Regular Council - 18 Apr 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: Proclamation Request: Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) and Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) Awareness Month - May 2023
6.A.i: Development Variance Permit No. 00020 - 37702 Third Avenue
7.A: Staff Recommendation:
7.A.i: Regular Business Meeting: April 4, 2023
7.A.ii: Committee of the Whole: April 11, 2023
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7.B.i: 0324 J. Ford, UBCM President, Re Housing Policy
7.B.ii: 0324 J. Jimmo, Municipal Outreach Coordinator, AccessBC, Re We won Thanks from AccessBC
7.B.iii: 0330 Squamish Community Foundation Re Apply Now for Neighbourhood Small Grants
7.B.iv: 0406 R. Barley, Re SD48-DOS Joint Committee Follow Up
7: CORRESPONDENCE - Referred to Staff
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8.i: Recommendations from the Committee of the Whole: April 11, 2023
10.A.i: Appointment of Community Patrol Officer
15.i: Notice of questions brought forward by Council from the April 4, 2023 Regular Business Meeting:
16.i: Advisory Design Panel Minutes: January 19, 2023
Welcome, Proclamation Request: Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) and Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) Awareness Month - May 2023
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[6385] The District of Squamish regular business meeting took place on April 18th and was live-streamed on the district's website. Miss Lonsdale requested a proclamation for the council to proclaim May as GBS CIDP Awareness Month in the district of Squamish. [6386] The speaker discussed GBS and CIDP diseases, highlighting the importance of correct diagnosis and treatment. They asked for more research, education, support, and advocacy for patients suffering from these illnesses. [6392] Another speaker expressed support for raising awareness for the group of illnesses affecting the Lonsdale family. [6395] A speaker struggled to understand the documentation but was in favor of the motion presented. [6397] The meeting also covered unscheduled public attendance and a specific development permit presentation from Community Planning and Infrastructure.

Armand Hurford
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thank you and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday April 18th and as always we're gathered here to do our work on the traditional and unseated territory of the Squamish Nation please be advised this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the district Squamish website following the meeting if you have concerns please notify the corporate officer present at the meeting could I have someone move adoption of the agenda please moved by councilor Anderson second by councilor green law all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you our first order of business is a proclamation request so I'd like to invite Miss Lonsdale to the podium and you've got you have five minutes to address Council

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close but not submarine Council good evening and I think chances are that none of you know anybody who has cidp or GBS their diseases where the immune system attacks the nervous system and they affect about one in one hundred thousand people so fairly rare and because there are General Practitioners most often attribute the symptoms to something else delaying the referral to a neurologist who will after many tests and much time be able to make a correct diagnosis both diseases respond to treatment GBS Gia Beret syndrome is mainly treated with IVIG those are injections of live antibodies that have been harvested from healthy individuals Gary Halverson son of tauren June Halverson was struck with GBS over a decade ago and although he has it under control it has left them with nerve damage particularly in his feet my son Rob who lives in Prince George now was 45 with two boys 11 and 9. when he was diagnosed with cidp chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy and that's a multiple with this autoimmune disease the myelin which insulates the nerves is Stripped Away bit by bit the symptoms started with numbness in his feed in June 2018 and after a couple of visits to his regular doctor he was referred to a local that's Prince George a neurologist he ended up in hospital on October the 5th on his birthday where he was started on IVIG the treatment for GBS which the neurologist thought he had it was ineffective the disease progressed to a total loss of feeling and movement from his toes to just above his knees and from his fingers to above his elbows in November he was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital where an immune system where a team of neurologists assessed him and recognizing the need to shut down his immune system started him on Maxi doses of immune suppressants they referred to him they referred him to a doctor Jack who's one of the very few neurologists in Canada that's recognized for her work with crdp and after more tests a bone marrow specimen confirmed cidp in mid-november so that's from July and the middle of November before they knew what he really had at that time he could still move his fingers a bit but he could not move his feet at all his face was partially paralyzed he could barely walk he continued to worsen by January he had to be lifted from bed to a chair with a sling it turned out he had a very rare variant of cidp and finally in mid-February but toximab a drug that was in trial stages was administered it worked and he began the long journey of Rehabilitation he was sent to GF strong where over a period of three months they were able to get him using his hands again to be able to put some weight on his legs and feet and transfer from wheelchair to bed he went home in July after spending 10 months in hospital five years later and continued physiotherapy he is left with a Tremor in his hands damaged to his right leg muscles little feeling in his feet and no movement in his right foot at all fatigue and balance issues are always present he needs to use a wheelchair if he goes outside or anywhere away from home through his journey it became clear to me that more research education support and advocacy is needed imagine being a patient who for months has no idea what is wrong how or if it can be treated and the long-term prognosis it is chronic so it may come back frightening so in closing I asked Council to pass a motion proclaiming May GBS cidp Awareness Month in the district of Squamish thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you very much for your presentation Council any questions for our guests while she's here or an entertained emotion if no discussion go ahead customer

Chris Pettingill
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I didn't have questions but I'm happy to move the resolution I'll speak to it if seconded

Armand Hurford
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Kels Anderson are you seconding that okay Council Anderson seconds go ahead counselor penangal

Chris Pettingill
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yeah I'm happy to support this it sounds like a harrowing and rather frightening story um glad to hear that there's been at least some recovery although it doesn't sound like he's completely out of the woods but it does sound like something that's worthwhile bringing some awareness to and hopefully we can learn a little bit more there does seem to be a whole cluster of conditions with weird immune system things that we don't quite understand so I think pushing the science and an awareness in any of these areas is useful and so happy to support

Armand Hurford
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thank you Council penngill I have counselor French and then Anderson

John French
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thanks mayor Herford I wanted to thank former mayor Lonsdale for coming tonight and providing the presentation her son Robbie is a few years younger than I am and well the efforts to figure out what was going on with him were taking place On's deals we're keeping my parents informed of what was happening and it just when I was hearing the story at that time of what was going on it was I just couldn't imagine my family going through what was happening to the Lonsdale Family so it's great that we had this even though it was brief presentation I have a better understanding of what this group of illnesses are and I'm happy to support the motion to um draw a little bit more awareness in our community of these unique illnesses so I support the motion and support spreading awareness

Armand Hurford
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thank you thank you counselor French kelser Anderson thank

Eric Andersen
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you awareness is the key word here two weeks ago three weeks ago we also passed a proclamation a motion to Proclaim Lyme disease week which is the first week of May and it's interesting to be acquainted with families stricken with these particular diseases here locally in Squamish awareness to promote earlier diagnosis awareness to promote treatment programs and it sounds like from Ms lonsdale's story there really is important work to be done in building the network for all of the above and for rehabilitation services so I'm happy to support this Proclamation request

Armand Hurford
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thank you Council Anderson I'll say as I was reviewing the documentation that you that was provided as part of the package I was I was struggling to understand what it what it meant I was like this is this is very interesting and very and could be very impactful so I was trying to my mind to formulate a way to ask if there was someone close or if there was so I really appreciate the examples that you were able to provide for us the context and I think it's absolutely important to further awareness around these things so thank you very much for sharing and for and for bringing this forward so seeing no other comments I'll call the question all in favor opposed if any no motion carries like that was a lag counselor French you weren't opposing that motion right or would you like to say something further

John French
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Armand Hurford
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there must be a lag I support okay that's what I thought just checking thank you so much Council okay we're on to item four now which would be consideration of unscheduled public attendance so if the public has any matter that they feel needs to be heard and can't wait to the next regular meeting this is when we would entertain that I don't see anyone bringing that forward so moving on we have no public hearings now we're on to timed items so the and this is a presentation from Community planning and infrastructure on development permit number zero two zero for three seven zero two third half

Timed Items: Community Planning & Infrastructure - Development Variance Permit No. 00020 - 37702 Third Avenue
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At the council meeting, Planner Brian Daly presented development variants permit number 20 for a reduction to an exterior side setback at 37702 Third Avenue in the downtown South neighborhood. The subject property contains a mixed commercial and residential building with three commercial units on the ground floor and three residential units on the second and third floors. The applicant is proposing a two-unit residential infill building with livework space at grade. The application only considers the requested setback variants and not compliance with development permanent Area 3 and 7 forming character guidelines. The applicant is requesting to vary the exterior side setback requirement from 4. 57 meters to 2. 8 meters for the balcony space only. A proposed variance to a zoning bylaw with a specific focus on a reduction in exterior side setback for residential balcony space was discussed. Participants were instructed to state their name and neighborhood before addressing council. The variance request was approved and a consent agenda was discussed.

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thank you mayor Hereford good evening Marion Council my name is Brian Daly planner with Community planning I'm here tonight to present development variants permit number 20 which is requesting a reduction to an exterior side setback the subject property is located at 37702 Third Avenue in the downtown South neighborhood at the south end of Third Avenue the property is adjacent to the unbuilt Westminster Street Road right-of-way and the property is currently developed with a mixed commercial and residential building containing three commercial units on the ground floor and three residential units on the second and third floors the applicant has provided a memo from a qualified environmental professional confirming the project is exempt from development permanent area one guidelines as no riparian setbacks fall within the property boundaries the applicant has also provided a flood Hazard report which addresses the development permanent area 2 guidelines which has been accepted by staff the applicant is proposing a t unit residential infill building with livework space at grade for one of the two units The Proposal meets the requirements of the C10 Zone apart from the location of the deck space for each of the two units which projects into the required exterior side setback this application would meet the delegated development permit criteria as it is proposing less than 20 residential units and 300 square meters of non-residential floor area as such this development variance permit is only considering the requested setback variants and not compliance with development permanent Area 3 and 7 forming character guidelines which will be processed under separate delegated development permit staff believe this application meets the DPA 3 and 7 guidelines foreign to the exterior side setback of the C10 zone is requested to allow for larger balcony space for the two residential units given that the southern property line is adjacent to the unbuilt Westminster Street Road right-of-way it is subject to an exterior side setback the applicant is requesting to vary the exterior side setback requirement from 4.57 meters to 2.8 meters for the balcony space only this is an increase of one approximately one meter beyond the allowable 0.76 meter balcony projection permitted in the general regulations of the zoning bylaw the variants would allow for a 1.82 meter deep balcony off each unit without the variance the balconies could only be 0.76 meters in depth the applicant has agreed to enter into a no gas cabinet for the new building as well as providing conduit to facilitate the future installation of solar panels it is the intention of the applicant to construct the building to step 5 of the PC energy step code so that it is net zero ready however they're hesitant to make this commitment in a covenant given the current costs associated with labor and materials staff are supportive of the variance request as it will provide more functional outdoor space for the residential units and will have limited impact on neighboring properties legislated and District processes for engagement were followed for this application a development sign was installed on the property and the project was posted to the online development showcase variance notification was delivered to adjacent properties within 100 meters of the subject property and no comments were received so staff are recommending that Council approved development variance permit number 20 subject to a commitment from the applicants that no gas will be provided or permitted in the new building no residential use will be permitted on the ground floor of the addition of the new building and providing conduit to facilitate the installation of future solar panels that concludes my presentation I'm happy to take questions at this time

Armand Hurford
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thank you first we'll go to council and then we will open up to the public if there are any questions Council questions go ahead

Chris Pettingill
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counselor pettingell I just find myself a little bit confused by the drawing so when I look at the top of the pages we have it says rare side setback and then the front or the side setback seems to be what I would consider the front of the building sort of opposite the back or I'm just wondering if staff can Orient me to what's the front and the back and the two sides

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so the fronts the actual front setback of this property would be the left side of the screen along Third Avenue the southern property line which is kind of adjacent to that green line that you see that is the exterior side setback because there is an unbuilt Road right away Along there the rear side setback would be to the right hand side of the property along the lane and the interior side setback would be the northern property line that is shared with the property to the north

Chris Pettingill
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so sorry the front of the building then is towards the other building

0:14:50 (0:00:14)

no the front of the building that has the entrances is facing south towards the unbuilt road right away where the decks would be projecting from

Armand Hurford
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thank you kelser French

John French
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thanks mayor Hereford and parking isn't mentioned in at all in the staff report and I don't want to get super caught up in this but I just I do want to know a little bit more about the parking situation for this application so projects like this almost always generate parking concerns so I'm wondering if staff will elaborate on the parking scenario for this project so how many does the property currently have how many will there be once the addition is complete and will any of these spots have electric vehicle charging capability

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through the chair so the parking requirements meet the requirements in the zoning bylaw I will double check how many are existing I believe there are five existing and so they're sorry there's six existing total there's five existing with one accessible stall a number of those are located or three of them are located off of Third Avenue and the rest are at the rear of the property when this building goes in they will reorient the parking the new building will require two additional parking stalls and there's sufficient space on site to accommodate all of them I'm not I don't I'm not certain if there is an electric vehicle charging capability for the new proposed parking stalls

John French
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okay thanks um mayor

Armand Hurford
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Hereford thank you councilor Finch Council any other questions before I Venture one of my own seeing No Hands I was curious around the um Westminster Street it's currently on developed and just if staff and can speak to what could or should or may happen with that as we're contemplating allowing a projection into something that isn't yet developed does it impact their ability to or is that not a not a concern I haven't done any work that really touches on Westminster Street yet so of some learning to do there could you speak to sort of the future of Westminster Street and the potential impact if any

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thank you for the question my understanding is there's no immediate plans to develop Westminster Street there's a large kind of riparian area just south of that road right away which is why this property would typically be subject to development preliminary one though they've provided a report confirming that those setbacks don't fall within the property it is unlikely that this variance would have any effect on the ability to develop this road right away as the decks would still be located on the property and would still be set back from that southern property line

Armand Hurford
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okay thank you cancel any further any further questions on this before entertaining a motion seeing oh and we do have the opportunity for the public to speak so I'm going to I need to procedurally read out a bit of a script here and we'll see if there's any participation so for development permit number 20 37702 Third Avenue the proponent members of the public will be given opportunity to be heard electronically or in person with respect to the proposed variance as the district squamous zoning bylaw number 22 or 2200 2011. there is one proposed variance to the zoning bylaw and the proposed variance is outlined in the staff report hmm members of the public are reminded that you may only speak to the variances during this process the purpose of the proposed variance to section 32.7 a exterior side setback is from 4.57 meters to 2.8 meters for residential balcony space only all speakers will be given a maximum of five minutes to address counsel I will first call on speakers participating in person please raise your hand and wait to be recognized for all speakers please approach the podium and start your remarks by clearly stating your name and neighborhood details to participate via telephone or on the WebEx platform are displayed on the screen I'm going to confirm that that's the case for those who have logged in from the computer or are watching the live stream of the meeting and are included on the district website and there they

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Armand Hurford
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now if you're participating by phone and wish to be added to the speakers list pre please press star 3 on your telephone to raise your hand if you are participating via the WebEx platform add your name to the speakers list by opening the participant panel and clicking on the hand icon please note that when it is your turn to speak you'll receive a voice prompt via telephone or a dialog box via WebEx please commence your remarks by clearly stating your name in your neighborhood If you experience technical difficulties please use the chat function to send the host a message or email hearing Squamish dot CA after all that yes please approach the podium and start by saying your name and neighborhood you have five minutes to dress Council yeah

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there you go bummer I currently reside I guess Hospital Hill and my wife Takaya and I are here this is our property and just thought I'd give you a little bit of background on our history with the place takai and I bought the property as a piece of bear land in 2003 and in 2004 made application to the district and we built the existing building that's now on the site as Brian explained a couple of small commercial spaces with Apartments so the building was never designed to optimize or maximize the floor area on the site and we've got a portion at the rear of the property that we've been aware could support oh yep support and infill building with the zoning

Armand Hurford
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my there you

0:21:26 (0:02:16)

go so it's been several years that we've been thinking about it and it's quite a complex set of constraints because it's a very small site and a lot of factors pushing and pulling from different directions so we finally I think after a long process of come up with a design that we think fits well with the with the constraints of this site and one thing we did want to do is not create a complex rezoning process we wanted to work within the existing C10 zoning so the setbacks on the exterior side yard are what they are and as a result the and sorry another layer of complexity was the flood construction requirements that were recently updated the Second Story needs to be about 13 feet above the lane to meet that and the stairs to get up to that story take up a fair bit of space as well so we're getting kind of pinched on just buildable side area and access up to that level so that created a condition where it was difficult to provide some usable outdoor space that the ocp supports for residential developments um so we were requesting the variance in order to provide this usable outdoor space to your earlier comment about impact on Westminster Street the downtown South area has a mud two zoning that is generally that was created for this neighborhood and the setback requirements are less than the C10 zoning that the current property current property has there's actual specific language in the mud 2 Zone that addresses properties on Westminster Street right of way that provide for a lesser setback than we're actually requesting but like I said we would like to just sort of work within the existing constraints of the zoning and without the complexities of that process we thought we'd stick to the C10 so basically that's the summary of why we're doing what we're doing and we think we've got a pretty functional building that fits in with a unique small lot characteristics of the neighborhood and we hope this variance request that you feel the same thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you very much is there is there anyone else in Chambers or online that would like to provide a comment on this process seeing there's none online I'm getting

John French
0:23:58 (0:00:02)


Armand Hurford
0:24:00 (0:00:06)

so seeing none Council we'd entertain a motion Council Pennington

Chris Pettingill
0:24:07 (0:00:01)

moving the recommended

Armand Hurford
0:24:08 (0:00:08)

motion thank you counselor French seconds and customer would like to speak to it

Chris Pettingill
0:24:16 (0:00:21)

yeah I think the variants and the covenants to go along with it makes sense you know I think given where the site is and what's proposed it makes a lot of sense given everything that's in our in our planning documents that we want to achieve so happy to support this

Armand Hurford
0:24:37 (0:00:06)

thank you kelser stoner

0:24:44 (0:00:31)

she will be supporting the motion on the floor and the variants requested I think this is a unique proposal of small-scale residential info and I think the proposed area fits very well into the existing neighborhood and the requested variance I think is reasonable as the proponent had mentioned it's in line with some of the other pieces of the mud two zoning and in particular will provide some very good usable open space for future tenants of the area so happy to support it thanks

Armand Hurford
0:25:15 (0:00:05)

thank you counselor stoner counselor French

John French
0:25:20 (0:00:22)

thanks mayor and speaking in favor of the motion this is definitely the type of creative infill project that I think we need more of and could use more of the variance is easy to support because it

Armand Hurford
0:25:43 (0:00:10)

Council franchise that's a great dramatic pause or we've lost you so I'll come back to you and we'll go to counselor Anderson thank

Eric Andersen
0:25:53 (0:00:30)

you chair I'll be speaking in support of the staff recommendation I'm convinced of staff's rationale for supporting the variance request Mr kirschbarma has addressed the topic of the setbacks relative to Westminster Street South of the lot is important habitat and Greenwich area for the downtown and I doubt that we need be concerned about development prospects and the immediate south side of this building thank you

Armand Hurford
0:26:23 (0:00:18)

thank you counselor Anderson I saw counselor French come back and go I can see you're moving now Council French you froze you want to take another go with your comments you froze in the middle if you need to lose your video to ensure audio quality that's totally fine so take it away

John French
0:26:42 (0:00:23)

okay thanks I don't know at what point you lost me but I maybe didn't hear that I'm pretty confident that road will never be developed so I don't think that there will ever be any issues conflicting with a potential road development on Westminster those are my thoughts thanks

Armand Hurford
0:27:06 (0:01:26)

thank you seeing no other hands I'll Venture my own I'm happy to support this variance I think this is a great use of the variants process and I'm happy to see a small a small project provided much needed housing in our in our community and as we have pressures on our housing and we look at meeting those demands it's important to me that there that we are keeping the livability of these spaces and by extension our community in mind as we do so having quality outdoor space I think is important to quality of life for the folks that are going to be housed here so I'm happy to support this variance so with seeing no further comments I'll call the question all in favor post if any motion carries unanimously thank you very much so Council moving on we've got to our consent agenda I would like to I'll start by pulling letter four myself and if anyone has anything else they'd like to pull I have counselor French and then counselor stoner and then so go ahead Caster French

Consent Agenda, Consideration of Committee Recommendations, Staff Reports, Correspondence
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[6436] The council addressed several items on their agenda, including the management of visitors and camping, Chicago fan development, and debris flow mitigation. [6436] They also discussed the housing needs report, which has been updated with feedback from Native engagement, and the council is considering whether to adopt the updated version or accept the original report. [6437] A consultant's report with minor changes related to feedback can be adopted now or delayed until another meeting. [6439] Another decision was deferred until an updated version can be presented in the future. [6453] The province agreed to provide coverage for contraception, and the council is taking steps to address period poverty by providing menstrual products in washrooms. [6454] A news story was discussed, a unanimous motion was passed, and a proposal was made to set up a council-to-board meeting with the school district to discuss mutual interests. [6456] The speaker emphasized the need to meet statutory requirements for a meeting in order to have a productive and robust discussion with a board on mutually beneficial projects.

John French
0:28:32 (0:00:14)

thanks mayor I I'll pull regular business meeting minutes of April the 4th and also the Gen Ford letter B1 please

Armand Hurford
0:28:47 (0:00:03)

okay thank you counselor stoner

0:28:50 (0:00:03)

I was also going to pull B1 so all good thanks

Armand Hurford
0:28:54 (0:00:01)

okay counselor Pentagon

Chris Pettingill
0:28:55 (0:00:04)

I want to pull B to the access BC letter

Armand Hurford
0:29:00 (0:03:38)

okay leave it or not there's still things left in the consent agenda so we will can I have a mover for the what's left of the consent agenda counselor pettingell and I'll second that all in favor motion carries thank you and we'll come back to the pieces that were that were pulled later now we're on to consideration of council committee recommendations and sorry just give me a second here I've have to check some notes okay sorry I'm just quickly reviewing some notes here okay so we're we're looking for so if someone could accept the recommendations from the committee of the whole April 11th 2023 regarding visitor and camping management moved by counselor Greenlaw and seconded by I will second it I will notice that it does have what appears to be a typo as visitor camping management 2022 I guess that's reporting out in 2022 but it's also planning 2023 so okay the titles correct that's fine so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries and then next is the Chicago fan development and debris flow mitigation updates moved by kelser Pettingill second by counselor French no comments on this so without a call to question all in favor motion carries and before we consider this I'd like to the housing needs is the next is the next piece and sorry I had a note on this excuse me one second my computer just ate the note that I had in front of me Well everybody's watching but at least my screen's not up so everyone can see that so as part of this um if if we remember back to the presentation on this there was engagement with the nation was something that was a future a future action in the presentation and there's been some conversation around that during that meeting and essentially the Consultants done so has done that in some of that engagement and there and made a few changes to the report to reflect to reflect the feedback received during that engagement so the there are some additional sections in there and so that has happened now I just want to go to staff to understand what if we're accepting the report as it was presented or if we will see it or if there's a Time sensitivity to this and we can adopt the sort of the updated version or just what we do with this and I'm happy to see those changes so I just want to make sure we get this correct procedurally

0:32:39 (0:00:56)

thank you mayor so the as you said we just received a fresh edition of the report from the consultant with two changes one related to Squamish Nation feedback and then one related to the Housing Society we heard feedback from both now they're not significant changes to the overall report so council could adopt it and then we could bring forward a slightly different version at another meeting I think because we already have a housing agreement you know that is not in line with current regulation it's okay if Council wanted to delay adoption of the report today and we just come back to another regular meeting and put that on the agenda as an updated report but I'll refer to Robin

0:33:35 (0:00:14)

so it's essentially yeah you'll defer voting on The Resolution coming forward from the committee of the hole until you've received an update from the director of planning on the Squamish Nation component

Armand Hurford
0:33:50 (0:00:58)

okay so I'll make that I'll make that yeah I'll move that we that we deferred adopting this until we have an update an updated version from the director room director planning out a future at a future meeting and I'll speak to it if in a second councilor pettingell seconds thank you thank you for this I the there were I had some challenges during the conversation around that these pieces weren't there yet and I'm actually kind of speechless that it happened that quickly so um thank you very much for taking that on into the consultant for taking those actions and being able to incorporate it so I look forward to seeing sort of what those adjustments were that came out of that other additional engagement and subsequent actions so thank you very much and also councilor

Chris Pettingill
0:34:48 (0:00:24)

peniel thank you just a point of clarification and I support the resolution I think it makes sense to have a look at the final draft but the goal here is just to receive we're not sort of adopting sort of policy or anything as part of this we're just receiving once it's complete and we have the full understanding of what it is just to be clear that I'm understanding correctly that's correct

Armand Hurford
0:35:12 (0:00:33)

okay seeing no other were there any other hands for comments nope okay all so then I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much moving on now to Community Services appointment of a community patrol officer do we have someone speaking to this joining us or online or this is

0:35:46 (0:00:25)

so the Community Charter requires that anybody who is going to be acting as a bylaw enforcement officer has to be accounted by appointed by Council we can bring forward a bylaw that allows these appointments to happen by swearing an oath but usually we bring it forward to council because it's a lot easier it's the easy Factor

Armand Hurford
0:36:12 (0:00:58)

okay thank you Council any questions on the process or in general seeing none I will move the staff recommendation is there a secondary counselor Stoner seconds any comments call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you very much we had no late agenda items no correspondence action requested now we have correspondence referred from the consent agenda and okay so correspondence for free from the consent agenda will start with the um the letter from ubcm rehousing policy was it counselor French did you yes go

John French
0:37:10 (0:00:40)

ahead that's correct so I've wanting to pull this one because I feel it deserves a response and I don't necessarily think that I there's any more explanation needed with that so I know counselor Stoner wanted to pull this letter as well so I I'm prepared to um put a motion on the floor that basically just directs that we respond and then if counselor Stoner has anything to add I'd love to hear

Armand Hurford
0:37:50 (0:00:04)

go ahead counselor stoner

0:37:55 (0:00:25)

yeah similarly I was going to refer to staff for a response I think it's worthwhile engaging in this process and I think it's a short list of properties that we have but there are some very pertinent and time-sensitive ones like the fire hall on panelists that we've talked about for potential housing and a few others that I think are worth identifying to the provinces potential projects

Armand Hurford
0:38:21 (0:00:20)

okay thank you councilor pettingell yeah support this is what or actually has it been moved or it hasn't it hasn't been moved I think there was a hinting at a motion from counselor French we wanted to give room for everyone to comment and counselor Stoner has a refer to staff for a response was seems to be what's percolating but there nothing has been moved or seconded at this point

Chris Pettingill
0:38:41 (0:00:04)

okay well maybe I'll wait for someone to move and then I'll add some comments okay

John French
0:38:45 (0:00:23)

well I'm prepared with wording so the motion would be that the District of Squamish provide the provincial government with the information requested related to Municipal land for prevent potential housing as outlined in the letter of March 24th from ubcm president Jen Ford

Armand Hurford
0:39:09 (0:00:11)

thank you is there a seconder seconded by counselor Stoner any comments counselor penigo

Chris Pettingill
0:39:20 (0:00:24)

yeah I would just hope and you know I would expect that staff would be mindful of the level of effort but that we would include in our list Crown sponsored Grant lands and that just to remind them of what properties they have in the area that might be useful for some of these purposes as well in my mind that would be useful to include in the list

Armand Hurford
0:39:44 (0:00:30)

thank you any other comments seeing none I'll call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you next we had sorry I've lost my oh there it is next we had who pulled letter two go ahead counselor

Chris Pettingill
0:40:15 (0:00:50)

yeah I just wanted to highlight so we were asked last term for some support from access BC so we joined some other communities in asking the province to include coverage for contraception prescription coverage for contraception and so it's I think a significant win that the province has decided to do that we also and they're you know in their latter they talk about what could you do next and the next step is to help address period poverty by providing menstrual products in washrooms and we did that around the same time as part of that Year's budget so I think we are ahead of the curve and on track and so just a couple of wins for our community that I wanted to call out

Armand Hurford
0:41:05 (0:01:41)

thank you for that and um yes this is a yeah this is a great is a great news story and it it's great that it got done now I think it's truly tragic that it took this long but that's let's celebrate the victories as we as we get them and keep pushing forward so counselor pettingell would you sorry move receipt it was no proceed to highlight okay I'll say I'll second that are there any other comments on this topic before we I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you and then letter four was me this is from the school district and I was I'd like to get direction from Council to um to coordinate with the school board to and I'll pull out a motion out of this but the idea is that we that we set it we set up a board to council meeting so we can discuss not just the contents of the letter but issues of mutual in interest I think we have lots of work to do with the school board and their letter speaks to a specific outcome but I'd like to have to have a Council to board meeting is what I would what I would propose so I'd like to get direction from Council to move in that to move in that in that direction if there's any questions I'd entertain them now otherwise I'll make a motion to that effect go ahead counselor French

John French
0:42:46 (0:00:38)

okay so I was just um trying to pull up the letter so I have it right in front of me but I got technical challenges my memory of the letter their it sounded to me like they were inviting us to their place and we're suggesting that Wednesdays work well for them so I'm just thinking we may consider that they have already invited us over there so whatever direction we take we could potentially work off of what they've already sent to us as opposed to us inviting them into our

Armand Hurford
0:43:24 (0:01:09)

yeah thank you counselor French there was a in an attempt to have this conversations like this in the past there has been some misses with meeting our statutory requirements for a meeting in attending to them so I want to make sure that this meeting happens and if we if we can do it there at the time proposed agnostic as to where it happens but certain things need to happen for us to be able to meet as a council with them as a board and that threshold wasn't met last time that this happened which I believe was last summer or the end of last term and um uh and I found that a little a little frustrating as someone that wanted to participate but we could only have three elected officials participates and so let's do this the right the right way and have the full group and the most robust discussion we can so we can figure out if how we can move forward on projects of mutual interest so that's where I'm coming from but absolutely will work with them to schedule and if it's there it's and that can work that's fine if it's here if it's some other neutral territory we'll hash it out and get to and get to that point does that address your concern yeah

John French
0:44:33 (0:00:16)

that's great because I too shared your frustration I didn't attend that meeting I wanted to and voluntarily bowed out so that it could happen within the bounds of what we had at that time so we were on the same page you and I on this

Armand Hurford
0:44:50 (0:00:44)

okay thank you so I'll make the motion that Council direct the mayor to work with the school board to arrange a board to council meeting at the earliest convenience of both parties moved by counselor or I'm making that move second by councilor French all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you Council moving on the I think we're on to the well this would be minutes approval minutes referred from the consent agenda so kelser French you pulled the regular business meeting of April 4th you'd like to speak to it

Approval of Minutes Referred from Consent Agenda, Business Arising from Minutes, Committee Minutes & Reports, Council Announcements
0:45:17 (0:13:50)

[6460] At the council meeting, a motion was approved unanimously and there were no open question periods. [6461] The passing of Gary Watson, a significant figure in establishing The Whistler Housing Authority and Community Foundation, was acknowledged. [6463] Despite the pandemic and rain, the Squamish Soccer Fest had a good turnout, and the Squamish ladies teams did exceptionally well in the finals. [6465] Some key points discussed included attended events, book groups, and festivals, including the need for a new executive director for the festival. [6466] West Winds celebrated their one-year anniversary, and a legacy fund was launched by the ski gondola company to donate a percentage of ticket sales towards parks in the city. The Squamish Youth Council is also hosting an event similar to Shark Tank where the winner receives a $10,000 check.

John French
0:45:34 (0:00:48)

yes I did and very simply because in those minutes in in the counselor staff announcement section we see the following attendance at the Capilano Community leadership video call with Council French and counselor Pettingill mayor Hereford attended that as well I want the minutes to reflect that the mayor was on that call as well because very you contributed eloquently to that so and I believe Miss Pollock has already received an email from me with those particular details so I think at this point that means that I move that the we accept minutes as amended

Armand Hurford
0:46:23 (0:01:43)

thank you for that for that catch counselor French I did enjoy that call actually it was a good group of young leaders there so are you seconding councilor pettingell seconds all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you and next we had business arising from the minutes there was a do we need some sorry just procedurally or are these solely for information or do we need to procedurally receive them for received for information this is just a kind of a new no they're just there okay I'm staff serve staff's nodding that these are just there for information to answer questions we don't need to do anything with them procedurally we have advisory design panel minutes from January 19th and again are those just to or remove receipt or just they're just there as well okay Council notice a motion seeing none we'd have no counsel or staff in camera announcements we had no unscheduled public attendance open question period which would be for clarification related to agenda items seeing no takers on that we'll move on to Council or staff announcements Council French

John French
0:48:07 (0:01:10)

Marinette I know we have a bit of work left to do tonight so I'm going to move through this quickly I did wish to acknowledge the passing of Whistler resident Gary Watson as a Whistler Pioneer he served on the very first Whistler Council in 1975. he served three terms on Council and was instrumental in building the resort neighbors that we have today Gary was a member of the Garibaldi Olympic Development Association he was a key player in establishing The Whistler Housing Authority which has been an inspiration for our own Housing Society here in Squamish and also The Whistler Community Foundation he wasn't really he was early involved in that Mr Watson was awarded the freedom of the municipality in Whistler he was citizen of the year in 2005. and he was recognized with a community Achievement Award from the provinces lieutenant governor and these are just a few of the Honors that he accumulated Mr Watson left us too early a few days ago at the age of 89. thanks mayor

Armand Hurford
0:49:17 (0:00:07)

thank you councilor French Council councilor Anderson

Eric Andersen
0:49:24 (0:01:15)

this past weekend was the return of soccer Fest I think after three years during our coveted pandemic period there were a lot of umbrellas out but nonetheless there was a good number of locals Spectators as well as people connected with the games that were underway with teams from all over Southwest BC the food refreshment stands and the beer gardens were full under tents the parking was tight overall I think the volunteer organized should be proud that they showed what Squamish can do in hosting such a major weekend event the weather did clear up for late Sunday and especially the Squamish ladies teams did very well in their finals late Sunday afternoon it was an opportunity to see as we're discussing in Council plans for Brennan Park all of these facilities strained to the Max and not least the parking so it was great to see that the organizers clearly were pleased with how the women went off and next time we'll hope for some better weather but well done soccer Fest

Armand Hurford
0:50:40 (0:00:01)

thank you counselor Pango

Chris Pettingill
0:50:41 (0:02:09)

yeah I attended I think it was this past Wednesday and I'm going to mispronounce it but Nam Wyatt and an evening with Chief Robert Joseph so that was him speaking about a book he has written recently over covet which I actually didn't realize um there's a book group that started with 21 things you probably didn't know about the Indian Act hosted by some of our folks at the library and I've stayed a part of that group so this was our most recent book and this was a partnership with Whistler and Pemberton libraries as well just such a moving evening he's such an excellent speaker and someone who went through the residential school system suffered many of the worst things you hear about but has just become such an advocate for reconciliation and just such a wonderful Storyteller and speaker it was just a wonderful evening and then on Sunday I had an opportunity to go to the Squamish Community Festival highlights concert and as an adult I've been reconnecting with music as much as I can and so I got an invite to this it was sort of deflating and inspiring at the same time inspiring because the level of musicianship was just incredible as some of our staff their kids were in this performing just did an unbelievable job the only reason I say deflating is because these kids are so good and it makes me realize I'm never going to get to that level um but but still overall it was just such a wonderful afternoon and so thank you to everyone that helped with that on and I will do a little plug for them they do need a new executive director like many organizations that need that volunteer capacity so anyone with an interest in music and the festival if you had a chance to attend I think reach out to the current executive director PJ because it would be a shame to lose this just musical performance Festival every year in our community thank you

Armand Hurford
0:52:51 (0:06:17)

thank you any other updates before I launch into mine so thank you on the sixth of April there was the West Winds celebrated their one year anniversary and I was able to join them for lunch and you know it was great to see I've been to a few events at that facility and I'm always I'm always impressed with the sense of community in that in that in that building and just what a great addition to our community it has been into our downtown to have to have our seniors so many of our seniors house centrally where they can walk over to all to all the services and have Community Gathering spaces so it was good to connect with the group there and had some tasty treats and I wasn't allowed to refuse the cake it was delicious in the end and it was it was really great group of folks and really something to celebrate for our community um on the 12th was Return of mayor's drop-in so thank you to everyone that took an opportunity to drop in for a chat in the office we had a good group of people and as Council knows oftentimes the issues that we're dealing with are all interconnected and sure enough around the table as problems were being sort of brought up others had Solutions inside their wheelhouse or their capacity to deal with so it was really interesting way to sort of connect the connect the community as we're as people were grappling with the various pieces and so look out though these will be monthly going forward and if and I encourage anyone to come on past for to drop in the mayor's drop in when you see that come up that evening was the chief Robert Joseph event which I also attended and he's a great presenter and then the subject matter of course is to see someone be able to present and communicate out things that was just such hard pieces of their of their life and really bear their soul is really remarkable and then to do it with humor and and just so much love in that space was really remarkable I also really like to see that when I arrived there was a giant pile of books and when I left there was a very few if any if any left and he sat and signed all the books I'm happy to have a copy of the book in my a signed copy in my in my collection and I wasn't able to get ahead of this and read it in part of the book part of the book club but it's currently sitting on deck in mind and I look forward to that having heard some of the him read some of the content already on the 13th was the um see this guy Legacy fund launch which is an event up at the gondola and this is to celebrate or to recognize a new fund launched by the gondola cski Gondola taking a percentage of their ticket sales and donating it to this foundation too to support Parks specifically in the in the city sky and it was yeah remarkable to see um a business really taking on doing that social that social good and leveraging what business that they're doing into greater benefit than just purely their business needs so see kudos to this guy gone left for yet another example of that and being an example of business leadership in our community go and now I'm going to look ahead on this Thursday the 20th where Squamish youth council is hosting the first ever Bears Den event now I'd like to invite you to come but apparently tickets are sold out so you can add your name to the wait list if you'd like and as Council knows we've resourced youth council with some funds and set them to find a way to have the Maximum Impact in the on the community from a youth's perspective so how they've chosen to do that is this event which is modeled after the Dragons Den or Shark Tank and they've had Community groups apply for funding and they will be choosing one winner and they will get a ten thousand dollar check from our youth to implement a program that is directly chosen by the youth in the in the community and I think it's really exciting a lot of times youth councils are a shadow Council or a mock un or these things which are great in their great learning opportunities but it limits that direct impact and this puts the decision making in the hands of the youth and leverages the capacities that we know exists that are not in our non-profits in the community so I'm really looking forward to that put your name on the wait list you can find Squamish youth Council on Instagram and follow the links I heard there may be some additional tickets being released and I look forward to reporting out on the winner and the event in general during one of these next updates I could probably say more but I think you've heard enough of me today so with that I will I'm looking for a motion determining moved by counselor Greenlaw second by counselor Hamilton all in favor motion carries thank you that concludes our regular business meeting