Special Business Meeting - 07 May 2024

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
4.A.i: 2023 Audited Financial Statements
5.A.i: District of Squamish Growing Communities Fund Grant Reserve Bylaw 3048, 2024
7.A.i: Squamish Marine Access Review - Final Endorsement
7.A.ii: Mamquam Blind Channel Maintenance and Funding Strategy - Status Update
1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
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Armand Hurford
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2023 Audited Financial Statements
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Ranne Susa, the Director of Financial Operations at the District of Squamish, along with auditors Paul Frip and Zenia Kubar from BDO, presented the 2023 audited financial statements to the council. The presentation aimed to have the council receive and accept the consolidated financial statements, as required by the Community Charter of BC and the municipal inspector before May 15th of each year. Susa highlighted key elements of the financial statements, including an increase in cash and cash equivalents due to the receipt of the Growing Communities Fund Grant, increases in accounts payable and deferred revenue, a decrease in development cost charges, and a decrease in debt. The adoption of a new public sector accounting standard related to asset retirement obligations was also discussed, along with significant variances in the statement of financial position and operations compared to the 2022 results and the financial plan.

During the discussion, Councillor Jenna Stoner inquired about the handling and impact of grants and taxes received beyond the expected amounts, to which it was clarified that these would contribute to the general operating reserve and could be used for tax stabilization in the following year. Councillor John French asked about the Vanoc Legacy reserve fund, with staff promising to provide further details on its restrictions. The council, appreciating the extensive work done by the staff and auditors, unanimously accepted the staff's recommendation to receive and accept the 2023 Consolidated financial statements. The council members acknowledged the effort required to adhere to new accounting standards and consolidate significant financial data, expressing gratitude for the thorough and efficient presentation of the district's financial health.

Armand Hurford
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okay welcome back we are now on to item 4 A1 the 2023 audited financial statements I'll turn it over to

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staff hello mayor and Council my name is ranne Susa and I'm the director of financial operations at the district to assist with addressing me my pronouns are she and her joining me here today are Auditors from BDO they're both online so you just can't see them with the presentation up so please welcome Paul Frip BDO partner and Zenia kubar BDO manager I'm here today to present the district's 2023 audited financial statements the goal today is that Council receive and accept the 2023 Consolidated financial statements for Council and the Public's background the Community Charter of BC states that the financial statements must be presed to council for its acceptance and the financial statement sent to the municipal inspector before May 15th of each year further to this the municipal auditor must report to Council on the audit review of the financial statements key elements to highlight are the Auditors concluded that the Consolidated financial statements present fairly in all material respects the financial position of the district at December 31st 2023 in accordance with Canadian public sector Accounting Standards Consolidated within the district's financial statements are the Squamish public library and Squamish sustainability Corporation the district's financial statements are within the approved financial plan I'll now move into the significant variances on the statement of financial position in comparison to the 2022 results the statement of financial position can be found on page one in the financial statements cash and cash equivalence has increased by 6.3 million the increase is primarily due to the receipt of the province of BC growing communities fund Grant in the amount of 6.28 five million accounts payable has increased by 10.4 million the increases due to a number of factors such as the amount owing for the QP contract settlement large capital projects payables and their Associated holdbacks and the increase in servicing agreement deposits deferred revenue has increased by 1.8 million the increase is primarily due to unspent Grant funds and wlng GM for dis capacity funding that have restrictions that require deferral development cost charges have decrease by 3.1 million the decrease is primarily due to the expenditures incurred for the wastewater treatment plant the Pioneer Way Extension and the gabal D tantala signal projects that will be DCC funded lastly debt has decreased by 4.6 million the decrease is primarily due to debt principal repayments and no debt being issued in 2023 the full schedule of debt issuances and repayments can be found in the financial statements note number 12 to note in 2023 the district adopted the new public sector accounting standard which is the asset retirement obligation accounting standard as part of the adoption the 2020 year was restated to note the landfill AO represents 5.7 million of the 6.5 million AO liability in previous years the landfill liability was presented as a post-closure liability under a different public sector accounting standard that no longer exists continuing on with the statement of financial bision tangible Capital assets represent the cost of assets less accumulated amortization there was a 22.5 million increase in tangible Capital assets the 401 million accumulated Surplus balance is primarily represented by 336 million investment in tangible Capital assets 55 million in statutory reserves and 21 million in non-statutory reserves which are offset by 12 million of internal borrowing I'll now move into the significant variances in comparison to the financial plan on the statement of operations and accumulated Surplus which is page two in the financial statements other property levies revenue is 1.3 million greater than the financial plan primarily due to collecting higher than budgeted hotel tax and higher than anticipated grants in lie of taxes to note Hotel flat tax flows through to tourism Squamish utility user fees revenue is 900,000 greater than the financial plan as water and sewer fees were greater than budgeted other revenue for MO soures is 1 million greater than the financial plan as engineering servicing agreement and ocp application fees were greater than anticipated other fees and charges revenue is 800,000 greater than the financial plan due to the wlng and Forest capacity funding and the transfer of the BC Transit provision to the district being known at the time of budgeting government transfers for operating is 5.8 million greater than the financial plan as it was unknown at the time of budgeting that the district would receive the province of BC growing communities fund Grant in the amount of 6.28 five million investment income is 4.4 million greater than the financial plan as only interest on working capital is budgeted and interest rates increase more rapidly than projected interest earned is transferred to its respective reserve and provision continuing on to the expenses on the Consolidated statement of operations and accumulated Surplus General government expenditures are 1.6 million greater than the financial plan primarily due to amortization being greater than budgeted Protective Services expenditures are 1.2 million less than the financial plan primarily due to RCMP vacancies economic Community Development expenditures are 570,000 greater than the financial plan primarily due to greater than budgeted hotel tax and Squamish Community Forest payables hotel tax flows through to tourism Squamish the Squamish Community Forest is expected to be a non-cash expense for the district Solid Waste Management expenditures are 560,000 less than the financial plan due to gfl contract savings for landfill diversion and the implementation of the new public sector accounting standard as a retirement obligations Wastewater services are 520,000 greater than the financial plan due to emergency repairs to the Queensway sanitary lift station government transfers for Capital are 16.7 million less than the financial plan due to large Grant funded projects being delayed such as the Brenham Park retrofit when Park seike the wastewater treatment plant and the valleycliffe child care facility the grant funding will be recognized when the expenditures are incurred development cost charge Capital revenues are 11.6 million less than the financial plan due to large DCC funded projects being delayed such as the Pioneer Way Extension and the new Reservoir the DCC funding will be recognized when the expenditures are incurred developer contributed assets are 3.1 million greater than the financial plan as more Community amenity contributions and developer contributed tangible capital assets were received than budgeted lastly you'll note that the district has realized a surplus of 24.4 million the rationale behind the Surplus is the legislated calculation for a balanced budget in the financial plan is calculated differently than the annual Surplus in the financial statements the financial plan recognizes sources and uses of funding that's not recognized in the Consolidated statement of operations including Capital expenditures borrowing proceeds principal repayments on debt and various transfers to and from reserves and Provisions the financial plan also estimates amortization on tangible Capital assets the recommended resolution is that the District of Squamish Council receive and accept the 2023 Consolidated financial statements as presented by Financial Services on May 7th 2024 thank you for your time this concludes the presentation I'll now turn it back over to the

Armand Hurford
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chair thank you Council any questions about what we've heard or anything you read in the in the package we do our auditor here as well councelor

Jenna Stoner
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Stoner I have a minor question but I am curious what happens to our grants and L taxes where do they go once we receive

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them thank you through the chair the granted leou taxes is handled similar to property taxes so they're just part of the overall revenue and expended as appropriate in the financial

Jenna Stoner
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plan our audited financial statements show though that we have received more grants than L taxes than expected so would that impact the taxation rate for the rest of the property

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taxes the taxation rate is established prior to the closing year end so it would go into the General operating reserve and can be used as tax stabilization in the in the following year

Armand Hurford
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John French
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French thanks chair and this may be a question for another day I'm going to venture it and see where it goes one of the reserve funds caught my eye in the report that was sent to us called vanok Legacy and it has just under $8,000 in it is this fund being held for anything in particular and again if this is an out ofpl question it's not a priority

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to the chair that was a legacy fund that was appropriated during the Olympics we'll have to get back to you if there's any restrictions around that my belief is it's probably able to be Consolidated into another Reserve at this

Armand Hurford
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point thank you any other any other questions okay we have we do have a recommendation from staff go ahead councelor yeah I'll move the staff recommendation second by councelor French would speak to

Andrew Hamilton
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it thank you staff I'm sure this is not a small amount of work while it's a five minute presentation I know it's pouring over many numbers and consolidating the numbers into what are what are the highlights that we see I know that that's not easy work and thank you for all the work to do this new accounting standard I'm sure that was not that also was not a trivial piece of work and I hope that gets easier as we come through following years so thanks very much for all the work and I'm glad to see we're in good Financial stad

Armand Hurford
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thank you other comments I I'll be brief thank you for all the work not only during the audit process which I know is very in involved but setting us up in such a way that we can get through that process with an outcome like we've seen here so yeah thank you thank you so much for all the work and happy to support and hopefully these as my colleague mentioned the having anytime we add new standards and new you know as new procedures and that that's the lift so hopefully from here you know things will all level out in that in that regard and this will continue to be just get it easier as we go so thank you so much I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much and now back to you I think do we have sorry

District of Squamish Growing Communities Fund Grant Reserve Bylaw 3048, 2024
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Ran Susa, the Director of Financial Operations at the District of Squamish, presented the Growing Communities Fund Reserve Bylaw to the council. In March 2023, the district received $6. 285 million from the Province of BC through the Growing Communities Fund. A condition of the grant is that the funds must be placed in a reserve established under Section 188 of the Community Charter. Currently, the funds are held in a provision, and to meet the conditions of the grant, the district must establish a statutory reserve. The motion before the council was to give the first three readings to the District of Squamish Growing Communities Fund Grant Reserve Bylaw number 3048 2024.

Council members engaged in a discussion with questions primarily focused on the utilization and impact of the funds. Councillor Jenna Stoner inquired about the timeline for using the funds, while Councillor John French questioned whether the funds would expedite the timelines for the Public Works building and Brennan Park phase two projects. Another point of discussion, raised by Councillor Chris Pettingill, was the flexibility of the fund's usage within the parameters of the Growing Communities Fund, suggesting that the financial plan could be amended to allocate funds differently if needed. Mayor Armand Hurford and the council members expressed support for the motion, highlighting the importance of securing funding for key projects and the potential to leverage these funds for future needs. The motion was carried unanimously, demonstrating the council's collective agreement on the importance of establishing the reserve to comply with the grant's conditions and support community development.

Armand Hurford
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next up just I know we changed the agenda moved around a little bit on us next item five on our agenda is bylaws so first three readings growing communities fund Grant Reserve bylaw is where we are so item 5 a

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one for those of us in the community that may be just joining now I'll reintroduce myself my name is ran Susa and I'm the director of financial operations at the district to assist with address me my pronouns are she and her and I'm here today to present on the growing communities fund Reserve bylaw in March 2023 the district received 6.28 five million from the province of BC through the growing communities fund a condition of the grant is that the funds must be placed in a reserve established under Section 188 of the Community Charter presently the growing communities fund Grant is being held in a provision and therefore to meet the I conditions of the grant the district must establish a statutory reserve the motion in front of council today is that the district give first three readings to the district of Squamish growing communities fund Grant Reserve bylaw number 3048 2024 this now concludes the presentation I'll turn it back over to the

Armand Hurford
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chair thank you very much do I question councel Stoner then French

Jenna Stoner
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yeah thank you through the chair I'm just wonder if staff can speak to when we expect to be able to actually use these

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funds thank you for the question through the chair so the Current financial plan has the growing communities fund 2.7 for the Public Works building and 3.6 for the Brennan Park phase two so when those expenditures get utilized that's when we'll recognize it through the

Jenna Stoner
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revenue do we have an anticipated timeline for either of

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those it will be wholly dependent on construction

Armand Hurford
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timeline thank you councelor

John French
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French thanks mayor I think my question was answered but I'll approach it a slightly different way will this money do anything to speed up timelines for either one or both of the projects that they're intended

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for we don't have U Mr brag on the line for this but I would anticipate that would be no that this is an additional funding it is it is Shoring up funding that was

John French
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required okay and the staff report only mentioned Brennan Park and Public Works is that the case it's just those two there are no other projects this will fund

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Armand Hurford
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correct go ahead councelor pill

Chris Pettingill
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yeah just on that point though I read the bylaw like our financial plan earmarks those projects but from the bylaw this Reserve could in theory be used for anything that's consistent with the growing communities fund parameters and so we could in theory change our financial plan and thus allocate as long as it was still growing communities fund

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consistent that is corrected the financial plan would need to be

Armand Hurford
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amended okay any other questions on this item moved by councelor Stoner second by councelor French comments

Jenna Stoner
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yeah just briefly I will support this and we do obviously have the ability to do so through the province I think my question in terms of timeline one of the things that we were all really grateful for with the growing communities fund was how quickly The Province was able to move the money so there was no application process as a result The Province was really hopeful that we would spend the money really quickly and here we are like many communities putting it in reserve for projects that were kind of on the list so I think that's my only hesitation here is it would I think helpful to be able to say we had this project that was shovel ready and we've put the money out the door but both the Public Works facility as well as brenon Park are really key components in our financial plans all support where we are thank

Armand Hurford
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you good job on just getting those in before the cop ccor French comments no any other comments thank you I'm speaking in favor of the motion I think it's important to recognize that we all know that money has value but having the secured funding and leveraging against that is using the money we just haven't spent it yet so we're doing both of those things with this approach and I'm quite and I'm quite happy to see it it's given certainty to those projects and it right now we need to hold it in this way to leverage it to continue to leverage it to ensure that those projects get across the line and then I know it will I know we have it and we'll get to that part of it after so bit of a two-part equation here so but yeah happy to happy to support and with that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much so Council we've we find ourselves in the rare position of being slightly ahead so what I would like to do is we'll do a motion to well

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Armand Hurford
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but our next our next item six is a motion to close so if I get a motion to close councelor green seconded by councelor Stoner all in favor motion carries and we will now recess thank you e

Squamish Marine Access Review - Final Endorsement
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Sarah MC Janet, a Community Planner, alongside Yones Valeskis, Senior Director of Community Development, presented the final edition of the Squamish Marine Access Review for council endorsement. The presentation aimed to secure council's direction to incorporate the review's inputs and recommendations into the upcoming Parks and Rec Master Plan update in 2025 and to prioritize identified actions for future budget considerations. The review assessed community ocean access needs, aiming to enhance marine access for all users while protecting sensitive areas. It involved tactical planning for accessibility, coordination, and management of marine access points, including a special study on boat launches. The geographic area of focus included the Mamquam Blind Channel and surrounding areas, with extensive community engagement and consultation with various stakeholders, including the Squamish Nation and environmental groups.

During the council discussion, members raised questions about the potential role of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District in waterfront development, the budget allocated for boat launch investigations, and the possibility of leasing land for parking near the current boat launch. Concerns were also voiced about the deterioration of the existing boat launch and the need for interim solutions. The discussion highlighted the importance of considering marine access in the broader context of regional development, environmental protection, and community needs. The council expressed support for the review's recommendations, emphasizing the need for strategic planning to address both immediate challenges and long-term marine access goals. The presentation concluded with the council's endorsement of the review, marking a significant step towards improving marine access in Squamish.

Armand Hurford
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hello welcome back to the special business meeting for Tuesday May 7th we are now on to agenda item 7 A1 the Squamish Marine access review and here for final endorsement we have staff to present so I will turn over to them to introduce themselves and take us through their presentation thank

2:48:57 (0:30:24)

you great good afternoon Council my name is Sarah MC Janet Community planner I'm joined by yones valeskis senior director of Community Development and today we are very pleased to present the final refined edition of the Squamish Marine access review for Endor endorsement of council today this is following the last round or a final call for comments in the fall of 2023 secondly our purpose sorry just one second secondly Council direction is requested to refer the Squamish Marine access review inputs and recommendations to the forthcoming parks and wreck Master Plan update in 2025 and finally to refer identified party actions to strategic planning for prioritization and future budget consideration through our due process so the Project's purpose once again to assess Community ocean access needs to improve ongoing planning and coordination of marine access areas and infrastructure to enhance ocean access for all Marine users while protecting our sensitive areas the project was quite Tactical in its focus and involved plans for accessibility coordination and management of existing interim and future proposed Marine access points and we also included a boat launch special study with recommendations as a core component of the work the geographic area review area included Community water access points and infostructure within the mamquam blind channel and cerol slooh and also this is an area that has the highest diversity of marine users and activity areas and a variety of water access points in a very compact channel which warranted closer consideration the Squamish River Estuary and the spit as well as Daryl Bay are highly connected context areas that were considered in relation to the downtown core so our project road map and staging were was adapted over time we did thorough multi- sector intergovernmental public engagement which took some time and we were simultaneously juggling a lot of Engagement in the community and tandem projects during this period so it was three stages stage one mapping Marine access and needs was initiated actually way back in February of 2022 and we did major engagement that year in the spring we brought engagement results and preliminary directions including a boat launch situation report to Council in April of 2022 Council provided initial comment and then we did additional engagement stage two involved establishing a discussion draft with almost final mapping and recommendations in the spring and then we brought that to council last June for comment on the draft and then we did a the last round of Community comments in the fall of 2023 so without further Ado where the yellow star is we're here to present to inform the next steps going forward as I mentioned we did broad engagement intergovernmental key stakeholder groups and more broadly with the community we also grounded the project respecting an indigenous land Marine use and cultural context and did a referral to Squamish Nation and then a broader engagement group groups that we consulted with environmental and stewardship Recreation Upland owners leaseholders and water lot tenure holders small craft Harbor public safety organizations rcmar Marine tourism operators and Marine businesses water-based employment operators and then also we engaged with accessibility Advocate ad Advocates sorry in the community as well as Marine Industrial and employment and shipping and Marine transportation services so very broad over the Arc of the project we did significant engagement we used a range of tools Communications and promotions and Outreach we had a dedicated project page on when we first launched let's talk Squamish all told I hosted five in-person popups we conducted two really detailed Community surveys and also launched an online map tool and all of that was promoted through ews direct out Outreach by email and telephone social media newspaper ads poster displays and flyers so all told the project drove over 460 new registrations to let's talk Squamish and when I checked last month we had hosted almost 4,000 site visits to the project page which was fantastic final engagement activities that we did and wrapped up occurred in the fall of 2023 we issued a last call for the discussion draft on the let's talk Squamish page I hosted three additional popups in October and November we also tried a quick poll on let's talk Squamish just to pose a couple questions about where it landed and did it did it meet the Mark or hit the mark and then we also hosted a additional Outreach and additional meetings and conversations with a number of groups to fill some gaps in information and knowledge the final stage of Engagement with Community the participation was minimal compared to what we saw in the first stage of the project this may be due to reaching engagement saturation with the project and the community also the timing of part two final engagement and there was a lot of other Municipal engagement on the Go including the Marine Transportation sorry the transportation master plan as well as the budget so and we were also doing engagement around the Maman blind channel long-term maintenance strategy at the same time so in addition we connected to that project and will'll provide an update after this item in the agenda tonight we also did some work around an advocacy letter to senior levels of government for marine access so I have just a couple highlights that we want to present to council as part of this final Edition the stage one and stage two engagement summaries of course are embedded and Linked In the final document and so some of the highlights that you saw last June include the survey input and results we saw very strong Community participation we had the two surveys the community and Recreation survey we had over 347 people respond on that survey and then also we had a business distinct business and industry survey U we had 41 respondents to that I love I still love this pie chart that shows the participation in age group so that was very much we engaged o ocean folk aged 11 to 82 so that was spectacular and so we had a range of participants that were active and we also posed a lot of questions around what water like how they were engaging in the marine environment what types of watercraft were they using motorized versus non-motorized what sectors on the business survey what sectors were represented so we had multi- sector representation in the business survey the highest number was from Arts entertainment and Recreation we had transportation and warehous housing accommodation and food service sector 7% was representing Agriculture and Forestry and fishing and then also from other sectors so we had a out of range what was interesting is 53% of the respondents were on the water daily and 70% were motorized 30% non-motorized so this survey data still proves very valuable to us to better understand the Community its Marine use and some of the key challenges priorities and needs so on the top themes that are emerged we heard clearly how vital ocean access is for the for our Coastal Community we heard Deep concerns about disruptions to Waterfront access during the construction that we're experiencing there's a growing Demand on limited access areas there's issues congestion derilict watercraft in vessels impacts to sensitive Marine areas from water-based activities and also a really strong expression of concern about missing critical opportunity to secure access in both the interim and the longterm we also heard a strong need for a clear holistic picture of marine access areas and planned infrastructure and that was really the focus for the establishment of these Marine reference maps to clearly communicate to the community here's the existing planned and future infrastructure for marine access and from there we can also start to identify where the gaps are on the Marine access barriers there were many there was a general response around lack of marine access overall in the community parking emerged as a key aggravation lock limited parking at Marine access locations the spit removal was occurring at the same time that this project was underway so that received a lot of response and a lot of concern around and a barrier being the lack of a formalized boat launch and current construction downtown just sort of a limited understanding of where people can access Marine locations in at this point in time some additional Marine access per perspectives that we captured there is a need for and people were interested in seeing a better delineation of the navigation area as well as greater awareness around boating safety and education there was the note that navigation was generally safe but however concerns around the sediment accumulation in the channel was a major concern as was Marine debris and sunk sunken vessels within various areas of our marine environment there was concern and conversation around understanding the industrial use areas and ensuring those are demarcated and similarly creating greater awareness for recreationalists in the community around these intensive industrial water-based activities in terms of final inputs received in stage two we continued to engage closely with the boat launch advocacy group who highlighted ongoing deterioration of the boat launch issues with commercial barge traffic use of the private facility there support for alternative launch site feasibility review primarily at Daryl Bay and also support for future amenities like the Sailing Center and the opportunity for exploring community space integration and also Al the idea of marine hubs that was introduced in the discussion draft we received requests for clarifications about the SE plane navigation areas in the mamen blind channel and mapping clarifications for site B the Intensive industrial site owned by swam Nation so there was interest in seeing greater public education and awareness and incorporating some annotations in the mapping we also continue to engage and heard from in the final call for comment from recreational Marine groups there was a collaboration or a Consortium I don't know if that's the right word between Squamish Yacht Club the Squamish paddle club and the dragonboat association that came together to talk about and dream about a shared vision for a marine Welcome Center at wak Park including facilities programs and events so that was shared with us which was really great to have that input I also engaged more deeply with Marine search and rescue on their operational needs and priorities for marine safety support space in terms of long-term morage parking storage and training space and then also we worked closely with Squamish Harbor Authority tourism Squamish and the Chamber on the advocacy letter that was sent to Federal and provincial governments back in September so that presents additional needs priorities and impacts for marine access within the community in the mcoin blind channel in particular okay so next I'm just going to run you through the deliverables the final deliverables on this project so the first is the finalization of the reference map series you've got a copy and have seen this reference map set comprises nine Maps which present this Consolidated Community Marine access snapshot so it highlights downtown lands and Waters our navigation area managed areas and water and Upland uses so we've Incorporated the Marine zoning layers in that mapping for communication and then we've also Incorporated infrastructure so we've got along the foreshore Waterfront facilities and infrastructure so we've got both existing as well as future planned infrastructure we made some final corrections to the maps upon requests so we corrected site B water lot or site B lot boundaries and added annotations clarifying the extent of land and water Lots owned by Squamish nation and the operational activities and we also received a request that the stop Miss to annotate that the stopus boat launch is a non-public facility this is too hard to see but in your in your document and you can zoom into this but by Design it's very comprehensive we finalized a Waterfront Park inventory this was presented last June as a draft and so we finalized it and continue to truth out all of the content it consolidates site specific downtown Waterfront development plans and provides a Hol holistic picture of what's built and still yet to be finalized in determined what is super exciting is that we have over 16 hectares of Waterfront Park assets downtown of which five hectares currently exist and soon to be open we will have another five hectares of oceanfront park opening soon and also so this highlights how that those Waterfront Park assets are integrated with Coastal flood protection habitat enhancement and then also where they are connected to Waterfront Trail connectivity and it clarifies a variety of public amenities and Facilities to our current knowledge and there are some areas where there are some facilities and amenities that are yet to be determined and planning continues so this has been super helpful we added a location map that just shows the location of those Waterfront Parks more clearly for the community and then we also added some nice images and renderings just to give a flavor of some of these areas that are about to open and are underway in continued planning the third deliverable was the boat launch situation report compiled from survey results interviews with the local Grassroots boat launch community or committee rather and it describes the current state of launching in Squamish so this has been a really core component of the work we do not have a defined future location for motorized launching in the community and so this is of concern and needs to be needs to be addressed in our ongoing planning the community is concerned that there's limited opportunity remaining for integrating this type of access and facility within the community because of the associated land area that's involved in boat launching and in the situation report we learned that the current private non private launch facility sees a mix of motorized and non-motorized use throughout the year it's used by recreational boers and paddlers Commercial users industrial operators for vessel launching as well as project Freight landing and launching via roll on rolloff smaller barges the boat launch is the only location outside of the terminals that provides access for Freight and cargo currently like that it has a single leane launch it's undersized for the number of people that want to use it and it is also challenged because it is eroding and deteriorating over time so this just provides an image of that current launch facility in terms of location it is certainly relatively convenient being in the downtown and it's relatively sh sorry sheltered from wind and wave but the Upland parking situation is very challenged because there is not very much parking and there's a mix of private privately owned land and Road R of ways making it very difficult to find a Consolidated approach to resolving some of these parking issues the community identified top priority top priori for improvements to the existing launch in the interim so we captured that as well as interest in future sites and locations within the community the boat launch component of the Marine access review also includes launch site planning and design criteria so I won't go into too much detail here this is consistent with what was presented last June no major changes at all to this section essentially for community of our size our Marine planning consultant had identified that a two-lane facility at minimum with parking would be ideal with a need for 7 to8 hectares or 1.8 to two acres in Upland area in the Marine access review there are three sites for future launch site exploration identified they include Daryl Bay as the top Runner and the preferred the most preferred location through the community input that we received this would be a exploration of a collocation of boat launching and could potentially also include barge access in the South Bay at darl Bay the second site is on the west side of the mamin blind Channel and that is blocks 45 and 46 looking for potential synergies with planned commercial node in the oceanfront sub area plan and then finally site B was also noted and it came up in the community engagement that we hosted as something to explore where there may be synergies with the with Squamish nation and the long-term comprehensive planning that they are doing for stopus and site B so we also have put together some tables they're with the final recommendations in the Marine access review and they're also noted in the executive summary so the recommendations largely similar to what you had seen back in June they've been refined and organized in three categories the first Marine access information and education the second category is Community blueway Network development and the third category of recommendations is downtown Marine use planning and management we have added relative priority and suggested some timing for actioning recommendations and also including key departments to be engaged for future work planning this of course has to be subject to further prioritizing and resourcing within our strategic planning and so the council motion today reflects that that's that would be the process to take these recommendations and bring them into our strategic planning so I'll just run through three slides that summarize the recommendations and then we'll close it out so on Marine access information and education the cluster of recommendations here include maintaining and displaying these Marine access review Marine reference Maps publicly so they're available to community that's immediate and ongoing documenting Waterfront Park construction periods and working with developers and land owners to communicate short-term parking and staging sites for interim parking and wayfinding access in the community this is already happening I'm pleased to say third recommendation budgeting for design and installing educational signage at Key Marine access sites this would be something that we would work to do over the next three to five years subject to budget and then also we recommend expanding the district's responsible recreating guide on line to include a marine lens to public publish information about marine regulations safety and resources for marine conditions we've already been working with Squamish Nation and Transport Canada and Marine search and rescue around the types of content that would be really important and their resources for marine users that's something for the short term in the next one to three years and then also engaging finally engaging with the province and Squamish Nation on least impact Marine Recreation access points and necessary signage in the swum Squamish Estuary and this is something that was raised by Marine users also by Squamish nation and recreationalists looking for where just that confirmation of where is the least impact area to access the ocean from the Estuary okay and then in the second category Community blueway Network development there are three recommendations forwarding the Marine access needs to advance planning for blueways in our forthcoming parks and wreck Master Plan update we identify blueways in our original parks and wreck plan but they're not super developed so with this work there's a great opportunity to advance that and really focus in on kei's revitalization of Rose Park confirming the long-term use and design and integration of wak Park in our Park network the Squamish Oceanfront Sailing Center integration and also the South Park at CN Sky how that will integrate the Marine inputs and Marine access priorities that the community has identified we also want to identify and integrate the concept of marine Venture hubs within the community in the next three to five years and start to embed Universal accessibility guidelines for marine access and facilities for docks we are relying on great examples out there like city of Vancouver has some guidelines and I think we can create some Squamish specific ones so that was also identified and finally for downtown Marine use planning and management we have six recommendations that are clustered here one is related to the Marine mamin blind channel maintenance strategy work so to continue to advocate for senior funding and partnership opportunities to advance Channel maintenance in the next three to five years so continue to work to get some answer around possible funding streams that we could we could explore prioritizing planning for sighting and securing a permanent multi- ramp boat launch facility in the community is a key recommendation coming out of the boat launch situation report and recommendations we there is the action or the recommendation around investigating boat launch and Barge ramp feasibility and future integration in identified sites including Daryl Bay and as Council is aware in the financial plan currently we do have a next piece of work around that exploration at Daryl Bay with budget assigned for this year and that work will get started after endorsement after we've complete the Marine access review we also have a recommendation around examining and supporting Community Land leasing or licensing on a short-term basis to support cost neutral interim parking and access Solutions so that's working with land owners in the vicinity of the boat launch to find some interim solutions to relieve some of the struggles that are there but as Council highlighted for us last June there's interest in ensuring that that's very much a cost neutral and to not consider or to it was just basically a caution around investment when that may or may not be the future long-term site for launching in the community finally there's a couple more action or recommendations sorry examining and engaging on options for integrating long-term infrastructure and support space for marine Transportation safety in the community so this would be working with organizations like Squamish Marine search and rescue and the harbor Authority around supporting infrastructure fuel dock secure morage support spaces storage Etc and then last but not least we have continuing to work with wind sport users on seasonal Transportation plans for pepm this is this new name for spit Island in order to confirm a long-term accessible boat shuttle staging location this is also recommended as a something that we help to support in tandem with our marine access planning and then finally we have a recommendation linked to integrating the Marine access review engagement inputs and needs and priorities as part of a future Marine sector impact study this study is identified as something that would be Grant fund dependent and help the community through our sector work to assess sector strengthening opportunities related to the Marine economic to sorry related to Marine economic activity okay so this is the just the final slide here in summary the Marine access review supports an array of strategic directions outlined in our marine actions strategy that was completed in 2020 considering safe and effective access to Coastal Waters supporting Marine commercial recreation and business opportunities supporting water dependent and Marine industry access and planning for appropriate marine and Marine related infrastructure amenities and facilities and ensuring that our public Waterfront is safe and accessible for all so with that we have some recommendations that I've just highlighted here the three key main motion recommendations that the committee endorsed the final District of Squamish Marine access review dated April 2024 that we refer the inputs and recommendations gathered as part of the Squamish Marine access review to the district's future Parks and Rec Master Plan update in 2025 and finally to direct staff to refer additional priority actions identified in the Squamish Marine access review to the Strategic plan process for further prioritization and budget consideration thank you that was a lot and I will pause now and welcome your questions

Armand Hurford
3:19:21 (0:00:22)

it was a lot a lot of good things happening there good job getting through it all thank you for your work on this on this initiative and for making that a lot into a short enough presentation for us today I'll turn it over to council now for questions on this councelor

John French
3:19:43 (0:00:33)

French thank you mayor it seems to me that the scho L what Regional District could potentially play a larger part in our Waterfront How Sound is of significant importance to the southern part of area D in the regional district which has significant foreshore so I'd like to hear thoughts if staff have any as we move this forward what part if any could the slrd play in advancing this work

3:20:17 (0:01:43)

thank you for the question certainly the regional district has been focused on Marine infrastructure and access in the southern part of the region we have seen that Focus around specific you know master plan developments in Britannia for instance the slrd hasn't been engaged as an intergovernmental kind of partner in this work they're aware of the work that's happening but in the future we can definitely look for opportunities where there may be interest for facilities one of the interesting insights that came out of the stage one engagement surveys was that within Squamish boat building refit and repair business have a very much Regional business space so there's a lot of people coming from outside of Squamish to have their boats repaired in Squamish and put in and out of the water so that was an interesting insight and I think certainly on that front we would be interested in understanding what is that Regional component to the need around and the activity at the boat launch I'm not sure we did have some visitor engagement through the Marine surveys but I we don't actually have a sense of how many people are coming from outside of Squamish to launch boats in town so that might be something interesting that we might Deep dive on in

John French
3:22:00 (0:00:28)

Future Okay and there's currently $25,000 in this year's budget dedicated to boat launch investigation and I wonder if you could refresh our memory on what the intended use of that money is desired results of spending that money and timeline around that

3:22:29 (0:01:28)

25,000 on that budget item for investigating the opportunity and the feasibility of boat launching in darl Bay that is a $25,000 item we are doing we will be doing detailed scoping following the completion of piece of work with the Marine access review staff see that as a largely technical exercise so the intention there is to bring on marine and Coastal Engineering specialization and expertise to basically understand the feasibility and the design of and the potential design and coo the ability to collocate a public boat launch there there's also engagement that will be involved with the Ministry of Transportation and highways because that area is under the ministerial order and under the sort of the jurisdiction of Modi so there will be an engagement component but it's largely a technical exercise as to timing we are waiting to complete this piece of work then we'll move on and we'll have to go out to an RFP to bring on that specialized expertise to help us as to timing we hope that it's a sort of a distinct and compact piece of work but we'll have to get back to you on the

John French
3:23:58 (0:00:36)

timing I think I have one more I I've been reminded and it's a good thing because either I missed it or it's completely slipped out of my mind the idea of possible leasing of land for parking in the current location of the boat launch can you refresh our memory on that is that happening is it a current

3:24:34 (0:02:19)

discussion thank you for the question yes in the Marine access review it was it has been identified the challenges and the struggles for boat launching in town we've spent a lot of time down there observing what's happening and speaking and engaging directly with the many land owners that have lands in the vicinity of the of the boat launch as council is aware the harbor Authority manage manages the water a lot but on the Upland side it's all private land and there's some Municipal Road right away so there are multiple land owners and they're all struggling and dealing with a lot of garbage abandoned trailers vessels in various States so there's significant com significant stuff to deal with there there's also the BCR right of way and so it's it is very challenging the role that staff have been playing to date has been understanding what the challenges are looking for like bringing land owners together to have conversation also with the Squamish Yacht Club and the harbor Authority manager so looking for Solutions Community Based Solutions we have not I will highlight for Council in the budget there is a modest amount that's highlighted for community supports for Community Land leasing in the budget but it's not until 2025 so there's no quick answers there unfortunately there's also I will say that through the oceanfront planning and for our transportation Network there is additional work that's happening around intersection design at Vancouver and loggers and G Brath and so we're trying to understand what is the future design for that area so that any interim Solutions don't hamstring us in future when we're trying to work through the actual intersection design some of the other additional challenges there are just the extent of the intersection it's on the truck route and we're about to open the Ocean Front Park so we're working closely with engineering bylaw and land owners to try and understand what the what the best approach is

John French
3:26:54 (0:00:36)

there great mayor through you I just want to thank a few people because this is a monster file and it's hard work and it's a file that has been contributed to by patient and respectful residents who have constructively added to the work that our staff has done so I want to thank folks like Trevor and Rich who helped me better understand what's going on down there so I can ask intelligent questions and get important information about our staff thanks

Armand Hurford
3:27:30 (0:00:07)

mayor thank you counselor I'm gonna go to councelor Anderson then Stoner and then Hamilton

Eric Andersen
3:27:38 (0:01:24)

thank you M MC Janet the this report concerning motorized launch facility circumstances and considerations is really very thorough lots to learn here I'll just list some of the areas that you've covered no defined planned and secured location for motorized vessel launching a launch facility and parking integration limited opportunities for that in certain parts of our waterfront downtown Peninsula you've got a list of sighting criteria costs and benefits and all these considerations that also would apply to fairies a fairy terminal now we don't address fairy terminals in this or passenger fairies in this report of course this is a topic it comes back again and again for house sound and it is currently an active topic and it should be of interest to us so where do we take that topic now I'm not suggesting that we rewrite this report but is there an opportunity perhaps in the upcoming or unfold Transportation master plan the last version did give attention to Intermodal considerations can we take this up so that we're prepared for opportunities with Fair's fast fair and the new technologies that exist today and that are being discussed in How

3:29:03 (0:00:08)

Sound thank you for the question sorry can you hear me okay I feel like I have to get a lot closer because my binder is so big

Armand Hurford
3:29:11 (0:00:03)

I think the levels are just fine

3:29:14 (0:02:21)

there we go thank you for the question on Marine transportation services certainly in the Marine zoning work that we did several years ago we identified Marine transportation service passenger Ferry water taxis this type of activity larger vessels as well as being a core part of that Marine M2 Zone within the community so we acknowledged that important use it is correct that we don't have any specific sites identified right now for an expansion of or Marine transportation service or fery use we there is an opportunity to address this within the Marine Transportation plan I did check on the status of the transportation master plan work to inquire as to whether or not this matter had been identified within that scope of work and identified that has come up in the engagement with the transportation master plan in terms of supporting future passenger ferry service the intention I understand from our engineering team is that they are looking to include recommendations that Transportation be cons that Marine passenger Ferry Transportation be considered to ensure that there's adequate support of future fairy Service and also all of the components that go along with that so insurance that there's adequate parking bike and vehicle Transit connectivity and essentially integration of suitable Transportation facilities with anything that is identified in the future to date it has highlighted the Daryl Bay Ferry Terminal but there's an opportunity to broaden that to consider any other future passenger Ferry type uses within the downtown I just want to highlight though that the scope for the transportation master plan is not to investigate a future Ferry location it's totally beyond the scope of the transportation plan but certainly identifying the types of facilities and services and connectivity with that use in future can be ID can be looked

Eric Andersen
3:31:36 (0:01:02)

at thank you of course our fairy terminal for 20 years not so long ago was at the foot of Main Street other question concerns the Marine sector impact study that we've been discussing for a couple of years as Council and with staff it is mentioned referenced a couple of times in the report and there's also a highlighting of the our core enabling sectors and our emergency sectors and the relative stake they have in our marine planning and it's clear that our core and enabling sectors Transportation forestry wood products and tourism have a huge take so my question is and I because I've seen various descriptions of our intentions with a marine sector impact study can staff give an update as to what the scope of that study may be and in particular with respect to those sectors that do have such a dependence on our marine planning and Waterfront thank

3:32:38 (0:01:38)

you through to council so at the very end of the Marine access review we do have a note around the Marine sector impact study stud work that has been identified through our Economic Development work and team the intention just to clarify the intention of that Marine impact study would be to look at the Marine sector within the community and look at basically the profile of that marinees sector and provide an in-depth review of sector needs impacts and then future opportunities arising from Marine economic activities within the community right now in terms of scoping there is no detailed scope that we have for council at this at this point in time it would be to be developed and as mentioned it would be dependent on resourcing and prioritization and finding some available grant funding to support that work the economic development staff and team and in our discussions have highlighted that a very holistic approach would be taken for this Marine sector work and it would include some of these additional sectors so that's the interesting thing about the Marine it sort of touches so many of these other sectors including forestry and shipping and Transportation a lot of those other a lot of those other sectors so staff would be bringing a scope of work to council before initiating that process in future

Eric Andersen
3:34:16 (0:00:00)


Armand Hurford
3:34:16 (0:00:04)

you very much thank you chair thank you next I have councelor Stoner and then

Jenna Stoner
3:34:21 (0:00:27)

Hamilton thank you through the chair a few questions and the first one may be a very silly one but in the report it speaks to the kind of shared visioning document that was presented by the Squamish Marine access collaboration group was curious if you can speak to any integration between that and the ongoing Sailing Center work at the oceanfront and if there's any tie in there

3:34:48 (0:01:22)

great question as far as I know they're very distinct there's distinct work happening going on so with the Sailing Center there's work happening with sailing BC and working with Matthews West to explore what that future facility and will be we know that there are there's interest in integration of additional Community users and groups similar to when we engaged with sailing BC they highlighted some other common examples like the Jericho Sailing Center and I think it's the hollyburn Sailing Club where there is additional access and some great synergies with local groups and I do know that there is some overlap between part people that are participating but they are distinct and the second piece was the swam do Club the paddle club and the Dragon Boat crew they are really Keen to get together and dream and identify some exciting opportunities that they would love to see as part of our Mamon blind Channel Waterfront and so they came together kind of self-organized and provided that input to the process so I think they're distinct but there's some

Jenna Stoner
3:36:11 (0:00:54)

overlap that's helpful context thank you and very much appreciated the enthusiasm and want to support it I just want to make sure that it ends up somewhere where ideally those grand Visions can actually be realized within the context so hopefully they we can continue to rely on those folks who are in both conversations to cross pollinate my second question was building on councelor French's question about I think it's recommendation 3.3 so examining and support Community Land leasing licensing on a short-term basis and appreciate that there's this is a complex issue and I think you explained that very well but I am curious so there's this modest amount of money in the 2025 budget if that money was available in 2024 could we move it

3:37:05 (0:00:55)

forward staff don't have a firm ability to commit to that work this year some of the challenges that have come up include the additional requirements to help support kind of safety and access in terms of that $10,000 what we've identified it's very modest amount some of it would be required for cleanup and then also for enforcement because of the area and there's so much traffic and also derel vehicles and vessels without active enforcement it becomes very hard to maintain that area so it's not just about some you know physical infrastructure and signage and cleanup it's also that enforcement piece so we can't commit to being able to do that work this

Jenna Stoner
3:38:01 (0:00:52)

year okay and just to follow up on that a little bit so the in the final report recommendation 3.2 which is the prioritized planning for sighting and securing of a permanent multi ramp boat launch in the 2500 that we have in the budget is on the same timeline as that other recommendation and knowing that we're operating with limited staff capacity on this file overall I'm just curious if you can speak to why we've prioritized kind of what feels like more of a medium planning as opposed to trying to provide at least an interim solution to the community that would feel a little bit more tangible I think I'm cognizant here that we've developed a plan that makes recommendations to refer it to a plan that'll be starting in 2025 and that feels challenging to me at this point so I'm just wondering if we can unpack that a little

3:38:54 (0:00:56)

bit I'll do my best thank you for the question in terms of the resourcing that's involved between interim land Leasing and helping to support and facilitate some solutions there as mentioned it's not just a matter of like some planning staff time it involves Public Works engineering Public Safety so there's a whole sort of Suite of additional staff departments that are involved in that the initiating and engaging a consultant to do the work at the for the Daryl bay boat launch feasibility assessment is largely outsourced with that fund with less involvement or not to say less involvement but it's not as much of a heavy lift across a whole Suite of Municipal departments and

Jenna Stoner
3:39:50 (0:00:52)

staff that's helpful thank you my third question was just around the timing of the recommendations in section two so the proposal is that the 2.3 create and embed Universal accessibility guidelines for marine access facilities and docks is kind of on the three to five year time frame but the incorporation of the recommendations out of this document into the parks and recck master plan is in the one to threee time frame and it feels like those Universal guidelines should be done first just in terms of we know that even through the work that we're doing through heroic Park when we account for the accessibility factors it usually means we need more space and more budget and so I'm just wondering if you can speak to the timeline of getting those done in advance of the parks and recm plan or the impact that might

3:40:43 (0:01:26)

have currently the parks and rec master plan is already in the budget and being resourced for the 2025 so that is just a year away so getting that going and as part of that more comprehensive review will be important the accessibility guidelines is kind of a smaller distinct piece of work we are already incorporating best practice and accessibility in the built environment design guidelines to the best of our ability within current projects and development review so that's already happening but there was less urgency around creating sort of some formalized guidelines I think that's definitely something that we want to do but it wasn't as important as bringing in some of these bigger kind of questions and pieces into the parks and rec master plan but some I think it's important to recognize too that there is some fluidity and when we go through strategic plan planning we can look at the whole Suite of recommendations in a holistic way and sort of tease out what you know the sequencing and what works best and it there may be some lwh hanging fruit that we can complete and get done but yeah without being in that strategic planning and space it's a little bit harder to speak

Jenna Stoner
3:42:09 (0:00:36)

to then one more quick one just looking at map seven appreciate the request that came from Squam Mar Nation to clarify that the Waterfront access at stopus is non-public it still is quite difficult to see so I just want I'm wondering if we can either make a change to the color of the icon and or the perimeter boundary of stopus make it orange which would align with no Public Access or restricted just to really help kind of clarify if you were to do a glance at the map that that's not in publicly access

3:42:46 (0:00:30)

facility thank you for the suggestion and just the observation we can definitely increase the point size on the text very easily the colors of the lines are a little bit more challenging but I will do my best to figure that out consistently stop Miss as a community boundary has been similar I cannot speak it has been consistently presented and across all the maps so we were trying to maintain that across the whole map series

Armand Hurford
3:43:17 (0:00:05)

thank you very much next I have councelor Hamilton then

Andrew Hamilton
3:43:22 (0:01:07)

Penning yeah thanks very much so the I'm struggling with the this the boat launch it seems like the rate of deterioration of our existing boat launch is outstripping whatever the future I think they planning towards the future of a boat launch at Daryl Bay sounds like a great idea it sounds like that's a long way away whenever the word Modi is used in a planning I think okay long way away do we have any is there any scope to find an interm solution or that that's what I I'm not understanding how we're going to find an interm solution because I see this becoming a deeper and deeper challenge for our community and our community getting more and more frustrated by it until the 10 or 15E Horizon where Daryl Bay might come to

3:44:30 (0:01:17)

existence thank you I appreciate the question certainly it's definitely a challenging situation the existing boat launch is a privately held facility and so to date we have highlighted the challenges es we have not made recommendation formally to invest or allocate funds in a significant way in terms of repair of the existing facility Council comment and Direction last June was a bit was cautionary around that because of the need to I guess the significant effort and investment that would be required we have been identifying or sort of following in the community to see what kind of community- based Solutions can be found but the question of that facility and the district including that larger facility in a community land lease has not been presented to date yon I don't know if you have anything more to add to that

3:45:47 (0:00:45)

through the mayor the only thing I would add does is that I think we're moving as capacity allows us at this point we're doing the pre-design or the conceptual design first which will allow us to get further on scoping this project and then Council will have to perhaps at some point make a decision whether this is something that the district should take on you know as a service Marine access for both launch but I think at this point we're doing we're taking all the steps we can to see if a new boat launch can be created and as Miss mcjannet pointed out it's not our facility so we can't really make a recommendation to invest in it at this

Andrew Hamilton
3:46:33 (0:01:37)

point yeah I fully respect like I'm personally of the opinion that we shouldn't be putting major public funds onto into private land without something that doesn't seem responsible to me a question about and this is my lack of understanding on boat launch facilities in this evening's meeting we've got a memo that speaks to the PDA for the oceanfront park and the oceanfront area that says the Sailing Center the provision of the Sailing Center to include clude a drive to boat launch temporary parking area etc so I understand that a fully planned out motorized boat launch contains parking area for the trailers preferably two lanes but if our existing boat launch or if a boat launch was single Lane small just accessible by motorized vehicles and then the drivers can figure out their trailer parking elsewhere if you're if you're in Squamish you can launch your boat drive your trailer home or wherever you park your trailer and come back not convenient but possible is that a use that can be facilitated at the Sailing Center or the in the proposed Sailing

3:48:10 (0:01:22)

Center thank you for the question through Council the ceiling Center facility as it's been conceptualized and identified in the phase development agreement has always included this idea of a basically a drive to and I maybe the wording is a little bit misleading it's basically a ramp that allows for dingies to be backed down into the water it's primarily for small craft sailboats it doesn't with the overall Master development plan the road Network and the Waterfront pathway that facility and how it's embedded in the ocean front has never AC has never been designed to for larger scale 25 foot plus you know recreational boats and larger boats with the circulation space so that what we tried to do in our Waterfront parks and inventory was to differentiate larger kind of boat launching like public boat launches from essentially the ramp that is being planned as part of the oceanfront Sailing Center so they're quite distinct and different hope that helps to

Andrew Hamilton
3:49:33 (0:00:18)

clarify is it in unimaginable or impossible for that facility to be upgraded to potentially launch larger motorized boats without parking without the Upland

3:49:51 (0:00:49)

parking what we've presented in the Marine access review is on the design criteria is that Nexus between the boat launch itself and then the required circulation space and access on the Upland so that's the 1 um8 to 2 acre kind of area even or like a single or you know just a two lane essentially that is not something that is able to be accommodated within the development plan at the ocean front and based on the zoning the master development plan it's very land intensive and yeah it hasn't been hasn't been integrated in that way so we've been looking at alternative exploration of other

Armand Hurford
3:50:41 (0:00:04)

sites okay thank you next have Council pingle

Chris Pettingill
3:50:45 (0:01:13)

yeah thanks a couple things and maybe I'll pick up so you know we've seen with a current boat launch some real risk again partly due to damage but also because people I gather are parking there maybe getting on a ferry and going somewhere to work but taking up the space and effectively blocking it from use and you know when I think about we've identified three key sites for a boat launch and so on and so given the sort of immediacy of the current problems and we know we've identified some favorite sites is it possible is a reason why we wouldn't take that $25,000 and use it to secure parking and a bit of enforcement to at the very least try and minimize some of the damaging use of I get the launch is not ours but some of the parking road wideway is and maybe we could secure that and then you know at least secure what access we can for more Community use of that boat launch and would that be a better way to in the short term given everything else where all the competing factors to kind of get through the next couple

3:51:59 (0:01:11)

years thank you for the question the recommendations that we put forward have been more modest supportive action around supporting solutions for the boat launch with the private land owners and the organizations that are involved there I think one of the reasons we did that was because to spend a larger amount Upfront for a solution that may not be a good location for the launch in the long term we wanted to support that longer term View and effort to start to look at the feasibility of Daryl Bay primarily as the front runner for that site for the boat launch site so that was a recommendation that was made last June and supported around the table we didn't see a here a lot of kind of Divergent recommendation around that but if Council wants to reopen that discussion certainly we are here to support further discussion on

Chris Pettingill
3:53:11 (0:01:42)

that okay I'll just flag that as that's an area of uncertain for me I think we didn't have some of the use and damage or at least I didn't have an awareness of it so it seems to me the context in the immediacy of the current launch is different than when we spoke last June from my perspective and you know I'm not talking about investing in the launch itself it's just you know securing some of the parking and protecting what access we can as opposed to investment but I'll leave that there for now in the report there's a fair bit of discussion around the you know ecological environmental values user conflicts the vandon vessels and a number of things that are sort of areas of Interest or concern and then on the other side desire for more access and presumably one of the benefits of limited access is you're not exacerbating those other problems and as soon as we get more access all those other problems get bigger and I'm not sort of understanding or seeing a clear relationship so you know the as I read the report it seems to imply if we could get a 20 Lane boat launch with you know 100 acres of parking we'd want to do that but actually looking at these other things I'm not sure we would so I guess my question is how are we understanding the right size of both motorized and non-motorized access so not just the launch but the Sailing Center and so on all this access we want to add in consideration of these other sort of competing factors like how are we balancing

3:54:54 (0:02:44)

those through Council there's such A diversity of marine access opportunities and infrastructure that the community is looking to see from very small you know paddle board or kayak put-ins to much larger motorized vessel activity so it's that balancing point in terms of all those various uses and where they can reasonably occur we have a lot of areas for example in the Estuary it's a great example where it's a managed area for wildlife protection but it's very high interest and a beautiful place for people to recreate those values and human use pieces are very much recognized in the Estuary master plan but the idea there for that is to help support and designate