Committee of the Whole - 18 Jun 2024

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: Temporary Use Permit No. 76 Woodfibre LNG – Floatel
1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
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Armand Hurford
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e meeting

Chris Pettingill
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hey good afternoon everyone I'm councelor Chris Pettingill acting mayor for the month of June and chairing this Committee of the whole for Tuesday June 18th 2024 at 3:30 p.m Howen squalen OKO welcome to the Squamish nation unseated in traditional territory please be advised that this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the District of Squamish website following the meeting if you have concerns please notify the corporate officer present at the meeting

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Chris Pettingill
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with that I will ask for a motion to adopt the agenda councelor French moves mayor Herford seconds all those in favor thank you motion carries and the

Temporary Use Permit No. 76 Woodfibre LNG – Floatel
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Kate Mulligan, Director of Major Projects Industrial, alongside Jonas Venisa, Senior Director of Community Development, presented to the council regarding the withdrawal of the temporary use permit application by Woodfibre LNG for a flotel. The withdrawal followed an order from the Environmental Assessment Compliance and Enforcement Branch, which negated the need for a district-issued temporary use permit. This order was a result of Woodfibre LNG's non-compliance with housing workers at the flotel, as mandated by the Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) amendment. Consequently, with no active application to discuss, the staff concluded their presentation.

During the discussion, Mayor Armand Hurford questioned the implications of the provincial order, suggesting it does not override the District of Squamish's authority, despite Woodfibre LNG's interpretation. He emphasized the need for the company to resolve the issues through the temporary use permitting process, highlighting a disagreement on the interpretation of the order and the jurisdictional authority. Councillor Jenna Stoner expressed disappointment over the withdrawal of the application, noting the missed opportunity for a clear process moving forward with the community, staff, and the proponent. The council then unanimously passed a motion to receive the report, acknowledging the complex situation and the ongoing challenges it presents.

Chris Pettingill
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first item of business the only item of business actually is temporary use permit number 76 the wood fiber LNG floel I'll turn it over to miss Mulligan

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good afternoon chair and councel my name is Kate Mulligan director of major projects industrial and I'm joined by Jonas venisa senior director of Community Development so staff had planned to present applicant responses based on the request for information following the June 4th council meeting where the permit was debated wng has since notified staff that they have withdrawn their temporary use permit application stating the recent order from the environmental assessment office sorry environmental assessment compliance and enforcement Branch negated the need for a temporary use permit by the district as per EAC number 1502 amendment number three the permit holder is required to house project workers at the flotel and on June 7th the eao became aware that the project may be in non-compliance upon investigation it was determined that the project was out of compliance and the resulting order was issued by the EA compliance enforcement Branch concerning the flotel and where workers reside so pursuant to section 53 of the ACT I order the certificate hold the certificate holder must stop housing workers in any location or manner not authorized by the EAC house workers on the flotel in accordance with the EIC complete the measures in Clause 1 and two by 1700 hours June 21st 2024 unless otherwise authorized by eao compliance and enforcement and for Implement causes one two and three of this order to the satisfaction of the eao compliance and enforcement given there is no longer an active application staff have nothing further to present thank

Chris Pettingill
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you okay thank you my understanding is that because there is no longer a permit it it's not appropriate to have questions on a permit that doesn't exist so I think we'd be looking for a motion to receive the report mayor are you moving okay is there a seconder councelor Hamilton seconds yes mayor Herford

Armand Hurford
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please thank you could actually can I ask staff to pull up that last slide you had please sorry to put you on the spot with some techn technology question okay maybe that's harder than I I'll let I'll maybe that'll come up as we as we go I'll get started with my with my comments oh here we go so the EA compliance office has issued this provincial order this order is been interpreted by U the proponent to supersede the jurisdiction of the District of Squamish and here we differ an opinion this order in our in my assessment in our assessment is directs them to resolve the issues and is and work through the temporary use the tup permitting process they've chosen to withdraw from that process where that leaves at this point is disagreeing on the interpretation of this and as to next steps will they remain to be to be seen but at this point in time our position is that this order does not explicitly override the District of squish's Authority The Province does have authority to do that and there are specific mechanisms available for them to achieve that this is not one of them and the next steps remain to be so that's a statement of where we are at this point in time so thank you to staff for all your work on this on this file which has been a challenging file and appears to continue to be a challenging file thank you

Chris Pettingill
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okay I'm not seeing hands for further comments I'll call a question on the motion to receive all those in favor

Jenna Stoner
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oh I had a comment

Chris Pettingill
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oh no sorry I missed that councelor Stoner councelor stoner

Jenna Stoner
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yeah thank you through the chair I also just wanted to recognize both staff and the proponents work that went into the staff report that we are no longer discussing here this afternoon I was looking forward I think we had established a really clear process to move this forward with the proponent with our community and with staff and I was looking forward to engaging in that discussion it is disappointing where we are at but I agree with the mayor's comments that if the province were effectively to try to supersede us on this there are other mechanisms with which they could do that and an order by the environmental assessment compliance and enforcement Branch specifically is not that so I look forward to figuring out further details on that and finding a path forward where we are all clear on what the next steps will be thank

Chris Pettingill
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you okay thank you with that I will call the question all those in favor and motion carries unanimously and I think the

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Chris Pettingill
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last then I'll be looking for a motion to terminate mayor Herford councilor Hamilton seconds all those in favor okay thank you very much the that's the end of a rather short Committee of the whole thank you everyone