Committee of the Whole - 18 Apr 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
4.i: Strategic Planning Overview
Committee of the Whole - April 18, 2023
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In the council meeting [6468], Linda Glendday, the CIO of District of Squamish, presented the strategic plan process, which involved multiple steps, including identifying 4 strategic outcomes with specific objectives, creating a decision-making tool called Squamish Graphics, and seeking council consensus on the final draft. The speaker expressed gratitude but requested more information on measures of success and timelines for objectives [6472]. The staff is working on specific measures of success, which will be included in the final endorsement document, and there was a discussion around clarifying the City's responsibilities [6473]. There were suggestions to add language on environmental protection in section 2 and 1D [6475][6482], and concerns were raised about reducing GHG emissions and the need for more specific actions beyond the community climate action plan [6475][6477]. Staff were praised for their hard work, and colleagues were flexible and accommodating [6498][6502].

Lauren Greenlaw
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okay thank you welcome back to the to Squamish national Squamish Nation traditional territory this is our committee of the whole meeting for April 18th and please be advised that this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the District of Squamish website following the meeting if you have any concerns please notify our corporate officer present at the meeting we're moving on to item four in our agenda today and I'm going to pass it off to Ms Glenn day

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thank you very much through the chair and to council my name is Linda glendday and my pronouns are she hers so you can address me accordingly I'm the CIO here at the District of Squamish and I'm excited to present to council and the community today our strategic plan process and the most recent draft that we're hoping to have Council endorsed by next week the purpose of today is to produce for the community the process that got us here so far and as well talk about the actual most recent draft with Council and have it forwarded for endorsement next week so with that I will start up ahead of you on the screen you'll see the strategic planning roadmap we started strategic planning with Council following the election and shortly after orientation commenced it's a squiggly line because strategic planning is not linear there are lots of discussion and debate and back and forth and we are still editing and Council will be provided with the most recent shortly because we were editing up until a minute ago and it just walked in the room the goal was to have the plan completed in thanks the goal is to have the plan completed in March 2023 and I think that although we're a month past it given the volume of business the council has been dealing with right out of the gate this term that we're still doing quite well and we're quite excited about having this before you right now so at the beginning of the process new council is reminded to refresh themselves or review the official community plan the Strategic plan ultimately is to align with the official community plan and the goal is over the next four years what elements of that ocp of the Community Vision does council collectively want to move forward in addition each council member as you remember was interviewed one-on-one so that the individual priorities that each of you brought to your election platform on behalf of your constituents was also considered in the process once the one-on-one meetings were concluded then we brought Council together as a group along with some senior level staff to provide technical support and then a workshop was facilitated with Council around those ocp priorities as well as each individual agenda and what that initial debate resulted in were four strategic outcome areas that you see up on the screen but I'll read them out the first is resilient people and Partnerships a second is connected and livable community third reliable Service delivery and fourth prepared for the future and I've numbered them but that's just for the sake of the document we're using today what's important for the community to understand is not one of these is prioritized over the other they are all interconnected a definition of each of these strategic outcomes was created in conjunction with Council we're still wordsmithing right to the end and so you'll see in the draft before you and that will be attached to the agenda as draft particularly connected and livable Community is still going undergoing some edits for council's feedback out of the Strategic outcomes then we worked with Council again in a workshop format around creating specific objectives to achieve those outcomes and what we focused on with Council in terms of the facilitation was really the content the specific areas of content within those outcomes around which then objectives were drafted on the screen is just an example of some of the facilitation tools that we use to do that once the objectives were drafted we had 20 and we I keep saying we as a team so Council and Senior staff there were 20 objectives after which we continued with the workshop and had Council prioritize those objectives and were required to limit them to 16 because ultimately in a strategic plan and particularly over the next four years we can't do it all as much as we'd like to I believe and I hope Council feels the same way that this particular workshop and the prioritization occurred was really when the most robust debate and great conversation happened with the group to get to a United place around the Strategic plan at the same time or concurrent it's redundant I guess concurrent with councils workshops staff behind the scenes were working very hard to collate all of the current work that's ongoing work that's planned seeing the draft objectives coming out of strategic planning trying to speculate on what work would be applicable to achieve those objectives and then created essentially lists of initiatives work measures of that work so how will we know we're successful the deadline and who's accountable this yet hasn't been provided to the public because we are still waiting for the final endorsement of the Strategic plan after which we'll consolidate and finalize the staff work so today we are seeking council's consensus on the final draft that is before you up on the screen is a prototype that our Communications Department put together for the public facing document with graphics and again this is just in draft form before we get back to the actual strategic plan draft for Council comments and questions I want to remind council at the very beginning of the process we walked through this intake process or decision making tool we are branding it with Squamish Graphics again this is a draft and will be updated but it's essentially a flow chart or a filter a tool that Council can use for the rest of the term when new ideas come up or there are unanticipated initiatives that Council wants to consider and we put it through this lens to understand if it does fit with the strategy and also if we have resources available and it provides staff the opportunity to give Council the information around how we could do a new initiative what would be compromised if so and we will continue to remind Council of this tool through the terms so that we can adequately address anything that may come up that's not currently in the Strategic plan so with that I will pass it back over to council for your final comments and note you just received an updated draft of the Strategic objectives the areas that are still in edit form that we were editing about 10 minutes ago our grayed out for your reference

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thank you for that presentation

Lauren Greenlaw
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Council any comments

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kelser stoner

Jenna Stoner
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thank you see the chair thanks for walking us in the community through the process we've been through so far and I'm excited to see the draft that's before us I'm wondering if you can speak a little bit more to the measures of success and the timelines for some of these objectives so I heard that behind the scenes staff have kind of been working on the tactics to achieve some of these but as I look at it I'm still a little bit hesitant with not having specific timelines Associated to the objectives in this draft so I'm just trying to figure out where the best place is for

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that thank you for the count of the question and through the chair staff were working very hard actually on coming up with specific measures of success for each of the objectives and some of them are very black and white and measurable and others are more qualitative and so what our hope is or what our plan is before next week's final endorsement of the Strategic plan is to show where those measures of success are black and white and specific we will include it in the in the document and where they are not what we've seen in other examples that works quite well with Municipal governments where things are more qualitative or there might be more than one initiative required to meet an objective is what tactics are we pursuing to meet the objectives and then those tactics will be laid out with specific measurables and specific deadlines and some of those are 2023 and some of those are 2026 and everything in between and we were hoping to have that for Council today but we will have it definitely in advance of next week's

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Chris Pettingill
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yeah so I have a few things should I just kind of run through or okay so one piece that's running the back of my mind um is and I don't think disclaimers quite the right word but there are a number of things in this like schools or schooling Healthcare Child Care housing climate even where it's not necessarily you know other orders of government have responsibility some would say even more responsibility but we also understand we have an ability to address these things they are critical things there's Community demand for these things to be addressed and we speak about our advocacy and some of the ways we will be managing this but I just wonder if in the final draft there's a place where we speak about you know where we are sort of responding to that community desire and demand and looking for us to sort of take action it just because I think a lot of people think that we're responsible for the school district here and so how do we just make that I think it's worthwhile to make that very clear about as we're trying to address all the concerns that the community raises there are pieces of it that's really provincial and federal and so you know that's why some of these things we talk about advocacy as opposed to a specific policy to build new schools for example that's why that sort of thing isn't in here I just some of that contextual piece and maybe that just lives on the website I'm not sure but that's a piece that stuck out at me a little bit in this in 1D talk about strengthening Community capacity and resources the word responsibility came up because we're sort of in this together as a community and I think there's a desire to give the community that responsibility and that ownership and sort of it's not just you know you can sort of yell at the district and the district will then fix everything for you like we are all smart you know resourceful people and so let's make sure we can kind of do that and share that responsibility I wondered about in the Preamble for two just a little bit more acknowledgment of environmental spaces or Environmental you know we talk about safe and healthy spaces to gather but just that sort of because I think it is an important Community value that sort of Environmental Protection we talk about it in the principles I just wonder and I'd appreciate hearing from my colleagues if referencing that somewhere in item two is worthwhile 3D which is highlighted I wondered about reinforce business continuity and improve long-term infrastructure resilience because we have you know we've done a lot of Master planning work and or continuity and so on so I think we want to address and find anywhere with those gaps and reinforce and improve that I'm just sort of worried as written that it could be read that we don't have that which we do I think we're looking to reinforce and make sure we're staying on top of these things so wordsmithing for a it talks about reducing emissions by 45 by 2030 is that scope one two or three is that relative to 2010 scope one two or three like what are we talking about it I think in the ocp it references um addressing the best and most current science and so I'm just wondering how we incorporate that and partly what's going on my mind is what falls out of this direction I'm sort of hoping that because when we first did the CCAP in our first strategic plan we realized this the science has advanced and so something that gives us some sort of idea or Direction on how we might need to update these things or what sort of updates we might need to do and also in the back of my mind I think we've talked a little bit about at different times about carbon budgeting and I'm wondering you know is that something that could fall out of however we articulate this and it may not be but does it allow for that whatever we do and I come back to something that I struggled with in the first term with new development and new neighborhoods and we know there's a critical housing needs we need to provide that but and we are significantly lowering the increase of ghg emissions with new development through low carbon energy and so on but we're still causing a net increase in ghgs and so how are we in our planning whether it's through NASA natural Asset Management or or other tactics sort of offsetting that and thinking about and understanding that and sort of making sure that all fits in whatever our climate emissions goals are and you know we've noted that there is a gap in our current CCAP and that we're not counting scope 3 emissions but those are all things that matter so I'm just wondering how we articulate that so we can sort of take that next step I think we've made major strides and how do we make sure that we sort of articulate we want to keep on that same momentum

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thanks any other comments mayor Herbert

Armand Hurford
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thank you the Council of Penn Hills comments around the environment language being added in section two is that we're proposing I see section four these things are all interconnected and I think section four speaks mostly to environmental values and I think there could be room there to maybe strengthen that if you're not seeing it sort of in the document as a whole I think that's where it's already been articulated but maybe there's room to make it more robust maybe if you could put your mind to that I think to on 4A I think that the community climate action plan is a critical part and it's something that is sort of our part as a community that we can be doing to affect these things but I do find that the that's um just slightly limiting and other actions or maybe that's too vague but I think there's more there's more there but I do like um I want to stay I prefer to stay at this level where we're talking about the c-cap as our specific actions but it's not exclusively our actions and that's sort of how now whether that needs to be articulated in that in 4A or not I'm not I'm not I'm not sure but I think there's I don't think we're quite there and I'm happy that it's in Gray and we're still wordsmithing I think there's room to in capture what we what we mean there specifically I did want to go to the first page where we talk about our the serve council's governing principles which is the lens that all of these actions would be looked viewed through and um I think these could use a little more attention to make sure that we're articulating this stuff as clearly as we can and I've got a couple examples and I've I'm willing to bet that there may be other examples come out through the conversation but as an example under accessibility it says we include welcome and encourage everyone to engage with us and they encourage everyone to engage with us that's not my intent with this perhaps it's strive to have all to ensure all voices are heard or something along those lines because that's really what we're trying to do with when we have um uh when we're Consulting with the public or we're working together with the public on a project or you know all those things is to make sure that all those all the voices are heard and have access to our services and all that stuff so I think there's more there than just encourage everyone to engage with us although I appreciate the spirit of what's here but I think we can do a little bit more there and similarly on the in the climate change action and maybe this might be the I think I've got two spots where it's that four prepared for the future and perhaps this got governing principle could be further developed to incorporate to address some of your some of your concerns that I that I share I'm just trying to see where they are best to be to be captured because the I'm a like little concern would be that some of these objectives if we make them if we Veer too far from where they are we we're not going to have those specific objectives happening whereas we do have these broader statements and guiding principles that might be the better place for some of the broader the broader language I don't come with a suggestion as to what how to on the climate action to what to articulate there but I think that the statement there would which is we do what is required to mitigate and adapt to climate change kind of sums it up but it's also very blunt and there's no there's no Nuance there so perhaps that's an area where we could include some broader language I just want to sort of touch on those things but I appreciate the all the work to get to get us to this point and we're close and we're down to the to the work to the word smithing here I appreciate that

Lauren Greenlaw
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thank you counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
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thank you theater chair a question to miss glende in terms of kind of next steps and the best way to provide some feedback I think we are close and I hear that we want to bring this forward next week for adoption but there might be some tweaks so what's the best way to provide that to you is that through comments around this table right now or is there another process that we can use unless there's like some real Show Stoppers I think is what I'm looking for from my Council colleagues today if there's anything that's like an absolute no-go but I also want to try and focus our conversation a bit

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thank you for the question I'm making notes of the comments and I can read them back before we close and I can incorporate those additionally if there's anything missing my concern is yes at some point we have to put in a stop to the wordsmithing so I would be concerned about opening it up to provide more editing after today I'd rather do it in this meeting and take notes and have Council agree that those will be the edits Incorporated

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any more comments counselor Anderson

Eric Andersen
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yes I just want to touch on something counselor pettingo's race and that is a lack of or less of an explicit reference to Environmental Protection and stewardship mayor Hereford has pointed out that a home for this theme might be column four prepared for being prepared for the future rather than column two or in addition to we also would expect it to be addressed in column three D Building business continuity enable long-term infrastructure resilience which encompasses our Master plans and strategies a number of which address environmental stewardship however I have another suggestion that might be considered in future discussions or as we go further and that is to add some language to 1D build relationships with Community groups and Advocate with other levels of government to strengthen community and capacity and resources to award realizing social economic and environmental stewardship ship goals that might be one way to include environmental stewardship at a high level because that is our intent with those relationships I might also be inclined to substitute or add fiscal or financial to economic but some additional and it did some additional wording might be a way to alleviate the lack of explicit reference to environmental stewardship there at 1D thank you

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thank you are there any more comments from Council yeah counselor pengill

Chris Pettingill
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yeah just want to reflect on I just there's a lot to go through here but rereading the principles I think the environmental stewardship is fairly clear that articulated there which is good take the point too that it is covered in four I guess my only hesitation and not sort of set in stone on this is I think it's such an important part of a livable community and I guess that's why I feel a little bit like it's missing again this probably isn't a deal breaker for me but I think that's why it's gravitating towards mentioning it in the in that context just coming back to for a you know we have talked about an update to the CCAP and we don't mention the update here I just want to you know again however we do it I think the science has advanced and so how are we articulating that if the CCAP is one of our key mechanisms that there is an update and what is our expectation of the scope or the change in that or is it just that we our only plan is to continue you know along with what it is we don't actually expect an update which would be for my sense of change but I guess that's where I'm a little bit unclear about what we're trying to say just yet and how far we're wanting to go and I would like I think we need to go quite far and I'm not sure that's clear enough yet

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counselor Hamilton or are you in response to okay mayor Hereford

Armand Hurford
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yeah I have a suggestion for the wording and for 4A because I agree implementing is one thing but we know through we knew from day one that it would need the plan would need updating to actually get a sir and regulatory change by other words the government all sorts of things could help us with that so maybe it's implementing and refining just an addition word but that may also be captured under D so I'm curious I see Miss glende's hand

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while the tactics aren't provided in this draft right now updating the CCAP specifically is a tactic that staff will be undertaking in the next term or this term sorry

Armand Hurford
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I'm curious if the if my comments or those comments are the combination of both address here can address your concern if you need if you're suggesting we need to change I

Chris Pettingill
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guess the one piece as just sort of call me a cynic or a skeptic is does that you know what tells us that the update is meant to sort of increase our level ambition or our you know sort of adapting to the new science like sure an update but an update to what end I guess is do we need to articulate that more I guess I'm feeling like I would like to have that a bit more explicit but maybe the room isn't with me on that

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counselor Stoner

Jenna Stoner
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yeah in response to counselor petting guilty the chair I see your desire for more Direction I wonder if that comes from the ocp though like we have very strong language in the ocp about trying to stay as up-to-date as possible with the emerging science I think my concern with making this objective more broad at this point is that it deviates us as a council in our community from the like really tangible goal of reducing our carbon emissions our community carbon emissions and I think that for me is the driving Factor behind this objective that includes making sure that we are on track and on target and we are making sure that our community climate action plan is up to date and we change course as need be for where those biggest gains are but I'm hesitant to broaden that language at this point and I think that through the ocp language as well as updating or doing semi-annual or annual reviews of our strategic plan we can make sure as around this table that we are being as aggressive as we need to be in responding to the science as it comes out

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you're Hereford Jeff slingnet

Armand Hurford
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no I was just I was going to refer to the ocp policy as that bigger as where the sort of ambition part of this lives and I don't want to dilute this to the school too far so that covers my point exactly

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okay counselor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
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thanks very much through the chair I just want to thank the staff for all the work the that they do behind the scenes on this strategic planning I know there's been a you know the council has sat in this room and in various rooms doing spending a lot of time pondering thinking we've spent a lot of time thinking it probably ourselves in our own time but I recognize that staff has done an enormous amount of work to take all our feedback and articulate it in these words so thank you very much for that I'd like to ask if we might be able to have until perhaps Thursday to consider just the wording of the governing principles I feel like I haven't had enough time we focused a lot on the four points and what goes in them but not as much we've talked about the ideas of the governing principles but not the wording of them so I'd like to ask if we could have possibly until Thursday to get you feedback on the wording of the governing principles

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absolutely staff can work with that certainly and then in terms of the feedback that we've received today what I can do is consolidate it and send it out to council for consideration and then the draft will be produced and on the agenda for Tuesday

Lauren Greenlaw
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thank you any further comments okay I would like to also Echo cancel counselor Hamilton's statements of thanks I think the staff has done an exceptional job of ensuring representation of our most important objectives as a community and with that should we motion oh mayor Hereford

Armand Hurford
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thank you just a quick comment I'd like to thank staff and my Council colleagues for all the work to get to this point as we sit around here you know fine-tuning the finest of fine points with this I think it's truly remarkable that seven people with a broad range of goals and experience and um it can actually get down to this point where we're aligned and um and and trying to just further refine to make sure that we're clearly articulating but it's really helping remarkable and staff for us throughout this process which hasn't been hasn't been an easy one there's a lot of our communities facing a lot of challenges and the um the solutions are complex and take far more time for Solutions than for problems to develop so I really appreciate all the efforts so far and I'm really looking forward to seeing this piece of work come sort of come to life and start being integrated into our future our future actions and I'm excited about what we can achieve together as a council so thank you so much for the work and I appreciate the call for a little extra time on some of those fine points I think I think it does put some pressure on how amazing they're going to be with when we with this extra time we're provided but I'm confident we'll get there so thank you so much

Lauren Greenlaw
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councilor French

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thanks chair and I just wanted to share that where I'm at this point is if we were to move with what we've got in front of us right now I think that would provide us with a good framework for the remainder of this term and then and having said that I support counselor Anderson's suggestion of the edit to 1D I think that wording strengthens that particular box just and I will reiterate um the staff thanks for all the work that's gone into this it's been it's been a long process it's been at times um challenging and productive all the way through so the guidance and facilitation that we got from staff was great and I appreciate that thanks

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counselor Patton Gill

Chris Pettingill
0:31:58 (0:01:55)

yeah thanks I want to reiterate what my colleagues have said and just add a couple of points and once again thank you staff it has been um at times a challenging process some really good discussion debate I have sort of had inner debate about am I pushing too hard on some things or you know sharing my opinion too much I guess I felt on top of the just the magnitude of challenges we face as a community and as a planet to be frank I remember how much I leaned on our last strategic plan and so for me having something really solid that I can stand behind has really driven me where I can't sort of just stay silent I need to raise my voice at every chance and I think we're very close to something here I think we've talked a lot about our code of conduct in terms of um you know we look at other communities and some of their struggles to function as a council and for me a strong strategic plan is another really critical tool because you spent that time you've hashed things out and you have a direction that you can all work with even if you have a small differences of perspective sometimes it really brings you together so for me this is such a key tool for our success as a counseling Community I think it was worth the significant effort and I also like to say I you know I was lucky to get covid and so I missed some meetings or had to attend remotely and just really want to once again thank my Council colleagues and staff for making sure that um remote or in person there was always you know we were all included we're all part of the discussions and no one was left out and think that helps give me a lot more faith in the plan that we've arrived at so thank you to everyone

Lauren Greenlaw
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thank you yeah sure we have a motion to terminate has moved by Council mayor Herford and seconded by nobody counselor Hamilton okay thank you so much