Regular Council - 02 Apr 2024

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
6.A.i: Development Variance Permit No. DVP00023 – 38920 Northridge Drive
7.A: Staff Recommendation:
7.A.i: Committee of the Whole Meeting: March 19, 2024
7.A.ii: Regular Business Meeting: March 19, 2024
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7: CORRESPONDENCE - Referred to Staff
7.C: STAFF UPDATES - For Information
9.A.i: District of Squamish 2024-2028 Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 3025, 2023 Amendment (Carry Forward) Bylaw No. 3037, 2024
10.A.i: Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026 Update
10.B.i: Appointment of Approving Officers
12.i: 0318 M. Simmons Re. Eagle Viewing Area Safety Concern and Recommendation
1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
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Armand Hurford
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hello everyone and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday April 2nd as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional and unseated territory of the skish nation please be advised that this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the District of SCH website following the meeting if you have concerns please notify the corporate officer present at the meeting which in this case would be Miss Wells I believe oh Melissa would be okay thank you

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Armand Hurford
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the we have no oh can I have someone move adoption of the agenda please move by councelor Stoner second by councelor French all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you we have no delegation petitions or Proclamation requests tonight

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Thomasina Pigeon, representing the vehicle residents of Squamish, addressed the council to request an immediate amendment to the bylaw that prohibits people from sleeping in their vehicles. Pigeon highlighted the ongoing enforcement of this bylaw through other regulations, such as the three-day camping bylaw, and presented evidence of enforcement actions on social media. She criticized the council for prioritizing other projects over the well-being of vehicle residents and expressed frustration over the lack of progress since 2019. Pigeon emphasized the urgency of the situation, noting the impact on the community's physical and mental health, and the increasing number of people living in vehicles due to the housing crisis.

The council, led by Mayor Armand Hurford, discussed the request for unscheduled public attendance. Councillor Lauren Greenlaw expressed support for addressing vehicle residency issues, and the council agreed to hear the delegation before item 10A on the agenda. Subsequently, Mike McKenzie, identifying as part of the Salish peoples, shared his experiences of harassment and threats after speaking at a public meeting and detailed the challenges he faced, including being illegally evicted and having his car towed. The council decided to refer McKenzie's concerns to staff for further investigation, emphasizing the need for a structured approach to address individual challenges and the impacts of bylaws on residents. The council took a recess following the discussions.

Armand Hurford
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so our next order business is consideration of unscheduled public attendance so this is if a member of the public has a matter they would like to get before councel before that is urgent or emerging in nature before the next and needs to be dealt with sorry before our next scheduled council meeting in two weeks this would be your opportunity to make a case for that I see I see two so I are you going to see okay go ahead so I think we've got a wonderful Canadian standoff of no after you but someone will need to go first so why don't we you're there you go pH okay so if you could please start so just to be clear on procedure here this is a bit of an interesting piece is right now this would be your opportunity to address Council and as to why your matter is urgent and deserves to be discussed on the agenda later this evening so it's the urgency that's the important part here not the not the entirety of the issue and then Council will have a conversation around that and vote and if successful then unscheduled public attendance happens later on in the in the agenda so I know some folks have been have witnessed this process before but sometimes it can get a little awkward where you're where you're arguing the point or the issue rather than the timing which is the first piece of the of the conversation so I hope that's I hope that's helpful and I'll turn the floor over to you have five minutes to just cancel

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thank you yeah I'm Thomasina pigeon address is in Squamish we I'm here as part of the vehicle res of Squamish I'm sure you recognize some of the people in the audience who have come tonight pretty much last minute we here in November as you would likely remember to ask also for a similar unscheduled appearance to have for immediate Amendment to the bylaw that forbids people from sleeping in their vehicles as you know that we had a presentation Council motion to move it to the Strategic plan but we're finding out tonight that we have been completely dismissed again it's been since 2019 since we've been dismissed we're also told that you guys are told we're told that you guys are told that the bot is not being enforced but I would like you to be aware that there are other ways the bylaw is being enforced and there are different ways that the bylaw attacks like different bylaws regulate vehicle residents such as the three-day camping bylaw and if you see our social media you'll see some documentation of that happened in January so yeah so we're aware that the vehical residency policy was basically pushed aside so was the Consultants report which was finished which you're also told the wrong information with that was deemed a low priority while things that were considered a priority were the pickle block port a new website both which already exist the Waterfront Park and the airport strategy should not have import should not have priority over the physical and mental health being of people that live in this community we weren't surprised by this decision but we're not fools and we are human so we want this is important because we want a substantial reason why we're dismissed again and this also is urgent because I'm not sure you know this or not but the campground is also not letting their like the workers there to stay in the campground this summer people have already been kicked out of the campground already this year it just open because they've expired the 14-day limit there are people that have worked at the campground and that work at the campground that here right now that can speak to that the Walmart situation has not disappeared it's just been dispersed and the baa yeah the baa is being enforced in different ways and I think you really need to recognize that even people with vehicles parked in front of their houses that our vans are being targeted throughout this winter yeah my point I guess is that I don't think you're going to let us to speak but I do want to have my say because this is supposed to be a democracy you can't get rid of us as much as you want to you may think that we're like low value because we don't pay property tax even though we've offered through the permit system and so much as you start I really think you guys need to start thinking outside of the so-called House housing crisis which is basically created by the economic system called capitalism the number people living in vehicles is only going to increase it is only increasing and so are the in regulations of Target vehicle residents the housing first approach does not work the bot does not work Thomas yeah I know but you're not going to let me finish so let me finish my last few sentences we've tried to work within the system since 2019 to find alternatives to the punitive byw that wakes us up in the middle of the night youve left us no alternative but to take alternative actions so I think you all should be really ashamed of yourself as well as staff we are people economics should not come over us thank

Armand Hurford
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you okay Council we have a request a request for unscheduled public attendance as out as outlined and I'd be looking for to council to see if there's appetite for this for that to occur at this meeting is that your is that your motion Council green or would you like to

Lauren Greenlaw
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speak well I agree I think that I do think we need to find a better solution for vehicle residency in our community and I do think that there are people who are unduly suffering because of our current legislation but yeah so I think they should have time to speak

Armand Hurford
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okay thank you I was trying to get to the and I know it's challenging when it's to stick to the point as to like why tonight to address this and that's really the question that we're that we're trying to Grapple with here so do you are you making that motion that we hear from them tonight is that am I hearing you correctly yes thank you is there a second or to the motion go ahead councelor Stoner are you seconding that

Jenna Stoner
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I'd like to Second it with a proposed amendment if it's friendly that we hear from the delegation before item

Armand Hurford
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10A okay so I'll look to the Mover is that a friendly Amendment essentially suspending the order so that we so that if that opportunity is something that Council supports that it happens prior to the agenda item that so it actually makes some chronological sense here okay would you like to speak further to your motion no you did you're okay any other comments on the motion okay so seeing none I'll call the question all in favor motion carries thank you so that will that'll slot into I guess it now becomes 10 10A or

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do you want to do

Armand Hurford
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okay yeah let's we had another hand as well we just we'll see how we actually number the pieces on the agenda following this discussion Mr McKenzie and you I won't try to take the full five I just that's okay that's okay it's but really the urgency is the piece that we're that we're looking to understand yeah for this context just to and then the big conversation comes after so go ahead yeah

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yeah I want to recognize that we're on the land of the Salish peoples this is the Salish territory it's very large one of the largest territories in the world my name is Mike McKenzie I come from the squap nation which is part of the Salish peoples I've lived in Bish since September of 2022 because we were forced here because of the cost of living in the interior Under One Roof and some other organizations had always been there for us in a way that we never ever expected it's been really helpful for us we had a local church help us out to get housing up at the University in the dormitories we had that housing we still to the state haven't been able to find other housing the problem that I have today is that for when I when I went to a meeting last March in 2023 in this town it was a wood fiber LNG meeting Forest meeting something like that and I had spoke about how they had missed priorities on the indigenous aspects of the agenda after that meeting my wife and I were harassed straight up until December of 2023 to the point where it was like life or death in our mind and coming into September last year we kept getting harassed we were getting threatened we were getting bothered for bringing this stuff up and we were holding accountable different organizations in the town trying to get to the bottom of what was happening against us and the most important thing that I'm bringing today is that our car has been parked in front of Under One Roof since October at the end of October 2022 it has been in the exact same spot since the end of October 2022 last October Under One roof mentioned that bylaws might move it I come here and I held accountable some people there was a subtle agreement that it wouldn't be moved I don't know how that moved forward and then this last month I started escalating against wlng and Forest Pipeline and we were illegally evicted from the University three full buildings and then now our car was towed today without even a chance to dispute it over there so my concern and what I would like to come to councel about is that like you're putting vulnerable people who can't afford anything who don't have any options who don't have any support who don't have any advocacy whatsoever in this community in a position where we can't afford whatever is going to happen that the car was towed at about 350 the ticket was on the car at 322 I was in the middle of disputing the ticket thinking about coming here tonight to figure out a way forward and they took my our vehicle but they left all the other vehicles with all the tickets on them right there they had two tow trucks there they only took my vehicle I've received death threats for the last two weeks I received one at the library I received one in this room I am tired of what is happening to me I think that this is a very serious against my life and my life might be threatened and nobody is helping me and I would like the district to take action against the developer that owns those dormitories because he's put us in a vulnerable position they're violating bylaws they're blaming it on calano University the same people are all connected they all work together there's contracts with every one of them they all have communication or Partnerships agreements including with the District of Squamish and I don't like this is not fair I should not be dealing with this our car should not have been towed today I'm surprised that all these people are here tonight they've got their own issue but the thing is that they're talking about something very similar to us we lived in our car in front of Under One Roof from the end of September until the end of November 202 to we were never bothered nothing ever happened to us and our car has been parked there ever since and the only thing that is consistent with the action that is happening against us right now is the threats that are coming against us right now so I would like Council to be an advocate I'd like to find a way forward perhaps Council can propose a way forward but there are bylaws there are all these different pieces but we can't Loosely we can't Loosely put the law on people when we feel like it and when we don't feel like it and that's what I'm concerned about here today the most is that there's is this is just uncalled for and I I'm not dealing with this anymore I'll probably have to what sue the district or something to get my car back to get you guys to a to like these are the kinds of things I'm thinking about in my head like what are the options forward when our car is in an impound for no reason your bylaw Services didn't even take the other vehicles today the guy came out negotiated with bylaws left his car they took ours

Armand Hurford
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yeah thank you for your for your sub for your submission I'm sorry to hear about the challenges that you're

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oh I'm also commissioner of the unseed law Response Group I'm an indigenous leader I'm former National indigenous youth representative I carried the flag and represented indigenous peoples in Ottawa for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission done a lot of work in this country okay thank you and it's unseated land

Armand Hurford
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thank you Council on this one I think it is just it's hard to bring procedure to figure out how we can best treat this I think we've not only heard the urgency I understand that this is something that's emerging for you today as well and thus is I think it'll

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escalate before the next meeting

Armand Hurford
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yeah no that thank you for that I'm just trying to frame this for Council so Council again and unscheduled attendance I'm looking for have any comments or questions from Mr McKenzie or is there anyone that would like to move that we hear from Mr McKenzie further later in the meeting is that your hand counselor soner I see

Jenna Stoner
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the I'm just trying to figure out the best approach there's obviously viously lots of layers here and thank you for coming this evening Mr McKenzie I think my motion would be that we refer Mr McKenzie to staff I don't have the details necessary to make an informed decision on how we best help you I'm happy to have a conversation during a break or after this meeting but I don't think that through this particular council meeting we're going to get to a solution on your particular personal challenge and so I'm hesitant to put forward a motion this

Armand Hurford
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time thank you staff

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is weighing the law you guys are the lawmakers

Armand Hurford
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we're I understand the perspective we're just trying to maintain order to get through yeah the decision and I think that as clumsy as the system feels at times it's meant to when working well which is what we strive for it's meant to be to give us some structure to challenge to have challenging con conversations so if we could refrain from commenting we have a motion from are you m that's is that a motion that you're making there councelor soner is it are you speculating on a motion you may make both are on

Jenna Stoner
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side I'll propose a motion that we refer Mr McKenzie to staff for

Armand Hurford
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followup thank you is there a seconder for the motion councelor Hamilton okay councelor S I believe you were your earlier comments suffice to speaking to this would you like to speak to this

Andrew Hamilton
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counc yeah thank you very much for coming Mr McKenzie with your with your challenges I think it's really important for us to understand for us around this table to understand how our bylaws are impacting people it's also important for us to understand that our role cannot be to solve individual challenges one of our important one of the very important and Powerful pieces about our

Armand Hurford
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responsibility just one sec we're going to we're speaking to the to the

Andrew Hamilton
0:20:16 (0:00:37)

motion so in order for us to clearly reflect upon the impacts of our bylaws and the impacts of our staff and our actions as a as a district we need to have clear communication and clear thought put to the issue from our staff which is why I support the motion that this gets referred to staff and then brought back to council with some if staff have some thing they need to bring back to council that's why I believe it's important this is referred to

Armand Hurford
0:20:53 (0:00:19)

staff oh that's so just for a second I just want to clarify the with the moover or the motion as do maybe I'll go to the minute terer so I understand exactly what we the motion is because I think some of the comments I heard there might have gone a little beyond what the motion was just to

0:21:13 (0:00:03)

clarify I have that Mike McKenzie be referred to staff for further

Armand Hurford
0:21:19 (0:00:04)

followup okay thank you yeah would you like to

Andrew Hamilton
0:21:23 (0:00:12)

clarify I presume that if staff find a challenge within the bylaws within our bylaws they will bring it to us for some change that was the context of the returning comment thank

Armand Hurford
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you thank you for that for that Clarity other comments on the motion go ahead Council

Lauren Greenlaw
0:21:43 (0:00:26)

green I'll speak in favor of the motion I just I'm not sure how we would address all of these issues this evening in Council so I kind of think there needs to be more staff background put in into it and present it to us but again I am also happy to meet personally as well to get more acquainted with the issues and see if there are any action items that we can take as a

Armand Hurford
0:22:10 (0:00:03)

council thank you other comments Council pill

Chris Pettingill
0:22:14 (0:00:34)

yeah likewise I it sounds like a further conversation with staff might be appropriate in terms of also understanding appeals processes and so on for tickets and also happy as well if there are broader bylaw changes policy changes that need to be made you know happy to have one-on-one conversation and figure out what those are but I think in terms of the immediate and a specific instance against with existing bylaws sort of understanding the process we have in place to deal with those would make

Armand Hurford
0:22:48 (0:00:24)

sense thank you other comments yeah sorry at this at this point this is a m Mr M Mr McKenzie at this Mr McKenzie at this point just I just want to make one

0:23:12 (0:00:22)

point seems to be driven actually leveling anation here today that they are colluding with wood fiber that is my opinion indigenous

Andrew Hamilton
0:23:35 (0:00:01)

knowledge okay

0:23:36 (0:00:05)

I st have theity to deal needs to be dealt at a govern

Armand Hurford
0:23:41 (0:00:18)

level okay I appreciate that perspective Mr McKenzie what I'm trying to articulate is that at this point in a in any Council motion when it gets to this point in the in when it gets to this point of the conversation this is a this is a debate amongst

0:23:59 (0:00:07)

amongst Council one of them

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0:24:08 (0:00:11)

Mr one of them came on Thursday when it was time to go for Easter you guys are messing with me with the system and it's on your shoulders you're going to refer to staff the

Armand Hurford
0:24:19 (0:00:07)

culprits Mr McKenzie it's my opinion I'm allowed you are allowed but P I'm trying to

0:24:27 (0:00:07)

keep do you care about what is happening to one of the only indigenous advocates in this

Armand Hurford
0:24:34 (0:00:24)

community M Mr McKenzie this point in the proceedings is a debate amongst Council as to the direction that we that we choose here I appreciate that and I'm trying not to I'm not entering into debate with you on the to on the topic I'm trying to say that we this is the time for Council to debate the motion that was put for

0:24:58 (0:00:27)

by and deaths in the last week one of them from a staff member at the library one of them was from somebody who was sitting in this Gallery listening to the wood was from organized crime indust risking my life

Armand Hurford
0:25:25 (0:00:14)

even I appreci I don't app I think that is those are terrible things to have happened and but I Mr McKenzie you're the leader you got to

0:25:40 (0:00:13)

do something chief who's the chief in coun listen Mak

Chris Pettingill
0:25:53 (0:00:03)

ccor Penning I wonder if we might have a small recess

Armand Hurford
0:25:57 (0:02:15)

mayor I'd like to find a way through this discussion then first I think we I think there's a PA the path through here thank you and now I want to be clear I'm we need to make sure that we are these systems are challenging to operate with within so but when it gets to this point in the conversation this is a debate amongst Council as to why we're taking a specific action so right now we have a motion that this be referred to staff and when we do that it's that's directed to be directed to the appropriate to whomever the CEO deems appropriate to that to be so given the nature of your of your challenges that's what that's what's being proposed here and I'm supportive of that of that direction and I will articulate why is this table deals with directional D strategic Direction and sets goals and targets we don't we don't have invest investigative Powers around threats to individuals and so on so we need and we don't achieve really anything without our staff to provide that expertise and guidance and so I think that's the appropriate step at this point as a as a body personally I've heard from my colleagues as well that there's interest to meet individually to understand your further your concerns and I encourage you to take those opportunities and I would happy to provide one as well but some matters are there are procedures in place for challenging bylaws there's procedures in place for residency tency and so on that are outside of the this their systems that are outside of this

0:28:12 (0:00:03)

room developable you hold industry

Armand Hurford
0:28:15 (0:00:03)

account we do that is

0:28:19 (0:00:08)

our I understand stupid I've been on some of the most powerful councils in this country when it comes to add rights issues

Armand Hurford
0:28:27 (0:01:02)

okay the at this point we need to call the question and so all in favor of the motion any opposed motion carries thank you so Mr McKenzie that our staff will be re reaching out to you to discuss this matter and if they run up against areas of areas of authority where they need support from Council to achieve some outcome then they'll come to us with that and I know that I have heard through this conversation that folks will be willing to meet with you individually and I think that's the appropriate way to move this forward right now but it but that so this motion passing and that referral being made is I think the strongest action we can take on this matter at this it's appropriate to take on this matter at this at this table and that's where that's where we

0:29:29 (0:00:17)

are so see if there was anything Mike McKenzie suggested suggest that you do not weigh the B however you

Armand Hurford
0:29:47 (0:09:07)

feel thank you I appreciate that so Council maybe we'll take a five minute recess to reset and we'll move on with our with our agenda e thank you welcome back

Development Variance Permit No. DVP00023 – 38920 Northridge Drive
0:38:54 (0:08:57)

Brian Dy, a planner with Community Planning, presented Development Variance Permit number 23 to the District of Squamish Council. The permit sought a reduction in the interior side setback for an existing accessory building to facilitate a subdivision application at 38920 Northridge Drive in the Hospital Hill Neighborhood. The proposal aimed to subdivide lot 47 along the current shared property line between two properties and then consolidate it with the lots fronting Northridge Drive, resulting in fewer lots than currently exist. The variance was necessary to bring an existing accessory building into compliance with zoning bylaw requirements, as subdivisions cannot create non-conformance with zoning bylaw requirements. Staff supported the variance request, noting that the structures were existing, the variance would have no impact on neighboring properties, and the overall number of lots would be reduced. The staff also followed legislated and District processes for engagement, with no comments received prior to the meeting, and recommended that Council approve DVP number 23.

During the discussion, Council members expressed their views and asked questions about the proposal. Councillor Stoner inquired about the developability of the property, to which it was clarified that while predominantly encumbered by a hydro right-of-way, small areas could potentially be developed subject to environmental setback requirements. Council members Andrew Hamilton and Eric Andersen spoke in favor of granting the variance, highlighting the minimal impact on neighbors and the potential for enhanced beneficial use of the properties, including innovative environmental practices already in place. Mayor Armand Hurford also voiced his support, noting the appropriateness of using the variance process in this instance and the legitimacy of the existing building's placement. The motion to approve the Development Variance Permit number 23 was carried unanimously by the Council.

Armand Hurford
0:38:54 (0:00:35)

we're now on to item six 6A subset one which is a develop development variance permit DVP number 23 for 38920 North Ridge Drive and there will be a opportunity for the proponent and members of the public to be heard in respect to this matter but first we'll hear from staff and then I will go into the details of how to participate and weigh in on the development variants permit so I will now turn it over to staff introduce themselves and the topic

0:39:29 (0:02:24)

thank you mayor Herford good evening mayor and Council my name is Brian Dy planner with Community planning I'm here tonight to present development variance permit number 23 which is requesting a reduction to the interior side setback for an existing accessory building to facilitate a subdivision application the subject property is located at 38920 Northridge Drive in the hospital Hill Neighborhood 38920 and 3 8926 North Ridge Drive share ownership of lot 47 a 7 7,300 met parcel to the east that is also zoned rs1 no development is proposed as part of the variance or subdivision application as such it does not trigger the requirements for development permit Area 1 protection of the environment DVP 23 requests a variance to reduce the interior side setback for an existing accessory billing to allow for subdivision of lot 47 The Proposal is to subdivide lot 47 along the current shared property line between the two properties then consolidate it with the Lots fronting Northridge Drive resulting in fewer Lots than currently exist there are existing accessory buildings on lot 47 and the introduction of a new property line would create non-conformance with the required interior side setback for one of the buildings subdivisions cannot create non-conformance with zoning byw requirements as such a variance is required prior to subdivision approval a variance to section 4.4 dii of the zoning BW is requested to reduce the side stepback requirements for an existing accessory building from 1.52 meters to 0.3 meters which would bring the structures into compliance with the zoning bylaw upon subdivision and consolidation of lot 47 staff were supportive of the variance request as the structures are existing and the variance would have no impact on neighboring properties the overall number of lots would be reduced from three separate Parcels to two larger Parcels staff are supportive of this proposal given that lot 47 does not have practical access and subdivision and subsequent consolidation would not allow for separate residential development to occur on lot 47 legislated and District processes for engagement were followed for this application a development sign was installed on the property and the project was posted to the online development showcase variance notification was delivered to adjacent properties within 100 meters no comments were received prior to this meeting so staff recommend that Council approve DVP number 23 and that the mayor and corporate officer be authorized to execute the development variance permit that concludes my presentation I'm happy to take questions at this

Armand Hurford
0:41:54 (0:00:14)

time thank you so council do we have any questions on this matter before I go into the script about proponent and public participation any questions y go ahead councelor Stoner

Jenna Stoner
0:42:09 (0:00:07)

thank you can I just clarify that lot 47 is predominantly environmentally sensitive area and

0:42:16 (0:00:18)

non-developable through the mayor it is predominantly encumbered by hydrative way so that covers almost the entire property but there are some small areas that could be developed but again they would be subject to dpa1 that would have to establish the required setbacks from the environmentally sensitive

Armand Hurford
0:42:34 (0:02:26)

areas thank you any other questions before we go to the public on this one okay I do have a bit of a script to read here so bear with me please the proponent and members of the public will be given an opportunity to be heard in respect to council's consideration of development ver variance permit number DVP 23 for 38920 Northridge Drive there is one proposed variance to the zoning bylaw which is outlined in the stat in the staff report included as part of the agenda and available on the district website members of the public are reminded that you may only speak to the variances during this process the variance is under section 4.4 section dii to vary the setback from 1.52 M to 0. 3 meters we're trying to make this a safe space for everyone to voice their opinion without interference from others therefore I ask that members of the public maintain order and quiet during the process please do not applaud or interrupt any speech or action of members of council or any other person addressing Council all speakers will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to address Council for all speakers please start your remarks by clearly stating your name and neighborhood I will first call on speakers participating in person please raise your hand and wait to be recognized and approach the podium details to participate by telephone or the WebEx platform are displayed on the screen for those who have logged in from your computer or are watching the live stream of the meeting instructions are also included on the district's website there'll be a moderator who will communicate with people participating online please note this meeting is being recorded and web streamed live and the recording will be posted on the district's website media may be present and the public can advise the media if they don't want their picture taken so with that I will see if anyone I'll start with the proponent if the proponent here this is an opportunity for a proponent to address Council otherwise I'll move on to members of the public not seeing any I'll go on to are there any members of the public that wish to speak to this development variance permit this evening for 38920 Northridge Drive seeing none in person I will go look to our moderator to see if there's anyone online that would like to offer a comment on this

0:45:01 (0:00:03)

matter nobody with their hands raised

Armand Hurford
0:45:05 (0:00:49)

online I'll give a I'll go back to the room I'm not seeing anyone with their with a raised hand I'm also try trying to buy the folks online a little bit of time as sometimes those prompts can be challenging to navigate to have yourself heard I'm not seeing anything from our moderator so that concludes the opportunity to comment on this matter and we'll go to back to council we have a staff recommendation before us is someone is there interest in MO advancing that or some an alternate to that go ahead I'll move the staff recommendation thank you second in by counselor French would you like to speak to

Andrew Hamilton
0:45:54 (0:00:17)

it thanks very much I think this is a quite a reasonable request the side this side setback is doesn't appear to be impacting many if any neighbors and it's simply for one building so I think this is an appropriate application for

Armand Hurford
0:46:11 (0:00:04)

DVP thank you other comments go ahead councelor Anderson

Eric Andersen
0:46:16 (0:00:52)

thank you I'm also speaking in favor of granting this variance one thing that might emerge is better dialogue with the with two property ers respectively and BC Hydro One of the issues here because it is very Steep and unstable terrain is the Hydro Redway maintenance but the other thing that occurs to me over time is that particularly on propos lot a there has been a long standing sensitive and in Innovative use of that property where we see the out buildings are in question including a homemade photovoltaic setup and green houses so I think that this could this could result in enhanced beneficial use of the properties and a benefit to the type of landscape it is which is very

Armand Hurford
0:47:09 (0:00:42)

steep thank you for that other comments I'll Venture my own speaking in support of the motion I think this is a as others have mentioned a very appropriate use of this variance process I think the given that the variance is really to legitimize a building that before it's issued is already legitimate in its in its placement and its structure makes this very easy to support for me so thank you for staff for your work on this and with that I'll call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries unanimously thank you next

0:47:51 (0:00:27)

Armand Hurford
0:47:51 (0:00:27)

up we have the consent agenda if anyone would like to pull anything this would be your opportunity to do so it's looking lighter than normal this evening so are you moving councelor French moves the consent agenda I'll second that all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you we're now on to item

District of Squamish 2024-2028 Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 3025, 2023 Amendment (Carry Forward) Bylaw No. 3037, 2024
0:48:18 (0:00:42)

Armand Hurford
0:48:19 (0:00:41)

9A which is bylaws for adoption and we have our District of Squamish 2024 to 2028 5year financial plan bylaw number 3025 the 2023 Amendment so this is carry forwards and this is bylaw number 3037 2024 someone move adoption moved by councelor Hamilton second by councelor French all in favor any opposed motion carries I'm hearing an echo somewhere you got it all right thank you okay so next up this is where

0:49:00 (0:06:48)

During the unscheduled public attendance segment of the District of Squamish Council meeting, two speakers addressed the council regarding the issue of homelessness and the perceived problem of garbage and waste attributed to the van-living community in Squamish. The first speaker, referencing a counter-mapping project in Los Angeles' Skid Row, suggested that the real issue was not the homeless population but rather the city's failure to provide adequate public toilets and garbage disposal facilities. They argued that the van-living community was unfairly stigmatized and targeted by regulations such as no-camping bylaws and restrictions on vehicle size, advocating for amendments to focus on preventing problematic behaviors rather than penalizing the act of sleeping in vehicles. The second speaker, William, shared his observations from working for a contractor for BC Parks, noting that the majority of trash collected was from tourists rather than the van-living community, and suggested the council consider allocating land for those living in vans or tents to help retain low-income workers in Squamish.

The council's response, led by Mayor Armand Hurford, acknowledged the presentations and indicated that the issues raised were pertinent to the strategic plan update, which was the next agenda item. Mayor Hurford suggested that the presentations provided a catalyst for the upcoming discussion on the strategic plan, implying that the concerns of the speakers would be considered in that context. The mayor then proceeded to transition to the strategic plan update presentation, indicating that the council would delve deeper into the matter as part of their broader strategic planning efforts. This response suggested a willingness to consider the issues raised by the speakers, although specific outcomes or decisions were not detailed in this segment of the meeting.

Armand Hurford
0:49:00 (0:00:52)

we where we susp we've suspended the order of the agenda so we will now hear the unscheduled public attendance and I made a bit of a mistake earlier in our procedure bylaw says two minutes to speak to why and actually two minutes to address Council we used five in the start so I'm going to mirror that here as well I think that makes that makes sense and so your the floor will be yours for the for the five minutes as we've that's where we've got to but just for all of our Collective memories it's a two minutes is the normal operating which I will starting point so go ahead your mic will turn there you go you have five minutes to address Council

0:49:52 (0:00:06)

I do have a question is it per is it allowed that someone else also speaks after I am done if I'm

Armand Hurford
0:49:58 (0:00:10)

quick however you'd like to divide these five minutes and they would need to do an introduction as well but besides that that's fine and I haven't started the watch yet so there you go time is yours

0:50:09 (0:02:27)

okay thank you again yeah so I just like to a few comments I kind of said a lot of what I already had to say but I mean if you could solve our problem you'd also be solving one of Mike McKenzie's problem that is I just want to take into something that I learned recently in school so skid R in La it's a it's a homeless encampment a really large one that's been there for years and the City used the narrative to clean up the streets because the people there were a risked Public Health due to garbage and human waste however The Advocates there did a counter mapping project and discovered that the fault was not actually with the onh housee populations but it was with the city for failure to put in more garbage cans and toilets and I would like you guys I think I might actually take do this counter mapping project because I think it's a really important thing to show how you're failing in providing just general toilets and public toilets and garbage cans for the general public because since we do get blamed for that I don't think that's a very it's a very stigmatized complaint towards us and I know it's not it shouldn't be vehicle res should not be targeted for putting for being the blame for garbage like John French once said in a CBC news article I think also stop measuring people on the basis of their consumption and wealth and acknowledge that this the property interest that this bot has property value you know property speculation there's a lot of Real Estate here and yeah and just about the bot itself like winter is more relaxed but we are already in March people are already getting Kitty out of the campground I know that you're told that it's not complaint driven but it is and I shared actually three documents with Jenna I don't know if you got the email or not but it says that they do actively seek us out different regulations attempt to manage Us in different ways no camping bylaw 3-day parkings limitations on parking size like parking size of the vehicles like no RVs on this road and that road and so yeah I guess the whole purpose is I think we the B needs to be amended to like we said from day one focus on the things that are preventative garbage waste there's nothing harmful about sleeping in a vehicle Alone or with like whatever sorry there's nothing harmful about sleeping in a vehicle and yeah and the like the B is really inhumane and it really needs to be changed and I think amending the B is something that you can do you put it on the agenda you amend Bas all the time so why can you not amend the B to focus on not the sleeping but on the problematic Behavior which is garbage and people so-call although I don't really think that's the real issue Will's gonna say something and then

Armand Hurford
0:52:36 (0:00:02)

thank you hit the halfway mark perfectly there so

0:52:39 (0:01:47)

hi there my name is William I'm a worker for a contractor that works for BC parks and throughout three years of working over there this so-called trash problem from the van Community I have to say is from my Viewpoint not real because on weekends we average around four times the amount of trash that we collect during 5 days of the week and for litters on the left on the ground that's about 10 times the amount during the weekend compared to what we pick up throughout the five days of the week so I think it's important to acknowledge the fact that this trash problem might not come from the van live people but maybe more from tourism and again the lack of trash can and perhaps workers that could help pass the word along or something like that another thing that I would like to add is maybe if the council would want to open up a piece of land for people who are living in Squamish in such things as Vans or tents or anything that they see as their home would be very helpful in keeping low Revenue staff of Squamish because a lot of people who work low paying jobs are forced out into Vans and I feel like it is urgent to address the fact that once everyone that's low Revenue gets kicked out of town then who's going to work these do these jobs thank you

Armand Hurford
0:54:27 (0:01:27)

thank you so I think that thank you for the for your presentation I think this conversation was something that was referred to our strategic plan update which is the next item on the agenda which is why we sort of shuffled the order so you had a chance to speak to it before we sort of contemplated next steps so I'm going to move to the next to that item on the agenda which isn't exclusively this but that was the Catalyst for being here today so I think that's the appropriate step at this point so we're GNA have yeah a quick we we'll have a presentation here from some of our staff members on that matter we'll give them a minute or two to get to get prepared to deliver that

Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026 Update
0:55:48 (1:51:26)

Linda Glend, the Chief Administrative Officer, and Julie Veni, the General Manager of Community Development, presented an update on the District of Squamish's Strategic Plan. They highlighted the need to prioritize tactics due to significant changes and challenges faced by the district, including new provincial housing legislation and a $7 million federal grant for housing development. The presentation emphasized the importance of focusing on priority tactics to effectively deliver on the Strategic Plan without asking for additional resources or staff, given the current labor market challenges and the district's capacity.

The council discussion revolved around the prioritization of tactics, with a particular focus on the trade-offs between implementing paid parking and advancing speed limit reduction and traffic calming policy. Council members expressed their views on the importance of both initiatives but ultimately had to make difficult decisions due to limited resources and staff capacity. The discussion highlighted the council's commitment to making strategic decisions that align with the district's objectives and the community's needs, despite the challenges of balancing various priorities. The outcome was a decision to prioritize speed limit reduction and traffic calming policy implementation over paid parking, reflecting the council's emphasis on safety and the effective use of resources.

Armand Hurford
0:55:55 (0:00:04)

e you're ready yep the floor is

0:56:00 (0:12:10)

yours thank you through the mayor good evening Council my name is Linda Glend I'm the chief administrative officer here at the district my pronouns are she her and you can address me accordingly beside me is Miss Julie Veni and she is our general manager of Community Development do you want to say anything no I'll be primarily providing the presentation Miss Beni is here to support given her portfolio does cover much of what we will be seeing in the Strategic plan so as Council remembers in the community following the 2022 election a number of workshops were held wherein Council formulates the draft of a strategic plan to direct your work over the four years that you're in Council the purpose of the Strategic plan ultimately is for Council to drive forward those initiatives that are in the official community plan during your term so our current strategic plan the district's current strategic plan was endorsed in April of 2023 once the Strategic plan is created staff create action PL and tactics in order to deliver on that strategic plan and then quarterly reports on updates concerning the Strategic plan are provided annually Council and Senior staff revisit the Strategic plan in the event that context is change or updates are required often it's a rather Light update however this year we've seen many changes in less than a year many contextual changes opportunities and challenges the biggest ones that we'd like to point out is the new provincial housing legislation so this legislation around housing and densification that is provincewide is requiring additional work from our planning department in the area of housing particularly an official community plan update to accommodate this legislation another opportunity is the Federal grant of $7 million that Squamish has received through the Canadian mortgage and housing Corporation so Federal Grant and this is to accelerate the building and development of more housing in the community staff have called is the Squamish housing action plan so you'll hear us refer to it as such and that is brand new from the after the last this strategic plan was adopted several large projects that staff are managing last week we provided an update on the chian development and the debris flow Hazard mitigation wlng and foris dropped construction notices again following the adoption of the Strategic plan the last challenge that we're facing is labor Market I don't think that this is unusual for our community but certainly finding qualified staff for particular positions continues to be a challenge and so we do have some key positions that remain vacant in terms of staff's capacity to deliver on the on the Strategic plan so following endorsement of the Strategic plan in April staff collate a list of tactics to align with and deliver on the objectives that are in that strategic plan and many of those tactics are work that's already ongoing and aligned with what council wants to achieve and then some are new depending on the objectives following the last endorsement we had a total list of over 115 tactics so this year with the update of the Strategic plan the goal was not to come forward to council and ask for more resources and more staff to accomplish all of these tactics the goal was to come forward and work with Council on what tactics are the priority tactics that Council would like to see staff complete and then that would mean Successful delivery of the Strategic plan so rather than just continuing to expand and add resources and money we're not asking for more budget I.E more Taxation and we're not asking for more staff particularly because the labor market is challenging and at this point in terms of scaling our organization the best way to increase our capacity to deliver on the Strategic plan is to focus and prioritize so the tactics have been divided into two different lists and one are those that staff recommended for Council to discuss and you'll continue to do that tonight which ones should be considered priority tactics in order to deliver on the objectives of the Strategic plan and on the left of this slide you'll see the criteria that we applied and the last bullet there is Council endorse that has not happened yet so just for the benefit of the community and those in the audience that of course is the last and most important criteria but it hasn't occurred yet and then Municipal Services there are still a number of tactics that staff have to complete to meet legislation risk mitigation we're scaling for Community growth we've already committed to these tactics we're involved with a community group to deliver a project in the council report that's on the agenda this evening the priority tactics have been further prioritized to 40 this slide is not meant to be read it's a screenshot from the council report so if anyone's watching tonight and they want to see this list it is in the council report throughout the year rather than adding work and tactics as we call it on the fly or in the midst of like out of sync with the Strategic plan and the financial planning process we ask that Council refer items that may come up throughout the year to the strategic planning process so in the last year three specific items were referred and have been discussed by Council so far and then will be confirmed tonight through further discussion voting and the first is a phase parking management implementation plan including on Street paid parking vehicle residency which was referred in November to this process and the last is the Heritage management strategy which was referred December 5th so those three items were also included in council's workshops a key element when staff were preparing this information for Council was looking at the interdependency of some of these tactics so if you look at the left all of those listed in Black are the Departments that are required to work on the housing action plan so as a reminder that's the pro program that the $7 million of federal funding is funding to accelerate our housing delivery the parking management paid parking implementation and then vehicle residency policy options which was the name that the council gave to the consideration of the vehicle residence and options for that all three of those pull on all of the departments on the left so the challenge with interdependency is that it doesn't matter how much staff or money you throw at it it's they need to be prioritized in order to succeed and that overlap creates cost to the others in addition of course there's public engagement and Council time required so there were out of the priority tactics that were drafted for Council and the initial workshops that you worked with staff on to learn more about what was involved in the priorities there were nine actually eight but two are trading off one another the T the process is to prioritize through tradeoff so essentially in order to succeed and complete and deliver in this term which is three years left we have to ask Council to prioritize and put some tactics on deck or for the next Council to consider and let and direct staff on what prior priorities you want us to deliver so staff brought that scoping of projects and resources that were required and then the following tradeoffs were provided for you so we are bringing them up again for you this evening to confirm and they discuss and confirm your prioritization so these are the first four the proposed tactic is on the left and the trade-off to achieve it is on the right so as an example the parking implementation project it is in the budget however it's not in the budget to be completed by 2025 so the ask from Council was what would have to be sacrificed in order to get this done by 2025 and that is the tactic of speed limit reduction and traffic calming policy and this was a binary decision or is a binary decision for you to consider vehicle residency policy options in order to implement to scope this and for staff to come back with a scoping of the project and what it would take to present options for Council to consider what the tradeoff is the Squamish housing action plan so that puts the Federal Grant at risk in terms of delivering what is required in order to meet Our obligation under that grant funding as well as the airports strategy so you'll see number three is the opposite of number one and Heritage strategy implementation in the case of this one to implement the entire plan during this council's term again the same staff that work on the Squamish housing plan so the planning staff would be pulled to that and it would put the cmhc grant at risk what staff did propose is that there are certain elements of this plan that can be prioritized and that's the three priority actions related specifically to Squamish Nation I can go through the rest of them and then come back and through the mayor have Council

Armand Hurford
1:08:10 (0:00:08)

discuss yeah I think I think that's appropriate go through and then we'll come back if Council I don't see any hand shooting up at this point so I think that's

1:08:18 (0:02:24)

appropriate okay so I'll go through the next five so these last tactics again the proposed are on the left and what tradeoff occurs or needs to occur in order to prioritize them some of these were new tactics that Council proposed and brought forward and others were pulled out of the municipal Services list so the top one Implement and encourage Community organization policy and procedures partner ERS ships this project is currently underway and has adequate resources and the implementation of it will follow the policy so this one staff are confident we can deliver budget communication tools improved this is something that as I mentioned with the labor market challenges and the key vacancies we have right now what would be jeopardized is the long-term financial plan search functionality for Council minutes improved again this is a system change we are looking operationally at improving this on behalf of council and the community but a larger scope project of this would impact the website overhaul timing of agenda release so council at asked is there an opportunity to release the agenda earlier than the Thursday prior to the Tuesday and again the trade-off to this there are technology upgrades still underway in terms of Tempest our online services and our business analyst position in it would be pulled off of that to do the proposed tactic and that's the cost of that one and then the last removing fossil fuel exports from all zones again it because this is a zoning issue it would be pulling planning staff away from the Squamish housing action plan further putting that Grant at risk so at this time I would look to see if Council has questions or discussion around the priorities and the tradeoffs that you need to

Armand Hurford
1:10:43 (0:00:24)

consider thank you thank you for the for the presentation and the analysis that led that led to these to facilitate these conversations council do you have any questions for our staff about anything that we've just we've just heard or any other contents of the report that maybe weren't hasn't been discussed go ahead councelor

Jenna Stoner
1:11:08 (0:00:46)

Stoner thank you through the chair one that kind of jumps out at me in terms of being slightly different is the Heritage strategy implementation and staff suggests that we are able to bring in some grant funding and consultant support to address three of the priority actions so not the whole strategy but that's a little bit countered to the narrative that we can't just bring on consultants and throw some funding and so I'm just curious where Staff feel like those three priority actions are duv tailing with other work that some Grant support is making them possible as opposed to pulling away from other

1:11:54 (0:00:39)

items through the chair so in particular we have already identifi part of the part of the ability to achieve those three items is that we already have an identified consultant who's been working with us on the strategy as well so it isn't so we are not looking there for the lack of consultant support and that the grant and the grant funding is already a potential as well so it it's not impacted by our other constraints regarding consultants and

Armand Hurford
1:12:33 (0:00:07)

staff thank you Council other questions go ahead Council penal

Chris Pettingill
1:12:40 (0:01:43)

yeah I'm just sort of trying to wrap my head around the process and good governance and I guess in my mind there's a part of me that would like to reaffirm the Strategic plan which This falls under and suggest that through our budget approvals and so on you know that's the level at which we endorse specific tactics and I know you know some of these tactics are on the list because we raised them I may have even raised one or two of them and so I'm wrestling with that a bit but I do have a bit of discomfort you know I appreciate and my recollection is last time that we did let the community sort of see what staff viewed as the tactics that would fall out of our strategic plan and from that perspective I support sort of you know making that list available and then through our budget you know that's sort of an endorsement of the tactics but I would prefer to some degree to leave some flexibility if opportunities arise to ad just and be a bit Nimble with the Strategic plan and so I'm a little bit torn here in terms of just endorsing specifically the tactics and again I don't want to Discount the discussions we've had and the work we've done and the fact that you know I may have put some of these on the list for discussion but I'm just can staff remind us did we as a council Endor the tactics specifically last

1:14:24 (0:01:58)

time through the mayor not specifically we're shifting slightly this year because frankly we are over subscribed we have a very ambitious staff if you look at the municipal Services list of tactics that's our next process is to pair that down to a realistic amount for three that we can actually deliver in three years so the reason we're doing this is we are I am leading a process by which we are committing to what we believe we can deliver we want to stretch but we don't want to go so far that we continue to come forward with carry forwards for annual projects because we didn't have the capacity to start we are working cross- departmentally to make sure we have great understanding across departments on effects of projects across departments the reason we're asking Council to endorse the priority tactics this year is so that we are aligned because I understand the governance of sticking to the objective level but if my definition of what achieving objective 1.4 doesn't align with councils at the end of your term that's an awkward conversation I want to know now if we do these tactics does that align with achieving the objective you want achieved in terms of having you know the ability to be nimble that's where the annual update comes in but we are still at a time where we're servicing a rapidly growing Community with very complex issues and trying to be nimble means knowing exactly what our priority focus is in the event that something changes we may have more cap capacity to shift even though that's a that's a tall ask and a growing Community appreciate the question thank

Armand Hurford
1:16:22 (0:00:07)

you does that satisfy your question at this point councelor Thank you councelor French

John French
1:16:29 (0:00:30)

thank you mayor the staff recommendation has three points to it and number three is endorse the intake tool as presented and then the staff report makes no mention of intake tool so to better understand exactly what this part of the motion is when wondering if staff could talk a little bit more about the intake tool

1:17:00 (0:00:16)

and through the mayor I do have more slides I wasn't sure if Council wanted to talk about the priorities now I can complete the presentation on the intake tool and the objective wording that you've asked Council to endorse updating and then go back to the full discussion if you

Armand Hurford
1:17:16 (0:00:17)

like I'll hold the question thank you I think at this point we should it'd be appropriate to continue through so we can view the sort of the questions in their in their entirety thank

1:17:34 (0:02:55)

you here we go so we proposed an intake tool for council's use when you endorsed the Strategic plan back in April and you'll notice on the right at the top it says financial resources available and what we're proposing for the rest of your term is this tool where rather than adding more resources which we are coming up against our limit and appreciate the question about why the difference with the Heritage management I know it seems counter and further to what Miss Veni included it's that the Consultants already working on the strategy the scope was such that staff felt that they could prioritize the Squamish Nation part of that strategy but going forward anything of more substance or scope we're not suggesting continuing to come forward to council and ask for more tax revenue for other initiatives more Staffing but rather what is the trade off because conceivably Council has another two and a half to three years in their term and if we are realistic about delivering and meeting your objectives it's about prioritizing and what's the tradeoff as opposed to taking it all in and not being able to deliver everything so we'd like to propose that Council consider this tool when a new initiative is coming forward ideally any new initiative gets forwarded to the next strategic Plan update but things happen and sometimes great opportunities or great challenges face Council throughout the year so we thought that this could be a good tool to at least refer to in a discussion and then last is in terms of a changing context since the last strategic plan so this objective talked about signing the protocol agreement with Squamish nation which is aligned with their strategic plan and mayor Herford and Kil Salem did sign that agreement in July of last year and a component of that agreement is a commitment to finish to work with skish OKO Squamish Nation on completing a memorandum of understanding so staff believe that updating the objective to be more specific around that memorandum of understanding is appropriate and I've included the narrative underneath the Strategic outcome that speaks to our commitment to genuine Truth and Reconciliation and that is the whole presentation thank

Armand Hurford
1:20:30 (0:00:09)

you I'll look to you councelor French that addressed your question thank you counc

Andrew Hamilton
1:20:39 (0:00:49)

Hamilton thanks very much thanks Miss glund for the summary of our of our strategic planning update discussions one thing that I've reflected on since that discussion our decision-making tool has starts with a new Council initiative and then we we're thinking about putting things into the plan in the light of the reality of a limited staff capacity staff sometimes need to make decisions to remove things what's the process for staff to decide what to remove and is there you know there are some things that require Council to put in is Council consideration require IR ired to either remove or delay items due to staff

1:21:29 (0:00:54)

constraints thank you through the mayor ultimately what ends up being offered as a tradeoff to include a new initiative or tactic is ultimately what's required to deliver and it ends up being staff because for instance when I talked about the interdependency when looking at vehicle residency options or accelerating paid parking to 2025 it's many of the same staff that are required to work on that project so it's essentially it's the staff essentially is where it comes from and then if we were to look at well if we had the money and you had a consultant could they get it done there's always staff that manage Consultants so it's not a Panacea to Simply hire a consultant to do a new initiative there was

Armand Hurford
1:22:24 (0:00:12)

I sorry we need to we're trying to work our way through this we need to maintain some order here please councelor

Andrew Hamilton
1:22:36 (0:00:41)

Hamilton thanks and I think perhaps the in my attempt to not call out a specific issue or a specific instance maybe my question was misunderstood recently the Cricut Society has reflected a challenge that Council had put forward a budget due to Staffing constraints staff have decided to remove that from their list of action items for this year and i' wondered what the process was for staff to make those decisions considering it requires Council approval to come in at what point does council either approve or get considered for the removal of an item like that

Armand Hurford
1:23:18 (0:00:16)

and I just think to help this conversation if we could speak about sort of in situations such as that so we're not so we're not getting into the specifics of a of a emerging issue that we haven't yet had if that's

1:23:35 (0:01:11)

helpful thank you it's a great question and over the years there have been a number of things that previously endorsed your budget weren't completed and this is the issue we're trying to fix is that we are over ambitious and then find ourselves unable to deliver in a situation like that where it was in the budget it's essentially prioritized up against things that are already in play no pun intended pardon me but already underway in terms of contracts out larger scope as well as where it fits within a master plan there is actually a we will be following up with Council in more detail about that particular issue but it is a it is a great question and again when by going through this process this is what we're hoping will help us with that is if we know exactly what council priorities are then we can follow that direction

Armand Hurford
1:24:46 (0:00:01)

thanks yep go

Andrew Hamilton
1:24:48 (0:00:16)

ahead I'll just follow up with a wrapup comment thank you for that and my hope is that we can have a clear process for an for lack of a better word an outtake process for when staff does run into a

Armand Hurford
1:25:05 (0:00:07)

situation thank you for that other questions go ahead councelor

Jenna Stoner
1:25:12 (0:00:54)

Stoner thank you just going back to some of the priority tactics that we're looking to endorse and some of the difficult decisions on how we prioritize I'm wondering if staff can just speak to the kind of initial scope of work that we did in terms of figuring out what moving vehicle residency options forward would look like there have been calls for a simple bylaw Amendment bylaw amendments aren't actually all that simple and so I'm just wondering if staff can provide some clarity on the scope of the vehicle resident options that was brought forward as in consideration of our discussions both this evening and our workshops for how we would move that work forward if we were going

1:26:07 (0:01:34)

to thank you through the mayor my name is Megan lir and the general manager of Public Safety here at the district so in terms of that process we looked at a number of different things there has been some policy work on this over the years especially leading up to the development of the bylaws over the last few years and also looking at what the vehicle residence Society had proposed as well so again to go back to miss Glenda's point we looked at what staff would be needed in terms of looking at how to flesh out those different options and how to actually deliver on any of those options so that was a number of different departments in terms of amending bylaws for example that would be our legislative Services Department our BW Department as well as any other departments that be involved in that particular bylaw in terms of the implementation piece and then in terms of some of the more tangible pieces where you're talking about physical real estate that again is quite complex in terms of the people that it would involve so that would be our planning department real estate again bylaw legislative Services Communications there' be a public engagement piece there as well because we'd have to look at how these different options impact the rest of the community as well and what the preferences were there so it is it is a heavy lift it's not it's not nothing to do something properly so that's a bit about the analysis that went into how we determin those

Jenna Stoner
1:27:41 (0:00:25)

trade-offs thank you for that detail and I'm just one followup question in terms of the upcoming visitor season and camping season a large portion of our resource go into education and enforcement during the busy season and staff typically come forward with presentations around visitor management Round Table is that something that we can expect this year as

1:28:07 (0:00:29)

well thank you yes that's correct due to capacity we haven't managed to bring it forward until now however there is a memo that will be shared with Council in terms of data from last season most of the what started as a special project around visitor management has been operationalized at this point so it will be brought forward as a memo just with the different stats and information in terms of the approach last

Armand Hurford
1:28:36 (0:01:07)

year thank you for that as we considered the trade the tradeoffs as it relates to the vehicle residency piece there was a conflict with the housing accelerator work and there was a risk I believe you spoke to it in the presentation around the around receiving the funding that was associated with that could we just dig into that a little bit I'd like to understand the you know what commitments the were made during that to secure that very sizable Federal Grant and what that those deliverables are so that we can and I suppose and the impact that's having on staff as they're taking that work on so I know that's probably a huge question I just asked and we've had presentations specifically on that but if we could sort of hit tops the waves on that piece and what that risk actually looks like for us that would I would find that helpful because that was the trade-off we were

1:29:44 (0:01:39)

contemplating thank you through the mayor I can answer it a high level and then perhaps the my planning colleagues can step in the federal GR Grant is over the course of three years so it's $7 million over 3 years and very specific and prescribed deliverables are required so the $7 million comes with very detailed prescription and timelines for delivery so at this point given that the grant was provided to the district that is the priority is the acceleration of the housing in this community based on that 7 million Grant and as it is we are struggling to hire enough staff based on that Grant to fulfill the deliveries of that and we're working very hard on that and so the recommended priority from staff for council's consideration is that it is that same skill set those