Regular Council - 20 Feb 2024

1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
3.i: The Lions Club Donation to Splash Park
7.A: Staff Recommendation:
7.A.i: Special Business Meeting: February 6, 2024
7.A.ii: Regular Business Meeting: February 6, 2024
7.A.iii: Committee of the Whole Meeting: February 13, 2024
7.B: CORRESPONDENCE - Receive for Information
7.B.i: 0207 R. Fox Re Woodfibre LNG's Response to Dr Vicki Marlatt's Review of Their WDA Application
7.B.ii: 0209 T. Saxby Re Woodfibre LNG warning of non-compliance
7.B.iii: 0209 R. Fox Re FortisBC's WDA Applications for Eagle Mountain to Woodfibre Gas Pipeline Project
7.B.iv: 0209 T. Saxby Re Fortis WDA Response
7.B.v: 0209 T. Saxby Re Letter re Fortis BC's Application to Discharge Effluent in the Squamish River and Átl’ḵa7tsem Howe Sound 0209 T. Saxby Re PE 111578 - Notice of Decision
7.B.vii: 0214 T. Saxby Re Comments from Graham Parkinson to FortisBC re Wastewater Discharge Authorization Applications
7: CORRESPONDENCE - Referred to Staff
7: Staff Recommendation:
7.C: STAFF UPDATES - For Information
8: Recommendations from the Committee of the Whole: February 13, 2024
8.i: Year Three Review of the Short-term Rental Regulatory Program
9.A.i: District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (40480 Tantalus Road) No. 2660, 2019
9.B.i: District of Squamish Solid Waste Utility and Regulation Bylaw No. 2870, 2021 Amendment Bylaw No. 3029, 2024
10.A.i: Heritage Management Strategy
10.A.ii: Garibaldi Springs – Land Development Agreement (LDA) Amendment
10.B.i: UBCM Community Emergency Preparedness Fund Grant Applications
10.C: Resolutions for Lower Mainland Local Government Association, Annual General Meeting
10.C.i: Registration of Notice of Latecomer Charges on Property Title
10.C.ii: Increasing Reliable Transit Funding to Support Growing Communities
10.C.iii: BC Assessment Property Value Accuracy
10.C.iv: Improved Assessment of Cumulative Effects of Major Projects on Communities
10.C.v: Improved Local Government Capacity for Environmental Assessment Participation
1: Welcome to the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory
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Armand Hurford
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there we go hello and welcome to the regular business meeting for the District of Squamish today's Tuesday February 20th 2024 as always we're gathered to do our work today on the traditional and unse territory of the homish nation

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Armand Hurford
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can I have someone move adoption of the agenda please move by councelor French second by councelor Greenlaw all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you our

The Lions Club Donation to Splash Park
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The Lions Club presented an oversized check to the council, representing a donation of $110,000 towards the creation of an accessible water park and playground in the District of Squamish. The speaker from the Lions Club explained that the idea of contributing to an accessible playground was brought up in one of their meetings, and upon learning that the District of Squamish was already planning one, they decided to contribute to the project. The funds were raised through a combination of their own fundraising efforts and a contribution from Wood Fiber LG.

During the discussion, Councillor John French asked for more insight into how the funds were raised. The speaker explained that they had asked Wood Fiber LG to contribute towards the project, and they had agreed to give half of the required amount. The Lions Club then matched this donation with funds raised from their own year-round fundraising efforts. Councillor Jenna Stoner expressed her gratitude for the Lions Club's contribution, highlighting the importance of community organizations in achieving the district's goals. Mayor Armand Hurford thanked the Lions Club for recognizing the need for accessible playgrounds and contributing to the solution. The council then took a brief recess for a photo opportunity with the check.

Armand Hurford
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first order of business is the Lions Club and their donation to the splash park and they've brought a oversized check which is which is amazing do we have someone to is there a presentation that goes with or do we going to recess for a photo op is it purely to the photo op did you'll present okay maybe we'll have you approach the mic and say a few words and present the check and then we'll recess and we can do some photos together perfect unless there's no one that wishes to speak to it in which case we can the check can speak for itself if you

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prefer so in discussion we wanted to figure something out to do and I brought up the idea of donating or creating an accessible playground and then I heard that the District of Squamish was doing one and then I found out it was an accessible water park and playground and I was super excited and I brought it up to the Lions at one of our meetings and so we have decided to give $110,000 to the district of Squamish to go towards the accessible water park SL place ground to help out with the cost of

Armand Hurford
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that well thank you so much for all your work in the community and for your generous donation I think do we have any Council you have any questions what I thought we would do is we do a quick recess and we'll do some photos together with the check councelor French

John French
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yeah thanks mayor I wonder if you could just give us a little insight into how the money was raised was there a specific initiative or from like your general fundraising

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so we asked the wood fiber LG to help contribute some of the money and that was our sole purpose of asking them for some money to go towards an accessible playground so they gave half and then as a Lions Club we do fundraising all year round for people in need in the community and we had some excess funds so we decided to match wood fiber LG's donation $5,000

Armand Hurford
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go ahead councelor Stoner we

Jenna Stoner
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aren't allowed to applaud in council chambers so you gave your presentation I wanted to applaud but we're not technically allowed to so I just want to say thank you it's something that we talk about often in terms of trying to achieve the huge list of goals that we have as a community and as a district and how we do it and we do it through partnership and we do it with the support of community organizations like the Lions Club to be able to show up and do the important fundraising to get us across the line so I just want to say thanks from myself and I'm sure my Council colleagues for the work and for thinking of the importance of the accessibility aspects of the infrastructure that we're building for the future of our community so thanks for the

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work so there are some playgrounds that he has never been able to play on so when I heard about this and we all started talking about what we wanted to do for the something for the community this was something big not only on me but everybody in the Lions Club

Armand Hurford
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so well thank you so much for bringing for recognizing the need and participating in the solution as it were so thank you so much I think Council what we'll do now is we'll take a quick maybe five minute recess we'll do some we'll do some photos together and then we'll move on with the rest of our agenda so we'll recess and we'll be back at 10 after okay welcome back now

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Armand Hurford
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we're on to item four on our agenda consideration of unscheduled public attendance if there's a member of the public that has a matter that they would like to have Council address before the next regular council meeting this will be opportunity seeing none move on we have no public hearings no scheduled items today

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Armand Hurford
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so we're on to the consent agenda council do anyone want to pull anything from the consent agenda councilor

Chris Pettingill
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peningo yeah 7B one through seven but just as a single

Armand Hurford
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group okay just the entirety of the correspondence okay no problem we'll deal with that at the appropriate spot with those items removed could I have someone move the sent agenda please moved by councelor Green LW second by councelor Anderson all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you

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Mayor Armand Hurford initiated the discussion on the council committee recommendations related to short-term rentals. The main point of consideration was whether to initiate the bylaws related to these rentals. Councillor Chris Pettingill expressed concerns about the timing of this resolution, suggesting that it might be better to defer the decision until the outcomes of the Temporary Use Permit (TUP) discussions are known.

The council members engaged in a discussion about the implications of the proposed bylaws. Pettingill voiced concerns about potential penalties that might result from the TUP discussions, suggesting that they might lead to undesired outcomes. Councillor Andrew Hamilton spoke in favor of the motions, emphasizing the importance of initiating the work on these bylaw changes and hoping for a proportional approach to municipal fines. Councillor Jenna Stoner, who had missed the previous discussion, expressed support for the motions as a step towards aligning with provincial legislation, but also noted that there were still many questions to be answered. After the discussion, Mayor Hurford called for a vote, and the motion to initiate the bylaws was carried.

Armand Hurford
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now we're on to consideration of council committee recommendations and so the first one there is I guess that's all related to the short-term rentals we can do these together is that correct is that correct

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Armand Hurford
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can do these all okay so are all together counselor

Chris Pettingill
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penil yeah I had a question for staff if that's

Armand Hurford
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possible we can we can try whether we have the appropriate staff to address your question or not but go ahead

Chris Pettingill
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okay yeah I was having some second thoughts about the timing of this resolution in relation to some other work we're doing and so I see this is only to initiate the bylaws we'd still have to go and approve it but I'm wondering if it's better to and basically I'm I have some concerns depending on the outcomes of some of our tup discussions about how we move on this so I'm wondering if it's better to defer this or just let this move forward and then sort of consider the bylaw at the time when the tup decisions are

Armand Hurford
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known I'm not sure if that's a procedural question the piece here is to initiate these bylaws and I think we have we have control of adoption and that's the timing of adoption once they're completed the work so I don't know that that's a decision for today if you'd like to talk to that M speak to that Miss Gundy

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thank you through the mayor in terms of that question agree that this is inti iting the work the adoption of the bylaws when they come back forward back to council for readings on the bylaws is a different timing and in the interim I can confer with staff on if there's any sort of validity in timing them against the Work Camp tup is what you're referring to and either way we can let you know and time it

Armand Hurford
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accordingly okay so would you like to move can I put you on the spot to move those okay so thank you councelor Pettingill moves is there a second or for the recommendations these are just the recommendations from commit the whole last week thank you councelor Hamilton any discussion on these go ahead counc

Chris Pettingill
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Peno yeah just to add a bit of clarity to my question or concern it's just that in general I'm quite supportive of the things we talked about in the direction that we the recommendations we accepted but in contemplating possible outcomes of the tup discussions I am worried that some of these penalties in that particular context for the next few years may actually get us an outcome we don't want and so depending on what we decide with the tups and how all that falls out I may not want to move forward with some of these things at this point in time and so that was my sort of hesitation and so I guess we will cross that bridge when the bylaws come back to

Armand Hurford
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us thank you go ahead counc

Andrew Hamilton
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Hamilton yeah thanks and just speaking I'm going to speak in favor of these motions I think it's important that staff work initiate the work to start on these bylaw changes I hope that so yeah the committee of the whole meeting we gave some feedback regarding some more detailed feedback more detailed than these motions represent and I just wanted to reiterate here while I agree with District staff with staff initiating the municipal ticket enforcement by law Amendment amending the fine from 3 500 to 3,000 dollars per infraction per day I hope they can do so in the context of looking at the other fines and making sure things are proportional within our Municipal fining within our Municipal bylaws thanks

Armand Hurford
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thank you any other comments go ahead councelor Stoner

Jenna Stoner
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yeah thank you through the chair unfortunately I wasn't part of this discussion last week at committee the whole as is at the ubcm housing Summit of which part of the discussion was the implementation and implications of the provincial changes on short-term rentals I have gone back and listened to the discussion around the table I will support the Motions on the floor because I think they helped to bring us in line with some of the provincial legislation but I still think that there are a lot of questions around the implications and long-term impacts and how best we can utilize the resources that are coming from the province in terms of a provincial enforcement unit so I still have lots of questions but I think this work is the first step of potentially many to make sure we have a streamline process going

Armand Hurford
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forward thank you any other comments okay with that I'll call the question all in favor and opposed motion carries thank you and now we're

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Armand Hurford
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on to item nine bylaw

District of Squamish Zoning Bylaw No. 2200, 2011, Amendment Bylaw (40480 Tantalus Road) No. 2660, 2019
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Philip Gibbons, a planner with the community planning department, presented a proposal for a project located at 40480 Tanist Road in the Gabot Estates neighborhood. The project, which has not changed since its first reading, includes two phases with three mixed-use buildings. The buildings will include market rental, affordable, and for-sale market housing options, commercial and childcare spaces at the ground level, park and nature spaces, and pedestrian active transportation connections. The project also includes a new park adjacent to the highway, which will be handed over to the district, and protection of environmentally sensitive areas to the east of the three buildings. The zoning proposed for this amendment is a new CD98 Zone, which will provide for the three proposed buildings and associated uses.

During the discussion, council members raised concerns about the traffic impact assessment and the resulting solutions. Councillor Jenna Stoner questioned why staff were asking for a second reading when there was no solution for the traffic impact. She also raised concerns about the Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) policy updates and why this project was not given protection. Councillor Chris Pettingill questioned the phasing of the project and the provision of employment spaces. Councillor Eric Andersen asked about the provision for youth and teens in the project. Mayor Armand Hurford proposed to refer the project back to staff until the traffic study and its subsequent recommendations can be incorporated into the request for second reading. The motion was supported by Councillors Stoner and Hamilton but opposed by Councillors French and Andersen. The motion carried, delaying the project until the traffic study is completed.

Armand Hurford
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so 9 a consideration of second reading and I will turn the floor over to our staff turn to themselves and the topic

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ready good evening mayor and Council Philip Gibbons planner with the community planning department and I also have Devin kaga manager of development engineering on the line who'll be available for answering any questions related to Traffic impacts to recap for this proposal it's 40480 tanist Road it's this Project's located in the gabot states neighborhood north of Tanis fireh Hall east of Highway 99 and to the north is Agricultural and single and multi family residential uses to the South is the fire hall and to the east is currently undeveloped land and it is adjacent to the highway and the district Corridor Trail this Pro project has not changed since first reading it includes two phases with three mixed use buildings phase one being west of tanus Road based two buildings two and three east of Tanis road and it will include the buildings will include Market rental affordable and for sale Market housing options commercial and child care spaces at the ground level Park and nature spaces and also pedestrian active Transportation connections building one is a six-story building with five stories of Market rental units and one story of commercial space with a Breezeway down the middle and a partially sunken Parkade residential use in this building will be restricted to rental tenure only and the zoning will permit a wide range of commercial uses building two is similar to building one except the residential component will be for sale Market residential units and Commercial areas will receive the same uses and restrictions as building one and finally building three will be a six-story and we'll have for sale Market residential units and a 465 met Child Care space comprised part of the ground floor and an Associated external Child Care space it also includes a partially tunen Parkade which is shared with building 2 and this will allow building will allow for residential and child care uses only the project also includes a new park adjacent to the highway which will be handed over to the district and protection of the environmentally sensitive areas to the east of the three buildings we will be also handed over again the zoning proposed for this amendment is a new cd98 Zone which will provide for the three proposed building and Associated uses as described previously in addition to the residential apartment Muse commercial uses include artison arts and culture Assisted Living assembly Business Service establishment Civic Fitness Center high technology indoor Recreation institutional use lior store nebal commercial research and development small scale manufacturing andur Bureau and the P3 park recreational institution Zone will be applied to the proposed District park to the west and P4 Ecological Reserve is proposed to be applied to the environmental sensitive lands to the east the current CAC proposal is shown on this slide since the proposal was last presented at first reading the CAC policy has been updated a comparison between the existing proposal and the current cic policy was provided in the report to council and the current CC proposal meets or exceeds the requirements of the new cic policy full phase one which is the market rental building is proposed to wrap all of the proposed CAC contribution into the park which is to developed and handed over to the district and this will be improvements will be to the value of 453 th000 and this will be bonded prior to adoption of the bylaw for phase two which is the for sale units in buildings two and three it's proposed to have 6% of gross floor area to be donated to the Housing Society a cash and L amount of 1,2000 and a 465 me a child care space and for this phase the proposed public art and potential Trail to coo Park will draw down from the cash and L the cash and L will be payable prior to development permit issurance and inflation will be applied after adoption and renegotiation of the CSC will be required if development not commence within 5 years the additional benefits of this project include The Phase One Market rental building which will yield approximately 100 units no gas Covenant for the whole development secured in the Land Development agreement 20% of the units will be three bedroom across the development and this will be applied across the different tenur proposed and secure in the Land Development agreement and the environmentally sensitive Eastern portion of the lands proposed to be zoned for Environmental Protection and hand over to the district and there'll be new pedestrian active transport connections this proposal Mees ocp policy by aligning with land use designations providing infill of vacant underutilized land with compact high density development providing additional commercial space serving Community mixed used commercial areas providing Market rental units close to Core Transit shops and services it also advances four strategic plan objectives these are diversity of housing forms and tenure types provision of parks trails and Gathering spaces equity and provision of active Transportation networks and provision of employment spaces issues raised by council at first reading have been summarized and addressed within the report to council and listed here on this slide the first four items are related to the community am manity contributions that is the Greenfield CAC component active Transportation Parks CAC component Child Care provision and the sunset clause for Land Development agreement and these have all been addressed through the implementation of the new CAC policy since first reading or through changes to the CAC proposal itself and as I mentioned before the current proposal meets or exceeds the current CAC policy clarification have been provided in the report for the next two items which Rel to the number of three bedroom units and the location of the proposed Trails the requirement for and location of the trails and also the number of three bedroom units will be generally secured within the Land Development agreement regarding employment space provision Council had concerns about the amount of employment space proposed was insufficient and that commercial users proposed to not promote creation of high paying jobs staff continued to support the current proposal as it relates to employment space given current market constraints and the traffic impacts will be discussed on a future slide a public information meeting was held by the applicant on April 19th 2023 and additional consultation was undertaken with the adjacent funeral home and with the Housing Society issues raised and support for the project were summarized as part of the first reading report no additional consultation has been undertaken to date and a public hearing will be required prior to third reading as this project is not exempt under the new provincial housing legislation the traffic study the applicants consultant updated the traffic impact study based on feedback from the district and the Ministry of Transportation infrastructure the latest revision indicates that the gabaly way Tanis Road and Highway 99 and G Body way intersections are sensitive to growth in the area the report also indicates that this development exacerbates forecast issues solutions to the identified issues are significant in nature and include changes to the highway 99 and gabal way intersection Lane configurations the signalization of the gabal tanelus intersection and longer term upgrades to other nearby accesses to the highway even with these Solutions identified there will be significant delays at some of the highway turning movements and the shopping plaza access will be significantly impacted this development will need to contribute towards mitigating their impacts due to increased traffic from their development and District staff are reviewing mitigation options and the report will be available as part of the public hearing

Armand Hurford
0:34:21 (0:00:11)

package I was going to stop you there I had a hand councelor St is this the timing of your question or can we come back to question after okay thank you

0:34:33 (0:00:55)

continue next steps will be to finalize technical studies including traffic impact assessment with approve terms of reference from MTI and the water and sewer modeling and then next would be if given second rating the public hearing will be scheduled for March 19th 2024 and finally recommendation is that District of sish amendment by law 2660 for 4040 tanist Ro be given second reading and that a public hearing for the aforementioned BW be scheduled for March 19th 2024 at the District of swarish thank

Armand Hurford
0:35:28 (0:00:29)

you thank you and if you go back to the last slide those two outstanding pieces that would be completed before third reading are those in process and it's reasonable that they would form part of the public hearing package I'm just trying to understand where we when we'll surface these things and when the public can see them as it might feed into the public hearing

0:35:58 (0:00:21)

process through the ma it was intended that we'll have the traffic impact assessment available as part of the public hearing package the water and sewer modeling is a more technical aspect that would be prior to third

Armand Hurford
0:36:19 (0:00:04)

rating okay councelor

Jenna Stoner
0:36:24 (0:00:43)

ston thank you through the chair appreciate the sneak peek on the preliminary results of the traffic impact assessment but I don't think it's overly surprising this is something that we've raised with this rezoning since it was first presented in its scale and scope and Council has continuously requested that the traffic impact assessment and the resulting Solutions be brought forward prior to Second reading and so I'm curious why staff are here asking for second reading we don't have a solution but we have a glimpse that this is going to is ask rate problems on areas that we already know are challenging in our

0:37:08 (0:01:09)

community through the mayor the that is correct we plan to bring the study at second reading unfortunately there's a bigger traffic analysis going on for the area so the timing of the study that's done by the proponents had to align with our work and both the study the district is working on and the g all the Estates and this study have to communicate with each other essentially so the drawing the conclusions of what has to be done is not as straightforward as we expected so therefore staff in order not to delay the project further decided to bring it for Council consideration knowing that the results of the study will be presented for in time for public hearing but what we're Gathering From the traffic study itself is you know there whether this resoning goes ahead or not there are going to be changes needed in the area and those are probably going to be have to be funded by the larger

Jenna Stoner
0:38:17 (0:00:59)

area I think one of the real challenges is we know that when we bring that level of new information forward at public hearing and we haven't had time to review and dig suest it makes it really difficult to have a public hearing based on the proposed scope of this resoning so I think that's the challenge that I have with it as presented but that's a comment not a question so my other question was I was under the impression that we were providing kind of instream protection for applications that were under that were instream relative to the CAC policy updates this seems like it's going the other way where it was in stream and now they are providing roughly $800,000 less than what was previously on the table Can staff speak to why we haven't provided CAC protection or instream application protection for this one but we have for

0:39:16 (0:01:03)

others through the mayor we before the new policy was adopted we had discussions with the is about exempting certain portions of the development like Market rental from the CC's because even before we adopted a new policy our own perform analysis was showing that this project especially the market rental component was not viable so in that respect the staff had suggested to the applicants that they can proceed on the basis that you know they'll be able to cherry pick in essence from both policies because the previous policy was not working for this development and so this actually this development and at CC offer in partially informed where we landed with our policy U because we had to run analysis on projects such as this and to see what works and what doesn't

Armand Hurford
0:40:19 (0:00:01)

counc penel

Chris Pettingill
0:40:21 (0:00:26)

yeah a couple things just it mentions phasing is that a sort of and I apologize if you spoke to already but guaranteed or captured somewhere and that phasing is a chronological phasing and so the market rental does will have occupancy before occupancy can be given on the nonar or on the Market

0:40:47 (0:00:12)

purchase through the is intended that the market rental portion will be includes phase one there specific F of how that's detailed in the Land Development agreement haven't been

Chris Pettingill
0:41:00 (0:00:08)

not for profit daycare or it's just Daycare full

0:41:08 (0:00:04)

stop through the m h just that it'll be D

Chris Pettingill
0:41:13 (0:00:12)

yeah okay and then sorry two more if I can the Parkland can staff just speak to why we would want to own it as opposed to just rezone

0:41:25 (0:01:10)

it through the mayor so in the absence of a update updated parks and recck master plan this area is sort of similar in proximity to Parks as gar Balia States where it's serviced within a 10-minute walking distance and not a 5minute walking distance to nearby parks now mind you there will be a more hopefully a more direct link to pad good Park once this development goes in but nevertheless it seems like there's still an opportunity here to provide service and it would be limited service such as playground and a community and Community Gardens in this location so or VI long-term viability of that space as being maintained not by a rental property owner but by the district it seemed like a better outcome in the absence of a updated Parks

Chris Pettingill
0:42:36 (0:01:09)

plan okay and then the last thing I you know I read the notes about the ratio of commercial space and I guess you know maybe this speaks to policy work we need to do but in my head you know I understand some people some developers are seeing some challenges with second level commercial or more commercial but at the same time I'm thinking well if we don't get a more substantial amount of commercial where will the folks work and then therefore you know are we just building housing for workers in Vancouver or Whistler if we can't accomplish a building that has somehow in the community employment to match the housing we're building I understand the need for housing but in my mind we need to find a way to have employment somewhere and if it's not here then where and so I'm just wondering how we are thinking of that piece of it sort of Beyond just is this viable in today's immediate

0:43:45 (0:00:05)

Market if you could through the mayor clarify the

Chris Pettingill
0:43:50 (0:00:53)

question yeah I guess I'm trying to sort of wrap my head around I understand there's some economic viability in terms of say two levels of commercial or more commercial but if we just simply accept that then isn't the outcome that we are building a whole bunch of housing without matching employment and therefore aren't we essentially building a bunch of housing for commuters people who will be working in WIA or Vancouver or do we actually have that employment here already or do we have a place where that employment is going to happen where the people who are going to be because none of the this is all mostly U Market rental and purchase so we need employment that matches you know the incomes that can support those units and so where is that employment going to be if not

0:44:44 (0:01:22)

here through the mayor we've had discussions with the applicants of trying to add Second Story employment space it's very challenging and we've seen that in Squamish with Second Story office space it's not as easily absorbed as we previously thought and you can also I'm sure we're all aware of the office Mar office space Market in major centers in Canada they're not doing very well so it's harder to push for those things with applicants when we are reviewing development applications at the moment it this isn't one of our primary employment areas our primary employment areas are our business park we have down sections of downtown the ocean front development has primary employment areas as well so I think it's a very good point that we need to also focus on provision of employment space is that the I think the project financing gets tricky given the situation the landscape and the kind of uptake for Second Story employment space that we've seen in Squamish yeah

Chris Pettingill
0:46:07 (0:00:00)


Armand Hurford
0:46:07 (0:00:07)

I'll leave it there for now thanks thank you councelor

Eric Andersen
0:46:14 (0:00:40)

Anderson Mr Robins I note the provision of a children's playground and community garden in the in the project I'm interested in how we're looking after our youth teens young people it is about to just over 3/4 of a kilometer to the nearest playing fields at mcom Elementary from this development can or will the Landscaping plan for the Westside Park adjacent the highway accommodate a plot of grass large enough for a youth to kick or throw a ball around cannot be

0:46:54 (0:00:31)

accommodated through the mayor the specifics of what will be included in the park yet to be decided there are several options on the table and the Landscaping plan was done for a cost estimation for basic Landscaping in this initial phase but the details are yet to be decided

Armand Hurford
0:47:26 (0:00:03)

thank you councelor stoner you have something on this

Jenna Stoner
0:47:29 (0:00:10)

point yeah previous drawings also suggested a skate park is that still one of the options that's on the table or has that been removed as an

0:47:39 (0:00:06)

amenity through the mat all the options are still on the

Armand Hurford
0:47:46 (0:00:11)

table thank you Council further questions go ahead councelor Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton
0:47:57 (0:00:56)

yeah thanks so through the mayor on staff's recommendation of a second reading in this case my understanding is the primary reservations for asking requesting a third reading or the traffic impact assessment and what would be the what's the impact if we delay a third reading or a public hearing until we've seen the traffic impact assessment I'm chairing councelor stoner's reservation of having a traffic impact assessment and a public hearing happening both at the same time and not having sufficient time to you know digest the what the traffic impact assessment is

0:48:53 (0:00:28)

saying through the May you could I guess you could send it back we could come a second reading at a further date where the traffic impact assessment is available for review and then schedule a public hearing after that

Armand Hurford
0:49:22 (0:00:34)

date so share that concern and the concern isn't that the traffic that there's not a suitable plan to be developed for the to handle the traffic the my concern is that we have there's a lot to discuss with this with that piece floating there I think a public hearing could be extremely problematic with that just being introduced at that at that point so I seeing no other h go ahead councelor stor

Jenna Stoner
0:49:57 (0:00:03)

I have a motion if council's ready to entertain something

Armand Hurford
0:50:00 (0:01:44)

I was going to take a swing at my own is where I was going so I'll start there and we'll see if we're on the same wavelength I was going to refer this back to South until such time as the traffic the traffic study and its subsequent recommendations can be incorporated into the request for second reading you seconding that thank you this is ridiculous this is going way too s sir we don't yeah this is going way too we' traic comments and I'm tired of this I think so I'll speak to the motion briefly I think there's work to be done and there's out is going to be output of the tra traffic studies and we need we need to be able to Comm to clearly communicate to the public what those what those are in advance of the public the public hearing to have a productive time at the public hearing to get to move this to advance this project and I think it's a critical piece I've heard about it from the community throughout not just this work on this project but through the gell estate's planning process the traffic in the area is a major concern and I think proceeding at this point of public hearing with that piece floating as it is presents quite a risk to the overall project so for that for that reason I'm making the motion anyone else Council

Jenna Stoner
0:51:45 (0:01:28)

St yeah happy to support the motion on the floor I do think it's important to have the information around the traffic impact assessment and the proposed Solutions it's something that Council and the community have been asking for since this was first presented at Committee of the whole in order to try and better understand what can actually be supported on this site granted it is an area that is well serviced by transit it is centrally located I think that generally we have fairly lenient policies around trying to support growth Management in the right places but I think that this proponent and the application that's been before us has been lacking in creativity in terms of how we achieve what we're trying to achieve and just trying to put more on a site that perhaps can't actually achieve it we've talked about trying to separate the employment spaces and the employment uses from the residential uses in order to make that employment space more viable we've talked about reducing the mass and the site and the size of the buildings and all of that has hinged on the fact that this is a really busy Corridor and we don't have a really good solution for how we're going to move more vehicles through the area granted we still have really big Ambitions around trying to get people out of their vehicles and so I think that this is a fair approach I appreciate the frustration of the proponents at this point the other option is that we vote it down so that to me is the other option on the table and maybe that's a clear path

Armand Hurford
0:53:13 (0:00:03)

forward thank you Council

John French
0:53:16 (0:01:10)

French thanks mayor Herford I won't be supporting the motion after being reviewed in three Committee of the whole meetings and a bit more work after first reading I think that this project is ready for a public hearing and I have faith in our staff that the traffic situation can be addressed in a timely manner the information given to us and anybody else that needs it in advance of the public hearing so that such that there's enough time to review whatever is going to be presented it in the traffic impact studies which I I'll remind everybody apparently is a holdup at our end the proponent is indicating their traffic impact information has been submitted and what we're waiting on now is District requested traffic information impact details I would have liked to have sent this to public hearing

Armand Hurford
0:54:27 (0:00:03)

thank you other comments go ahead councelor

Eric Andersen
0:54:30 (0:00:59)

Anderson thank you I will also not be supporting the motion I'm having a bit of a djab Vu here with Scott Crescent 10 years ago when traffic impact or traffic routs plan flow plan were presented very late before the public hearing last opportunity and too late for public input this frustrated the public hearing and 10 years later the neighbors after changes needed to be made neighbors are saying we could have told you so here however I feel that the traffic issues and risks are better understood and I do appreciate the comment made by Mr Gibbons that we will Council will have the opportunity to send the package back to Second reading should we be dissatisfied or concerned about the traffic impact information that will come for forward so I'm happy to send this to public hearing at this time thank

Armand Hurford
0:55:29 (0:00:07)

you thank you other comments before I call the question seeing none oh go ahead C sping up

Chris Pettingill
0:55:36 (0:01:25)

yeah just sort of mulling my head over this you know I do think there were you know I appreciate this has gone to Committee of the whole a few times but what I read in the report is that from the last committee to the whole there weren't a whole lot of changes then and so you know I think that's part of what we're trying to struggle with here is seeing some of what we thought was important to change not being so and you know maybe there's some good reasons for that I the traffic thing is a bit of a challenge because to me you know partly our parking requirements are driving the need for a large amount of vehicles which then causes more traffic aggravation I think having more employment on site or at least understanding where that local employment is going to be that matches the jobs alleviates the need for some parking and alleviate some of the traffic thing and so there's these competing things and that some of them I think are from our end that are making this more challenging you know I'd prefer to see less parking there less vehicles and be less worried than about the traffic maybe a bit more employment so that's how I would like to see some of these things resolved so yeah that that's just what I'm wrestling with right

Armand Hurford
0:57:02 (0:00:02)

now okay councelor

Andrew Hamilton
0:57:05 (0:00:46)

Hamilton yeah I wrestling with I think slightly different things from councel Pettingill but this is a challenging decision where clearly I understand that there is a convolution of the traffic impact assessment from the district and the traffic impact assessment from the proponent it's a space where I think that a clearer line of sight from our perspective on what are the details that are outstanding would help clarify a decision but I certainly don't want to see a traffic impact assessment come to the table right at the same time as a public hearing I don't think that's a sufficient amount of time to digest the

Armand Hurford
0:57:52 (0:00:42)

material thank you one thing I'd like to just point out before I call the question is that given that we can't receive new information after a public hearing then we are setting ourselves up to have this information available March 19th which was the date for the public for the public hearing consider which is followed by consideration of third a third reading so I see that I know that we've introduced a delay but I expect that delay to be minimal given the timelines that I'm reading from here and that's why I'm taking this action so with that I'll call the question all in favor and opposed councelor Anderson French oppose motion carries thank you next

District of Squamish Solid Waste Utility and Regulation Bylaw No. 2870, 2021 Amendment Bylaw No. 3029, 2024
0:58:34 (0:00:26)

Armand Hurford
0:58:34 (0:00:25)

we'll move on to we've got an adoption of the distri sish Solid Waste utility regulation bylaw move by councelor Stoner second by councelor French no one's clamoring to speak to this one all in favor any opposed motion carries thank you next we're on to

Heritage Management Strategy
0:59:00 (0:26:15)

Jesse Abraham, a planning consultant, and Denise Cook, a heritage planner, presented the Heritage Management Strategy to the council for endorsement. The strategy was first presented in November and has since been revised based on feedback from the council and further suggestions from the Squamish Nation. The strategy is considered a living document that will be updated over time as new information is collected. It highlights three priority actions: amending the OCP and Land Development procedures bylaw, developing a chance find protocol, and conducting an archaeological overview assessment for the district. A budget of $100,000 is proposed for the third action, with staff exploring grant opportunities to fund this work.

Council members asked several questions about the strategy, including why some neighborhood areas lacked descriptions, the role of the Heritage Advisory Working Group, and how the strategy was developed in consultation with the Squamish Nation. The consultants clarified that the neighborhood descriptions were examples and would be built out over time, and that the working group was not a formal committee but would provide flexibility. They also confirmed that the Squamish Nation had the opportunity to review the strategy. Councilor Eric Andersen suggested the establishment of an advisory board or heritage commission to alleviate burdens on staff. The council endorsed the Heritage Management Strategy and supported the three priority actions, directing staff to pursue grant funding for the proposed activities.

Armand Hurford
0:59:00 (0:00:37)

Heritage management strategy oh L sa I'll give you a second to get set up but the floor is yours when you're ready

0:59:38 (0:04:23)

all right thank you good evening mayor and Council my name is Jesse Abraham planning consultant my project partner for this project is Denise cook Heritage planner she has joined online today and we are the consultant team here to present the Heritage management strategy for endorsement little bit of background the first draft of the Heritage management strategy was presented at the November 28th Committee of the whole at which time Council provided the following feedback to staff to review and update neighborhood boundaries to identify which short-term actions need to be prioritized to consider a Heritage expert on the advisory design panel to recognize and represent Squamish Nation Heritage and lands to review historical information for accuracy and update as required to highlight that this is a living document that shall be updated over time and to identify high-risk buildings and features to address priorities in the short term so since the November 28th Committee of the whole meeting the consultant team has worked with staff to review council's feedback gather further information and incorporate revisions into the strategy in addition Squamish nation has provided further suggestions that have been incorporated into the document doent in response to council's comments to consider this a living document that should be reviewed and updated over time and as new information is collected the executive summary now highlights that the strategy is a living document as shown on the slide here in response to council's comments to identify and prioritize short-term actions the strategy now highlights three priority actions priority number one is to amend the ocp and Land Development procedures bylaw to designate a development approved information area for archaeological impact assessment priority action two is to develop a chance find protocol to strengthen cultural and archaeological resource protection and priority action three is to conduct an archaeological overview assessment for the district the actions are focused on identifying and documenting historical First Nations land use to help inform future actions and Heritage management decisions a budget is proposed for priority action number three to conduct an AOA for the district which recommends a $100,000 budget to work with Squamish nation and a qualified professional to develop a framework to protect archaeological resources in high development areas staff have been exploring grant opportunities to help fund this work and are preparing an application to ubcm local government development approvals program for funding a resolution to support the work outlined in the priority actions and directing staff to pursue Grant opport or grant funding for the proposed activities is included in the report to council except for priority actions that will be completed in the short term all other actions will be completed in the medium term as staff time and capacity allows long-term and ongoing actions are unchanged in response to council's comments the following revisions are proposed for individual actions action number 2.7 which is to embed Heritage into development permit area guidelines is now updated to include a Heritage expert on the ADP to assist with reviewing DPA guidelines related to Heritage values and conservation action 3.2 to establish the Squamish Heritage registers updated to reference and incorporate results from the archaeological overview assessment in the register to ensure an inclusive list of Heritage places action 4.2 which is to develop an inventory of historical information is updated to include review and update of the strategy and dependencies as historical information is ident identified and inventoried to ensure accuracy of local History action 4.5 which is to develop a program for public storytelling is updated to remove the recommendation to install interpretive signage at Squamish nation's spiritual sites as these locations are sacred and should not be advertised to the public with that we recommend that Council endorse the District of Squamish Heritage management strategy and the council supports the three priority actions identified in the Heritage management strategy and direct staff to pursue grant funding for the proposed activities and that concludes our presentation thank

Armand Hurford
1:04:01 (0:00:08)

you thank you Council we have any questions for staff while we have them go ahead Council

John French
1:04:10 (0:00:40)

French thanks mayor I note from the strategy that not all the neighborhood context areas have descriptions there's no description for chekai Alice Lake and Masher University Highlands which I think is more commonly known as University Heights golf course and Paco Road manam River manam the business park Crumpet Woods list kind of goes on so with that many omitted I was thinking that maybe that's by Design so can you give us some idea of what's going on there with some described and some

1:04:51 (0:00:23)

not yes thank you through the mayor the neighborhoods including included in the document are noted as examples only and our highle neighborhood descriptions that should be added to and built out over time notably further information is required regarding the First Nations Reserve lands which are also shown on the neighborhood map as this requires further research and archaeological

John French
1:05:14 (0:00:27)

review okay that really speaks to the living document portion of the living document in the Heritage advisory working group terms of reference is one section that indicates that unless appointed by the District of Squamish the working group will elect the chairperson and if applicable Vice chair annually and I just don't understand what the if applicable part is what would make it not

1:05:41 (0:00:18)

applicable yes so through the chair the intention is to provide work abil or flexibility so since the working group is not a formal committee or commission there's no requirement per se for a vice chair although it would be beneficial to have one insure meetings follow the process outlined in the terms of reference

John French
1:06:00 (0:00:22)

okay great I've got one more the budget for the Heritage advisory working group looks like it will fall within the community planning department so is the next financial plan process expected to include a specific service level increase line item for this or will it simply be baked into the community planning department overall

1:06:23 (0:00:21)

budget yes so the Heritage advisory working group is a medium-term action that wouldn't be initiated for the next four to five years the budget would be relatively small for items such as training but the advisory working group would be a committee of volunteers I might pass it off regarding financial

1:06:44 (0:00:10)

planning thank you through the mayor we haven't yet reflected U any incremental cost this would represent in the five-year financial plan

John French
1:06:54 (0:00:01)

okay great thanks

Armand Hurford
1:06:56 (0:00:03)

mayor thank you counc penel

Chris Pettingill
1:06:59 (0:00:16)

yeah I'm just wondering if you can clarify a little more what sort of Engagement was done with Squamish Nation after our when this came to the committee of the hall and in particular I wonder if Squamish Nation had an opportunity to review this

1:07:16 (0:00:24)

draft yes thank you through the mayor so they had the opportunity to review the priority actions as outlined in the strategy and that was re referred to Squamish Nation Administration there was also more opportunity for public engagement as the District of Squamish held an engagement fair at totem Hall in January so there's also an opportunity to share more information just about the Heritage management strategy to the

Chris Pettingill
1:07:40 (0:01:01)

public okay and I guess my point of concern is the only sort of uncertainty remaining in my mind is appendex C neighborhood context statements and pandex F case study statements of significance and I understand there's much work to be done and these are not final at all but I still have and they're noted as appendices but I still have some reservation about sort of the relative level of information about settler parts of our history versus the Squamish Nation piece and what is the ratio there and are these appendices better left as sort of stuff that we keep on file and the committee works with and sort of grows over time but is that should that be in the same document even though it's just an appendic and so I'm wondering if that in particular we had a perspective on Squamish nation and the sort of relative level of his current historical Contex content even if it is clearly identified as this is a work in

1:08:41 (0:00:29)

progress yeah thank you through the mayor Squamish Nation Administration did not have any comments or feedback on the appendices since our committee of the whole meeting we did add a note that this is supplemental information our hope is by prioritizing these short-term actions that are very much focused on working with First Nations and archaeological Resource Management that we can reflect that work greater in the appendices that are included

Armand Hurford
1:09:10 (0:00:07)

here okay any other questions Council councilor

Eric Andersen
1:09:18 (0:01:04)

Anderson we have in the community several Heritage groups they have some specializations each of them there we have easily some a good group of very capable and motiv motivated folks that could potentially serve on an Advisory board or commission this may alleviate burdens on our staff the priority actions will inevitably involve citizens and groups in the community registry work steps towards that contact statements and statements of significance in other communities these are actually undertaken by Heritage commissions or committees and not by District staff or municipalities so I'm wondering why we would we is there rationale you may be able to relate as to why we would delay the establishment of an Advisory board or Heritage commission to a period of four to five

1:10:22 (0:00:47)

years through the mayor it really relates to our capacity at the moment to implement any action so it's been we've narrowed it down to priority actions that have come out of conversations with Squamish Nation staff and everything else essentially is delayed to at least four years from now for initiation setting up a commission or a committee that will certainly take capacity there may be long-term benefits of that from a work workload perspective but there's going to be a heavy lift to begin with so given the all the priorities that staff are working on that's why it's in the medium

Eric Andersen
1:11:10 (0:01:19)

term you my second question concerns our plans for a future Civic Hub Library improvements or a new library facility to what extent can the predevelopment work that may be underway address the issue of u space planning for an archives facility is that pre-development work at a different level or stage of progress or can it at this time address something like circumstances for an archives facility I will note that in the present report before us there is this a an allocated or suggested space square footage for an archives facility however that's actually the same as what the library had and had to give up and so the materials are actually now stored in Burnaby so I'm I I'm concerned that we should be have a good idea going forward about what's involved with that facility can it be assigned to the predevelopment work underway or about to get under way for a Civic Hub or a new

1:12:29 (0:00:19)

library thank you through the mayor I just want to share that one of the actions 4.3 is to establish a community archive including some language around how to do that and the possible square footage that would be required and that has been shared with the real estate department to consider in their plans for the Civic

Eric Andersen
1:12:49 (0:01:47)

block thank you my final question I'm going to cite a passage from our ocp it's policy 2710 C work with land owners and developers to sensitively preserve and incorporate natural cultural and built environment resources in their projects so that's our current policy my question to staff is would that be as we have it there sufficient for conversations to be underway with developers or Property Owners regarding atrisk Heritage assets today and I will cite three in the upper mcom blind channel is a landscape feature it in fact is on crownland but it's adjacent to an ongoing construction project and it is in fact the oldest built environment feature in the valley and it was installed by Squamish Nation community members in 1906 the other is a building which may be able to be repurposed at 155 51 pton and there are a few Community groups interested to investigate repurposing it and the third one is a shop building from the 1940s that contains valuable materials that may be able to be salvaged something that's in the in a theme already in your report M Abraham and so I'm wondering whether we have enough policy behind us to entertain discussions with those property owners and developers regarding alerting them and potentially conserving those assets at this time thank

1:14:36 (0:00:49)

you through the mayor do we have enough policy I believe we have enough policy do we have capacity and clear Direction not at this point we review heritage resources when applications come in you know we don't have a reg Heritage register yet so that's to come but we do try to flag any unofficial sources that we may have about a property and what's on it so you know we're on our way but it's going to take a bit longer to get there before we can say that we can certain with certainty that we can identify Heritage resources as opportunities come

Eric Andersen
1:15:26 (0:00:18)

up thank you I'll just follow up that one of the three buildings the property owner developer is very highly motivated and Keen to work with Community groups the other two Property Owners may not even be aware of the assets that exist on their development sites U thank you

Armand Hurford
1:15:44 (0:00:04)

chair thank you other questions councelor

Jenna Stoner
1:15:49 (0:00:51)

Stoner yeah thank you through the chair thanks for the update since our last discussion on this I'm just curious about the staff recommendation and the second component which says support the three priority actions identified in the Heritage management strategy and direct staff to pursue grant funding for the proposed activities appreciate the additional work in terms of identifying the like top three critical priority action areas and while most these aren't necessarily budget line items they are staff time and capacity and so I'm just wondering if staff can speak to how we integrate this we're in the midst of our strategic plan review there's a lot of work that's come down the pipeline and some context has changed and so I'm just wondering how staff are thinking about how we integrate this given the recommendation that's on our agenda this

1:16:40 (0:01:05)

evening through the mayor we certainly don't have additional capacity to take on new work and when we took on the Heritage management strategy it wasn't clear what the outcomes will be now that we're here and have had engagement with schmer nation you know those only those priority actions are is what staff are recommending pursuing for the time being yes it will take staff resources but it does also kind of work that depends on Consulting work as well so the biggest piece I think in those f a is the archaeological overview assessment and that would largely be done by Consultants who are working with Squamish nation and District staff but led by a consultant also because it relates to SCH nation and that's a really important relationship that we think it's a it's worthy of assigning our capacity

Jenna Stoner
1:17:46 (0:00:35)

to yeah thanks for that context I'm also just curious and appreciate the additional engagement that's happened with schmer nation and the identification of these priorities have come through conversation with the nation we're also in the midst of the next steps that are coming out of the protocol agreement and trying to identify anou and so I'm just curious how this would deail with those other conversations with the nation around capacity both within our organization and within the nation in order to do some of this joint work that might be a question for the

1:18:21 (0:00:41)

CAO thank you through the mayor it's an excellent question and would be an appropriate place to direct this work in terms of ensuring that our prioritization and Squamish Nation staff prioritization also matches the prioritization of the higher level staff and council at Squamish nation and this Council through that me memorandum of understanding that is looking at specific work commitments between the two governments for both staff and councils to work on in the in the forthcoming years so one way to prioritize this work would be to refer it to thatou process thank

Armand Hurford
1:19:03 (0:00:08)

you councelor stoner are you that's good for now any other questions we have recommendations before us councelor

Eric Andersen
1:19:11 (0:00:04)

Anderson mayor Herford I'd like to move the staff recommendation

Armand Hurford
1:19:15 (0:00:08)

thank you is there a second by councelor Hamilton would like to speak to it yes thank oh sorry we need your microphone

Eric Andersen
1:19:24 (0:02:39)

there in 2005 the planning department came forward with a report to Council on the need for Heritage strategy its recommendations are broadly similar to that provided by our team today at the time Council decided there were other priorities it's a long time since and this time around I think again we must give kudos to our planning department for taking initiative with this Heritage management strategy project it was an initiative of our staff and not by Council again Heritage is not only archaeology and prec contct First Nations culture and Legacies we have 24 Decades of shared history and it is in this light that the provincial government is undertaking a transformation project relative to the Heritage conservation act and it's had substantial input from around the province including from First Nations and all are in agreement that the arbitrary cut off date of 1846 for conservation legislation is colonial and we have the all of the First Nations input agrees that we need to take into account these 24 plus Decades of shared history is in other words it's not something that we would relegate to a say a memorandum of understanding with Squamish Nation Heritage is bigger than that and the First Nations input for the Venture government agrees with this the tactic 6.4 in the Arts cultural inheritage strategy which addresses space's needs and spaces plannings is missing from the list of policies in the report to council its relevance is spaces for exhibits which we lack in this community and the archives facility which is a facility a space planning project I suggest then that we do ongoing work in looking at other communities and what they're doing with archives facilities as well as Heritage strategies and policies all around finally I do regret that we're not going to be able to get underway with a u Heritage commission or board at this time it seems to me that would be in harmony with one of our strategic plan objectives build relationships with Community groups to increase community capacity and resources but that said I suggest we make a start and I think we're making a good one with this report to council and so it has my full support thank

Armand Hurford
1:22:04 (0:00:04)

you thank you counselor hi counselor French next

John French
1:22:08 (0:00:45)

thanks mayor happy with where we're at with Heritage issues and with the contents of the strategy that's in front of us clearly a great deal of work has been put into this report and I really appreciate that it has come back to us with more emphasis on Squamish Nation history traditions and culture I think that was something that Council expressed fairly clearly the last time that we saw this and I'm happy with how those involved in the project clearly listened and came back with I think for the most part we were looking for excited for what happens next with this process

Armand Hurford
1:22:53 (0:00:03)

thank you other comments Council penel

Chris Pettingill
1:22:56 (0:01:19)

yeah appreciate all the work on this and I am supportive of the resolution I just want to sort of highlight while we do have 24 Decades of shared history with Squamish Nation the nation has over a thousand Decades of History here and I think that's where you know I see real effort on behalf of our staff to really pay mind to that but I also sort of see how we are still very used to doing things the way that we're used to doing them and we know our history and so we can very it's much more easy for us to pull that up and sort of use that as ex examples and so on but it's sort of that piece that I can see we're really working hard and I appreciate that to sort of understand how we do better at that and get sort of a more I say appropriate ratio between the attention where we're paying to the different parts of the history and I I'll mention you know I did discuss this agenda item coming up with some someone who's quite active in Squamish Nation who's not been involved in this particular project and the anxiety when I mentioned we're doing a Heritage study was palpable and so there's you know there's a lot of concern and rightly so about how we're handling this so I think our focus our priority focus in the short term is very appropriate and I hope we keep making progress the way we've been doing and so thanks to sff for

Armand Hurford
1:24:16 (0:00:58)

this thank you any other comments speaking support of the motion I think this is an important step to take but we have a long way to go to fully realize what could be possible through Heritage management strategy and I really do appreciate the recommendation coming forward that reflects the importance of the work and of the recommended items as well as crucially are the resources of the municipality to stretch to stretch further so this is a very much a starting point and I think it's a extremely appropriate one so thank you for your all your work and I'll call the question all in favor motion carries unanimously thank you very much

Garibaldi Springs – Land Development Agreement (LDA) Amendment
1:25:15 (0:49:37)

Susan Strates, a planning consultant, presented to the council regarding additional amendments to the Land Development agreement for the Garab Baly Springs development. The development, which had its zoning amendments adopted in 2018, allows for a maximum of 310 units on the site, divided into four parcels. The majority of the land, 78%, is to be dedicated to District ownership for Ecological Reserve and park use. The servicing agreement for the park construction was issued in January 2024. The presentation also discussed the high environmental values of the site, including habitat for many species and fish-bearing water courses. The plan for the project preserves 72% of the land as a naturalized area, an increase from the 50% preserved under the earlier Golf Course use.

Council members Jenna Stoner and John French raised questions about the timing of the completion of certain aspects of the project, particularly the offsite trails and the community park. They sought clarification on the wording of the agreement, which stated that these elements must be completed by the earlier of November 1, 2024, or the final occupancy permit for the first phase of phase two units. After some discussion and a brief recess, it was confirmed by staff that the latest date by which these works have to be done is November 1, 2024. The council members also discussed the need for better communication and planning for large projects like this in the future. The council ultimately voted unanimously to authorize the mayor and corporate officer to execute the amendments to the Garabaldi Springs LDA as described in the Council report.

Armand Hurford
1:25:15 (0:00:05)

so next up we have G Baldi Springs LDA

1:25:21 (0:00:06)

Amendment good evening mayor and Council my name is Susan Stratus

Armand Hurford
1:25:28 (0:00:01)

hi Susan

1:25:29 (0:00:00)

thank you for joining

Armand Hurford
1:25:30 (0:00:07)

us Mr I'll just are Mr Vin is there a presentation for this yes

1:25:37 (0:00:15)

yes there is and I would like to introduce Susan strates our planning consultant who's joining us not in not in Chambers online and Susan has a presentation ready to go I believe over to you Susan

1:25:53 (0:00:09)

thank you sorry for jumping the gun there I just want to double check that my presentation is up on the screen

Armand Hurford
1:26:02 (0:00:04)

it is

1:26:06 (0:00:10)

not all right well let me just go back to the main screen here and try this again here we

Armand Hurford
1:26:17 (0:00:10)

are I feel like we're moving in the right direction Mr Stratus but I don't see any content yet we have a big there we go there we go just I think just presentation mode and

1:26:28 (0:00:06)

okay there we

1:26:35 (0:00:03)

go is everyone seeing the full screen

Armand Hurford
1:26:38 (0:00:03)

now yes thank you very much take it away

1:26:41 (0:09:23)

okay thank you the presentation tonight is dealing with some additional amendments to the Land Development agreement for the garab baly Springs development the just quickly for some background the ocp and Zoning amendments were adopted in 2018 which provide for 310 units maximum on the site broken into the four Parcels that are shown on the map in the left parcel a is largely constructed at this point and moving toward the first occupancy permits and parcel B has had the development permit issued last July and is moving toward the first phase of building permits U for that parcel the majority of the land 78% is to be dedicated to District ownership for Ecological Reserve and park use and of that total amount of the active Park is actually relatively small at 1.2 hectares the servicing agreement for the park construction was just issued last month in January 2024 the environmental values on this site are extremely high I think we've known throughout this that high habitat values for many species of amphibians reptiles birds and mammals as well as all of the water courses being fish bearing have really dictated a lot of the site design the Western toad critical breeding sites were identified and brought forward to council in 2022 for discussion and that resulted in some changes to the park design just looking quickly at how the plan for the project preserves the habitat under the earlier Golf Course use approximately 50% of the land was preserved as a naturalized area and under the new proposal that's being built out that increases to 72% with much larger con us areas of habitat so in September 2022 we came to the came to council to discuss the impacts of the new information of the western toad breeding habitat and that resulted in a number of changes to what is considered to be the Hub park in front of the hotel the previous design on the left had spread a number of facilities out including Community Gardens and a kids pump track up in the northern quadrant those were changed considerably the Community Gardens were moved off site with a cash contribution by polygon to the Squamish can society and the kits pump track was moved to an entirely different area of the of the park so that left most of the active use facilities in the South West quadrant adjacent to pawn 7 and council did endorse these changes when we met in September 22 and this plan just shows the pump track and bike Skills Park being combined in What's called the South po pocket park also has seating and covered picnic areas one of the issues that I know has come up recently is the commitment to the corridor Trail extension and I just thought I'd bring this map forward because this was part of the original resoning and ocp Amendment the extension of the corridor Trail adjacent to Tantalus road going up as far as Dad and then what is listed as the Wonderland Trail extension going up further to the highway overpass those Trail constructions are part of the recently issued servicing agreement that was just issued in January and the construction is now underway for those Trail portions so moving to 2024 what we've brought forward today are some I guess some fine-tuning of the park construction between 2022 and 24 there has been additional work done at the district looking in more detail at the western toad habitat a western toad habitat management plan was provided by polygon and reviewed by the district and there was a fair bit of discussion about how the habitat needs were fitting with the approved Park plans and in the end the park plan what we're considering to be the Hub Park shown as phase one in the middle of the of the diagram here was in not changed I guess there were a number of potential changes but I think the outcome was that the main management tool will be to close the park probably during periods in June or July when the toad migration is happening and that's probably going to be the most effective form of management so what is proposed now are some additional amendments to the Land Development agreement there starting back in the original Land Development agreement originally everything was supposed to be done by the time the final occupancy permit was issued for phase one what we are proposing now is a finer breakdown of these completion dates that's more realistic and I guess practical from a development point of view so that the public is not moving through construction zones so there's no change proposed to phase one that has that Trail section adjacent to the roadway has actually been con constructed and there's no change proposed for the phase 2 Trails which consist of the link from daa drive as well as the north south link between these two residential areas that will also be constructed by the final occupancy permit of Lot B which is expected to be done by November 2026 where the changes are proposed is for the reparan plantings which the developer has requested be extended to May 1st 2025 and I guess the reasons there are they've got hundreds of thousands of plants to put in and most of these can only be done during select Windows they've got Fisheries Windows to consider and also seasonal planting windows for the survival of the plants so for those reasons they've requested extension to May