Regular Council - 19 Mar 2024

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: BC Epilepsy Society
3.ii: Pearlspace Support Services Society - Sexual Assault Awareness Month
7.A: Staff Recommendation:
7.A.i: Regular Business Meeting: March 5, 2024
7.A.ii: Committee of the Whole Meeting: March 12, 2024
7.A.iii: Special Business Meeting: March 12, 2024
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7.B.i: 0229 MP P. Weiler Re: February 2024 MP Newsletter
7.B.ii: 0229 UBCM President Re: Provincial Response to 2023 Resolutions
7: CORRESPONDENCE - Referred to Staff
7: Staff Recommendation:
7.C: STAFF UPDATES - For Information
7.C.i: WLNG Community Services and Infrastructure Management Plan Updates - Memo
9.A.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (37940 Fourth Ave) No. 3030, 2024
9.A.ii: District of Squamish 2024-2028 Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 3025, 2023 Amendment (Carry Forward) Bylaw No. 3037, 2024
9.B.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (40480 Tantalus Road) No. 2660, 2019
9.C.i: District of Squamish Housing Agreement (39541 Queens Way – All Rental) Bylaw No. 3003, 2023
1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
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Armand Hurford
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hello and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish for Tuesday March 19th as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional and unseated territory of the SCH homish Nation please be advised this council meeting is being live streamed recorded and will be available to the public to view on the District of Squamish website following the meeting if you have concerns please notify the corporate officer Pres present at the meeting

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Armand Hurford
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can I move adoption of the agenda please move by councelor Stoner second by councelor French all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you our first order business

BC Epilepsy Society
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Deardra from the BC Epsy Society presented a request to the council to proclaim May 2 to March 26 as Purple Day in recognition of epilepsy. She explained that epilepsy affects about one in every 100 people worldwide, which equates to over 50,000 people in BC. Purple Day was initiated by a Canadian named Cassidy Megan when she was nine years old, with the aim of letting people with epilepsy know that they are not alone. Deardra, who also lives with epilepsy, mentioned that the BC Epsy Society visits various municipalities every year to request proclamations for epilepsy, ask for epilepsy-related light-ups in purple, encourage people to wear purple, and promote education about epilepsy.

During the discussion, Councillor Chris Pettingill asked Deardra to highlight one thing the community should be aware of regarding epilepsy. Deardra emphasized the importance of understanding the proper response to a seizure and dispelling common misconceptions about epilepsy. She also mentioned that the BC Epsy Society offers free seminars and workshops to educate people about epilepsy and how to care for someone who has had a seizure. Mayor Armand Hurford then brought up the proclamation request, which was moved and seconded by the council. Councillor Andrew Hamilton expressed his support for the initiative, emphasizing the importance of awareness. The motion to proclaim Purple Day was carried unanimously by the council.

Armand Hurford
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is under delegations petitions and proclamations we have someone joining us from the BC epilepsy

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Society hello thank you that's me my name is deardra and I'm from the BC Epsy Society and I'm requesting that may 2 March 26th be proclaimed purple day in recognition of epilepsy for the people in BC we have epilepsy effects about one in every 100 people worldwide and in BC that is over 50,000 people so purple day was originally started by a Canadian in Nova Scotia when she was 9 years old her name was Cassidy Megan and she spent some time with us in BC this year which was very nice to meet her she's now a 25-year-old woman and she is still a passionate advocate for epilepsy and she started a day so that people with epilepsy knew that they weren't alone and that they had people to support them epilepsy is still a very isolating disease to have I live with it myself and so we're going around to every as we always do every year we're going around to every municipality every all sorts of places to ask for proclamations for epilepsy to ask for lightups for epilepsy in purple to ask people to wear purple for epilepsy to ask people to get educated about epilepsy and so we're here tonight asking you to do the

Armand Hurford
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same thank you very much yeah thank you for being with us this evening council do you have any questions for our guests or we have a Rec we have a proclamation request here if go

Chris Pettingill
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ahead yeah just noting that this is about epilepsy awareness I'm wondering if you might sorry to put you on the spot but highlight what's the one thing we should be aware of as a community in terms of

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epilepsy that's a great question there is there are lots of different things I think probably proper response to a seizure that there are a number of different types of seizures that there are over 40 different kinds that often that often really Wows people that not everyone responds to blinking lights with a seizure that only is about three to 5% of people with epilepsy to not stick a wallet or a spoon in someone's mouth when they're seizing that also seems to be something that everyone seems to think so there's a lot of misconceptions around epilepsy we work really hard to see I couldn't even I could I couldn't even stick to one but there are these all these misconceptions and I'm happy to we do have SE what we do have seminars workshops that we offer they are free of charge we can come to your organization virtually and have these and have these conversations and teach proper first aid teach how teach how to care for someone who's in a pretty vulnerable moment after they've had a convulsive seizure and like I said we never we never charge for them for anyone for any organization because we don't want we don't want the cost of them to we don't want someone to not be able to for them right and then and then not be able to have them so there's a lot to learn and there's and it and it can be learned it's not that it's not it's not that it's complicated necessarily but we have we have a lot of work to

Armand Hurford
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go okay thank you any other questions councelor we do have a proclamation request before us are you moving the requests okay and second by councelor penil sure go ahead would you like to speak to

Andrew Hamilton
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it yeah I think awareness when we can help people simply by being aware and in the in the event that somebody is in some urgent situation that we know what to do is amazing so thank you very much for bringing epilepsy awareness to the to the Forefront for us

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thanks thank you

Armand Hurford
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com any other comments on this that sums up my remarks so I'll go right to the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much

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thank you so much have a wonderful day

Armand Hurford
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thank you too enjoy your evening

Pearlspace Support Services Society - Sexual Assault Awareness Month
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Susie Somman, the community program manager for Pearl Space Support Services (formerly known as Howe Sound Women Center), presented to the council about the importance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which is in April. She emphasized the importance of reporting sexual assaults and provided some statistics from the Izzy platform, a 24/7 service used by Pearl Space. Over the past year, the platform has facilitated 254 conversations, received 160 phone calls, and 75 chats from 167 unique callers. She also mentioned that there are currently 24 open files of sexual assault in Squamish that Pearl Space is supporting.

During the discussion, Councillor Stoner asked about the barriers faced by individuals when reporting sexual assault and seeking support. Somman mentioned the challenge of retaining trained nurses in the community. Councillor French inquired about the trend in the statistics, to which Somman responded that the numbers have increased, with 54 more calls in the first three months of the current year compared to the same period last year. Mayor Hurford asked about any events planned for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Somman mentioned a clothing drive and various social media activities. The council unanimously passed a proclamation in support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, with Mayor Hurford and Councillor French expressing their gratitude for the work done by Pearl Space Support Services.

Armand Hurford
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next up under delegations petitions proclamations we have Pearl space Support Services Society Sexual Assault Awareness Month and do we have someone joining us in chamber oh hi I couldn't quite see behind the podium there but go ahead the mic's on you

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hi everyone I'm Susie somman I'm the community program manager for Pearl space Support Services we have changed our name formerly have sound women Center excuse my voice I'm getting over a bad cough I'm here tonight hoping that you will proclamate one again this year April is sexual assault awareness month and we just really want to make sure that everyone understands the importance of reporting and why we might report and who we would report to if there was an assault and we are actually doing this throughout the community and just briefly I have some stats actually from we just pulled today we use what's called an Izzy platform it's a 247 plat form that we have a team of six that answer that phone every day 24/7 in the last year we've had 254 conversations we've had 160 phone calls 75 chats and 167 unique callers and currently in Squamish we have 24 open files of sexual assault that we have been supporting throughout and we do the same I could give you those same stats for Whistler and pton little different but I did not because we're talking about Squamish

Armand Hurford
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today thank you very much any questions for our guests or we have a proclamation before us go ahead councelor Stoner

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thank you for being here tonight and for those few stats I was hoping that those were Corridor wide and not Squamish specifics that's a little bit disheartening to hear I guess my question was going to be around what are some of the biggest barriers I know we brought in over the last few years sexual assault nurses who can actually do some of the examinations here in Squamish are there other barriers that folks are facing in terms of being able to report and also feel supported in that

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process more easier for our poers we have we still struggle with saying nurses we get them all trained up and all ready to go and then they leave Community or they are something has happened and they need to be somewhere else so that is Ono it's typically a little bit trickier in our Northern Communities as our survivors would have to travel to pton but we do work throughout pton Lower Lakes and we have a contract with services in Linton as well so that is definitely something that we at Pearl space understand that this needs to be as far as wide as possible nurses are always our trickiest

Armand Hurford
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piece thank you other questions Council French go ahead

John French
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thanks mayor I'm wondering if those statistics you shared with us are trending up trending down consistent

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you know what they're up because we pulled two different stats we pulled from last April 1st to December and in that time the calls actually jumped 54 so it just in the 3 months of this year well today actually we've had 54 more

Armand Hurford
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calls are there any events throughout the month that you're putting on that we can use this opportunity to sort of spread the word on well

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we that will start to ramp up and you'll see that on our social media currently we've got a call out for fairly new or gently used clothing often and this has come from the forensic nurses and we you know we pick up stuff and we get from pearls all the time but often clothes have to be left behind for evidence so we do have a small call out around you know leggings t-shirts new underwear that sort of thing that that's always needed as far as activities go we'll have a window at pearls value and vintage we're hoping we'll have the lighted up bridge in Whistler and then we're we'll do things in pton as well the proclamation and other social media activities

Armand Hurford
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great thank you seeing no other questions there's a proclamation here which I'll move if there's a second or second by counselor French just thank you so much for every everything that you and your organization do for us for our communities I think I think this is a incredibly important piece of work and we know that the often goes under reported and the victims are underserved as well so thank you so much for the work I'm happy to support

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this we really appreciate your support as well thank

Armand Hurford
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you thank you very much anyone else want to speak to councilor

John French
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French thanks I wanted to share my thanks also for attending and taking on a difficult conversation it's an uncomfortable conversation and most people would void it and I'm glad that your organization is taking it head on coming to us and U making this request in this very public fashion

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thank you very much it should be noted Within These stats we had 15 men call in the last year which is also notable thank you

Armand Hurford
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thank you for that nice evening thank you so I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much so

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Armand Hurford
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next item is consideration of unscheduled public attendance so if anyone has a matter that they wish to discuss with Council that is urgent or emerging in nature this would be your opportunity to come forward seeing none we'll move along we have no public hearings tonight

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Armand Hurford
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no scheduled items are under the consent agenda anyone is there anything in the consent agenda anyone would like to PLL this would be your opportunity to do that you're moving the consent agenda seconded by councelor French thank you all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you

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Armand Hurford
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now we're on to bylaws and the

District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (37940 Fourth Ave) No. 3030, 2024
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Brian Daly, a planner with Community Development, presented a rezoning application for a vacant lot at 37940 4th Avenue. The application seeks to rezone the parcel from RS2 to Comprehensive Development Zone number 113 to facilitate the development of six multi-unit residential units. The proposed development includes key metrics such as a height of 11. 5 meters, a floor area ratio of 1. 15, lot coverage of 60%, and various setback measurements. The units will each provide two bedrooms and private patio space. The application also includes a Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) of $83,900 and a no-gas covenant, ensuring that the units will be powered by electricity, including hot water tanks, with no natural gas connections provided or permitted.

Council members raised questions about the timing of the application in relation to the CAC policy update, the lack of a recommendation for a public hearing, and the absence of public comments. They also discussed the challenges of developing in the flood plane and accessibility issues, as well as the height of the development compared to adjacent properties and the rear setback. After the discussion, Councilor Hamilton moved the staff recommendation for the first three readings. The council members expressed their support for the proposal, highlighting its alignment with varied forms of densification downtown, the creative use of space, and the no-gas covenant. However, Councilor Greenlaw opposed the motion, which was otherwise carried.

Armand Hurford
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fir first one for consideration is District SCH zoning bylaw number 2200 2011 Amendment bylaw 4 37944 Avenue and I can see we have our staff here for this so I'll turn it over to our staff to introduce themselves and the topic

0:19:10 (0:03:16)

thank you mayor Herford good evening mayor and Council my name is Brian Daly planner with Community Development and tonight I'm here to present a resoning application at 37940 4th Avenue the subject property is 560 meters in area and is a vacant lot located at the south end of 4th Avenue in downtown s Bish this resoning application seeks to reone the parcel from rs2 to comprehensive development Zone number 113 to facilitate the development of six multi-unit residential units table two on this slide contains the key metrics of the existing and proposed Zone the proposed height is 11.5 M there is a 1.15 met floor area ratio lot coverage is 60% the front setback is 4 M the rear setback is 1 M and the interior side setback is 1.2 M three units will front Fourth Avenue three additional units are proposed to the east which are separated by 6.5 meter drive a which provides access to the parking stalls and garages for the units fronting Fourth Avenue and the garage for one unit fronting the lane access to the internal drive AIS is beneath Unit D each unit will provide two bedrooms and private patio space the units fronting Fourth Avenue have private patio space adjacent to their front entance trees and the units fronting the lane have private rooftop patio space a shared way stream is provided that is access from the lane this application triggers the previous Community amen amenity contribution policy the applicant has proposed the following offer of 89 $83,900 which meets the policy for a multif family residential or mixed use resoning application that proposes less than 50 dwelling units this application was submitted prior to the new CAC policy being adopted as such it is subject to the previous policy in addition to the CAC contributions noted on the previous Slide the applicant is proposing to enter into a no gas Covenant that will secure that the units will be powered by electricity including hot water tanks and that no natural gas connections will be provided or permitted the CAC contributions in including the timing of their delivery and the no gas Covenant will be secured in a Land Development agreement to inform the community her policy the project was posted to the district's development showcase and a development proposal sign was posted to the subject site no comments or requests for public information meeting have been received to date given that staff are recommending giving bylaw 3030 2024 first three readings and prior to adoption to address the comments noted on the slide which is securing the voluntary CAC of

Armand Hurford
0:22:27 (0:00:06)

$83,900 councelor

0:22:34 (0:00:26)

Stoner just curious about when was this application actually received relative to our CAC policy update I'm just trying to figure out there's a variability in how we've applied this to another proposal that's coming forward to council tonight for second reading and so I'm just wondering if we can speak to our process of when we apply new

0:23:01 (0:00:39)

policies through the mayor I believe it be it came in early August early to mid August and the new CAC policy was not adopted until October so the applicant had been operating under the assumption that they would be subject to the previous policy and given that this application is only providing or proposing six units staff thought it would be fair to apply the previous policy as there was a fairly significant increase in the required CAC from to the new policy which would make it financially challenging for the project to be

Armand Hurford
0:23:40 (0:00:03)

viable okay other questions councelor

John French
0:23:43 (0:00:11)

French thanks mayor there's no recommendation for a public hearing for this project I wonder if you might take a second to explain why that

0:23:55 (0:00:13)

is through the mayor the new provincial legislation requires that public hearings not be held for resoning applications that are proposing at least 50% residential floor area so that would qualify this application for

John French
0:24:09 (0:00:12)

that okay and was there a public information meeting held for this did the project proponents offer any kind of public information session

0:24:21 (0:00:04)

through the mayor no there were no requests for a public information meeting from members of the

John French
0:24:26 (0:00:09)

public okay and we didn't receive any public comments in our package so that usually means there weren't any can you just confirm that

0:24:35 (0:00:00)


John French
0:24:35 (0:00:08)

that's correct okay those are all my questions thank you

Armand Hurford
0:24:44 (0:00:02)

thank you Council penil

Chris Pettingill
0:24:46 (0:00:39)

yeah thanks and I'll preface this by saying that maybe this is part of a broader conversation outside of this but my understanding is that the fcl flight Construction level makes accessible units challenging and the development of small as this you know elevator is financially challenging as well so I'm just wondering do we have any solutions or expectations for smaller development and accessibility or is this sort of just the reality we face right now and again that's maybe this is the broader discussion but I'm just wondering if there's any consideration we could have in a in a development such as

0:25:26 (0:00:31)

this through the miror obviously developing in the flood plane presents challenges related to accessibility particularly for this type of housing my understanding is it is a building code requirement when you need to provide an elevator and it may depend on the height of the building and the number of units again even in an apartment dwelling depending on the size it may not even be a requirement my understanding is that the building code is being updated to Revis accessibility standards but I can't speak to any of the specifics of that as I'm not familiar with

Armand Hurford
0:25:57 (0:00:36)

them okay thank you other questions I'll Venture some I'll come back to you councelor fetch the I wondered about the development just to the South do we have an idea of the height I'm trying to the sort of the move from what's in the existing rs2 zoning to this new proposed CD zone I'm just trying to contextualize is this similar height to the development just to the to the South often these reports have that sort of adjacent property context but this one didn't

0:26:34 (0:00:28)

have yes through Merit apologies for that it is two it is 2.5 meters taller than the current height allowed in the rs2 zone without pulling up the Zoning for that adjacent parcel you have it 10.68 meters so it is slightly taller this is 11.5 and 10.68 is the properties to the South and that's taken to the midpoint of the slop

Armand Hurford
0:27:02 (0:00:28)

roof okay thank you that's helpful the rear setback seems very it is very short at one at one meter the and particularly when compared to the 7.62 meters that seems excessively generous in the in the existing zoning so can you speak to the to sort of just in the in general where we want to have these set backs and what their what their aim is to

0:27:31 (0:00:55)

accomplish yes thank you so it should be noted that the 7.62 meter rear setback would be a PR would be applicable to a principal building in the rs2 zone however you could construct a carriage home or an accessory dwelling unit 1.5 meters from the lane so staff felt it was reasonable to reduce this to one meter to allow for a sufficient drive a to provide access to the units fronting Fourth Avenue this was a unique proposal that staff hadn't seen before this is obviously a very small parcel and the proponent was trying to come up with a creative solution to propose sort of two blocks of three town home units so staff felt comfortable reducing the rear setback by .5 meters for what you would see for a carriage home to facilitate the access to the garages the proposal is also proposing two parking spaces per dwelling unit for all of the units except for one even though only one stall per unit is required under the

Armand Hurford
0:28:27 (0:00:11)

zoning okay thank you and the garages are counting as one of those as one of those of parking stalls or is it counting as two

0:28:39 (0:00:04)

one stall in the garage and one stall headside

Armand Hurford
0:28:43 (0:00:03)

okay thank you councilor

John French
0:28:47 (0:00:23)

French okay that actually leads right into my question because the parking calculation seems a little odd the first page of the architectural package notes six parking spaces I count six garage spaces and five outdoor stalls for a total of 11 parking spots so can you account for that

0:29:10 (0:00:16)

discrepancy under the downtown reduced parking standard this Falls just inside of the boundary the boundary goes down the center of Fourth Avenue so it's one space per dwelling unit regardless of the form of residential housing

Armand Hurford
0:29:27 (0:00:10)

type okay Council any other questions we have a recommendation before

Andrew Hamilton
0:29:37 (0:00:05)

us go ahead Council Hamilton I'll move the staff recommendation for first three readings thank you is there a

Armand Hurford
0:29:42 (0:00:06)

second or seconded by councelor Stoner would to speak to it councelor

Andrew Hamilton
0:29:49 (0:01:08)

hamon yeah this development is an interesting the proponent has obviously put a lot of thought into how to maximize the space here it's a small lot with six townhouse units on it it's going to create it's an interesting transition in my mind from the larger buildings that are going to be happening on third transitioning out to the to the less dense buildings out further closer to the Estuary so I think this is finds a nice balance between the higher density on second and third and the lower density that'll be found further out I would like to note that I I'd be interested to see how our laneways evolve this will be the first development to my knowledge that's really using the laneway for a large number of vehicles relative you know relatively large number of vehicles accessing so as our dependence on those laneways as our residents dependence on those laneways get higher we'll have to probably pay more attention to the laneways as a district but that's an aside so happy to

Armand Hurford
0:30:58 (0:00:04)

support thank you other comments councel Stoner and councelor French

0:31:03 (0:01:07)

thank you I will be supporting the motion on the floor I think that this is an interesting proposal and in line with a varied form of densification downtown appreciate the community money contribution that is being paid as well as some of the components in the Land Development agreement I think will help address some of the concerns around Paving of the lane and some of the storm management components the no gas is welcomed and I think that this starts to give us a little bit of insight of how that transition away from a third into some of the more lower density components in the rest of downtown will start to happen I know that's a question that we've had around this Council table for a while so it's interesting to see some of those proposals come forward and in advance of the smallscale housing legislation and the requirements that might need to change in terms of understanding how these forms might fit into our single family lot so thanks for bringing this work forward and happy to support the motion on the floor

Armand Hurford
0:32:10 (0:00:00)

go ahead

John French
0:32:10 (0:00:51)

councelor French thanks mayor and I'm supporting the motion this development proposal to me is a consistent fit with the townhouse and newer housing developments that are in the adjacent area it's a creative Strate for getting six units into a relatively small property I kind of feel for the person who's got to live above the waist room but that will just be the their reality and the drive a underneath one of the units also very creative use one of the things that I don't see for this proposal is Landscaping but it's very tight so I'm hoping that the folks who end up living in this place are all into patio gardening and rooftop

Armand Hurford
0:33:02 (0:00:03)

gardening thank you councelor penil

Chris Pettingill
0:33:05 (0:01:07)

yeah I'll also be supporting this I think for the reasons specified by my colleagues which I won't repeat I do want to just highlight two things I do think we may going forward not be able to rely just on building code for meeting accessibility requirements and you know maybe as we look at our zoning and so on that in some of the larger buildings which do require an elevator maybe we put higher than normal accessibility requirements there to the degree we can just sort of thinking about you know appreciate the different forms of housing but I think we've been hearing more and more that we need to pay more attention to accessibility so sort of understand the situation we're in here and appreciate the challenges of this particular site and what the developer done just sort of add to as a bit of a side note really appreciate the no gas coming to us and the particular language no natural gas connections will be provided or permitted that language I think is very clear I have at times been uncertain with the language we're using about well does this mean decoratives allowed and so on I think this is very explicit and so I think that's good language maybe to use going forward

Armand Hurford
0:34:13 (0:02:11)

thank you thank you see other hands I'll Venture my own comments I'm speaking support of the motion I think with the new regulations coming in this does feel like quite an aggressive move from the single family that's there but in the context of the housing crisis that we're in and the and the policy that we know is we're working hard to implement across the community this is not a not a far departure from the new the new Baseline and I think it's entirely appropriate that the downtown runs slightly more dense than the than the minimum so and so I'm happy to see to support in that context I think the no gas Covenant is great happy to see that the paving of the laneway I think is really important and these I agree I think it was councelor Hamilton that mentioned earlier about paying more attention to the to the lanes and anything we can do to get those Lanes as functional as possible I think will really will really help as I know this area with it can be challenging when the parking restrictions for winter powing and so on come in the laneways get a lot of use so anything we can do to continue to improve the laneways I think is great and the frontage improvements also great I do think that the height considered here is slightly higher than the other than the adjacent project just down the street but I know that those Heights have been sort of evolving over time to allow for better garage space which is and energy code allowances as well so I'm H it I'm happy to support on those grounds so with that I'll call the question all in favor any opposed counc councel green law opposes motion carries thank you so next up

District of Squamish 2024-2028 Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 3025, 2023 Amendment (Carry Forward) Bylaw No. 3037, 2024
0:36:24 (0:12:10)

Roland Russell, the Senior Financial Analyst for the District of Squamish, along with Chief Financial Officer Heather Box Rout, presented the District Squamish 2024 to 2028 5-year financial plan bylaw amendment. The amendment was primarily to deal with carry forwards, which are projects that have not been completed and need to be carried forward into the next financial plan. Russell provided a detailed overview of the capital projects, single-year projects, externally dependent projects, and special operating projects that are being carried forward. He emphasized that all these projects were fully funded in the 2023 financial plan and there would be no changes or increases in funding. The amendment was simply a methodology to continue the work into the new year and provide appropriate authorization for that.

Mayor Armand Hurford thanked Russell for the presentation and opened the floor for questions. However, no questions were raised as the council members found the presentation solid and straightforward. Councilor John French moved the staff recommendation and Councilor Andrew Hamilton seconded it. Councilor Chris Pettingill appreciated the revenue sources comparison chart in the report and highlighted that the district is less reliant on taxation compared to other municipalities. Mayor Hurford commended the team for simplifying a complex process and called for a vote on the motion. The motion to carry forward the projects into the 2024 to 2028 financial plan was unanimously approved by the council.

Armand Hurford
0:36:24 (0:00:44)

ah next up we have the district Squamish 2024 to 2028 5-year financial plan bylaw Amendment so these this is to deal with carry forwards I will turn it over to our staff

0:37:09 (0:08:07)

good evening mayor members of council my name is Roland Russell I'm the senior financial analyst the District of Squamish for planning and budgeting with me is our Chief Financial Officer Heather box rout we have a short presentation today and followed by we hope we'll be equally short questions and discussions and I can always hope and we also are looking for three readings of this bylaw it should be noted that a lot of the information provided in related to the carry forward report was provided in conjunction with the variance report which was discussed earlier this afternoon at the Council of H so we have a motion in front of council and that's for three readings of fin financial plan bylaw Amendment and we speak again we show the slide which speaks to the categorization of projects at year end and we'll just jump into this capital projects we have a significant dollar amount of capital projects being carried forward they're primarily in the multi excuse me they're primarily in the multi-year category and that to be fair is somewhat expected because of the nature of multi-year projects you're not anticip ating that they're going to be completed in year one specific highlights of this of Capital Carry forwards are shown here once I click this button we have a list of multi-e projects and as you can see most of the really large projects that we have on the go right now at the district are listed in that multi-year group Public Works wastewater treatment plant qux seike renom Park revitalization new water reservoir and completion of the Queensway lift station under the single-ear projects we have the rehabilitation of Brenham Park artificial turf field and this is a project that was anticipated to start and finish within a calendar year but takes a little longer than we anticipated we have a number of projects which are externally funded or for which are externally dependent I should say so the proponents of these projects are not the district they are in fact developers and therefore we are somewhat at the will of the developer and the progress that they make and as you can see it's Scott Crescent lift station is part of the Redbridge project and that project is well underway the ocean front projects there are a number of them and they're being carried forward in conjunction with the progress that's being made in general by the developers at Oceanfront on the annual project front in general we try to minimize the amount of carry forwards associated with annual projects because they do receive new funding every year in this instance we have restricted the carry forward W to amounts that have are already underway so contracts that have been issued and this is simply completion of contracts that were issued in 2023 that were not completed within the calendar year so those have occurred in the areas of active transportation and roads and bridges so that's a quick summary of the carry forward projects with respect to Capital with respect to special operating projects just due to the sheer nature of size and volumes it's a much smaller number which is good and again it's categorized here you can see that the majority relate to multi-year projects there are also a number of single-ear projects and also some externally driven projects we will highlight some of those here on the next slide to suggest that the major multi-year projects are the rfmp predevelopment project which showed its budget all in one year but its timeline for completion was in fact over two years the integrated storm water management plan is a project that is integrated and therefore managing that integration can take a longer time frame than anticipated of the major single projects we would like to highlight the government Road realignment predesign and that project has been delayed from 2023 until 2025 that allowed us to include a project related to paid parking in the 2024 budget and lastly the major externally dependent project that we have in our special operating projects is the Squamish circular economy Trail brazer program we Reser sorry we received confirmation of grant funding associated with this project later in the year than we anticipated so we were not able to get this project underway in 23 to the extent that planned we anticipate that the project will extend over two years and should be completed in 2025 that is a quick summary of both the operating portion and the capital portion of our excuse me budget amendment I would like to highlight a few things for Council all of the amounts sorry all of the items in the carry forward budget amendment are in are contained in the 2023 through 27 financial plan what we are asking is that these projects which have not been completed be carried forward into 2024 through 28 financial plan and will be completed in 24 and future years it should be noted that as the complete financial plan in 2023 was fully funded all of these projects have funding assigned to them already there's no changes in funding and there's no increases in funding associated with these projects this is simply a methodology to allow us to approve the budget in December acknowledging that if we approve the budget in December we don't know how much work we have finished in December because they're at the same time so this allows us to continue that work into the new year and this budget amendment provides appropriate authorization for that should be noted that as such as the projects are fully funded there is no tax impact of this bylaw Amendment and with that I'll turn it back to the mayor for questions and discussion

Armand Hurford
0:45:16 (0:00:28)

thank you thank you for the presentation and the add-on context that's helpful Council questions no questions it's a solid presentation we do have a staff recommendation before us are you moving the staff recommendation second so councelor French moves councelor Hamilton seconds would like to speak to council French

John French
0:45:45 (0:00:18)

yeah for sure mayor congratulations you got your wish of no questions which I think is appropriate this is fairly straightforward there's no mystery involved in what we're doing here fairly simple

Armand Hurford
0:46:03 (0:00:02)

stuff thank you councelor stoner

0:46:06 (0:00:25)

yeah thank you to the chair this also does Carry On from a conversation we had this afternoon around our Q4 variance report so I think we had a little bit more detailed conversation around some of these projects but do still think that this is a helpful piece of work in terms of really outlining why some of those projects do take longer multi-year projects and justifying the carry forward so happy to support the bylaw on the floor and yeah thanks for the

Armand Hurford
0:46:32 (0:00:02)

work thank you Council penel

Chris Pettingill
0:46:35 (0:00:58)

yeah happy to support as well and one of the charts I really appreciate in these reports it's on page 65 of our current agenda it's the revenue sources comparing proportion of Revenue we received from taxation relative to other municipalities and so on and I think there's some really interesting numbers there which show that we are less reliant on Taxation and basically user fees other municipalities you know there's a small I sort of wonder why we're not making a little more on investment income and so maybe that's for a bit of a future discussion but I think and these numbers by themselves aren't the whole story but I think it does tell a picture of especially the transfers from other governments are quite High compared to other municipalities so I think that shows that our to me anyways that our staff is doing a really good job about looking for sources of revenue that's not just the taxpayer and so think something worth highlighting in this report thank

Armand Hurford
0:47:33 (0:01:00)

you thank you for that any other comments happy to support I think this is a great mechanism that allows us to get our budget approved in December and then tackle these issues after the fact and the yes the Q4 discussion that there are earlier committee meeting was helpful to help obviously to understand where we where we are with these carry Force so thank you for the work and for taking something that is quite complicated and turning it into a very simple presentation and package so that Council and the community can understand what's happening and you can get your wish of a short discussion at the at your trip to council tonight so for that I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you so much okay next we're on

District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (40480 Tantalus Road) No. 2660, 2019
0:48:34 (0:35:59)

Philip from the Plano Community Development Department, along with Brent McMurry, manager of Transportation, and Devin Kinaga, manager of Development Engineering, presented on the rezoning of 40480 Tanis Road for second reading. The proposal, which had been previously presented to council, includes two phases with three mixed-use buildings. The buildings will include market rental, affordable, and for-sale market housing options, as well as commercial and childcare spaces. The project also includes a new park adjacent to the highway, which will be handed over to the district, along with the protection of environmentally sensitive areas to the east of the site. The proposed zoning is a new CED 98 Zone, which will provide for the three proposed buildings and associated residential and commercial uses.

The council members discussed the traffic impact assessment and the need for signalization at the Tanis Road and Gabal Way intersection prior to occupancy of either phase of the development. Mayor Armand Hurford asked about the funding mechanism for the traffic improvement recommendations and the inclusion in the DCC's. Councilor Andrew Hamilton asked if the same constraint would be applied to future developments along Tantalus. Councilor Lauren Greenlaw expressed concerns about the lack of doctors, teachers, and infrastructure to support the new housing developments. Councilor Chris Pettingill raised concerns about the amount of employment space and the nature of the employment space. The recommendation for the District of Squamish to amend bylaw 2660 for 480 Tanis Road to be given second reading and that a public hearing be scheduled for April 9th was passed, with Councilor Greenlaw opposing.

Armand Hurford
0:48:34 (0:00:21)

to consideration of second reading we've got this is related to 40480 Tantalus Road and we have we'll give staff a second to get themselves in position and I'll let them introduce themselves and the

0:48:55 (0:06:39)

topic thank you yeah good evening mayor and Council Philip given Plano Community Development Department I also have Brent McMurry here manager of Transportation he's going to present on the traffic impact assessment and we have also have Devin kinaga manager of development engineering to answer any engineering questions if required and this evening I'm presenting on 40480 Tanis Road resoning for second reading and this bylaw was previously presented to council for consideration of second reading on February 20th where it was deferred until the traffic impact assessment was available to be brought forward to a regular council meeting tonight to recap 404 80 tanist road is located adjacent to the gabal state's neighborhood north of the Tanis fire hall and east of Highway 99 to the north is Agricultural and residential uses to the South is the fire hall commercial and residential uses to the east is currently undeveloped land and the district's Corridor Trail and Highway 99 run adjacent to the west side of the S The Proposal has not changed since it was last presented to council it includes two phases with three mixed use buildings phase one includes the building west of tanelus Road and phase two includes buildings two and three east of tanelus Road these buildings will include Market rental affordable and also for sale Market housing options and Commercial and also Child Care spaces the external amenities include Park and nature spaces and pedestrian connections building one is a six-story building with five stories of Market rental one story of commercial space and a partially sunken Parkade and for this building the residential use will be restricted to rental pure only building two is similar to building one except the residential component will be for sale Market residential units and finally building three is a six-story residential building with a 465 M Child Care space comprising part the of the ground floor there will be a partially sunken parcade which caters for buildings two and three the project also includes a new park adjacent to the highway which will be handed over to the district along with the protection of the environmentally sensitive areas to the east of the site proposed zoning is a new CED 98 Zone which will provide for the three proposed buildings and Associated residential and Commercial uses the P3 park recreational institutional zone is to be applied to the proposed District park to the West Jason to the highway and the P4 Ecological Reserve is proposed to be applied to environmentally sensitive lands and the current CAC offer is shown on this SL slide for phase one it is proposed to wrap all of the CAC proposal into park improvements which will be developed and handed over to the district these improvements will be to the value of 453,000 and will be bonded prior to adoption of the bylaw Phase 2 is 6% of gross floor area to be donated to the Housing Society cash in L payment of approximately $1 million and a 465 square meter chus space prop proposed amenities of public art and potential Trails will draw down on the cash andl and this cash andl will be payable prior to development permit issurance additional benefits of the project include the phase one market rental building no gas Covenant to be secured prior to adoption 20% of units to be three bedroom across the development protection of the environmentally sensitive portions of the lands and new pedestrian active transport connections and this proposal meets official community plan policy by aligning with land use designations providing infill of vacant underutilized land with compact high density development providing additional employment space providing additional Market rental units and it advances four strategic plan objectives diversity of housing form and tenure types provision of parks trails and Gathering spaces equity and accessible active Transportation networks and provision of employment spaces engagement for this project a public information meeting was held on April 19th and additional consultation was take made with the adjacent funeral home and referral to the Housing Society no additional consultation has been undertaken since the first reading and a public hearing will be required prior to third reading if given in second rating tonight moving along we'll have Brent present on the traffic impact assessment

0:55:35 (0:02:19)

great thanks philli yeah so since the last council meeting the district has received an updated traffic impact assessment and staff are overall satisfied with this final draft the assessment is still in draft form as the Ministry of Transportation needs to complete a final review but they've reviewed a previous draft and didn't have any outstanding comments so more of a formality and as we've known from previous drafts the tanelus road galdi way intersection is sensitive to growth and will fail operationally as the Galia States continues to densify the issue in combination with the increased traffic volumes in both the East West Direction and the southbound Direction creates additional delays as there's not sufficient gaps for vehicles that are turning left and right off of Tanis on to galy way this will eventually result in significant queuing and the southbound movements on Tanis Road will queue beyond the existing right turn lanes and further lead to additional challenges so this condition will only worsen with time and there are some recommendations from the report included including signalization of the Tanis Road and galdi way intersection additional upgrades at Highway 99 and dowed Drive intersection to accommodate additional access and transportation demand management measures to reduce the number of trips that are taken by motor vehicles and some additional changes such as signal timing modifications at the gerbaldi wi Highway 99 intersection an acceptable level of service can be achieved based off the report received with the Tanis Road and gabaly way intersection upgraded and signalized this Improvement is the sort of most tangible and impactful Improvement in the area thinking about the broader range of different options sort of identified

0:57:55 (0:02:46)

above as a result of the outcomes and recommendations of the traffic impact assessment staff recommend that the Tanis road to gabal way intersection must be signalized prior to occupancy of either phase of this development this would be in the form of a condition in the Land Development agreement which would require that signalization of the intersection is complete and the applicant has agreed to this condition engineering has determined that upgrades to the tanelus road gabal way intersection should be added to the DCC bylaw and that this will be done through an update later in the year and staff note that this intersection upgrade is not currently on the district's Capital plan so once it's added to the DCC bylaw in a situation where the applicant constructs the intersection improvements they would be eligible for DCC rebates up to the amount of dcc's paid so how the inter section upgrade is Ultimate Del ultimately delivered would not be set in the Land Development agreement however the proposed condition will ensure that traffic impact mitigation measures are implemented prior to occupancy of this development and also that any construction must include considerations for future active Transportation to ensure that the intersection can be further improved without the need for significant infrastructure changes next steps if it's by law is given second reading a public hearing will be scheduled for April 9th and water and sewer modeling will be required prior to third reading and the recommendation is that District of Squamish amember bylaw 2660 4 480 Tanis Road be given second reading and that a public hearing for the forementioned bylaw be scheduled for April 9th at 6m thank you that concludes the

Armand Hurford
1:00:41 (0:00:50)

presentation thank you Council questions we all get us started as no one wants to LEAP in looks like they want to LEAP into this right now could you run me through the U I'm to see the traffic Improvement recommendations there could you run me through the funding mechanism for that and the recommendation for it to be included in the dcc's versus something like including it as a as a it being provided as just part of the of the a condition of adoption or some other mechanism to ensure that it's constructed just that DCC Bon how that all and how that all works is a New Concept for me and likely others

1:01:31 (0:01:03)

I'll have a this so essentially the this intersection has been identified as through the analysis done for gabot Estates and also for this project in particular that it is predicted to fail in the future regardless of this project or not with projected growth in the area an intersection upgrade at this location is a required infrastructure upgrade and as such is best dealt with through the DCC funding mechanism so through that analysis the engineering department determined that it would be appropriate to amend the D CC bylaw to include this project so it could receive funding in the

Armand Hurford
1:02:35 (0:00:32)

future okay and that it makes sense that the burden for that upgrade shouldn't go exclusively to the to this could be spread more broadly across the DCC program the I'm curious eligible to the rebate up to the amount of the DCC paid is that number does that number make sense like could that number cover the inter that upgrade I'm just wondering how pract in the practical sense how we're this is going to be

1:03:07 (0:00:37)

accomplished through the mat initial estimates for an intersection upgrade would be in excess of the predicted 1.5 million of Transport dcc's for this project likely scenario if the applicant instructed would be that they would receive a rebate of a significant portion but not all of the expense of upgrading the intersection we don't have a costing for what a minimum signalization would look

Armand Hurford
1:03:44 (0:00:09)

like no thank you just that rough con concept that's the context I need know as helpful thank you councilor

Andrew Hamilton
1:03:54 (0:00:56)

Hamilton thanks very much and thanks for the presentation I'm happy that we were able to see the traffic impact assessment and your evaluation of it prior to Second reading or at second reading this is valuable Insight this is clearly sort of the first development on Tantalus road that has in effect triggered the real need for this traffic light upgrade would this same constraint be applied to Future developments applied for along Tantalus so for example if there's a development further north on Tantalus would they be subject to the same constraint of no occupancy until the light was put

1:04:51 (0:00:37)

in through the M each project would have to be considered on its merits based on the impact it might provide and also the type of application that you're looking for in a situation where you have a rezoning and there's ultimate discretion from Council there's an opportunity for negotiations on impacts such as traffic do you want sorry bent M out of

1:05:28 (0:00:49)

it yeah I think just one other point to add is the galdi Estates Transportation study did identify a number of improvements that are in the area and so I think depending on what the project or potential project in the future could be there are other access points and improvements that were identified in that study that could be an additional requirement and may actually be more impactful for other development further north of this site so it it's this is from this site context a really critical location but as the rest of the area north of the project location there could be other access improvements that were identified in that study that would have a greater impact than this traffic

Armand Hurford
1:06:17 (0:00:02)

signalization councelor

1:06:20 (0:00:09)

Stoner I think I heard you say that we don't have a cost but do we have a ballpark figure of what signalization at this intersection might

1:06:29 (0:00:27)

cost yeah we have a and I don't have the numbers in front of me but we had a study that looked at different options for the intersection and came up with balark figures that kind of in speak in approximate numbers relatively close to what the DCC contribution is but I think a little bit more so without a an advanced Design This is really just a high level estimate at this time

1:06:57 (0:00:05)

yeah it's looking for like how many zeros are we talking so that's helpful as long as we're in like the ballpark of zero

1:07:03 (0:00:01)

same number of zero Z

1:07:04 (0:00:40)

that's helpful and good to hear that mot has looked at a few of these drafts I think one of the questions that I had was the feasibility of signalizing the Tanis and garabaldi intersection given how close it is to the highway so do we have any risk of backup onto the highway as the right hand turn so if I was traveling north on Highway 99 and there's a signalized intersection at Tanis and garabaldi how do we make sure that folks aren't backing up onto the highway this is dangerous territory because you have a counselor looking at traffic impact assessments but that's one thing that comes to mind

1:07:45 (0:00:41)

yeah and I can't speak to the specifics of what the ministry reviewed in the previous traffic impact assessments I wasn't involved in that I know that the critical movements at the intersection are not that essentially the eastbound through movement on gabal D way but I don't also know the Q length off the top of my head and whether or not that would be an impact but details that as the design is Advanced and the left turn storage length that would be required could be Advanced further if that is a problem identified by the min

1:08:26 (0:00:25)

okay thanks for that and then just to clarify on mayor hord's point the proposal is that if the proponent were to move forward with signalizing the intersection before we got to it given our DCC list is actually quite full so we can keep adding to it but it takes some time would that just draw down on the transportation component in the DCC or is that the overall DCC

1:08:52 (0:00:06)

contribution through the May my understanding is it would just down on the transportation portion

1:08:58 (0:00:03)


Armand Hurford
1:09:01 (0:00:08)

you Council any further questions go ahead councelor

Eric Andersen
1:09:10 (0:00:43)

Anderson of course we are interested in the 104 rental homes that are going to be delivered in Phase One and we would like to incentivize them wherever possible and avoid delay delivery of such homes I wonder if I could ask how staff give consideration to balancing that benefit in a project of this nature with the relatively heavy site servicing costs that are going to be present here for phase one do you give consideration to how to spread out these burdens so that we can facilitate the delivery of rental homes in phase

1:09:54 (0:00:11)

one do we have Yas on the

1:10:05 (0:01:07)

line yes we do good evening Council yisus director of Community Development we did go over the timing of the traffing improvements and whether phase one could go ahead the only way I think that could happen technically because it does create a traffic issue that sinks the kind of service below acceptable is the proponents would have to wait for either the district to come around and make the improvements or another development from perhaps the garal the Estates area to trigger it but because of such a large amount of density proposed on this site staff thought that you know the intersection has to be addressed before occupants can be issued for phase one so the developer could start building phase one or two at the same time as they're doing the traffic improvements it's just that we can't we wouldn't be able to issue the occupancy permit until that's finished before people move into the

Eric Andersen
1:11:12 (0:00:03)

area thank

Armand Hurford
1:11:16 (0:00:05)

you thank you for that any other questions go

Chris Pettingill
1:11:21 (0:00:58)

yeah I'm just wondering about the requirement for activated uses along the Breezeway and in general I can think of reasons why we want to see that activated but you know I think for myself one of the concerns I've raised is having enough employment that matches the housing so we're not building housing for commuters or people who are working in Vancouver solving Vancouver's housing challenge and it seems that requiring restaurant or Cafe isn't necessarily going to help us resolve that issue in theory if there's more flexibility you might have higher paying employment opportunity there so I'm just wondering in this scenario is that overall or I'm wondering if staff can speak to why overall you feel that those restaurant Cafe active uses are important to require here as opposed to just maybe

1:12:19 (0:00:42)

allow through the mayor the idea of creating more vibrant used spaces is a goal in this condition and we have heard Council and your concerns regarding the employment space and feel that other locations within the commercial space proposed can allow for other commercial uses but would like to see that the Breezeway in particular has that level of robbery to

Armand Hurford
1:13:02 (0:00:04)

it councelor

Andrew Hamilton
1:13:06 (0:00:39)

Hamilton I just want to double check what I what I think I heard you say the this is obviously a potential challenge for a developer which could put it on the financially unviable Spectrum how close would you say that's a difficult question for you to answer let me just confirm you have confirmed with the developer that they do believe the project is still viable with the traffic light requirement at Phase before occupancy of phase one is that

1:13:46 (0:00:56)

true through the May previously Pro fora was completed some time ago on this project and as we've discussed previously there are some challenges with bringing such a project online we have not discuss specifically the numbers in relation to the signalization of that intersection as a condition of the Land Development agreement but Staff feel that it is important condition to include given the predicted level of service at that intersection based on the traffic impact

Armand Hurford
1:14:42 (0:00:31)

assessment can see you mulling that over I'll go around the room if there are any other questions on this we do have staff recommendation before us you're okay all right so Council we have we do have a recommendation before us to provide second reading and schedule a public hearing is anyone ready to move that councelor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
1:15:13 (0:00:01)

yeah I'll move the staff

Armand Hurford
1:15:15 (0:00:07)

recommendation thank you seconding counc pill seconds thank you would you like to speak to

Andrew Hamilton
1:15:23 (0:01:03)

it yeah I think this development has it's got a it's had a challenging Road a long road to get to where it's at it's delivering the market rental component of this proposal I think is very in my mind very important and I think that the it seems to me like we've approach we're approaching dcc's in a slightly more targeted Direction here than we have in the past and my history here is only for been for a little over a year so I may I may not know the Fuller history of it but I am supportive of this idea of the projects that are being developed being held directly accountable to the traffic impact or the development impact locally through Land Development agreements so yeah I do support the second reading thanks

Armand Hurford
1:16:26 (0:00:02)

thank you I've got councelor Greenlaw and then

Lauren Greenlaw
1:16:29 (0:01:16)

Stoner I won't be supporting the motion though there's an urgency there are Urgent housing needs in our community we have reached a point where it has become difficult to support more new housing developments we have had a shortage of doctors for years there is a serious lack of child care teachers are difficult to find and retain and we long ago outgrew our Hospital not to mention the infrastructure where and that grow that growth brings which I know our staff Works diligently to stay on top of or the failing intersections on Highway 99 as the province strongly encourages densification and population growth our community needs the province to provide us with more financial support for the costs that fall under provincial jurisdictions such as retaining Educators and doctors affordable housing daycare and Health Care a community needs more than just roofs over their heads to be livable particularly pertinent to the projects that we have discussed tonight is the absence of regional transit that we have been requesting from The Province for at least 10 years now in an effort to reduce our carbon Footprints Squamish Whistler and pton are all literally designing our communities around the promise from the province of regional transit so this is me explicitly asking the province for the regional transit that is in our community members and the environment's best interest and is yet for seemingly No Good Reason still noticeably

Armand Hurford
1:17:46 (0:00:02)

absent thank you councelor

1:17:48 (0:02:03)

stoner thank you through the chair I will be supporting second reading with some hesitation this proponent in the project has come a long way since we first saw it in 2020 and I think that there are still a number of outstanding issues that have been raised across multiple councils that remain not fully addressed and I think that one of the challenges with rezonings of this scale are a bit of push and pull and so I am Curious to hear at public hearing where this really Falls in our communities interest and in advancing the project going forward I do really app appreciate bringing forward the traffic impact assessment for second reading and having that information in front of this Council and in front of our community and the proponent willingness to add that component to the Land Development agreement I think goes a long way to addressing some of the concerns that we heard loud and clear starting in 2020 about Development Across the gabal Estates and with this particular proposal a few things that I think are still challenging for me is where this Falls with respect to the timeline of our CAC policy and I appreciate that we updated it but in other examples we've used the CAC policy that was in place at the time when the application came forward and this does not meet our typical standard we changed that bar which means that there's less money coming in the door we are getting more Market rental appreciate the donation of 6% of affordable units or affordable G gross floor area to the Housing Society that is a big win but not securing the child care space for a nonprofit operator means that we're not necessarily guaranteed that we're going to have accessible Child Care spaces for anybody I think that there's still concerns around the employment space and the viability of it and if it's actually delivering the type of employment space that we need and I could go on we've talked about it many of times but I think it's time for this to go to the community and we can hear from them thank you very

Armand Hurford
1:19:52 (0:00:02)

much thank you El

Chris Pettingill
1:19:55 (0:01:42)

pill yeah I'll be supporting this as well I think it is time to go to public hearing on this I the one thing you know I still have a bit of discomfort with the amount of employment space and the nature of the employment space and I understand current market demand as we conceive of employment space makes that very challenging and I think that's maybe a signal to developers and planners that we need to think about how we do this because again I think Squamish is role can't be to solve Vancouver's housing challenge we need to figure out how our housing goes with our employment and I understand we haven't quite figured that out and so I'm looking for things that do resolve that but there are a lot of other things about this development I do like which is why I'll be supporting it despite some hesitation on the employment piece still the traffic thing I find a little bit frustrating again I believe it's our requirement that this building be design designed around car focused residents and then that creates the intersection problems and all the DC challenges so I think these challenges are of our own making and I feel that it's not really aligned with where we say we want to go and if we would just I think make a more concerted effort to really focus on even local public transit and local employment and so on we could avoid some of the issues that we spent quite a bit of time Fring about and I think we'd all be better off for it I understand to be a bit of a bumpy political road on the path there but you know sometimes that's what we need to do but anyways All Things Considered I think this is ready for public hearing thank

Armand Hurford
1:21:37 (0:00:07)

you thank you any other comments oh sorry councelor fench I think I might have missed you in the speaker list earlier sorry

John French
1:21:44 (0:00:35)

it's okay mayor I'm over it I two will be supporting the motion I attended the public information meeting that was held at the SE to Sky Hotel related to this project many months ago now and there were a few people in that room who had legitimate concerns and I think that the Airing of those concerns led to some of the evolution that we've seen with this project so I'm looking forward to hearing from those folks to see if their concerns have been addressed or if they continue to have some challenges with the

Armand Hurford
1:22:19 (0:02:13)

project thank you seeing no other hands I'll venture my own comments here I I'm happy to see this move forward to public hearing I think that I appreciate the I know that delay is never viewed as a as a positive but I do think in this case the concerns we've heard that come from the G balus from the folks in the gal Estates broadly as we as we engaged in the g in the Estates planning process really highlighted the traffic concerns and this is something that I have heard from members of the community so I think that it's important to have this piece included and I'm happy with the with what's proposed here so as far as that particular piece goes this project has evolved over time I think it's evolved in the right direction I do share some of the concerns of my colleagues around the employment space and making sure that we're asking for what the community needs and as Community develops we are getting we are securing the space that is needed to realize our Economic Development goals of course that needs to be considered in the broader ecosystem of the community and I don't think that leaning we need to make sure that we're getting the appropriate employment space from the appropriate project and the appropriate place which I think we have with this one but I do think this needs to be front of Mind as we consider developments going forward because the you know having as others have said having a roof over rehead is one thing but we need to make sure that we're not baking in being the bedroom community and folks can also work and find the type of work that supports the cost of housings in Squamish but I'm happy to see this move forward to support this moving forward to public hearing and seeing what the community has to say about where the project is at this point so with that I'll call the question all in favor and oppos Council green law opposes motion carries thank you very much so

District of Squamish Housing Agreement (39541 Queens Way – All Rental) Bylaw No. 3003, 2023
1:24:33 (0:01:16)

Armand Hurford
1:24:33 (0:01:16)

next order of business is adoption this is a housing agreement for 39541 Queensway this is an all rental building and with these we do have I see I see we have staff to answer question but generally at adoption we don't have any are there any questions before adoption we don't have any presentations at adoption generally no seeing none councelor French moves councelor Hamilton seconds any comments on this one NOP see none I'll call the question all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you we have no staff reports we have no laid agenda items no correspondence action requested no correspondence referred from the consent agenda and no approval minutes no business arising whether no business arising for minutes committee minutes and reports none notice of motion Council seeing none I'll continue on we have no council or staff and Camera announcements we had no unscheduled public attendance this evening

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Armand Hurford
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open question period clarification related to agenda items nobody in the is there anyone online no okay moving on

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Speaker_09 shared their experience of attending an event at the local library, which celebrated a Squamish Nation Community member and his contributions to various community programs. The event also marked the gifting of a coffee table book about the community member, which the speaker highly recommended. The speaker also highlighted an upcoming event at the Railway Museum of BC, the second See the Sky model train and hobby show, which they encouraged everyone to attend.

Councillor Stoner shared her recent tour of the Brack Andale Art Gallery, expressing excitement about the renovations that have brought the building up to code while maintaining its original charm. She also mentioned that the gallery is hiring and will soon be hosting events. Stoner also acknowledged the retirement of Miss Arthur, who had 25 years of experience with the District of Squamish and 37 years in local government. Councillor Pettingill and Mayor Hurford also spoke about Miss Arthur's retirement, acknowledging her significant contributions to the community. Mayor Hurford also discussed the activities of the youth council and an upcoming movie night at Totem Hall. He also mentioned a road safety-focused Mayor's drop-in event.

Armand Hurford
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Council or staff announcements who wants to get us started there go ahead councelor Anderson thank

Eric Andersen
1:26:10 (0:02:04)

you this last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted at the library next door celebrating a local Squamish Nation Community member and his contributions to school programs all kind manner of community programs most of us attended the opening of The Foundry and the commemoration of the totem pole carved by Art Harry chapleton the occasion this last Saturday was the gifting of this I have many books I'm in the library often but I very rarely encountered such a quality sensitive carefully produced coffee t table book and I recommend it the library now has a copy and it is a superb introduction to the world of the local Squamish Nation community and a very unique individual who when he attends events and I bring people from Vancouver up to visit with him and he always speaks from the heart he always tells us about himself about his community and what he does and so I was very glad to attend this event and I do recommend having a look at this wonderful production celebrating a local community member sappleton art Harry I would also like to give some attention to an event coming up this weekend at the West Coast what we used to call the West Coast Railway Heritage Park but it's now the Railway Museum of BC and it is the second see the sky model train and hobby show I attended the first one I was blown away I was there all day this time I'm going to be attending on both days cuz I'm going to need that time there's so many things to see and especially for families all kinds of volunteers are behind us and that's for us it's something to celebrate that our Railway Museum facility can attract so many community volunteers that can really put on a superb event and a highly recommend it want everybody to know about it this Saturday and Sunday thank

Armand Hurford
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you thank you other announcements councelor

1:28:21 (0:00:17)

Stoner yeah just two from my <