Regular Council - 18 Jul 2023

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: Proclamation Request: National Drowning Prevention Week July 16-22, 2023
6.A.i: BC Healthy Communities Age-Friendly Communities Grant Application Endorsement
7.i: Development Permit No. 000587, Garibaldi Springs, Phase Two
8.A.i: Staff Recommendation:
8.A.ii: Regular Business Meeting: July 4, 2023
8.A.iii: Special Business Meeting: July 11, 2023
8.A.iv: Committee of the Whole: July 11, 2023
8.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
8.B.i: 0621 Mayor Jones, District of North Saanich, Re Province of BC’s Homes for People Action Plan
8.B.ii: 0626 Scholarship Acknowledgement
8.B.iii: 0628 L. Kellett Re City of Prince George Resolution - Reimbursing Local Governments for Medical Services
8.B.iv: 0703 C. Blanchard, Re View Royal Commits to Sue Big Oil
8.B.v: 0711 S. Tetreault, Re 100th Social Media Challenge
8.C: CORRESPONDENCE - Referred to Staff
8.C.i: Staff Recommendation:
8.D: STAFF UPDATES - For Information
9.i: Recommendations from the Committee of the Whole: July 11, 2023
10.A: 2023 Zoning Bylaw Update - Phase One
10.A: Section A:
10.A.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (39773 & 39775 Government Rd) No. 2980, 2023
10.A.ii: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (3018 The Crescent) No. 2981, 2023
10.A.iii: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (38171-38185 Westway Ave) No. 3001, 2023
10.A: Section B:
10.A.iv: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (1901 Maple Dr & 40782 Perth Dr) No. 2983, 2023
10.A: Section C:
10.A.v: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (P-2 Amendments) No. 2976, 2023 District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (Brackendale Art Gallery) No. 2977, 2023
10.A.vii: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (Unit B, 1005 Industrial Way) No. 2978, 2023
10.A.viii: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (41668 & 41678 Finn Rd) No. 2979, 2023
10.A.ix: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (2595 Mamquam Rd) No. 2982, 2023
10.A.x: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (1701 Centennial Way) No. 2999, 2023
10.A.xi: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (UC-1 Amendments) No. 3002, 2023
10.A: Section D:
10.A.xii: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (Affordable Housing) No. 3000, 2023
10.B.i: District of Squamish Housing Agreement (Garibaldi Springs Phase 2 – Non-Market Rental) Bylaw No. 2943, 2023
10.B.ii: District of Squamish Housing Agreement (Garibaldi Springs Phase 1 – Non-Market Rental) Bylaw No. 2944, 2023
11.A.i: Appointment of Deputy Corporate Officer
11.B.i: Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation - Housing Accelerator Fund Grant Application Endorsement
11.B.ii: Woodfibre Liquefied Natural Gas and FortisBC/Eagle Mountain Pipeline Projects Update
13.i: 0705 Mayor Locke, Re Surrey Police Transition
Welcome, Adoption of Agenda, Proclamation Request: National Drowning Prevention Week July 16-22, 2023
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The District of Squamish council meeting on July 18, 2023, was opened by Armand Hurford, who acknowledged the traditional and unseated territory of the Squamish Nation. He informed the council that the meeting was being live-streamed and recorded for public viewing on the District of Squamish website. He then sought the council's approval for the adoption of the amended agenda, which was granted.

The first item on the agenda was a proclamation request for the week of July 16th to 22nd, 2023, to be declared as National Drowning Prevention Week in the District of Squamish. Although there was no formal presentation for this request, there was correspondence supporting it. Councilor John French moved the motion, expressing his personal connection to the cause as a former swim race competitor, swimming instructor, and lifeguard. He emphasized the importance of swimming education in preventing drownings.

The council then moved on to consider unscheduled public attendance, which allows for matters that cannot wait until the next regular business meeting to be addressed. However, there were no such cases. The council then proceeded to the next item on the agenda, which was the BC Healthy Communities age-friendly communities Grant application endorsement. The presentation for this item was to be given by Miss Kidner and Miss Latimer.

Armand Hurford
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hello and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday July 18 2023 and as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional and unseated territory of the Squamish Nation please be advised this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the District of Squamish website following the meeting if you have concerns please notify the corporate officer present at the meeting Council I'm looking for adoption of the amended agenda including one we're going to suspend the order and we will have item 11b1 will be following item six a one just to help with some move by councilor French second by counselor Stoner all in favor motion carries thank you next we have a proclamation request from National drowning prevention week or for this week actually July 16th to 22nd 2023 to be proclaimed National drowning Prevention Week in the district of Squamish and we don't have a presentation um tonight but we do have some course some correspondence supporting this request

John French
0:01:22 (0:00:12)

counselor Finch mayor I'd like to move that we Proclaim July 16th to 22nd is National drowning Prevention Week in Squamish and if I have a

Armand Hurford
0:01:35 (0:00:05)

second or I'll speak to it thank you second by counselor Hamilton go ahead Council French

John French
0:01:40 (0:00:42)

through my youth I was a swim race competitor and that led to me becoming a swimming instructor and lifeguard at the outdoor pool in Squamish which no longer exists and has school portable classes over top of it at this point so this is very close to my heart I taught many children to swim and truly believe in the value of everybody learning to swim so anything that I can do in my adult life and outgrown my lifeguard days to prevent drownings I'm all over it

Armand Hurford
0:02:22 (0:01:46)

thank you anyone any other comments on this okay speaking in support of the motion I growing up I had some friends that didn't that didn't know how to swim and just the amount of fear they had in all these different situations where I felt completely comfortable as a as a as someone they could swim was just remarkable to me so I think it's really important to highlight these issues so happy to support that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much next we have consideration of unscheduled public attendance and this is where if anyone had a matter that couldn't wait until the next regular business meeting to be addressed they could come forward now and make a case to be heard later in the meeting seeing none will move on we have no public hearings this evening we're on to item six staff reports and we're going to BC Healthy Communities age friendly communities Grant application endorsement and we have miss kidner and miss Latimer to present so I will turn the floor over to you

Staff Reports: Public Safety - BC Healthy Communities Age-Friendly Communities Grant Application Endorsement
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In the District of Squamish council meeting, Keeley Kidner, the Equity and Inclusion Coordinator, presented on the Age Friendly Grant application. The grant, released by BC Healthy Communities, is aimed at creating age-friendly community plans. The District of Squamish is seeking endorsement from the council to apply for stream one of the grant, which allows up to $25,000 for the development of such a plan. Kidner emphasized that this grant would not require any financial contribution from the district and the implementation of the plan would take place in 2024.

Kidner highlighted that the grant application is a great opportunity for collaboration. The district has already received a letter of support from Vancouver Coastal Health for this work. The age-friendly community plan aligns with the district's recently adopted accessibility plan and strategic plan. The plan would be 100% grant-funded, and it supports the district's goal of increasing equity and inclusion.

The grant application process involves engaging with various groups, including the Squamish Nation, Vancouver Coastal Health, and community organizations. The Squamish Senior Center Society and the Squamish Senior Living Society are among the organizations that will be consulted. The plan will address eight different pillars, and the district is open to feedback and may prioritize certain pillars based on community input. The grant also emphasizes equity at all stages of the plan's development.

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good evening mayor and Council and staff and community members who are tuning in online as well my name is Keeley kidner I'm equity and inclusion coordinator and I'm excited to speak today about the age friendly Grant application so BC Healthy Communities has released age friendly Grant applications starting at the beginning of June and the District of Squamish is seeking endorsement from Council to apply for stream one which would be an age-friendly community plan which allows up to twenty five thousand dollars for the development of a plan staff see this as a great opportunity for collaboration we have already reached out and received a letter of support from Vancouver Coastal Health for this work it also supports our accessibility plan which was recently adopted as well as our strategic plan the grant the plan would actually be 100 Grant funded there would be no Financial contribution needed from the district and implementation would take place in 2024. so that brings us to the resolution that we seek support for busy Healthy Communities age-friendly communities Grant thank you

Armand Hurford
0:05:21 (0:00:05)

thank you council do we have any questions for staff Council French

John French
0:05:26 (0:00:25)

thanks mayor the stuff report indicates engagement will take place with Squamish Nation as we heard in the presentation as well on Vancouver Coastal Health and Community organizations throughout the process and I'm looking for confirmation from staff that the Squamish Senior Center societies included in that grouping called local organization so is this one of the organizations that will be consulted

0:05:51 (0:00:11)

through the chair I believe so we've been working together with Recreation and culture to determine the best groups to speak with so they're involved in this discussion as well

John French
0:06:03 (0:00:12)

okay great and then I'm also hoping that the Squamish Senior Living society would also be included in that group and I'll leave it in your capable hands from there thank you

Armand Hurford
0:06:16 (0:00:03)

can I see your hand counselor yes go ahead counselor Anderson thank

Eric Andersen
0:06:19 (0:00:28)

you in October 2020 our MP Patrick Weiler draw to our attention a the opportunity of a grant and similar amount actually the program was entitled The New Horizons for seniors program and I believe it continued or may still be in existence would you be aware of the whether that program may be an ongoing one and an opportunity for the district

0:06:47 (0:00:08)

through the chair I am not aware of that program but it's something we could definitely check in I believe our Recreation staff would probably know more

Eric Andersen
0:06:55 (0:01:02)

thank you at the time when it first came forward there were discussion with the on the part of the senior center society and potentially our staff regarding potential participation and a number of themes were identified and they are exactly the themes that you have in your report to council under background eight domains where communities can become age friendly however there was an additional one identified at that time and I wonder whether I just put it out to you whether it might be something to consider and that is um our our tourist visitors who are happen to be seniors or may be falling into categories of interest for an accessibility program is it possible that as you've got all the others checked off the others that have been previously discussed as of interest for an application is that possible that this could also be fit into it as well visitors that and programming for them accessibility features around the community for our visitors

0:07:58 (0:00:26)

through the chair thank you for that question I believe that the model here the eight domains is based on a model of age friendly communities that's done internationally and this is how the model was presented through BC Healthy Communities but I also recognize that there's a ability to be different depending on the community so that's something we could definitely consider especially considering squamish's role as a tourism destination

Eric Andersen
0:08:25 (0:00:25)

thank you finally would it would you consider that I see under reliable Service delivery where you're commenting on our Council strategic plan that an aid friendly plan will inform the provision of District services communication and engagement do you anticipate that we might give some consideration to how we engage with seniors ongoing in the context of this initiative

0:08:51 (0:00:39)

through the chair yes staff see this as an opportunity to practice some engagement so as you know we have an inclusion strategy that we're looking to bring more folks involved into more folks into our engagement and our accessibility strategy looks at that as well so staff anticipate that we would use this plan as a way to continue to practice bringing more folks in early on I'll also mention that the plan itself or the grant itself highlights Equity at all stages of development of the plan so that's something that we would look to as well

Eric Andersen
0:09:31 (0:00:03)

thank you thank you chair

Armand Hurford
0:09:34 (0:00:01)

thank you counselor Sawyer

Jenna Stoner
0:09:36 (0:00:19)

thank you through the chair thanks for the presentation my question is just around the eight different pillars is it anticipated that the plan will address all eight of those pillars that are identified or are we going to pick out a few that we think are particularly important to our community

0:09:55 (0:00:20)

through the chair this is something that we haven't decided quite yet I believe at this point we're looking at most of the pillars if not all in our application but we expect that as things go with planning things might change depending on the feedback we get from folks what should be prioritized

Jenna Stoner
0:10:15 (0:00:23)

okay that's great Adidas also want to flag a few years ago on the outdoor spaces and buildings our Squamish helps support the district on doing a fair bit of work on engagement and activation of our outdoor spaces and so there's a fair bit of research that we can pull on there and hopefully will be used to inform this work

Armand Hurford
0:10:39 (0:00:08)

Council any further questions seeing none are you moving so counselor Stoner moves are you seconding counselor Anderson Council Anderson seconds would you speak to it

Jenna Stoner
0:10:48 (0:00:25)

yeah just briefly happy to support this motion on the floor and thank staff for identifying this opportunity for us we're often seen as one of the youngest communities in the country but our fastest growing demographics or demographic is actually our senior population and so I think this work is really well suited and very timely and will dovetail well into the work that miss kidner is already doing on our accessibility committee so thank you for bringing it forward

Armand Hurford
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Eric Andersen
0:11:14 (0:00:45)

Anderson yes also speaking in support of the staff recommendation I'd like to encourage that to look at our successful youth strategy that we undertook a few years ago because indeed that strategy prompted a number of people in the seniors Community to discuss a follow-up senior strategy and the senior center Society took steps to think about making an application under the program that I referred to in their deliberations each of these domains or themes were identified so there has been a fair bit of preliminary work to tap into but I think this is a very timely initiative thank you

John French
0:11:59 (0:00:49)

cancer French thanks mayor and I'll let go councilor Anderson's Pitch for a senior strategy I fully endorsed that idea this is an easy motion to support for many reasons anytime we can land a grant like this it makes total sense to go for the opportunity and because this particular program is aimed at supporting seniors I'm doubly supportive this is a time for seniors in our community they deserve all the support the council can send their way it's a time of significant change as we bring the new Westwinds facility online I mean it's online now but as becomes it more and more popular and better used thanks mayor

Armand Hurford
0:12:49 (0:00:52)

thank you I'm speaking in support of the motion I think this is a great piece of work and Any Grant applications that involve the sort of Standalone and don't have a municipal component or are pretty easy to support and I do find that given the rate of change of our of our community and I think this piece of work is incredibly important and I look forward to engaging with the process where we're appropriate and seeing some of the recommendations come to life so thank you for bringing us forward with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so for those following along at the start we're going to 11b1 now which is a cmhc housing accelerator fund Grant application endorsement and I believe we have staff for this as

Staff Reports: Community Planning & Sustainability - Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation - Housing Accelerator Fund Grant Application Endorsement
0:13:28 (0:35:24)

The presentation was given by Jenna Hildebrand and Sandy McKay from McCoola Developments, a consulting company assisting the District of Squamish with a grant application for the CMHC Housing Accelerator Fund. The fund, which totals four billion dollars, is designed to encourage local governments to implement initiatives that speed up housing development and increase supply. The two main objectives of the fund are to get homes built faster and to speed up approval and building processes. The fund also supports the development of complete, affordable, inclusive, equitable, diverse, low carbon, and climate-resilient communities.

The application for the fund requires the development of an action plan with a minimum of seven initiatives. The District of Squamish is currently working with McCoola Developments to finalize this plan. The application also requires a commitment to a housing target, which is the number of new units that could be incentivized if the application is successful and the money is received from CMHC. The District of Squamish has already completed a housing needs assessment in 2023, which is a requirement for the application.

The funding methodology for the fund is based on incentivizing new units. The base funding is twenty thousand dollars per incentivized unit. There is also top-up funding of twelve thousand dollars per multi-unit housing or missing middle, seven thousand dollars per incentivized unit for other units, and a bonus of nineteen thousand dollars per incentivized unit for affordable housing units. The initiatives that the District of Squamish is developing for the application focus on missing middle and affordable housing. The funding can also be used for investments in housing accelerator fund action plans, affordable housing, housing-related infrastructure, and community-related infrastructure. The application is due on August 18th.

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Armand Hurford
0:13:56 (0:00:10)

welcome we'll give you a minute to get your presentation up and then the floor is yours when you're ready

0:14:06 (0:00:59)

in the meantime I can introduce our presenters today so my name is I'm director of community planning and with us today are Jenna Hildebrand and Sandy McKay from mccola developments these two professionals are with the a consulting company that's helping us with the Grant application because the grant window is fairly short and there's a lot of work to do we needed some assistance

Armand Hurford
0:15:06 (0:00:03)

and sorry just yeah there you go you got it

0:15:09 (0:15:18)

you hear me now perfect awesome good evening everyone Council mayor and community members and staff we're really excited to join you this evening to speak about the cmhc housing accelerator fund we've been working with staff to support this application and we're excited to kind of share about what it's about as well as the initiatives that it will support and to start off my name is Jenna Hildebrandt and I'm joined here with my colleague Sandy Mackey there you go perfect so this presentation will write an introduction and explain the types of initiatives that cmhd is going to be looking for we're going to review the initiatives that we've co-developed with the planning of the department and we're going to provide kind of an overview of next steps to ensure a successful and a competitive submission response sorry we go so this is a fund that encourages local governments to implement initiatives that will speed up Housing Development and increase Supply this is an exciting four billion dollar fund that's allocated across municipalities over the next three years as part of this fund there's some objectives and some supported priorities the two main objectives are the implementation of initiatives to get homes built faster as well as to speed up approval post a pro speed up approval processes and building processes so there's really kind of two pieces to this the objectives are really talking about the more technical procedural applicational processes and then in addition to this there's also supported priorities and these supportive priorities include the development of complete communities the development of affordable inclusive Equitable and diverse communities and the development of low carbon and climate resilient communities and these supported priorities pieces really speak to more the more broader kind of system changes that this application and this fund can encourage and provide and really speaks to the more the generational impacts that this fund can have the objectives also highlight how the priorities again encourage kind of those short-term pieces that address housing stock as well so in thinking about the application there are some minimum application requirements we need to develop an action plan and this is in progress with a minimum of seven initiatives this is we've been working with staff to complete and we are kind of revising and reviewing it alongside cmhd and alongside staff recommendations we also need to commit to a housing Target so the goal of this fund is really to incentivize new units staff already have an idea of how many units can be built without this fund so we're working with them to understand how many units could be incentivized if this application is successful and the money is received from cmhc and this projection the housing growth Target will feed into this final housing growth Target that we're working with staff to finalize another piece of this is the completed housing needs assessment the District of Squamish is well situated we just you just completed your housing assessment in 2023 so this piece is already done which is great and that's just a five points automatically which is great for the application and then lastly submitting periodic reports again this is if success is successful staff will have to complete periodic updates and reports to cmhc to show the progression that's being made on the action planned initiatives so it's important to understand with this fund what the kind of methodology is for the funding so again as I mentioned really important of this fund it is to incentivize new units so the base funding for this fund is twenty thousand dollars per incentivized unit I think one of the most important pieces to kind of look to is this Top-Up funding the chop up funding is twelve thousand dollars per multi-unit housing or missing middle seven thousand dollars per incentivized unit for those other which just is other units that don't kind of fall into the missing middle category and a big piece of this is the affordable housing bonus so this is nineteen thousand dollars per incentivized unit for the affordable housing units so if you think about just some quick math with the base funding and the incentivized so for missing middle that's thirty two thousand dollars per incentivized unit and for affordable housing that's thirty nine thousand dollars per incentivized unit so with these numbers in mind we've worked with staff to develop initiatives that will make a really compelling application to cmhc in terms of the diversity of projects that will focus on missing middle as well as affordable housing as well so as I mentioned cmhd is really looking for a number of different initiatives as part of this application so but along with the initiatives we can also use this funding for other uses so the permitted uses of the half funding include investments in housing accelerator fund action plans investments in affordable housing investments in housing related infrastructure as well as investments in community related infrastructure as well so thinking about roads kind of bridges sidewalks lights green spaces etc those pieces that again are kind of that more broader housing transformation so again cmhd is really looking for a mix of diversity of projects and initiatives they want to see some that are implementable in the short term as well as well as other actions that will lead to long-term impacts across the district and again these initiatives are part of the overall action plan and these will touch on kind of some more technical pieces that are thinking about speeding up approval timelines incentivizing units long term thinking about kind of develop land and improving development predictability and stability and again improving the overall broader system so kind of with the funding methodology in mind with this action plan piece in mind we've been working with staff to kind of think about how we can generate the most amount of funding through this plan and we're working with staff also to understand what work is already being done in the district to ensure that we are building on work and accelerating work that is already happening and they're luckily in this district is a ton of progressive and Innovative work that's already taking place and so this fund is really to bolster that work and to take advantage of this new and kind of exciting and Innovative fund that is being provided by cmhc so now I'm going to get into more of kind of the meat of the application so all these initiatives are part of that action plan that I've been speaking to and these are not these initiatives are important to note are still draft we're still working with staff and working with cmhc to kind of further refine them but everything that's kind of packaged into these initiatives right now might be reworked a little bit but this is the main bulk and the main kind of main area of the application so I'm going to speak to each of these initiatives just to note there's quite a lot of information each of these it's included in the staff report so I'm just going to go quite high level for each of them and then we'll have the opportunity to ask questions at the end so the first one is the affordable housing accelerator this initiative is really focused on increasing the stock of affordable non-market housing options within the district it focuses on incentivizing affordable housing units and really taking advantage of that Top-Up funding again as I mentioned that offers 39 000 per incentivized unit so really taking a focus on thinking about affordable housing as a big priority through this and through this grant this initiative also is really aimed at solidifying the role of the Squamish Community Housing Society and supporting the organization to develop a self-sustaining housing portfolio some initiatives or some actions that are associated with this with this initiative include administering three hundred thousand dollars in pre-development funding to support CH schs to develop on District identified lands for affordable housing adjusting public hearing requirements pre-zoning selected sites allowing for affordable housing on public properties with institutional zoning and allowing for affordable housing in all residential zones so again really thinking about ways to make affordable housing easier to develop and working with the partners that are already working in this space within the district initiative two is the missing middle housing accelerator so this initiative really focuses on encouraging and speeding up the development of missing middle housing stock again every unit of missing middle that's incentivized is thirty two thousand dollars so focusing on that typology of housing as it's there's Top-Up funding associated with that and the goal really of this initiative is to encourage the development of missing middle units by removing and reducing some of those barriers so again some of the actions that are associated also related to public hearing requirements in this one enabling permit-based Street residential parking in select areas of downtown looking to update single-family zoning establishing downtown zoning to allow for multi-unit housing and reducing some of those kind of procedural reviews and again some of this work is already happening this accelerator is kind of just to boost that and to create kind of some extra support around these this work that's already going on initiative three is the Excel accessory dwelling unit program or the Adu program this initiative is focused on increasing the uptake of Adu development and making it more a more appealing and viable option for homeowners or Developers so part of this initiatives that our actions are associated with this initiative include developing detailed plans for Adu through design competition initiating a Communications plan or campaign to promote the winning design updating the zoning bylaw and looking to explore kind of parking reductions as well as exemptions from dccs this is kind of an exciting and fun initiative you can do some kind of community engagement with it you can engage local Builders the community so this is kind of one of those Innovative ones that we feel will be well received by cmhc the density bonus program this is a program to increase multi-unit housing in areas of town that are already capable of supporting this type of development it's thinking about how to make more compact communities and Achieve densities that can support affordable housing Transit commercial centers and public Green Space for example actions associated with this include piloting a density bonusing program for both two tiers Market rental and affordable and removing the community amenity contributions for density bonus units and as I mentioned same with other areas some of this work is already kind of being started and these are just kind of ways to bolster that work initiative 5 is the housing accelerator division the goal of this initiative really is quite simple speeding up development timelines which are will ultimately reduce costs and hopefully translate into lower rental rates the actions associated with this one are creating a new housing team that's really focused on speeding up those approvals including DPS service agreements and building permits again for that missing middle affordable as well as Market rental and also includes implementing an e-permitting system for digitizing application processes and some of this money has already been secured for this initiative 250 000 in grant funding has been implemented or has been allocated to implement the technology so again that looks really great in these applications that this work is happening and so that we can just say to cmhd some of us we're already doing work and how can we how can you help us accelerate it initiative six revising and streamlining the development permit process again really focused on speeding up development timelines thinking about removing development permit requirements and developing building permit design guidelines that reduce number of variances for example we heard from staff that some of the holdup is around kind of those variances so what can how can we use this opportunity to reduce those variances and think about developing some design guidelines all right and lastly the complete Community infrastructure analysis so this one really speaks to the broader systems change that impact they'll impact the larger housing ecosystem and is focused on those larger term impacts again this is kind of an Innovative I think Innovative initiative that really shows that District of Squamish is a leader in a housing affordability and housing Innovation so looking at how looking to initiate a complete community's infrastructure review and Analysis that will really identify those infrastructure gaps this includes a review of Park and Recreation amenities traffic parking and sewer and water it's also opportunity to kind of collaborate with other partners in this area too so as I mentioned earlier this housing accelerator funding can be used across these four areas housing related infrastructure Community related infrastructure the housing action plan Investments and the affordable housing investments again this is a really flexible fund which is actually one of the kind of neat pieces about it that you do have these initiatives but as long as you're showing that you're working towards them you can allocate the funding kind of whatever makes most sense the district and their priorities so this is an opportunity to you know work towards things that are not just specifically housing but you can support housing goals or Community goals Beyond housing so thinking about reconciliation Community Development building Partnerships there's lots of kind of room within this funding program to be creative to be Innovative and to again show that the District of Squamish is a leader of housing across Canada so in terms of next steps our the plan is to draft a companion report to upload with the cmhc housing accelerator fund application these applications are reviewed by cmhd in Ottawa and we want to give some context and some background about the District of Squamish to explain kind of where we're at explain some of our housing projections explain the rationale for some of our initiatives we also will draft the submission and begin to populate the cmhc portal where if you can finalize the submission with staff and then we'll be submitting an application the application is due August 18th but we're hopeful we can complete in the next two to three weeks thanks for your time really appreciate it and we're totally happy to ask answer any questions that you have thank you

Armand Hurford
0:30:28 (0:00:00)

yeah go

0:30:29 (0:00:28)

ahead thank you if I could just add that the reason why you're seeing it in draft is essentially because the August break for Council and that's when the application is due so we're sort of still building the application but we wanted to get in front of council last chance we have as close as possible to the grant due date to hopefully get an endorsement because that will help the application We Believe

Armand Hurford
0:30:57 (0:00:06)

thank you for that um so Council to get us started with questions I have counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:31:03 (0:00:46)

thank you who the chair thanks so much for the presentation and for all the work that's going into this application I think if anything at the end of the day we should also be providing feedback to cmhc around the challenges of this application process I've heard from other communities that they're also struggling um but there it is great that there is this fund available I have a few questions one is as you mentioned a lot of this work is kind of already on our work plans some of it is already underway the rezonings some of them will see this evening for first and second reading so I'm just wondering how far back we're able to go in terms of the work that we have done or that is ongoing that is reasonable to put into this application versus like brand new work streams

0:31:50 (0:00:35)

it's a good question through the chair my understanding is that we shouldn't really be going back to account for work that is already been done but work that is scheduled and has not currently been done can be eligible for acceleration dollars to be done faster than it would have otherwise been a great example is your e-permitting software you've already allocated the money to do the technology change with this funding that can be done faster and more efficiently and can hopefully be producing new units in your community sooner

Jenna Stoner
0:32:26 (0:00:32)

okay that's helpful thank you my second question is around housing growth targets and this is one that it's often challenging and sensitive in all communities but also as we talk to the province and their housing Supply act with their threat of establishing housing targets one of the big questions we've always had is where do you actually set that Target at what point in the development phase and so I'm just curious in our process as we do this is it built units is it built is it units that are approved for DP like where along the phase do we set that housing Target

0:32:59 (0:00:37)

also a good question um through the chair the for this application it's for the permitted units so that's what they're looking at is a number of primitive units so we've looked at the number of primitive units across the past five years we've taken an average and we've reduced the average by about 20 based on some reports that have come out about cmhc about construction stall or starts being quite a bit slower and units coming on the market a bit slower so that's been factored into our projections and again we're also kind of still finalizing those projections with staff because we want projections to be realistic and to be feasible with staff capacity

Jenna Stoner
0:33:36 (0:00:33)

Etc wonderful thanks and then one final question on the seventh pillar around complete communities infrastructure analysis a lot of this work is ongoing or we have some level of asset management planning within the district and so I'm just wondering if staff can speak to is this like an upgrade of those plans is it something that aims to integrate them I don't want folks to have the assumption that we don't have a plan for our sewer and water Master plans like those are fairly well planned out for the amount of growth that we're expecting so how is this different than the work that we have ongoing

0:34:09 (0:00:16)

through the chair so you're exactly right it is essentially Expediting upgrading and updating the work that we already are either have or are doing or are planning to do

Armand Hurford
0:34:26 (0:00:03)

thank you councilor Anderson

Eric Andersen
0:34:29 (0:00:39)

thank you counselor Stoner just asked my question regarding our infrastructure analysis as we have it here listed last but not least of course because it's important for Community buy-in but a related question is another initiative we have ongoing is our neighborhood planning process I look at under missing middle housing accelerator the following Point update single family zoning to allow for duplex Triplex and cottage cluster I wonder if staff could elaborate on how this would be implemented in relation to our neighborhood planning processes and objectives and

0:35:09 (0:00:31)

they're through the mayor so I think part of it is expecting some changes at the provincial level that we will be mandated at some point in the near future to update single family zoning and so this is a kind of Expediting that work and that work will likely happen in all areas rather than only in areas where we're doing neighborhood planning so

0:35:41 (0:00:00)


Armand Hurford
0:35:41 (0:00:06)

you counselor pettingell

Chris Pettingill
0:35:47 (0:00:25)

um I just maybe I'm dense but the numbers of the 32 or 39 000 per unit is that sort of over and above what the government will incentivize if we use these programs to get units built or is that you know we set our Target based on our Target is a thousand new units and therefore we apply the 39 000 and that's our grant is I'm just trying to understand where that number actually comes into all this

0:36:13 (0:00:50)

yeah through the chair counselor petting you're not the only one with questions about the growth targets and the funding methodology it has been a really complicated process navigating cmhc the way we've been describing it is rather than think about it in terms of the hard numbers in your community if staff are projecting that every year over the next three years we're going to build 100 units in the district of Squamish and with cmhc accelerator funding we build 110 units those 10 units would be eligible for accelerator funding dollars so if they're affordable they're eligible for 39 000 each you'd be eligible for 390 000 a year over the three years and if they're a different type of unit they would be eligible for less if they're just a regular unit that we've accelerated beyond our projections they would be eligible for only twenty thousand dollars for example does that make

Chris Pettingill
0:37:03 (0:00:07)

sense yeah and so that's an incentive then that would flow through to builders or that the total of all those that's the amount of Grant we would receive to do

0:37:10 (0:00:03)

all this work correct yes the amount of grant you would receive yep

Chris Pettingill
0:37:14 (0:00:07)

and then there was in the report is asking for some feedback do we want to do that now or questions

Armand Hurford
0:37:21 (0:00:12)

we'll do we'll go around with questions and then we'll get to the feedback piece and then we'll have staff remind us of the exact pieces they are looking for there just to be clear go ahead counselor Hamilton thanks very

Andrew Hamilton
0:37:34 (0:01:01)

much through the chair item number four speaks to this balance that I'm having trouble seeing my way through here it says remove cacs for density bonus and when I look through all of these items so much of this is about what we have cacs for yeah in a way it feels like cmhc is stepping in to provide the cacs or provide the funding for the cacs is there going to and I've certainly had developers excited about this fund is there a balance that we need to find between our CAC policy and this housing accelerator fund and the potential of this housing accelerator fund so that we are not simply having cmhc subsidize Community amenity contributions

0:38:36 (0:00:44)

through the mayor that's a really good question I think maybe it's just because it's high level table and then draft form but what we mean by the density bonus units is Market rental and affordable housing which is where our CAC policy is heading anyways because those two types of well right now affordable housing does not trigger cdc's Market rental does what we're finding through our analysis is that market rental is so challenging to build that we shouldn't be applying cacs on those projects anyways so that's what the table refers to Market units would still trigger cdcs

Armand Hurford
0:39:20 (0:00:13)

thank you I don't see any other hands for questions so you're looking for were you looking for feedback on the whole the whole piece or in any piece in particular

0:39:34 (0:00:32)

we'd be great to have any feedback on that table and the actions we're proposing just it's early days a lot of these you know most of these projects are probably going to end up coming to council at one point or another a separate project so any feedback we could get right now would be useful but it's not necessary our primary objective today is to get endorsement by Council and if you see something in here that you know raises major red flags then we wanna we wanna know about it

Armand Hurford
0:40:06 (0:00:07)

okay Council so counselor petting Gill you were hinting it you had some feedback so we'll start we'll start with you and we'll

Chris Pettingill
0:40:14 (0:00:40)

just at a very high level and some of this stuff is mentioned um I just want to draw attention to it because I think there's some concern with some of the provincial movements that it'll be more housing without regard to the impacts on livability and all this and so I think I want I'd like to make sure that in our principles we're thinking about livable complete compact communities human focused so active and public transit not built around cars and want to also be really careful of you know we're not saying oh we can ignore the climate issue for this it's just housing so just making sure that we're you know just not housing numbers that we're considering all those pieces

Armand Hurford
0:40:54 (0:00:14)

no thank you anyone else comments on feedback on any of the pieces included here councilor Anderson

Eric Andersen
0:41:08 (0:03:07)

there is a reference to parking policy Provisions for parking in the Core Transit Network along the coordinate Transit Network and in select areas of the downtown here's another area where we have other initiatives going of analysis and policy making and we don't want to I'm sure that staff's not going to get too far down the road without full consideration of these other initiatives and I know the commercial business folks downtown might have something immediately to say and employee parking and so forth um there is a reference to allow for off affordable housing on public properties within institutional with institutional zoning I just wanted to express a little bit of caution here it has come up sometimes in discussions already with Selective facilities that we need to avoid competition for facility space needs in areas where we are in deficit in this community in Recreation and culture and we are we're behind in other areas besides housing there may also be a potential for neighborhood fit issues or neighborhood interface on that topic when the housing needs report came up some months back a comment that I made is that an action plan has to be holistic and I think we're on the right track here this evening but one area that I'd like to highlight is economic development there is reference to a design competition and that should be very much welcomed a product in the housing building materials and Building Systems field cross-laminated Timber today had its origins in Bavaria in an affordable housing program exactly like what we're talking about right here so it's not only design but also building products and Building Systems and this is a major industry for Squamish it's also an industry which very much features Squamish Nation participation and there is in the Housing Society letter to council received today reference to reconciliation we have a green economy program within our Economic Development Department and within that a Green Building program we're on a little short notice here to include elements of that but that should be taken into account we should be looking at how we can build local participation and enhance local participation in our supply chain and in Building Systems modular flat panel panelized buildings that can that can assist affordability of housing we then come back to the issue of employment lands and spaces inevitably because those firms in that sector are struggling to find these spaces so in being holistic we not only need a housing action plan but we need to continue to be vigilant and looking after our employment lands and spaces that has to be also and actively managed file I'll leave it at that mayor thank you

Armand Hurford
0:44:16 (0:00:10)

thank you Council any other any other feedback councilor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:44:26 (0:00:31)

yeah I'd just like to say thank you for taking on this work this is an extraordinarily short timeline it looks to me for a grant application of this magnitude and I think that the best thing that we can do right now is kids get out of the way and let you do your work because this is a this is a lot of work and I sincerely hope that we'll get have a successful Grant application here

Armand Hurford
0:44:58 (0:01:38)

thank you I'll just I just have a few comments I'm quite excited to see that this funding stream and your and your work is quite well-rounded and I there is a we are in a housing crisis we need to take to take action and but while we do that we should be continue to be mindful of not exasperating current challenges we're having in other regards so and I've heard some comments essentially to this effect around this table already to today so I would like to keep that front of mind it's not housing above all else we do have we have climate we have climate goals we have local employment goals we have we have needs in our in our community around amenities and so on as well so I think they need to be really carefully contemplated and it seems like there's framework here in this to do that so I think that's important and I was happy to see that in the in the presentation and really that's the big concept as we go about solving this problem can we still be moving the needle in these other on these other areas because just with increasing the the inventory of affordable housing units or even Market rentals without advancing some of that other work where we're just sort of Shifting the problem around so this holistic approach I think is really important to keep highlighted throughout the process and I have confidence that that's happening already but it's add my voice to that work need to continue I see your hand counts for summer

Jenna Stoner
0:46:37 (0:00:07)

I'll move the staff recommendation that Council endorse in principle the District of Squamish Grant application for the cmhc housing accelerator fund

Armand Hurford
0:46:44 (0:00:03)

thank you for that second by counselor French would you speak to it

Jenna Stoner
0:46:48 (0:01:22)

happy to happy to put this motion on the floor and support the work that's going on I want to thank this Council previous council's staff we have the executive director of the Housing Society in the audience as well as Nikola for doing a lot of work over the last I think this actually dates back to even before the last Council term on housing affordable housing issues in our community and having all of that body of work underway and moving although this is a huge Grant application I think it has made it easier to get there that we have all of our ducks in a row we know what we want to be doing we know what's going to work for our community and everything that I see in this list is something that's we've talked about something that is within our work plans or something that we know was within like a two to three year and it's going to help us to get there faster and we know what we need to do right now is build more homes faster for our community to be able to afford to live here so that's what I see this doing I think it's really important really valuable work thank you for putting the time in it's also very rare that there are Grant applications yes the bar to get the money is high but once we get the money it's relatively unrestricted which does not come very often from senior levels of government so I think that this is well worth our time to put in the effort and I even from what I see here know that this will be a really strong application going forward so thanks

Armand Hurford
0:48:10 (0:00:00)

thank you

John French
0:48:10 (0:00:14)

Council French thanks mayor everything councilor Stoner said and thinking back to the comments of councilor Hamilton I'm supporting this motion so that we can get out of the way and you can get to work

Armand Hurford
0:48:25 (0:00:48)

thank you any other comments speaking favor in favor of the motion I think I look forward to seeing all of your art all of the hard work that's gone into this for many years come together and be successful in this application so thank you for your pardon that with that'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much and thank you for making the trip up to see us so Council now we're on to 7-1 which is a development permit number 587 for Garibaldi Springs phase two and we have staff presentation on this topic

Scheduled (Timed) Item: Development Permit No. 000587, Garibaldi Springs, Phase Two, Consent Agenda, Consideration of Council Committee Recommendations
0:48:52 (0:45:44)

Jesse Abraham, a planning consultant, presented a development permit application with variances for Garibaldi Springs phase two and two housing agreement bylaws associated with the permit. The subject property was previously a golf course, Garibaldi Springs golf course, that underwent a rezoning process in 2018. The district adopted OCP Amendment bylaw number 2613 and Zoning Amendment bylaw number 2614 and approved a Land Development agreement for the Garibaldi spring site on October 2nd, 2018. A development permit for phase one was issued in August 2020. The Phase 2 development permit application is now brought forward for Council consideration. The subject property is located at the North Central Area of the Garibaldi spring site. The four-hectare site is one of four residential nodes planned.

The Phase 2 proposal consists of 38 buildings with 14 duplexes and 113 townhouses for a total of 127 housing units. 19 townhouses include a one-bedroom lock-off Suite. All housing units are three stories. Units range in size so four townhouses are two bedrooms and the remaining 123 units are three bedrooms. This development permit includes the DP Area 3 forming character guidelines and DP Area 11 Wildfire Hazard guidelines. A separate site-wide delegated development permit addressing Environmental Protection under DP area one was issued in April 2022. No development permit is required to address flood hazards under DP area 2 as a flood hazard assessment was reviewed in a flood Hazard Covenant registered on title.

Two variances are requested as part of this DP application. The first is to vary minimum driveway length from 6 meters to 1. 6 meters. The second variance is to vary maximum height from 10. 68 meters to 11. 18 meters. This variance is for building 6 and buildings 30 to 38 only. The development conforms to all of the requirements of the rm4 zone. The Proposal meets parking requirements as per the zoning bylaw. Parking is contained in garages in each duplex and townhouse. All garages are Level 2 EV ready. Parking for lock-off Suites and for visitors is provided by surface stalls dispersed throughout the site. 305 vehicle parking spaces are provided on site including 32 visitor stalls. Class a bicycle parking for the development is contained in garages and includes electrical outlets for charging. Class bicycle parking is located at the common amenity Park and six spaces are provided.

0:49:13 (0:00:30)

and I will once again introduce Jesse Abraham who's a planning consultant working for the district on this file as a reviewer of this application

0:49:44 (0:07:55)

good evening mayor and Council as mentioned my name is Jesse Abraham a planning consultant presenting on behalf of the community planning and sustainability Department tonight I'm here to present a development permit application with variances for Garibaldi Springs phase two as well as two housing agreement bylaws associated with the permit the subject property was previously a golf course Garibaldi Springs golf course that underwent a rezoning process in 2018 the district adopted ocp Amendment bylaw number 2613 and Zoning Amendment bylaw number 2614 and approved a Land Development agreement for the Garibaldi spring site on October 2nd 2018. a development permit for phase one was issued in August 2020 The Phase 2 development permit application is now brought forward for Council consideration the subject property is located at the North Central Area of the Garibaldi spring site shown in blue in Figure 1 on the left the four hectare site is one of four residential nodes planned as shown on Lot B which is shown on figure two on the right proposed phase two is a previously Disturbed sloped site located south of doward drive and Rock Ridge Place adjacent lands to the north west and south are zoned P3 for Park use land to the east is owned a resource and is undeveloped access to the development site is provided from dowood Drive via lot a which is Phase One a second emergency access will be provided from the West portion of Lot B which is the current phase two lot a is under construction development permit applications for Lot C and D have not yet been submitted by the applicant The Phase 2 proposal consists of 38 buildings with 14 duplexes and 113 townhouses for a total of 127 housing units 19 townhouses include a one-bedroom lock-off Suite all housing units are three stories units range in size so four townhouses are two bedrooms and the remaining 123 units are three bedrooms I just want to make a note as well that in the report it notes of different unit mix and errors so the report notes 10 two bedrooms and 117 three bedrooms when in fact there are four in 123 units respectively this development permit includes the DP Area 3 forming character guidelines and DP Area 11 Wildfire Hazard guys guidelines a separate site-wide delegated development permit addressing Environmental Protection under DP area one was issued in April 2022 no development permit is required to address flood hazards under DP area 2 as a flood hazard assessment was reviewed in a flood Hazard Covenant registered on title two variances are requested as part of this DP application first is to vary minimum driveway length from 6 meters to 1.6 meters minimum driveway length as per zoning is not achievable where housing units are located on steep sloping grades staff are recommending reducing the minimum driveway length to accommodate the existing sloping conditions and registration of a covenant to mitigate the impact of shorter driveways second variance is to vary maximum height from 10.68 meters to 11.18 meters this variance is for building 6 and buildings 30 to 38 only building 6 cannot meet maximum Building height due to steep sloping grades and buildings 30 to 38 are located at the lowest site elevation in the flood plain where habitable space is required to be elevated in order to meet the flood Construction level staff recommend proceeding with the height variance as there are minimal View and solar impacts on neighboring housing units and there are no adjacent neighboring developments the development conforms to all of the requirements of the rm4 zone The Proposal meets parking requirements as per the zoning bylaw so parking is contained in garages in each duplex and townhouse all garages are Level 2 EV ready parking for lock-off Suites and for visitors is provided by surface stalls dispersed throughout the site 305 vehicle parking spaces are provided on site including 32 visitor stalls class a bicycle parking for the development is contained in garages and include electrical outlets for charging class bicycle parking is located at the common amenity Park and six spaces are provided The Phase 2 site design provides pedestrian permeability between buildings and connectivity to lot a the community park and future phases at Lot C and D all common open spaces and pedestrian connections are secured through Public Access statutory right away phase two features a common playground and park amenity space mid-block pedestrian connections and Trail connectors to the other phases so the park amenity space includes an embankment slide Hillside Basalt steps pull-up bars benches and accessible picnic table under a covered shelter the buildings form and character includes materials inspired by its mountains surroundings so the modern design provides clean and simple lines cable roofs and large Corner Windows the building is clad in durable fiber cement vertical and horizontal siding in colors inspired by the maritime environment the design includes metal shadow boxes at windows and select brick cladding and wood accents at street level entryways include accent colors and warm wood accent roofs landscape plantings throughout the site use a mix of coniferous trees in accordance with Wildfire Hazard guidelines and deciduous trees and a diverse mix of shrubs ground covers and grasses private outdoor spaces will be separated by Rock stack retaining walls planting and wood fences the development includes a multi-use asphalt Trail and mid-block pedestrian connections this development permit was presented at the September 15 2022 ADP meeting ADP reviewed the project and provided the recommendations shown on this slide staff believe the applicant's response to the comments are sufficient and consistent with the DP Area 3 guidelines to inform the community per policy the project was posted to the district's development showcase and development sign has been posted at the site no comments or requests for a public information meeting have been received to date notice for the associated variance was delivered to properties within 100 meters of the development as per legislative requirement and District policy two comments were received advising that they do not support the proposed variance to reduce minimum driveway length with the rationale that all driveways should accommodate a vehicle under the terms of the Garibaldi Springs Land Development agreement dated September 28 2018 the developer agreed to construct a minimum of 18 non-market rental units in phases one and two to be secured as affordable rental units the unit mix includes 10 3 bedroom and eight two-bedroom units housing agreement bylaws are required to secure these units as affordable rental in perpetuity a sample calculation of the monthly rent for the affordable rental units based on the 2020 taxation year is shown on the screen given that the proposal meets the DP Area 3 and DP Area 11 guidelines staff recommend the approval of dp587 subject to the conditions noted on the slide staff also recommend giving the housing agreements for non-market affordable rental housing first three readings and that concludes my presentation thank you

Armand Hurford
0:57:39 (0:00:05)

thank you Council questions counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:57:45 (0:00:20)

thank you through the chair just a few questions of clarification so the proposed variance for the change in the driveway length is that equivalent to a variance for parking or is there still sufficient parking on site to meet the parking requirements

0:58:06 (0:00:10)

yes thank you so all parking requirements have been met as per the zoning bylaw requirements so 305 parking spaces are required to entering Journal fiber being provided

Jenna Stoner
0:58:16 (0:00:18)

thank you for that clarification and then in addition to that so we're still proposing to provide a up to 1.6 meter length driveway what is the rationale for providing a driveway of that length given that most Vehicles would not fit in that driveway

0:58:35 (0:00:28)

yes thank you so regarding the driveway length it's due to the Steep sloping grades with the density proposed on site um it it's essentially to allow for the hillside houses to each have a driveway that would allow essentially for access to driveways sorry access to garage but won't meet the minimum six meters at all locations

0:59:03 (0:00:21)

if I could just add to Jesse's answer it also allows for a bit more breathing room in the way that the streetscape feels in the development and some Landscaping essentially so versus having no driveway at all and the building up to the road

Jenna Stoner
0:59:25 (0:00:16)

from that perspective could we not just make it like activated what front public space as opposed to might feel like a half size driveway that's available for cars only

0:59:41 (0:00:24)

it's what the applicants have applied for and we've had a number of conversations of how best to activate those spaces I think from a staff's perspective these are going to be private strata roads that these townhouses are going to be it's fronting on so there's probably going to be quite a bit of activation as is it's not it's not going to be a public through

Armand Hurford
1:00:06 (0:00:05)


Chris Pettingill
1:00:11 (0:00:28)

yeah in the guidelines this is not going to meet the accessibility guidelines for 10 is it convertible adaptable units I think but it would be met and later plans does that mean we expect higher than 10 percent in later phases or the later phases will hit the 10 percent is the commitment

1:00:40 (0:00:20)

yes thank you for that question so the LDA the Land Development agreement requires that 15 of all housing units through all four phases are adaptable housing so it is a higher percentage but will be delivered in later phases that do not have the steep slope that have on to be dealt with this one

Chris Pettingill
1:01:00 (0:00:35)

so sorry if I can clarify it so in our report which is 36.5 K it says it or sorry yeah 35 K does not meet 10 in the 10 guideline so if the LDA is 15 we're not meeting 10 here do we expect like 20 in phase three and four to even out to 15 percent

1:01:35 (0:00:13)

so the 15 percent as per the LDA would be calculated on the total number of units through all four phases but to be delivered in phases three and four of the development

Armand Hurford
1:01:49 (0:00:01)

you're good for now counselor

Chris Pettingill
1:01:51 (0:00:10)

yes oh actually sorry one is there any commitments in terms of Energy Systems in these homes

1:02:01 (0:00:15)

yes thank you so the development will meet Step Co or step code step four of the energy step code and there will be a commitment to no gas for this development and there will be Covenant registered on title to meet that requirement

Armand Hurford
1:02:17 (0:01:05)

okay Council any other questions before I Venture some of my own okay I'll come to you counselor in the to this driveway length I just wondered around the rationale where the in the existing requirements is a minimum of six meters or no driveway and I just wondered even before we asked to vary that to one to ensure that 1.6 happens across the board what's the rationale with the allowing no driveway as an option and we're being presented with something that's essentially a middle ground and is being presented to us as a reduction from six but it could also be phrased the other way as an increase from zero to 1.6 to have some space so how did we get to that to where we are and then we're being asked for this change so what's the rationale between six or nothing and now we're being asked for this middle space I just couldn't quite see the rationale didn't leap off the page for the existing

1:03:23 (0:01:57)

regulations I can answer this question so I think this regulation came in probably about eight or seven years ago for six or nothing and it was essentially to prevent people from parking on half driveways as that was an issue at the time we are registering another Covenant here that will make sure that strata enforces the no parking on driveways as an alternative to the no driver whatsoever so there is there's going to be another layer that the strata has to ensure is being maintained so essentially rather than us policing through design um we're gonna ask Stratus to make sure that there's no parking on these smaller driveways I think the time when this came in was a bit different too we are realizing that probably the best tool of ensuring that development doesn't have off-site impacts on Pub like parking is enforcement on our roads and I think that's where this the rationale for the no driveway initially came from so I think the philosophy around the best way to regulate parking is changing and so you know having no driveway I've lived personally in a development that had no driveway in a townhouse downtown and it's not great it creates very little breathing room on the street and just kind of pushes everything you know intensifies on these strata roads so we think that especially in this case where there's steep slow conditions there's good rationale for relying on strata to ensure that the you know private parking is policed privately

Armand Hurford
1:05:20 (0:00:33)

okay thank you for that and with the height variants it's only seems to be required in certain air in for certain buildings but that's not reflected in the regulation it goes across the entirety and I expected a similar rationale with the with the driveways is this something that's going to happen that needs to happen across the whole development or other areas where the six meters will be achieved and this is just for some areas or is the 1.6 required across the whole the whole area

1:05:54 (0:00:30)

yes thank you so in regards to the driveway it variants is not for every driveway so there are driveways that do meet the minimum six meters in length similarly with the height variance it's not for all buildings um it's just for some buildings that have more difficult conditions in order to meet the zoning requirements with this development permit and potential approval of the variances the drawings would be attached and so they would have to conform to the design in order to allow those variances

Armand Hurford
1:06:25 (0:00:38)

okay thank you and maybe this is just a phrasing thing but I think language isn't is important the Orno driveway still exists that phrase still exists in the in the very in the recommendation so to me the we have a six or zero who are being asked to vary the 6 to 1.6 but I think the zero goes to 1.6 is there any proposed that are going to have no driveway I couldn't quite pull this out

1:07:03 (0:00:16)

yes thank you so in regards to the language so the approve sorry the proposed development does not have any townhouses or housing units that would have no driveway all driveways would meet the minimum 1.6 meters in length

Armand Hurford
1:07:20 (0:00:11)

okay so we're going from zero to one point six and some might achieve the six okay counselor stoner

Jenna Stoner
1:07:31 (0:00:10)

thank you through the chair just a few additional questions are any of the visitor bike parking stalls covered

1:07:42 (0:00:34)

in regards to the bike parking stalls so the DP guidelines require that bike parking being a secured area with visibility access and light lighting and should be covered where possible so these racks the class B stalls that are located in the common amenity Park are not covered but are in a highly visible and well-lit location there was recommendations by staff and by ADP to provide a covered shelter over the accessible picnic table which has been provided

Jenna Stoner
1:08:16 (0:00:33)

all right thanks for that clarification and then on page 21 of our package it reads that the housing agreements will allow for the sale or transfer of affordable rental units in even numbers I in pairs and not solar transferred as individual units I'm just curious what the purpose of that language is and is there anticipated to be sold and why we would only allow them to be sold in pairs because I feel like that then risks having multiple people who are managing potential tenants in those affordable units

1:08:49 (0:00:39)

yes thank you so regarding sale or transfer of the affordable rental units yeah so they have to be the language reads that they have to be sold in even numbers which allows pairs um or could be higher so this meets the requirements of the Land Development agreement which restricts sale or transfer of any individual unit and also allows some flexibility um trying to sell a group of Townhouses in a group of eight or ten could prove challenging the applicant has been discussion been in discussions with local nonprofits and government agencies regarding sale and operations of these units

1:09:29 (0:00:03)

thank you

Armand Hurford
1:09:32 (0:00:01)

Council penngill

Chris Pettingill
1:09:33 (0:00:05)

so does this mean you couldn't sell three units but you could sell two or four

1:09:39 (0:00:12)

yes so the language in the housing agreement would be even numbers only so two or four

Armand Hurford
1:09:51 (0:00:03)

cancel any for the questions counselor

Lauren Greenlaw
1:09:55 (0:00:41)

Greenland I'm going back to the parking because joyous but um are the driveways are they two car widths do you know like are they double garage driveways what I'm wondering is if there was a variance where it was 2.2 meters wide or 2.5 sorry 2 or 2.2 or 2.5 meters long you could at least parallel park in them instead of having them be like a half width you know driveway that doesn't function that well you know what I mean

1:10:37 (0:00:08)

if you just give us a minute we'll pull up the plants

Armand Hurford
1:10:45 (0:00:06)

because depending on I'm hesitant to take a new another question while they're digging for an answer for this one it seems to be taking some Focus but

Chris Pettingill
1:10:52 (0:00:11)

it's related I think okay I just want to clarify though as I understand the purpose of these drivers is not for parking so they're not intended to serve as parking

Armand Hurford
1:11:04 (0:00:07)

let's get to the plans and we'll have a discussion around what answers we get

1:11:11 (0:00:34)

yes thank you so the driveways are the width the double wide width for the double garages um the two-bedroom townhouse units have a single Lane for the single car garage um all almost all the parking is located within the garages and the duplexes and townhouses with the addition of surface parking for the lock off Suites and visitor parking

Lauren Greenlaw
1:11:46 (0:00:02)


Armand Hurford
1:11:48 (0:00:04)

guys do you want to venture your quest your question or do we did address that

Chris Pettingill
1:11:53 (0:00:07)

oh I felt like it got answered okay we're not intended to be parking yep spots

Armand Hurford
1:12:00 (0:01:19)

I'm sorry I'm seeing some hands in the in the audience and this isn't this isn't something where there's participation from the from the gallery of the sport at this point we can not there will be later that's me but right now always in the time but we'll there will be opportunity to sorry Council any for any other questions on this and really it's the two variances that are the biggest pieces of this I'm going to add so I have a question here earlier I was talking about the drought the existing regulation that says six or no driveways at all the recommendation we have before us has the wording is should be a minimum of 1.6 meters in length and still contains the or no driveway is provided if that or no driveway was provided piece left would there be would that it doesn't sound like that changes the outcome here from a design perspective is that is that correct or is there a reason that staff feels that should still that should remain

1:13:20 (0:00:06)

yes agreed there's no it wouldn't affect the design at all if that wording was removed

1:13:27 (0:00:01)


Armand Hurford
1:13:28 (0:03:23)

thank you so Council we have we've had our opportunity to ask as questions we have a recommendation recommendations before us we're going to go to the okay yeah just making sure that we're going in the right in the right direction so okay so now is the time I do have a piece to read in advance of hearing from the proponent or members of the public so this is for a development permit 587 from here about Garibaldi Springs phase two the proponent and members of the public will be given an opportunity to be heard electronically via telephone or from your computer with respect to council's consideration of development permit number 587 as well as in person there are two proposed variances to the zoning bylaw and the proposed variance is outlined in the staff report members of the public are reminded that you may only speak to the variances during this process the variances are that section 12 a 3 development regulations be varied from Maximum Building height for principal buildings from 10.68 meters to a maximum Building height for principal buildings of 11.18 meters and that section 2 or sorry end at section 41.1 di parking access be varied from access to all off street parking in the form of driveway shall be a minimum of six meters in length or that no driveway is provided two the access to all off street parking in the in the form of driveways shall be a minimum of 1.6 meters in length or that no driveway is provided all speakers will be given a maximum of five minutes to address Council there are two opportunities to speak electronically and in person I'll first call on speakers participating in person please raise your hand and wait to be recognized for all speakers please approach the podium and start your remarks by clearly stating your name and neighborhood details to participate via telephone or WebEx platform are displayed on the screen or are about to be for those of you for those who have logged in from your computer or are watching the live stream of the meeting and are included and are also included on the district website if you're participating by phone and wish to be added to the speakers list press star 3 on your telephone to raise your hand if you are participating via WebEx platform add your name to the speakers list by opening the participant panel and clicking on the hand icon please note that when it's your turn to speak you will receive a voice prompt via telephone or a dialog box via WebEx please commence your remarks by clearly stating your name and address or neighborhood please note that speakers will be given a maximum of five minutes to address Council if you're experiencing technical difficulties please use the chat function to send the host a message or email or email hearing and we'll do our best to get you sorted so now there you go please approach the podium and you'll have five minutes to just cancel if you could start by with your name and address or neighborhood

1:16:52 (0:03:39)

thank you my name is Andreas 41120 Rockridge place right between the two