Regular Council - 06 Jun 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: Proclamation Request: World Ocean Day - Thursday, June 8, 2023
6.A.i: Development Permit No. DP000595 - 1039 Finch Drive
7.A: Staff Recommendation:
7.A.i: Special Business Meeting: May 16, 2023
7.A.ii: Regular Business Meeting: May 16, 2023
7.A.iii: Committee of the Whole: May 23, 2023
7.A.iv: Special Business Meeting: May 23, 2023
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7.B.i: 0426, B. Castillo, Executive Director, Ministry of Public Safety, Re Integrated Homicide Investigation Team Retroactive Pay Liability
7.B.ii: 0510 S. Lingard, and F. Knight, Squamish River Watershed Society, Re North Crumpit Neighbourhood Planning Process
7.B.iii: 0515 T. Saxby, Executive Director My Sea to Sky, Re North Crumpit's Proposed Phased Plan
7.B.iv: 0526 Mayor Hurford, Re FortisBC's 2023 Workforce Accommodation Plans for the Eagle Mountain - Woodfibre Gas Pipeline Project
7: CORRESPONDENCE - Referred to Staff
7: Staff Recommendation:
7.C: STAFF UPDATES - For Information
7.C.i: Accessibility Plan Update
8.i: Recommendations from the Committee of the Whole: May 23, 2023
9.A.i: District of Squamish Land Development Procedures Bylaw No. 2632, 2018, Amendment Bylaw No. 2959, 2023
9.B.i: District of Squamish Housing Agreement Bylaw (1039 Finch Drive Market Rental) No. 2964, 2023
9.B.ii: District of Squamish Housing Agreement Bylaw (1039 Finch Drive Non-Market Rental) No. 2965, 2023
9.B.iii: District of Squamish Revenue Anticipation Borrowing Bylaw No. 2992, 2023
9.B.iv: District of Squamish Wastewater Treatment Plant Upsize Future Growth Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 2988, 2023
9.B.v: District of Squamish Jimmy Jimmy (Judd) SloughLoan Authorization Bylaw No. 2989, 2023 District of Squamish R20 Peninsula Main Arterial Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 2990, 2023
9.B.vii: District of Squamish New Firehall No.2 Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 2991, 2023
9.B.viii: District of Squamish Flood Protection Upgrades Temporary Borrowing Bylaw No. 2985, 2023
9.B.ix: District of Squamish Jimmy Jimmy (Judd) Slough Temporary Borrowing Bylaw No. 2986, 2023
9.B.x: District of Squamish New Firehall No.2 Temporary Borrowing Bylaw No. 2987, 2023
9.B.xi: District of Squamish Wastewater Treatment Plant Upsize Future Growth Temporary Borrowing Bylaw No. 2993, 2023
9.B.xii: District of Squamish R20 Peninsula Main Arterial Temporary Borrowing Bylaw No. 2994, 2023
12.i: 0529 Y. Seki, Mayor of Shimizu Town, Re Commemorative Ceremony Invitation
12.ii: 0508, C. Kennedy, President Woodfibre LNG, Re WLNG Gender Safety Advisory Committee Invitation Letter
12.iii: 0520 M. Paugh, Re Sea to Sky Highway Letter
Regular Business Meeting - June 6, 2023
0:00:00 (2:20:04)

Brian Daly, a planner with Community Planning, presented a development permit application for 1039 Finch Drive, along with two housing agreement bylaws associated with the permit. The property was rezoned to facilitate the development of 25 townhouse dwelling units. The 0. 8-hectare property has an environmentally sensitive area running through the southeast portion, which will be protected by an Environmental Protection Covenant. The development permit application seeks to establish the form and character of 25 townhomes, with 23 being three-bedroom units and two being two-bedroom units. Two three-bedroom units will be secured as market rental, and two three-bedroom units will be secured as affordable rental housing in perpetuity.

The project took advantage of density bonus options outlined in the Loggers East Neighborhood Plan, which included a public plaza space, Environmental Protection Covenant, market and affordable rental units, and a commitment to build the units to a Net Zero Energy operational use. The proposal meets the CD-102 zoning, with a building height of 14. 19 meters. Parking provisions include a mix of garage and surface parking stalls, with Class A bicycle parking stalls and additional storage space also located within the garage. A shared waste stream for the townhomes is provided at the north end of the site, adjacent to a visitor parking stall.

A public plaza is proposed at the north end of the site, adjacent to Finch Drive, which will include a covered gathering area, child play area, basketball court, and a port. The building's form and character include materials inspired by the color palette of the adjacent forest, with earth-tone colors, cedar, red-gray metal, and tan siding panels. Large solar panel arrays for net zero energy production are also included in the design. The development permit was presented at the March 16, 2023, ADP meeting, and staff believe the applicant's response to the recommendations is sufficient and consistent with the DPA-3 guidelines. Staff recommend approval of DP595, subject to the conditions noted, and also recommend giving the housing agreements for non-market rental and market rental housing first three readings.

Armand Hurford
0:00:00 (0:00:51)

hello and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday June 6 2023 as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional unseated territory of the Squamish nation and we're lucky to do so could I have someone move adoption of the agenda please move by councilor French second by councilor Hamilton all in favor motion carries first we have first order business is we have a proclamation request and we don't have anyone presenting so Council will it's up to us the proclamation request is World ocean day for Thursday June 8th is someone are you moving that Counselor Center move by counselor Stoner seconded by counselor Greenlawn would you take to speak to it

Jenna Stoner
0:00:51 (0:00:22)

happy to support this motion and the proclamation of world oceans Day this year the focus is on conserving 30 of our Blue Planet the ocean does so much for us in predominantly regulating our climate and as we're about to head into another week of hot weather I think it's vital that we acknowledge the importance of our oceans and celebrate on Thursday our world oceans day

Armand Hurford
0:01:14 (0:01:16)

thank you seeing no other hands for comment I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you next we have consideration of unscheduled public attendance this is if someone has a matter that cannot wait until our next regular business meeting they could come forward now to have that considered seeing none will move on we have no public hearings tonight we're moving we're on to number six scheduled or timed items Community planning and infrastructure we've got a presentation from staff for the development permit dp595 for 1039 Finch Drive and I'll give and I will turn over to staff to introduce themselves and the presentation and it does take a second to get it going just to

0:02:31 (0:05:10)

thank you mayor Hereford good evening mayor council my name is Brian Daly planner with Community planning I'm here tonight to present a development permit application at 1039 Finch Drive as well as two housing agreement bylaws associated with the permit the September 6 2022 regular council meeting by law number 2894 2022 was adopted this resume the subject property from rural residential 2 to comprehensive development Zone 102 to facilitate the development of 25 townhouse dwelling units subject property is located at 1039 Finch Drive in the loggers East neighborhood 0.8 hectare property is a flat lot with an environmentally sensitive area running through the southeast portion of the property is currently developed with a single unit dwelling and a large accessory building 41 of the lot area is located within a stream set protection and enhancement area this area will be separated from the development by Cedar fencing and protected with an Environmental Protection Covenant but for averaging of the spears proposed for this application the speed along the east side of the property will be reduced to 20 meters while the spea to the South will be increased and enhanced staff have reviewed and accepted the proposal for buffer averaging for this application as it meets the dpa1 guidelines this DP application seeks to establish the form and character of 25 Townhomes 23 of the units will be three bedroom and two will be two bedroom units range in size from 120 square meters to 174 square meters two three bedroom units will be secured as Market rental and two three bedroom units will be secured as affordable rental housing and perpetuity the project took advantage of the density bonus options outlined in the loggers East neighborhood plan at the rezoning stage this included a public Plaza space Environmental Protection Covenant market and affordable rental units and a commitment to build the units to a Net Zero Energy operational use The Proposal meets this cd-102 zoning the building height is 14.19 meters 11 of the units provide two side-by-side parking stalls within a garage 12 of the units provide one stall inside a garage and one surface parking stall in front of the garage the two affordable rental units provide one parking stall within the garage class a bicycle parking stalls and additional storage space are also located within the garage and a shared waste stream for the town homes is provided the North End of the site adjacent to a visitor parking still a public Plaza is proposed at the North End of the site adjacent to Finch Drive the plaza will include a covered Gathering area child play area basketball court and a port the portion of the drive aisle providing access to the Western block of the units is proposed to have a wound Earth treatment to encourage pedestrian use and calm traffic this is the proposed location of the basketball court staff will Secure Public Access right away over the plaza area and basketball court the building's former character includes materials inspired by the color palette of the adjacent Forest the buildings are cloud and durable materials with Earth Tone colors doors and in Cedar red gray metal to match Rocky Bluffs and siding panels in tan like pine bark small wood textured accents bring a warmth and smaller scale to the buildings on the roofs large solar panel arrays for net zero energy production have a more high-tech appearance and fit with the Dark Matter metal color palette of the upper wall cladding landscape finishes around the building include natural stone colors with light pavers cast in place concrete at the public recreational area along Finch and asphalt paving mimicking gray metal on the buildings all of these are host to planting and trees which soften and Screen the hard surfaces this development permit was presented at the March 16 2023 ADP meeting ADP reviewed the project and provided recommendations shown on this slide staff believe the applicant's response to the recommendations are sufficient and consistent with the dpa-3 guidelines to inform the community per policy the project was posted to the district's development showcase and a development sign has been posted on site no comments or requests for a public information meeting have been received today at rezoning two three bedroom units were secured as affordable rental and two three bedroom units were secured as Market rental in order for the applicant to obtain the rental housing density bonus housing agreement bylaws are required to secure these units as rental and perpetuity this slide shows a sample calculation of the monthly rent for the affordable rental unit it's based on the 2020 taxation year so given that this proposal meets the dpa-3 guidelines staff recommend approval of dp595 subject to the conditions noted on this slide staff also recommend giving the housing agreements for non-market rental and Market rental housing first three readings that concludes my presentation and I'm happy to take questions at this time

Armand Hurford
0:07:42 (0:00:21)

thank you Council I'll just take this opportunity to remind to remind Council that this is a development permit with no variances so this is comparing it against the guidelines and there's not a huge amount of um of room there but I'm but I'm happy to if there are any questions for staff at this point go ahead counselor pen and go

Chris Pettingill
0:08:03 (0:00:17)

yeah one of the other things that was in the September 6 reports Council that and I believe we approved was no gas in the building and I didn't see that in this report so are we still securing that or when did that happen or does that happen

0:08:21 (0:00:08)

through the chair that has already been secured it's noted in the Land Development agreement that was registered at adoption

Armand Hurford
0:08:30 (0:00:02)

thank you counselor storm

Jenna Stoner
0:08:32 (0:00:36)

thank you through the chair just a few minor questions the drawings of the North and South elevations really show how far the solar panels arrays stick out from the roof and I'm just curious if staff referred that against the guidelines in particular like the impact it might have on the balconies below I just Envision it like a bunch of water during the rainy season running off the solar arrays onto the balconies and I'm just I don't know if like the details I just can't see it but the pictures were stuck

0:09:09 (0:00:40)

through the chair Steph are consider or I don't believe that will be the reality of the situation when it's actually constructed it might just be how it was drawn on the drawings um the the guidelines in relation to reform um obviously they didn't meet that guideline because they're providing solar panels but there is also a guideline further down that allows for variation from the DP guidelines if you're meeting a higher BC energy step code so that was how staff felt that it was appropriate in this instance for the rooform to not be not necessarily meet the prescriptive guidelines in that section

Jenna Stoner
0:09:49 (0:00:15)

okay that's helpful um and then just one other really Minor Detail the drawings of the coverage sheltered space in the public Plaza show a countertop with open cabinets inside the public or inside the covered space and I'm just curious what the purpose of that would

0:10:04 (0:00:16)

be I believe the purpose of that is just to make it more functional if you were to have a gathering out there I wanted to have a picnic and you need to store some things while you're while you were congregating in there that would be the purpose of that open cabinet

Armand Hurford
0:10:20 (0:00:04)

King counseling yep go ahead counselor French

John French
0:10:25 (0:00:14)

thanks mayor the building height is listed as 13.66 meters and I'm wondering if that height calculation includes the solar panels so will the top of the solar panels exceed that height of 13.66 meters

0:10:39 (0:00:14)

my I believe and I would have to reference the drawing to be certain but I believe it is to the midpoint of these solar panels so they will slightly exceed that but it should still be within the 14.19 maximum height

John French
0:10:53 (0:00:06)

perfect that was my next question so answered mixture

Armand Hurford
0:11:00 (0:00:19)

thank you Council any other questions we have we have some staff recommendations here and the staff recommendation that was on the slide included the housing agreement so would it be appropriate to discuss those at this point as well and did you have a presentation for those for the housing agreement the

0:11:20 (0:00:04)

other I didn't have a separate presentation for that I'm happy to take any questions on that at this time as well

Armand Hurford
0:11:24 (0:00:13)

no that will most likely work anyone have any questions about any of those any of those pieces see be none of them looking for emotion

John French
0:11:38 (0:00:04)

or move the staff recommendation

Armand Hurford
0:11:42 (0:00:26)

can I get can I get to put this the slide back up just to help with this discussion be and it would the um because French was your intent the entirety of that the housing agreements and so on or just the flight to see this yeah in Miss Arthur's we could do this all together if we the bylaws need to be separate

John French
0:12:09 (0:00:10)

okay so I'm moving the top recommendation and that mayor and corporate officer be authorized to execute the development permit

Armand Hurford
0:12:19 (0:00:08)

okay thank you is our seconder for the motion second by counselor Hamilton would like to speak to it Council French

John French
0:12:27 (0:00:25)

okay speaking in support of the motion I find this to be an exciting development that delivers solar technology on a level that we really haven't seen yet in Squamish the project developer has taken the advisor design panel recommendations I believe seriously I'm making adjustments that were recommended by the ADP I'm comfortable granting this project a development permit at this time

Armand Hurford
0:12:53 (0:00:03)

thank you go ahead counselor pettingell yeah

Chris Pettingill
0:12:56 (0:00:54)

thanks I there are a lot of things to like about this development I still have some concern about requiring the overhype garages um but all in all I think this development brings some good things to the table I was concerned at the time about the proximity to the proposed Forest pipeline at that time there was a little less certainty things have advanced a little bit and so if we're going through this again I'm not sure I would still support this but I don't believe I have the under the DPA guidelines a reason to not proceed with this so I will support this but I do want to flag that I still have very serious concerns given the lack of risk information provided by Fortis and putting more density along that road in such close proximity to where the pipeline is proposed

Armand Hurford
0:13:51 (0:00:28)

thank you Council any other comments I'll just briefly speak in favor of the motion I think this is a an Innovative project and I'm quite excited to see to see it to see it move forward look forward to seeing it so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you and now Council we have the other two and we need to do these separately to themselves as well Miss Arthurs

0:14:19 (0:00:08)

they are listed on the agenda under bylaw so you can suspend the order of the agenda to move them forward for consideration right now with the rest of the item and we'll stop here okay

Armand Hurford
0:14:28 (0:00:21)

so let's do that Council we'll suspend the order of the of the agenda to address these issues here to sort of package it all up together would someone like to move the first piece of the housing agreement counselor Stoner moves counselor French seconds would you like to speak to it Counselor Center

Jenna Stoner
0:14:50 (0:00:26)

just briefly to both of these bylaws and could have said this on the DP but um grateful for the proponent bringing forward to Market rental units and two non-market rental units in this development I think we all know that there's a dire need for housing below Market housing in our community and I think that this goes a long way to try and incorporate those units into a relatively small scale development so happy to support these housing agreement bylaws

Armand Hurford
0:15:17 (0:00:48)

thank you and to be clear Council we're right now we're discussing the market rental piece and then we'll go to the non-market we'll be the next one we consider any other comments Professor Hamilton did you on the it's on the next motion okay we'll deal with this one then I'll speak to this briefly I'm in support of this I think it was great to see um the market and non-market needs addressed in such a small development so I'm very happy to see that and be happy to support this housing agreement first three readings with that I'll call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you now we're on to the non-market rental piece councilor Hamilton just

Andrew Hamilton
0:16:05 (0:00:12)

before we move forward with that our agenda calls that by law number 2965 not 29 56. I assume it is 29.65.

Armand Hurford
0:16:18 (0:00:07)

yes that's correct thank you it's just a typo on this slide or inverting some numbers yeah go ahead then I'll move

Andrew Hamilton
0:16:25 (0:00:08)

the one in the agenda District of squamous housing agreement by law 1039 Finch Drive non-market housing rental number 2965 2023. okay

Armand Hurford
0:16:34 (0:00:27)

thank you is there a second seconded by kelser Stoner any comments on this or have we spoken to it in the previous motions okay without a call to question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much okay Council now we're on to our consent agenda does anyone want to say anything in the consent agenda that you'd like to deal with individually and that would be the time if you're answering them

Chris Pettingill
0:17:02 (0:00:09)

the letters correspondence 7B 2 and 3.

0:17:11 (0:00:06)


Armand Hurford
0:17:17 (0:01:48)

seeing no other hands we'll deal with seven B two and three at appropriate place later in the agenda so with that kind of someone move the consent agenda moved by Counselor Center second by counselor French all in favor motion carries thank you very much the next we have a consideration of council committee recommendations from committee the whole from May 23rd regarding the active Transportation update which I'll move is there a seconder second by counselor Hamilton all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so now we're on to item nine a one first reading consideration first reading of District Squamish Land Development procedures by law 2632 2018 Amendment bylaw 29 59 2023 I read the whole name to buy you some time to get yourself set up there but I'll turn it over to staff to introduce themselves and the topic

0:19:05 (0:16:46)

good evening mayor and Council Philip Gibbons planner with the community planning and sustainability Department today I'll be giving a presentation on delegation authorities for minor development bearings permits and removing default requirements for public hearings for zoning bylaw amendments so to refresh from the committee of the whole meeting so Bill 26 was implemented in November 2021 and was developed to assist with increasing housing Supply through streamlining development approval processes in March 2022 staff presented information and sought direction from Council where a recommended approach was to pursue two of the three changes as previously mentioned removing default requirements to hold public hearings and delegating decisions on minor development variance permits and subsequent to that committee meeting staff undertook a review of the potential benefits and up and options for implementation so that subsequent to the original when it was originally brought to Committee of the hull and it was brought for discussion on March 14th also to Committee of the hull and to recap the default requirement to hold a public hearing legislation now permits zoning bylaw amendments to take place without a public hearing taking place where the amendment is consistent with the ocp and notice is given prior to First reading of the bylaw staff propose that a member is considered minor or well aligned with OC C policy should be eligible um the permanent criteria propose essentially align with the development permit delegation criteria and these include locations where neighborhood planning has already occurred which have already received significant Community input and applications for 100 Market rental and affordable housing projects these Advanced key Council quality policies related to affordable housing Supply and by not always requiring a public hearing there's a possibility for time saving application processing time will be improved and staff and Council can focus on for one of the better word major zoning bylaw amendments or those of particular interest to the community and opportunity will still be available for public input through the development showcase public information meetings and letter to letters to council or all which can happen prior to application receiving readings by Council providing an opportunity to save repeating readings due to important information received later in the process and where there is considerable interest in an application a public hearing can still be held and for reference we have the criteria this is the list that was previously presented to council and it has not been changed however there was a previous option for either 300 or 400 square meters of floor area for non-residential space and as per Direction at the community the whole meeting 400 square meters has been included as previous mentioned there have been no changes to the price the proposed criteria since Council last saw them and as a clarification the 20 units number which is referenced was derived from the existing development permit criteria which has been in use since February 2021 staff have used this number as they consider it has been working well for that purpose and is a threshold to determine our larger residential development and it provides consistency with existing policy um for rezoning proposals that meet the criteria to not have a public hearing a provision has been included to give Council the opportunity at first reading to request that a public hearing still be held and then finally an amendment to the resolution from the committee of the whole meeting requested that staff consider amendments to section five of the Land Development procedures by law sign posting and notification in line with changes being made under delegated authorities for minor development variance permits and Rook and removing default requirements for public hearing as well as considering publishing deadlines for public input on signage so as a result of that request staff have included our requirement for the development information signed to include details of the cutoff date for requesting a public information and also that the details of the public information including the date will be included this will allow members of the public who receive information on the project via the sign to see when the opportunities to provide and request input into the processes are and that is keeping in mind that outside of the public information meeting process the public can still submit feedback for consideration and to recap the information the delegation of minor development vary variance permits entails the delegation of decision making for variance applications that are considered to be minor and this is based on a predetermined set of criteria staff's recommended criteria of what should be considered to be minor are available in the next slide and we're generally approved subject to clarifications at the committee of the whole meeting on March 14th and these include citing size dimensions of buildings structures and or street parking and loading space requirements and by delegating applications the staff the benefits include staff Time Savings Council agenda Time Savings and reduction in processing time the decision criteria have since the last meeting also been developed and included and there's what the director would need to consider when making decisions on whether to Grant a delegated variance permit or not and these will be discussed later in the presentation and again for reference here we have the list of the proposed minor development variants permit criteria again this list has not changed from when Council last saw it at the committee of the whole meeting moving along staff have drafted the decision criteria which must be considered by the director when making a decision on whether to issue a development variance permit or not the criteria have been developed based on feedback from Council at the committee of the whole meeting Council policy and Research into other municipalities as there are many the full list of criteria have been included at the end of the presentation if requested for discussion they have also been provided within the report Council within the bylaw itself for review the criteria provide General requirements to follow for all variance types as well as for specific variance types for off-street parking and loading building starting regulations and Building height variations staff proposed with the chosen criteria will guide the director to make decisions that are in alignment with current Council policy and perspectives this slide provides a list of clarifications and additions to the bylaw since the committee of the whole meeting as follows so a review of council minutes for development variance permits which was requested by Council so since the beginning of 2022 this has shown that Council has agreed with staff's recommendation on development variances every time except for some minor wording amendments our staff have demonstrated alignment with Council Direction and interests and have been able to bring forward recommendations that align with council's perspectives and another clarification is requested is a demonstration of the lot coverage and setback variances the 25 and this is provided on the next slide and staff have included a limit on the number of different variance types that could be considered under delegation by staff as discussed at the committee of the whole meeting this has been restricted the three and also requested by Council commitment to low carbon energy sources which exclude gas have been included in the guidelines which the director must consider and this is an example of current Council policy Direction which is typically brought forward to council as part of variance requests staff have also amended a typo in the bylaw as requested by Council so yeah this slide demonstrates what the basic provider visualization of what a 25 change in lot coverage and building setback would look like and these are on a typical rs1 Zone lot and the required light coverage in building set black is shown in blue and the 25 changes shown in red and staff proposed that these diagrams demonstrate the minor nature of the variants proposed and that it would be suitable for delegation to staff here we have an example of a development variance permit which would be suitable for delegation under the proposed criteria so this DVP application proposed to vary the front yard set back from 7.62 meters to six meters the variance was requested to facilitate the construction of a single family dwelling and it was in this instance the same variance that was requested previously and approved in 2019 so it would required a variance twice and the lot is located on steep terrain and the intention behind the request was to move the home closer to avoid the state terrain at the rear of the property and the need for larger training structures so this variance represents a 21 change the required front setback and is what at the upper limit of what could be delegated to staff included in the bylaw are a number of housekeeping amendments and as follows there's an amendment to the sign posting requirements to allow staff to provide accurate sign information to applicants prior to the creation of the Implement information sign this update allows for staff to review the application and provide accurate details to be included on the information sign an update to the delegation Authority for development permits and temporary use permits for commercial space from 300 square meters to 400 square meters this change was supported by a council at the March 14th committed the whole meeting and this was due to a change from three to four hundred square meters which would support investment in larger commercial space the change for temporary use permits has been added since the discussion at the committee of the whole meeting to bring it in line with the development permits and staff have adjusted the wording around delegation of development permit applications under DPA 1 2 and 11. These are the environment protection from hazardous conditions and Wildfire to reflect the intent of these original development types to be delegated in instances where they accompanied by form and character development permit application so the wording of the bylaw does not reflect original intent from when it was drafted and the intention was to have Council review development permit applications for forming character and not those related to Environmental Protection or protection from hazardous conditions additionally is proposed to remove the requirement for deliver development permits requiring a spear variance under dpa1 to be reviewed by Council spear setback variance is a distinct from development variance permits and are considered Justified on the basis of a hardship and can only be granted where a parcel of land is rendered undevelopable by the spear the dpa1 permits as well as a speed of variance requests are technical in nature and assessment of the associated report and compensation matters measures are best undertaken by qualified staff Council would still review Associated zoning bylaw variances unless delegated under this proposal and also some other minor Amendments have been made generally to tidy up the bylaw and the formatting correction of errors reporting as request by staff an annual report provided to allow Council to review staff decisions on development variants permit applications this will give Council an opportunity to ensure staff decisions are consistent with the current Council Direction and interests and a list of zoning Balor amendments not requiring public hearings and outcomes will also be provided and finally the recommendation is that District of Squamish Land Development procedures bylaw two three two so two six three two eighteen Amendment bylaw 2959 be given first reading and staff request council's feedback and Direction on proposed amendments prior to bringing the bylaw back for additional readings thank you for your time and that concludes my presentation

Armand Hurford
0:35:52 (0:00:06)

thank you very much it was very thorough there's a lot there so counselor

John French
0:35:58 (0:00:26)

French thanks mayor in the report there was a note that a typo was dealt with I think that was likely from the email that I sent a few things were flagged was there just one typo that was corrected or more than one

0:36:24 (0:00:11)

through the chair it just changed one item I don't have the exact one in front of me right at this moment

John French
0:36:36 (0:00:46)

okay well I'll just so the wording in 5.1 c i g talks about putting a sticker on to development signs and at least 10 day prior of any cutoff date for request a public information meeting so that kind of had some clunky wording in it that might be the one that got corrected and then I also noted just a plural situation where it refers to 10 day instead of 10 days I'll just I'll leave it at that staff can figure it out thanks

Armand Hurford
0:37:23 (0:00:02)

thank you counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:37:25 (0:01:03)

thank you through the chair thank you for the presentation a few questions um in the bylaw amendments itself section 7.1 so zoning by law and official community plan staff are proposing an edit that's previously the Warrington said the director will refer an application to amend the zoning bylaw or official committee plan to counsel and the edit says now says the director May refer an application and I'm curious why staff are proposing that language change in my package that's page 83 of the council package the consult yeah the one with the track changes

0:38:29 (0:00:02)

um apology through the check can you please repeat the section

Jenna Stoner
0:38:31 (0:00:22)

totally so it's section 7.1 in the bylaw with the track changes page nine of the bylaw and the is the header and then the actual like heading section in the bylaw says zoning bylaw and official community plan

0:38:53 (0:00:12)

through the chair I believe that's because of the inclusion of the delegation so where it's delegated it's now may and it so it wouldn't be referred

Jenna Stoner
0:39:06 (0:00:26)

appreciate that but we're not actually delegating decisions on rezonings we're waving public hearings and delegating decisions on development permits so I'm my concern is that should still be a will instead of a May because I think that those still need to regulatorily come to council for readings

0:39:32 (0:00:07)

through the chat we can review that and look at that for the next Bi-Lo ratings

Jenna Stoner
0:39:40 (0:01:08)

totally then and a few other questions so on the development variance permits sections so in schedule B let me just go down and find my place so schedule B section 2C this is the requirement so the director must consider the following General guidelines in deciding whether to issue a development permit variance or a development variance permit and section c says the applicant should commit to low carbon energy sources for the development which excludes Natural Gas my concern here is that with that additional language does that mean that will have to apply to all development variant variance permits or does the director have discretion on when it would apply so if somebody were to come forward with a development variance permit asking that a deck is able to protrude into a side setback do we then require them to take out all the natural gas inside their house

0:40:48 (0:00:17)

through the chair the wording is should in that instance and there are guidelines that must be considered so they're not you know must be followed essentially

Jenna Stoner
0:41:05 (0:00:55)

okay appreciate that and then also on the development permit sector the development variance permit delegation section there's a component in here of the considerations that the director must consider and one of them is potential negative impacts to be considered include inconsistency of the development with neighborhood character and I particularly have a challenge with how we Define neighborhood character and how that gets used and I feel like it's a very weaponized term these days and I'm just curious on staff's feedback of how you actually would assess neighborhood character and if we wanted maybe find some more particular language around building form interaction with public spaces or if there's another language piece of language there that we can use that's not neighborhood character

0:42:01 (0:00:26)

thank you through the through the mayor that's a great question and that's something that we went over as well and looked at other communities I think this one came from the term is used in other communities as well I think neighborhood characters are very broad term and we're happy to come up with something less toxic for sure

Jenna Stoner
0:42:27 (0:00:40)

I think that would be helpful in the next iteration and then my other question and then I'll pass the floor back is on the zoning bylaw amendments not requiring a public hearing and the first one is residential or mixed use applications where the residential units do not exceed 20 units so on so forth my original interpretation of this was that it would have to align with the ocp designation though and I just want to confirm whether that is staff's understanding as well or if it's any rezoning even if it's not in adherence with the ocp designation

0:43:07 (0:00:14)

through the chair I'm old so I'm not sure if I understand the question correctly but um all zoning amendments would have to be consistent with the ocp

Jenna Stoner
0:43:22 (0:00:19)

but sometimes we have ocp men or rezoning applications that come in the ocp there's also an ocp amendment that is required so that comes in line so would this not include any sort of rezoning that would be out of step of the ocp designations

0:43:41 (0:00:17)

through the chair I guess in an instance where an ICP amendment's required then it wouldn't be consistent with the ICP and so it wouldn't be eligible for delegation

Jenna Stoner
0:43:59 (0:00:03)

thank you for that clarification no leave it there

0:44:03 (0:00:00)

thank you for

Armand Hurford
0:44:03 (0:00:02)


0:44:06 (0:00:02)

did I have you next because putting up

Chris Pettingill
0:44:09 (0:00:38)

yeah thanks so the one and I just want to check on the three variances total restriction and maybe not fully understanding the DVP if you can sort of ask for two variances get your DVP and then come back in six months say oh shoot I forgot two things can I have two more and it's a separate DVP is the policy written such that we would consider that four and say you know what it's time this goes to council we have to think of this as a whole or could you sort of do two at a time if you're really you know you know if you want to try

0:44:48 (0:00:28)

that that's certainly a possibility that someone might try and do that I think there's a big cost and time involved in such cases and I think staff would pick it up as a non-conformity with the intent of the policy and when that happens I think you know staff have the ability to refer it to council

Chris Pettingill
0:45:16 (0:00:55)

okay thank you and then picking up on a couple of others that one of my colleagues mentioned fordus really likes to play around with their terms and their definition of low carbon is not the same as mine and I'm just wondering for clarity if it's better to say we hear exclude gas rather than natural gas we usually ask for a no gas Covenant and I think if we start getting into RNG renewable all those sorts of terms it gets into a very you know what exactly are we talking about and I think from my perspective consistent with our other decisions and the fact that this is a should as opposed to a will I think I would be more comfortable with just gases so is there a reason why we couldn't or wouldn't do that

0:46:12 (0:00:05)

through the chat there's no particular reason why we couldn't do that change

Chris Pettingill
0:46:18 (0:01:15)

okay thank you and I guess I just want to pick up on the neighborhood character piece as well that raised a real flag for me and I guess I would I guess I would ask the same what is our definition and want to be clear of that or and I guess my concern is because at first when I read this I thought oh well you know it's actually meeting the intent because if there's concerns about this it goes to council and Council can decide those more charged things anyways but I guess I'm worried about the what this may do if neighborhood character becomes a thing to reinforce a very narrow sort of cultural perspective on what architecture and so on could look like even though it goes to council ultimately you're still putting a whole different process on something other than you know I guess how do we sort of word this in a way that's actually Equitable and takes into consideration some of the other policies we're doing and I don't know what the answer is but that's sort of the concern I had with that piece in there

Armand Hurford
0:47:34 (0:00:02)

go ahead

0:47:37 (0:00:34)

I think that we can just remove that term we're talking about Minor variances in this case and we're just talking about the variance itself so say a setback variance of one meter how does that impact neighborhood character it's it would be quite challenging I think for someone to justify that by moving a building by a meter that's going to impact neighborhood character so I think in prac in Practical terms it's probably not necessary as a guideline

0:48:11 (0:00:02)

okay thank you

Armand Hurford
0:48:13 (0:00:02)

counsel any other

0:48:16 (0:00:03)

questions on these changes

Armand Hurford
0:48:19 (0:00:02)

counselor stoner

0:48:21 (0:00:01)

it's okay go ahead

Jenna Stoner
0:48:22 (0:01:29)

thank you do the chair we'd have one more which is on the changes to the sign posting and notification I know this was not the original intent but it did raise some additional questions when I read through our current bylaw and also I've had the pleasure of visiting a few other municipalities around the province and I now look at everybody else's development application permit signs on their streets and have found some really interesting additions that I think are worth considering and I'm curious if staff have any thoughts about there are two components one trying to have like a little bit of a high level overview of the process so like development application has been received it gets reviewed by staff in these committees there's a public information meeting maybe not and then the other key piece is who is the deciding Authority like who's the decision maker on the application and I think that's a particularly important with the delegation by law so whether it's the director of planning or whether it's Council just so that the public has better Insight on where that information is going and who's digesting it and making the decision so that's more of a comment than a question but wondering if we can open up that section of the bylaw a little bit more to clarify what information would be on that sign or if staff would prefer to keep it kind of high level as it is now

0:49:52 (0:00:25)

through the chair I guess the original intent of this was not to go too far past housekeeping and things that weren't previously discussed kind of Might speak more to this but we have considered looking at a project to update the project information signage

0:50:17 (0:00:26)

yeah just to add to what Mr Gibbons said is we are planning to revamp the science we know that they're not the greatest and we've been also looking at other jurisdictions for that we can certainly add the additional commentary in the bylaw but we're hoping to revamp the sign outside of the council process essentially

Armand Hurford
0:50:43 (0:00:14)

so for a change like that would it need to be in the bylaw or is this something that would come out in like a policy that of practical application of the Milo except where you think it would it would it's best for this for that type of thing to live

0:50:58 (0:00:21)

I think so I think we can we could add some pertinent information like identify who's the deciding Authority on an application into the bylaw as part of this housekeeping process but I think it's best to deal with the sign itself as a develop a new standard for sign outside of the boiler

0:51:20 (0:00:05)

okay thank you

Armand Hurford
0:51:25 (0:00:33)

so Council I've been hearing some feedback as we go here and I appreciate the neighborhood character piece in particular did jump at me and if it's not needed then I think that we can remove that I I'm just looking around the table to see if anyone feels strongly that it should be there I'm not I'm not seeing that so how would you like us to formalize the feedback here do you want to go through is this Miss Arthur's

0:51:59 (0:00:22)

so because this is a bylaw what you're doing is amending the bylaw first reading it's not providing like feedback as we would do at a committee of the whole right okay feedback be incorporated you actually have to incorporate that into the motion so that the Bible be given first reading as amended by and then it has to list

0:52:22 (0:00:01)


Armand Hurford
0:52:24 (0:01:29)

thank you I'm gonna need to refer to my notes to formulate a motion here but so give me one second or if there's anyone else that has a question while we formulate this no one's saving me from that so give me a second here I'm going to try to formulate through my notes so I'm just going back to my notes this is a question to counselor Stoner you were comfortable the 7.1 in the bylaw which was the director May will that needs to go back to will I just want to have this specific conversation I was under the impression that staff May was the delegation if it meant the delegation requirements then it would then it wouldn't but if it did then it would come to us so just that wording was a particular point I want to make sure we have Clarity on before we make a motion

Jenna Stoner
0:53:54 (0:00:27)

yeah and happy to receive more feedback from the staff here but as I read 7.1 the delegation is to waive the public hearing it's not to waive the zoning bylaw coming to council so the director still has to refer an application to council even if we're waiving the public hearing so I think that wording has to say the director will refer

0:54:21 (0:00:15)

okay yep

Armand Hurford
0:54:36 (0:00:59)

okay so in the so Council I'm going to take us I'm going to take a stab at this is that we is that we a move that we give first reading to the district's Columbus land development procedures bylaw number 2632 2018 Amendment bylaw 29. 59 2023 with the change in section 7.1 to the director will refer not may as it's presented and then and that section in schedule B section 2b1 be removed and I believe that's the number of the neighborhood character schedule B

0:55:35 (0:00:11)

yep so if when you're going through the bylaw go through you refer to the sections in the amendment by law versus the Consolidated Viola please

Armand Hurford
0:55:47 (0:00:07)

okay hold on I'll find it

0:55:54 (0:00:05)

so it would be deleting 2E because we're not going to do that

Armand Hurford
0:56:00 (0:00:03)

yeah delete to be one

0:56:03 (0:00:15)

no move in the bylaws it's section 2E would be deleted if we're taking out the word will and we're maintaining May right

Armand Hurford
0:56:19 (0:00:14)

oh I see sorry we're looking at we were miscommunicating because we're looking at different pieces of it but okay so that's section seven we're back to that section 7.1 you're referring

0:56:34 (0:00:08)


0:56:42 (0:00:16)

Council should be working off the amendment bylaw 29 59. only that's what you're giving readings to today so for the point of the conversation we

Armand Hurford
0:56:58 (0:00:00)

oh I

0:56:58 (0:00:00)


0:56:58 (0:00:00)


0:56:59 (0:00:11)

included the redline version of the Consolidated bylaw which is for convenience only

Armand Hurford
0:57:11 (0:00:06)

I'll go back to the drawing board of my motion for a second thank you counselor Stoner you guys save me

Jenna Stoner
0:57:17 (0:00:38)

well I have one more clarifying question then I might suggest a recess so that we can get our Motion in order but the other piece that I caught was section 9.2 says where development variants permit application requests three minor variances or more but I heard in your staff presentation that it was if they requested up to three so I wanted to clarify whether an application can come with two variances or three variances and be delegated and just make sure that we had the correct language there

0:57:55 (0:00:21)

through the chat in time as if there's three or more so if you came with three it would not be delegated

Armand Hurford
0:58:16 (0:00:01)

go ahead counselor

Chris Pettingill
0:58:17 (0:00:30)

pinnago um maybe arguing for recess but I did want to try at least striking the word natural from schedule B to C but also schedule B2 has 2B so it goes a b c d e f b right now and I think we want to deal with something in the second B which should be G

Armand Hurford
0:58:47 (0:01:07)

I know I'm gonna need a moment to craft a resolution here so I'm not seeing any other any other hand so why don't we do that we're gonna we'll recess for five minutes and we'll try to put something together that's that reflects what I've what I've heard here so we'll be in recess and we'll be back at let's see we'll do that at five after seven so that's five minutes thank you we'll call this meeting back to order thank you for indulging the break it's very technical so you want to make sure we have everything correct so I'm gonna I'll read out the motion that I've worked with staff on consolidating so I'll move that the there's a Squamish Land Development procedures bylaw number 26 32 2018 Amendment bylaw number 29 59 2023 be given first reading as amended by maintaining will

0:59:54 (0:00:04)

in section 2 e deleting schedule B

Armand Hurford
0:59:59 (0:00:27)

section 2 C and replacing with the applicant should commit to low carbon sources and no gas for the development deleting section schedule B section 2 G I which one was that was the sorry I just want to make sure we have I'll come back to what that is oh that's the neighborhood character piece

1:00:26 (0:00:08)

adding section five subsection C adding so adding

Armand Hurford
1:00:35 (0:00:59)

to section five subsection C1 by adding a new Clause H decision maker on application and section five subsection C2 by adding a new Clause or decision maker on application and that the bylaw be renumbered to reflect these changes I'm seeing noddings could someone second the motion please second by counselor Hamilton I'll speak to this briefly I think these changes are an important step forward as we as we grow as a community and as we modernize our processes and I really appreciate all the staff work that's gone into this so far and council's careful consideration of these of these amendments so I'm happy to support and move this move this forward would anyone else like to speak to this Council Pennington

Chris Pettingill
1:01:34 (0:00:32)

yeah I'm also glad to see this and happy to support notwithstanding a few changes we've made I think staff did a really good job at capturing what policy we need to feel comfortable about delegating this and I think you know recognize we can come back and adjust in the future if we feel we need to but I think the if you have good policy in place we should be delegating as much as possible and I think we've taken a really good first step in that direction so thank you to staff and happy to support this

Armand Hurford
1:02:06 (0:01:30)

thank you any other comments seeing none I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much okay Council we've moving on we've been we're moving on to section B but we've already done one in two earlier so now we're on to item three so on to disrespondence revenue anticipation boring bylaw and I will introduce I'll turn over to stuff to introduce themselves and the topic

1:03:37 (0:01:36)

hello mayor and Council my name is Rian Sousa and I'm the director of financial operations my pronoun pronouns are she her and hers to assist with addressing the me the goal of presentation today is the council give first three readings to the district of Squamish Revenue Anticipation by law for Council in the Public's background the Community Charter of BC states that a council May by bylaw provide for the borrowing of money that may be necessary to meet current lawful expenditures in order to do this a bylaw referred to in the legislation as Revenue anticipation must be adopted annually the legislation the legislation recognizes that the main Revenue source for municipalities is property taxation which is due for collection the first working day in July in addition the district has significant expenditures and large capital projects that can Spike its average expenditures from time to time although the district has sufficient cash flow it maintains a line of credit with its financial institutions Scotia Bank to ensure it mitigates the risk of a short-term working capital deficit the line of credit that is maintained is two million dollars the motion before council is that the District of Squamish give first three readings to District of Squamish Revenue anticipation borrowing bylaw number two 992 2023 this concludes the presentation I'll now turn this back over to the chair

Armand Hurford
1:05:13 (0:00:02)

thank you very much

1:05:16 (0:00:05)

Council do you have questions on this

Armand Hurford
1:05:22 (0:00:39)

seeing Nana to entertain a motion removing that counselor Stoner second by counselor Hamilton any comments oh see none I'll call the question all in favor motion carries thank you so much and are you I believe it's the same team for our next item items so I will on to the next one

1:06:01 (0:06:08)

just as we're moving into a second presentation I'll reintroduce myself for anybody that may have joined online my name is Rianne Sousa and I'm the director of financial operations at the district my pronouns are she her and hers I'm here today to present on the 2023 loan authorization and temporary borrowing bylaws for the community's background loan authorization bylaws for long-term borrowing and a temporary borrowing bylaws for short-term borrowing the goal of the presentation today is for Council to give first three readings to these bylaws the community Charters the legislation that a municipality is required to follow when entering into borrowing under the Community Charter a municipality must adopt a loan authorization bylaw prior to entering into long-term borrowing which is subject to an electoral process there are two options for electoral processes which are Ascent voting or an alternative approval process once a loan authorization bylaw is adopted a temporary borrowing bylaw may be adopted up to the amount that is authorized under the loan authorization bylaw to note the maximum debt servicing a municipality can incur is 25 percent of revenues the district's long-term financial planning guidelines and policies have limited this to 20 percent for the community's background Capital project expenditures and funding are approved by Council during the five-year financial planning process the next step is where we are today which is the administrative process of adopting the loan authorization and temporary borrowing bylaws the long-term borrowing that has not already been adopted through loan authorization bylaws are fire hall number two for 5.2 million dollars Oceanfront Peninsula main arterial Road for 1.6 million dollars and Squamish River Dyke upgrade at Jimmy Judd slow slew for 1.8 million dollars the slide represents if the full amount of the debt was issued for 20 years at an interest rate of 4.38 which is the rate at the time of preparing which is the municipal Finance Authority rate at the time of preparing the report to council the total annual debt servicing costs would be 1.3 million dollars the impact on the debt servicing limit is that this will bring the district's debt servicing to 15 percent if the full amount of the loan authorized authorization bylaws that are funded by General taxation were borrowed at the stated rates an amortization period the annual cost to Property Owners per 100 000 of assessed values are equal to the following bar Hall number two is one dollars and Ninety Four Cents for residential owners and 4.86 for business owners Oceanfront Peninsula main arterial road is 61 cents for residential owners and one dollars and 53 cents for business owners squamishriverdike upgrade at Jimmy Judd Slough is 68 cents for residential owners and 1.70 for business owners the wastewater treatment plant upsize will be funded by Wastewater utility fees which is an impact of five dollars per residential property owner to note commercial Wastewater utility fees differ by type of business classification as outlined in the fees and charges by law all next week to the temporary borrowing bylaws it is best practice to adopt temporary borrowing bylaws in addition to loan authorization bylaws this is due to borrowing under loan authorization can only be borrowed once the expenditures are incurred therefore a temporary borrowing provides short-term working capital to fund the projects into long-term borrowing can be issued this slide represents the district borrowed the full amount authorized through the temporary borrowing bylaw and interest rate at the time of the council report which was 5.0 percent from Municipal Finance Authority the average monthly interest payment would be seventy nine thousand dollars following first three readings of the bylaws the next steps are the bylaws are forwarded to the inspector of municipalities for approval once approved by the inspector and electoral process is undertaken staff are recommending the alternative approval process after the alternative approval process Council adopts the bylaws there is then a 30-day quashing period in regards to public engagement the engagement started with the development of the five-year financial plan which included consultation with the community the next public engagement steps are the projects and details about the alternative approval process will be advertised in the chief over two consecutive weeks and will be shared through the district social media channels and e-newsletters for the same two weeks the advertisements will be linked to the district's website which will have a page dedicated for each project to provide a fulsome overview of the project a key message supporting the project information will be to explain how long-term borrowing is a valuable tool for a municipality to spread the cost of capital projects over many years so that future taxpayers also help pay for the projects that they will benefit from it is staff's recommendation that the loan authorization and temporary borrowing bylaws are given first three readings I didn't list them on the side just because there are a number of them and this concludes the presentation I'll now turn it back over to the chair

Armand Hurford
1:12:10 (0:00:16)

thank you so Council we're going to do these bylaws individually but if we have questions about the any of the concepts or any of the bylaws we have staff here to address that now so are there any questions for staff while we have them before we go ahead counselor

Lauren Greenlaw
1:12:26 (0:00:09)

thanks through the chair I just had a question about the interest rates I wanted to know if they were variable or fixed and if they're locked in like if that's a set cost

1:12:36 (0:00:15)

through the chair at the outset of taking the long-term borrowing out from the municipal Finance Authority they're locked in for 10 years and then each five years or every five year period they are reset

1:12:52 (0:00:01)


Armand Hurford
1:12:53 (0:00:02)

go ahead counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
1:12:55 (0:00:25)

thank you through the chair I appreciate that it's best practice to take out the temporary borrowing bylaws to help cover the interim costs or the like Capital flows before we can get the long-term borrowing do we typically use that full amount though in previous short-term tempering borrowing bylaws or is it just kind of like we have other working capital that we use first and then we use the temporary borrowing by law if we need to in

1:13:20 (0:00:00)

a worst

Jenna Stoner
1:13:21 (0:00:04)

case scenario I'm just looking at the cost of doing so and it feels a bit High

1:13:25 (0:00:27)

through the chair the first the first approaches for us to look at existing working capital which the district does have working capital to provide temporary funding for some of the long-term debt that is going to need to be incurred and temporary borrowing is the last the last step and has been utilized in the past

1:13:53 (0:00:01)

that's your pending up

Chris Pettingill
1:13:54 (0:00:29)

so on a summer note and I think it's been asked in the past but I don't recall the answer but if we have significant reserves and we get these bylaws approved are we able to use our own reserves so there's no interest and then you know if something went really wrong we could refund the reserve from the debt that's been approved and so there's sort of no risk to the reserve but we might save interest costs is that something that we are permitted to do

1:14:23 (0:00:27)

through the chair thank you for the question um so we are able to use utilize the working capital so any of our free to reserve cash so to speak however we do have to keep the reserves whole by year end so we're allowed to utilize it by law until the year-end process so that's why we have the temporary boring to bring us sort of back up to full for your end

Armand Hurford
1:14:51 (0:05:54)

okay Council I don't see any other questions so we can get into these into these bylaws councilor French you're going to get us started with um move the first one and that's number four on our list this District Squamish wastewater treatment plant up size future growth loan authorization bylaw 2988 2023 thank you second by counselor Anderson all in favor motion carries thank you next up we have the District of Squamish Jimmy Judd Slough loan authorization bylaw number 2989-2023 moved by counselor Hamilton Rec seconded by counselor stoner all in favor motion carries please wave your hand if you want to make comments as we go as we go through this otherwise I'm just going to kind of keep us keep us going next is District Squamish our 20 Peninsula main arterial loan authorization bylaw number 2990 2023 moved by counselor Hamilton I'll second that all in favor motion carries next up we have dishes Squamish new fire hall number two loan authorization bylaw number 29.91 2023 moved by counselor Stoner and seconded by councilor Greenlaw all in favor motion carries thank you next we have District squash flood protection upgrades temporary boring bylaw 29.85 2023 moved by councilor French second by counselor pettingell all in favor motion carries next we have District squamous Jimmy Judd Slough temporary borrowing bylaw number 2986 2023 moved by councilor pettingell second by counselor Anderson all in favor motion carries next up we have number 10 on our list District of Squamish new fire hall number two temporary boring bylaw number 2987 2023 moved by councilor French seconded by councilor Hamilton all in favor motion carries next on to number 11 District Scottish wastewater treatment plant up size future growth temporary borrowing bylaw number 2993 2023 moved by counselor Hamilton second mic counselor Stoner all in favor motion carries take a breath before I do this next one District Squamish R20 peninsula mean artillery temporary arterial sorry temporary boring bylaw number 2994 2023 moved by counselor Greenlaw second by counselor Anderson all in favor motion carries thank you and thank you for guiding us through that we have nothing under item 10 staff reports we have no late agenda items we had some correspondence action requested under Section 12. so the first up is the letter from the mayor of Shimizu Town and or are for Council consideration so I'm just going to pull sorry I was going get to the letter in front of me as I hunt for that this essentially izo's our sister city in Japan and we've been asked to attend their um an anniversary of significance for them I think it's the 60th anniversary of incorporation or whatever the equivalent is and this is a this is a really a relationship that in with our sister city that in my time we haven't done a lot with and the question is if we would like to it would take some budget to get any of us there and the expectation as well from or the protocol from there from their side is that spouse attends and our Financial controls are very explicit that they cannot be spent on spouses so this isn't about so there is a there is an expense kind of a two-part expense one on behalf of the municipality and the other on behalf of the individual to have their spouse attend so because this would take this would take budget and capacity to do in any form or this is why it's here and I think it's a question about how we sort of manage that relationship or leverage those up those opportunities um with our sister city going forward so I wanted to have the conversation with Council and see if that's something that we should be spending time energy and resources on and if so to what I to what extent so that's the short version of what it is we're trying to contemplate we're trying to contemplate here Miss Arthurs did I still make sure I got my Preamble correct around the regulations and expectations as you've orchestrated some of these things in the

1:20:46 (0:02:28)

past thank you mayor Hereford yes I did pull the historical information so what happened Council the first time that was invited to attend in 2003 for the 40th anniversary it was a reciprocal um situation so three counselors plus spouses attended in shimitsu and then when they returned they had 20 people come so we didn't exactly pay for all of them to attend what we did was when we had our celebration for our 40th anniversary we hosted them at our expense completely for the event and any adjacent events and we contributed three thousand dollars to the travel in 22 in 2008 nine I can't remember mayor Gardner was invited to attend and he was going to attend but they had a tsunami hit I can't remember it might have even been a little bit later than that so he wasn't unable to attend and then in 2013 Kirkham was asked to attend and it was only mayor Kirkham who attended with his wife and they were hosted for the celebration for their 50th Anniversary we have we have had them attend in non-anniversary situations multiple times where we've hosted dinners and events some there was some functions at totem Hall we've had through the years the students come and we keep them busy for a week but to this extent this is this is like an every 10-year type of a situation and typically only up to three will go because we want to leave Quorum here in town kind of like sending the whole royal family on a on a plane we don't want to do that so we keep Quorum here so it's arm wrestling amongst counselors to determine who's gonna go if you are going to go

Armand Hurford
1:23:14 (0:00:13)

thank you for that context and did you have any sorry the letter didn't speak to the to the details were there any anything implied in here or in previous Arrangements around what the financial implications would be

1:23:28 (0:01:24)

so typically just in for financial implications in here was it I do have the money in 2013 we budgeted 11 800 for the mayor and one other person to attend like another counselor we didn't need that second counselor so it significantly was reduced but we ended up paying the entire cost in 2003 they offered to pay for all of Council like for the council members bills and because it's a it's rude it's a it's not a cultural thing to do to refuse a gift we did have them pay for the council members who went just their flights I think is what they paid for what would happen in this instance and what's happened before is they extend the invitation we let them know who wants to go and then they often will come back with dates and an agenda and if they're going to propose covering any costs that's sort of a secondary thing

Armand Hurford
1:24:52 (0:00:03)

okay thank you counselor pettingell

Chris Pettingill
1:24:55 (0:00:27)

is there generally an expectation that this is sort of an economic development type Endeavor and that's you know in other places or other contexts like the chamber folks go or there's a sort of a or is or this like even when you speak of an agenda is that the sort of thing that's on the agenda Economic Development opportunities primarily or what is the

1:25:23 (0:01:00)

often they're the president of their Chamber of Commerce will arrange tours they're of a very resource-based municipality and they'll be touring around to some of their Sawmills and their Lumber producing facilities as well as going out into the country to look at Wasabi Farms because they have always wanted to bring Wasabi farming into Squamish and so they really want to build a relationship around agriculture as well as resource sharing ideas and exploration so it's often been the relationship has been considered primarily one of trading Economic Development ideas and opportunities

1:26:24 (0:00:00)

yeah go ahead

Chris Pettingill
1:26:25 (0:00:52)

so I guess my I sort of have two thoughts in this and work a couple I guess the one is probably sending the mayor or acting mayor and partner and but with if we have the time to organize with our Economic Development chamber folks some sort of you know if someone from the chamber can go as well but I think it would need to be for my comfort aligned to our Target sectors and so if there is some alignment there and I'm not sure if there is but the other thing that strikes me is might be a fantastic opportunity to bring someone from the youth Council and look from at it as sort of from that angle I don't personally see half of our Council going but it's just my

Armand Hurford
1:27:18 (0:01:06)

two cents thank you I think the decision for today is if someone or multiple people should go and then we can figure out to you know what materials maybe are prepared to be brought with to convey those Economic Development pieces I think the youth Council piece is as interesting as that is I think is super challenging international travel and youth and it gets I see that being challenging that would be a great opportunity but I don't know if the possible feels like it might be a bridge A Bridge Too Far but it's given that the first decision is would we like to take our sister city up on the on the invitation of having someone or multiple someone's attend this anniversary that they're having counselor French