Special Business Meeting - 20 Jun 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.A: 2022 Statements of Financial Information (SOFI)
3.B: 2022 Annual Report
5.i: Union of British Columbia Municipalities 2023 Convention Minister Meeting Requests
Welcome, Adoption of Agenda, District of Squamish: Annual General Meeting - 2022 Statements of Financial Information (SOFI)
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Rianne Sousa, the Director of Financial Operations at the District, presented the 2022 Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) report to the council. The goal of the presentation was to gain council approval for the 2022 SOFI report. The report is required to comply with the Financial Administration Act, which mandates that the district must prepare a Consolidated Statement of Financial Information by June 30th. This includes employee remuneration above $75,000, the total amount of expenses paid to or on behalf of employees, a consolidated total of all remuneration paid to all employees, the total amount paid to each supplier of goods or services above $25,000, and a consolidated total of all other payments made to suppliers of goods and services. The Consolidated SOFI includes transactions for the District Library and Squamish Sustainability Corporation.

In addition, Section 168 of the Community Charter requires municipalities to report annually on council members' remuneration, benefits, expenses, and any contracts with the municipality. The Financial Administration Act also requires that the audited financial statements be included in the SOFI report, which are the 2022 financial statements that the council reviewed and approved in May 2023. Following council and officer approval, the 2022 SOFI will be forwarded to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

The resolution presented to the council was for the District of Squamish to approve the 2020 Statement of Financial Information as presented on June 20th, 2023. The presentation concluded, and the council proceeded to discuss the report and consider the staff recommendation for approval.

Armand Hurford
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hello and welcome to the special business meeting for the District of Squamish today's Tuesday June 20th and as always we're gathered to do this work on the traditional unseated territory of the Squamish nation and we're very lucky to do so some can I have move adoption of the agenda please move by counselor French second by councilor Greenlaw all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you first order business is in District Squamish annual general meeting I will pass it over to Steph

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oh I'm good to go okay hello mayor and Council my name is Rianne Sousa and I'm the director of financial operations at the district to assist with addressing me my pronouns are she her and hers I am here today to present the 2022 statement of financial information also known as the Sophie report the goal of the presentation today is for Council to approve the 2022 Sofia report for Council in the Public's background to comply with the financial Administration act the district must prepare a Consolidated statement of financial information by June 30th which includes employee remuneration above 75 000 and the total amount of expenses paid to or on behalf of employees a Consolidated total of all remuneration paid to all employees the total amount paid to each supplier of goods or services above 25 000. and a Consolidated total of all other payments made to suppliers of goods and services be Consolidated Sophie includes transactions for the District Library and Squamish sustainability Corporation in addition section 168 of the Community Charter requires municipalities to report annually council members remuneration benefits expenses and any contracts with the municipality to note the financial Administration act requires that the audited financial statements be included in the Sophie report and therefore are included in the report that's presented to council to note these are the 2022 financial statements that Council reviewed and approved in May 2023 the next steps are following Council and officer approval the 2022 Sophie will be afforded to the MU or Ministry of Municipal Affairs so in conclusion the resolution in front of council is that the District of Squamish approved the 2020 statement of financial information as presented on June 20th 2023 this concludes the presentation and I'll now turn it back to the chair

Armand Hurford
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thank you council did any questions for our staff here on this no okay well we'd entertain a motion moving staff recommendation Council French and second by councilor Hamilton yep great any comments go ahead

John French
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this is a comprehensive annual document and while I don't want to call it mandatory resident reading it certainly is a document that gives some excellent insight into what the district does how it does it and the tone at which we do the things that we do as always very well put together and I appreciate the staff time and effort that went into the document I support this motion

Armand Hurford
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thank you any other comments all right before so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries and did that cover the auditor piece where they're both together there sorry I missed what was

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I apologize that's the would be the next motion

Armand Hurford
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okay so counselor Stoner is moving that BDO be appointed Auditors for the district Squamish I'll second that I don't see anyone jumping to speak about Auditors so I'll call the question all in favor motion carries thank you and then do we have I know this is all tied together with the annual report is oh Linda's gonna great miss glende foreign

District of Squamish: 2022 Annual Report
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Linda Glenday, the Chief Administrative Officer of the District of Squamish, presented the District's Annual Report for 2022 to the council. The report highlights the progress made during the previous council's final year and lays the foundation for the work the district will do during the new council's term. The annual report reflects the strategic work of the organization to meet the needs of Squamish amid ongoing challenges such as housing affordability and climate change mitigation, as well as opportunities through enhanced neighborhood connectivity and economic development.

The report provides updates on the four main pillars central to the 2018-2022 strategic plan and looks forward to the strategic goals set for 2023 and 2024, which are organized under the four new pillars of the 2023-2026 strategic plan. Key steps forward in support of the planet and the environment include work to action the community climate action plan, improve energy efficiency at the Brennan Park Recreation Center, establish zero waste targets and priorities, and improve transit service. In terms of housing, the district continues to focus on ways to support access to stable, affordable housing, such as the recently opened Spirit Creek Apartments and the Squamish Community Housing Society's strategic planning process.

Squamish's economy continues to rebound after the pandemic, with the district working to support local business growth and attract new business investment. The InvestSquamish. ca website has seen significant user engagement since its launch in April 2022, and provincial investment into Squamish Adventure Center upgrades has been realized. The emerging sector roadmap and action plan for outdoor recreation, the Innovation working group, and work towards securing a net gain of employment lands in space have also progressed. The final pillar in the previous strategic plan focuses on neighborhood connectivity and public spaces, with progress made on priority facilities such as Squamish Fire Hall #1, Fire Hall #2, and the Public Works facility.

The annual report also includes audited financial statements, permissive tax exemptions, and details of any declarations of disqualification made against individual council members during the previous year. The report closes with an invitation for the community to connect with the district in various ways, emphasizing the importance of feedback and input throughout the year.

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Council my name is Linda glenday I'm the chief administrative officer here at the district and my pronouns are she and her and you can address me accordingly I'm very pleased to present on behalf of council and staff to the community the District of Squamish annual report for 2022 you'll see some pictures up on the slides but I'll hold up the hard copy and it's also available online foreign this report marks another significant year of progress during the previous council's final year and lays the foundation for the work the district will do during this new council's term the annual report reflects the Strategic work of our organization to meet the needs of Squamish amid ongoing challenges such as housing affordability climate change mitigation as well as opportunities through enhanced neighborhood connectivity and economic development the report provides updates on the four main pillars that were Central to the 2018 to 2022 strategic plan the report then looks forward to the Strategic goals we have set for 2023 and 24 which are organized under the for new pillars of the 2023-2026 Strategic plan all of this work is aligned with the Squamish 2040 official community plan so the next few slides will fall under the four categories of the Strategic plan the first being the planet and the environment of a long list of actions the district took key steps forward in support of the planet and our environment work to action the community climate action plan continues to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the community work to improve Energy Efficiency at the Brennan Park Recreation Center has resulted in the award of 11.7 million dollars in grant funding from the federal government which will help fund a 16 million dollar project for the Brennan Park Center energy and accessibility upgrades zero waste continues to be a focus with new targets and priorities established and steps towards helping Squamish businesses close the loop on waste through a circular economy roadmap improved Transit service is ongoing as we work to offer more frequency and reliability to help encourage Transit ridership and a shift away from vehicle use weekend frequency was added to brackendale and Highland routes handy Dart added weekend service and the transit future plan was endorsed that we'll see an approximate doubling of service hours in the coming years with housing an ongoing critical issue as the population continues to grow as a result of demand for what Squamish has to offer is a great Community we continue to focus on ways in which the municipality can support access to stable affordable housing with the recently open Spirit Creek Apartments this is a demonstration of how Partnerships can work to bring affordable housing to Residents this project a partnership with the district BC housing Vancouver Coastal Health and Sea to Sky Community Services is a model for the potential we have these developments do take time and we continue to work with our partners to pursue more of them Squamish sorry the schs is the thank you Squamish Community Housing Society interpreting the acronym which is a relatively new society that we're excited about undertook a strategic planning process and is working to set up operational priorities and functions to enable the society to pursue affordable housing projects in the near future the society is working to build capacity for potential housing Construction the development cost charge bylaw was updated and the community amenity contribution policy update progressed to align with current Community needs this policy is particularly is scheduled to conclude in 2023 as a reminder affordable units are now able to be secured within developments so staff continue toward this goal as new applications are received in terms of economy and local jobs squamish's economy continues to rebound after the pandemic and the districts work to support local business growth as well as attract new business investment continues invest squamish.ca website to attract investment and support business scaling has seen 8 100 users and 11 000 user sessions since it launched in April 2022 provincial investment into Squamish Adventure Center upgrades have been realized in addition to the seven hundred thousand dollars an additional one million dollars has also just been announced towards its revitalization to support our local tourism industry the emerging sector roadmap and action plan outdoor recreation Enterprise the acronym being soar which is a not-for-profit society established to support the development of an outdoor recreation business Network The Innovation working group was initiated to stimulate coordinate and respond to squamishes diverse Innovation needs work towards securing a net gain of employment lands in space progressed with the development of guiding principles policy recommendations and actions to support decision making and the final pillar in the previous strategic plan is neighborhood connectivity and public spaces Council strategic plan aimed to progress to shovel ready and Beyond on three priority facilities within the last term Squamish fire hall number one Alex Monroe opened for operations in August the first of three critical essential Services facilities to be replaced fire hall number two on Tantalus Road began construction and the estimated completion is mid-2024. Public Works facility funding was confirmed final design considerations are ongoing before construction begins and we look forward to bringing an update on that facility to council before the summer break in August Brennan Park Recreation Center upgrades are progressing with a 16 million dollar project to the recreation center and funding confirmed in the financial plan for a new splash park and playground pickleball court relocation and off-leash dog area 11 neighborhood Knicks Nooks weather protected spaces were added to neighborhood parks in response to feedback in the public space survey reports dentville neighborhood park was complete as well of note this spring with in this pillar 30 almost 37 hectare Land Conservancy was finalized for the future Garibaldi Springs Ecological Reserve in addition to the four priority areas other priority areas included natural Hazard mitigation Marine access emergency planning youth Child Care arts and culture two highlights in 2022 saw progress made towards the marine action strategy implementation and work towards establishing a wildfire development permitario in with our previous strategic plan we had a separate organizational plan and for the benefit of the community that are watching in our most recent strategic plan the organizational priorities and strategies are Incorporated so that it's one strategic plan but in terms of summing up what was accomplished last year the day-to-day work of the district is implemented within a culture of continuous Improvement and as mentioned the organizational plan supported the implementation of the Strategic plan while remaining focused on delivering effective service and transparency looking forward these areas of focus are embedded within the new strategic plan and reported on under the four pillars in the coming slides that organize our work for 2023-2026. some highlights in terms of our people pillar our respectful workplace policy was updated we completed an employee engagement survey staff retention efforts succession planning model and Performance Management program were completed as well as professional development and our idea strategy inclusivity diversity equity and accessibility strategy has been and continues to be incorporated into our human resources practices in terms of effective service highlights the technology transformation program pressed forward our major fundamental our foundational blocks are all now in place systems are integrated providing reliable data to improve decision making transparency and security property taxes and Utility Billing Software System and processes were replaced the my city online portal progressed towards launch to offer in Phase One access to online services for business licensing and permitting this has been soft launch to some customers this spring so while the community may not see a full-some launch of online services they are coming and the foundation is in place which we're very excited about at a stop level in terms of effective service phase two integrated stormwater management plan was completed for How Sound and swamis River watersheds our asset management plan was endorsed by Council that identifies what assets the district owns for example underground infrastructure Parks equipment and Roads what they are worth almost 900 million dollars when they need to be replaced and how they will be funded the district's First Natural Asset Management strategy was endorsed which identifies the natural assets valued in Squamish at over a 1.5 billion dollars that support Community Services an example would be the ring Creek aquifer that provides drinking water and wetlands and Creeks that collect and convey storm water this plan also outlines a plan to protect and preserve those assets in terms of Building Bridges Council to Council meetings took place to strengthen relationships and set priorities for collaboration with Squamish Nation collaborative engineering projects continue to progress the CH and Reserve eagle viewing dike received a grant for seismic and environmental impact assessments and that is a project that we are co-developing and implementing with Squamish Nation our inclusion strategy ideas and action was adopted to further inclusion diversity equity and accessibility goal across the district this slide here provides a snapshot of some of the capital projects and infrastructure works that were completed in 2022 important projects that fulfill on the recommendations of the district's many Master plans and the annual report provides excellent detail into all of these infrastructure upgrades we're very excited as a district through this annual report to build its objectives for the coming year around the pillars and goals of the 2023-2026 Strategic plan centered on four overarching strategic outcomes a series of objective statements and corresponding tactics will shape our work this year and provide the basis of our reporting in 2023 this is a screenshot on the right of our community performance indicators which can be found on our website it was launched in 2018 and continues to be tracked to provide transparency and data-driven decision-making new this year is the transition to an in-house site which is leveraging the district's technology investment in the esri platform previously we used a notes outside organization but it's now in-house which is very exciting it supports the open data guiding principles endorsed by Council collaboration between many district departments for data and narrative updates and is led by a working group from I.T planning Economic Development and Communications we just had a presentation from our finance team so part of the annual report includes audited financial statements they're required and they include the permissive tax exemptions and details of any Declarations of disqualification made against individual council members during the previous year and I'm happy to say there were none and to wrap up the annual report closes with an invitation to our community to connect with us in many different ways feedback and input is a year-round process that we welcome and we thank all those who engage in dialogue with us throughout the year thank you very much

Armand Hurford
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thank you council do we have any questions from Miss Glenda or about the annual report it's an amazing doc document we have them in physical copies if the digital copy isn't doing it for you and you'd like and you'd like one we have them probably any of the counselors will and myself will have them on hand and they'll be available at City Hall are they are they elsewhere do these end up at the library the hard copies I know it's an obscure question but I mean this at Municipal Hall yep so come on down if you'd like to have a physical a physical copy and it's available online as well just being heckled for technical here but counselor Stoner did you have

Jenna Stoner
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yeah the thank you chair thank you thank you Miss Glenda and to all his staff for not only a great annual report but for all the work that went in over the past year to get us here and question is that is a high level one through the pandemic and especially coming out of the pandemic we talked a lot about kind of slowing the pace of work actually in order to make sure that we could be resilient from a staff perspective in terms of the amount of information that was coming through Council table as well as the amount of information that our community was able to digest through that time that was actually there was a lot going on and we had lots of discussions around what was appropriate to move and how much volume of work was appropriate to move there's a lot going on in our community and as the annual report has shown is we haven't actually really slowed down very much so I think this is more just a check-in question on the pace of work from an organizational perspective and how UC as a CEO how we're managing at that level

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through the mayor thank you very much for that question it is definitely top of mind for me and the leadership team we are in the midst right now of further ground truthing the new strategic plan against the tactics that staff have mapped out which align with the master plans combining organizational plan strategies so the reliable Service delivery particularly in the Strategic plan is really helpful that everything's in the same plan and working in concert in terms of priorities a huge challenge for us right now is the load that the wlng and Fortis project are bringing to our doorstep essentially as staff and we are wrestling right now with managing that capacity working with the industry so the businesses themselves to support that capacity and then ensuring that the tactics that are mapped are deliverable and that's a work in progress in fact we're digging into that in July if needed staff will come back and well we in any event we will be coming back with the tactics and what is possible and the timeline of those tactics against the Strategic plan may have to shift so that we can look after staff capacity and ultimately ensure that Council succeeds in delivering that strategic plan according to the deadlines that we've communicated so it's ongoing I guess is the short answer

Armand Hurford
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thank you any other questions yeah go ahead counselor green law

Lauren Greenlaw
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thanks um yes thank you for the very thorough document and presentation there's a lot of really great information in there you mentioned that the property taxes and Utility Billing Software System and processes were being replaced or had been replaced I was wondering how users will experience this change or if they'll be if they'll even notice the change from the user's

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perspective I think CFO might be better informed to answer this question I don't want to overstep

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thank you through the chair and thank you for that question yeah the user the next sort of phase of the property utility taxes will be that the user can not only log in to their own profile online as well as be able paying online so that is the really big phase two Next Step that we're really excited about the staff thank you

Lauren Greenlaw
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okay yeah thanks

Armand Hurford
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any other questions on this yeah would you want to move I think we move receipt so

Jenna Stoner
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yeah I will move receipt

Armand Hurford
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okay and second by councilor Hamilton and would you speak to it go ahead

Jenna Stoner
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yeah just another echo of thanks as I previously said all my comments stand this is an amazing document it represents an amazing amount of work from our staff from the council table previous and this current Council and hopefully it is mandatory Community reading it is a great place to point folks to articulate just how much has been done one really minor suggestion for future iterations on the reach out we can put council's email address on there I've had that request a few times at coffee with Council this morning it's an easy email to remember but it's one that I think is helpful for folks to have quick access to it's my minor edit thank you very much

Armand Hurford
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thank you that is a good and very minor edit so counselor

John French
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French thanks mayor and I'll also extend a thank you to staff for the great work the time and the effort that went into what I think is a very important document from two perspectives it's a transparency tool and it's an accountability tool it shows our community the work that we've done and how we've done it so it's one thing to share with the community what we plan to do we do that a lot and it's a whole other thing to publish a document like this that actually outlines what we did and as in life often what we plan to do doesn't necessarily line up completely with what we actually did but this document at least shows our community in a very transparent way what we did actually accomplish and holds us to account not just for what we had planned to do but what we plan to do going into the future and CAO glende pointed out in the presentation that there's a cultural a culture of continuous Improvement in the district of Squamish and I want to highlight that because for me it tells our community that we as an organization as an institution recognize we're not perfect we sometimes do make errors and when we do we learn from those imperfections and so that we can do better going into the future and just to reiterate my own thoughts about mandatory reading from the previous issue I would love it if every new Resident coming into Squamish was given one of these reports and somehow high school students were also made to at least see the front page of this document because I know that more than a few of them with that would delve into it out of Interest thanks

Armand Hurford
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mayor thank you for that counselor pettingell

Chris Pettingill
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yeah thanks I really appreciate this report there's so much ahead of us and so much that we want to do and need to do and that we focus on I often forget to look back and realize how much we've done and it's really a little bit awe inspiring to look back at what we did and one of the other things that stood out to me is not only the staff work and Council work but there's a lot of community members and not-for-profits and this is I think what we've achieved over the last year we really have done as a as a whole community and I think that's partly why we've been able to do so much so um I expect we will continue in that vein and it's just great to be part of this whole process on some of the capacity questions from my colleague I think it is something that we should you know make sure we're staying focused on and I'm glad to hear that we are and just sort of reiterate the idea that we stay focused on community priorities and not necessarily proponent priorities they may not always align and we may not always have a choice but the more we can remain focused on our community priorities the better that will serve our community but a fantastic document and great to reflect back over the last year so thank you very much

Armand Hurford
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thank you any other comments I'll Venture my own then I'll Echo the thanks to staff not only for the report but for all the work that is that was achieved and is communicated through the report it really is remarkable and in this work where we're never we're never done there's going to be folks after we're all along and gone hopefully not sitting in this exact room working on these on local government issues and but so being able to take to take stock of what has been accomplished and map out sort of the next steps or aspirations going forward I think is critical and reading this I was sort of it helped reinvigorate me on a few things because it is it can be challenging as we're trying to move the needle on and on some of the more complex challenges facing communities so I really I appreciate this and it will live on a shelf where I have quick access to it to remind myself of the progress we have made until we get to this one this time next year so with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much

Squamish Sustainability Corporation: Annual General Meeting
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In the first stage of the District of Squamish council meeting, Kate Mulligan, the Economic Development Officer and Chair of the Squamish Sustainability Corporation, provided a brief update on the corporation. She mentioned that the Squamish Sustainability Corporation is currently in a holding capacity, with an interest in the district's Oceanfront joint venture and providing operational support for the Squamish Adventure Center. The corporation works with the help of real estate, facilities, and economic development within the district. The directors of the corporation oversee the management of the Adventure Center.

During the meeting, there was no formal presentation, but staff members were available to answer any questions about the documentation related to the Squamish Sustainability Corporation's Annual General Meeting (AGM). The council members proceeded to vote on various motions related to the corporation.

The council voted on several motions, including appointing Mayor Hereford to vote on behalf of the shareholder during the AGM, directing Mayor Hereford to accept the financial statements of the corporation for 2022, appointing BDO as auditors for the corporation, and appointing several individuals to the board of the Squamish Sustainability Corporation. The council then temporarily suspended the special business meeting to sit as the shareholder of the corporation and voted on the previously mentioned motions.

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she wasn't planning on it but she can't

Armand Hurford
0:30:57 (0:00:23)

okay so Council the next item is the Squamish sustainability Corporation AGM and there is we do have staff here to answer questions if there are any questions about the documentation but there's not a presentation oh there's a small you have a small presentation or a small update

0:31:20 (0:00:03)

I am able to provide a very quick update

Armand Hurford
0:31:24 (0:00:04)

the floor is yours

0:31:28 (0:01:11)

thank you very much mayor and Council I'm Kate Mulligan Economic Development officer and chair of the Squamish sustainability Corporation and I'm joined by Ms Souza who is manager director of real of Finance I'm just going to provide a quick update regarding the Squamish sustainability Corporation currently the Squamish sustainability Corporation is largely a whole in holding capacity it does hold an interest in the district's Oceanfront joint venture as well as continues to provide Operational Support for the Squamish Adventure Center with the help of real estate and facilities and economic development within the district currently the directors oversee the day-to-day or the management of the center itself of the adventure editor itself and that is pretty much the current capacity of the board thank you

Armand Hurford
0:32:39 (0:01:21)

thank you Kelsey do you have any questions for your staff while we have them before we go into the process here no okay so these motions need to be done I think we I think we have a we worked at we sorry we have it we have this we have a script I think we're on if we go off track please let us know but I think we have this so in the in the agenda we have the recommendations and they need to be done individually so I'll read them out to keep us on to keep us on track so if there's a suite of motions here so the first motion is that mayor Hereford be appointing to vote on behalf of the shareholder during the June 20th 2023 annual general meeting of the Squamish sustainability Corporation moved by kelser sonar second by counselor Hamilton all in favor any opposed motion carries so next up we have that mayor Hereford be directed to accept the financial statements of the Squamish sustainability Corporation for 2022 hold on I have

0:34:01 (0:00:15)

a let's stand here

Armand Hurford
0:34:17 (0:00:02)

conferring with staff one second please

0:34:20 (0:00:04)

I think we didn't need this one but not

Armand Hurford
0:34:24 (0:00:01)


0:34:26 (0:00:01)

yeah okay

Armand Hurford
0:34:27 (0:02:12)

so this is a piece that was missing from the from the published agenda but it said America would be directed to accept the financial statements of the Squamish sustainability Corporation for 2022 moved by councilor Hamilton second by councilor Anderson all in favor motion carries and then that mayor for be directed to a point BDO as Auditors of the squamous sustainability Corporation moved by councilor French second by counselor pettingell all in favor motion carries and that Mary Hereford be directed to appoint counselor French counselor Hamilton Kate Mulligan Kirby Brown and tauren saviard to the board of the Squamish sustainability Corporation Group by counselor Stoner second by counselor Greenlaw all in favor motion carries thank you for that so now we need to I'll be looking for to counsel for a motion to that Council of the district Columbus resolved to suspend the special business meeting temporarily in order to sit as the shareholder of the Squamish sustainability Corporation at the meeting of that corporation that has been scheduled at this time in place moved by Council Stoner second by councilor French all in favor motion carries thank you now for those of you that haven't witnessed this before I now get to go into a meeting with myself and it is as strange as it sounds so here we go voting on behalf of the Squamish sustainability Corporation I resolve that the financial statements of the Squamish sustainability Corporation for 2022 be accepted by the shareholder that BDO be appointed Auditors for the Squamish sustainability Corporation that counselor French counselor Hamilton Kate Mulligan Kirby Brown and Torin saviard be appointed to the board of the Squamish sustainability Corporation so do I move those so I vote on them myself so those are so those are so resolved thank you and

0:36:40 (0:00:02)

to terminate the right

Staff Reports: Union of British Columbia Municipalities 2023 Convention Minister Meeting Requests
0:37:02 (0:52:02)

In the District of Squamish council meeting, Councilor Hamilton presented on the need for expansion of provincially managed recreation sites in Squamish. He emphasized the importance of outdoor recreation to the community's identity and brand, and the significant pressure on community infrastructure and natural resources due to both residents and visitors enjoying the area. Councilor Hamilton advocated for additional provincial resources to manage recreation sites in and around the district, without specifying particular mechanisms or resources.

Councilor Andersen suggested that Councilor Hamilton review a presentation from the Ministry responsible for recreation sites, which took place in early 2022. He also mentioned the Refuse Creek area as a potential expansion site for recreation facilities, noting that it is already a forest service recreation site but could be improved and expanded. Councilor Stoner suggested involving the Tourism Management Roundtable in the discussion to strengthen the request for additional recreation resources.

Councilor Stoner also brought up the topic of wood fiber LNG and Fortis Eagle Mountain gas pipeline projects, expressing concerns about the environmental assessment office's processes and the impacts these projects have on local housing and community services. The council discussed the possibility of requesting a joint meeting with the ministers of environment and climate change, and energy, mines, and low carbon innovation to convey their concerns and discuss the challenges they are facing with these projects.

Armand Hurford
0:36:42 (0:01:26)

and the Squamish sustainability Corporation annual general meeting will know terminate so thank you back to our regular scheduled programming thank you so the next item we have is ubcm Minister meeting requests for Council follow-up and I'm just going to pull up just gonna pull up my notes on that I did yeah we are back to our to the special and so council at the last meeting we discussed we narrowed down the topics and sort of assign some folks to the various pieces the staff reports so we have councilor Hamilton around maybe we'll just go in order that it that it appears here was counselor Hamilton on Squamish Recreation site expansion would you like to speak to it

Andrew Hamilton
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so the recreational sites and Recreation in Squamish is obviously a major contributing factor to our in effect our identity as Squamish our brand identity hardwired for adventure the ability for our residents and visitors to get Outdoors is a key component of our community we've seen significant pressure on our community infrastructure and our natural resources and our Recreation sites due to both resident and visitor visitors enjoying this amazing resource we have and it's I believe it's in our um interest I believe we are we have an obligation to promote and advocate for having additional provincial resources in the form of provincially managed Recreation sites in and around our district so that we can manage this influx visitors I've stopped short here of suggesting mechanisms which resources and how they should be but rather promoting and advocating that we should have more and then that will trigger hopefully a discussion with the province on which struck which infrastructures would be most effective

Armand Hurford
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thank you Council any questions for councilor Hamilton on this approach go ahead counselor Anderson

Eric Andersen
0:39:44 (0:02:04)

I'm going to make two suggestions counselor Hamilton as a new counselor you would not have been present for the presentation from the now reorganized Ministry responsible for this that took place I believe in early 2022 I believe we should make a point of ensuring you have access to that presentation it was a very thorough presentation by Mr Scott Shaw McLaren and a colleague and I'm sure our staff may be able to pull that up but it was a fascinating and interesting and important assembly of information concerning recreational pressures and was well received by our Council last year and that's one suggestion that we have access to that or the persons attending on our behalf at the proposed meeting have that information handy in the form of the presentation delivered the second presentation I have last we discussed this is concerning the mapcom forest service road and refuse Creek as an attendee of the last Minister's session on this topic I noted that The Minister's staff were very well prepared with detailed information illustrating the research they've done and the challenges that exist were developing new recreation sites however one area that was not given attention by staff and it has been ex we have expressed interest in it is the refuse Creek area and just a clarification the refuse Creek is already a forest service Recreation site however immediately adjacent to it is an abandoned Quarry which has been the focus of interest for a new site and this I'm just passing it all along as clarification when I speak or other speak of refuse Creek there is a recreation site it's not adequate it's small it's old but next to it is potential expansion area just those two suggestions for further dialogue with our with Province thank you

Armand Hurford
0:41:48 (0:00:04)

thank you for that did you ever response or any comment on what

Andrew Hamilton
0:41:52 (0:00:07)

thank you very much for the content I do look forward to reading to the presentation from Scott Shaw McLaren

Armand Hurford
0:42:00 (0:00:48)

thank you and I think also for our purposes today really focusing on the on the ask to make sure that we're we understand what we're asking for I think is critical so if Council can give councilor Hamilton has I'm not sure did all did everyone receive a copy of counselor Hamilton's oh that's the blue I'm looking at an electronic one thank you so I'd be looking for edits for edits there so we understand exactly and then we can build that backgrounder for context as and that's great points that councilor Anderson brought up and we can do we can work on that in the I don't know that needs to be part of the ask itself sorry do you have comment on that yep

Andrew Hamilton
0:42:48 (0:00:20)

just to open it up I am absolutely in favor of if specificity will potentially gain us some traction here I'm absolutely open to suggestions on how we can be specific on what sites we might want to develop or what ways we might want to develop yeah thank you

Armand Hurford
0:43:09 (0:00:02)

counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:43:11 (0:00:43)

yeah and I think this is always the balance of where we're at by June 30th putting in the request and then the next step is usually our staff help us put together a briefing note which will have some more context in detail but that would be my only suggestion is if there is time before the 30th is to run this past the tourism management Roundtable just to see if they have any specific requests but we could also do that after the fact for the for the briefing note but they have lots of good data around the number of visitors that have gone at the Squash Valley for example that could just help strengthen it but that's not something that you'd have at your fingertips

Armand Hurford
0:43:55 (0:02:10)

thank you my suggestion here is the in the request the context building I think is good and there's there could be other reinforcing points but really focusing on the requests so we request consideration of expanded provincial managed Recreation I think I'd like to request expansion of provincially managed Recreation facilities and I think the I like the last point of considering squash's proximity to Vancouver both day use and overnight facilities are in high demand I think that's a great point to make the but the middle of that Center where it's facilities and Scholars should accommodate the influx of visitors to our community something about answering the demand of Tourism or I think there's something that's a little bit I'm going to Stew on that a little bit just so that a lot the finishing there but I actually I think the rest of it is great and we have met with the province previously on this topic so it'll be familiar with it if it's not so something there in that hospital sentence which I'll mull over as we move through anything else on this maybe we can come back to that all by myself sometime or does anyone else have any edit any edits for this or suggestions or does anyone have an issue how about with firming up this ask to rather than requesting consideration just request expanded provincial managed Recreation facilities as a first edit is that okay I don't see any okay all right so we will we'll move on and I'll see if something I'd appreciate some help on sort of to accommodate the influx of visitors Community I think we could clean that up a little bit but let's just move through and then we can maybe Circle back to that detail counselor Stoner I have you next with environmental climate change and energy mines and low carbons innovation

Jenna Stoner
0:46:06 (0:01:35)

yeah thanks a drafted just a high level background and request for a joint Minister meeting with Minister Heyman from environment and climate change and Minister Osborne from energy Minds low carbon Innovation this is really just speaking to the ongoing challenges that we're having with wood fiber LNG and Fortis Eagle Mountain gas pipeline projects in particular I think the two things that I heard around the table last week was the considerations around the conditions that are attached to their EA certificates so the community services and infrastructure management plan that is intended to be developed in consultation with local governments and some of the challenges around that as well as the expectations and the proponents failure to meet those expectations around public consultation and Public Communication um so the request for the ministers is really just a joint meaning to convey our ongoing challenges that we're having with these two projects are concerns around the environmental assessment office and their processes and to discuss the impacts these projects in particular are having on our local Housing and Community Services the request is fairly broad but I think that's just the nature of where we're at with these projects and I still think it is really important for the ministers to hear directly from Council at the District of Squamish so I know that there's ongoing staff to staff discussions but I do think it's still important for the ministers to hear the direct implication from the political level as well so I think that's why this is important

Armand Hurford
0:47:41 (0:00:43)

thank you one suggestion I had for this I is adding the stretch on our resources internally so capacity just in serve your final three having our local on our maybe on our internal capacity Housing and Community Services suggestion if that's I know it will come up in conversation but it's one of the pieces here I think is that with the a more coordinated effort I think it would take less capacity on our and to engage with them and their various steps in the process counselor

John French
0:48:24 (0:00:41)

French I don't have any edits or suggestions simply want to thank my colleague for taking seriously maybe not quite the exact word I'm looking for my own request a couple of weeks ago to make sure that this particular issue is shared out to other members of council because of the division divisive nature in our community of this particular project so counselor snorer thank you for sharing this in advance before it came to this table and asking for feedback I appreciate that collaborative nature in this process

Armand Hurford
0:49:05 (0:00:03)

thank you Council any other suggestions on this counselor

Chris Pettingill
0:49:09 (0:00:34)

yeah I think the ask is good just you know it may be a bit of wordsmithing in the background which won't do today but just my reflection is making sure the ministry understands that it's not just wood fiber and it's much broader than just the CIS Mt that's sort of the one of the current flash points but it's sort of indicative of the whole thing and so just want to make sure that we that when we provide the background they're sort of clear that again here's a good current example but you know it's the same thing over and over again it's both of them

Armand Hurford
0:49:43 (0:00:04)

okay thank you counselor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:49:47 (0:00:47)

I'd like to ask a question I don't know if this is a I don't know if I'd go as far as suggesting this is a request for a meeting between Council District of Squamish Council and provincial ministers should we be or would it be sensible to request representatives from wood fiber and Fortis be present at that meeting so that it can be a three-way meeting there would be advantages and disadvantages to that I don't even know if it's possible but it's one thought that I had that having everybody in the room sometimes solves problems faster unfortunately also sometimes causes problems

Armand Hurford
0:50:35 (0:00:47)

yeah I thank you for that and these meetings are our meetings at ubcm which have we have 15 minutes with them with the minister so this is really and I think that meeting that you're suggesting could be an outcome of this of this meeting and that's that would be the kind of thing that we'd be we'd be looking yeah that could be could be sort of a next a Next Step from this but in that 15 minutes it's our time to convey the concerns and really outline the challenges we're having and then a Next Step from perhaps from the minister could be something such as that so yes but not in this in this step in the in the process counselor did you have something else on that

Jenna Stoner
0:51:22 (0:00:29)

or I just add that the not the ministers per se but the Ministries and staff and the proponents are constantly in collaborative meetings in terms of the implementation thereof and we know that the proponents not infrequently show up at Minister's offices and speak to them about the challenges of working with Squamish and so I do think it is important for us to have the opportunity to directly share our feedback on the other side of that

Armand Hurford
0:51:52 (0:00:03)

thank you for that cancer French do you have something on this

John French
0:51:55 (0:00:30)

yep thanks mayor and my thoughts are very similar to what I heard from you and I want to thank counselor Hamilton for asking this question because I think having this conversation alone has been productive and I do agree that it's not really necessarily the time the place for that type of meeting and we'll agree with you mayor that this could be an outcome like this exact thought and proposal could be something that comes out of that quick discussion with the minister

Armand Hurford
0:52:26 (0:01:44)

yeah thank you Council anyone else on this on this one before we move on to the next nope okay so the next the next one just going to enlist is transportation infrastructure around Transit expansion funding and that's something that I think I will move through the slrd and I'll work with colleagues there didn't get that I think that the regional my one question though was the slrd has is the proper place I think to have the regional transit discussion although I'm happy to bring it up at any at any District Squamish you know LED meeting as well so I think that's the place for that this would also have an ask it's a two-part ass the other part would be internal funding Transit expansion funding which is a concern with the other with Whistler and Pemberton as well so is Council okay with that part of it living in that process within it with slrd with myself as and counselor Stoner pettinghill as reps to um to advance that portion of our advocacy here or should we do our own on internal and leave the try to do our own internal because these are also requests there's no guarantees here and then have the re the SRD piece focused specifically on the on the regional aspect so that's the question should we do our own on internal expansion counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:54:11 (0:00:37)

yeah thanks to the chair I do think that we would do well in putting in our own requests for internal Transit expansion funding I think that's important we also have a few unique issues that we're trying to manage with our expansion internally in particular where the bus depot is going to go so I think having that conversation directly with the minister at least putting in the request would be important and then we can leave the regional transit piece to a coordinated meeting again their 15 minutes so they're short so I think asking for two is not a bad thing

Armand Hurford
0:54:48 (0:00:06)

yeah thank you um counselor French did I see you and councilor Hamilton did I see your hand as well no counselor

John French
0:54:54 (0:01:06)

friendship thanks mayor and I'm aligning with counselor Stoner on agreeing two meetings one local one Regional and I'll add that I had the Good Fortune of sharing lunch with MLA Jordan sturdy at the Chamber of Commerce mayor's luncheon the other day and MLA sturdy was very clear in expressing his support if we could do it of having not just all of the or as many as possible of the regional elected officials in such a Minister's meeting on Regional Transit but also the Squamish nation and the little watt as MLA sturdy feels that those two organizations have significant Sway and influence on the potential of bringing the creation of regional transit so I share that wisdom from MLA sturdy

Armand Hurford
0:56:01 (0:00:03)

thank you

Chris Pettingill
0:56:04 (0:00:24)

yeah thanks and I apologize I just sent it around but my second topic for the Minister of Housing involves there's very much related to public transit in supporting our affordable housing so I don't know if that quite gets to you know directly enough to what we want to talk about in terms of local Transit but I think we will definitely touch on it with that Minister assuming the topic is accepted

Armand Hurford
0:56:28 (0:00:33)

yeah thank you I think this piece is so important I thank you for this direction this is where I was thinking as well as that we do these in two in two pieces but it touches on many things um so this absolutely should come up in Minister of Housing meeting as well and as we're a lot of the work is being done in the name of sort of affordability and I think about affordability I think we all think about a 40 billion more broadly than exclusively the housing and Transit is a big part of that as well counselor storm

Jenna Stoner
0:57:01 (0:00:43)

I'd also suggest because we do have the opportunity to request on multiple topics and previously in our last discussion last week we moved the highway 99 intersections down to a staff to staff meeting but I think we could Elevate them back up as a secondary topic because there are some real tensions with our ability to achieve our housing targets especially in some of our neighborhoods without having more provincial investment in some of our Highway intersections so I think both that investment in expansion of Transit as well as accommodating some of the highway intersections can kind of go hand in hand

Armand Hurford
0:57:45 (0:00:38)

thank you and I think no I like I like that I think I think that's those two things tied together and I think that in your housing discussions that um sort of bringing up the interrelated pieces are important as well so okay I will thank you as me that direction to sort of to go forward with this so I'll launch from there around local Transit funding and Improvement 99 intersections and then the regional transit piece I'll work my colleagues with SRD to um to advance that discussion go ahead counselor Greenland

Lauren Greenlaw
0:58:23 (0:00:16)

just further to counselor stoner's point if you can bring up three topics shouldn't you just put Daryl Bay on there as well to put it on their radar you know you probably won't get to it like it'll probably be a lower priority but it's a conversation we're going to want to have in the near future isn't

Armand Hurford
0:58:39 (0:00:49)

it I think right now I'd be more comfortable with the two topics give me about 15 minutes and when we talk about I guess capacity of a of our organization when I when I look at introducing the Daryl Bay topic and its complexity and the technical nature of it and linking it with wlng and so on I think that would take um the whole meeting if we were to bring that topic I think it's a pretty big one to and more of its complexity so I think that's I think that can live with staff and we'll use but Elevate the 99 intersections for now is everyone okay with that approach this is a that makes sense counselor Anderson

Eric Andersen
0:59:28 (0:00:41)

I would agree that the Daryl Bay topic is deserving attention in other ways and elsewhere it is also an evolving picture secondly on the highway 99 intersections let's keep in mind and I appreciate the point that the capacity issues do relate to our or our community growth management but they also relate to at Alice Lake and at site B Medical forest service road other bundles of issues so that we think of it holistically and not to be careful that we do give attention to the whole package of intersection issues thank you

Armand Hurford
1:00:09 (0:00:26)

yes thank you okay Council will next is we had the transportation infrastructure staff to staff meeting which we've moved the highway 99 dangerous intersections up to be tied in with the transit discussion so we'll leave Daryl Bay there I think is where we landed so move on to the children and family development yes go ahead

Jenna Stoner
1:00:36 (0:00:14)

I'd suggest if possible staff should still bring it up at a staff to staff meeting then they'll get different technical information from an from a conversation around the 99 Highway intersections so I think important to raise at the minister but also still keep it on a staff agenda as well

Armand Hurford
1:00:50 (0:00:25)

okay no I'm that makes sense to me as well okay so then moving on to the and if there is anything else in our discussion going forward that we would like to put to that we feel maybe needs to live with the staff to staff then we will come back to that column so children and family development councilor Greenlaw you had yeah

Lauren Greenlaw
1:01:16 (0:01:24)

so I've emailed everyone a copy of the meeting requests that I drafted the directive I had was to request a meeting with the ministry of Children and Family development but I wonder if it should be your quest to the Ministry of Education and child care instead given that request the request for balls around Child Care spaces and I'm open to feedback from any colleagues on that I intentionally left the ask broad as just increased Child Care subsidies because I think that another potential positive outcome from this would be increased funding towards encouraging people to go into ECE education right early childhood education programs because that is one of the problems we're having it's a very complex issue but part of it is that people are not going into the education programs um like we don't have the volume going in that we require yeah so I what I would like to do in this meeting is advocate for an increase in 10 a day Child Care spaces for sure and point out that it is effectively a misogynist policy that we aren't funding child care more yeah and I'd like to discuss I would also like to discuss some of the systemic issues that are that are creating this problem such as like low pay for child care workers and such but frame it around increasing spaces and availability within Squamish I can I can read the background if you'd like as well

Armand Hurford
1:02:40 (0:00:10)

everyone has that in their email and we'll make sure that it gets out to the to the public as well any comments on this feedback yeah go ahead counselor

Andrew Hamilton
1:02:51 (0:00:30)

Hamilton I think it's really important to be supporting and advocating for programs like the 10 a day Child Care Program and mechanisms to make it more viable more effective in our community I think Squamish like so many communities in BC are struggling with this same thing and I think we absolutely need to apply our voice to the many outcrying for tomorrow child care

Armand Hurford
1:03:21 (0:00:04)

thank you they have counselor Stoner and then heading up

Jenna Stoner
1:03:26 (0:01:50)

yeah thank you for this and agree that this is an important meeting and I think you're correct that it should be a Ministry of Education given the shift in child care falling under that ministry as of now a few other things that I think we can pick up on and articulate in our requests which carries through some previous advocacy that we've done and we've heard from our child care Roundtable and this gets a bit detailed but there's a gap in the wage enhancement program that they have and it's not so it doesn't extend to those working in supported Child Development programs so we're actually losing a lot of staff from those who support children with special needs in particular because they're not eligible for the provincial wage subsidy program so I have the backgrounder that we used for last year's ubcm meetings and I will forward that to you sorry I didn't do that in advance but there's a few key pieces that we could pick up from that and just make sure that we're extending the other one that I think we should call out is a thanks to the province for the funding that they provided for the valley Cliff Child Care Facility it'll be a huge benefit to our community but also articulating the continued challenges that we're having in terms of the cost of building I think we're upwards of forty five thousand dollars a space now and so really just reiterating that challenge of creating new spaces in our community and really drawing that picture for the minister about it is this complex issue one of it is subsidized Child Care spaces one is actually having Child Care spaces to begin with and then the third piece is making sure that we're actually paying the folks who are working there so we can elaborate a little bit on that

Lauren Greenlaw
1:05:17 (0:00:22)

yes thank you for that feedback I did have a little blurb when they're originally about not having a living wage for these people in these jobs and not having increased wages for people who need increased education for the work that they're doing but I paired it down to 700 characters but thank you I will I'd like to discuss that a bit further with you after sorry thanks

Armand Hurford
1:05:39 (0:00:01)

thank you professor panigale

Chris Pettingill
1:05:41 (0:00:39)

yeah just on the on this whole topic the ten dollar a day when those spots come online that's helpful to parents but doesn't necessarily mean that it's viable to run a business and we're having to use cacs to make spaces affordable heavily rely on that and I understand CAC regulations may be changing it also means that you know the sort of gray area CAC that we really depend on for other community services we're using for something The Province should be taking care of and so there's all these other knock-on effects and so that whole CAC thing maybe needs to be mentioned as part of the discussion

Armand Hurford
1:06:20 (0:01:30)

yeah thank you for bringing that up that was a point I was I've been making I'll continue to make that this is an area where we there are we are doing everything we can do everything we can figure out to do with the tools in our toolbox and but it is picking up the sock of a provincial responsibility and but doing something is the right thing to do but we need to continue to advocate so um I also think the sort of the pace that we are achieving new and we have had some great um new facilities sort of lined up that will be that'll be coming but we do have A needs assessment that shows that we need a lot more and I think this is an opportunity to communicate out what that need is I agree the 10 daycare is ten dollar a day Child Care spaces are incredibly important we also have a need at sort of the market rate I think it's kind of across the board so any thoughts on the specific ask versus the step up and do your job in child care in that broad ask there are some specific pieces around policy I heard on the way the wages and how where the Gap where the gaps are and then there's that bigger or that sort of higher level piece around more broadly we need all the child care spaces we can find and we need the problems to help us realize that go ahead counselor

Andrew Hamilton
1:07:51 (0:00:53)

Hamilton I'm waiting in here without any actual background knowledge but it seems to me like the daycare space is attached to elementary schools are a great opportunity there's one at Garibaldi Highlands there's the valley Cliff one that the province is funded I don't know about brackendale mab Glam or and there's one at Squamish Elementary could we push to have if we wanted a specific ask push to say we will find a land if you come up with the money to build the facility like the valley cliff not our not our land agreed but we can work with sd48 to provide the land for the facilities

Armand Hurford
1:08:44 (0:01:02)

yeah thank you I think that similarly here with the school with the with the school board facilities I also think with BC housing having um you know it was it took a lot of work to get The Foundry and the youth Hub into BC housing build and similarly I think those are where Child Care spaces should be included and you know and it's that extra piece that they're not doing so I every time every time we touch this there's all these pieces so should we go broader or more focused on I think is where I where I'm at I think that's that could be an Ask there they do have a program which is how we got to the those ones established now so it's continue to support that program we have sorry councilor Greenlaw had this ask focused on the 10 a day go ahead counselor

Jenna Stoner
1:09:47 (0:00:26)

yeah I think we can keep it broad but folk like Broad and focus so broad request but on more 10 Day daycare spaces on continued or Advanced or in additional funding for child care spaces through the existing funding pool or the funding mechanism and then making sure that there's a competitive wage grid for EC workers and support workers

Armand Hurford
1:10:13 (0:00:14)

okay can we cascarina do you think you can get that into 300 characters in our ask or how do you yeah how are you feeling as this as this discussion's evolving

Lauren Greenlaw
1:10:27 (0:00:18)

yeah I feel okay about it I mean the background for all of these issues is pretty similar should I break this into more than one topic yes so I'll do three separate topics because that's what's that what's happening here okay yes well just prepare to be emailed with this and requests for feedback

Armand Hurford
1:10:46 (0:00:24)

okay so I'm gonna go to stuff as we're going through this do we how far down the road do we need to be to sub to submit these in this meeting that where this is their last meeting before the deadline is that is that correct I just want to make sure that we're achieving what we need to achieve here I feel like we're making progress let's make sure we're going far

1:11:10 (0:00:26)

enough I counsel Terry Murray executive assistant through the chair I think with what I'm hearing today I have enough to draft the to submit the requests however I think maybe the backgrounders and the staff briefing notes will have to contain a good portion of what we're talking about

Armand Hurford
1:11:37 (0:00:09)

okay thank you and those can be dealers need to be ready for the 30th as well is that or does it all go together is that a later that's

1:11:46 (0:00:02)

a later in early September

Armand Hurford
1:11:48 (0:01:38)

okay great okay so I think we're going to the appropriate level here so we're gonna break it into this three asks as you said great anything else on this topic before we move on to or did I miss I didn't miss any hands today nope okay thank you for that counselor Greenlaw the health one I'll work with slrd on and really we have strong alignment at SRD and Regional Hospital District on what those what those needs are and my thoughts of course it has to go through another meeting like this to get there and to see but the kinds of things I'll be looking for there are reinforcing that our hospital is a regional asset and acknowledging that there is a master planning process a long overdue Master planning process underway by Vancouver Coastal Health however there are some needs in the community in the corridor that um that need to be addressed or deserve addressing prior to like their well enough documented let's go on these on these items and there's a list around the including some things at the hospital here so I'll circulate that as that as that forms but I'll work with the colleagues there so Public Safety and solicitor general we have counselor French Highway 99 closures and automated speed enforcement

John French
1:13:27 (0:01:55)

when thanks mayor and I have been Consulting a fair bit with former Lions Bay mayor Carl Burr on this topic he's been super helpful super accommodating and provided me with some great information um so I mean I think everybody in this room at one point or another has been touched in some way by lengthy highway closures that are caused by crashes on highway 99 leading to missed flights missed ferries delayed commercial deliveries just significant frustration all around so the request I've actually done a minor edit to it and that comes out of feedback from former mayor Burr and Lions Bay just bring that up so the request being building on the endorsement of ubcm in 2018 the District of Squamish requests the provincial government launch an automated speed enforcement system also known as speed over distance and point-to-point enforcement pilot project on Highway 99 to average out speeds on the highway and reduce the crash rate on the route so the edit there is just simply pointing out that ubcm endorsed this back in 2018 and we're looking to revisit it thank you oh yeah go ahead so that's the you know the background the title and the requests you all have and then Hearing in the room today it's pretty clear to me that I am going to find an opportunity in this meeting to mention Regional Transit because I think it very nicely ties in with this and is part of the solution in reducing the crash rate on the route

Armand Hurford
1:15:22 (0:00:06)

thank you yeah counselor Anderson go ahead

Eric Andersen
1:15:29 (0:01:46)

comes for French the focus of your request is on the speed and you've also mentioned the taking the opportunity to address Regional Transit our correspondent Matthew Pogo a few weeks ago a letter that we discussed in Council a little while back also gives attention to not only prevention of accidents but what happens when they do happen and he broke it down into two categories one is increased communication during accident events for example at U-turn locations to give people opportunity to escape the highway safely people are stranded and do have needs this results in safety and inconvenience issues including health related that there be increased attention to protocol for drivers to raise awareness as to what to do and what not to do in these situations the other category that Mr pogg addressed was the need for local resources for our law enforcement to address more efficiently in accident investigation so in summary while the request focuses on the speed and the prevention of accidents we might also give attention for your consideration councilor French to accident response resources and mitigation strategies including safety to address closure impacts I'll repeat that as a summary accident response resources are inadequate is the Assumption and a need for a mitigation strategies including safety to address closure impacts thank you

Armand Hurford
1:17:16 (0:00:02)

thank you counselor friends you have a

John French
1:17:18 (0:00:14)

yeah these are great suggestions I made some notes and well I don't think that these necessarily fit into the backgrounder and the request they certainly will form part of my conversation with the minister

Armand Hurford
1:17:32 (0:00:38)

thank you I found in the background I think focusing on the closures is great but I think it's worth mentioning that this is also that safe the safety aspect of it the injury and death is part that we're trying to avoid and then inconvenience is real but it's kind of the third tier and then we can focus on that like these are all really all related topics but I think the something in the background that sort of shows that we're looking to prevent the crashes in the in the first place as well which I know is implied when we read this but I think it needs to be stated to as well

John French
1:18:11 (0:00:13)

yeah that's great feedback too and I intentionally kept the background super tight anticipating I might get some great feedback that I could incorporate into the background and I am going to take that and use it for the background

Armand Hurford
1:18:25 (0:00:49)

yeah thank you and you really you do touch on in the in the requests which yeah crash rate I don't know the right language to use for that crash rate might be it but there's perhaps someone in Miss Latimer someone could help us with their the appropriate terminology which might be that which might be this but I just want to run it would be great to run it past staff or do you have a suggestions you're just listening okay anyone else on this on this topic nope great so we've got some suggested edits there but we'll get it across the line next is housing we had counselor Stoner and petting Gill on this one do you who wants to kick us off looks like that's you Council pennile

Chris Pettingill
1:19:14 (0:00:31)

yeah and I'll just sort of say I just I was looking at the um the agenda again I think councilor Hamilton's topic belongs under Ministry environment and climate change strategy they have a conservation Recreation under that portfolio which is the wreck sites and I think it's usually the Parliamentary secretary under Heyman under the environment Ministry that takes care of that so just want to make sure we have the right Ministry in person for that one

Armand Hurford
1:19:46 (0:00:20)

okay so Miss Mary is this something that we can vet we can make sure that we're asking the right of the right folks or is this or customer you're not you're not proposing a that it's joint between two it's just that we're asking the wrong the wrong spot okay so we'd clarify that or do you need to clarify that in this meeting Mr

1:20:06 (0:00:03)

I'm happy to clarify it after the meeting

Armand Hurford
1:20:10 (0:00:03)

okay thank you thank you for raising that counselor okay

Chris Pettingill
1:20:13 (0:00:54)

thank you so I have two topics for housing the first one the District of Squamish would like to discuss opportunities to ensure the methodology used to assess compliance with the housing Supply act will support success in smaller communities um I haven't got a background written for that one yet I may need to lean I will need to lean on counselor Stoner for some help there for the second topic the request is that Squamish would like to discuss how the province can further support communities such as Squamish who are making significant efforts to increase housing in line with sustainability principles for complete compact walkable communities well served by active and public transit and I did mail that email out to people just about 20 minutes ago sorry for the late email thank

Armand Hurford
1:21:08 (0:00:04)

you Council yeah go ahead counselor

Eric Andersen
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Anderson caster pettingell and considering the to quote from your request to ensure the methodology used to assess compliance with the housing Supply act will support success I think it will I think probably I and my colleagues will appreciate you're sharing the background or the that you may produce perhaps in consultation with counselor Stoner it seems to me that implementation of the housing Supply act can't be considered too narrowly by the province and that it is not only the size of the community or the community's location that must be born in mind but other local and Regional smart growth planning considerations and I'm going to draw a an illustration or refer to the Washington State smart growth planning legislation which I'm happen to be a fan of it includes addressing affordable housing but among other things so that there needs to be Regional Transit in place before housing projects are approved there need to be jobs to housing ratio balance in any community in planning