Special Business Meeting - 18 Jun 2024

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To participate electronically via WebEx please visit:1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
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Armand Hurford
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e hello and welcome to the special business meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday June 18th as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional territory of the SCH homish Nation please be advised that this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the District of schoolish webbsite following the meeting if you have concerns please notify the corporate officer present at the meeting which is Carri today

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Armand Hurford
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could I have someone move adoption of the agenda please move by councelor French second by councelor Hamilton all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you

2023 Statements of Financial Information (SOFI)
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Ran Susa, the Director of Financial Operations at the District, presented the 2023 Statement of Financial Information, also known as the SOFI report, to the council. She outlined that the financial statements, which are a required attachment to the SOFI report, had been thoroughly reviewed by both the district staff and the district's auditors, BDO, on May 7th. Susa's presentation aimed to secure council approval for the SOFI report, which is a compliance requirement under the Financial Administration Act. The report includes details such as employee remuneration above $75,000, total expenses paid on behalf of these employees, a consolidated total of all remuneration paid to employees, and the total amount paid to each supplier of goods or services above $25,000. Additionally, it encompasses the consolidated total of all other payments made to suppliers, including transactions for the District Library and Squamish Sustainability Corporation. Susa also highlighted that section 168 of the Community Charter mandates municipalities to annually report council members' remuneration, benefits, expenses, and any contracts they have with the municipality.

Following the presentation, Mayor Armand Hurford opened the floor for questions from the council members but there were no comments or questions raised. Mayor Hurford then proceeded to move the recommendation for the council to approve the 2023 Statement of Financial Information as presented. Councillor Hamilton seconded the motion. With no further discussion or comments from the council members, Mayor Hurford called for a vote on the motion, which subsequently carried unanimously. The approval of the SOFI report signifies the council's compliance with the necessary financial legislation and allows for the report to be forwarded to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs as per the requirements.

Armand Hurford
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so our first order business is under annual general meeting so to start us off we have some staff with us and they're going to take us through the 223 statement of financial information I'll turn over to staff

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good morning mayor and Council my name is ran Susa and I'm the director of financial operations at the district to assist with addressing me my pronouns are she and her I'm here today to present on the 2023 Financial or statement of financial information also known as the Sophie report please note that the 2023 financial statements are required to be attached to the Sophie report on May 7th both staff and the district's Auditors BDO went through in detail these financial statements we're here today to present the remainder of the schedules that form part of the Sophie report the goal of the presentation today is for Council to approve the Sophie report for Council and the Public's background to comply with financial the legislation the financial Administration act the district must prepare a Consolidated statement of financial information by June 30th which includes employee remuneration above 75,000 and the total amount of expenses paid to or on behalf of these employees a Consolidated total of all remuneration paid to all employees the total amount of each supplier of goods or services above 25,000 and a Consolidated total of all other payments made to suppliers of goods and services the Consolidated Sophie includes transactions for the District Library and Squamish sustainability Corporation in addition section 168 of the Community Charter requires municipalities to report annually council members remuneration benefits expenses and any contracts that they have with the municipality following Council approval the 2023 Sophie will be forwarded to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs the resolution for Council consideration is that the council or that Council approve the 2023 statement of financial information as presented on June 18th 2024 I'll now turn it back to the chair

Armand Hurford
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thank you Council any questions on this for our staff we have we have a recommendation if we're there already I think this is this is ground we've covered before that sort of leads up to this I'm moving the recommendation so Council pingel moves C councel Hamilton seconds would like to speak to at all any comments seeing none I'll call the question all in favor motion carries thank you very much

2023 Annual Report
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Linda Glend, the Chief Administrative Officer at the District of Squamish, presented the 2023 annual report, highlighting the district's achievements and progress in alignment with the objectives set for the year as determined by the Council and outlined in the 2023-2026 strategic plan. The report, which was already available on the district's website, included audited financial statements, declarations of disqualification, permissive tax exemptions, and a comprehensive overview of the district's strategic outcomes. Among the key highlights were the signing of the Yi Yuma skish protocol agreement with the Squamish Nation, advancements in the district's inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility strategy, zoning bylaw amendments to facilitate affordable housing, and progress in planning for transit expansions. The presentation also touched on the district's efforts in reliable service delivery, infrastructure upgrades, and preparations for future resilience and prosperity.

Following the presentation, Mayor Armand Hurford moved to receive the report, with Councillor John French seconding the motion. Mayor Hurford expressed gratitude for the comprehensive overview and the significant amount of work accomplished over the year. Councillor Chris Pettingill reflected on recent community engagement sessions and the rapid population growth, acknowledging the challenges and excitement within the community regarding the changes and developments. He highlighted the positive impact of these developments on local initiatives, such as public art. Councillor John French commended the report's readability and the effort put into its presentation. The discussion concluded with a unanimous vote in favor of receiving the report, underscoring the council's appreciation for the detailed account of the district's progress and the hard work of the staff involved.

Armand Hurford
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okay yeah we're g to so our next topic will be the annual report and we're going to have our CEO Miss Glend present that it'll just take a second to get the technology lined up for this piece whenever you're ready the floor is

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yours good morning council members of the community that are watching and staff my name is Linda Glend I'm the chief administrative officer here at the District of Squamish my pronouns are she her so when addressing you can use those I'm excited today to present to you overview of the 2023 annual report for the purpose of yeah sharing that today publicly the report is already posted on the website and up on the right of the screen that is the first page so for those that are looking for it and before I do get started I want to give a huge kudos to the communications team who along with other members of our entire organization put this report together and specifically in our audience today we have an intern with us miss Justine Loi and she has done a huge amount of work putting this actual presentation together to support me today so thank you to her I'm pleased to present the highlights of the annual report this report demonstrates the district's progress in relation to the objectives established for 2023 determined by Council and outlined in the 2023 2026 strategic plan it also talks about what to expect in the coming years so we will cover some highlights of both 2023 and then future years it includes the audited annual financial statements for 2023 which you just endorsed it also includes any Declarations of disqualification made under Section 111 of the Community Charter and again this year I'm pleased to say there none and then finally information and amounts of each permissive tax exemption provided are also included when I talk about highlights I will include the signing of the protocol agreement with the Squamish nation and the picture on the screen there is Calum chair of Squamish Nation Council and mayor Herford at that signing for those watching in the community I'm sure Council needs no reminder that the current strategic plan has four strategic outcomes resilient people in relationships we aim to build inclusion and belonging with and within the community connected and livable Community is to improve Community happiness and well-being and build connections and opportunities for everyone to thrive reliable Service delivery is to deliver effective Municipal services for residents and businesses today and into the future which then leads to the final outcome which is preparing for that future to enable a bright and prosperous future for a resilient Community under each of the next four slides we'll highlight just a few of the tactics achieved under each outcome these are also included in the report so a significant achievement as mentioned with the last picture and this picture as well as the larger group was the signing of the Yi Yuma skish protocol agreement Squamish strong Pro protocol agreement with the Squamish Nation it's reflective of the principles values and traditions of the Squamish people the agreement provides guidance on how Squamish nation and the District of Squamish together will meaningfully engage in advancing reconciliation we are quite proud of this protocol agreement if I can speak on behalf of council as well we were one of the first municipalities that Squamish Nation worked with to sign an agreement following this signing staff began work to complete in conjunction with Squamish nation of course a memorandum of understanding which will be brought to council in future months to both councils the memorandum of understanding covers more specifics in terms of projects and work going forward to honor the protocol agreement in terms of the district's inclusion diversity equity and accessibility strategy the district requirements of the accessible BC act the provincial legislation were completed in time for the provincial deadline staff launched an accessible version of the accessibility plan and the community Walk and Roll and I think some of council members enjoyed that and for another year the district was very pleased to join provincial agencies and Community Partners at the visitor management Roundtable which met regularly to collaborate on common objectives to manage challenges around Wildlife attractant campfire safety traffic parking camping and other visitor management issues the newly developed spaas feather oceanfront park in public beaches reopened May of 2024 we're including it as a highlight for 2023 because the work of the developer Squamish nation and the district started back in 2014 when this parcel of land was sold to the development partnership so we're very excited about this park and what's coming up and want to recognize all the good work that went into it the many years leading up it including 2023 also in 2023 zoning bylaw amendments were adopted to remove barriers and facilitate affordable housing in any Zone where residential is of principal use with the exception of high-risk flood zones because we have lots of those here in Squamish Brandon Park Recreation Center Stage renovation plans progressed to the point where construction is now underway and a community openhouse was held in February of 24 to explain the phases of this project a last highlight progress has been made in planning for Transit expansions with the frequent Transit Network study nearing completion and the sou Squamish and galdi Village exchange studies underway Squamish is request for Transit expansions this year were only partially approved unfortunately meaning that frequency improvements on routes one and two are delayed in terms of reliable Service delivery the asset management Reserve funding strategy was endorsed Paving the way pun intended for future councils and the community to be well served with infrastructure and sound Financial Planning by the efforts that we've made today online services were introduced including business and dog license payments building permit application payments plumbing and demo permit applications and payments and also building inspection bookings in this very competitive labor market our succession planning was enhanced to assist our valued employees to Envision their career path within the District Master plans are being actively updated to fortify District infrastructure for long-term resilience there are a few Master plans on the slide and additional actions coming out of our Master plans that were achieved include gal tandus Road intersection Improvement the discovery Trail between Mill Street and Buckley Avenue was upgraded the Perth Drive sidewalk was installed Highlands Way South uphill bike lane installed I could go on there are several and finally prepared for the future in terms of highlights of 2023 the retrofit assist program continues to be successful and was fully subscribed in 2023 a funding application to support a pilot project offering in air sealing measures to a subset of homeowners was approved partnership work with the Squamish food policy Council helped to advance AGR Food Industries regionally through completion of a food and farm Hub feasibility plan and through engagement activities such as good food Gatherings a $400,000 Grant was secured to cover 100% of phase three of the integrated storm water management planning and with Grant support from The Province and in partnership with the district the ca Sky outo door Recreation Enterprise Society acronym SAR developed an innovation space to support local business development and showcase the region as a world leader in the outdoor industry this slide is intentionally crowded it is not an IT test but it does serve to demonstrate the ambitious goals of what the district will work towards achieving this year and next it includes the statements for 2024 and 2025 just to point out a few key items as mentioned the memorandum of understanding with Squamish nation is in the works the community climate Action Plan update using gender-based analysis to support the development of inclusive policies in terms of our climate actions an updated policy and procedure for Community organizations to apply for partnership funding and or inine support reviewing the application procedure to eliminate unnecessary delays for missing middle housing proposals establishing development cost charge and Community amenity contribution Revenue forecasting models and finally work is underway to complete the Public Works facility various other accomplishments were logged in 2023 including these items here the 6.2 million Revenue received from BC growing communities fund was used towards the Brenan Park Renovations as well as supporting the construction of the Public Works facility so that funding was quite helpful of particular note is the historical agreement with the Squamish Nation to co-manage a Squamish Community for us leaving time for people to read the slide this infographic again it's a little tiny in terms of the formatting but it is found in the annual report and it highlights some of the funding that Council allocated to infrastructure upgrades in 2023 and for those watching you can find this in the annual report part of our annual performance reporting is captured in a series of community indicators that help track progress towards goals identified in the Squamish 2040 official community plan the indicators are updated annually where possible and where data is available and can be found via a link on the Squamish doca homepage or for those listening directly at indicators. Squamish doca the annual report includes the district's audited financial statements which you just had a presentation about and finally as always receiving and incorporating public feedback is a yearr round exercise here at the district and we strive for transparency and effective public participation there are many ways the public can reach the district and get involved and a few of those ways are identified at the back of the annual report and that concludes the presentation on the 20123 annual report thank you very

Armand Hurford
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much thank you very much any questions on any of this similar to the last one our action is to receive the report which I will move receipt of the report seeing noan second by councelor French and I'll just speak to it brief briefly thank you for the for the presentation and Miss Glenda and for all the work with by you and your team to accomplish all of those things over the last over the last year it's really interesting to you know often we get caught up in the work we do you know week to week in this in this room so I really enjoy the opportunity to step back and look at what we've what's actually happened over the over a one-year period and it's a staggering amount of work so thank you for that and thank you to everybody that put the report together councelor pill you have comments

Chris Pettingill
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yeah I just wanted to mention a few things and part of this is coming out of I guess we've just done four weeks or weekends of Engagement now as a council and that has been fantastic to hear from people the one number that jumped out at me is the Census Data the stat can where we're now at 29 ,000 people which is Bonkers and it sort of relates to the main point I want to make is talking to people I do want to acknowledge that there's enormous change and it's hard it's hard for everyone as I think counselor and staff my head is spinning with the amount of stuff we're dealing with and at the same time and you know you feel that in the community and it's challenging for people but there's also a huge amount of excitement I think around many of the things and the many positive things this is allowing us to do and I'm I feel in the conversations I have there's you know things people want us to keep working on that we need to keep working on and I think we're aware of this but overall I think people are really excited got to be part of the mayor's drop in yesterday where the topic was public art and just seeing the things that the local organizations are now able to do that a few years ago just wasn't happening wasn't able to happen and so it's just you know it's a we're somehow we're managing it I think forette benefit for everyone but I do want to acknowledge it is it's challenging and exciting yeah all rolled into one and I think this report everything that's going on and the enormity of it speaks to that so thank you to

Armand Hurford
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everyone thank you other comments Council

John French
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French thank you mayor and I'll just pile on with the thank yous and the Kudos and just share that for me this report is very readable the images and the varying print sizes it's just very easy to digest so thank you staff for the hard work on

Armand Hurford
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this okay seeing no other hands I'll call a question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much

Appointment of Auditors
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Armand Hurford
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do we have a presentation the next item is appointment of Auditors do we have a doesn't feel like something that has a pres a presentation so we have a staff recommendation that BD be appointed Auditors for the District of Squamish moved by councelor Hamilton second by councelor French would anyone like to speak at length about the appointment of our Auditors no okay with that I'll call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you

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Mayor Armand Hurford introduced the agenda for the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Squamish Sustainability Corporation, navigating through a unique situation where he humorously noted he would be having a meeting with himself. The agenda included several motions: appointing Mayor Hurford to vote on behalf of the shareholder for the upcoming AGM, directing him to appoint BDO as auditors for the corporation, and appointing a new board consisting of Councillor French, Councillor Hamilton, Kate Mulligan, Jen Stone, Kirby Brown, and Torren Savard. These motions were moved and seconded by various council members, indicating a structured approach to the governance of the Squamish Sustainability Corporation.

During the discussion, the council members actively participated by moving and seconding motions, leading to unanimous approvals for the actions proposed. The motions included Mayor Hurford's appointment to vote on behalf of the shareholder, the appointment of BDO as auditors, and the selection of board members for the Squamish Sustainability Corporation. The council also resolved to temporarily suspend the special business meeting to act as the shareholder of the corporation, further voting to accept the financial statements for 2023 and confirming the appointments made. This series of motions and unanimous decisions underscored the council's collaborative effort to manage the affairs of the Squamish Sustainability Corporation efficiently, culminating in the successful conclusion of the AGM and a seamless transition back to the special business meeting.

Armand Hurford
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so next up we have the annual general meeting so of the Squamish sustainability Corp Corporation and I have a bit of a script here and I think this is an interesting piece where the mayor ends up having a meeting with himself I'm starting to use the third person to help us through this as we go here so bear with me and we'll get through these next steps in relation to the Squamish sustainability Corporation sorry I'm just going to make sure sorry

Chris Pettingill
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okay so

Armand Hurford
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what we're going to do is the first and okay so we're going to go through sorry on the agenda under the interal general meeting we have individual motions which I believe I'm looking to miss Wells we need to do the individually as they appear in the agenda we can't or can we package these together before I go into the meeting with myself individ individually

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you should do them

Armand Hurford
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individually okay so the first motion is that mayor Herford be appointed to vote on behalf of the shareholder during the June 18th 2024 annual general meeting of the Squamish sustainability Corporation moved by councelor Hamilton second by councelor French all in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously we got to get our timing here where today okay that mayor Herford be directed to appoint BDO as Auditors for the Squamish sustainability corporation moved by councelor Hampton second by councelor French all in favor any opposed motion carries that mayor Herford be directed to appoint councelor French councelor Hamilton Kate Mulligan Jen Stone Kirby Brown torren Savard to the board of the Squamish sustainability Corporation moved by moved by councelor Pettingill I'll second I'll second that all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you and that Council of the District of SCH resoled to suspend the special business meeting temporarily in order to sit as the shareholder of the schal sustainability Corporation at a meeting of that corporation that has been scheduled at this time in place okay moved by councelor French second by councelor Hamilton all in favor motion carries thank you so now it says in my notes the mayor now meets with himself and votes as follows so voting on behalf of the Squamish sustainability Corporation I resolve that the financial statements of the Squam sustainability Corporation for 2023 be accepted by the shareholder that BDO be appointed Auditors of the Squam sustainability corporation that councelor French councelor Hamilton Kate Mulligan Jen Stone Kirby Brown and torren Savard be appointed to the board of the of the Squam sustainability corporation those are so resolved and the Squamish sustainability annual general meeting will now terminate and now we're back to our special business meeting and next item we have here that concludes the AGM of the Squamish sustainability Corporation so

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Armand Hurford
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I'll look for a motion to close moved by councelor Hamilton seconded by someone councelor Anderson all in favor motion carries we'll now be in recess and we'll and we'll reconvene this meeting in the closed so I'm just trying to figure out the timing here let's do this at quarter at quarter 2 11 so 15 minutes