Regular Council - 20 Jun 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
7.A: Staff Recommendation:
7.A.i: Regular Business Meeting: June 6, 2023
7.A.ii: Committee of the Whole: June 13, 2023
7.A.iii: Special Business Meeting: June 13, 2023
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7.B.i: 0531 B. Sawchuk, Assistant Deputy Minister Housing and Land Use Policy, Re Notification of Housing Supply Act and Regulations
7: CORRESPONDENCE - Referred to Staff
7: Staff Recommendation:
7.C: STAFF UPDATES - For Information
8.i: Recommendations from the Committee of the Whole: June 13, 2023
9.A.i: District of Squamish 2023-2027 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 2941, 2022 Amendment Bylaw No. 2995, 2023
9.B.i: District of Squamish Revenue Anticipation Borrowing Bylaw No. 2992, 2023
9.B.ii: District of Squamish Flood Protection Upgrades Temporary Borrowing Bylaw No. 2985, 2023
9.B.iii: Item Removed
9.B.iv: Item Removed
9.B.v: Item Removed District of Squamish Housing Agreement Bylaw (1039 Finch Dr Market Rental) No. 2964, 2023
9.B.vii: District of Squamish Housing Agreement Bylaw (1039 Finch Drive Non-Market Rental) No. 2965, 2023
12.i: 0604 S. Gregson, Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC, Re Urgent - UBCM Child Care Resolution
12.ii: T. Saxby, My Sea to Sky, Re FortisBC's effluent discharge permit application to BC Energy Regulator
15.i: 0508, C. Kennedy, President Woodfibre LNG, Re WLNG Gender Safety Advisory Committee Invitation Letter
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Armand Hurford
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and as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional unseated territory of the Squamish Nation tomorrow's national indigenous people's day and I think it's incredibly important that we really paused to to recognize um the many historical wrongs that we need to collectively work on to advance our right reconciliation efforts and to think of ways that we all can do that individually as we go about our business during go about our days on this beautiful unseated territory of the Squamish Nation could I have someone please move adoption of the amended agenda moved by counselor Stoner seconded by councilor pennygil all in favor motion carries thank you we don't have any delegations petitions or proclamations um today so we'll go to consideration of unscheduled public attendance so this is the opportunity if there's a member of the public who has a matter that they would like to get before Council that can't wait until the next regular business meeting this would be the time to make yourself known seeing none will move on we have no public hearings or scheduled timed items this evening so we're on to the consent agenda Council does anyone like to pull anything from the consent agenda before we consider receipt counselor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
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thank you mayor I'd like to full no not sorry from the consent agenda no sorry apologies

Armand Hurford
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we're good on the consensus no that's totally fine okay so can I have someone move the consent agenda then please move by councilor French second by counselor Hamilton all in favor motion carries and now we're on to consideration of council committee recommendations from committee the whole so firstly we have the recommendations coming out of the June 13th committee the whole around North crumpet are you moving that Council French I'll second that you know com any I'm not seeing any hands for comments without a call to question all in favor motion carries thank you next we had the Squamish Marine access review update and discussion draft with some recommendations removed by counselor Stoner I'll second that all in favor motion carries thank you next we have recommendation around the real estate facilities master plan and general projects updates moved by counselor Stoner second by Council French all in favor motion carries thank you next up we have moving on to bylaws for first three readings we have a staff presentation for this item so I will call Stafford to

Bylaws: First Three Readings, Adoption
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In the District of Squamish council meeting, the Capital Projects Manager, Jesse Morwood, presented on the Queensway Lift Station Budget Amendment. The recommendation for the resolution is to amend the five-year financial plan to increase the budget for the Queensway Lift Station to $6. 136 million. The project began in early January when a manhole adjacent to the Queensway Lift Station failed, prompting emergency repairs. The initial budget for the project was $2 million, but it was understood that a more detailed budget would be developed as more information became available.

The presentation detailed the steps taken since the initial failure, including the excavation process, dewatering, and dealing with utilities in the area. The project team discovered that the adjacent gravity sewer had also settled, causing significant cost increases and unanticipated scope changes. The team also conducted a detailed inspection of the adjacent wet well, finding significant hydrogen sulfide (H2S) corrosion. As a result, additional funds are being requested to address the corrosion and rehabilitate the wet well.

The budget implications of the project were also discussed. The current five-year plan has a project to replace the Queensway Lift Station valued at $2 million. The proposed increase to just over $6 million will reduce the amount held in the Wastewater Reserve by approximately $4 million. The Wastewater Reserve was projected to have a balance of $10 million at the end of 2023, but with the additional costs, the balance is now projected to be around $6 million. If the capital works can be completed at a lower cost, less reserve funding will be required, and the remaining balance at the end of the year will be higher.

Lauren Greenlaw
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Armand Hurford
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we went through that we went we were so efficient there that we're right well we'll let me just we could do some we could do some adoptions those go quickly so we'll suspend the order and we will move on to adoption and generally with adoption we have no presentations is that that's okay so move we'll through these and then we'll loop back to um to the item 9a1 so now we're on 9b1 which is distribution Revenue anticipation borrowing bylaw adoption moved by counselor Stoner second my counselor councilor French all in favor motion carries thank you next we have District Squamish flood protection upgrades temporary boring bylaw number 2985 2023 moved by Council French second by Council penngill call the question all in favor motion carries thank you next we have District Squamish housing agreement bylaw for 1039 Finch Drive for the market rentals I'll move that second by counselor Stoner all in favor motion carries thank you next we have Distributors College housing agreement bylaw for 1039 Finch Drive non-market rentals and this is number 2965 2023 I moved by counselor Hamilton second by counselor Greenlaw all in favor motion carries thank you and now we'll go back to first three readings by law so this is nine a sub 1 and we have the staff we need this I'll call Stafford I saw him I know he's here foreign welcome I'll turn the floor is yours

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thank you and good evening my name is Jesse morwood I am the capital projects manager for the District of Squamish with me tonight is Sarah Bailey director of engineering and Roland Russell a senior financial analyst I believe tonight we're presenting on The Queensway lift station budget amendment the recommendation for the resolution is that the District of Squamish amend the five-year financial plan to increase the budget for Queensway lift station to 6.136 million dollars and that the district gives three readings to the district of Squamish 2023-27 five-year financial plan so I just want to give a brief history on the project um this in early January the manhole adjacent to the queensless lift station failed and we initiated emergency repairs um we did this by hiring consultants and contractors to develop a kind of integrated design and the end goal was to replace a failed manhole at the time we established we the budget was about two million dollars we understood it at that time now there was still a lot of moving parts and Our intention at that time that would we would revisit and develop a more detailed budget as information became available work has been progressing on the manhole and I'm going to kind of walk through the steps since the initial failure and talk about where it started and where we are today this is a photo of the original site prior to the manhole failure um on January 14th the day of the failure there was um there is kind of a sinkhole initiate around the manhole material entered the manhole through a corroded hole and this happened at significant depth approximately five meters below ground the manhole corrosion was due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide which attacks the concrete and erodes it as well as erodes the metal we established pumps right away to bypass the failed manhole it was a fairly sophisticated setup so we sent all the sanitary flows from downtown to North yards to the Queensway lift station all this all this flow we sent it directly to the wastewater treatment plant effectively bypassing the manhole this the second stage was once we had isolated the sanitary Flow Away from the manhole we had to effectively build a cage around the existing manhole so that we could safely Dig Down excavate the material and then eventually replace the manhole so what you see here is Shoring which is effectively at the cage around the our work site this is not typical excavation it's very extensive and complex and it has you have to dewater as well which we have some more photos I believe that we can get into so here's a little bit more um uh another photo that kind of shows how complicated is we had to support the Shoring there was lock blocks you can see there are also ensuring that the Shoring did not collapse upon itself there's utilities in the area that we had to deal with including there's a power pole right behind the Shoring that you can see overall it's very challenging work there's also Utilities in the area in this case BC Hydro utilities because we're working in close proximity we had to develop methods to support the utilities so they didn't move or change alignment and this was kind of a custom work that we had to do these are what called i-beams and was custom fabricated for the for the work we also once we got down a little bit farther we had to deal with the dewatering water levels in general in Squamish are quite High especially at this site where you're you know not much higher than ground level or sorry sea level so we have to dewater a massive amount of water and how we do that is we installed effectively they're called Point well points and they're placed all around the site all the water is collected through a massive pump and this is then pumped to a nearby ditch and this is a constant 24-hour process that we have to ask Monitor and staff this these are photos of the of the dewatering discharge location we had to set up erosion control sediment to make sure that any sediment from the groundwater did not get into the nearby watercourses as we continue to move down we've set up all our dewatering and so you can also see the top of the existing manhole so that's getting to the mom a hole and that's where the original mantle comes into the Jason lift station this photo is showing us as basically removing the bottom of a manhole what you can see here is that adjacent to the manhole is a gravity sewer pipe so there's two pipes that come into the manhole before they go into the wet well what we found and what we didn't know until we excavated was that the adjacent gravity sewer had also settled effectively it's very important the grades of gravity sewers are it's very key that they're their elevation is precise and as a result of this we've since are developing a plan to replace this gravity sewer which is additional scope that we didn't originally anticipate this is a cause is going to cause significant cost to the project and certainly was an unanticipated so we this is this is the photo on the right there is a recent photo from this week um so we're finally at the bottom of the excavation we're building um on the on the left photo is building the formwork fall or concrete and rebar and this is going to serve as the base for the new manhole this was one of the things at the start of the project that we hadn't done the detailed design on the main reason is that we wanted to excavate the hole and be able to again accurately understand all the different infrastructure that's in there because we didn't have very accurate drawings and so this took extra time to the project and there was extra cost as a result of extra engineering fees and some extra charges associated with the dewatering that we're doing 24 7. sorry

Armand Hurford
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I have a I see a question from Council on this particular slide so I'll just stop you there if that's okay go ahead counselor

John French
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Bridge thanks mayor I'm just I'm curious for context what depth down are we looking at in that picture well I guess this is the two pictures are the same depth I believe so how many meters down are we looking at there

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yeah through the mayor I believe it's six to seven meters at that point

Armand Hurford
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thank you any other questions at this on this slide before we move on okay go ahead

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so we have taken the opportunity to do a very detailed inspection of the adjacent wet well so again the manhole feeds the wet well the main which is the main kind of chamber for the sewer before it's pumped to the wastewater treatment plant we've done a very detailed inspection um this was a really good timing to do this we could not do this without the current bypass that we have set up there was also very challenging work safe procedures that we had to establish as part of this of inspecting the wet well and again it was this was the opportunity that we could do this um so we've done an inspection and what we've found is that there is also significant H2S corrosion within the wet well itself on the right what you see is there's lines there on the right photo and what that effectively is the smooth concrete is where the existing kind of the main kind of the sewer levels kind of fluctuated above that is where the gases the H2S gases has corroded the wet well itself this is premature wear we're in the middle of getting our Consultants doing the analysis at this point but what they have kind of initially indicated is that this is fairly high priority to repair and so as part of this budget amendment and certainly beyond the initial scope of the project is that we're requesting funds in order to address the this additional corrosion that we're finding in the wet well as a side note we are also in the process of trying to address the origins of the H2S the hydrogen sulfide gases this is dressed at a different lift station Upstream if you will of the of the list of the Queensway lift station and that's another project that we're preparing for next year here is some more photos of the infrastructure these are pipe work that's found in the well again significant H2S corrosion which not only affects concrete but also affects metal as well also in the bottom when we actually took all the um uh drain the wet wall of all the sewer there was other components that were found in the bottom of the wet well as you can see there's some on the right hand side there's multiple different components that were found this is again additional work so not just relining the wet well we're also planning to replace these components in the wet well itself to have a rehabilitated wet well at the end of this project

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so I'll speak briefly to the budget implications of this project in the current Five-Year Plan we have a project to replace the Queensway lift station valued at two million dollars we are looking at increasing that value from 2 million to just over 6 million as indicated and as a result we will be reducing the amount currently held in the Wastewater Reserve by the same four million dollars plus so the Wastewater Reserve at the end of 2023 was projected to have a balance of 10 million dollars that 10 million dollars reflects a project cost of two million dollars so now we are projecting the Wastewater Reserve we'll have a balance of approximately six million dollars reflecting the additional four million dollars being reduced from the reserve to pay for this project obviously if we are able to complete the capital works at a cost that is less than the total six million dollars we would require less Reserve funding to pay for this project and that would increase the remaining balance at the end of the year

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this brings us to the end of presentation thank you very much

Armand Hurford
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thank you Council questions

Chris Pettingill
0:20:28 (0:00:10)

yeah thanks got a few the hydrogen sulfide is it possible that there's a natural source or does this suggest that something is being put into the sewers that shouldn't

0:20:39 (0:00:56)

be the hydrogen sulfide is common especially with sanitary Force Mains and the turbulence it causes with it being a pressurized system in this particular location the hydrogen sulfide is exasperated due to the length of Force main we have so this goes from Central live station downtown to Queensway in the industrial park and that length of time allows for an increase in the buildup of anaerobic material causing the hydrogen sulfide so it's not this is a natural process that happens but is exacerbated by that length of force Main and as Jesse has alluded to there's a plan I believe in the budget for injection at Central lift station to try and mitigate that risk of the hydrogen sulfide buildup at source

Chris Pettingill
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okay thanks so that was going to be my follow-up the we I guess would treat with another chemical that sort of took care of it as opposed to using different materials in the construction

0:21:50 (0:00:25)

through the chair it is a bit of both these manholes weren't lined typically when we have Force Mains dumping into gravity lines and there's that increase in turbulence in the manhole the manholes are lined so we do take that additional measure with the material for any of those circumstances for the force Mains into gravity systems and then on top of that the system that'll go in at Central

Chris Pettingill
0:22:15 (0:00:21)

okay thank you and then my other question you know we rely on our Master plans to make sure that the sort of infrastructure is we're staying on top of it and but this was somewhat unexpected does this give us pause or sort of make us wonder if we need an update to our Master plans or can you speak to how I guess our level of certainty on our current Master plans

0:22:36 (0:00:47)

yes I can speak to that um I don't think we can say this one was a surprise if you remember we did have this one go out for tender twice so while the failure was a bit of a surprise and obviously unanticipated this manhole was identified in our lift station assessment report which should call for its replacement which then got it put on a capital project and it was budget constraints that didn't allow the project to proceed initially our Master plans we are updating them as per the requirements in the ocp and keeping an eye on these things we aren't foreseen any other issues like this is just an unfortunate situation

Armand Hurford
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thank you other questions Council because they're French than Hamilton

John French
0:23:31 (0:00:40)

thanks mayor I'm wondering if the project team has a timeline for when this project is expected to be completed and I'll get a little bit ahead of what I think the answer is going to be by pointing out that I recognize that this project seems to me to be comparable to renovating a really old home where you pull one wall down and unexpectedly find asbestos which you then remove and discover all the beams are rotten and then you discover that the floors are completely rotted out so is there timeline though at this point

0:24:12 (0:00:32)

thank you for the question through the mayor I also appreciate your analogy so thank you for that it's not far off yes we do have a timeline for the you know immediate scope of work it's anticipated will be finished by September however as I mentioned we're doing a detailed inspection right now on the lift station itself and that will be additional scope and additional time in addition to this to September so we don't have a definitive time schedule on that piece likely of it but I am anticipating this fall or

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John French
0:24:47 (0:01:08)

okay and one of the reasons that I'm asking that question is to hopefully get to a bit of an idea of when the traffic flow might return to normal on Cleveland you know it's a 30k Zone and it's really tight and it's challenging for cyclists and pedestrians and the sooner we can get that traffic flow back to normal the better for the community as long as we're not sacrificing safety but I'll leave that and so my next question was around the cost escalation and potential subsequent reinvigoration of the waste water Reserve so I'm wondering this is probably Mr for Russell if our taxpayers should anticipate that utility bills are going to be a little higher next year than maybe we were anticipating and maybe even subsequent years to reinvest in the Wastewater Reserve

0:25:56 (0:01:47)

through the mayor the answer to that question is yes they should although this is not a surprise increase looking at The Five-Year Plan that has been approved we had maintained the sewer rate at the level that it is now for both 22 and 23 but we were anticipating resuming increases in Wastewater utility rates commencing in 2024 and we anticipate that we will continue on with that program so we had basically built a lull in because prior to this we felt that the reserve was at a stage where it will be able to fund the anticipated capital projects that were coming forward obviously if your Capital project cost has balloons such as this one that is somewhat unanticipated so we were looking at increasing utility rates in 2024 and onward and we will be assessing the overall requirement what the new utility rates will need to be that will be based on the capital costs that are in the upcoming financial plan that we're looking at right now and also what our asset management targets need to be to ensure that we can maintain a an appropriate level of capital infrastructure repairs on an ongoing basis

Armand Hurford
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thanks sir thank you counselor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:27:49 (0:00:20)

thanks very much through the chair thank you very much for all your work on this and I'm sure counselor French's analogy holds very true how long when was the this infrastructure installed how old is it

0:28:09 (0:00:14)

through the chair approximately 25 years don't quote me but it's around 25 years and certainly is prematurely aged normally the same type of instructure would last a lot longer than that okay

Andrew Hamilton
0:28:23 (0:00:08)

and how long do we anticipate this installation the new installation what is the approximate lifetime of the new installation

0:28:32 (0:00:24)

yeah through the chair there's different types of materials that we can use to re-line um the the wet well and the manhole on the manhole I think it's a 50-year lifespan on the on the wet well we haven't got to that level of detailed design as far as what rehab we will do but I believe it's 25 to 50 years as well

Andrew Hamilton
0:28:57 (0:00:24)

and if I'm HR a final question we're obviously in a situation now where we've torn apart the walls of the house and we're into it what are the consequences of not approving this budget amendment now

0:29:21 (0:00:55)

through the chair I can speak to that consequences on a few different levels we have to be mindful that we have Engineers involved in this project and Engineers of record and those Engineers are only willing to sign off on us opening this infrastructure if we have completed this to a certain level of design so and we want to be following those recommendations of the engineers so just to some point we can't we can't go back and live in the house unless it's signed off so there's that portion which comes from the engineers so we need their sign off to decommission that bypass pumping system in addition to that if we don't approve the budget amendment I think contractually we could be in a difficult situation we want to keep this project going and see this through to completion

Armand Hurford
0:30:16 (0:00:03)

thank you counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:30:19 (0:00:16)

you through the chair in 2021 we had a budget line item for Lift Station condition assessment and Miss Bailey I think you mentioned this I'm just curious is that project complete and if not where is it in terms of its completion stage

0:30:36 (0:01:39)

yes so that budget line item was for that condition assessment report so the district paid a consultant to analyze all of our lift stations and took a look at which ones needed replacement um and what elements of the lift station some were mechanical and electrical items that needed to replace some were conditioned some were safety some were redundancy so we have a long list of different items that are required for repair of our lift stations and Jesse can speak to the line items we have going forward but we've taken that report then and whittled it down to what we feel is a priority I can speak a little bit more to the budget planning process we're going through as a team we've had much more collaborative approach this year and made sure we've brought together the infrastructure planning Capital development and major projects together so we're not looking at these reports in isolation we're taking a look at what needs doing but with the mind also what development is coming and how that might change our plans the lift station condition assessment is one piece of the puzzle that we're trying to then pull these other pieces in so we are making educated decisions ourself whether or not if it's rated High here how do we feel about that given development that's coming and who might come along to replace it after that so that condition assessment report is completed and we're going through that verification process of prioritizing the upgrades and Jesse can speak a little bit more to the budgetary items that have fed from that report

0:32:16 (0:00:23)

yeah thank you for the chair so next year we have I believe approximately eight hundred thousand dollars of work directly related to that conditions assessment report so we actually we've already started hiring a consultant to prepare the designs and so the implementation is planned to happen next year thank you

Jenna Stoner
0:32:39 (0:00:29)

that's great thank you and then just a follow-on question in terms of the impact that this is having so my understanding is that the scope of this project is actually quite large relative to our annual repair and maintenance projects for the Wastewater utility um so from a budget perspective is one component but then there's also the stack capacity so it has this pushed other projects off in terms of delivery for 2023 and how do we anticipate to catch up in 2024 if they

0:33:09 (0:01:02)

have thanks for the minute yes this has taken staff capacity there's no doubt about it thankfully once you're into the contract we have a contract administrator who's helping run us through that process which helps to mitigate that in addition as I mentioned we have engineers and those Engineers have field inspectors that are keeping an eye on things for us so it's not as if we have staff out there every day but definitely this is affected staff capacity it also has affected our ability to complete other projects this year and that's something we're looking at as we approach the 2024 budget and we'll come back with items for Council consideration at that time

Armand Hurford
0:34:11 (0:00:05)

thank you Council any further questions can I cancel

Chris Pettingill
0:34:16 (0:00:39)

I think we may have touched on this previously but just to be clear if I understood we had identified this as an important project before the failure we didn't budget quite enough so it didn't get done is there anything else that we're aware of in that same sort of situation now or are we this was sort of you know where everything else we have the time to go through the normal budgeting process and maybe we're going to be a little more cautious in terms of that but is there anything sort of big like this possibly outstanding right now

0:34:56 (0:01:09)

through the chairs I think you've alluded to it I think we might take a more conservative approach moving forward we're not foreseeing anything major but we are taking this opportunity to more closely examine our Master plans and some of them are currently being updated both the sewer and water are currently in the works we have a strategic project that we had previously identified for master plan audits we've pulled forward some of that work to go through our Master plans we have 26 engineering related Master plans that we're looking at but we have focused pretty closely on water and sanitary this year to take an extra look but the answer is no we're not foreseen anything of this magnitude this was obviously on a somewhat unanticipated and unfortunate what is important is that we keep doing the work we're doing with the audit of the master plan keeping our Master plans updated and being strategic and maybe slightly more conservative when we're when we're coming to council with risks in mind

Armand Hurford
0:36:06 (0:00:24)

thank you for that any other questions while we're while we're here I'll Venture one of my one of my own then what has been our sort of annual Reserve contribution of late to the to the Wastewater Reserve

0:36:30 (0:00:37)

the reserve con through the mayor the reserve contribution to the Wastewater Reserve has been averaging between two to three million dollars over the last say three years that's contribution in probably closer to 25 2.5 million to 3 million there's also annual draws against that so we're not seeing the reserve itself go up by two and a half or three million dollars but the contribution has been in the range of two and a half to three million dollars per year

Armand Hurford
0:37:08 (0:00:22)

thank you that's good just helpful context and to put these numbers in into context for me I don't if there's no other questions that entertain emotion here or welcome go ahead counselor Hamilton I'm sorry I had all three of you I'm gonna go Hamilton French then Stoner unless you're making a motion counselor Hamilton is that what you're seven okay go ahead

Andrew Hamilton
0:37:30 (0:00:14)

yeah I'm just looking to move the staff recommendation that the district amend the five-year financial plan to increase the budget of the Queensway lift station replacement project to 6.136 million I'll second that and I'd like

John French
0:37:45 (0:00:00)


Armand Hurford
0:37:45 (0:00:00)


John French
0:37:45 (0:00:01)

to it

Armand Hurford
0:37:46 (0:00:04)

okay customer thank you would you like to speak to your motion no go ahead Council

John French
0:37:50 (0:01:46)

French um thanks mayor and you know when I first opened up this report a few days ago I suffered some serious sticker shock 6.136 million dollars is a lot of taxpayer money and I'd like to thank staff for walking me off the that sticker shock ledge by providing us with a report that um I think reassured me that this project is in good hands and tonight's presentation with those images and those photos and the contacts around being down six to seven meters in an H2S environment that is really serious safety and Big Time engineering challenges and I recognize that 6.136 million dollars is the type of money that it takes to deal with the emergency that is being dealt with at Queensway Miss and Bailey thanks for reminding us that the people that we're working with are qualified Engineers who have many years of education behind them to make sure that this repair is done professionally done the way that it needs to be and hopefully leaves us with infrastructure that will serve us for decades to come so I'm supporting the staff recommendation because I believe that excellent work has been done on this project and this is what it's going to take to rebuild the infrastructure that's so vital

Armand Hurford
0:39:37 (0:00:02)

thank you counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:39:39 (0:01:12)

thank you through the chair I too will be supporting the motion on the floor and want to thank staff for their work in managing this really complex project um it was unexpected and so despite some of my Council colleagues questions around how we plan for the unexpected it's really hard to do so but I am grateful to previous councils who foresaw the importance of putting money away in our utility reserves in particular to help cover us when something like this does happen and for me this is a big lesson learned as we go into the 2024 budget both how can we be more conservative in terms of understanding where we're at in for our Master planning processes and appreciate the work that staff are doing to audit some of those as well as we recently completed our asset management plan more broadly and so how do we incorporate the learnings from that and rebuild our reserves after such a significant draw so those are things that I'll be looking for in the 2024 budget but for now willing to support the motion on the floor so we can keep this important work going and get the Queensway lift station back functional thank you very much

Armand Hurford
0:40:52 (0:00:02)

thank you counselor penangal

Chris Pettingill
0:40:54 (0:01:06)

yeah thanks I'll also be supporting this I think my point of reference for um Master plans and related things is reserve fund studies when I was on a condo board many years ago and they're the sort of audit was every three years and I understand we have much bigger sets of infrastructure and that may not be practical but it does underscore that the value of these Audits and it is maybe something we want to consider going forward the frequency or the amount of budget we give to ongoing auditing and you know sometimes it allows you to move some of this work forward you catch it sooner sometimes too you can push stuff back and so maybe I'm just being overly optimistic but maybe it's part of this audit we will find some other infrastructures in better shape and we can push it off and help mitigate some of this longer term Reserve impact so it's unfortunate that we're having to face this but very glad we're doing the audit and making sure that we stay as on top of the reserve fund as we can thank you

Armand Hurford
0:42:01 (0:02:56)

thank you speaking in favor of the motion I'm happy that we have this Reserve to look after emerging issues which this is exactly that I question the you know what the appropriate amount is for Reserve this is a big a big project and this is a draw that represents a large percentage of that so I know this is work ongoing and we'll need to establish what that maybe revisit what the appropriate level for that Reserve is there was a bit of a perfect storm with this project happening during coming through covid and the quite remarkable cost escalation cost Spike that we that we have that we all experience in our daily lives and no different here at the municipality and we'd like to think that type of thing doesn't happen again however we need to plan for we need to plan it as with as many things taken into consideration as possible so I know we are going to learn from take the lessons learn from this and apply it going forward and thank you for all the work and I really did find the visual pieces today as much as I've had a site tour and all the rest were extremely helpful so thank you for putting that together and helping build the context for all of us so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you we do have a second motion here which is to that we give the Financial bylaw the amendment bylaw 20 29.95 2023 be given first three readings does that move by counselor French second by counselor Hamilton any comments I think we looked after that last time great I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you okay and thank you Steph so moving on we've we have no item 10 staff reports we have no staff reports we had no late agenda items item 12 correspondence action requested We've we actually have two letters there for Council consideration I have the did that's okay so cancel the I'm just glad it wasn't me yeah so I can get the letter in front of me here

Correspondence: Action Requested, Business Arising from Minutes, Staff or Council Announcements
0:44:11 (0:43:38)

In the District of Squamish council meeting, several topics were discussed, including a resolution around 10 Day daycare, Fortis BC's pending discharge permit application, and Wood Fiber LNG's Gender Safety Advisory Committee.

Council members discussed a resolution going before the UBCM regarding 10 Day daycare. The normal process is for individual councilors to vote on the floor at UBCM rather than adopting the resolution during the council meeting. Councilor French moved to receive and file the letter from S. Gregson Coalition of Child Care Advocates at BC.

The council also discussed Fortis BC's pending discharge permit application and concerns raised by My Sea to Sky about the lack of public engagement and notification. Councilor Pettingill proposed a motion requesting the BC energy regulator to provide the public with a more adequate opportunity to review and provide feedback on Fortis BC's effluent permit requests. The motion was unanimously carried.

Lastly, the council discussed Wood Fiber LNG's Gender Safety Advisory Committee and the need for terms of reference before committing any participant. Councilor Stoner mentioned that having a council member participate in the committee could be beneficial, especially in relation to setting expectations for Fortis BC. The council decided to refer the matter to a future meeting once the requested information is provided.

0:44:57 (0:00:01)

be interested

Armand Hurford
0:44:59 (0:00:27)

777 thank you page 77 oh no 74. sorry thank you thank you so we're being asked here to or res for a resolution around 10 Day daycare yeah go ahead Council Pentagon

Chris Pettingill
0:45:26 (0:00:21)

just sort of clarify I think our normal process as I understand this is a resolution going before ubcm and it's asking us to support it at ubcm and I believe our normal process is to leave it up to receive these and leave it up to individual counselors to vote on the floor at ubcm rather than adopting these Here and Now

Armand Hurford
0:45:47 (0:00:19)

Yep this is for our consideration and that is has generally been the been the practice and perhaps something at some point crosses the threshold where we would like to support in a different that's way but the conversation we're having now is that okay Council French did you ever had yep

John French
0:46:07 (0:00:09)

I was thinking just receive and file but maybe I'm premature with that motion so I'm standing by with that motion

Armand Hurford
0:46:16 (0:00:17)

okay signal their hands on this I generally aligned with with counselor Pettingill on this one this is a motion that's that is coming to ubcm so I think your motion would be totally appropriate Council French if you like to make that right

John French
0:46:34 (0:00:08)

I'll move that we um receive and file the letter from s Gregson Coalition of Child Care Advocates at BC

Armand Hurford
0:46:43 (0:00:11)

great thank you is there a second or for the motion second by counselor Greenlaw any comments on this I'll just oh sorry did you want to comment go ahead counselor

Lauren Greenlaw
0:46:55 (0:00:14)

oh yes I was just going to say that um as I'm directed to create a meeting request for the for the ministry I'll probably be incorporating some of these points thanks

Armand Hurford
0:47:09 (0:00:56)

yep thank you and yeah thank you for that I also think this is an important topic and just remind every remind Council that those resolution sessions are really important and um and going to them prepared is very important to make sure we have the outcome that we're after so I do appreciate that this group brought this forward and put it more solidly on our Radars this motion and I'll be looking forward at ubcm sir I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you next we have 12 correspondence action requested 12 2 which is from Tracy Saxby and my seat of Skye councilor pettinghill did you want to speak to this one

Chris Pettingill
0:48:05 (0:01:56)

yeah and to Briefly summarize there's fortis's apparently has a pending discharge permit application before the BC energy regulator and it seems from what miceye has written that they have fallen short in terms of their public engagement and public notification reading through some of my see disguise concerns I had an opportunity to look back at a council video so about two and a half weeks prior to the this public engagement at issue um Fortis did present to council and at that presentation they did let us know and the public as part of that meeting that there was an engagement coming up on the days in question but they didn't speak to it being about the effluent permit at all it was more presented as a general engagement and one of my colleagues Council Stoner at the time asked the forest representative about their permitting requirements around affluent and so on and the response from Fortis was that they weren't sure they would have to get back to us so I think this underscores the fact that the community was not really given good notice about what the engagement was about it sort of reinforces what myocita sky is claiming in terms of there wasn't you know the required amount of public notice or discussion and information I think the other piece I reached out to the house on biosphere and they are among others interested in understanding the impacts of these effluents especially cumulatively with wood fibers so I have a emotion I would like to propose if council is willing okay

Armand Hurford
0:50:02 (0:00:03)

I've I'd say okay so

Chris Pettingill
0:50:06 (0:01:05)

with your proposed motion I will read whereas Force BC has a pending decision on an effluent permit where there's significant public interest but poor species public engagement and notice of the permit was significantly lacking and whereas local and Regional groups and others would like to review and provide feedback on Forest species effluent permit request along with wood fiber lngs effluent permit requests especially in consideration of cumulative effluent impacts therefore be it resolved that the mayor communicate with the BC energy regulator to request that it provide the public with a more adequate opportunity to review and provide feedback on Florida species effluent permit requests and that force be required to provide more adequate public information about the permit requests and feedback opportunities and resolve that the request also be shared with Squamish Nation bceao Ministry of environment and climate change Ministry of energy minds and low carbon engineering Forest BC wood fiber LNG MP Patrick Weiler MLA Jordan sturdy and any other parties the mayor deems relevant and I will forward that to staff

Armand Hurford
0:51:11 (0:00:18)

thank you is there a second or for the motion or can we get this Motion in front of everybody in some in some way there was seems to be well crafted there's a lot to it I just want to make sure we all understand what it is we're it's in

John French
0:51:30 (0:00:04)

our email we have it all now okay 3 40 p.m this afternoon

Armand Hurford
0:51:34 (0:00:14)

okay great so is there a second or for the motion second by counselor Greenlaw because we're pretty objective to speak to your to your emotion I

Chris Pettingill
0:51:49 (0:00:02)

I think I've spoken to it

Armand Hurford
0:51:51 (0:00:04)

yeah okay yeah go ahead counselor

John French
0:51:55 (0:00:39)

French thanks mayor I'm speaking in favor of the motion and I'd like to thank counselor Pettingill for doing the work and backtracking to the meeting video from many months ago to learn what there was to learn out of that meeting and how it relates to the letter in front of us and I'm supportive of this motion because I feel that both wood fiber LNG and Fortis BC need to do a better job of Consulting with our community and I think that's what this motion speaks to thank you

Armand Hurford
0:52:35 (0:00:05)

thank you any other comments go ahead counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:52:40 (0:00:42)

thank you just echoing my Council colleagues comments and thanks for pulling up the words that I spoke a few years ago when I actually directly asked them what the engagement process was meant to be and here we are two years later without having had that engagement without having had any sort of consultation despite numerous asks for it I don't think it's hard to meet that bar and it's definitely something that the BC energy regulator needs to be aware of that once again Fortis has failed to properly consult and at the very least provide notification to our community that this is what's happening so happy to support this motion thank you for Council penngill for bringing it forward

Armand Hurford
0:53:22 (0:00:32)

thank you I'm speaking in favor of the motion I think this is a great example of the types of challenges that our community has been having with interacting with this project and I'm happy to spread the word on that but this but this is also really One symptom and there's a long list of things such as this so but I'm happy to take this forward as a as a as the case study that it is to make to make those points oh sorry counselor

Lauren Greenlaw
0:53:55 (0:00:25)

yeah I also just wanted to speak in favor of the motion I I've been very surprised by the level of public consultation that's been going on throughout these projects and not just the public consultation but also consultation with local governments and I think this is a recurring systemic issue that really needs to be addressed as it impacts unwitting citizens all over the province thanks

Armand Hurford
0:54:21 (0:01:19)

thank you for that and with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you moving on we have no correspondence referred from the consent agenda item 14 we have no approval of minutes referred from the consent agenda so we're on to 15 business arising from the minutes and we have the letter from Miss Kennedy from wood fiber LNG around the gender safety advisory committee um and related correspondence here for our consideration last we discussed this I was directed to ask for the some more details around specifically the terms of reference of this group so we could better understand what was what this was all about and we haven't received the terms of reference back yet I say yet assuming that it is coming and so I wanted to just to check that see if that piece of information was still needed or if we or if there was some action that we should be taking it with the information that we have so far

Jenna Stoner
0:55:40 (0:02:12)

yeah thanks I was also at our last discussion around this directed to go and do a little bit more Outreach with some of the other organizations that are participating and I have done that to some degree and have learned that there is a fair bit of optimism in the opportunity that has been presented so we still don't have the terms of reference which I think makes it challenging to know exactly what we're committing to the request is for the district or sorry for somebody from Council to act as an observer to the process they're the general sense that I have gotten is that would be welcomed by most folks who are participating in the community in the committee and I think as I've reflected on it a bit more it could be really helpful for us to understand what the bar is being set by wood fiber especially in related in relation to what our expectations could or should be of Fortis BC so Fortis is at the table as a Observer as well not necessarily a participant in the round table or in the advisory committee but given where we're at with these two projects and the proposals that are in front of us I think the reality is that for gender safety and impacts in our community Fortis is likely to have a bigger impact as it currently sits than wood fiber just based on where they plan on hosting their temporary workers and so I think gleaning some insights from what's happening at the Fortis or sorry the wood fiber table may be beneficial for us as we consider what our expectations should be of Fortis if we continue to or as they continue to pursue their temporary use permits for their temporary work Lodge so those are my current thoughts is that it might actually be beneficial to have somebody sit at least at the beginning of this process to better understand it that being said we still don't have a terms of reference so it's unclear what we're sending somebody into but um those are my Meandering thoughts at the moment

Armand Hurford
0:57:53 (0:00:16)

thank you do you sorry I'm trying to remember the I know when this started but do we have any idea when the next meeting is and how the urgency is around this around this decision

Jenna Stoner
0:58:09 (0:00:11)

yeah the first meeting was held at the beginning of June it was June 1st and their anticipation is that they would have monthly meetings at least for the start so I suspect that the next one isn't too far off but I don't actually have a date

Armand Hurford
0:58:21 (0:00:04)

okay thank you

Chris Pettingill
0:58:25 (0:00:49)

thanks my colleagues comments about why we might participate do resonate with me I think in and it maybe makes sense to I'm not sure if we need to appoint counselor Stoner to this I would suggest especially in lieu of a terms of reference we provide some framing of the participation from our side and in particular in my mind is clarification on participation versus endorsement and they're very different things and you know maybe some clarification on use of logos or not and that sort of thing just to provide that Clarity from our side but um you know be happy to have councilor Stoner attend and observe

Armand Hurford
0:59:15 (0:00:05)

thank you any other thoughts on this Council green law

Lauren Greenlaw
0:59:20 (0:00:16)

to my mind I think it's beneficial to gather information whenever you can right I do think it is beneficial for us to be around the table and if counselor Stoner is not available I could also volunteer for it or anybody else who wants

0:59:36 (0:00:00)


Lauren Greenlaw
0:59:36 (0:00:01)

do it thanks

Armand Hurford
0:59:38 (0:00:41)

thank you I think maybe this is a two-part decision is one is do we want to send someone and then two is who's the most appropriate to do that and whether that is elect official or staff I do think that is a discussion however I think staff has a lot to do and we've already taken a lot of Staff bandwidth in this overall project I do think it's my feeling is that it's best with a council member but that's maybe those are the way to break this into the two into the two pieces and whether we want to wait for the terms of reference so do we need an additional piece of information and then those two decisions is where this is where I'm looking for some yeah go ahead counselor

Andrew Hamilton
1:00:20 (0:00:50)

Hamilton I think this is a really important topic and I'm actually impressed that wood fiber is approaching this but I in this way but I absolutely believe it's important that we get a terms of reference for this committee before we commit anybody's time to attending the meetings because this is the type of action that can be simply for show and not for content and I think terms of reference written down are the only way that we can see what the actual action what the actual impact and the actual authority of this committee might actually be so I think it's extraordinarily important that we have a terms of reference before we commit any participant

Armand Hurford
1:01:10 (0:00:06)

okay thank you so with that maybe go ahead Council

John French
1:01:16 (0:01:12)

French thanks chair I am definitely feeling that if we commit to participating in this it should be a council member and not a staff member as previously noted our staff are already above their eyeballs on this particular file and to direct or expect a staff member to take this on additionally I think is not a good use of our staff time and also we'll talk about LNG as I understand it mindfully invited a council member to participate in this committee and there was some discussion within the corporation of whether it should be an invitation to a staff member or a council member and after contemplation it was settled that a counselor should be invited and a counselor was invited so just to reiterate I'm supportive of having a counselor participate in this committee if we're going to get involved after we see the terms of reference

Armand Hurford
1:02:28 (0:01:04)

okay well maybe what we should do with this refer is this to a future to Future meeting once we have the for consideration once the requested information is provided so I'll move that we that we do that refer to Future meeting when requested information is provided second by counselor Stoner I feel like we've made comments on this so I'll just call the question all in favor motion carries thank you so we had no committee minutes and reports any notice of motion seeing none we have Council staff and Camera announcements we have none we had no unscheduled public attendance we are on to open question period if anyone has any questions anyone in attendance has or online has any questions for clarification related to the agenda items seeing none counsel or staff announcements

John French
1:03:33 (0:00:19)

yeah just on that last item of the open question period is there anybody actually monitoring our online activity if there is somebody online who wanted to ask a question are we looking for any indication

Armand Hurford
1:03:52 (0:00:27)

yes we are and there is a difference I'll take this off this is a great thank you for bringing that up the there's a difference between watching the stream and being in the meeting and you need to be in the meeting to be able to ask a question and the directions are quite clear out there if you seek it out but if anyone has had any troubles with that please reach out to us and we'll close the loop for you something on that and do you have for this Miss

1:04:20 (0:00:11)

Lindy this follow-up as well Robin's not in the room right now but as corporate officer she does monitor so she's online monitoring and Our IT staff in the back as well so we don't miss people

Armand Hurford
1:04:32 (0:00:21)

yeah thank you but I have heard some confusion around oh I want to but you're watching the stream and not in the meeting so I've given people maybe some time to go from the stream to the meeting if they wanted but I don't think that we're gonna get there today but there you go okay so next is counselor staff announcements counselor

John French
1:04:54 (0:01:01)

French thanks chair I wanted to share that on Sunday the Squamish off-road Triathlon was held at Alice Lake the first squamous shop Road Triathlon in three years of course like most other events of this type kovid wiped it out for a couple of years and um it was a very well attended by participants and of course a small army of volunteers came together to pull it off the thunder and lightning Saturday night had me very worried that I might be holding the announcer's microphone the next morning and have my own life at risk thankfully but the weather improved and it ended up being an amazing event um that I think was very successful so congratulations to all the athletes that took part and a big thank you to the volunteers who helped make it happen

Armand Hurford
1:05:55 (0:00:06)

thank you for that any other updates

Chris Pettingill
1:06:01 (0:01:21)

yeah a few things on Saturday it was a super busy day so I attended this sick parade and incredible turnout and just activity downtown between that and the farmer's market with some of the other things that are going on in the news was good I think to have the community come together in a positive way and to have such a just a wonderful event it's always one of the highlights every year in Squamish the West winds had another art show it wasn't as successful as the last one because so many people were at the parade I think but still good I caught the tail end and saw a few pieces of incredible art two other things I mentioned this actually during the Squamish Marine access review discussions riding through Rose Park the last couple weeks I've seen a at least one blue heron every time and it just reminds me how lucky we are to live where we do and how close we are to Nature and Wildlife and how important it is to protect it and just always very thankful when I see that the final thing I want to mention is amped in the park starts this coming Thursday so I'm very excited I mean that one's very close to my heart very excited for another summer of fun in Junction Park

Armand Hurford
1:07:23 (0:00:09)

thank you for that Council any other any other updates go ahead counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
1:07:32 (0:01:18)

yeah thank you just want to reflect back a few weeks ago on Saturday was the pride picnic in the park which was a really fabulous event and was standing in his acting mayor for you mayor Herford and it was a really great celebration of the openness of our community there was lots of bubbles lots of face painting drag story time in the park just a really fabulous event for everybody to show up and show a support and solidarity for our 2s lgbtqia plus community in the district of Squamish and then later on in that week was a celebration at totem hall for Christine Baker it was her retirement party um so it was fortunate enough to pop in there and celebrate all that Christine has provided so broadly to the community of Squamish Bill Squamish nation and Beyond and she continues to sit on a few boards the library board is one with Squamish Community Housing Society is another and just so amazing how much she has given over her career and I don't think it'll stop just because she's retiring but it was really fabulous to be able to celebrate her amongst her community

Armand Hurford
1:08:51 (0:18:57)

thank you and yeah thank you for that and Chris and yeah such a Powerhouse and I'm sure she will be roped into many things still even though she's officially retired as tends to be the nature of folks that get involved or that involved in their Community any other updates before I move on to mine okay so I've had a very busy last while and I've taken the extra step of having a quick presentation put together here so I can run you through some of the pieces the idea is that a picture is worth a thousand words so maybe you'll get away with a few less thousand words for me in my mayor's update and here we go so on the on June 7th to 7th to 9th I attended the community Forest Association of British Columbia's annual General Conference and if you want to go to the next slide this is the some of this the sponsors here and this of course I'm on the board of the community Forest here and which is the first ever partnership between the district and the nation and all Community forests have this structure so it was really great to hear a lot of success stories around what can happen and what can be accomplished through the community forest and there were I'll just run through sort of some of the sessions some on governance not super fun resiliency Through Fire prescribed fire indigenous-led cultural lead burning was a session bridging culture is a framework for collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous knowledge systems it's more than just old growth how old growth strategic review positions us for the future Forest of forest management Community Forest Communications around engagement understanding and action the future of Wildland Urban interface which is Wildfire Community Forest board governance Essentials and Wildfire resiliency Roundtable and around the whole event everyone was both extremely generous with their time particularly the folks from the from the Williams Lake Community Forest that won a big award there and particularly and Louis who's the former Chief of the Williams Lake Indian band and it was instrumental in establishing their Community Forest um just sharing a lot of a lot of knowledge and they had just brought done some prescribed Burns informed by the First Nations fire Keepers which I hadn't even heard that term before to help manage their fire risk and return fire to their land and everyone at the conference while being generous and coming all the way from wherever they were to whoever the home was to Kamloops was really on edge because of fire and if you go to the next slide this is one of the more powerful images that was displayed and I think really shows the importance of ensuring we have resilient communities and you know that play structure is supposed to be full of children with not a care in the world but sliding down that slide and clearly the this community is evacuated so every time a cell phone buzzed in that room everyone was very much on edge as we don't want this to happen in their communities we are I think on the coast here we take a little for granted that we are just that little bit wetter but with what's happening on the island intercoastal rainforest right now these are things that we really need to consider to really drove that home for me and this was this was an image that was donated for the silent auction and I it's extremely powerful although I don't know which wall to hang I would hang something like that on but I didn't I didn't bid on it but this does lead to sort of the importance of the other piece important piece of this work is community resiliency as well as working with our partners at the nation can we go to the next slide please a little bit happier so we have we have a upcoming on Wednesday June 28th we have our Squamish Community Forest open house from 3 30 to 6 30 which is a drop in at the Squamish Public Library um two of our Consultants were at the conference as well so and there'll be members of the of the board there so if you have curiosity about Community Forest please attend and this we'll start to go out through other channels as well but there's a sneak peek for that um and then you can go next slide please so mayor's luncheon was on June 14th thank you to the chamber for putting on the events and giving the giving the platform to for me to communicate out really the main focus was our new strategic plan you can go next slide and you can see the Strategic plans there in the background let's go next slide it shows that there's actually people there that first one just shows the plan but and confirms that I do talk with my hands a lot so thank you to council that was able to attend and for staff for the prep work for the um for the event as well as being in being in the room to help answer questions and just generally be present it was great to be with our business community and I and try to articulate what you know what it is that we that we do here and what we aspire to do with our strategic our strategic plan we'll go next please so later that day I met we had our last youth council meeting so we go next slide so this is youth count this is youth Council I think we took this in the in the winter so it was our final meeting and just it's been incredible to work with this group we achieved such great things I know many of you were at the Bears Den event and there's lots of talk about what other things could be um could be achieved and how that event could be refined as we go into next year's youth Council so I'd like to thank Christine who is our facilitator for last few years and as well as to Tori in Communications who was just really instrumental in the success of Youth Council this year and I know that all of these folks are going to go forward and do and do great things and thank you for the counselors also that in their role as acting mayor were able to attend and I know the youth Council really appreciates getting a chance to meet to meet all of us and interestingly when pulled the favorite meeting of Youth Council was the one where they sat in these seats and the most formal way that we that we had and I thought that was going to be a stretch for them because this isn't this is a challenging environment sometimes but that was a really interesting takeaway so and there is an appetite for more consultation going forward which I think is great because I was I had some concerns and the facilitator did as well but overwhelming them with engaging that way and keeping it to a different levels so it was really um yeah that was that was great okay next slide so I received this invitation and this is an invitation to join basically to go to a reception aboard a Japanese Navy vessel and given the conversation we've been having with our sister our sister city and so on I took I took them up on this invitation so if you're gonna go next slide please so this is on the 15th so the next day so these there's two vessels there one is the JS Kashima in the foreground and in the background is harakazi I think these ships are part of the Japanese Marine self-defense force and they're part they're training vessels so aboard these ships you can see the white uniforms there are all officers in training and they're on a six month tour stopping at different ports and part of their training is to receive guests and to practice their English and so on so at every turn there was a very willing officer in training willing looking forward to practicing their English and engaging and it was really yeah it was quite remarkable so yeah 400 and 492 feet is the one in the back in the background so these are big boats with multiple engines that put out 26 000 horsepower each that's really quite remarkable the if you can go next slide please oh can we play this is on the boat there is sound but the sound isn't that good so this is the I just try to do a panorama to share what sort of thing is happening here this is on the back deck of the far boat so lots of people and I'll give this I'll just talk through while this is sort of testing our bandwidth I think so the reception was on both sides there's that little plank to go between the two vessels and you're quite high above the water at that point if you're trying to give you some sense of scale and it was a really interesting opportunity to meet with people from the Japanese Canadian Community I met I met a gentleman that was working on a project around an internment camp internment interpretive Center at the peony as that was somewhere where Japanese internment happened I also met someone that works with sport as a way to grow understanding between cultures they seem to be quite focused on soccer and I aim to put them in touch with some local people and see if we can get some sort of something happening in that regard and I think also can we go next slide I think this just shows the trying to show the setup I've never been anything quite like that and that walkway is only up to my knees when I went across it so yeah it was quite a setup and very just such generous host Google next slide please so these are the captains of the two boats and in particular the woman standing to my to my right is Captain mijo Otani and she's the first woman to Captain a Navy training vessel and a destroyer so she's was very nice to meet her and the I was relying on my camera to catch the name tag on the other gentleman but it failed my note-taking method so he but he was the captain of the of the other the other vessel you go next slide please and I was lucky enough to meet with Ambassador kanji and he is the this is a Japanese ambassador to Canada he for those of you interested in things on YouTube that are interesting he was a former Consul General in New York and he had a little moment of Internet Fame by playing Star Spangled Banner on electric guitar in the style of Jimi Hendrix as a way of showing his appreciation for being assigned to New York and um I met him in the reception line and then sought him out after to just to let him know about our sister city in that Arrangement and if we can go next slide and he put me in touch he connected me with this gentleman who is Mr kohe is a Consul General in Vancouver and was quite Keen to help facilitate our visit with Shimizu so it was great to make these connections there also able to connect with the consul general of the British Consul General I've met a couple times now she spends a lot of time in Squamish rock climbing so good to see to see him again and the mayors of Hope and Coquitlam were there were there as well and it was great to hear about their connections to the Japanese Community next slide please grad ceremony so on the 16th Friday had it was able to attend house sound secondary grad which was a hot ticket that was sold out and they were controlling how many people could be there but it was really great to um to to witness that and having been in that room for my own grad it was yeah it was it was quite moving it was a good a good show and then we'll go to the next slide please so then um some folks spoke about the seek the Sikh parade and I just pulled some of the chief coverage so people could see what was what was happening I've got a few slides here you can go next slide please trying to get the scope of it here I think this shot captures it nicely and I think you know go ahead one more slide please and really this captures the event to me more than more than the others everyone had that look on their face that was there and that was the Sikhs and as well as the people that either intentionally sought it out or wandered into this event and wondered what it what it was and I was really struck with the concept of Siva which is selfless service and they fed the thousands of people that were there and it was no one no one left hungry that is that is for sure and lots of traditional dishes as well as ice cream and