but some council members suggested relationship-building may be a more effective approach [4579]. The council has the option to either not review the bylaw or to direct staff to bring the bylaw for future amendments and review [4562]. Discussions also included the adoption of SLRD's budget, community amenity contributions, and a pitch-in week in April [4601]. The library board received a one-time additional grant of $139,000 [4599]. Lastly, there were several reports and announcements, including those related to a capu leadership group meeting, the Youth Center and Foundry, and the downtown business improvement association [4604].

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good evening Council my name is Charlene Pollock I'm the manager of legislative services and I'm here with Robin Arthurs general manager of corporate services and the purpose of bringing the code of conduct by law to council this evening is to re receive direction from Council on whether a further review and possible amendments should be brought forward to a future Committee of the whole meeting Community Charter requires that members of council turn their minds to a review even if there is a Code of Conduct in place okay so this slide speaks to the legislation requirements in the Community Charter and I just spoke to the requirement that Council must turn their mind even if there is a Code of Conduct in place and if Council decides not to review the existing code of conduct it must make available to the public on request a statement respecting the reasons for the decision and if the decision is to not review the code of conduct at this time Council must consider whether to review the bylaw before January and of the year of the next election so before January 2026. so I'm going to run through a quick overview of the code of conduct bylaw and then we'll turn the discussion over to council okay so background the original code of conduct policy was approved by Council in 2016. and the policy was very general in nature and it was recognized that it could benefit from being expanded upon and also that a bylaw allows more certainty and is more enforceable staff started working on the draft code of conduct bylaw in early 2022. and Council reviewed the bylaw staff received input came forward to a committee of the whole prior to coming to council for first three readings and then finally adoption okay so this slide speaks to more background there was a joint working group on responsible conduct that was formed and the working group included members from ubcm the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the local government Management Association and then Bill 26 received Royal Asante on November 25th requiring all local governments to publicly consider whether to establish a new code of conduct or revise an existing one and then language was included in the Community Charter in 2022. this slide speaks to the intent of the code of conduct so outlines expected Behavior at meetings in the community and in social media reinforces the importance of respectful and responsible leadership sets a high bar for conduct the intent is to ensure a fair honest and respectful environment amongst members of council staff and committee members represents one of the strongest codes of Conduct in the province and is essential for good governance so the District of Squamish is mentioned on the ubcm website under the code of conduct as a bylaw to look out for municipalities that are looking to draft a code of conduct and I will note I have been contacted by a number of municipalities that have asked for a copy of the bylaw as they think it's a it's a very good bylaw and like to draft something similar and it was also noted at the recent corporate officers convention so I think that's why I've had a number of municipalities reaching out to me okay so who does the bylaw apply to council members and committee members it doesn't apply to the conduct of staff Council committee members and staff may submit a confidential request to file a complaint if they believe they've been subject to conduct that is in breach of the bylaw and it does not include a process for the public although concerns can be brought forward through our complaint process and brought to the attention of the CAO or the corporate officer so quick overview of the code of conduct and I'm not going to get into details the bylaws been included with the report part two speaks to standards and values foundational principles part three is conduct of elected officials part four includes the complaint and resolution procedures and that includes an informal and formal resolution adjudication reporting remedies reporting out to the public an effect on remuneration pursuant to the remuneration bylaw and part five speaks to the appointment of an investigator and the related bylaws include the council procedure bylaw wording was included in the procedure bylaw regarding conduct at meetings and the council remuneration bylaw includes reduced remuneration in the event that a member contravenes the code of conduct by law and the reduction increases if there's more than one breach and the respectful workplace policy communication following adoption of the code of conduct bylaw and the accompanying bylaws the district issued a press release in September 2022 information is included on the district website including background and links to the bylaws and as I mentioned the code of conduct is known at the local government level next steps include staffer working on a policy which will provide additional support to the to the bylaw which includes steps in filing a complaint and we're also putting some complaint forms together and we will bring these forward to council when they're ready for review and the Bible law will be listed on a future committee the whole meeting if Council would like to review and amend the bylaw so the report includes two options there's option one which is that Council has determined that a review of the code of conduct bylaw is not required at this time with the following reasons so we need reasons included as it is a requirement in the legislation that we make this publicly available and that Council reconsider the decision to review the District of Squamish code of conduct bylaw prior to January 2026 and option two is that Council direct staff to bring the code of conduct bylaw back to a future committee the whole meeting for review and to discuss possible amendments thank you that's it for my presentation

Armand Hurford
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thank you so much Council any questions on this seeing none any comment go ahead yeah I have a motion on standby if you're ready okay hold on just one second I saw counselor pettingell's hand up counselor penangel did you have a question here or are you looking for a motion in which case counselor French beat you to the punch I

Chris Pettingill
0:24:13 (0:00:03)

just want to make sure you leave room for a question if you have it no council French beat me

Armand Hurford
0:24:17 (0:00:07)

okay we'll we'll run with that would you like to Second counselor French's or be ready he's gonna read his motion yeah go ahead you

John French
0:24:25 (0:00:37)

might want to hear it first okay and I have this sitting in an email message Miss to Pollock so the motion is that Council has determined that a review of the District of Squamish code of conduct bylaw number 2919-2022 is not required at this time because the bylaw is not yet utilized or tested and further that Council reconsidered the decision to review District of Squamish code of conduct bylaw number 2919-2022 prior to January 1st 2026.

Armand Hurford
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okay that's the motion to as we're looking for a secondary yeah guys go ahead okay counselor Hamilton was in seconds go ahead counselor French thank you

John French
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and I will speak to it so one of the reasons for creating a code of conduct is to have a tool that acts as a deterrent a deterrent aimed at preventing members of counsel from even contemplating acting in a way that can be construed as ethically questionable or causing mistrust between elected officials and residents taxpayers and other stakeholders in our community these scenarios can develop quite quickly as we've seen in at least five BC communities where Strife at the council level is causing significant distraction thankfully we're not one of those communities this bylaw has cleared an important hurdle already namely the 2022 election and then the early months of this Council term and I credit the early success of this Council term in Squamish to the quality of the individuals sitting at this table and the staff implementing the council decisions that are made so I'm confident that if in the unlikely event that this Council begins to struggle with conduct issues this so far untested bylaw will serve us well and I look forward to some point in 2025 when I anticipate we review this by law

Armand Hurford
0:26:38 (0:00:04)

thank you I've got counselor Stoner and then counselor pettingell

Jenna Stoner
0:26:43 (0:00:37)

thank you through the chair I will support the motion although I would have liked to see some stronger language in the resolution about why it is that we are supporting this and for me so I'll make it in my comments for me something that Miss Pollock mentioned this represents one of the strongest codes of Conduct in the province at this time it is continuously held up as a model by law for how coza conduct should be written and it's one of the few that actually has teeth to it because it's been tied to the remuneration bylaw so yes it is not yet tested but I do also think it's one of the leading in the province so for me that is the reason why I'll be supporting it this evening thank you

Armand Hurford
0:27:20 (0:00:02)

thank you counselor pettingell

Chris Pettingill
0:27:23 (0:00:14)

yeah thanks I'd like to test an amendment which is to change the review date prior to August 2024 and I will speak to it if seconded

Jenna Stoner
0:27:37 (0:00:01)

I'll second for a discussion

Armand Hurford
0:27:39 (0:00:02)

okay thank you go ahead Council pengo

Chris Pettingill
0:27:41 (0:01:06)

yeah thanks so my rationale here is not that we actually I would anticipate we'll need to change it that quickly but I think the real strength or value in this is when we are sort of actively and frequently reading it reviewing it and so I think by having it on the agenda you know roughly yearly it gives Council the direction and space to review it and think about it and to keep it fresh in the Public's mind as well to help with that accountability piece and so it's my thought process again is just to sort of on an annual basis have this on an agenda have everyone reading it so it's fresh in our minds because it's that keeping it you know our shared principles and values and expectations of each other fresh that is the real strength in this I think it's sort of if we get to a point where we're having to enforce remuneration and so on you know we're in a we're in a bit of trouble and so hopefully by keeping things fresh we can avoid that

Armand Hurford
0:28:48 (0:00:08)

thank you Council on the amendment do you have any comments thoughts shorter review time go ahead counselor Finch

John French
0:28:56 (0:00:14)

thanks Mara I won't be supporting the amendment I just think that our staff has more important things to do than review this particular bio on an annual basis

Armand Hurford
0:29:11 (0:00:02)

counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:29:14 (0:01:03)

thank you through the chair well I appreciate the intent of what you're trying to do counselor pettingell I'm not sure if it's necessarily an annual revision of the bylaw is necessarily the most effective way to do that I think that goes back to talking about how we build the team around the council table and how we address conflict as it arises I think that there's always the opportunity to bring the bylaw back for reconsideration if we're seeing that it's not actually meeting the needs that we need it to but I'm not necessarily certain that holding it on an agenda on an annual basis gives us in this form necessarily the space that we need to actually do that relationship building and testing that is so dependent for creating a good foundation for Good Conduct around the council table so I'm happy to hear my other colleagues comments on this but I'm not 100 sold yet

Armand Hurford
0:30:18 (0:00:01)

go ahead counselor

Lauren Greenlaw
0:30:20 (0:00:20)

I was just going to pretty much second what counselor Stoner just said I do think this is a document that should be kind of fresh and in the Forefront of everyone's minds and as long as it is open for opportunity that is brought up as problems arise then I think that should be sufficient

Armand Hurford
0:30:40 (0:04:03)

thank you any other comments on the amendment before I Venture mine I appreciate the intent and sort of the end the end goal of keeping the this code of conduct sort of fresh in all of our minds and fresh in the community's minds but I don't like the I won't be supporting it I feel it's just too prescriptive as to as to how and when that happens I think this is something that is incumbent on all of us to consult as we as we need going forward but also to spread throughout the throughout the community so that the community understands the standards that we that we are holding ourselves to so I won't be supporting the amendment at this at this point thank you so you know their comments I'll call the question on now this is on the amendment all in favor opposed Amendment fails so we're back to the mean oh sorry and councilor pettingell opposes or sorry other way around it's been a long day already and I'm sorry team so counselor French Hamilton Stoner Hereford Greenlaw and Anderson opposed motion fails so now we're back to the main motion any other comments on the main motion before I Venture mine okay um I'm happy to support to support this I think this piece of work is very important and it is among if not the strongest in the province so we have a lead in this important area and I had the pleasure of speaking at a lgla conference with Miss glende on this particular topic to other elected officials in our in our Province and to discuss the importance of taking on this work just because this policy is untested as we've as we've heard earlier does not mean that it hasn't had an impact already inside this room and to the discourse the political discourse around our community so this policy also communicates to our staff the level of that they should expect when they come into this into this room and I really hope that Squamish can continue to have effective councils with strong political debate but staying on the right side of these codes of conduct so we can actually move our community forward in a meaningful in a meaningful way and I know that it's already had an impact outside of this community in the ways that staff outlined for us earlier as others look to us for leadership in this area and I'm happy that we to be a part of that so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much okay so now we have no late agenda items and nothing in for item 12. so now under item 13 is where I'll bring back the two staff updates for information and we as these were memos to council we don't have the staff here to speak to these so just be mindful of that as we go through this and um I think it was oh sorry it was counselor Hamilton I think you went first so we'll go with the and yours was the budget public engagement timing memo right correct okay over two

Andrew Hamilton
0:34:43 (0:01:57)

thanks very much chair so I absolutely I like a lot of what we see in the public engagement process proposed by staff for our budget I think the budget is immensely important part of what we do here in Council and I think that what I'd like to propose is a strengthening of what we're doing by proposing budget presentation akin to the budget night that we host in November I don't know if it's traditionally November or was just this in an election cycle was in November but I'd like to propose that the mayor present the draft budget to the community in a town hall style presentation that walks the community Through the important numbers of the budget highlights the limitations and opportunities in this in that Year's budget and that Council and the core leadership team are present and available to answer questions I think this would promote Community Trust to empower and educate the community on the budget opportunities and challenges and further deepen our own accountability in the decisions that we make about the budget I think it from a perspective of timing this would need to come at some point when a draft budget exists when a draft budget is in place but there's still time to accommodate some reasonable feedback received during this town hall style so it's unclear to me what process would need to be launched to even have a discussion about this if staff would need to consider this and bring it back to a council or a committee of the whole that would be perfectly fine with me if we don't have time obviously we don't have time allocated at this meeting so that would be suitable in

Armand Hurford
0:36:41 (0:01:18)

my mind thank you I think I think that as as presented we have budget information in November is the general sort of the general comment and I could see um what your does what you're discussing sort of fitting into it needs to be there for timing that's the same timing we need to have a draft budget to discuss at that at that point so perhaps as we get closer to that we could just that could be brought up just in the discussion of planning what that budget information night means it would be just a different way of conveying the information that we have and might just be a different venue to facilitate a broader discussion so I don't know that I'm not I don't think that right now we need to provide anything with this but I think it's important to have raised it at this point and then as we go through the process we can discuss what happens at that night now the other way to do it would be to put a motion forward specifically to discussing a piece of this engagement if you're not if that's not if you'd like to take a more specific action then that would be a way to do that either way I think we could get there so

Andrew Hamilton
0:37:59 (0:00:15)

I would like to hear from staff if this is feasible and I'd like to have staff consider it and I'd like to hear my Council colleagues opinion on whether this is something that they would like to see

Armand Hurford
0:38:15 (0:00:21)

okay Council any other any other comments on this sorry oh I sorry do I have counselor pettingo waving his arms at me no did you have one go ahead Council Anderson

Eric Andersen
0:38:37 (0:00:01)

I mean may not be alone

Armand Hurford
0:38:38 (0:00:01)

so we need your microphone

Eric Andersen
0:38:40 (0:01:17)

oh it's not working mayor Herford I appreciate councilor Hamilton's suggestion I'm not sure that I myself am sold on a draft budget presentation but I would draw attention to the fact that in years past and I am going back a few years to the fall of 2010 when the district hosted a budget 101 Workshop open to the community and the Eagle Eye theater was substantially full and I think that those of us who participated or recall the event including staff felt that was very worthwhile event so while it's not precisely the type of event councilor Hamilton is referring to a budget 101 informative orientation session for the public that would illustrate how the budget is put together how the capital plan and other elements of the financial plan are put together might be a useful consideration for us to revisit sometime in future that event was remembered by those who took part in it if I'm not mistaken there have been similar types of budget 101 orientation initiatives since then as well

Andrew Hamilton
0:39:57 (0:00:31)

go ahead Council Hamilton thank you councilor Anderson so I'd like to perhaps propose a motion that we bring forward discussion in the next coma in a future community of the whole doesn't need to be the next a future Committee of the whole meeting to discuss the possibility of expanding the budget night to include a Public Presentation and budget information presentation

Armand Hurford
0:40:29 (0:00:19)

okay are you SEC and second by counselor stoner do we need any more comments on I think that's pretty clear in that case it was called a vote all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much and counselor Finch the emergency expenditure Brennan Park Pool

John French
0:40:48 (0:01:05)

thank you mayor I had some questions and feedback from the community from community members on this so I'm pulling it I have some questions I'm anticipating we likely won't have the answers tonight because the staff aren't here I'll pose the questions if we do have the answers at hand great and if we don't at least they have been presented so question number one out of the staff report there's a mention of phase one repairs I'm interested to know if those are complete and question number two is there any concern for the Health and Welfare of the pool staff well the repairs are underway and this is in light of the fact that apparently humidity levels have recently been somewhat uncomfortable for some of the pool users and our working conditions within worksafe BC regulations so I think I'll do a check in and just find ask if there are any staff members who can address any of those questions

0:41:54 (0:00:02)

through the mayor there

0:41:56 (0:00:05)

are not but I am confident I can get those answers quickly and bring them back to council

John French
0:42:01 (0:00:09)

okay great and that being the case then I'm presume a motion to receive the memo would be appropriate and I'll move that

Armand Hurford
0:42:10 (0:01:05)

thank you and I'll second I'll second that all in favor motion carries thank you so much and we have we have no minutes referred from the consent agenda business arising from the minutes any business arising no we didn't have no committee minutes or reports any Council notice of motion no any we have no counsel in Stat or staff in-camera announcements and we have no unscheduled public attendance open question period if anyone has any clarifying questions to ask on our work today I'm seeing you shaking heads in the gallery no and on to council or staff announcements accounts French

John French
0:43:15 (0:00:41)

thanks mayor on Thursday I had the honor of participating in a Capilano University leadership course video conference call with mayor hereford's participating and counselor pettingell as well we were chatting with some program participants who are newcomers to Squamish interested in community leadership they are interested in local government and the future of our community we answered some really great questions to issues ranging from daycare to municipal election results and development and I thought it was an hour well spent with some Keen new Squamish residents and that's all I have for tonight thanks

Armand Hurford
0:43:57 (0:00:03)

thank you counselor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:44:00 (0:00:44)

thanks very much so this is some great news from the library board there was recently received a we the library receives a regular provincial enhancement Grant and in addition to the regular ninety seven thousand dollars of our regular provincial enhancement Grant the library received a one-time additional Grant of 139 000 to be used over the next three years which is fantastic news this is a one-time targeted enhancement Grant it's intended to supplement the local government funding and is not intended to replace it and so I look forward to seeing how the library can use this funding to make it an even more amazing place thanks very much

Armand Hurford
0:44:45 (0:00:03)

thank you counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:44:48 (0:03:16)

thank you the chair just a brief update a few weeks ago was a slrd meeting and I can't remember if we've actually reported back out on that to this group since that meeting have we no okay I've since the time is a little bit mixed at the moment a few things that came out of that meeting that I think are probably relevant to this Council and to our staff in particular at Committee of the whole well first of all we adopted our budget which is always a very exciting time Regional District budgets are a little bit more complex and nuanced than Municipal budget so it's great to have that squared away and then at the committee of the whole for the board meeting we had a really robust discussion on community amenity contributions and how they relate to growing pressures growth pressures in the Electoral areas and the interface of that with municipalities and so that is still a live conversation but I also just want to bring it up at this table so that folks around this Council chamber know that conversation is happening as well as staff are aware that there may be some requests from the regional district to continue to engage in those conversations around better understanding what the impacts are of some very large master plan communities in particular Ferry Creek Britannia Beach on the impacts for the District of Squamish similarly kind of wedgewoods for Whistler so we're definitely not the only ones that are dealing with this but it's we're trying to come to a more robust solution and transparent Solution on our CAC contributions in the regional district and the impact on municipalities so that's a really interesting conversation at that table right now also they made a proclamation for pitch in week in April and they are trying to encourage all the neighboring and or municipalities to also pitch in on pitch in week so I just want to bring that up here that the bar has been raised at the slrd level for us to participate um uh last but not least we are halfway through ubcm's beasts housing BC together conference today was the first day I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel with MP Beach who's a parliamentary secretary to Christian Freeland the minister kailan Minister of Housing as well as a few of the Mayors from Metro van and Victoria to talk about rapidly growing communities and accommodating growth and I just want to thank mayor Herford our staff members of council for helping me come up with some remarks that I could make during that session I think we made some really good points about the ability of communities and willingness to try and accommodate growth but also some of the tensions that we're starting to see and what that is creating so lots of really fascinating discussions happening down at that conference at the moment I'm happy to speak to anybody who wants to dig into the details a bit more

Armand Hurford
0:48:05 (0:00:04)

thank you any other updates councilor Greenland

Lauren Greenlaw
0:48:09 (0:00:30)

thanks I recently met with a group called mind your Plastics who take and they take a preventative approach to plastic use reduction they work with a lot of a number of municipalities about switching from compostable materials which are frequently not actually compostable and really bogged down composting systems and municipalities to moving to reusable materials so I've been in communication with them and they're sending me some information about it and yeah so look forward to hearing more about that

Armand Hurford
0:48:39 (0:05:22)

thank you seeing no other hand so I'll go to I'll go to my update thank you Council counselor French for the reminder of the capu leadership group that was great to join you there and councilor pettingell was the was the third there was three of us and it's great to see so many folks just interested in the not only the work that we do the outcomes but the processes and I think our we're in good hands the future the future is bright we've got some strong leaders coming up I the I was able to I attended day one of the ubcm housing BC together conference today I found it great to be with my both elected colleagues from Municipal and Regional District level but also having the provincial and federal folks in the room as well as people doing important work in the housing field counselor stoner's panel was graded and Council Stony did a great job of highlighting the work that has happened in Squamish and also the sort of where the friction points are in as we um set out to do to address the housing the housing crisis and um it was there was a lot of there are a lot of communities doing a lot of great things and I know that I've I have came I learned a lot being there and I'm still processing how to how what to do with the learning that I acquired this morning so and that's only part way through so I'm curious to see what comes up the other panels going forward tomorrow on Friday the 31st I was I had the honor of participating in the opening ceremony for the Youth Center and Foundry and the um the blessing of a new totem pole outside that facility from members of the Squamish nation and it was quite a moving ceremony for the blessing of the of the poll and really took us through the took everyone there through the process of arriving there on that day to raise to unveil that poll and how the land was actually blessed in the beginning and was discussed and the project came through with na with the nation step together to get to this to this place this isn't a performative public art display this is an intentional piece of work from the beginning and I think that really sets the tone that we should be working not just working towards but striving to achieve in every in as many aspects as we can so it was great to see to be part of that ceremony to get a tour of the facility is truly remarkable and right at the end they had all of all of the you know sort of I guess we'll say the officials of the dignitaries there to go through the process and there was a distinct shift change when the youth showed up after school and it was very moving to be there and to see the youth in the space and to see the whole the whole system you know working as it as it's supposed to it was it was it was great and we were outnumbered quickly by a youth that wanted to be in their space doing their thing and it was it was great so on Thursday the 30th the downtown business Improvement Association held their first Power lunch series and I was invited me to speak so it was great to be there with our downtown our downtown businesses discussing ways that we can work ways that we can work together to improve things for them and for all of us in the down in the downtown area and on the Tuesday leading up to that actually we had following our council meeting we had a meet and greet with the chamber Commerce their board which I think everyone all the council was a was able to attend and it's great to see our business our business Community taking sort of creating these ways to interact with us as we go about our business our business and processes and find ways to interact with them so I always find those get-togethers can be very productive and I always Come Away With A New Perspective on a topic or 10 as I as I go through those and I think that's my update for now so that concludes mine and with that we're on to item 22. if we have a motion to close moved by counselor Stoner second by Council Hamilton all in favor motion carries and we'll take a quick recess as we set up the room for close so thank you