Special Business Meeting - 24 Oct 2023 AMENDED

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: Capilano University Memorandum of Understanding
4.A.i: District of Squamish Traffic Bylaw No. 2220, 2012 Amendment Bylaw No. 3019, 2023
4.A: RECESS 4:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
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Armand Hurford
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hello and welcome to the special business meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday October 24th as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional and unseated territory of the Squamish Nation could I

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Armand Hurford
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have someone please move adoption of the agenda move by councelor Hamilton second by councelor French all in favor motion carries and our first item

Capilano University Memorandum of Understanding
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The District of Squamish council meeting discussed the proposal for the district to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Capilano University (CapU). The MOU is aimed at formalizing and strengthening the working relationship between the two parties, guiding collaborative activities, achieving constructive and ongoing engagement towards goals and mutual benefits, and leading to new formal agreements that will help further mutual goals. CapU is working to increase regional programming in the Sea to Sky Corridor by developing a Squamish-based campus to offer residents relevant programming and support community and economic development goals.

The goals proposed within the MOU include increasing access to academic programming, supporting the delivery of meaningful learning opportunities for the student community and faculty, seeking funding to meet aligned outcomes, supporting mutual goals around innovation, truth and reconciliation, health and well-being of people and environment, and marketing collaborative opportunities to build brand reputation. The MOU would allow CapU and the district to build additional capacity through potential funding applications and partnerships. The agreement would also formalize activities between the parties, including alignment to ongoing activities such as the community climate action plan, outdoor recreation sector development, the circular economy and its development, and the district's planned labor force development plan.

The MOU also proposes the exploration of new programs and initiatives and shared resources. Potential programs to explore include City Studio Squamish, new child care programming, and access to recreation, arts, and culture space and infrastructure and programs, as well as work-integrated learning and applied research. The MOU aligns with several District Community goals and objectives, including increasing local employment opportunities and priority sector firms. The district staff will follow the iap2 public participation Spectrum level appropriate to the specific activity that's contained as part of the MOU activities.

Armand Hurford
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is a staff report and I'll go to councelor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
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i' just like to declare a conflict of interest on this matter as an employee of calano

Armand Hurford
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University thank you we will come and find you following this the conclusion of the conversation thank you okay I will turn it I'll turn the floor over to staff to introduce themselves on the topic

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thank you mayor and Council good afternoon my name is Kate Mulligan I am the economic development officer for the District of Squamish and in the audience I'd also like to introduce Dr Ellen flornoy regional manager for the Squamish area who is here joined with us from cap University so today the community planning and sustainability division is seeking authorization for the district to enter into a memorandum of understanding with calano University so calano is working to increase Regional programming in the Sea to Sky Corridor by pursuing the development of a Squamish based coun campus to offer residents relevant programming and support community and economic development goals and as such capu actively participates in various activities with the District of Squamish and other local and Regional organizations including one of the District staff advisory groups the economic partner forum and as cap Works to develop a greater presence in Squamish anou was proposed to formalize and strengthen the working relationship between parties guide collaborative activities achieve constructive and ongoing engagement towards goals and mutual benefits and lead to a lead to new formal agreements that will help further Mutual goals right now the goals proposed within theou include increasing access to academic programming via the promotion of available programs supporting the delivery of meaningful learning opportunities for the student community and faculty seeking funding to meet aligned outcomes activities supporting Mutual goals around Innovation Truth and Reconciliation health and well-being of people and environment marketing collaborative opportunities to reinforce the commitment to outcomes and build brand reputation this mou would formalize strengthen and broaden ongoing engagement between capu and the District of Squamish this agreement would allow capu and the district to build additional capacity V potential funding applications and Partnerships capu and the district will continue to work collaboratively in support of the district's economic social and cultural development this engagement is expected to evolve over time several areas of initial collaboration are noted many activities are already ongoing and this agreement will formalize activities between the parties so some of the some of the partition some of the activities include alignment to already ongoing activities so such as the community climate action plan our outdoor recreation sector development the circular economy and its development collaboration around house sound biosphere region work in the Agra Foods development portfolio as well as the district's planned labor force development plan additional participation in or ongoing participation in advisory and working groups has also been identified including the economic partner Forum as well as the Innovation working Group which capu has continuously provided support for exploration of new programs and initiatives and shared resources So within theou there's the potential to explore programs such as City Studio Squamish new child care programming and access to Recreation arts and culture space and infrastructure and programs as well as work integrated learning and applied research so in terms of budget there's no Financial impact resulting from this mou ad Administration would be undertaken as part of regular operations any Financial impacts relating to specific initiatives would be contemplated outside of theou and as part of other agreements and annual 5-year financial planning the CAO office would administer this mou and be the primary liaison between the district and capu various departments including Economic Development sustainability planning and Recreation would be Central in delivering initiatives under theou and this mou aligns with several District Community goals and objectives including to increase local employment opportunities and priority sector firms and should the district enter into this umou any resulting organization impact would be aligned to those goals as well as other goals articulated in the district's sorry the district's Strate strategic plan so lastly the district staff will follow the iap2 public participation Spectrum level appropriate to the specific activity that's contained as part of theou activities so proposed next steps should Council authorize the mayor and corporate officer to enter theou are to schedule an official signing and recognition of this important Milestone and staff with capu Representatives intend to implement a the steering committee to administer theou while staff intend to work with CW to implement the various activities identified in the draft mou for your consideration and so that's the end of the presentation I do want to note in the attachment is theou itself and we realized that the numbering for the Clauses was out of order so that has been rectified in the copy that was provided to you today as an

Armand Hurford
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update thank you Council questions councelor

Eric Andersen
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Anderson having had Decades of liaison with two long-standing directors of the board over from the beginnings of kepano college I was always reminded in conversation about the existence of a of the mandate to serve this region and it was my understanding that this mandate derived from legislation as did the other community colleges of the day and we now have a University ACT which was updated several years ago several years ago to incorporate or take into account a new cap University my question is what does what does the University ACT or other act say today about the mandate to serve this Corridor this is a huge ISS for Squamish over the decades and for example when we lost the tourism leadership program there was a lot of disappointing people pointing at looking for that mandate and how it is expressed today can you provide any orientation as to what exists in legislation regarding the regional mandate which is identified on page one a primarily Regional mandate for cap on

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University I can't speak to the specific detail details of the Mandate or legislation that governs capano university what I can say is they have a distributed mandate which means that their goal is to provide educational resource and learning opportunities throughout the corridor but I could also if appropriate ask a member of capu to provide that response to

Eric Andersen
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council thank you my second question concerns facilities and naturally the question does come up in the community about the potential use of field facilities at Quest University but I'd also like to mention that over several years some of our community groups use Kine new University at its present campus on Carson place for loan of audiovisual equipment and this is a service that was provided to the community I guess my broad question is how might we address facilities is it really only coming under that number 11 exploring opportunities to share community recreation arts and culture infrastructure amenities services and programs do we need to address in different language facil use of facilities those are two

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examples thank you through the chair definitely the activity 11 that you're specifying would also consider infrastructure but throughout the AC activities within many of those have consideration around shared use of space so for example a concrete example of that would be for our Innovation work that's that the application that's going forward to the rural economic diversification infrastructure program capu is actually providing a letter of support which also includes pres provision of resources which could include space in terms of space for use or assets for use for Community I think that would be guided through discussions and development with the Steering group so a lot of the detail needs to be ironed out with respect to new initiatives ongoing initiatives are always exploring the shared use of space programs faculty District staff and other organizations thank you

Eric Andersen
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thank you my final question concerns item number six and its scope and this refers to capu will support the district to establish a chapter of City studio in Squamish in 2024 supporting projects that assist the district and Allied organizations with relevant research projects when I think of the projects that and collaborations that have occurred over the years they are diverse and they have been there have been many last year or two years ago our sustainability Department was approached by Capal University regarding a building deconstruction pilot project the local historical society was founded with the assistance of capan University history Department we Our Town Center Association PR predecessor to the Bia had a partnership with capu Quest University student projects I guess I guess I'm trying to I have always been excited and about the potential and the record of ongoing projects as student projects my question to you Miss Mulligan that diversity of projects with was Squamish C forcy Center Society the library Squamish Community Force we had a student three years ago that did a community Force governance thesis does this all fit under number

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six thank you through the chair I don't know that it can I can easily say that it fits all under six a city studio is a specific program that would be driven out of discussions with the CAO office effectively city Studio requires resour resourcing on the part of the district typically what it City Studio does is look at Community challenges that are faced and it's usually through the city that they're initiated and then matches that with a cohort of students to be able to deliver solutions to those City challenges so that's the program the essence of the program despite this agreement and all the different activities I don't foresee any of it limiting any of the opportunities to work with calano University as well as other institutes that regularly work within the community to solve Community challenges

Eric Andersen
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thank you very much M

Armand Hurford
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mingan thank you I have councelor Stoner then

Jenna Stoner
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Penning thank you through the chair appreciate the last item in appendix be the activities and timeline speaks to Preparing an annual report of activities and outcomes that can be presented which I think will be helpful to better understand how this mou is supporting both organizations but there aren't really very many timelines Associated to the activities in schedule B so I'm just wondering if you can speak to when we start to prioritize

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those thank you through the chair so through the working committee we'll be looking at what existing activities are underway working between calano University and the district to prioritize those activ ities that are ongoing and then prioritize new activities I think your point regarding the last activity which is around the annual report will also help guide future activities between the two organizations and provide more concrete timelines but not only timelines also the metrics involved in terms of measuring the outcome or success associated with those

Jenna Stoner
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activities okay that's helpful I will Al also just pick up on one of counselor Anderson's Point questions number 11 that the capu and the district will explore opportunities to share community recreation arts and culture infrastructure and amenities I think that is an area where previously the quest University Fields were being used by different user groups and not necessarily via the district and so it is a real pinch point in our community but is maybe not hasn't isn't like prioritized from within a district ongoing conversation but I think that is a high priority from a community perspective just wondering if you have any thoughts on timeline for those

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conversations thank you I'm not sure if Devin guest is on the line but she is aware our director of recreation is aware of the of the importance of Recreation culture and arts being considered in terms of a working relationship with calano University and is alive to the importance of the amenities that are offered at the campus so my understanding is that will progress as part of this mou and it will be one of the points of discussion between the new committee that has struck and including the district in capalo University I do know or I will say that capalo University at this time I understand is you know very busy setting up their initial programming and offerings in preparation for the fall therefore I'm not sure the Readiness of capano University and that is something that we can approach them with soon

Jenna Stoner
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okay that's great thank you and then my last question is just when I do also look again at appendix be the list of activities I don't know how to frame this but there's a lot of like Olive branches coming from capu to support District work but there aren't that many reciprocal in terms of integrating the district into say like some of the planning around programming that might come I think that it is there in terms of having folks from capu present at some of our tables but I just want if you can speak a little bit to that reciprocal relationship that you typically see in

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anou thank you through the chair tip you're right there's a lot of the initiatives that have been driven by Community but those have been actually driven with capan University with intent so the initiation of the labor force plan is a clear example of an initiative that was actually requested by capalo University so it might seem like it's a district initiative or District Le initiative but in fact it's informing helping to inform the work ahead for programming for capan University so that's just a Nuance that I wanted to share but in terms of other activities I think you know we'll likely be revisiting this mou soon once calano university has a better understanding of their needs and what they would like support from the District on

Armand Hurford
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thank you councelor penil

Chris Pettingill
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yeah thanks just start by saying I you know with my involvement with the economic leadership team in particular of just seeing cap you come to the table and be engaged and want to be engaged in Squamish in many ways which I really appreciate and glad to see that becoming a little more formal in terms of our sort of commitments and desire so I think overall this is great just to get a little bit more specific on some of my colleagues questions and I'm maybe we need to have a follow-up conversation on this because you know I could be a little wrong on the details but my understanding was there was actually some sort of formal agreements between Quest University and Squamish in terms of access to certain facilities and resources and because of various things and you know we know the challenges they ran into those weren't fully fulfilled I would assume that whatever is still in place there or needs to be worked out there is sort of separate from this mou and this doesn't supplant anything pre-existing or would this be a replacement for sort of anything that might have come before or do we know at this

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point so through the chair I don't think that this would yeah I'm pretty sure that the agreement if there was ever an agreement in force would stand and it's not that theou would take precedence over that agreement I think I will pass it to Mr Stoner possibly to support me in this one regarding any previous agreement with

Eric Andersen
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Quest I appreciate that you've passed it over to me I will absolutely look into that and get back to

Armand Hurford
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you thank you other questions Council okay we have we have move the staff recommendation is there a seconder seconded by councelor Anderson would like to speak to it councelor stenter

Jenna Stoner
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yeah just thanks to staff and to our partners at cap University for pulling what feels like a broad but really indepth uhou together for the extent of work that I think will hopefully be mutually beneficial to our community as well as to the university that's coming to have a larger presence in our community and so I think that there's a lot of innovative work that can be done here and there's obviously work that's well underway and this helps formalize a lot of the stuff that has already been going on and so happy to support the

Armand Hurford
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mou thank you councelor

Eric Andersen
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Anderson yes I'll also be speaking in favor of the motion I would like to pass on two observations I do think that in a document such as this that we should be clear on what the legal mandate or Charter may say about the Mandate of capan University whether it's in the University ACT or in some other Charter document I think that's a an important document to have at hand secondly having been involved in probably 20 student projects in the last 15 years at Quest and with capan University and thinking over that none of them have involve the district I do hope that when the number six for example refers to Allied organizations the district and Allied organizations that it still will continue to be an open door for local groups to be approached by and to approach Klan University for student projects in particular and I think that's something to keep in mind that we don't put a framework that doesn't need to be there and never has been there actually but it is very exciting to have this newly established relationship and I think that there will be ongoing enthusiasm for building it ongoing thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you councelor

Chris Pettingill
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penil yeah I'd just like to move an amendment which is an addition assuming that this mou does not interfere with existing agreements and if seconded I will speak to

Armand Hurford
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that I don't see a second or for your motion counselor any comments on what we do on the motion we have Council

John French
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French thanks mayor I'm speaking in favor of the motion this is taking us in an exciting Direction and I'm really looking forward to what comes next once this smou is in place

Armand Hurford
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thank you I'm speaking support of the motion I think this is really an exciting step forward having such an investment in postsecondary education in our community will move our community forward but just unto itself but this really is something that I that I think will really amplify that impact for our community Through our own work here at the district we have a lot of I think the long list of items to work on together is important but it's also important to recognize it's just a this is very much a starting point and I think this creates great framework for us to be able to work together particularly with the steering committee and just see where this journey takes us over time so thank you so much for all the work to bring this together and I know this is something that was developed jointly with our friends at capu so thank you for taking on that work for us Miss Mogan and I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much

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Armand Hurford
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you okay our next item we have Miss Arthur just going to deliver to us we'll give her a couple minutes just to get to get set up there all right I will turn

District of Squamish Traffic Bylaw No. 2220, 2012 Amendment Bylaw No. 3019, 2023
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The council meeting was primarily focused on a housekeeping amendment to the District of Squamish traffic bylaw. The amendment was necessitated by the discovery of a procedural error that occurred in 2012 when the intended truck route schedule was not attached to the bylaw during its presentation for adoption. The staff had noticed this omission when they received a request for an alteration to the established truck route and went looking for the attachment to the bylaw, only to find it missing both in the physical and online records.

The staff, represented by Robin Arthur, the general manager of corporate services, and Yanis Fanisa, the senior director of Community Development, were presenting the amendment to correct this omission and formally reinstitute the truck route schedule by attaching it to the traffic bylaw. They clarified that there were no changes to the traffic bylaw itself, and the intended truck route schedule had always been utilized by the engineering staff when dealing with matters involving truck route requests. It was also reiterated in 2015 during a truck route study and is the map that exists within the Official Community Plan (OCP) adopted in 2017.

The staff requested the council to consider giving three readings to the bylaw amendment to include the established truck routes. They also requested a temporary regulation under section 381 of the Community Charter, which would allow the intended truck route to be utilized until the bylaw is adopted. They also mentioned that an updated Transportation master plan would be brought forward in the spring, which would include changes to the truck route and updates to the maps in the OCP.

Armand Hurford
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the floor over to

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staff thank you mayor Herford Robin Arthur's general manager of corporate services and I'm here today with yanis fanisa senior director of Community Development and we're presenting an amendment a housekeeping Amendment to the distri Squamish traffic bylaw earlier last week the district received a request for an alteration to our established truck route and at that time we noticed that a procedural error had occurred in that the intended truck route schedule had not been attached to the bylaw that was presented in 2012 for adoption so what happened was staff had gone looking for the attachment to the bylaw it wasn't there looked online went to the agenda package and it wasn't there so today we're here to correct that emission and to formally reinstitute by attaching the schedules to the traffic bylaw there's no changes to the traffic bylaw it's the same traffic bylaw that's always been attended intended and that was attached and discussed at the committee of the whole in 2012 prior to the bylaw coming forward for readings it's always been utilized by our engineering staff when dealing with matters involving truck rout requests it was again reiterated in 2015 when staff brought forward and discussed the truck rout study and it is the map that exists within the ocp that was adopted in 2017 so it's also always appeared on the district's website so due to the emission and the fact that it's not actually on included with the bylaw we're requesting that Council consider giving three readings to the bylaw amendment to include the truck Roots the established truck roots and as well as the bike by Gro that's attached in addition because we actually don't have the truck route attached to the byw we're requesting that pursuant to section 381 of the Community Charter that Council pass a resolution a temporary regulation which will allow us to utilize until the bylaw would be adopted the intended truck route in the interim within the next few

Armand Hurford
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weeks thank you Council questions at this point Y go ahead councelor penel

Chris Pettingill
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so just to clarify these this is not a new route this is just is it's articulated pre-existing route we are just formally attaching it to the bylaw and you know our staff has already has the delegated authority to enforce this route that's here we're just sort of almost over formalizing to just so it's very clear for

0:28:38 (0:00:21)

everyone thank you through the chair councelor Pettingill is correct that under the existing bylaw sections 8.2 and 8.3a give authority to the general manager to also make decisions and provide permits related to truck traffic

Armand Hurford
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yeah thank you for bringing this forward and correcting this Omission in and I understand that that's what we're here we're here to do this is the first time I've looked directly at these maps that were adopted in 2012 and I on my first glance which I know staff likely sees more than more than I do when I look at there seems to be room for improvement here I understand that's not what we're here to do today could you speak to sort of what the next steps would be you know with the public or industry is looking at the at the mapping as provided where what the next steps for us would be in relation to any changes or updating to this policy that's been you know well over a decade

0:29:48 (0:00:56)

now thank you through the chair and if Mr biscus wants to jump in or Miss fi that would be appreciated but in the spring we will be bringing forward a an updated Transportation master plan Transportation plan and also in order to make changes to this truck route we need to update the maps that appear in the ocp and so that will be looking at all of the roads that we want to provide regulation on that we don't currently and where there may be an anomaly in that the road is now closed and no longer active and we need to change that and update it but the first step to it is actually to update the ocp and then create the regulation through the traffic bylaw and discussion through the transportation plan

Armand Hurford
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okay thank you that really helps frame what we're here to do the decision we're here to make today Council any other questions on this topic seeing none we have a staff recommendation before us if someone's ccor Hamilton SEC are you two separate motions so we'll do them in the order that they that they appear if that's okay with the Mover call the first question

Andrew Hamilton
0:31:10 (0:00:08)

or you're moving the fir the first piece do they you need to be called separately y we're going to do them SE separately I'll call the first piece

Armand Hurford
0:31:18 (0:00:12)

then which is be resolved at all truck traffic that section with the two where houses yep okay and that's okay with a seconder thank you any comments on this

Andrew Hamilton
0:31:31 (0:00:29)

go ahead this seems like a fairly straightforward hoste keeping matter it's interesting it took it took us so long to discover but I mean that speaks to you know this is the truck route we've always we've used for some time and I acknowledge with you know counselor or mayor Herford seeing some challenges in the in the truck group but this is this is what we have published already it just needs to be attached to the bylaw so I think this is a

Armand Hurford
0:32:01 (0:00:04)

sensible move thank you any other comments on this one go ahead councilor French

John French
0:32:06 (0:00:25)

thanks mayor yeah this is definitely an overdue issue to have been dealt with and as I look at the map I see that there is an impossible movement that has been impossible for a long time in this map so we definitely need to work on this not just today right now but long term to get a few things sorted

Armand Hurford
0:32:32 (0:01:43)

out thank you see no other comments I'll Venture on my own just yeah thank you to staff for bringing this forward it is remarkable that this issue sort of lurked around for over a decade without being discovered but I am really happy to see that once it was discovered it was acted upon quickly and I know that these things are not they may appear simple but they're not always simple to rectify so thank you and this particular measure that we're that we're considering in this question closes the loop closes the risk today and gives us time for the rest of the processes to go forward as far as readings and Adoption of the of the bylaw with the attachments so appreciate that mechanism to do that as well I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so counil now we're on to the second part of this that the dist skish traffic bylaw number 2220 2012 Amendment bylaw number 3019 2023 be given first three readings to have a mover move by councelor Stoner second by councelor Hamilton any discussion on this one on this portion of it no okay I'll call the question all in favor motion carries thank you and just question for you when adoption will be the is will be scheduled for the first regular meeting is that is that a correct assumption in November y okay thank you very much

0:34:15 (0:00:30)

Armand Hurford
0:34:15 (0:00:31)

okay so Council we have motion to close moveed by councel Stoner second by councelor Hamilton all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you we will be in recess until do we need 15 minutes says four o'clock was our original time we could stick to the four o'clock start oh yeah four o'clock let's go we'll stick with our original time we'll be in recess to four o'clock thank you