Special Business Meeting - 23 May 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: Valleycliffe Childcare Project Lease Agreement
4.A.i: District of Squamish Intermunicipal Transportation Network Services Business Licence Agreement No. 2972, 2023
4.A.ii: District of Squamish Inter-municipal TNS Business Licence Bylaw No. 2973, 2023
5.i: Woodfibre Liquefied Natural Gas and FortisBC/Eagle Mountain Pipeline Projects Memo
6.i: Woodfibre Liquefied Natural Gas - CSIMP (Community Services and Infrastructure Management Plan)
7.i: Council Feedback regarding Woodfibre Liquefied Natural Gas - CSIMP (Community Services and Infrastructure Management Plan)
Welcome, Staff Reports: Valleycliffe Childcare Project Lease Agreement
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In the council meeting, Sarah McJanet, a community planner and childcare liaison with the district, presented the Valley Cliff Child Care Project lease agreement with the Board of Education of School District 48 (SD48). The project aims to increase the supply of childcare spaces within Squamish and build partnerships with SD48. The District of Squamish has been the lead applicant in obtaining childcare BC new spaces funding, and with the successful funding award, their role has been to administer the grant and manage the project build-out. In addition to the initial funding, they were successful in obtaining an additional $526,000 in March of this year due to cost escalation.

McJanet provided an update on the project timeline, stating that they are midway through completing the final detailed design and preparing for building permit submission and tender. Construction is expected to start in mid to late summer, with completion and licensing anticipated in Q1 of 2024. The project requires a 15-year minimum operating period for the childcare facility.

Nav Triplett, with real estate, discussed the various agreements required between the three partners (District of Squamish, SD48, and Sea to Sky Community Services). The ground lease allows the district to construct the facility on the school district lands, but it requires ministerial approval due to its substantial duration. An interim agreement will be executed at the staff level while awaiting ministry approval. The district will have a partnership agreement with Sea to Sky Community Services, which lays out the terms and conditions of the services they need to provide. A sublease agreement will also be in place, allowing Sea to Sky Community Services to use the facility. The lease agreement includes a lease area of approximately 1,400 square meters, a term of 17 years, a six-year option to renew, and a nominal fee of $1.

Armand Hurford
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thank you and welcome to the special business meeting for the District of Squamish today is Tuesday May 23rd 2023. and as always we're gathered to do this work on the traditional unseated territory of the Squamish Nation can I have someone with adoption of the agenda please moved by councilor French SEC my counselor Stoner all in favor motion carries please be advised that this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the district Squamish website following the meeting if you have concerns please notify the corporate officer present at the meeting and we're on to item three one which is a staff report of Valley Cliff Child Care Project lease agreement I'll pass it over to staff thank you

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hello mayor and Council my name is Sarah mcjanet a community planner and child care liaison with the district and with me here is nav Triplett with real estate the purpose today before you is to bring forward a lease agreement with the Board of Education of school district 48 see the sky sd48 for land at Valley Cliff Elementary School for the child care partnership project so our purpose is to seek Council authorization today this project advances our ocp goals and objectives to increase the supply of child care spaces within Squamish and also partnership building with school district 48 which is identified as a key action in our child care action plan foreign partnership agreement between the District of Squamish sd48 as well as see the sky Community Services as the not-for-profit long-term Child Care operator the district has been the lead the District of Squamish has been the lead applicant to obtain the child care BC new spaces funding and with the successful funding award our role has been to administer the Grant and manage the project build out the sub and the subleasing of the space to the operator so in addition to the 2 million 100 awarded in March 2022 we were successful in obtaining additional 526 000 and 374 dollars in March of this year that was additional cost to the project due to cost escalation we signed an amend Grant is providing 100 of the capital funding and the district has the District of Squamish has been contributing towards early site investigations required for the project over time as we've been applying multiple times to get to a successful award and just lastly to note this project the funding that is being provided through the child care BC funding requires a 15-year minimum operating period for the child care and that's a commitment to that long-term operation of the facility and maintenance of existing after-school Child Care spaces at Valley Cliff Elementary in terms of our timeline and our progress this is an updated graphic we are Midway to completing final detailed design and preparation for building permit submission and tender so that we can go and get going with construction starting mid to late summer and we will work through the fall and into the winter with anticipated completion and Licensing in q1 of 2024 so our cars are all lined up they're ready to go and turn I'm going to it over to Nav Now to speak to the lease agreement sorry

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thanks Sarah so between the three Partners there's various agreements that are required in front of counselors today we have the ground lease which allows the district to construct the facility on the school district lands because the ground lease requires ministerial approval because it's a disposition of over 15 years or a substantial amount of time we need an interim agreement to execute which will be done at the staff level because that could take a few months for the ministry to get back to us and allow signing of the document and then in terms of cski community services the district will have a partnership agreement with them which lays out the terms and conditions of the services that they need to provide and we will be doing a sublease agreement with them and then that allows them to use the facility and then the school district has to provide landowner consent for that agreement we are hoping to bring back the remaining agreements potentially in beginning of the Fall okay just to show on the screen there on the left side the lease area is highlighted in red and then on the right side we've kind of shown potentially where the building will go and the drawings are being finalized but that's a rough idea of where it will go in terms of the lease the key terms that we've negotiated is a lease area of approximately 1400 square meters a term of 17 years 15 years is the operating as Sarah mentioned that's the minimum required in the funding agreement and the two years gives us plenty of time to construct the facility we've also negotiated a six-year option to renew and it with a nominal fee of a dollar as mentioned we do need ministerial approval before the school district can sign the lease agreement there has been plenty of consultation with the neighbors and that will continue through the construction phase as well in terms of hours of construction and days and things like that and how we can mitigate those concerns and that will be in line with the construction mitigation policy and again there's a deadline in the lease agreement that we will finish commencement of the facility within two years as such we have three motions for Council to consider firstly we are looking for endorsement of the lease agreement substantially in the form attached the to council report as well as authorization for the mayor and corporate officer to execute once the final version has been approved by the CIO and we've also asked that any administrative matters or amendments in the future will be delegated can be delegated to staff and with that we will turn it over to Marin Council

Armand Hurford
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thank you so much for the presentation Council question questions on this one counselor pengill

Chris Pettingill
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yeah we've probably gone over these two things at some point but I'm just wondering if you can remind me pardon me or clarify you know I can understand our involvement at the start but after construction and so on once it's in operations I'm wondering why we wouldn't just have you know have the Ceta Sky Community Services have an agreement with the school board and not sort of be out of the picture

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through the mayor the question around the ongoing operation of the child care so in terms of the lease agreements and the partnering agreement so there's a partner agreement that the district will have and it's under development with Sea to Sky Community Services to deliver the child care services within the constructed building so that's for them to obtain the licensing maintain all the requirements for the child care facility pay rent and fund the operation over the long term per the funding agreement that we have with the province so we step back and that once that partner agreement is in place and then there's also a sub lease so there's a with the school district based on the requirements we have head lease essentially with the school district and then we sublease that lease area in the building out to the long-term operator so we step back at that point that's clear hopefully

Chris Pettingill
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yeah okay thanks that helps me understand the other piece I'm just wondering looking at the timelines of the lease and so on is this building constructed as a portable or semi-portable building it sounds like we have a Max of 21 years of lease after construction or is there an expectation that this will go on much past that but we'll just have to renegotiate a lease at that point

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thank you for the good question for clarity through to counsel the purpose this is a purpose-built building in contrast to the temporary ish buildings that you typically see on School District properties with Portables as student populations kind of expand and contract this is a purpose-built building that will be erected and have a long life span um and so we will in future once the agreement term comes to an end we will continue our discussions with the school district around their renewal or other opportunities to reassign the Public Funding that's come in through the province for this building is in support of that Community Early Learning use on School District site which is in line with our child care action plan and so we're continuing on that basis and in 20 years when we have we'll reassess the situation for child care at that time

Armand Hurford
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go ahead counselor Stoner

Jenna Stoner
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thank you I think just following up on counselor pettingdale's questions as I read the leasehold Improvement section of the agreement am I correcting meaning that the district owns the building so we're leasing the land at the end of 20 years we are the owners of the building still

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that's correct we are the owner of the improvements on the land

Armand Hurford
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hey Council I don't I'm not seeing any other oh go ahead counselor Anderson

Eric Andersen
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a ticket there will be a legal survey still to be undertaken what accounts for the shape of the current shape of the least area polygon is we have it and I notice on schedule a there is a yellow strike through it what is the fate of this polygon and how will the survey perhaps affect that shape does it correspond to a is a natural Wetland there perhaps you're might elaborate

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thank you so much for the question the shape of the lease area is reflective of the expansion or the building footprint as well as the setback area to the property line and also respecting an entry pathway that extends from Hemlock Avenue into the school and then in addition to the building area there's an outside Child Care play area two play areas in fact for the infant toddler and the three to five year olds so that lease area is also inclusive of the child care outdoor play it's Unique in shape also because there are existing child care or sorry child outdoor play features at Valley Cliff Elementary there's swings and some other exciting play structures that I don't even know how to describe thank you

Armand Hurford
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okay thank you not seeing any other questions someone prepared to move the staff recommendation are you moving we're gonna move these all together counselor Stoner are you seconding all together okay so all together would like to speak to it

Jenna Stoner
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just briefly I know how excited our community is about this project and it's so exciting to see that it's going forward thank you for all your efforts to get the additional funding from The Province to make sure that it's happening and for the figuring out the convoluted path to making sure that all three Partners can come together and make this cloud of project work thanks

John French
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French thanks in speaking in favor of the motion I think that this is a great example of how we're better together where a number of Institutions organizations have come together to achieve these daycare spaces that are so very much needed in our community and I'm hoping that I'm moving forward we'll do more of this more Partnerships and collaborate to create projects like this one that are great for our community thanks thank

Bylaws: Adoption
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Couldn't generate summary.

Armand Hurford
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you seeing no other comments I'll Venture one of my own just thank you so much to everyone involved with this process to sort of keep the pressure on and secure the funding and thank you thanks to the province for sort of seeing the light on that and I was beyond the complexities of this that additional layer of just cost escalation by delay I was quite both frustrating to see happen as we all knew this is a need for our community but also I'm very happy to see that part's been covered here so looking forward to seeing this in action so thank you so much and I'm happy to support all these motions so I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much so Council we have two adoptions here which don't come with a staff presentation are you moving the first one counselor Stoner and second by councilor Hamilton this is the um Squamish intermunicipal Transportation Network Services business license agreement number 2972 2023 for adoption I'll call a question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you we're on to the second item here moved by counselor French second by counselor Hamilton this is the District of Squamish inter-municipal TNS business license bylaw number 2973 2023 all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you we're on to staff reports no wlng sorry wood fiber liquefied natural gas and Fortis BC Eagle Mountain pipeline projects memo do we need some space first does staff need a moment to get set up or yep only take a five minute recess so we'll recess five minutes thank you wood fiber LNG Fortis BC Eagle Mountain pipeline projects memo and update from Seth I'll turn it over to Snuff

Staff Reports: Woodfibre Liquefied Natural Gas and FortisBC/Eagle Mountain Pipeline Projects Memo
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In the council meeting, Julie Venge, the acting Journal Manager for Community Planning and Sustainability, introduced Kate Mulligan, the Economic Development Officer for the District of Squamish, who provided an update on the Fortis BC Eagle Mountain pipeline project and the Wood Fiber natural gas project. Both projects are currently in the pre-construction phase, with Fortis expected to issue a 30-day construction notice soon and Wood Fiber LNG proposing a construction start date of August 2023. Wood Fiber LNG must submit their community services and infrastructure plan management plan to the EAO 60 days before the start of construction and not start construction until the plan is approved.

Mulligan highlighted that both projects require significant district staff resources, with staff currently processing various in-stream applications relating to site preparation and temporary use permits, as well as reviewing various management plans. Completed activities for the Fortis EGP project include the issuance of building and road use permits, while completed activities for Wood Fiber LNG include the issuance of site preparation permits and a building permit for a compressor station retaining wall. Upcoming activities for both projects include the review of several permit applications and management plans, such as traffic control management plans and emergency response plans.

Mulligan also noted that current capacity funding does not meet staff resourcing requirements or operational requirements related to plan review, and additional capacity funding may be required to meet proposed project timelines. The council members discussed various concerns, including coordination between the two projects, the impact of construction on the community, and the need for improved communication and planning between the proponents and the district.

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good afternoon Sharon Council my name is Julie venge and I am the acting Journal manager for Community planning and sustainability I am joined by Kate Mulligan who will lead Council through the following presentation which will provide an update on the Fortis BC Eagle Mountain pipeline project and the wood fiber natural gas project we are also joined in council chambers and online by select members of Staff who are on hand to share updates and answer questions relating to the projects I will turn it over to Kate now

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thank you Miss wenke good afternoon Council and thank you my name is Kate Mulligan and I'm the economic development officer for the District of Squamish as Miss wenge stated the objective of today's presentation is to summarize activities for the March through April 2023 period related to each aforementioned project currently both projects are in the pre-construction phase Fortis has indicated that their issuance of a 30-day construction notice is forthcoming while wng has proposed a construction start date of August 2023. wlng must submit their community services and infrastructure plan management plan to the eao 60 days before the start of construction and not start construction until the plan is approved the district is also awaiting a confirmed site plan and construction schedule in terms of Key activities underway presently both projects require significant District staff resources District have been scoping project activities impacting various District departments and identifying those capacity requirements District staff are currently processing various in-stream applications relating to site preparation and temporary use permits while reviewing various management plans including wlng's community service infrastructure management plan fortis's temporary use applications for the lay down area and lodge and meeting with project proponents regularly tied to permitting and plan review completed activities to date relating to Fortis EGP project include the issuance of one building permit and one road use permit for government Road water supply as well as the issuance of a dpa-1 and Tree Management permits for site preparation activities the district has also provided comment on Florida species worker code of conduct for SVC notified that revisions would not be considered at this time completed activities related relating to wmg include the issuance of a dpa-1 and Tree Management permits for the wlng site preparation and a building permit for a compressor station relating retaining wall located at the LNG wlng site the district also submitted eao tracking updates related to the wng project provided to e to the eao office in March 2023 upcoming activities for EGP includes several permits including the in-stream tup applications for lay down and lodging several management plans and Agreements are required relating to construction including but not limited to a Traffic Control Management plan an emergency response plan and construction protocol agreements many plans identified on the slide have been received in draft or and are currently in review by staff upcoming project activities related to wlng include the review of several permit applications relating to the pre and construction phases and include anticipated applications for a temporary use permit for worker accommodation using a flotel in addition to permitting the district anticipates providing feedback on the most recent version of the community service and infrastructure management plan and other project related plans including an emergency response plan Marine Transportation plan and Traffic Control Management plan at this time Associated project applications and plan review span multiple divisions outside of in-stream permits significant capacity is also required by staff to review complex project related plans and agreements current capacity funding does not meet staff resourcing requirements or operational requirements related to plan review staff have identified that additional capacity funding may be required to meet proposed project timelines as expressed by the proponents and with that I'll turn it back to council and happy to take questions as well as we have many staff on hand to respond thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you Council questions Council Pennington

Chris Pettingill
0:20:30 (0:00:35)

yeah thanks I have a few and maybe I'll ask would fiber for some later as well the same things but just on the blasting permit are we able to or do we or how do we handle my understanding is there's outstanding issues with Henriette Dam above the site and I'm concerned and I don't understand all the Geotech but impacts of blasting on this Dam which I understand needs significant remediation or maybe I'm misunderstanding that or is the blasting permit something that we providers at a provincial permit

0:21:05 (0:00:06)

I would like to ask my colleague to come and answer the question

0:21:12 (0:00:13)

hello my name is Sarah Bailey director of engineering through the chair the blasting permit is something that the district provides that falls under our blasting bylaw can you repeat this or the question about the rest of the dam

Chris Pettingill
0:21:25 (0:00:40)

yeah my understanding is there's some unresolved issues with that Dam that puts the site at risk and there's mitigations required I'm not sure if this is at the federal provincial level there's been some outstanding questions and correspondence and my understanding is people haven't been able to get very good Clarity on where that stands but my understanding is that is outstanding intuitively I'd be concerned about the impacts of blasting on a if a dam needs mitigations and so on above the site so just wanting to understand what is our expectation or ability to sort of consider some of these things you know the impacts of blasting and understanding how some of these other you know risks might relate to

0:22:06 (0:00:29)

that try my best to speak to that under our blasting bylaw we require the applicant to have the relevant health and safety requirements and that they are following the procedures required for that type of work I don't believe their scope not to my knowledge has extended to evaluating the dam I can ask that question as part of as part of their submission for the Boston permit

Chris Pettingill
0:22:35 (0:00:30)

okay thank you and then just shifting gears stuff mentioned you mentioned a number of plans that need to be submitted and so on condition 24 of their environmental assessment application requires public engagement on all of these plans do you know when the public will see the plans or when they've last seen this or when the public has had that sort of Engagement opportunity on these plans

0:23:06 (0:00:07)

through the chat no that is not something that we have knowledge of

Chris Pettingill
0:23:13 (0:01:34)

okay thanks and then the last is maybe just a bit of a comment in um it was mentioned that the capacity constraints and I think it's really important that we separate capacity funding which makes sense if we're having to do a lot of this is taking up a lot of bandwidth but I think that's separate from the prioritization of this project and from my experience this is causing delays in other projects and from my perspective a degree giving it a degree of priority that does not match our actual Community priorities and so I want to I guess make sure or understand that you know that things that are we've stated in our strategic planning and that's identified in RCT are actually the things that we are prioritizing instead of work because you know when we add bodies that doesn't just sort of allow one thing to move forward in isolation there's a bottleneck at CLT a bottleneck in terms of Council in terms of council time Council decisions so just wanting to make sure that we are not giving this project an unfair level of priority and putting all the of our actual Community priorities giving them a back seat because the proponent is interested in moving this on an unrealistic timeline and so I think it's just really important to make sure the eao and the proponent is sort of clear that we will work through this in a sort of fair and you know reasonable timeline but they have to understand that we have a bunch of other priorities very valid priorities that require our attention as

Armand Hurford
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well good you're for now that was a that felt like a comment that didn't okay Council other questions first up counselor Anderson and Kelsey Anderson can I get you to turn your camera on and then the floor

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because you're good goats

Eric Andersen
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a number of years ago a very large project came to Squamish namely the university which became Quest and at that time for the scale of the community and District backbread as it was it was a very complex and challenging one and new facilitation procedures were arrived at to steer this project through we've heard from staff that there's a desire to have the proponents consider additional capacity funding to establish a district project management team no doubt as with any large developer there's also interest on their part in an efficient process for the applications for information exchange and the general approval process has staff given thought to whether it is a new unique type of team or facilitator position or positions that might be entertained is are we are would we try something new to achieve the sufficient and fair information exchange and application approval process it's described thus far as a district project management team are there any nuances that the staff have been thinking about or exploring for what is really needed

0:26:40 (0:00:37)

through the chair we have put considerable thought into how a project team would look at the district in relation to this project our particular challenge is that it does require a really in-depth knowledge of the Aero the proponent and the work that they're doing so rather than rather than engaging separate individuals outside the organization or Contracting this team the out the idea is if this project team existed that would utilize the existing resources of the team and we would use other resources for the work that we're working on as well

Eric Andersen
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thank you I might have added that during the our experience with the university project it was the director of Economic Development was seconded to in a new office to as a facilitator there were complex zoning land use memorandums of understanding a complex for that day so that was the background to my question but you've answered it well thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you count thank you counselor Anderson counselor Stoner then Hamilton

Jenna Stoner
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thank you through the chair thanks to staff for the update and all the work that's been going on um I just have a question about the Fortis BC project timeline in the staff report it says that they're anticipating construction will commence in the second quarter of 2023 or almost at the end of the second quarter and they still haven't given us 30 days notice so that I think is concerning but I guess my question for staff is and that project activities list there are a number of management plans that still aren't complete and so I'm wondering which one of those were expected or they are required to have complete I'm expecting personally I would expect like the Traffic Control Management plan the emergency response plan would hopefully be in a complete phase before they give us 30 days notice of startup construction but I'm just wondering if that is a shared expectation or not

0:28:42 (0:00:46)

thank you for the question through the chair photos BC only needs the eao's approval to be of their management plans to be able to commence construction so we've been waiting for them and so they have received that approval contingent upon a number of additional pieces of information that they need to provide us so they are in a position that they could that they could declare that they are about to commence construction within 30 days at any given point in time we would like we our expectation is that the information required by the district to understand the impacts all their activities would be provided to us before that date

Jenna Stoner
0:29:29 (0:00:08)

so there are traffic management plan for example has been accepted by the eao

0:29:37 (0:00:03)

sorry no it has not been accepted by the EO at this stage

Jenna Stoner
0:29:41 (0:00:09)

do we know if that needs to be accepted by the eao before they start construction it does not no it does not sorry

Armand Hurford
0:29:51 (0:00:02)

thank you councilor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:29:54 (0:00:33)

thanks on the fort SBC Eagle Mountain pipeline the last week the last we interacted I believe as a council with them was in February on the temporary use permits for the lay down yard and the workforce Lodge proposed Workforce Lodge Council delivered quite a bit of feedback and commentary have borders BC responded to any of that feedback with any substantive changes to their temporary use permit application

0:30:28 (0:00:05)

through the chair if I could ask my colleague to answer that question

0:30:33 (0:00:04)

could you please repeat the start of that question

Andrew Hamilton
0:30:38 (0:00:25)

so it was in February of this year Porter's PC submitted the temporary use permits and that came to council for it was a committee of the whole for feedback have Fortis BC considered any of the feedback that Council gave at that meeting and made any substantive changes to their temporary use permit application in response to that feedback

0:31:04 (0:00:19)

through the chair so we did provide for this with council's comments and they did provide responses back now we're just in the back and forth process trying to kind of weed out the actual responses that we're going to be providing once we come back to council

Andrew Hamilton
0:31:23 (0:00:10)

just as a follow-up do you know of any substantive changes to their applications that might have hap that might have resulted from the feedback

0:31:34 (0:00:10)

through the chair so they have made some changes I can't speak to the level of the changes at this point

Armand Hurford
0:31:44 (0:00:07)

thank you counselor Greenlaw then myself then councilman

Lauren Greenlaw
0:31:51 (0:00:26)

thanks to the chair just seeking a bit of clarification here about the eao applications and fortis's stance on being able to begin construction I just wanted to be clear that they can commence construction prior to them fulfilling the basically amendments the obligations to their approved eao application is that correct

0:32:18 (0:00:12)

through the chair if I could ask Susan Stratus is online and should be able to answer this question

0:32:30 (0:00:05)

oh hello can you hear me I've had to switch laptops here at the last moment

Armand Hurford
0:32:36 (0:00:01)

we can hear you

0:32:37 (0:02:11)

okay thank you through the chair it's not a really simple question to answer the EA Pro cess in relation to the management plan challenging to follow even though we've been following it since the beginning what appears to happen is that the eao will issue approval you know such as the amendment application with a list of conditions to be fulfilled such as the management plans and those management plans often come in a fairly General format and require additional more detailed plans to be submitted which the district doesn't necessarily have an approval role in reviewing so what does end up happening is the eao will issue approval of the eea amendment with a list of conditions and those conditions will be worded for Fortis instance that has to complete a traffic management plan but that traffic management plan and doesn't stop them if they haven't finished it yet it doesn't stop them from proceeding and I guess that's the really challenging part for us is kind of working with staff to work with the EA and the management plans is they're somewhat disconnected the I guess in short answer to your question yes they can proceed to construction it's quite different from the municipal process where normally you would have all those studies reviewed and vetted and approved before any permits are actually issued but it works differently with these provincial projects where as long as there's a commitment to complete a study such as a traffic impact study they can proceed so that um you know it's a it's a challenging review process I think and I see it looks unusual it looks unusual from our end as well

Lauren Greenlaw
0:34:49 (0:00:12)

so is there any kind of timeline obligation for the completion of these of these studies like could they complete it after construction there's like and

0:35:01 (0:00:00)


Lauren Greenlaw
0:35:02 (0:00:04)

which sorry go ahead

0:35:06 (0:00:56)

the chair I think what might be best if I could follow up in writing actually on this too just clarify where each of these plans are and where they're when they're required in relation to the construction activity that is underway they each have different submission requirements and I don't have that in a format in front of me I would only I guess generalize by saying each of these projects will be proceeding to construction without the district necessarily having reviewed and vetted all of the detailed management plans and sub plans that come under each of those as long as there's a commitment in the EA approval as the condition that they be done it's not necessarily tied to the municipal permits for instance

Lauren Greenlaw
0:36:02 (0:00:06)

and is it possible to get a list of which conditions are outstanding

0:36:09 (0:00:13)

yes it is possible we can generate that list and kind of put it in a simplified format I think that's something we'd have to do as a follow-up to this meeting okay thank you

Armand Hurford
0:36:22 (0:00:39)

thank you so I had a couple questions came up for me in the staff reports under upcoming actions under the wood fiber portion under permitting and Licensing it goes into the dpas that are outstanding and DPA one is explained and DPA 10 is explained could you fill the Gap in for me on DP what DPA 11 is

0:37:02 (0:00:07)

through the chair DPA 11 is our Wildfire DPA and we just received the Wildfire report last week

Armand Hurford
0:37:10 (0:00:25)

okay thank you and that's for the wood fiber site now some of these things would they not apply to the temporary use permits would there not be similar documentation required as well I'm just wondering what sort of captured in that temporary use permit for the lay down yard and the workforce lodges this is in progress but I know that there's a lot a lot there can you speak a little bit to sort of what those outstanding issues are and if some of these are the same

0:37:35 (0:00:19)

or through the chair so we so it'll be two separate Wildfire reports so we have one for the wlng site and also one for the workforce Lodge we also received that Workforce Lodge report last week so we're just in the process of reviewing both reports

Armand Hurford
0:37:55 (0:00:33)

okay thank you and Could you and with the I just want to make sure that we understand what's underneath the temporary use permit category I think that's a bit of a catch-on is perhaps oversimplifying what the permit is that we're working that's staff's working on there so with those dpas fall into that is the traffic management plan specifically for the workforce Lodge tup captured under that or should I be looking for it elsewhere on the list and like just sort of broad Strokes what's captured under that short statement

0:38:28 (0:00:14)

through the chair so yes that is correct so for each specific tup there would be a specific track management plan for that as well as an environmental report and including the Wildfire report as well

Armand Hurford
0:38:43 (0:00:51)

okay thank you and the coordinated project activities section of the of the report it seemed a bit light to me on the expect on the expectations are I think it's in from my perspective the coordinated activities of these two entities has been something that we've been asking for an improvement on can you speak to the sort of what staff's expectation is of that coordination compared to what is stated here in the in the report which is more just that there's joint meetings or people are present at different ones but versus truly joint planning processes or plans that speak to each other and these are things that we've had challenges with

0:39:35 (0:00:35)

the chair so in relation to the activities that staff undertake on this project specifically I'm a lot of them fall into the single proponent activities you can see that through the applications the DPA ones and dpa11 and all of those are processed individually we do have um and I could ask my colleague Mr Velasquez to speak to there is a coordination a meeting that occurs monthly in relation to the permitting

0:40:11 (0:00:24)

thank you so that is relatively new process that we've been able to um get agreement on with both parties where there is I'd say maybe a new level of coordination when it comes to permitting but from our understanding from the applicant's perspective they're still looking at these two as separate projects

Armand Hurford
0:40:36 (0:00:15)

yeah thank you I'm happy to hear that as it relates to permitting but as far as taking that out further into planning processes and that type thing that's not something that we've seen a substantial chain on change on from a staff's perspective

0:40:51 (0:00:06)

through the chat no at the moment We are continuing to deal with the propriance individually

Armand Hurford
0:40:57 (0:00:04)

thank you I have counselor pettingell and then store

Chris Pettingill
0:41:02 (0:00:48)

yeah so first just picking up some of the conversation where it seems there's a real challenge in terms of making sure we have all the plans in time for feedback which is required to have an effect on approvals which seem to come before all this so I'm looking to stop for some direction on how the best to flag this for a minister letter or ubcm discussion is that something I can just sort of note now and we'll follow up as we come up to ubcm next year or because this seems like a something that definitely is a sore spot with this project but is probably broader and more applicable to the eao process in general so I'm just wondering how best to flag that usually we sort of say hey we'd like to talk about this in next September

Armand Hurford
0:41:50 (0:00:16)

okay yeah I think a motion to that to that effect to refer to um you know a resolution con consideration of resolutions for lmlga and ubcm would be the path forward there

Chris Pettingill
0:42:06 (0:01:18)

okay so I will I know colleagues have questions after so I will take a second to think about what my resolution will be and let them speak I do have one more question before I yeah go ahead with your question so just picking up on some of the pieces that we've discussed from my perspective I've seen a greater resistance to coordinate the projects with looking back at previous videos there's acknowledgment oh yeah we need to coordinate better and now at more recent presentations I've seen the proponents are even if anything more resistant to working together but I'm wondering how much then because at the same time they're asking us to you know meet their very accelerated timelines when they've been sort of Silent for a long time so how much of our workload and effort and what's taking up our capacity is actually managing the coordination of these two projects and understanding the cumulative impacts because they haven't done that planning they're refusing to do it and yet they want us to sort of hurry up and hurry up and hurry up so is this you know is this something where if they actually took on that effort of doing some of that coordination and that analysis and so on they could provide to us and that would really reduce our capacity requirements

0:43:25 (0:00:54)

to the chair I'd also suggest perhaps some of the colleagues as well who are working on the project in depth might want to provide comment at this time um while there's recognition that both projects will have an impact or the course of the timeline the project timeline there hasn't been a lot of formal coordination in terms of documentation and I think that that's likely a reflection of what the requirements are at other levels or regulatory bodies so we haven't seen a lot of that coordination in terms of impact for staff it's hard to look at these projects independently when they're going to provide an impact overall to the community at the same time therefore it takes longer I would say to provide substantial feedback in relation to each project independently but I'll just look to my colleagues if they're able to also add

0:44:19 (0:00:56)

something through the chair so I think I would just Echo Gates comments in that the only thing I would add is I think from a staff perspective I think we have a good idea of the two different projects and what's happening it's you know the impacts are probably the biggest issue that you know are being separated so perhaps this is this is an issue for a broader Community to understand these as two separate projects and what's going on with each and track the progress but I'm not sure if combining the two projects you know would significantly lessen the impact it's having on our resources if that was your question

Armand Hurford
0:45:15 (0:00:09)

okay thank you for that any other staff want to comment on this particular piece no okay counselor Stoner and then Hamilton

Jenna Stoner
0:45:25 (0:00:46)

yeah thank you through the chair just want to pick up on the Traffic Control Management plan issue again it is a requirement of fortis's certificate that they do actually provide a traffic management Traffic Control Management plan for a minimum of 40 days prior to plan commencement of construction so just so that is plagued but I am also curious between the work permits that are required and the building permits if there's anything in there that we could use as a trigger to get those traffic management plans I think that's one of the things that I have heard will likely be the biggest impact on our community as they start to truck material is through the tunneling and so I'm just curious how do we actually get that information what leverage points we have through our permitting

0:46:11 (0:01:08)

processes Sarah Bailey director of engineering I can answer that question through the chair yes we have the ability to our work permit process to be reviewing that traffic management plan in more detail our current requirements that we don't tend to issue that permit more than 45 days in advance of the work so that review will be coming later for us and the a trigger for the work permit is if you're doing construction Works within our right-of-way so the work permit will be looking after the implications for construction through Finch and Industrial Avenue and we will be looking at that in detail as part of the work permit we can also request for information on their mitigation strategy for dust erosion sediment control noise environmental requirements for the discharging of the dewatering a number of items which will be covered under our work permit process but that will be happening much later as they're getting closer to Finch and Industrial because that's the area we can regulate within our right-of-way

Jenna Stoner
0:47:20 (0:00:09)

was there anything within the building permits that my flag a requirement for traffic management

0:47:30 (0:00:20)

so through the chair unfortunately not as much as there is through the engineering permits because for building performance essentially what we are limited to at issuances you know are there emergency crews able to get or the fire department able to get to the site in case of an emergency is there legal access to the site and nuts about it

Jenna Stoner
0:47:50 (0:00:01)

and what are the building permits that they

0:47:52 (0:00:03)

require for wlng

Jenna Stoner
0:47:56 (0:00:01)

or Fortis

0:47:58 (0:00:27)

for Fortis it's so the workforce accommodation site will quite likely require building permits a lot of the buildings in the project you know they're kind of on the edge of being permanent or temporary from a perspective so we're still going through that process of determining what's going to require from an apartment or what's not large retaining walls would require building performance as well

Jenna Stoner
0:48:25 (0:00:35)

thank you my one other question is a comment in here that raised some flags for me around the Fortis BC worker code of conduct I said Ford SBC notified that revisions would not be considered so wondering if staff can speak to why they won't be ex I mean you can't actually answer why they wouldn't be but were we asked to provide feedback on it and they just chose not to accept them or are they just they just send it to us for information

0:49:00 (0:00:37)

thank you for the question through the chair so yes the statement in the report is correct where you did provide comment to them they did ask for feedback if we had any feedback their comments at the time were that they were interested in receiving our feedback but they would not be changing their workers code of conduct we have had subsequent conversations with Fortis since that time and provided additional information and additional feedback on the workers code of conduct but we yet to see any revisions or changes or additional information back from Fortis

0:49:38 (0:00:02)

thank you

Armand Hurford
0:49:41 (0:00:02)

thank you counselor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:49:44 (0:00:35)

thanks I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but I just want to make sure I've understand things so wlng is proposing construction start date in August 2023 they're proposing that they house their construction workers on the flotel all right have they submitted the tup for the hotel or given a date by when they anticipate submitting a tup for the hotel

0:50:19 (0:00:26)

through the chair wlng has not submitted an application for the tup for the flotel I can share that they have procured a vessel but we haven't seen any applications yet as far as their application for the site as a whole they still need to go through the dpa1 environmental process before we can actually bring something to you for approval

Andrew Hamilton
0:50:46 (0:00:05)


Armand Hurford
0:50:51 (0:00:32)

any further questions for our staff at this time I can see here are you okay if you're working on motion I think one step I'd like to accomplish here we is on our agenda is should move receipt of the of the report so we do that now with the big counselor French and second by councilor Hamilton thank you any comments on it or we've done that in our comments okay with that I'll call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you and then counselor Pena

Chris Pettingill
0:51:23 (0:00:55)

yeah thanks so move that Council considered the issue of timing of eao conditions and project separation in relation to project approvals for upcoming uvcm and provincial engagement and I'll speak to that a second that Council considered the issue issues of timing of eao conditions and project separation in relation to project approvals for upcoming ubcm and provincial engagement I'll second it go ahead yeah and the way I worded it this way is for resolution it would be the following year but we may have opportunity to speak to ministers at this ubcm or other engagement so I wanted to sort of flag that mostly with in mind a future UBC I'm in resolution but I didn't want to imply that we would not otherwise talk about this so I'd try to give some flexibility as well

Delegation: Woodfibre Liquefied Natural Gas - CSIMP (Community Services and Infrastructure Management Plan)
0:53:15 (1:32:44)

In the council meeting, Woodfibre LNG representatives presented an update on their Community Services and Infrastructure Management Plan (CSIMP) and discussed the engagement process they have undergone so far. They highlighted their Net Zero roadmap announced in March, which focuses on incremental emissions abatement and nature-based carbon offsets. Construction is still planned to start in Fall 2023, with the majority of trades hiring being handled by the construction contractor currently being onboarded.

The presentation addressed several key concerns raised by the community, including the impact on jobs, housing, and policing. Woodfibre LNG plans to prioritize training, economic development, and procurement opportunities for local businesses while monitoring employment data and maintaining communication with the business community. To mitigate housing concerns, the company has implemented an internal policy requiring employees to stay in company-designated housing, such as the Sirocco building and the flotel. The flotel will also be self-contained, with minimal access to the community for workers.

Regarding policing, Woodfibre LNG has established a monthly call with the RCMP and is working on a comprehensive worker code of conduct that will apply to all workers and contractors, both on and off duty. The company is also developing targeted initiatives and programming to address community safety, gender safety, and cultural awareness.

The CSIMP is organized by themes, including quality of life and sustainable development, housing and accommodation, municipal utilities, and education and recreational services. Woodfibre LNG aims to minimize impacts on the community while maximizing local benefits, such as job opportunities for Indigenous peoples, locals, and underrepresented groups. The company also plans to be self-sufficient in terms of utilities and waste management, with no intended impacts on municipal utilities. Through their Community Partnership program, Woodfibre LNG has contributed approximately $1 million to local charities and nonprofits and plans to continue supporting these organizations.

Armand Hurford
0:52:19 (0:01:50)

thank you thank you for that anyone else want to speak this seeing none I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much and thank you for to staff for all our work not just on this report but by summing up all the work into this one report for us is very we helpful and look forward to seeing these updates monthly I think we'll see those now so thank you next we have a delegation what's the delegation given a time and are they joining us physically or electronically they were told 2 30. okay then we shall recess until we have our delegation projected to be half an hour thank you this meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday May 23rd 2023 we're on to item six delegations and we have the folks from wood fiber liquify natural gas here with us today so and I will turn it over to you and join us at the table and maybe you can introduce your yourself and your and your team one one second just sorry that's okay I'll let you get Okay we okay so you need to use the mics when you speak is push the button and it'll go green and then you're good and I'll need to turn it off after and I believe our team is going to put your presentation on the screen for us and then there you go okay now over and over to you

0:54:09 (0:03:54)

okay for sure thank you very much mayor like thank you everyone for having us I'm Christine Kennedy I'm the president of wood fiber LNG I'm pleased to have here with us today Selena Bazi our like vice president of government and external relations and in the chairs at the back here we have Julia Diamond senior manager government and external relations Daria hasselman our senior manager community relations and Laura prosco who works in community relations here in Squamish thank you for having us are we ready to go so we're happy to be here today to like talk to you about our community services and infrastructure Management program or plan give you like an update on the project go over the process of Engagement that we've been through so far and talk about what we've heard talk about some of the highlights of our plan and like mitigations talk about reporting and monitoring and next steps and then take your like take your questions what I would say is that Selena and I are just going to trade back and forth a little bit in the presentation process so you know like we may interrupt each other mid-stream so like you know that's kind of expected with us we talk over each other all the time big things so far this year um you'll be aware that we announced our Net Zero roadmap in March significant product of our work last year was going over the process of developing how we could get there like what those steps would be what portion could be done by incremental emissions abatement in the facility right away and what portion in the interim would be done both through nature-based carbon offsets um really really very excited about how far that has come and like and our plans going forward on it it's a major commitment of the company and we take it very seriously lots of work going on across the company on our various Environmental Management plans and Community engagement related to that both through like very like you know I'm a broad open house venues and through more specific like one-on-one engagements in some cases and round tables and similar construction is still intended to start in Fall 2023 the construction contractor that will take on the majority of that work is currently like in the process of being on boarded and they'll be responsible for the majority of the like trades hiring our floatel amendment is like currently with the bceao for its approval and as you will have heard here like you know I mean we're definitely ramping off a whole lot of our Community Partnership programming donations sponsorships and similar in the community we were really pleased to be able to contribute over 150 000 earlier this year to um I think it was 42 like Community nonprofits and that was the first intake for this year we're also in the process of initiating programs related to gender safety and we will have like culture cultural awareness training as well as gender safety on training for all staff and contractors as the project moves forward Selena I'll like hand this one over to you

0:58:03 (0:06:08)

great so thank you Christine for providing a little bit of context I think this is the first time that Christine and I are able to address your Council as it is currently formed and it's really good to see you all the focus of today's presentation of course is our community services and infrastructure management plan this is one of the four socioeconomic plans that we have been working through the district's seven step consultation process and so as part of our work at the staff level it was suggested and requested that we do come to make this presentation to Council in advance of our submission of this plan to the BC environmental assessment office so as you can see on the slides this is a regulatory requirement it's a specific condition in our BC environmental assessment certificate the csimp as it's called it is to be developed in consultation with indigenous groups and local and provincial governments and so what you'll see here today is some of the results of the consultation that we have been involved in since September of earlier 2022. I'll also note that there was an earlier consultation round on the csimp in earlier iterations of the project and so that feedback has been brought forward into this document as well and I just also thought it would be good to set some context here today we know that there are things that the community will continue to be interested in many issues that will fall outside of the direct scope of the csimp so today we will take you through some of the key themes of the csimp but know that there's lots of avenues for continuing to have those conversations on those related issues that are directly out of scope but we will try and keep the conversation focused for the purposes of today on this being a regulatory requirement and condition as mentioned we are developing targeted initiatives and programming to identify those concerns the csimp is a annualized document and we'll talk about how we're going to report on that and make sure we're living up to all of the identified concerns throughout the life of the project and one of the things that we will be talking about today is community safety gender safety some of those initiatives have been developed in partnership with our indigenous groups I think folks in this room all know that Squamish nation is both a regulator as well as a partner on this project and we are also working very actively with the slayward tooth First Nation as well as other indigenous groups that are impacted by the project you'll see here the topic of a worker code of conduct and we'll talk more about that throughout the presentation but I know it's something that has come up in a lot of our community consults so I thought we would address it here head on just to note that we are developing a comprehensive worker code of conduct and that is intended to apply to all workers and contractors whether they are off or on duty within the community and you'll see here they should not be in the community very much and that would extend beyond wood fiber to our EPC as well as all of those others is the intention here so I'll just talk a little bit again I mentioned that we have been actively engaged with community on this plan we've taken this really seriously and we've done a lot of targeted as well as Roundtable style engagement so again you'll see going back to July of last year we did have our initial kickoff with the District of Squamish staff and this involved not only identifying our engagement approach that we'd been taking but also taking input and feedback on who should be on these stakeholder lists obviously you'll know your community best and so we really valued that opportunity for early engagement with District staff we began to share the document with our indigenous groups for initial review back in September and then we held our first Community Roundtable we had received some feedback that was too early and that we should develop out more of the plan I'm actually really glad that we held that first round table in September we certainly took an earful from a lot of our stakeholders around things that were important to the community but I again am glad we took that approach because it allowed us to hear a really authentic unfiltered version of feedback from people when there was still a lot of information that we wouldn't have known at that time and so as Christine mentioned with now our construction subcontractor being onboarded with more certainty over the kind of level of contracts that we will have it's easier to know more of those details and so we'll be able to tell you more of those details at this stage in the project than we would have in September but it really allowed us to understand the community concerns we held an open house in October I know that many of you did attend that open house that was our first public open house as the project under this iteration and it was it was a well-attended open house and again a lot of feedback was received and a lot of learnings for us from that open house as well as to how we need to engage within the community in a cultural and gender safety lens being applied to all of our engagements as you can see here we continued to refine the document share that with key stakeholders and Indigenous groups we've had targeted discussion with the District of Squamish staff throughout the various iterative versions of the csimp and that culminated in sort of our last I guess you could call significant discussion with District staff at the end of April where it was identified that we should come and present in this forum and so again I know how busy Council schedules are so thank you for fitting Us in at this time and again we did have another Community Roundtable that was held at the end of April and community did tell us that those that attended that call and I know many of you were on that call as well that it looked like there had been responses to a lot of those key concerns that were identified so we took that feedback and we'll continue to refine and then we will be looking to submit that to the environmental assessment office within a few weeks time so thanks for letting me go through that detail there I think it's just important that folks know that this is gone through a lot of iterations

1:04:12 (0:03:33)

so um like as Selena said over the course of all of that engagement like there's been a series of issues identified in the community and things that we've taken very seriously as we you know like move to plan the project um and things that we have put like significant focus into mitigate it that will be reflected in the plan and we're pleased to talk about some of those today um we have certainly heard about the like impact on jobs and both an interest in Project related employment but also you know like concerns from local businesses about limited availability in the labor market and pressure on like other business categories um we are going to take a very balanced approach to like prioritizing our training Economic Development and procurement opportunities to include local businesses and to work on a logical sensible program of like training for local residents but keeping that in balance and always recognizing the need to monitor employment data the need to talk to the business community and to stay like Linked In with that we want to be able to ensure that we like maximize local benefits including employment while making sure that we're like mitigating impacts including on other businesses so that's been something that we've taken very seriously all the way through and that we will continue to talk to the business Community about as we move forward in our early conversations with you of course we had plenty of discussion around housing around like the need to minimize impacts on like the rental market particularly on housing availability and on housing affordability every time I come into Squamish it's great to see the amount of like residential development that's going up but I know it takes a long time to get from building new developments to actually having those available and only some of them will be rental buildings this is something that we have taken like very seriously through the process of the flotel and through internal company like planning and actions all the way through the project um recently the company implemented an internal policy that requires employees to stay in company designated housing so you're aware that we have the lease on the Sirocco building and the like I think it's 95 bedrooms there and we also have like the flotel so in combination between those and locally engaged Workforce from Squamish and the Ceta Sky Region we think that we will like fully mitigate concerns with impact on housing Selena do you want to address the discussions around policing because you've been more directly involved

1:07:45 (0:01:56)

sure so we know that in discussions with the District staff for a number of months concerns around impacts on community in terms of strain on policing has been continuously raised and so I'm pleased that we have implemented a monthly call with the RCMP we are very engaged with the local RCMP and right now the approach that we are taking is to absolutely of course first off take a preventative approach to making sure that incidents that do occur on site are minimized and so that we would not require RCMP presence there and that's been consistent with our conversations with the RCMP in terms of Prior concerns related to impacts of the wood fiber project on police resources in community you'll see here that with the workforce required to use the flotel the intention is that is severely avoided and minimized and we're continuing to have those conversations so just wanted to address that here our orientation of course will also be including training on cultural awareness and preventing gender-based violence so again a real cultural of prevention and our site Security will also be culturally aware and trained in all of the different types of approaches and mitigations to ensure that the diverse Workforce that we intend to have on the flotel feels comfortable using the policing and security resources that are available to them we've also been engaged with the RCMP with regards to other intimate partner violence officer as well as looking to get linked into their indigenous integrated unit to make sure that's all wrapped around and I know that this is a an area that the district is of particular interest in so we can continue to have that conversation certainly we are having that conversation at the staff level but wanted to flag that monthly meeting with the RCMP is also in place

1:09:42 (0:03:42)

so um in the process of the engagement of course we're aware of and we've taken very seriously like concerns about a temporary Workforce and the risk of gender-based violence or sexual assault we are well aware of the murdered and missing indigenous women and girls like inquiry its recommendations for industry and of the like standing committee on the status of women's report to the federal House of Commons in December of last year we take all of that seriously and we recognize that like all major events or you know like Gatherings of people present some level of risk whether it's a convention or whether it's like industrial Workforce an industrial Workforce is just in place longer than like some of those other more like transitional things so I would never want to suggest that like industrial Workforce employees are more prone to that type of activity than anyone else it's just there for a longer period of time so we've taken really serious um all of the like comments advice input that we've had on this and they've gone into shaping how we like are planning to go forward on the project and some of the other programming that we're building around that the workforce that is on the flotel is expected to have very little access to the community and certainly no like recreational access of course people from the flotel may come for Supply purposes and at any point if there were ever like a medical emergency that required more care then will be available on the flotel naturally that like the workforce would like come for those reasons but other than that um during their term on the flotel we expect that workers will be there for their shift rotation and will not be like regularly in contact with the community I think that we've spoken previously to you about all of the like rooms on the flotel being individual bedrooms with their own private bathroom which is like significant in avoiding that kind of risk we will like always in like as Selena has mentioned ensure that all of the Personnel on this like vessel supervisory first aid medical security um trained in like the appropriate responses for like harassment and any type of gender-based violence all workers Selena mentioned this I think in the previous slide but we do want to reinforce it we'll have provided to them safe methods for reporting any incidents of harassment any type of violence or assault in ways that are like independent where they can truly be heard and where that will be responded to um and the code of conduct as mentioned earlier will apply to everyone that works on the project whether they're on or off shift and we'll take that very seriously you can go on from here

1:13:24 (0:06:10)

sure and you'll note that we do talk a lot about this topic throughout the presentation and that's just reflective of how much we did here on the topics of community safety gender-based violence and making sure that both the community and the flotel are safe in terms of workspaces and community and healthy living spaces so if you do hear that a lot just know that that's reflective of the level of commentary that we did receive at our various Roundtable and I know that the last topic is certainly something that we hear a lot as certainly in community and that's our combined impact with the Fortis EGP Eagle Mountain pipeline so some of the things that we have done to be responsive to those comments is that we have in our csimp document identified where there could be those compounding effects and those don't necessarily need to be taken in a compounding way when it's reviewed by the environmental assessment office but we've tried to make it easy and visible and that was at the direct request actually of the former mayor so we did incorporate that feedback into our drafts we do always need to stress that would fiber LNG and Eagle Mountain pipeline are regulated separately they received separate BC environmental assessment certificates requirements and construction schedules but we've taken again that feedback really seriously and we have tried to align we continue to align and we will continue to collaborate to minimize those impacts and I know that's particularly important to folks in this room and we know that we'll continue to receive feedback on that but we've also consulted with the environmental assessment office ourselves on this and sought some guidance to make sure that we are really making sure we're walking that fine line of two separately regulated projects we're also looking to collaborate to minimize you know impacts on capacity and resources here at the district as well as make it clear for the community and so we'll continue to do that through the construction stage of the project as well okay so when we get into the csimp itself it is organized by themes and these are the themes that correlate to the items in the topic so Community Services infrastructure we'll talk a little bit more throughout the presentation about the other socioeconomic management plans that we'll be being developed over the course of the next number of weeks and consulted on but this is the focus of the csimp so these are the themes that we will discuss so again a key theme here being sorry there's a typo on this slide it should say quality of life and sustainable development so in terms of quality of life and sustainable development we definitely want to ensure that the project is not impacting anyone's quality of life in fact our focus is to maximize benefits for your community while minimizing and avoiding those impacts wherever that is possible so we've talked a little bit about positive opportunities for local businesses and workers obviously with the flotel being quite self-contained that does minimize any you know sort of major economic impacts on things like Recreation or Hospitality but we're really looking forward to looking at ways that we can make sure that those impacts are mitigated while some of those benefits are realized and so some discussions with for instance the business Improvement Association in the chamber are in early stages with regards to that supply chain and maximizing that local content for the flotel and I think folks do know that we have some strong business relationships with Squamish Nation as well and a number of Squamish Nation Businesses that will be playing into that whole landscape but again really want to make this a positive impact on local businesses where it is possible we know again the workforce is not going to be impacted in any major way we know that there's a lot of people that are really committed to the positions they're in and we've talked a lot with your Economic Development Department about how we can ensure that remains intact and that there's no sort of you know Tit for Tat on employees that are really needed to support the local economy and again so the mitigation there is really this ongoing collaboration with Local Economic and Business groups but we've talked a little bit and we'll continue to talk a lot about our hiring Focus so really wanting to promote job opportunities for indigenous peoples certainly locals that are interested and other represented groups such as women students and people of color and so again you know your community best and so if there are people that are interested in the project please do direct them our way in terms of this the flotel is again a key mitigation the flotel is intended to be a diverse and welcoming work environment I think a lot of folks know that typically an industrial environment has a hyper masculine feel to it and so through the programming that we are developing our hope is that it is inclusive and welcoming because everybody should have that opportunity to have that you know economic benefit of working in that field should that be of interest to them we're interested in looking at possible coal benefits if there is any areas that local organizations are looking to develop training programs or Talent attraction if there is community level interest and if not we can look at other approaches